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SURGICAL AND MECHANICAL DENTISTRY. MESSRS. SCOTT & VERNON, SURGEON DENTISTS. Mr. SCOTT may be consulted daily at 40, Chester- street, t Mr. VERNON from 10 to 5 daily at the Eastgate Chester. "BLACK BALL" & "EAGLE" LINE OF BRITISH AND AUSTRALIAN EX-ROYAL MAIL PACKETS. This Line of Packets is composed of the largest and JKriSi Steam and Clipper Ships m the world, and Sthe only on8 which has had the distinguished honour of > visit from Her Majesty the Queen. LIVERPOOL ?O? MELBOURNE, On the 5tb and 15th of every month. Shin Reg. Bur. Capt. Date. Southern ocean 1023..2000..Daveys.. 15th May. Lightning 1498..3500.. JoWon 5th June. Champion of the Seas 1946.. 400 ..Outridge ) To follow Citv of Melbourne.. 1828..4500. Jones J LONDON FOR MELBOURNE. Wirlwind 25th May. LONDON FOR SYDNEY. Maria Hay. 10th May. City of Sydney. (New Clipper) 10th June. FOR QUEENSLAND. (Free Grants of Land, value 30 Pounds.) Saldanha (from Liverpool) 15th May. (from Clyde) 20th May. Star of England. (from London) 25th May. Rockhampton. (from Liverpool) 10th June. Persons who hold Passage Warrants or Bounty Tickets will please make immediate application to the undersigned. LIVERPOOL FOR MELBOURNE. PACKET FOR THE 15tb MAY. -1 The Splendid Clipper Ship, "SOUTHERN OCEAN," Captain Daveys, 1264 tons Register, 2000 tons burthen. This splendid vesse l is fitting out under the inspection of Her Majesty's Emigration Surveyors. It is a very fast sailing clipper, and a most desirable conveyance for goads and passengers. For freight or passage, apply to T. M. MACKAY & 00.) 1, Leadeaball-st., London GIBBS, BRIGHT & CO., North John Street, or JAMES BAINES & CO., Water-st., Liverpool. Agent for Wrexham—Mr. ARTHUR CLARKE, Henblas-street. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL COMPANY. Shippers and Passengers are repectfully informed that the first-class, full-powered, fast screw-steamer I D 0 N," Captain Grace, Is intended to sail from LIVERPOOL FOR NEW YORK, On TUESDAY, 19th May, (Calling at Cork Harbour to embark passengers and despatches), and will be followed by similar first-class steamers, every alternate Tuesday. For freight and cabin passage, apply to D. & C. MAC IVER, Liverpool. And for second and third cabin passage to GUION & Co., Liverpool or JAMES BAINES & Co., Water-st., Liverpool. TO IRONMONGERS AND OTHERS. MESSRS. MUNTZ'S PATENT AXLE Co. desire -ULL responsible AGENTS for the Sale of their Chain Harrows and Axles. Liberal terms. Apply Patent Axle Co., Birmingham. MR. JONATHAN SHARRATT, BUCKLEY, MOLD, FLINTSHIRE, COMMISSION AND PROPERTY AGENT, And Collector of Rents and Accounts. AGENT TO THE PROVINCIAL INSURANCE COMPANY, And to the Patent Eurelca Sanita/ry and Manure Company, Limited. FOX AND HOUNDS INN, EYTON. A TEA PARTY will be held on the Grl'cn, at the _t1.. above Inn, on Whit Monday, May 25th, 1863. Tda on the table at half-past three o'clock. JDnncing to commence at five o'clock. A Brass Band will be in attendance. Tickets one shilling each. The above Inn is situate on the Bangor road, 3 miles from Wrexhem, 2 from Ruabon, 2 from Rhosllauerch- rugog, 3 from Overton, and 3 from Banger. THE BANK OF WALES, I JL LIMITED." Incorporated under the Joint Stock Companies' Act, and the Joint Stock Banking Companies' Act of 1876-7-8, whereby the Liability of every Shareholder is limited to the Amount of his Shares. Capital A;1,000,000, in 10,000 Shares of zElOO each, with power to increase. First issue, 5,000 Shares, already alloted to upwards ) of 250 Proprietors. { DIRECTORS. A. Alison, Esq., late Messrs. Alison, Mem, and Coaingham, Glasgow. John Britten, Esq., 21, Basinghall-street. I James B. Gumming, Esch Messrs. Gumming, Beaver, I and Co., Singapore and London. Charles Heneage, Est)., Cadogau Place. Belgrave Square. Jasper Wilson Johns, Esq., Deputy Chairman of the I Oswestry, Ellesmere, and Whitchurch Railways. F. J. Law, Esq., Directors of the Midland Banking Company. J. Reid Mackenzie, Esq.. late Manager of Bank of Ceylon. George Henry Money, Esq., Berkeley-street, Berkeley Square. Thomas Ouchterlony, Esq., 157, Fenchurch-street. C. F. Picard, Esq., Messrs. C. F. Picard, &- Co. Crutched Friars. BA-XKEKS. The City Bank. GENERAL MANAGER. James Tulloch, Esq.. AUDITORS. Messrs. Cooper, Brothers, & Co., Public Auditors, 13, George-street, Mansion House. James Goodson, Esq., Director of the Guardian Insurance Company. Samuel Burgess Gunnell, Esq. SOLICITORS. Messrs. Crosley & Burn, 34, Lombard-street, London E.C. Mr. Charles Parke, 37, Moorgate-st., London, E.C. BROKEHS. Messrs. Woolley & Coates, 26, Tokenhouse Yard. SECRETARY. Benjamin Gregory, Esq. Offices-199, Gresham House, Old Broad-street. OSWESTRY DYEING ESTABLISHMENT. J. MULL INS, DYER, CLEANER, AND BLEACHER, BEGS most respectfully to inform the Nobility, 13 Clergy, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Wrexham and its Vicinity, that he has appointed Mrs. HUGHES, Dressmaker, &c., 47, Hope-street, Wrexham, as Agent in the above line, and all goods entrusted to her care will be punctually attended to. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. IMPROVED Lawn Mowers and Rollers, Turnip JL Drills, Horse Hoes, Horse Rakes, Reaping Machine, Cheese Presses, Curd Breakers, Cheese Makers. Wash- ing and Mangling Machines, &c., &c. SALT and BONE MANURES, SUPERPHOSPHATE, Arc., AT A. CLARKE'S, Near the Feathers Hotel. CHESTER-STREET. J. JONES, WHITCHURCH, CAB PET WAREHOUSE CABINET AND UPHOLSTERY MANUFACTORY. PERPETUAL FOUR PER CENT. DEBENTURE STOCK. THE DIRECTORS of the Great Eastern Railway j_ Company are prepared to grant Allotments of their Four Per Cent. Debenture Stock in any sums most convenient to Subscribers. This Stock is authorised by Act of Parliament for the purpose of paying off the Mortgage Debt. It bears interest in perpetuity at 1 per cent. per annum, which must be paid half-yearly, on the 1st March, and the 1st September, and it takes precedence of all the other Stocks of the Company. Applications to be made to Bishopsgate Terminus, J. B. OWEN, Secretary. 1st May, 1863. m30 LESTER'S LIME WORKS, MINERA, NEAR WREXHAM. Pen-y-gelli, Wrexham, April 11th, 1863. MR. LESTER has much pleasure in submitting to the Public the following Analyses, Report, and Testimonials of his Lime, and Limestone and having made every arrangement for an extensive trade, he hopes by strict attention to business, and from the superior quality of the Stone, with the unlimted sup- ply his great range of Rocks afford, to be entitled to a share of public support, and begs to assure his friends and customers that nothing shall be wanting on his part to give them every satisfaction. ANALYSES AND REPORT By SHERIDAN MUSPRATT, M.D. (HON.), F.R.S Ed., M.R.I.A., &c., &c., Honorary Fellow of the New York College of Ph armacy and Member of the Royal Agricultural Society of England Membre de la Societe D'Encouragement, and Membre de L' Academie Nationale de France, Editor of Chemistry, Theoretical, Practical and Analytical, as applied to Arts and Manufactures, and and author of other works on Chemistry and the Blowpipe, Founder and Principal of the College of Chemistry, Liverpool. ANALYSES. William Lester, Esq.—Sir,—I have completed the An- alyses of the samples of Lime which you sent me, and have pleasure in submitting the results to you. They are as follows:— China bed lime. Ordinary Lime. Lime 98,126 per cent 97,785 per cent. Alumiua.. 0,204 „ 0,206 „ Sesquoxide of 0)204 0,206 Iron 0,085 „ 0,164 „ Magnesia 0,440 „ 0,539 „ Alkalies, (Soda and traces of Potasa) 0,163 „ 0,251 „ Carbonic acid. 0,166 „ 0,134 „ Sulphuric acid. 0,190 „ 0,101 „ Silicic acid 0,441 „ 0,340 „ Sand (quarts) 0,186 „ 0,480 „ Phosphoric acid traces traces Moisture traces „ traces „ Total 100,000 100,000 SHERIDAN MUSPRAT, M.D. Professor of Chemistry. REPORT. William Lester, Esq. April 4th, 1863. Sir,—I have pleasure in handing you my report on the samples of Lime, the complete Analyses of which I en- close herewith. Both Limes are very well burnt, are very pure, and when slaked, are remark- ably white. This is more particularly the case with the sample of The China Bed Lime," whose purity and whiteness well adapt it for many uses in the arts, more particularly for ".Bleaching Powder" manufacture. Both Limes are well suited for Chemical purposes generally, where a pure white lime is desired also for building and other uses, to which lime is applied. From the great freedom of the limestones from which these limes were prepared; from sand and silicic acid; they would, in my opinion, be well suited for fluxing purposes in the smelt- ing of iron ores, &c.. SHERIDAN MUSPRATT, M.D., Professor of Chemistry. TESTIMONIALS. [ 2, Lavan-street, West Derby Road, Liverpool, March 24th, 1863. Dear Sir,—I have used about 20 tons of your ordinary Lime in the houses I am now building, and consider that it is quite equal to any I have used before, and I have been many years a builder, Your's truly, Adam Daniels. To William Lester, Esq., Lime works, Minera, near Wrexham. Liverpool, 22, Upper Duke-street, March 25th, 1863. Dear Sir,—We are much pleased with your hand picked Lime; we have no hesitation in stating that it is the best of any brought into Liverpool. You will please send us a Truck as before on Wednesday next, We are, Dear Sir, W. Jones, and Co. Mr Lester, Minera. Gas Works, Wellington, March 31st., 1863. Mr Lester,—Sir,—I beg to say that we have now used your Lime exclusively here for some time. It is very white, free from stone, and when slaked yields a good deal of flour. I am sure it is of a far better quality for purifying than any ever used here before, I am, Sir, yours obediently, William Sterrit, Working Manager. Wynnstay, Ruabon, 31st March, 1863. Mr Lester,—Dear Sir,—Having used your Lime here, for some time, I certainly must say, that I prefer it to any other for plastering, and will shortly send you another order, I remain, Dear Sir, Your's truly, George Street. Turkey Paper Mills, Wrexham, April 8th, 1863. Mr William Lesterj-Dear Sir,—I beg to apologise for not having replied to your last. The Lime you have sup- plied us with is the best we have here, and suits us ad- mirably. I am. Dear Sir, Your's truly, C. H. Greville. Eaton Estate Works, Pulford, April 8th, 1863. Mr. W. Lester, Dear Sir,—I have some reluctance in replying to your letter, regarding the quality of your Lime, not having had sufficient time to prove its quality. But I may in the mean time state, that your Lime is more profitable than the other Minera Lime, because there is less refuse, and consequently it goes farther in the way of making more mortar for either building or plastering, I have not yet had sufficient time to prove the strength of the mortar. We shall be glad to have another truck as soon as you can send it to Pulford, I am, Dear Sir, Your's &c. John Morison. I Vron Colliery, near Wrexham, April 11th, 1863. W. Lester Esq., Dear Sir,—We have much pleasure in stating that the Lime we have had from you (about 40 tons), has given the most perfect satisfaction, both for building purposes and for the Farm. We can with con- I fidence recommend it, We are, Dear Sir, Your's truly, Maurice & Low. 2, Northgate-Street, Chester, April 10th, 1863. To Mr. Charles Davies.—Sir,—I beg to inform you of my perfect satisfaction with Lester's Lime, Minera, which you are at the present time serving me with; I can truly assert it is the best Lime I have had for some time. Yours truly, William G. Denson, Builder. Chester, April 14th, I860. Sir,—I have used the Lime from the Eisteddfod Minera Works, and can confidently recommend it as a first-class article, and giving every satisfaction. Yours truly, n W. Parratt, Builder, Deva Terrace. rr. Charles Davies. Chester, April 21st, 1863. Sir,—Having used a large quantity of Lime from the Eisteddfod Works, Minera, I consider it to be a first-class Lime for both brick-setting and plastering. Yours truly, Mr. Charles Davies. Z3 Robert Bellis, Builder. STONE. From the Lilleshall Companyi near Shiffnall, Shropshire, April 3rd, 1863. To Mr. Lester, Minera, Having now used 2,000 tons of your Limestone, we find it to be a first rate fluxing stone; none better comes to this district, if so good, we cant speak too highly of its regular quality, Your's respect- fully, The Lilleshall Co., per A. C. Jones. Frood Iron Works, Wrexham, April 4th, 1863. W. Lester, Esq., After having used your Limestone for 3 or 4 months, we can say it is equal to any Limestone we know of for fluxing. And we can recommend it to any Ironmasters, Your's truly, Sparrows and Poole. Borough Surveyor's Office, Wrexham, April 10th, 1863. William Lester, Esq., Minera, Dear Sir,—From a care- ful examination of your extensive range of Lime Rocks at Minera, and from the plans submitted to me for working the same, I am of opinion that you have by far the best Rock in the District, in point of quality and situation. Indeed, the quantity is unlimited, and from its regular bearings, and massive proportions, it clearly proves itself to be the Parent Rock, and as such, of superior quality to those around it. This is also proved in the greater purity oj the Lime and its well known superior quality for plastering and building purposes. Your working plans are well arranged, and will soon enable you to supply any quantity of both Lime and Limestone of first rate quality, I am, Sir, Your's truly, Hugh Davies, Borough Surveyor, Wrexham. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. EVERYBODY should visit the magnificent JDJ Leviathan Photographic Travelling Carriage, in Hill-street, Wrexham, and obtain first-class Portraits by Peters's new process, with frame and glass included, beau- tifully coloured, at One Shilling and upwards An early visit is respectfully solicited, as the Estab- lishment will only remain here for a limited period. Paper Pictures at 2s. 6d. Stereoscopic Portraits taken. The new, beautiful, and fashionable Carte de Visite Por- traits at 2s. 6d. for one, or 12s. per doz. WHEELER £ WILSON'S -I LOCK-STITCH SEWING MACHINES' I WITH RECENT IMPROVEMENTS. Hems. "D RIZE MEDAL Hems." Fells. JL AWARDED Fells. Tucks. TO THE ABOVE Tucks. Gathers. SEWING MACHINE Gathers. Quilts. AT Quilts. Binds. THE INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION. Binds. Braids. Braids. Cords. Pamphletssent to any address. Cords. G. MARSH, AGENT, 5. BRIDGE-STREET ROW CHESTER.

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