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Sales by Messrs. Baugh & Jones. SALE AT THE VILLAGE OF GRESFORD, DfcNBlGHSHIHE. 1\;1 ESSRS. BAUGH & JONES have received instruc- tions from the representatives of tbe late Mrs. Tilston, to offer for vnreserved SA1E BY PUBLIC AUCTION, oil Monday, the 2nd day of December, 186] upon the premises situate in the village of Gres- lord aforesaid, the vi hole of the HOUSEHOLD f U. NllURE, and other effects, late the property of Mrs. Tilston, (deceased), comprising—parlour, kitchen, and bedroom chairs, tables, bidsteads, mattresses, three excellent feather beds, with numerous other effects, kitchen and culinary articler, &c., &c. Further par- ticulate eee bills. Sale to com mence at 1 o'clock punctually. Tetnple Place, Wr exham, 22nd Nov., 1S61. PRELIMINARY ANOUNNCEMENT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs. BAUGH T& JONES, in the mnDth "? December next, several MESSUAGES or Dwel ling-Bouse?, iituate at Rhot- llancrchiugog, in t be Parish ot Ruaoon, in the County of Denbigh, Full particulais will appear in a future sviveuiscuient. Temple Plate, Wrexham, 22nd Nov., 1861. SALE OF FAT AND STORE CATTLE, AT PONTBLYTHEN, NEAR MOLD- MESSES. BAUGH & JONES having been solicited bv several of their flierds to establish a MONTH- LY SALE of Fat and Siore Cattle, at Pnntbljtheo, beg rtspeitlully to infoim the public that their First Sale will take place on Friday, the 13th December, 1861, and will thank parties wishing to introduce otht-r. Stock- to do so at their office, Temple Place, Wrexham, or with Mr. Phillips, of Pontblythen Inn, as early as possible. The following Stock have been already entered, iz 140 Fct Sheep 15 Fat Beasts 2 Milching Cows 4 Two-year-old lingers 2 Fat Ileifers 1 Fresh Barren Sow (in-pig) Black Cob risirg three-years-old 2 Very uselul Can Colts, rising 3 yrars old 2 T wo-ytar-old Colls 1 Ore oitto ditto btrone liay Msre, 5 yiars old, 15 hands bie Market Shandry Pontblythen is 3 miles from Mold, 2 from Hope station on the Chester and Mold Line, 9 from Chester, and 9 frcm Wrexham. Sale at I o'clock punctually. SALE OF FAT AND STORE CATTLE, AT GRESFORD, DENBIGHSHIRE. Tlyf ESSRS. BAUGH AND JONES beg respectfully JXl to intoim their friends that their nexttMONTHLY SALE at the Griffir, Inn, Gitsford, will take place on Monday, December 16th, 1861, and will thank parties wishing to introduce oiler steik to do so at their office, Temple-Place, Wiexham, or with Mr. Davies, of the GritLn Inn, Gr. stud. as emly as possible. Sale at one o'clock ^unctualh. TO DRAPERS AND OTHERS. Tu HE LET and entered upon immediately, all that J- Old Ebtalhshid DRAPER'S SHOP, situate on the centre of the TOWN-HILI, Wrexham, late in the oc- cupation of Mr W. li. Junes. Apply to MESSRS BAUGH AND JONIS, Au-tioneers and Land Agents, lenille-place, Sales by Mr. Johnson. SALE AT GWIRSYLLT BILL, NEAR WREXHAM. R JOHNSON has been commissioned by M. S. i L Plurkett, Fiq, to SELL BY AUCTION, on MON- i AV. 2nn lieremter, 1801, a selection of HOUSEHOLD LRNITURE, comprising mahogany chairs and tables, huugej, fofp, I,ianc)f(r,e,- (by Broadwoid), fourpost, bali- te«ier and Ficnch bedsteads and hangings, mahogany i-nd painted drawers, washstands and tables, portable water closet, winfed and other wardrobe*, carpets, fea- iher beds, flock and other mattrasses, toilet glasses, tin bath, jatint t tove, kitclif n utensils, dish covers, sets of dinner, t(a, I-tepkfpFt, and dessert serviees, brewing vet- s' Its, wash tub and casks, bellows and anvil, a library of book*, and a collection of framed engravings, as detailed in catalogue, to be had from Messrs POTTER and SHAPE, Printers, Wiexham, on Thursday before the sale. Sale at 1 o'clock. IM PORTA NT SALE OF FAT STOCK, AT THE WYNNSTAY ARMS MART, WRHXHAM. MR. JOHNSON has been cfmmiss'on.d by Mr. Charles Gr'm'hs, <i K i n! ?'])". tu SE ?L ?Y AUCTION, on Tut sday, Nov. 6th, 1861, 31 Prime Fat Heifers 2 Do. Cows 143 Do. Welah Wethers In lots of ten each. Liberal keep will be allowed. Sale at 2 o'clock. Sale by Messrs. Churton. QUEEN'S PARK, CHESTER. Sale of a veicly erected first-class Freehold Family 10 RESIDENCE, replete with every possible conve- nience, and in most perfect condition, in the centre of pleasure grounds j)a.)st tastef-ully laid out, and commanding fine views, with immediate possession. I MESSRS. ChURTON have been favoured with in. structions to submit to SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the It-)Yal Hotel, in the city of Cheiter, "ii SATURDAY, the 7th day of Decen.ber, 1861, at two tor illree o'clock in the afternoon, precisely, in one lot, and suf.jict to such conditions as will be then produced, a iiiritt tubsiantial, recently erected DETACHED FA- MILY lil-.SIDENCE, called "FEI(N HOCK," de- bgttlully situate on the rock overhanging the river Dee, in the Queen's Park, in the midst of gardens and pleasure grounds ot considerable extent, planted with shrubs, evt-rgieeng, and plants of the choicest description. The House is built in the Italian style ot architecture, regardless of expense, and contains on the ground floor lar$;e »Qtrance ball, separated by an ornamental glazed suieens, and laid with Minton's patent tiles; dining- room 20ft by 1.5ift, drawing-room 23(t by 15tt, break- last-rcoott with bay-wiudow 17 It by 154ft. all of which are lli.t high-, china closet, htore cluset, gentlemen's dreM-ing-'oom, butler's pantry, two excellent kitchens and larder, laving wine and aie cellars, mangling-room, ;Slid other (otveiaieiiees in the basenieni, and nine capital bed and dressing-room?, hOlIl,en.aiù't\ ciueet, water-closet and batii-room on the first 11 or. I') e rooms are ,t,l,l lied with modern and handsom grates and ma. ble chiiiiTiev|iiii«es, and the rrresse-, stoie- 10 nip, cUistts, pantrus, &i- bi t- lilted in a niuai L.( ni- e rnsontr "ith all n(:,CSSill-y cupb' arcs, divsseTs, sinks, War robr^, & • itc. There is a iatfic L aii-in,-tt)ii cotl;- i..A in the best and a si. all open co<jk:;>^ range in tlie sfcoiio kitcht-L hot and lO'II wfttr is supplied inri.nghoiit the 1 ousc, tbcro being it plentitul supply tr m Wi-lib and tai 1.11 junk in tt e n:i k, into which ure fixtd Jcrce pcm[s. (.as is also laid on thioughout t;ie prt- misl:, in lect, r,u exjrn-e whatever spared by lie late proprc ^r to ri inicr the I:ousP. complete, and it i» ".thin tiftren minult-t' « elk of the Chester GCl.. rai lliil "'11\ St-tion. the pun.bustr will he nquiied to tt-ke to the fixtnre", et e. valua;ion, whith wui b. iri'dufn! m the time o< L-itle, and he will tlct. have ti e ptim takirg the furni- I ture at. a valuolion, i! he thiniis fi. I^i. iS.-—Cards to vew. 1 eiw i tn the b. uts cf t lever and thite o'clock, may bu had upon ajplic ti-n ct thu oflitiS ol11.e Auctioneers. I:ie- Any further information may be obtained from h i ATSE, Solicitor, Hmrin^toii-f-treet, Liverpool >'I" Iruin Me.arii CHURTCN, Auctioneers. Chester, and \\ohi:- Ohurch, Suiop, I Sale by Mr. John Pickering. PULFORl) MONTHLY SALE. MR. J. PICKERING will SELL BY AUCTION .] on Monday next, November 25tb, 1861, at Mr. J Leigh's, the Grosvenor Arms Inn, Pulford, the fol- lowing FAT, DAIRY, and STORE STOCK, SHEEP, PIGS, &c., &c. 13 Prime Fat Heifers, 6 Do. do. Cows 80 Do. do. Wethera 30 Do. do. Ewes 9 Do. do. Pigs 5 Fresh barren Cows 7 Turn-off ditto 4 In-calf Heifers 1 In-pig Sow Several Store Pigs Sundry lots of small Agricult nral Implements. The Auctioneer having person ally inspected most of the Fat Stock, can recommend it as being wcrthy the notice of Butchers. Lunch on the table at 12. Sale to commence all o'clock prompt. Sales by Mr. Timothy Boberts. HAMPTON'S WOOD FARM, ( Two milts from Ellesmere, and one from Fenley.) Vi li. ROBERTS will SELL BY AUCTION on ° Monday, 9th December, 1861, on the premises at Hampton's Wood aforesaid, the whole of the Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, < HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and Effects, the pro- perty of Mr. Thomas Evans, who is leaving the Farm. Sale at 11 o'clock. Overton, Nov. 22nd, 1861. HBICKS FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. THE following Lots ofwell-burnt BRICKS, viz:— JL At Knolton Bryn, near the Ellesmere Turnpike 37,000 At leightwood Green, between Overton and Penley 37.000 Ditto Ditto Ditto 20,000 Apply to Mr. Roberts, Auctioreer, &c., Overton. Nov. 22ad, 1861. WREXHAM UNION. RUAIION PARISH.—NEW VALUATION. AN Order tinker the seal of the Poor Law Board has been issued, authorizing the Guardians of the Wiexhtm Union to appoint one or mote fit person cr persons to make and take a suivey, plan, and valuation ot the Parieh of Buabon. The Guaidiens hereby give notice that they are pie- pared to leceive t enders for the same. 1 The Plan will be required to be made upon the scale of three chains t) an inch, and must be made and drawn accurately, cereiully, and skilfully, to the latitfaction of the Poor Liw Board. Surve)urs who propose to terder for the same are requested to state in what time they will undertake to complete the same, together with a bock ot leleience, and lair and correct valuation of the eeveial messuages, lands, and other hereditaments liable to Yocr lates in tne said Palish of Buabon, in the form prescribed in the schedule of au egreemeiit to be enteicd into and ap- proved by the J oot Law Board. The Parish of Rtabon contains upwatds of 10,000 acres, and is both milleral ar.d agricultural. There are si me Parish Mars, Mich a8 Tithe Maps, &r., to which aceefs may be had in the usuil way. Tenders tu be Bent to me be to re 12 o'clock on Thurs- day, the 26.h December. By order of the Board, JOHN BURY, CtEBK. FINAL ORDER. IN the matter of the Petition of DAVID DAVIES, formerly and for upwards of two years residing A'" ""8 _L. ¿"1: .),100 at Aberystwitn, in tne county ot varuigau, practising as a surgeon afterwards and for twelve mcnths of Acre Lane, Claphain, in the county of Surrey, there practising as a surgeon, and carrying on business as a chemist. and druggist, at the same time residing at No. 26, Victoria-road, Kensington, in the county of Middlesex then and for three years of the parish of Pendock, in the county of Worcester, there practising as a surgeon then and for three years of Park Lane, in the town of Denbigh, in the county of Denbigh, surgeon's assistant; afterwards and for two years in lodgmgs in Wind-street, Aberdare, in the I county of Glamorgan, surgeon's assistant; then and for two years of Tail-street, Aberdare aforesaid, sur- geon's assistant; and late and for two years last past i f Whitcombe-street, Aberdare aforesaid, there prac- tising as a surgeon. Notice is hereby given, that Thcmas Falconer, Tsq the Judge of the County Court of Glamorganshire, at Aberdare, acting in the matter of this Petition, will proceed to make a Final Order thereon at the said Court, on the 12th day of December, 1861, at Ten of the clock jn the forenoon precisely, unless cause be then and there shewn to the contrary. JOHN D. THOMAS, High Bailiff of the said County Court. M O N k Y. LOA NS fr(,m £50 to £ 500 advanced on Property. Peieonal and other gooo Securities, for I or 3 years, and longer periods, rn the most. leasotable terms, Apply to Mr. JOBN WIKE; Accountant, and Agent to the Weet of England Insurance Company, Hope- street, Wrexbair. BRIDE CAKE ESTABLISHMENT, 2 CHARLES-STREET, WREXliAM,- 2 JOHN POWELL, CON FECTIONER AND PASTRY COOX, HAS juit received a large supply of FANCY GOODS M for Christmas Partite. BONBONS IN GREAT VARIETY. Oyster and Meat Pattie. Sausage Rolls and Fancy Dishes. Nillce Pies. Lemon Clitese Cakes. Jellies, Creams, and blancmanges made to order. Plumb Ci kes, A'accaiooits, Cition Cske", and WKEXHAM GINGK BBRKAD. IW Weddings supplied with eveiy ltquiste for the table. Nov. 16tb, 1861. R. LLOYD, B A Z A A R, HI G H S T R E E T. I SEALSKINS, PALETOTS and MANTLES, in great variety. R. LLOYD, Bazaar, Iligli-street. PAISLEY and WOOLLEN SHAWLS. R. I 1'-07,i;ir, fligh-street. 1 B, AND FAA C Y A DKESSES. n. J?OYP, Bazaar, High-street. TTkTaTi^TLL'J IKS of the ??ASON in G YLOWERS, FEAlHKKS, RIBBONS,?. R. LLOYP, Bazaar, ?igh-stre?t. l SILEMJJD ¡.Oln )ltl\'l-o¡:- rLA? A and FANCY BO??E'JS R. LLOYD, Dazaar, High-street. A^CiTOK K ASSORTMENT of MILLINERY A and HUMMED boN N .r.TS. R. LLoyi), Buzaar, fligh-street. TDiriTs "1? GK E A T VARIETY. JJ R. LMYD, Bazaar, High-street. HOSIERY and GLOVES, ill gnat VARIETY. OSIE I"?Y an(i GLOVI.1, ]t) gi (,at VARIE3'y. B.- I .LOYD, 1} L AN KET S, SHLE?S, COL?'iERFANES,' R. LLOYD, Bazaar, Iiigli-street. ?A LARGE SEL!;CTIO? of READY-JMA?E A CLOTULS, VFRY CHEAP. l R. LLOYD, Bazaar, ?igh-street, ?y rexham. I RE-OPENING OF THE NEW CHAPEL, CHESTER-STREET. THE above place of Wor ship will be EE-OPENED ± on Sunday, November the 24th, 1861, when TWO SERMONS Will be Preached by the REV. F. B. BROWN. Service in the Morning at Quarter to Eleven o'clock, and in the Evening at half-past Six. On WEDNESDAY Evening, Nov. 27th, a SERMON will be Preached by the REV. R. THOMAS, OF BANGOR. Service at 7 o'clock. A Collection wili be made after each Service in aid of the funds for Alterations, Painting, &C. COURSE OF POPULAR LECTURES AND MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENTS, IN THE TO WN HALL, WREXHAM, For 1861-2. IT iareepectfuUv announced that on Monday Evening," ]IT November 25'b, 1861, EDMUND WHEELER, ESQ.. C.E., F.R.A.S., will deliver a LECTURE on the ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH," its prin ciples and practical use. Admission to a single Lecture ist class, 2s. 2nd ditto, Is.; back seats, 6d.; or tickets for the whole course, 10s. 6d. Members of the Literary Intitute admitted at half. price on production of their cards of membership. Tickets to be seeuied at each of the booksellers. ELLESMERE COURSING MEETING w ILL take place on Thursday, December 5th, 1861. Brownlow Cup, 8 Dogs £ 2 5 0 each Colemere Puppy Stakes, 8 Dogs.. 2 5 0 „ Kenwick1 Stakes, 8 Dogs 15 0 For patticu lars apply to George Lewis, Lee, near Elleømere. Ø" An ORDINARY at the Red Lion Hotel after the Coursing. WREXHAM WATERWORKS. 7?o?p6fa<MM of Company, (Z<M!'?), C:M<rMC<«? of .pcration of C'otnpary, ( Ccnstruet" of Works, c. "«VL\ I OUCE lb HEREBY GIVEN, That application 1.. is irtended to be made to Parliament, in the next Session, fcr leave to bring in a Bill for all or some of the following puiposes (that is to say): I.-lo incorporate a Compar,y under the name or title of the Wrexham Water Company," or some other name or title, end enable such Company to supply water to U e irhabitants and other persons within the Borough of Wrexbam and other places adjacent thereto, in the township of Bcrsbam and parish of Wrexham, in the county of Denbigh. 2.—To acquire the right,to impound, intercept, divert, convey away, and use the water fiom a certain stream, called Pl!lk Saddle stream, or brook, otherwise Pentre- bychan, otherwise Pent-y-fellin-sych, and the water of all other brooks, streams, or springs flowing into the be- i fcrementioi ed brcok or stream, or upon the site of the intended woiks; which said streams, brooks and springs are situate in the township of Esclnsham Below in the faid parish of Wrexham, and flow directly or derivatively into the river Cly wedog. 3.—To consti uct and erect a Weir and all other neces- eary Works across the said brook or stream at a point about forty yards to the east of a bridge called Pentre- tychan Bridge. To construct all culverts, diaine, acque- ducts, bridges, and necessary woiks to secure the said W eir, along the distance of about thirty yards to a point to the west of the last described Bridge, and marked (A) O8" 101 'I. on plan, anr wnicn said worKS are all to ne situated in tne said township of Esclusham Below, and parish of Wrex- ham. 4.—To form, construct, lay down, an acqueduct, or line of pipes, commencing at the said before mentioned 1 V eir, through, along, and into a pasture field belonging to Simon Yorke, Esq., and now or lately in the occupa- tion of Owen Williams, and numbered 387 on the tithe map of the township ot Esclusham Below, in the aaid parish of Wrexbam, and terminating in a Reservoir next hereinafter mentioned. 5.-To form and construct a Reservoir, tanks, and filter beds, and all necedsary appliances for cleansing storing, and delivery of the said streams or brooks; which taid reservoir, tanks, and filter beds are intended to be constructed in the said before mentioned pasture field numbered 387 on the said before mentioned tithe map of the township of Esclusham Below, in the parish of Wrexham. 6.—To form, construct, and lay down an acqueduct or main line of pipes commencing from and out ot the north side of the said Reservoir, running from thence and passing out of the said field, at or near Saddle Bridge, theme alon g the turnpike road, leading from Raabon to Wrexham, and terminating at a point in the said turnpike rotd, in the Borough of Wiexham, at or rear the tell house or lui npik-e-gale, ctlled Wrexham Gate, maiktd (B) on pan, and which said line I of acqueduit, mains or pipes, will pass from, through, or into the several townships or places follow- ing, or some of them (that is Co say) Esclusham below, Bersbam, Wrexham Abbot, Wrexham Regis, in the parish of Wrexham, the township of Eiddig, in the parish of Gresfor:1, all in the said county of Denbigh. 7. To take power to erect and lay down all necessary steam and other engines, distributing and otl er pipec, dams, eludes, water gfates, stop cocks, drains, outlets, embankments, cuttings, bridges, tunnels, weirs, pumps, and other works, machinery, and conveniences for the effectual construction, ma ntei-ance and use of the said intended works, and for the distribution of the alipply-of water witliin the limits of the intended Bill. 8- To lease or sell the undeitaking or works, or to amalgamate the same with any other person, company, or body corporate. 9.—To purchase by compulsion or agreemeut, and otherwise take on lease, and take grants or easements over landF, houses, rights of water, and othir property tor the purpose ot the undertaking; aud to levy rates, rents, and charges in respect of water supplied by the Company to confer, vary, or txtinguish extmption from the pay- ment ot such ratts, reD, and charges, and to confer vary or extiLguishother rights and privileges. I lb.-To cross undtr, over, or by the side of, and to stop up eit) er temporarily cr permanectU, roads, rail- ways, ttretms, and A att i cour es, tor the purpose of Jay- iivg uqwr), and to authorise tbe laying down such cul- vcn", cuts, dlniw, bnDc-b pipes, sirviee piies, distribht- iiig pipes, sluices, file plugs, washout cOlks, and other woi k?, apparatus and appendage?, storing, couveying, and delivering tile witer of the Company, and for more con- veniently, ueinjf, draining and cleansing the seveial works, bereinleflre mentioncd. 11.—To confer, va-y or extinguish rights and privi- leges, over all lands, houses, bertditamenis, rights of wa. ter acd othei property to be taken, acquired, or iuteifered with by the Company. To irtorporaie with the Bill all or some ot the provisions ot The Companies Clauses Corieu.idatitiu Act 1845." "The Lands Claufcs Conso- lidation Act 1845." Ihe Lmds Clauses Consolidation Act Aii.eticitlleiit Act 1860. And Water Works Ciausea Act 1847." Duplicate plans and section?, describing the si.tuati. on, ,li.nes, and levels of such rest nuirs, tanks, filter buds, acquedticts, or w ain pipes, and the lands, iu, through, tr upon which toe saule res, cctivel), will be situate or u.-adc'; a book of i c.-ert nee' to such ) lam, «;ontrfiiiiiig the ua-ufs ol itio owneis or rt- lessees or reputed lessees and oci upiers ct the lands, nouses, and projeny wiiit;ii may be taken and a copy of this notice, as published iu the Loudon Gazette will on or oc-tu/e the 30ih day oi November ifis!ant, be de- p sited for public r.ibpcitioi, at the office of the Clerk of the Pcace for the Couiiiy of Denbigh. Alio on or bt it), c the sume day a copy of so n uch of tiic taiii j.lans, sceii! lis, and !,(\uk, d rd rencc ai reiatt iu the several I.,ilit-liet, or Ie," uJii ps,, and ah- a e"ïY of the Gazette Lotue, will bo deposited with; 1L (if taeli 01 [Lt: iaid parisLe«, at thcii rt >i- ucuce. Printed copies of fie pr jposed Eill will cn or before: no 2oi d day of December iiv,t, Le dt:f;-)sited in tbe hill Othce of tl,.i House oi Looiinuiis. Dated wils iztf, day ot Noveuioct, 1861. [ F F R A S E R, w ATCHMAKER, s ILVERSMITH, AND JEWELLER, 42, HIGH-STREET, WBEXHAM. July 12, 1861. IW AN APPRENTICE WANTED. PUBLIC SUBSCRIPTION LIBRARY, 5, CHARLES-STREET, WREXHAM. SUBSCRIBERS applied with all the NEw Bccks immediately on publication. Single Subscriptions, £ 1 28 per annum. SAUSAGES. JOHN L: GARNETT, (Successor to Zfr. TAJfES OLLEEJtEAD) CONFECTIONER, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM, BEGS to inform his friends and the public tlat he (an now sopply them with 'prime SAUSAGES of his own JD making, and respectfully solicits a trial, feeling confident that they will be lound unequalled in the town, being made Irom the best of m( at, and the fat end If an poik being thoroughly mixed by a patent machine. The famous ftEl'JCN ])" C Vllœ.A Y 1 C li R ULS "all the j.zii-nd." Nov. 16, 1861. WELSH HOUSE!! 24, TOWN HILL AND ABBOT-STREET, WREXHAM. JANE RICE, BEGS to return her sincere thanks to her Fiiends and the Pnblic in general for the very liberal support she has J) received since her removal to her present premises, and has great pleaeure in announcing that she has bought a very large STOCK OF WINTER GOODS, and is prepared to sell them at a very low profit. J. P. particularly calls attention to the undermentioned goods:— WHITNEY AND BURY BLANKETS. WELSH AND ENGLISH FLANNELS. SHEETS AND QUILTS. WELSH AND ENGLISH LINSEY IN GREAT VARIETY. WOOLLEN CLOTHS. SUITS MADE TO ORDER. CORDS AND MOLESKINS. y SHIRTS. SILK HANDKERCHIEFS AND TIES. f' SILK AND FANCY HATS AND CAPS WELSH AND ENGLISH liOSE IN GREAT VARIETY. STAYS AND GLOVES. MERINO AND FANCY D-ESSES. STAYS ?D ?OYE? AND RIBBONS. GOLDEN EAGLE EST A B LIS H MEN T. 21, TOWN-HILL, WREXHAM. MISS E. EDWARDS bcga to intimate that -he has jmt letnmcd from L( ndcD with a choice 8to(k of J?i. WINTER FASHION, eotrpritiBg Icrdcn end PthsNfT?Hesin Millineiy, MaBtks, Shawls, Dleuu, &«., which are now ready for inspection. The favor of an early call is solicited. MRS. EDWARDS Embraces the present c-ppoitunity ot acknowledging POET ISVCUIS, and at the tame time to invite attention to her STOCK OF GENERAL DRAPERY Which she flatters herself will be fcurd woitly of that suppcrt she has hitherto received. NEW WYNN HALL COLLIERY. The inhabitants of Overton, Bangor, Eibistock, and the neighbourhood, can now obtain supplies of very superior MAIN COAL For house | use, frcm the above well-known Colliery, one mile from Ruabon. Wynn Hall Ctal Company, Ottober J2tb, 1861. I HOW A R D'S CHAMPION PLOUGH, 1 MAKKiiD H." HOWARD'S NEW PATTERN ILOUGH, (marked "V.") HOWARD'S POTATOE PLOUGHS, liANSOMVb AND SIMb'S PLOUGHS, L 0 R S, HOWARD'S & RODEN HURST'S CULTIVATORS, BOWABD'B PInZE BARROWS AND BOBSE BAKES, C RO BSKILL'S A -N D C A Ivi B h I D G EIS ROLLERS, GARRET'S CORN AND SEED DRIlLS, RICHMOND AND CHANDLER'S CHAFF CUTTERS, BINIALL'S & SAMUELSON'S TURNIP CUTTING MACHINES, AND BOOT PULPERS. W. OVERTON, IRONMONGER, WREXHAM. aap W. o. had the honor ofreceiving tbe firet premium for the beet collection of Implements, at the Denbighshire and Flintshire Show, held in Wrexham. N E w SADDLERY AND HARNESS MAKING ESTABLISHMENT, No., 8, YOBKE-STREET, WBEXHAMI (In the Shopllately occupied by Mv 4Martin, Plumber and Glazier). T W. JONES begs respectfully to announce to gentry, farmers, innkeepers, and public generally, that J he has taken the above premises, where he intends to carry on the businebs of a SADDLER and HARNESS MAKER, and trusts by strict personal attention, good workmanship, moderate charges, and punctual and prompt execution of all orders with which he may be favoured, to merit a share of pubic patronage. MR. EDWARD KNIBBS BEGS toretnrn his sincere thanks to the professional gentlemen, tiadesmen, farmers, and the public generally tor the very liberal suLpoit accorded to him since his commeleing business as an Auctioneer and Appraiser, and takes the present opportunity ot assuring those friends who may favour him with their commands, that he will alway exeit himself to the best of his ability to further their interests and to give satisfaction. High-street, Wrexham, Jan. 24, 1861. NEW MEDICINE WAREHOUSE, 2, O H U B C H S 1 B E E T, WREXHAM, LATELY OCCUPIED BY MB. DEELEY. PRICE, D I S P E N b 1 N G CHEMIST, from LIVEBPOOL, most respectfully informs W « the Nobili"tV Gentiy, aid The 1 Lbhc ?et-crah;, that he has taken the above well-known EatalJ1ihment, ?.ch is now ?te with a c?ice .election of DRUGS, CBEMLALS, PEMCMERY PatenL Meolcmet', &c. T?RICE'S PECTORAL C6L GH KjZEN?-LS. J?a?-???M</?c<-<?<!?Co?A???M?oKtc?Me<?, t ?.?aM of 2/c?/.o?? ot,4d Lek e I(zerigee contain all the ?muta ct the ?aleam ot Horehouna a4á Aniseed, will be IcULd to ive instant relief to tee mobt tioublesosne Cough, they will also be found most invalu- able in Churches and Pubhc Assemblies, as one or two if taken and allowed gradually to oissolve in the mouth, immediately checks that tickling or irritation in the throat, which causes this peculiar short Cough. Clergymen aud Public Speakcrt3 will finu the in very excellent for sireiifcthening and clearing tbevoice. Sold in Boxes, Is. each. P"st Flee) 18. 4d. ?) ?R1'C?''S ? CELEBRATED CHOLERA MIXTURE AND PILLS. For Rowel CiM?t'M? J)yMM<e?. t ?tO-rZ?a %c., $c.—ibis lamous Meaione was hist ott?ed by the celellate Pbysitttu, ?r A. Cooper, of London to his patients, and afterwaids so lieely administered bj tie most eminent physicians ot London. IS EVER KNO'% N '10 FAIL. TUis Medicine gives in mediate relict to the patient, and seldom requires more than two or three deses to effect a cure. Should always Le kept in leadmess, as delay renders tiia patient's life hazardous. Sold in Bottles, Is. 6d. each IL) RICE'S CELEBRATED REJEUMATIC MIX'FURE, For ]Rbeutuatism, Rheumatic Gout, Sciatica, Tio Doloreux &c.-In Bottles, 2s. -5d. each. RiiELiMAllC khlbiOCATION.-ln Bottles, Is. each. P RlfjE'S ELJXJR FOK TOO! 11 ACIlE, Tic Doloreux, Rheumatic in the Face and Head, is a certain cure for all Nervous Headaches, Sjc. PRICE'S ilsiFAKT PEEtERVA'i 1VE. A most cafe and effectual remedy for Children wbo are troubled with Convulsions, Pains in the Bowels, &c.; in Measles, Teething, and Clawl, it is particularly recom- mended by the Medical Men fOf all d)80tdera peculiar to infants. HICK'S SOO'lHlNG pO?DhRStURCHlLDKEN CU1TI>G THEIR TEETH. Children oufering JL nnJr iUÎla\Î\!n 01' tbe Lo?eis from CUttiLg ileir Itcth Of etherise, win be immediately rdieved by the use of these warn. Aromatic Powdi is. Jn thote ct su wLtietl e paiei.t's milk turus end becomes cuidud on the stomach ol the iDtaut, giving lite to griping ami liiidcring the child itstleas and IreliuJ, they have never keen known to fail. Sold in packets at Is. and 6(1. CELEBRATED WORM POWDERfc, lor cliansing, coding, and purifying the blood in children, and removing ttie cause of Worms. AV. Iltice banii g Lao rubl y yea's tiuiisue 1-tectice in The treatmeldt ot Children's diseases, and the Hry gieat PLect,-S h:-s attended iiis trtatnunt, he j" enabltd to render tLe most dicient aid in all cases cnDing under his nctice, at: Molbeis mi-y rely on etre bnd attention. RIC.L'S ANTIBILI(j'US At.lJ Ll\ EK 111LS. 1hty couiet the stimacL and towels, act gently on the L liver and liidntjt, itn o\e biitelns on tbe utin, and in-piove ti t appetite and digestive ergans. jjjRICE'S BALbAM OF JbORELcLIsD A-Nij AISlfcEEL is scid m Louies, One bhilling each. p FICES QUININE TUOTH POWDER, sold in Bottles, One Shilling each. III "T It Fresh supply of ( OD LIVER OIL (quite tasteless) duect from iiewicunuiana. I Fan.iiy heciptb and Physintn's Prescriptions carefully prepared. COlzDSniO PO"N. j.EhS 101 bGhHS, in tine, 32. tie), each. BORSh AND CAl'ILE MEDICINES of I every desciiptioo warranted genuine. Oils, Paints, aud Varnishes. Colors proietiy t retired for Paintings. I I B X H EXTKAOTBD. PKIZES FOR TURNIPS. PROCTOR AD R Y L A N D Respectfully inform tboe friends who intend to cow-pete tor their Premiums this season, that they must give notice, in writing, to that dftcI, on or Lei or t the 1st tl Octcber, that being the last day of enay P. and H. also desire to call attention to their GRASS AND WHEAT MANURES, TOR AUTUMN USE, WHlen TiJZX CAN CO.NFIDBXTLT EECOMMEND. BIRMINGHAM AND CHESTER. l NAG'S HEAD, WREXHAM.1 CONVERSAZIONE AND SUPPER. Then I commended mirth. because a ????? thin* under the sun th? to drink. and to be  SoLOKO: THE lOURTH CONVBRSAZIONE and SUPPER of the Season will take place on Tneeda, Evening next. in the Large Room at the NAG 8 HEAD. Chair to be taken precisely at 8 o'clock. A variety ottcp,* will be discussed by the company during the evening. Coffee will be served in the Coffee Room at 10 o'clock. The whole of the company will disperse at 11 o'clock. Non-members tickets, 2s. 6d. tach, to be had at the Bar of the Nag's Head. N.H.-The Fifth -9 (ionvergazione" and Surper will take place on Tuesday, the 3rd December. The Sixth on Tuesday, the 10th December. The Seventh on Tuesday, the 17th December. tW Arran o-ements for holding the Conversaziones in 1862 are in progress, of which dne notice will be given. Nag's Head, Wrexham, Nov. 22nd, 1861. ibmtia1tst &t.. ibdt. MAID SERVANTS WANTED AT CHRISTMAS. WANTED at Christmas, two Maid Servants-A. N uree Maid, and a Maid-ol-all- work. As a test of the eligibility of the place, they will be required to succe ed two Servants who have been three years each m their present situation. None need apply who cannot prodn ce a first-iate character for houtaty, industry, gettin g tip in the morning, &c. Apply at 45, Mount- street, Wrexham. ANTED immediately, and the best price given, W any quantity of OLD NEWSPAPERS, by W, Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. a b 1ft APARTMENTS TO LET. TO BE LET, a Comfortable SITTING and BED- TROOM for one or two respectable Young Men. —Apply at No. 8, Penybryn, Wrexham. TO BRICKUKEKS, CONTRACTORS, AND OTHERS. THE SMELTING PELUCTIONMME& COAL COMPANY, (LIMIILD), BRONCOED COL- LIERY, near MOLD. To be LET, for the ?rpo-eof BrSn?g, the ?RICEFIELD ?o???? Company, forming part of the Broncoed Es a near Mold, in the county of Flint The Company to b ave the right to purchase such bnc?k. as .hey'na.?y require, at a price to be agreed on, acd lJe ^J-ee^0^ purchase from the Company all coal and B'ack at the Company's prices at the pit mouth. len?d? ? terms by stool and by 1,010, to be sent in a.ldrtJeed leJ Mr. I?acAtherton,3,' Cable?treet, Livcrpo< I, hforø One o'clock cn Monday, the 2nd Decembei For further particulars apply to the ?d Mr. I.aa. ?A? ?- or to Mr. Charles Hales, Manager, Bron? C??ry,. near Mold. CAITLEI CATTLE! CATTLr. t T71ARMERS and others who are ove:?._ed w? FCattle can have them comfortably Housed, W 3tered. aud Fed on the befit barley straw full of clover t- u tllo following reasonable terms; Tbree-year-old Heifers Is. 6d. per week. Two ditto ditto Is. 3d. VP One ditto ditto •••• Is. Od. 11 Apply at the Printer's. rsI ^.o BE LET, a LARGE ROuM, capable of seating .L 200 persons, situate in a cential pan of V. rexharn; suitable lor a Club Roi m, School, &c., or it desired could be divided into two Rooms. For paitituLis apply to Mr. Rideout's Retteshment Rooms, 16, lown Hill Wrexham. So fat ø1b't .4 r:6I TIMBER. TO BE SOLD by PRIVATE CQN?RACT,-? TLot 1 • 60 oak trees, 6 elm, 28 aah, 8 beech, 9 sycamore, 5 poplar, 25 larch fir, and 7 Scotcn Ar trees. Lot 2; 14 oak trees, 10 ash, 3 tlm, 3 beech, and 10 larch fir trees, growing on lands tailed Pen-y-bryn, in the parish of Ruabon, in the holding of Mr. Samuel Lewis, who will show the same. For further particulais apply to Mr. S. Lewis, Fen-y- bryn Hall Fairo, fcuaben; or to Mr. Roger Beckitt, Timber Valuer, Dudlesioa.  DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, CRESTER? For bALE by Private Ireaty, the D W ELLIN G- H OUSE, No. 20, Crane-etrtet, containing, drawiDg. dining, and morning rooms, five Lest and three servants bedrooms, good kitchen, pantiiea, scullery, &e. The principal roums front to the Roodee, and command au airy and open situation which cannot be built upon or otherwise interleied with. There is a gatuen, wbtch presents a frontage also to the Roodee, together with stabling. The residence is suitable for a family ot re- spectability, and the tenure is freehold. Together with the above will be the THhEE HOUSES also oiL the south side of (ruine-strett, being numbered respect- ively 23, 25, and 27, and now in the occupation of Ie- spettable tenants.—For further paiticulars, apply to Mr. Benjamin Uwent" Surveyor, Lower Biidge-fctreet, Utiester. IIOYBE SOLD, a large four-wheeled PHETON, recently painted and lined, with shafts aud pule, either for ore (,r two horses. Also, a BAtKbT (JAR- hlAGE, nearly new. Apply to Mr, Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. FANCY REPOSITORY, 37 ROPE STREET, WRiXUAM, 37 JOHN STRIKGHA BEGS to tall the aitei tion of tfe puulic to his choice selection ol FAjSCY GOODS, selected in London, Jjitmingham, aua chiliieid, and to call particular aitenliun to his btock ot I PICTURES, In Composition Frames, of chaste designs, which he is uiepared to sell at J^XIKAOBDINABV Low PaiCES Barometers aud '1 nermomettrs of all umds uiways on hand. Also, Repaired. fK\0 fronmongfrgi Dlugift8, and Oilmcn.-GREAT J. REDU?T 1?? in Pncea ctYOUKG'S ?At.AFUN LAMPS. lUust'ated Catalogues and Price LItl! hee OB application. The PARAFFIN LIGHT COMPANY, Free Trade Hall. Manchester. THE REVEREND JOHN HENRY MONTAGU LUX MOORE, DECfcASKD. PURSUANT to an Act of Parliament ma'? and IP passed in the 22nd and 23rd years of the c?n of Her present ajesty, cap. 35, intituled "An /ct lo further amend the Law of Propertv. ¿n:r1 t" rchv re Trustees," KOTICH IS HfRHii" GIVi Nr, that ail creditors and other persons having any cla:.u». debts, or demands upon or against the estate of tb" ¡:, \r/>d John Henry Montagu Luxmoore, late of ;trcliw:cl Keetorv, in the parish of Marchwiel, in the i-otititv of Denbigh, deceased, kNvbo died on or about the ind clay of March, lSiiO, and whose W ill was proved ou th :J, I rt day of March, IStiO, ill the District regwry at oaint Aarh, cached to I?r Majesty's Court of Probate, by th? executors named iL the said "Ill,) are hereb?- required to send in the ?rt.cularsof their acbts, claim;; or demands, on or before the Tweiity-i-ourth day ct December 1861. to us the undersigned, the solicitors tu the surviving cX:'{'Íor. And notice is hereby further e-iven that the said surviving executor will on au l after the said 24th day of December, 1661, pro.-eed to distri- bute the assets of the said Testator among the p-rsons entitled thereto, having regard only to the debt s, claims, or detrutnds of which he shall then have notice, and such surviving execul wi I not be liable for the assets or any part thereof, so distributed to any person or persons of whose delf. claim, or demand, such survi- ving executor shall not then have had notice. Dated this lfith dav of November, iSC KDGWOUTH AND DKVEKEUX PUGH, [ Temple Chambers, Wrexham, bohcitors to the Surviving Executor.