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m crUt1r. .A ONEY LENT on PERSONAL SECURITY THE WBEXHAM LOAN AND INVESTMENT COM. ramy (Limited) are prepared to advance any sum from 15 to XIOO, on personal or other security, for 12 months repayable in weekly, monthly, or quarterly Instalments, at & low rate of interest. Good Bills discounted on very moderate terms. The strictest confidence, observed Application to be made to the Secretary, THOMAS JONBS, Accountant. Offices, Temple Place, Wrexham. MONEY TO LEND. TRADESMEN, FARMERS, and other respectable persons supplied with LOANS, from £ 10 to Z I oo, at a few days notice, on personal or other security, to he repaid by easy Monthly or Quarterly instalments. Strict confidence observed. Address Mr. W. Alexander, J31, Chapel street, Salford, Manchester. MONEY TO LEND from X20 to riS500 on personal M or other security, within one week from the day of application, to be repaid by easy monthly or quarterly in- gtalments extending over of from one month to two-and- a-half years. Confidence observed.—Apply personally or by letter to EDWARD CLOWES, No. 58, Booth-street, East, Oxford-road, Manchester. Established 21 years.- Jlr Wm. Connor, attends on behalf of Mr Clowes, at Mr Jones, Cross Foxes Inn, Abbot-street, Wrexham the first Thursday in each month. MONEY to any amount in large or small sums to be advanced upon personal security, accompanied with a Life Policy, or by Bill of Sale, Implements of Trade, Machinery, Post Obit Bonds, or upon the per- sonal security of Noblemen, Gentlemen, Clergymen, and others, or upon Farming Stock.—Apply personally or by letter to Messrs. Jay and Co., 6, Symond's Inn, Chancery Lane, London. N 0 T I C E CERTAIN Persons trading under the name of JONES & HARRISON, having offered Lime, and represented it as being "late Mr. Burton's," I hereby beg to give this assertion the most unqualified contradic- tion, as I am the sole Lessee of the Quarries formerly held by Mr. Burton. WILLIAM LESTER. Lime Works, Minera, 30th Jan., 1863. CANADA. GOVERNMENT INFORMATION OFFICE, DRURY-BUILDING S, WATER-STREET. LIVERPOOL, 2nd MARCH, 1863. THE undersigned bas Opened an Office at the TabOTe Address, for the purpose of affording to all parties looking to CANADA as their future home, per- sonal or written INFORMATION as to the various advantages offered by the Province. The Government Pamphlet, affording full particulars of the Crown Lands for sale, with other information useful to the intending Emigrant?, may be had on application, or, if sent bv Post, on the receipt of One Penny Stamp. A. C. BUCHANAN, m2 Chief Emigrant Agent for Canada. _u_H_ IiESTERl'S JjIME W ORKS MINERA, Near WREXHAM. MR. JOHN GRANT, Agent. Wrexham. OFF A BUILDING S 0 C I E rl 1 NOTICE. THE Fifth Annual General Meeting of the .L Members of the above Society will be held at the Office, 16, Henblas-street, Wrexham, on Thursday, the Jlst day of May instant, when certain proposed altera- tions and additions to the rules will be submitted for the approval of the members. approval of the members. ARTHUR CLARKE, May 7,1863. Secretary. CHEAPER & BETTER iN QUALITY. jsassgaii 1 The full benefit of ir ji10 reduced duty h ) i\ secured byusing Horniman,s |EBIHM If Tea; the Agents 8upplyvery ???m k choice at 3s. 4d. & 4s.. If FMifSR u Hani?s &High Standard Tea' fnMNB ?.4d. (formerly 5s.) exceedingly • Strong & delieioM, it is preferred MmSMft J by those who desire at a moderate ¡ J .be the very BEST. Purchasers L?t?Jtt I=tify thia Tea M it ulOId only I tin Packet*-signed J .,??47e4t' nnnrn ?H? ???????\???r  Agents in THIS DISTRICT ¡ t???fbr HORMMAN's TEA. WREXHAM. Potter 4 Snaps, Booksellers" OSWESTRY Roberts, Bookseller. CHESTER Wadaley, Chemist. MALPAS Roberts, Chemist. WHITCHURCH. Beck, Chemist. j SHREWSBURY.. Whitney, Chemist. I WELSHPOOL William* and Son. i RUTJIIN. Maude, Confectioner. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE AGRICULTUR I ISTS OF DENBIGHSHIRE. 17 VAN WILLIAMS begs respectfully to inform his E Agricultural friends that he has taken the Old j Seed Shop, situate in Yorke street, Wrexham, occupied for no many years by Mr. John Parsonage, for the sale of the undermentioned SEEDS of the finest quality, j vit:-Red Clover, White Dutch, Trefoil and Cow Grass. Scotch, English, and Italian Rye-grass, Vetches, etc. j Also, a fine new stock of the very best Turnip Seeds. i N.B.-E. W. attends personally every market day. i  t GENUINE FARM SEEDS. SPRING VETCHES. 5s. 6d. per 60 lb lare I 0 WELSH SPRING VETCHES, 6s. 6d. per 60 lb. } All kinds of GRASS, CLOVER, TURNIP, and other SEEDS, of good quality, are kept in Stock. Purchasers I' will do well to compare Samples and Prices before pur- chasing elsewhere, A priced descriptive Catalogue free f 8C application to H. BROWN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL SEEDSMAN, 4, COMMUTATION-ROW, LIVERPOOL. *E1 0 R CHAIN HARROWS, F HOWARD'S PLOUGHS ? FITTINGS, CULTIVATORS, CROSSKILL'S CARTS, And .overy kind of Implement at Makers' Prices. *ie- Apply to- A. OWEN (Late OVERTON), WREXHAM. N.B.—A fow Implements (including a second-hand CVosskill s Cart) left from last Reason, to be sold very obeap-must be cleared out. CHEAP IRON BEDSTEADS, &C. RAILWAY STATION NURSERY, Seed Warehouse, 37, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. Y. STRACHAN BEGS to thank the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Neighbourhood for their liberal support, and to announce his SEEDS of first-class quality, that cannot fail to give satisfaction. CloTer Seeds, Barley, and Oats, direct from Scotland. Guano of the best description. All orders executed with caie and despatch. Gardeners sent out by the day under his personal superintendence. MR. EDWARD KNIBBS, AUCTIONEER dlVD APPRAISER, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. CAE-PEN-TY COLLIERY, 1 ROOD, NEAR WREXHAM. THE Public are respectfully informed that they can be supplicd at the above Works with the BEST tOALS ut the following ratcki;- Main Coal 4id. per Cwt. Screened Slack 3d. » Through Slack o 2d. The above Colliery is situate about one and a half oiiU j: from Wlieatslieaf, and one mile from Holly Bush, 01 the Wrexham and Mold road. Agent for Wrexham:— r5 Mr. GOMER JONES, Bank Place. L I M ET MR. LESTER is now prepared to supply LIME at J!l. any Railway Station, from the EISTEDDFOD WORKS, lately held by the Messrs. Burton, and orders addressed to him at Mmera, near Wrexham, will receive PlQapt attention. ALBERT HOUSE, 14 HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM 14 R. GOHDON Begsa "morit respectfully to call the attention of the Ladies to hin'ehoice assortment of SPRING GOODS, COMPRISING PRINTS, HOSIERY, FANCY SKIRTINGS, SHAWLS, I RIBBONS, GLOVES, FANCY DRESSES, SILKS, Ac. These Goods being quite new, R. G. can with confidence recommend them for style and pattern, and solicits an early inspection. R. G. begs to inform the Gentlemen of Wrexham and neighbourhood that a portion of his Premises has been fitted-up for the purpose of carrying on the TAILORING BUSINESS. In entering into this branch of business, R. G. assures those who may honour him with their patronage that it shall be his constant endeavour to merit their support. His Stock of Woollens have been carefully selected from the West of England, Scotch, and Yorkshire Markets, and are recommended for style and quality. m, By moderate charges, perfect fitting, and good workmanship, R. G. hopes to secure a share of public support. The Measuring and Fittiug Room is attached to the Shop, and all orders will be made up on the premises. March 6, 1863. CALL AT EDWARDS'S CHEAP BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE, 28 TOWN HILL, WREXHAM, 23 WED WARDS has always on hand a large Stock of all kind of BOOTS AND SHOES, which ha is w prepared to Sell on the very LOWSST TERMS J BENSON'S WATCHES AND CLOCKS. Perfection of Mechanism.Morniny Post. OPINIONS OF THE LONDON PRESS UPON BENSON'S GREAT CLOCK AND WATCHES. "As a sample of English clock- work on a large scale, the works of this are probably the finest finished that have ever been seen in this country. No Chronometer could be fitted with more perfect or carefully- adjusted mechanism.Times, June 11,1862. A triumph of ingenuity.Tele. graph, March 31, 1862. The entire finish is of the highest caste.Daily News, May 29, 1862. A more splendid and exquisitely- finished piece of mechanism we have never seen.Standard, June 17, 1862. The largest, and unmistakably the best finished clock in the Exhibi- tion."—Enyineer, August 15,1862. Some of them are of great beauty; and if the English watch trade only follow up with the same spirit and success this first attempt to compete with foreigners in decorative watchea, there seems to be no reason why we should not get the trade entirely into our own hands.Tirms, June 23, 1862. I ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR CHURCH AND TURRET CLOCKS. WATCHES. Chronometer. Duplex, Lever, Horizo? Lever, Vertical tai, Minute, Half-qtr., and Quarter Repeaters. Independent and Plain I Centre Seconds, Keyless, Chronographs, I Enamelled, Astronomical, and Re- versible Watches. From 200 Ga. to I C3 3s. each. j BENSON'S ILLUS- TRATED PAMPH- | LET ON WATCHES j (free by post for two stamps) contains a I short History on Watchmaking, with descriptions and prices. It acts as a guide in the purchase of a Watch, and enables those who live in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Colonies, 1 India, or any part of the world, to select a watch, and have it sent free and safe by post. Watches, Clocks, and Bronzes of every description, from the plainest to the highest quality of which the Art is at present capable, manufactured from High-Art Designs by English, French, and Italian Artists of great celebrity. CLOCKS. Drawing-Room, Dining-Room, Bed-Room, Library, Hall, Staircase, Bracket, Carriage, Chime, Musical, Astronomical, Church, Turret, Stable, Railway, Post-office, Shop, Warehouse, Office,"or Counting-house, From 1000 Gs. to dBl b. each. BENSON'S ILLUS- j TRATED CLOCK, PAMPHLET contains a full and carefully prepared Price-lIisrtco)-'f every description of Clock and Time-piece, f with a short and in- teresting history of the Art of Clock-making. In it will be found a great variety of pat. terns of Clocks suitable for all purposes, and it will be sent post-free for two stamps. BENSON'S ARGENTINE SILVER. I The Morning Herald, October 23rd, speaking of the Plate in the Exhibition, says, Mr. BENSON, who has a Medal for Plate, exhibits some beautiful things." The Argentine is a composition possessing all the beauty and richness of colour of Silver with its durability, at a mere fraction of its cost. It is a compound of various metals with a heavy deposit of pure Silver, forming one hard, compact, white body. When the Argentine and the real Silver are placed side by side, the most skilful judge cannot distinguish between them, while its durability is so great that after many years' wear it remains unaltered. During the last seventeen years it has been so well received by thePublic, that its manufacture has been extended to all those articles usually made in Silver, viz.:—Spoons, Forks, Dinner, Tea and Coffee Services, Waiters, Bread and Cake Baskets, Candelabra, Dishes of all kinds, Epergnes, Claret Jugs, &c.; and which can be seen at the various Establish- ments of J. W. BENSON, whose new Show Rooms contain an immense Assortment. A Prize Medal was awarded to J. W. BENSON for exeellence of manufacture of Argentine and Electro Plate. A Sample Spoon will be sent post-free to any part of the Kingdom on receipt of 30 stamps, and an elaborately illustrated Catalogue containing 300 Engrav- ings and Price-list of Argentine aud Solid Silver Plate, will be sent post-free on receipt of six stamps. J. W. BENSON'S BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS ARE I 46, 47 & 03, COBNHILL. [ All Letters should be addressed to the Principal Establishment, 33 & 34, LTD GATE HILL, LONDON, (Established 1749). I CLEARANCE SALE OF BOOTS AND SHOES, AT THE NEW BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE, 2, TOWN HILL, WBEXHAM. JOSEPH HILL EESPECTFULLY intimates that his first ANNUAL CLFARANCE SALE OF WINTER and SOILED GOODS will commence on the 2nd day of March next; and continue until the 23rd. To ensure a clearance, all articles will be sold at greatly reduced prices, and will be replaced by an extensive Stock of Spring Goods, now being manufactured, to which he will have pleasure in inviting the attention of his friends and the public generally, and to whom J. H. now gratefully returns his best thanks for their kind and liberal support since opening the above establishment. P.S.-Please obsen-e. the" address, 2, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM-the. Shop lately oeoupied by Mr. James Pngli, Currier, &c. PERUVIAN GOVERNMENT GUANO. I. THOMSON, T. BONAR, & Co., 571 OLD BROAD-STREET, LONDON, E.C., SOLE CONSIGNEES AND AGENTS FOR SALE IN GREAT BRITIAN AND IRELAND. Price at Scale in London, fixed by the Peruvian Government, dB12 per Ton. SIR WATKIN AND LADY WILLIAMS WYNN'S TESTIMONIAL PICTURE. SUBSCRIBERS to the Plates of this splendid Picture can have the same beautifully Framed and Glazed, surmounted with the Wynnstay Family Crest, at Mr. G. WARBURTON'S CARVING AND GILDING ESTABLISHMENT, BANK-ST., WREXHAM, from 15s. and upwards. Specimens may be seen on application. Wrexham, 17th December, 1861. I MP ORTANT ?j?CABR/? R Is .,T.i)E OLD ESTABLISHED J ??CNTtSl?S? NOT ICE. REGULAR PROFESSIONAL ATTENDANCE AT WREXHAM, EVERY ALTERNATE THURSDAY, AT MR. JONES', CONFECTIONER, No. 5, HOPE-ST., May 21, June 4,18, July 2,16,30. OSWESTRY, EVERY ALTERNATE WEDNESDAY, (for dates see local papers). SHREWSBURY, EVERY SATURDAY. "OSTRO EIDON." What is, it See Patent, March Jet, 1862, No. 560. M ESSRS. GABRIEL'S Self Adhesive Mineral Teeth and Patent Coralite Gam-Coloured India Rubber Gums eBtirely supercede the ordinary methods, and are supplied without Springs, Wires, or Metala, and without extracting teeth or Stumps. Amone the more important advantages obtainable by Messrs. Gabriel's Suction Frame Air Cells, the fol. lowing may be enumerated Sharp edges are entirely avoided a wonderfully increased amount of Suctionia ob- tained, together with a natural Elasticity hitherto unattainable; a Fit perfected with the most unerring accuracy and a Wree of lightness almost fabulous, unpleasantness of taste and smell being done away with by the peculiar nature of its preparation, the materials used being of the very best description, the workmanship Q:f the first °rr* \r- Gabriel from being manfacturerø of every apeciaHty appertaining of thenrefMaion, are enabled to make th??tes.thanhS the ordinary fe8- Patients will thus be enabled to take advantage of the higher re- MurcM of the Dental Art, without the necmity of a visit to town, or having to pay for nrst-dass workmanship the exorbitant charges usnall, made. A-mLtTLC" ?'from i4 4. the nt warranted. Partial .et. in proportion. Every opera? pertaining to the profeaaion. Stopping Front Teeth with the celebrated White Enamel, &e., at tbe Hme Itrictly moderate rat@ of charges. Gabriel'a XrMtÍle (new edition for 1862) «• lose and only Bfoctual xz(h* of BeetoHny ??mayb. h.d gratis 08 application, or will be sent direct for three postage sF tamps. "Gabriel's Treats clearly explains their .yltem, and should be read by all who value their teeth.Z?. *S "1ilitei»will .avemnch mornj more annoyance, and ? much more, diwppointmeat. ThM TtMm «Grw Sy.tem wm Ian mnch mone, more an noyanceg and still much more disappointment. Their fioeøtÑø .bould br read before conaulting a Dentiat, 88 emanating from .nch a Mure. it may be eonfldenBjr nted -C?M Servu* Qas4tt4. MESSRS. B It 1 B L Surgeon Dentists, established 1815, (Ke Diploma), .« MIMM and 65 ? DU?ST. ™00L,t?4,^  equues ad 659 New-lit., BiImingbam' International ElbibitioD, Cl.1817. Measr. Gabriel'. NewR-iOitY., AL TOOTH POWDER, to- as prepared for Ber Majoty and th. Royal Mj Measrs Ga b r i e l 's celebrated l.   MTST?M?MTA P&CBi ?Mm.'th. M.Iy?.T..t.p?f<.? cayed front teeth' 15 Od P?t-bQx-TO be M of ?-??i? Chm*t, y'?-? EDWARD HUGHES, (Foreman with Mr. John Clark upwards of 18 Years) MILITARY TAILOR & MEN'S MERCER, 24, YOBKE-STBEET, WBEXHAM, MOST respectfully informs the Gentry, Tradesmen, and Inhabitants of Wrexham and its vicinity, that he has commenced business on his own account, and hopes by assiduity and punctuality, together with the latest style of fashion, and attention to all orders entrusted to him to receive a share of their patronage. Parties finding their own Material will be attended to with promptness. Mourning made on the shortest notice. February 9th, 1863. TIME for applying the NITROGENISED MANURE JL immediately before or after rain. Sold in 2 cwt. bags, by ARTHUR CLARKE, Implement Depot, Chester-st. [A CABD]. MR. THOMAS HEYWOOD, AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER, 8, HIGH-STREET, & 11, QUEEN-STREET, WBEXHAV. TH E NEW SLATE YARD, -L HOPE-STREET, WBEXHAM, (Adjoining the Temperance Hotel, and opposite the Savings' Bank). SLATES, TILES, RIDGES, LATHS, &c., always on Sale, at reasonable prices. AGENT:—WILLIAM OWEN. BARBER & BENTLEY, WHOLESALE HOSIERS, HABERDASHERS, AND GENERAL WAREHOUSEMEN, 40—BASNETT- STREET, LIVERPOOL-—40 Country orders punctually attended to. CHARLES MORGAN, BILL POSTER, MESSENGER, £ c. Near Bickerton's Machine, BEATRICE-STREET, OSWESTRY. UNDER THE FATBOKAGE OF THE LIVERPOOL EHIGBA TION COMPANY. JOHN BRADLEY, OF WREXHAM, BEGS leave to submit this card for inspection, and Bwould observe that he buys all kinds of left-off Ulothes, such as (joats, Trousers, waistcoats, ilats, Boots, Shoes, Gowns, Cloaks, Old Silk, &c., also every de- scription of Children's left-off Wearing Apparel. Also Books and Newspapers, Guns, Pistols, Swords, Old Clocks, Old Furniture, damaged feathers, Old Hair Mattresses, to any amount. As there is a great demand for the above goods, J. B. will purchase any quantity, from a single garment up- wards. Ready money only. THE BEST PRICE GIVEN FOR BOOTS AND SHOES. J. B. will attend if desired at the residences of persons having these articles to dispose of.—Letters to be address. I ed to him at 35, Yorke-street, Wrexham. GERMAN BARM. GEORGE HADEN, IMPORTER, 20, MADEIRA HILL. I ??* supplied. Large and small quantities 8uppli:d KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. HEALTH RESTORED and maintained by the use *a of these Pills, prepared solely by John Kaye, Esq. of Dalton-Hall, near Huddersfield. They are unequalled in simplicity, safety, and beneficial effect, and in cases of acute as well as chronic diseases, especially those rising rom impurity of Blood, Indigestion, and Consti. pation, are the best medicine that can possibly be em- ployed. FEMALBS, ARTIZANS, MBCHANICS, all persona of Se- dentary habits, and the general public, will find them of the greatest service in correcting and preventing irregu- arities in the performance of the various function of the human frame. REPEAL OF THE PAPER DUTY 5,000 PIECES OF WALL PAPER AT E. OWEN, 20, TOWN BILL, WREXHAM. PRIVATE MEDICAL ADVICE. DR. HUNTER, the old Medical Practitioner (estab i lished 20 years) may be consulted personally or by letter, at his residence 44, GREAT CHARLES STREET, BIRMINGHAM, on all cases of Nervous, Mental, and Physical Debility, Trembling of the Hands, Depression of Spirits, Involuntary Blushing, Dimness of Sight, Loss of Vigour, and those diseases requiring confidential Medical Advice. Slight cases cured in two days. The use of Copavi, Cubebs, Mercury, and other dangerous drugs are entirely superseded by Dr. Hunter's mode of treatment, though at the present day so commonly used by the greater portion of Medical men. May f consulted daily, from Ten in the Morning till Nine at ght; Sun- days, from Ten till One. Country Patients should lose no time in applying, or send full particulars of their case, and enclose a stamped directed envelope for advice, which will be sent GRATIS by return of post. HEALTH AND CHEERFULNESS. PHILOSOPHY AND FACT. H OJLLOW A/Y'8 PILLS Sick Headache with loss of Appetite. A certain cure tor beadacbe, loss of appetite, and low spirits. These Pills may be taken without danger from wet or cold, and require no restraint from business or pleasure. They strengthen the stomach, and:promote a healthy action of the liver, purifying the blood, cleansing the skin, bracing the nerves, and invigorating the system. A Word to Females. The local debility and irregularities which are the especial annoyance of the weaker sex, and which, when neglected, always shorten life, are relieved for the time being and prevented for the time to come, by a course of this mild but thorough alterative. Dropsical Swellings and Turn of Life. This is the most distressing period in woman's history, it destroys thousands, the whole of the gross humours collect together, and like a tide sweep away health and life itself, if not timely and powerfully checked. The most certain remedy.for all these dangerous symptoms is Holloway's Fills. Armed with this great antidote, the fiery ordeal is passed through, and the sufferer is once more restored to the possession of unimpaired health. These Pills are equally efficacious in all female complaints, and obstructions at the dawn of woman- hood. Diseases of the Head and Heart. Why are these disesees so fatal ? The answer is self- evident—because the first disordered action is neglected, or the means for its rectification are misapplied. Neither need be the case at the present day, when these excellent Pills can be purchased everywhere, at a price which places them within the reach of everybody. No misapplication can occur if the printed directions are properly attended to, as they invariably address them- selves to the seat of the affliction, without deranging those organs which are already acting healthily. Holloway's Pills are the beat purifiers, and therefore the surest preventives of serious maladies; of which, if they be already established, they can become the most unremitting extirpators. Nervous Disorders. Any derangement of these delicate organs affects dis- astrously both the body and the mind. To the nervous invalid Holloway's Pills are an article of vital necessity. They impart tone and vigour to the internal organs, and consequently to the nervous system, which pervades and connects them. Hence their marvellous cures of hysteria, low spirits, spasms, fits, headache, nervous twitchings, and other kindred complaints, which are all radically removed by the use of these invaluable Pills. Holloway's Pills are the best remedy known in the world for the jolloroitli piseases Ague I Asthma Bilious Come I plaints B= on the Skin Bowel Com- plaints j Colics ) Constipation of I the Bowels Consumption Debility Dropsy Dysentery Erysipelas Female Irregu- larities Fevers of all kinds Fits Gout Head-ache Indigestion Inflammation Jaundice Liver Complaints Lumbago Piles Rheumatism Retention of I Urine I Scrofula, or King's Evil SoreTBrMta Stone and GMTel Secondary Symp- toms Tic-Douloureux Tumours Ulcers Yeueretti Affeo* tions Worma of all kinds Weakness, from whatever cause Ac. &0. Sold at the Establishment of Professer Hollomy 244, Strand, (near Temple Bar,) London, and by all respectable Diuggists and Dealers in Medicines through- out the civilized world, at the following prices Is. lid., 2s. Od-s 4s. 6d., lie., 226.9 and 33s. each Box. There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N.B.—Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each Box. MAKE YOUR OWN SOAP! HBY ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. HARPER TWELVETREES' GLYCERINE i-L SOAP POWDER makes its own Soap, and saves half oj time, two-thirds of Soap, and three-fourths of labor 1 A Penny Packet will make a Pound of Glycerine Washing Soap, possessing extraordinary Lathering and detergent qualities. Ask only for Harper Twelvetrees' GLYCERINE" Soap Powder:—Patentee: Harper Twelve- trees,, London. Sold by Grocers, Drug- gists, and Oilmen. rpHE Perfection of Starching moy be attained by X using BRIGGS' AUSTRALIAN SATIN GLAZE STARCH, which is unquestionably the best and cheapest Starch now offered, while the elastic stiffness and brilliant finish it imparts are unequalled. Sold by Grocers, Oilmen and Druggists. Wholesale Agent Harper Twelvetrees, Bromley-by-Bow, London, E, HAY and STRAW CHEAPENED. Harper Twelvetrees' CATTLE FOOD for Horses, Cows, Calves, Sheep, and Pigs, goes twice as far as any other, and is more highly seasoned. Sold m Penny Packets by Grocers and Druggists, also in Cwt. Bags for 30s., car- riage paid, from the Mills, Bromley-by-Bow, London, E. AT ADWY'R CLWYDD. TO BE SOLD by Private Treaty in lots to suit Tpurchasers, a quantity of BUILDING LAND, lying on the east side of the Township road leading from Penygelli gate to the Talwem road. For further particulars apply at the office of Mr. Humphreys, Solicitor, Wrexham, where a plan of the lots may be seen. PAPER HANGINGS. THE LARGEST 3 roCK and GREATEST TVARIETY at R. HUGHES & SON, 56, Hope- street, Wrexham. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWESK LIVERPOOL AND CANADA, AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Via QUEBEC and the GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY, (Under Contract with Her Majesty's Provincial Government for the Conveyance of MailsJ. 1863 SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS 1863 The Montreal Ocean Steam-ship Company's first-class powerful Screw Steamers NORWEIGIAN Capt. MMASTER, HIBERNIAN „ GRANGE, 'VaL BOHEMIAN „ BOBLAXS, ?'MMkt? NOVA SCOTIAN „ BALLANimz, J^MMGGRJURA „ AITON, ?*??*?? ANGLO SAXON „ G&AHAK, NORTH AMERICAN „ BURGESS, PERUVIAN, Building, Are intended to Sail from LIVERPOOL TO QUEBEC AND MONTREAL, BVERY THURPDAT, Calling at MOVILLE, LOUGH FOYLE, on FEIDAT, to embark Passengers and Her Majesty's Mails. And from PORTLAND to LIVERPOOL every SATUBDAY, Calling at MOVILLE to land Mails and Passengers. Rate of Freight to Quebec and Montreal. 55s. per Ton Measurement, and 5 per Cent. Primage. Weight subject to agreement. Cabin Passage Money to QUEBEC, EIGHTEEN GUINEAS and FIFTEEN GUINEAS, including Pro- visions, but not Wines or Liquors, which can be obtained on board. Steerage Passage Money to PORTLAND, SEVEN GUINEAS, including a plentiful supply of Cooked Pro- visions. By arrangements made with the Grand Trunk Rail- way Company of Canada, Bills of Lading and Passage Tickets will be granted in Liverpool for the conveyance of Goods and Passengers, at very moderate through rates, to all the principal Towns in Canada. Baggage taken from the Ocean Steamships to the Rail- way Cars Free of Expense. For Freight or Passage; apply in Glasgow, to JAKES & ALEXANDER ALLAN, 70, Great Clyde street; in London, to MOXTOOMXXIK and GREENHOKNB, 17, Gracechorch-st. or to ALLAN BROTHERS, and Co., Weaver-buildings, Brunswick-st., LiverpooL KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. VICTIMS to INDIGESTION, Nervousness, Physica v Debility, Bilious and Liver Complaints, Diseases of the Chest, Lungs, and Throat, and all who desire to restore aud establish their health with speed, certainty, aud economy, should immediately use these wonderfnItPills. They strike at the root of disease, purify the .blood, and strength and invigorate the entire system. prepared solely by > John Kaye, Es, Prospect Hall Wood, jrd, late of Dalton Hall, near Huddersfield. Hundreds of .fases of cure enclosed in each box. Sold by all Chemists and other dealers in Patent Medicines, at is. lid as. 9d. %,it i 4sAL Wholesale Depot, JI. BREAD TREET, London. HEALTH AND HAPPINESS FOR THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. THE Proprietors of the Birmingham Institute ol TAnatomy desire to make known au infallible means of self-cure for the nervous, debilitated, &c., and will forward the same gratuitously on receipt of a stamped direotcd envelope.-Addrem to the Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. DENTISTRY. ALTERATION OF ATTENDANCE. WREXHAM, 1st Wednesday in every Month. MOLD, 2nd Wednesday in every Month. MR. LAMBTON COXON. DENTIST, 105, GRANGE LANE, BIRKENHEAD, MAY be consulted in all cases appertaining to Dentistry Free of charge. At Mr. Kennair's, High street, Mold, 2nd Wednes- day in every Month. Mr. Coxon invites particular attention to his method of fixing Artificial Teeth which has given the highest satisfaction. Charges strictly moderate. Complete Set from JE5 0 0 Single Tooth 0 5 0 Fit, Mastication and Articulation guaranteed. Badly applied artificial Teeth Remodelled. OILS, PAINTS, AND GLASS WAREHOUSE, 24, CHARLES-STREET, WREXHAM. WILLIAM WARBURTON BEGS respectfully to return his sincere thanks to the .D inhabitants of Wrexham and its neighbourhood for their very liberal support he has received during the last ten years in the Painting and Gilding business, and begs to inform them that in addition to his Painting business, he has commenced the sale of Window Glass, Oils, Varnishes, and all kinds of Paints, mixed up ready for use in any quantity to suit purchasers, at the most reasonable charges. 1W Estimates given for Painting and Glazing. Please to observe the address-24, Charles-street, near the Wynnstay Arms Hotel. PORTRAIT.. ROOMS, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. MR. P. JONES, Artist, caUs special attention to the M much admired CARTE DE V1SITE POR- TRAITS, and to return his thanks for the very liberal support given him for the last four years. He wishes to inform his numerous friends that he b as just purchased one of the best instruments, with everything that is necessary for producing them first-class, not surpassed for depth, brilliancy, vigour and tone by any in the kingdom. He would feel obliged for the patronage o' ladies and gentlemen in this department. Terms, Half-dozen Is. each; One dozen 10s. Works of Art copied. None exhibited without permission. THE LLANRWST CELEBRATED DYE WORKS. Sole Agent for Wrexham-Mr. W. JONES, MASKET-KEErEB. THE NEW FRENCH REMEDY IS an infallible cure for NERVOUS, MENTAL, and PHYSICAL DEBILITY; is the discovery of an eminent French Physician, and has been used on the Continent for the last five years with unvarying success chemically prepared in the form of a lozenge, may be taken without the least fear of detection, and speedily restores tone and manly vigour to the most impaired constitution. Sent through the Post to any address, pre. paid, on receipt of lis. or stamps. Each packet contains all the medical advice required in these cases. Sole Agent in this country, Monsieur A. Duval, Patent Medicine Agent, Birmingham. AgHenEtA, LTH and MANLY VIGOUR. A Medical Man of 20 years' experience in the Treatment of NERVOUS DEBILITY, Spermatorrhoea, and other social duties has published a book giving the full benefit of his long exper- ience, gratis, with plain directions for the recovery of Health and Strength. A single copy sent to any address on receipt of one stamp. Address to the 80cretaryijuti. tute of Anatomy, Birmingham. I EVERYBODY'S WISH IS TO TASTE NOKES < WREXHAM SAUCE—ONE SHILLIKG PER BOTTLE N 0 K E S' WREXHAM SAUCE IS a most delicious relish to all kinds of Hot and Cold JL Meats, Hashes, Chops, Steaks, Made Dishes, Soups, Fish, Game, Welsh-Rarebit, &c. The Wrexham Sauce by all is praised both by far and near, Full flavoured, piquant, rich and rare, to epicures moa dear, 'Tis found upon the Emperor's board; 'tis found at City feast, 'Tis asked for in the burning West, 'tis ask'd for in the East: 'Tis found where gourmands congregate, for all would feel the loss The Spread would certainly sustain without the Wren- ham. Sauce: 'Tis talked of in the sunny South where golden fruit dotb grow, 'Tis talked of in the frozen North, on Greenland's hill of Snow. Fair France, triumphant, boasts no Sauce beneath her genial sky Invented by her choicest cooks, with Wrexham Sauce can vie; Club-house, Hotel, and Eating-house, Camp, Restaurant, and Inn, Resound with calls for Wrexham Sauce-without it were a sin. If to enjoy a Chop, Fish, Hash, or Gravy be your aim, No Sauce can with Immortal Will's e'er hope to gain a name A good digestion to you all" will this famed Sauce ensure, Ea like the noble name it bears 'twill for all time endure. 'Twill suit Economists, for none can this strong point deny, That quality and cost are saved if Wrexham Sauce they buy; For mark the fact, while all declare that there is none so nice, The Wrexham Sauce is sold to all, at just two-thirds he price. "Beading" and "Harvey" bow their heads, and own 'Wimshed sway, While e'en Sir Robert Peel" will find that he has had his day; The Worcester" doffs its cap at once—all yield to com- mon sense- If Wrexham gives as good for twelve, why pay them eighteenpence ? ONE SHILLING PER BOTTLE. Prepared and sold wholesale and retail, by Proprietor, RICHARD NOKES, Chemist, 31, York- street, Wrexham. This celebrated Sauce can now be procured from the following Agents in this neigh- bourhood :— Oswestry, Mr. Green, Grocer, Canton House Llangollen, Mr. Evans, Chemist Ruabon, Mr. Yardley, Family Grocer Cefn Mawr, Mr. John Thomas, Ironmonger Ellesmere—Mr. Josiah Jones, Grocer Malpas—Mr. Roberts, Chemist Chester-Messrs. Grindley & Son, Chemists Whitchurch-Mr. Robinson, Chemist and Druggist Nantwich-Mr Cureton, Grocer Overton Bridge—Mr. Holt, Grocer Mold-Mr. Birch, Chemist Newtown—Mr. Ward, Chemist The Proprietor revrets in consequence of other Sauces bearing the same name, but of a very questionable quality, to be under the necessity to Caution the PuLlic. Purchas- ers are therefore requested to observe the words, "Wrl xhim Sauce, R. Nokes," are printed upon Iht wrapper as well as impressed upon each Bottle with a Patent Stopper. THE WHOLE WORLD IS CHALLENGED TO PRODUCE A DRINK EQUAL TO THIS! THE ROYAL CHESHIRE RESTORATIVE I DRINK, for Horned Cattle and Horses, prepared by R. NOKES, Veterinary Chemist, No. 31, YORKE- STREET, WREXHAM. Is. each dose, or three doses for 2s. 6d. Since the introduction of this valuable Drink to Agriculturists, &c., abundant blessings have been bestowed on the Cow, Calf, Horse, &c., in allaying pain, stopping the progress of disease, and restoring health. When other remedies have failed, the Re- storative Drink" has, beyond doubt, proved victorious in abating disease and establishing health. Be anxious to prove the value of this Drink on your sick beasts, by purchasing one or more trial doses and if successful, as there is little doubt it will be, accordingly make it further known in your neighbourhood, and thereby confer a benefit upon others. In the following disorders the Restorative Drink" will be found of service:— For a Cow which has taken cold. „ „ j, a cough or hoose. cannot be cleaned after calving. has lost the use of chewing her cud. "is out of condition and weakly. is affected with mouth and foot disease. „ has an affection of the breath. „ is affected with black and red water. If you wish to make up a Horse for sale have nn- mediate resourse to the Restorative Drink," assisted with mashing. The Drink will restore the liver, stomach, and kidneys, thereby causing a reaction which will improve the condition of the animal, and give proof thereof by the nness of his coat. AGENTS WANTED. SALOP FIRE OFFICE, ESTABLISHED 1780. THE advantages offered to Insurers by this Office arc JL equal to those of similar Institutions, and a large paid up capital is available at all times to meet the Com- pany's engagements. Farming stock at 5s. per cent. No extra charge for the use of Steam Thrashing Machines. Persons insuring for seven years by one payment, will be allowed one year's premium and duty. Receipts for the Renewal of Premiums due on the 25th inst., are now in the hands of the respective agents. EDWARD B. TIPTON, Secretary. Agent for Wrexham—Mr. JOHN BURY. GENUINE GROUND BONES. RAW BONES Half-inch and fine. PREPARED BONES Do. do. do. THE change produced on the Land by the above L Manures is truly wonderful, transforming rank and sour grasses, which Cattle do not relish, nor milk well upon, into a luxuriant and sweet herbage of clover and other rich grasses. On Meadow Land these Manures produce early and heavy crops of Hay, of superior quality. WHEAT, OAT, AND BARLEY MANURES, Which will strengthen the straw, increase the yield, improve the quality of the grain, and generally prevent the destruction of the young plant by the wire-worm. TURNIP, MANGOLD, AND POTATO MANURES. The above Manures will be delivered at any Railway Station, or Canal Wharf, by ATKINSON & BUTTERWORTH, BONE AND MANURE WORKS, TRENCH, NEAR WELLINGTON, SALOP. Agent—MR. JOBN GOULBOUKN, HOLT LODGE, NEAR WREXHAM GROVE NURSERY, CHESTER ROAD, WREXHAM. • — ■ JOSEPH FRANCIS begs respectfully to invite the attention of the Nobility, Gentry, Farmers, and Inhabitants of Wrexham and neighbourhood to his fine, healthy assortment of Fruit Trees, Evergreens, Flower- ing Shrubs, Ornamental Trees, and STANDARD ROSES, together with a very large stock of QUICK THORNS, and evergreen Privet. Orders received, and promptly attended to, at his SEED ESTABLISHMENT, No. 2, High-street, Wrex- ham. SPECIAL NOTICE. NORTH BRITISH AND MERCANTILE INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL-TWO MILLIONS STERLING, INVESTED FUNDS, £ 1,374,000. DIVISION OF LIFE PROFITS. The Books for 1862 Close on 81st December, PROPOSALS must be lodged at the HEAD OFFICES in LONDON or EDINBURGH, or with an AGENT of the COMPANY, on or before that date, otherwise they will not participate in the Profits of this year's Business, For the three years since last Division of Profits in 1858, the Company have eftectea Assurances amounting to ONE MILLION FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY-THREE THOUSAND POUNDS. Certificates of Indisputability granted. Foreign Residence allowed on liberal terms. FIRE DEPARTMENT. The Company Insure against Fire, every description Property, at the Lowest Rates of Premium corres- onding to the risk. LOSSES PROMPTLY SETTLED. Forms rof Proposal and every information will be furnished on application at the Temporary Offices 58 Threadneedle-street, 4, New Bank-buildings, London' E.C., and of the Agents of the Company,at Wrexham, E. 18gB at Ruabon. Lug-only.