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REDUCTION OF POSTAGE ON NEWSPAPERS. H consequence of the Reduction in the Rate NEWSPAPER POSTAGE We have adopted the following REDUCED SCALE OF CHARGES, IF PREPAID yearly Subscriptions .108 Od jjjif Yearly ditto 53 Od IF ON CREDIT: Yearly Subscriptions.128 Od Half Veady ditto 6s Od post Office orders payable to ■ lUYLEY AND BRADLEY, WREXHAM. I' ales by Auction.  Jales by Aaction. I c?LES BY MESSRS. BAUGH & JONES. I B •<a'' i mr I'rici;* of Pr¡m Upland Hay and Clover t j?,, C??, at Mynydd Bychan, Hope, ?uKsAtt-e. I J?r ri SOLD BY AUCTION BY MESSRS B?UGH H JO.VES. upon the premises at Mynydd ■ "'h1n ne:lr Tvn y Cyffin, Fff1h, on Monday the 27th :¡" of il1luary. H;;l, at one for two e'c1ock prompt, the I ubi, IlLio ne'L Si??cks of Hay, and Clover, and Rye I niiV-ueiitione(l Stacks of H?y, and Clover, and Rye ?'?'j ?-?t e? of prime Upland HAY, about 11 tons, 1 growth Of lïl. ??''??f CLOVER and RYE GRASS, about 1 ■' ? the?r?wth of 1871. ? ?s:.?k of prime Upland HAY, a?out 40 tons, ?-!<?Yt? "t in capital condition.) ?').?Ls?:t CLOVER and RYE GRASS, about  (litw, (iitto. ?"  of Vrom Farm, will shew the Lots, and fl ■ fnr?he! p?ruculars apply to the Auctioneers. H 1 "\Unv.M ?ch?n is within one mile from the Blue H Hn>i vfrit'' i ;nd half-a-mile from Pontybodkin Goods ?'?n u') th? TtT?dyn, Mold, and Chester Railway, :¡ e' '? to the Lhutfynydd and Brymbo and Wrexham R;¡jlway, llSr i?y. C u v OF F VT STOCK AT THE GOLDEN LION INN, ROSSETT. BAUGH AND JONES beg to announce 1\ tlwt their next Sale of FAT STOCK, at Rossett, pill be held on MOXJAY, the 27th day of January, J'jJ STOCK ALREADY ENTERED: Several Fat Beasts 1 A lot of Prime Fat Sheep Several Fat Calves Several Fat and Store Pigs Particulars next week. Sale at Two o'clock. 165a 1:\ EijriTY. IN TH!' e vrVTY COURT OF DENBIGHSHIRE, HOLDEX AT WREXHAM AND LLANGOLLEN. WILLIAMS v. ROBERTS. T j pp. SOLD BY AUCTION (pursuant to a decree ) m?te in the above cause), with the approbation ef the Re?istnirof the said Ccurt, by MESSRS BAUGH' AN,j i?ls (i lie persons appointed by the said Re- ini?.tr) at the Uro?venor Arms, PenygeUi, on Tuesday of January, IS73, at four o'clock in the afternoon, precisely, in one lot, subject to conditions of gale se:tl«l aiv.l approved by the said Registrar—All Je three MESSUAGES with the gardens andappur- ten;iuces thereunto belonging, situate at Penygelli, near Coe ipoeth, in the parish Wrexham, in the county of Denbigh, anil r.iv or late in the occupation of Mr Thos. ienv,, Lite of Nant Mill, and others. The conditions will be produced and read at the time and place of Sale, and further particulars may be had of A. H. Ri:ir>, 1:<1., Registrar of the said Court, or of Mr LfmpiiitEi- solicitor, Wrexham, of the Auctioneers, or at the place of Sale. 84r SALE AT MARCHWIEL, NEAR WREXHAM. MESSRS BAUGH & JONES have been instructed l' by Mr Dunbabin, who is changing his residence o .SELL BY AUCTION on his premises, at Marchwiel foresaid, on Wednesday, the 29th Jan., 1873, the whole of his IMPLEMENTS, in Husbandry, Dairy Vessels, and part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects. Sale at one for two o'clock. llOr DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY IN KING- STREET, WREXHAM. TO be SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH 1. ami JONES, at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrex- him, on MONDAY, the 10th day of February, 1873, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, in the following or such thor lots as shall be agreed upon at the time of sale, Mi subject to conditions to be then and there rojucej- LOT 1. All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, with the Yard and Appurtenances thereunto wlonging, being No, 15, and situate in King-street, in a town and borough-of Wrexham, in the county of Dsn high, and n)w in the occupation of Mrs Hinson. LOT 2.-All those Two MESSUAGES or DWELLING- HOUSES, with the Yards, Gardens and Appurtenances ereunto belonging, being Nos. la and 13, in King- street, aforesaid, and near to Lot 1, and now or late in e apations of Miss Bayley and Mr Evan Morris. 1 For further particulars apply to Mr J. DEVEREUX PUG-I, Solicitor, Wrexham; Messrs FINCHETT, MAD- DOCK, Muss it SHARP, Solicitors, Chester: or the AITHONELRS, Temple-place, Wrexham. 119g Sa, ofd-'girable FREEHOLD PROPERTY in Fair- ri,.{,i, in the Tuwn and Borough oj Wrexham, in the C'lvn'ii 0f 1)(iil)igh. ro UK SOLD BY AUCTION by MESSRS BAUGH 1. AND JONES, at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexb im, aforesaid (by order of the Mortgagee) on Monday, the 10th day of February, 1873, at three o'clock in t ie afternoon, subject to conditions to be then and ther prolluced :-All those four brick built and con- feuiently arranged MESSUAGES or DWELLING- HiJl'SES, with bay windows to the sitting-rooms, and gardens in front, with the appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate in Fairfield, in the town and borough of Wrexham, aforesaid, and now or late in the respective b«ldin^s or occupation of Messrs John Lees, Henry Cojtes, Eil ward Evans, and Miss Jones. The premises are eligibly situated, and command ex- tensive views of the Welsh hills, and yield a rental of sbau; £ w per annum and are respectably tenanted. They are also sewered and have the water laid on. For further information apply to HENRY HUMPHREYS, Eiq., Solicitor, Wrexham, 8r the Auctioneers; Temple Clumbers, Wrexham. 166r SALE BY MESSRS FREEMAN & STRONG. FLINTSHIRE. THE WHITFORD SMITHFIELD MONTHLY SALE OF STOCK, &c. Import an', to Butchers and Dealers. MESSRS. FREEMAN AND STRONG respectfully announce th?t their next great SALE of Horses, rat aud i,? ire Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Implements, Car- "?''?, Ac., w.n ta^c place at the Smithneld, Mos6yn ?'Hotct, WHitford, on MONDAY, January 27th, 1873 (tl1 'h' before Caerwys Fair), on which occasion they will Ila; c the pleasure of submitting to Public Com- Itl(¡on sev.-M) cxce?ent Cart Horses, Bay Cart Mare (m fo:l), h:tlldsome Harness Mare, 2 capital Black Cobs and ??sht'onies, a splendid prime and npe 4-year- d HIi:;r (very heavy weight), 10 ditto Heifers and CU':i, ( F?t Bullock and a two-year-old Bull, 7 waeiun-U' re 1 Cows to calve at early dates, 90 prime cross- 1 Mej and Welsh Wethers, 20 fat Pigs, Porkers, and I!Itores, -? handsome cochin-china Cocks, several very aclul [wn ?nd four wheel Traps, Dog Carts, Shandrys, onkey Cart, capital Spring Cart, &c., various sets of nanies* Gears, Ac., Weighing Machine and Weights. i jxe above exceptionally Prime Stock are the property If M'r?n, Esq., Golden Grove; J. Blew, Esq., "? ?"'n?; Messrs. A. Parry, Plas Ucha; E. Williams, ?M.reffytmou ? R. Roberts, Kelston; W. Kent, Mertyn;  O;!¡;r., of ?e best feeders and breeders of Stock in tnL.jIme. Sale to commence at 12-30 p.m. punctually. Lunch at ?'?-'nck?ls.each. -I'he villageof Whitford is conveniently situated 440ut three mit.? from HolyweU and Caerwys, and two  f?"ta M<?y? .?t?tton on (<!?c Ot?QobQr "ncl HolyhPAfl *> -| ??'??PP''<?ched by capital roads from all. direction Ctt?t.?ues cau be had from the Auctioneers, at their ces. House, HolyweU; and Mostyn Arms S"?', Whitford. 162e SALES BY MESSRS COOPER & SONS. FIRST ANNUAL SALE AT CARDEN, *? ?' ? ?<oM and one and e /ta? miles from Broxton wa'io/i, ?? the Chester and Whitchurch Ra?toay. COOPER and SONS have been honoured with in- ?? structions from Mrs Blake, who intends to have "MB?!.?}? to SELL BY AUCTION, on TUESDAY, 44uulrk ?Sth, 1873, on her premises, at One o'clock- Roall three year-old Heifer and Calf, 19 Short-homed poll mrv, two and three-year-old Heifers in-calf to ?non-horned roan bull, two young Barren Cows, ""Pfmr roan Bull, two years old, also Sow in-pig and "'? ?-pig. 139g I WORTH ENBURY, NEAR WREXHAM. I COOPER AND SONS have received instructions I froul the representatives of the late Miss Mit- .eU (deceased), to SELL BY AUCTION, on WEDNES- 041', the 29th day of January, 1873, on the premises, the "ole tJf tIle Household and Bedroom Furniture and Kithen Utensils, five sets of very valuable and rare old Autique china six antique china jugs and cups, feather ibed, ic., &c. ltile SHOCKLAOH, ?'M "n?6 from Malpai and Broxton Stations, on the N'4,itchurch ajid ChesUr ItaiZWY. CQOPER and SONS have received instructions from ."4-J Mrs Car: wright (who is leaving the farm and giv- the farming business), to SELL BY AUCTION, M TUESDAY, the 4th day of February, 1873, on her Premi-se. the Lane End Farm, Shocklach, at Eleven o clock, the whole of her FARMING STOCK of 13 1:°11n:; short-horned and cross-bred dairy cows, 4 heifers (m-cilf), 2 barren cows, well bred bull, 3 yearling oeifers, yearling bull, 2 in-pig sows, fat pig and porket pig, WaSgon mare, horses, gears, farming implements &nd ,husbandry tools 3 stacks of hay (about 30 tons), 2 as of wheat straw, and 2 tons of oat straw, the whole III lot, t() S'lit i)tirch:tzrs, and to go off the premises [actors' cheese, dairy utensils and brewmg vessels, til-, HO USEHOLD and BEDROOM FURNITURE. 138g Sales by Auction. SALE BY MR. THOMAS DEAN. MOLD, FLINTSHIRE. Important Sale of valuable Freehold Land and Houses comprising the residence known as" Bromji-ellf Hall the Old Hall," a pair of semi-detached, Cottages, several other Cottages and Gardens, and upwards of 17 acres of Land, toje her with the Coals and other Minerals, under upwards of 25 actes of Land. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr THOMAS JL DEAN, at the Black Lion Hotel, Mold, on TUESDAY, the 11th day of February, 1873, at Three for Four o'clock p.m. punctually (unless previously disposed of by private treaty), in the following or such other Lets, and in such order as the agents of the vendor may determine on at the time of sAe, and subject to such conditions as will be then produced Lot 1. A pair of very neat and convenient semi detached DWELLING-HOUSES, known as "Needham's Cot- tages," with the gardens and other appurtences thereto belonging, on the east side of and fronting the Mold and Wrexham turnpike road, close to the town of Mold, containing 30p. or thereabouts, in the occupations of Mr John Mould and Mr John Collins. Lot 2. A very spacious, well-arranged RESIDENCE, near the above, known as" Bromfield Hill," replete with every convenience, approached by a carriage drive, with the excellent stables, coach and harness houses, and other erections thereto, shrubbery, plantation, flower and kitchen gardens and orchard, a tenement known as the "Old Hall," excellent accommodation land, large well stocked fish pond, &c., entirely in a ring fence, and aontaining in the whole 6a. lr. 4p. or thereabouts. Immediate possession may be had. Lot 3. Six well-built COTTAGES and yards, situate in Bromfield-row, fronting the road from Mold to the Bromfield Colliery, containing 12p. or thereabouts, and occupied by John Williams, Edwin Williams, David Davies, John Foulkes, Joseph Shampkin, and one un- occupied. Lot 4. Two COTTAGES, with good gardens thereto belong- ing, situate on the opposite side of the last-mentioned road, containing 2r. lOp. or thereabouts, and in the occu- pation of Robert Morris and Richard Simon. Lot 5. The following pieces of LAND, situate near to and partly adjoining Lot 4, part of which heretofore formed the site of the surface works known as the Bromfield Colliery, situate within about seven minutes' walk of Mold, &c. A. R. P. I uoiuery DanK:, witn omces, DUlla- ings, and site of branch railway and tramways, &c. 5 1 2 Bart of colliery field and Bryn-y-ci 3 2 21 Part of Bryn-y-ci 0 18 Ditto ditto. 0 2 15 Ditto colliery field 0 2 5 Total. 10 1 11 Together with the chimney stack, stables, offices, workshops, and other erections thereon (except the machinery and the three engine houses, two weighing machine houses, engine beds, and boiler sealings, which have been sold for removal), and together with the valuable FREEHOLD COAL, CANNEL, IRONSTONE, and CLAY MINES under the principal portion of the said pieces of Land and under Lots 2 and 4 and other adjacent land, containing altogether 25a. Or. lOp. or thereabouts, and the three shafts sunk thereon. This Lot offers the neuclus of a good colliery, as, besides the valuable unwrought minerals it contains, a large area of adjacent minerals can be leased and worked from the pits already sunk or, the buildings mav, at little expense, be converted into cottages, a considerable portion of the land utilised for, or sold off as, building sites, and the minerals let on royalty t. some of the adjoining collieries. The shafts contain valuable pumps and pitwork, which as well as the underground rails and plant in the above freehold portion of the late Bromfield Colliery, will of course belong to the purchaser. Any further information may be had from Messrs. KELLY, KEE.NE, and ROPER, solicitors, Mold Messrs. WALKER and SMITH, solicitors, Chester; or from the Auctioneer, Mold. 100e SALE BY MR PARRY. THIS DAY, BY MR PARRY, Sale- of VALUABLE OUT-DOOR EFFECTS at PENLEY ^i^-lAGE, the pro- perty of the Rev, R. Spoonley, who is leaving the neighbourhood. The sale will commence at One o'clock punctually. 150b THE SPOUT FARM, NORTHWOOD. Distant about a Mile and Half from Ellesmere Station. MR PARRY has been favoured with instructions from Mr Madeley to SELL BY AUCTION, on Thursday, January 30th, 1873, on the premises situate as above, the whole of his choice FARMING STOCK, comprising twenty capital young cross-bred short-horn dairy cows and heifers (several with calves, and others close at calving), yearling Heifers, well-bred two-year- old bull, team of three active young waggon horses, waggon and hack colts, a very handsome brown hack horse, near 16 hands high, rising five years old, suitable for a brougham or carriage horse porket and store pigs, geese, modern husbandry implements, including a four horse-power engine and threshing box, in good working order, by Clay, Ellesmere two stacks of oat straw, part stack of rye grass (to go off), the whole of the excellent dairy vessels, and a portion of the household furniture. Lunch will be provided at Ten o clock. The sale, in consequence of the numerous lots, will commence at Eleven punctually. Catalogues may be obtained from the place of Sale Mr DRAYTON'S, printer, Ellesmere; or, by enclosing stamps, by post from the AUCTIONEER, Ellesmere. 149b SALES BY MR GRIFFITHS. STOCK SALE. GRIFFITHS'S AUCTION MART, WREXHAM. MR GRIFFITHS respectfully announces that he J. will SELL BY AUCTION, on THURSDAY, the 30th day of January, 1873. in his Mart, situate as above, A magnificent Lot of Fat Cattle < Ditto Sheep and Lambs Ditto Fat and Store Pigs Ditto Calves Sale at Two o'clock prompt. 62d SALE BY MR. LOVATT. LOCAL BOARD OF THE BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. TO be SOLD by AUCTION by Mr LOVATT, on THURSDAY, the 30th January, 1873, a large quantity of MANURE, derived from the sweepings of streets, the cleansing of drains, privies, and ashpits, and house refuse, as now deposited in the yard of the said Local Board, in the Holt Road, divided into 18 lots of about 35 tons each. Sale at Four p.m. Further particulars may be had on application to the Local Surveyor, at his office, in the Guildhall; or to the Auctioneer, Old Swan, Abbot-street. JOHN JAMES, Town Clerk. Town Clerk's Office, Jan. 10, 1873c 97c Entertainments and Meetings. WORKING MEN'S INSTITUTE. S ATURDAY JGLVKNING J^NTERTAINMENTS Chairman for to-night :-J. PRYCE-JONES, ESQ. CHAIR TO BE TAREN AT ETGHT P.M. For particulars see programmes. 1960a — j AN ORGAN RECITAL WILL be held at the Parish Church, Wrexham, on W MONDAY evening, 27th inst., at a quarter-past Seven o'clock,, when selections from Handel, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Mozart, &c., will be performed. Mr BELL, Chester Cathedral Choir, will sing Solos from the" Messiah" and the "Elijah." 121g E. B. SIMMS, Organist. GRAND CONCERT. MR. GREAVES has the honour to announce that m a CONCERT will be given in the Assembly Room, Wynnstay Amu, Ruabon, on the 4th of Febru- ary, under the immediate presence and patronage of Sir WATKIN W. WYNN, Bart., M.P., and Lady WIL- LIAMS WYNN. The proceeds will be devoted to the benefit of the Ruabon National Schools. 156c PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. CEFN CHORAL UNION. PERFORMANCE of the MESSIAH in the Baptist t Tabernacle, Cefn Mawr, on Tuesday, the 18th day of February. Band and Chorus of upwards of 50. Prices of admission:—Galery—Reserved seats, 5s; second seats, 3s; back seats, 2s; area, Is; family tickets to reserved seats, two for 9s three for 13s five for 20s. 60r "Y gwir yn erbyn y byd" A\ "A laddo a leddir." QOEDPOETH E ISTEDDFOD, ON GOOD FRIDAY, 1873. A Prize of £3 is offered by G. O. Morgan, Esq., Q.C., M.P., for an Essay in English or Welsh, containing the best uggestion for providing rational recreation for the working classes of England and Wales. Complete list of subjects, &c. to be had by sending two penny stamps to JOSEPH JONES, Smith, Coed- poeth, Wrexham. U4g Public and Legal Notices. SIX PER CENT. LEASED LINE. WITH PARTICIPATION IN SURPLUS PROFITS. ISSUE OF 6,609 SHARES OF £10 EACH, Being the Share Capital applicable to the Moel Tryfan undertaking of the THE NORTH WALES NARROW GUAGE i RAILWAYS COMPANY. Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 35 and 36 Vic., cap- 175, for the construction of the Moel Tryfan under- taking, viz., from the junction with thecarnarvonskire Railway to Moel Tryfan. The general undertaking is from Port Madoc to Bettws-y-Coed. The Company has entered into an agreement leasing the Moel Tryfan undertaking for 21 years, at a minimum rent of 6 per cent. on the share capital now for sub- scription, with extra rent by participation in profits over 6 per cent. from time to time in proportion to the traffic. Interest will accrue immediately at 6 per cent. per annum on the above shares-a sufficient amount having been invested in Consols in the names of Sir Llewellyn Turner, chairman, and Thomas. Bolland" Esq., as trustees, for the purpose of securing such interest- during the construction of the tines, on the completion of which the lease will come into operation. The lines are to be finished within 18 months. DIRECTORS. Sir LLEWELYN TURNER, Parkia, Carfiarvon, Chair- man. Sir Richard Bulkeley Williams Bulkeley, Bart. Thomas Bolland, Esq., Chairman of the Snowdon Slate Quarries Company (Limited), j .,r Thomas Dancenibe Love Jones-Parry, Fsq., M.P., Madryn, Pwllheli.. James Hewit Olivier, Esq.; Brondanw, Carnarvon. Charles Pearson, Esq., Brynseiont, Carnarvon. Livingston Thompson, Esq. Chairman of the Festiniog Railway Company. BANKERS. The.National Provincial Sank of England, 112, Bishop- gate-street, Within, E.C: London, and its branches. SOLICITORS. Messrs. Bircham and Co., 46, Parliament-street, 'Westminster. S.W. ENGINEER. Charles E. Spooner, Esq., C.E., Engineer of the Festiniog Railway. BROKERS. Messrs. J. Shepherd and Co., 10, Old Broad-street, E.C., London. SECRETARY—Henry Watts, Esq. Offices -Arliament-street, Westminster, S.W. The DIRECTORS of the North Wales Narrow Guage Railways Company are prepared to RECEIVE APPLI- CATIONS for 6,600 SHARES of £10 each, being the share capital, which, under the provisions of the Act of Parliament incorporating the Company, is specially applicable to the construction of the Moel Tryfan undertaking, which consists of the lines of railway, viz., from the junction with the Carnarvonshire Railway to Moel Tryfan, and branch to Bettws Garmon. The price of issue of the shares now offered is par, payable as follows £ 1 0 on each share, payable on application. 4 0 „ „ onallotment. 2 10 „ „ on 1st April, 1873. 2 10 „ „ on 1st May, 1873. £10 0 Subscribers are at liberty to pay up the whole amount for their shares on allotment, thereby becoming imme- diately entitled to interest at 6 per cent. per -annir- on the full amount. The interest will be payable half-yearly, on 1st Jan- uary and 1st July in each vear. The first payment of interest will be made on 1st July next. The North Wales Narrow Guage Railway's Company has been incorporated by a special Act of Parliament, for the purpose of affording railway accommodation to districts requiriug the same in North Wales, upon the narrow guage principle so successfully carried out by the Festiniog Railway Company. The Act provides for and authorises the construction of the following lines of railway, viz. :— The Moel Tryfan undertaking branch, which is to commence with a junction with the Carnarvonshire Railway to Moel Tryfan, and also to Bettws Garmon, a distance of about 14 miles. The General Undertaking branch is to commence at Port Madoc and terminate at Bettws-y-Coed, a distance of about 23 miles. By the Moel Tryfan Line the Moel Tryfan Slate Quarries and the Bettws Garmon Valley, and also the. quarries and mineral properties adjacent will be placed in communication with the Carnarvonshire Utulway, which forms part of the system of the London and North Western Railway, thereby affording railway connection with all parts of the kingdom.. By the provisions of the Act, the North Wales Narrow Guaga Railways Company is required to issue separate capitals for each undertaking, which they are bound to treat as separate and distinct undertaking in all respects as to capital and income. The share capital of the Moel Tryfan undertaking is £ 66,000, and-that of the General Undertaking £ 150,000, with the usual parliamentary borrowing powers. The 6,600 shares of £10 each now for subscription constitute the separate share capital specially applicable to the above Moel Tryfan Lines. It has been practically proved by the experience of the Festiniog Railway—to which the railways now about to be constructed are in most respects identical- that narrow guage railways, in addition to the advantages they possess as regards cheapness of construction, allow of their working at rates much below those of railways of broader guage, and instead of the working expenses absorbing more than 50 per cent. of the receipts, as is the case with railways on the old principle, they do not exceed from 35 to 45 per cent. The Company have entered into an agreement with a responsible lessee, Mr Hugh Beaver Roberts, of Bangor and Leamington, to lease the Moel Tryfan undertaking for a term of 21 years from their completion, at a fixed minimum rent of 6 per cent, per anniim on the share capital, in addition to providing interest on the sum authorised to be borrowed on debentures and adminis- tration charges. Under the provisions of the lease (whicM is to be con- firmed by an act now before Parliament) the lessee is to maintain, manage, and work the line, bearing all expenses and administration, the Company receiving the whole of the gross receipts, and after deductions the interest on debentures, retaining thereout the necessary sum out of which to pay 6 per cent. per annum on the share capital, to be increased as follows v If the nett earnings of the railways available for dividend on the share capital amount to more than X3,960 per annum, one-fourth of the surplus beyond the amount necessary to pay the minimum dividend of 6 per cent, up to t6,600 is to be added to the minimum rent, and applied in payment of further dividends. If such nett earnings amount to more than zC6,600 per annum, one-third of the surplus beyond £6,600 up to zC8,250, is to be taken as additional rent, and applied in payment of further dividends. If such nett earnings amount to more than XS.250 per annum, one-half of the surplus beyond LS,250 to be taken as a further addition to the rent, and applied in payment of further dividends. The effect of the above arrangement will be seen by the following table If the Rent receivable by Such sum will yield a Pivi- the Company amounts dend to the Share- to holders of ?tinimum ) a per cen*- Guaranteed. per cent. £5,940 7 „ 6,600 8 7,260 9 „ 7,920 10 „ The Festiniog Railway, built on the narrow guage, has been a very great success. The nett earnings for 1870 amounted to X10,241, and for 1671 to X.10,486 and should the traffic of this Company's line be developed in the same proportion the nett amount to be paid by the lessee to ,the Company, allowing 40 per cent for working expenses, would be sufficient to yield a divi- dend upon the share capital now for subscription of about 10 per cent. per annum. It will be seen, therefore, that in addition to the fixed and certain dividend under the lease of 6 per cent. per annum, absolutely secured to the shareholders during the term of the lease, viz., 21 years, there is every probability that much higher rates of dividend will be earned as the mineral and slate properties surrounding the lines progress. There are no preference shares to absorb any part of the revenue to the Company. Until the lease comes into operation on the comple- tion of the lines-the whole of which are contracted to be opened for traffic (under penalties) within 18 months from their commencement—the due and punctual pay- ment of interest, half-yearly, at the rate of £6 per cent. per annum, is guaranteed to the shareholders by the investment in Consols of a sum sufficient for the pur- pose in the joint names of Sir Llewelyn Turner (chair- man), and Thomas Bolland, Esq., who have consented to act as trustees for the holders of the shaies now to be issued. A contract has been entered into for the construction of the railways with a responsible contractor, Mr H. Unsworth M'Kie, of Tremadoc, who has given security for the completion of the Moel Tryfan Line within 12 months, and of the Bettws Garmon Line, within 18 months from their commencement. In the event of no allotment being made to any ap- In the event of no allotmf. plicant, the deposit paid will be returned forthwith, without deduction should the shares allotted be less than the number applied for, the surplus paid on appli- cation will go in reduction of the amount payable on allotment.. Scrip certificates will be issued on receipt t of the amount payable on allotment until the full amount of the shares has been paid, when they will be exchanged for share certificates. The Company's Act of Parliament, a copy of the lease, and the bill now before Parliament confirmatory thereof may be inspected at the offices of the solicitors of the Company, Messrs. Bircham and Co., 46, Parliament- street, Westminster, S.W. Applications, accompanied by the payment of £ 1 for each share applied for, will be received on the form en- closed, which can be forwarded either to the National Provincial Bank of England, 112, Bishopsgate-street Within, E. C., London, or its branches; or to Henry Watts, Esq., the secretary, at the Company's offices, 46, Parliament-street, Westminster, London. Pablic and Le Prospectuses and forms of aPPjèatioR can- -U obtained at the Brokers of the Company, Messrs James Shepherd and Co., 10, Old Broad-street; %«}., London; or of the Secretary, at the offices of the Copipany. By Order of the Board, LLEWELYNjTURNER, Choiiman. HENRY WATM S-c&erarF. 46, Parliament-street, Westmggpter, £ W., January 20, 1873. '=. ,¡ •. V.i 7- > SIX PER CENT. LEASED LINE (with participation in surplus profits.) ISSUE UF 6,600 SHARES of .£10 each, being the SharetB applicable to the MoeL Tryfan Undertaking e NORTH WALES NARROW GUAGE RAILW&YS COMPANY (in- corporated by Act of Par, 35 and 30 y,c" cap. 175). FORM OF APP?itt?N. ? ? ? (To be retained bYB.)A. To the Directors o? the Nort^jndes 'Narrow Qaaz'?? RaQwaysCo?Ry Gentlemen,—Having paid to 9je National Provincial Bank of .England the sum of+ds, bein?jgi per share on shaNg- of i? <?* <tf M?)NMth Wales Narrow Guag? Railw,gf&-]-n'-oW afte Undertaking), I request yon $Mot-me that number of such shares, and I hereby agrette accept the samo, oir any less number that may be allotted to me, and to pay the balance of the amount of such shares, according to the terms of your prospectus, dated January 20,1873. Name infull. Address .7 Profession (if asy) Date 47. 1873. Signature (Addition to be fwed up it thePAY up in full J I desire to pay up my siibscrfction in full, receiving interest thereon from the date of payment. Signature ISSUE OF -6,600 1SHARED OF 910 EACH, Being the Share Capital applicable to the Moel Tryfan undertaking of THE NORTH WALES NARROW GUAGE RAIL- JL WAYS COMPANY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Subscription Lists for the above will be closed on MONDAY next, the th instant, for London, and on TUESDAY, the 28th inst. for Country Applications. By Order of the Board, HENRY WATTS, Secretary. 46, PARLIAMENT-STREET, WESTSONSTER, S.W. 23rd Januaryr 1873. t r 163a BURIAL BOARD, WREXHAM. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that P. H. HOL.  LAND, Esq., Government Medicannspector, will hold a PUBLIC INQUIRY at the Town HaU, Wrex- ham, on FRIDAY, the 31st inst., at Six o'clock p.m., as to the expediency df purchasing a piece of Land on the Rnabon Road, belonging to the Ec- clesiastical Commissioners, containing about five acres, in the occupation of Mr-Joseph Aari. for the purpose of a Public Cemetery for the Pariah of- Wrexham. By Order, JOHN JAMES, Town Clerk and Clerk of the Burial Board. Wrexham, 24th January, 1873.. 170a BRYMBO WATER COMPANY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Eighth N,Ordinary HALF-YEARLY MEETING of the Pro- prietors of the Brytnbo Wster Company will be held at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham, on THURSDAY, the 13th day of February, 1873, at the hour of Three o'clock in the afternoon.- The Transfer Books of the Company will be closed on the 1st February, and continue closed until after the Meeting. By order of. the Directors, B. BELL, Secretary. Offices: Broughton, Wrexham, 21st January, 1873. 132g Education. MRS MOLE purposes re-opeBingher School on JLM- TUESDAY, the 28th inst. ,a SpAty Cottage. W-rey-b-am lQor GROSVENOR I^OAD, WiHKXHAM. AY-SCHOOL FOR IT YOUNG LADIES. Conducted by Mrs and Miss Wilson. MASTERS attend. Terms and references JLjjL on application. School duties will be resumed on THURSDAY, January 30th. 50e CAE HENDRE SCHOOL, OSWESTRY. MRS MOSS, HAVING entered upon her New Residence, situated _H pleasantly in Pool-road, in the outskirts of the town, would be glad to receive a few Young Ladies, as BOARDERS. School will RE-OPEN on THURSDAY, January 23rd. References permitted to the Rev. T. Gasquoine, B.A. (who kindly conducts the half-yearly examinations), T. Minshall, Esq., C. Minshall, Esq., Dr. Beresford, E. Wynne Thomas, Esq., J.P., and J. Sides Davies, Esq. 103a CLWYD BANK COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, RUTHIN. Principal: Mr ROBERT ELLIS, (Late of Regent's Park College, London.) Pupils thoroughly qualified for Commercial Pursuits. THE classical and mathematical course i& so con- Tducted as to prepare Pupils for matriculation at the London University, the Medical and legal Registra- tion examinations, and Civil service'examination. Pupils will re-assemble January 15th, 1873. For Prospectuses, &c., apply to the Principal. 1172 THE SALOP SCHOOL, OSWESTRY. HEAD MASTER J O H N EVAN S, M.A., (and Stratton Gold Medalist), JANUARY, 1872. At the Civil Service open Com- tj petitive Examination for appointment in the India House, in which, out of 132 candidates, 32 were success- ful, E. Owen came iri 11th. April 30, 1872. J. L. Richards obtained a First Class Certificate for Mathe- matics at the Government Examination in Science and Art. October 12, 1872. Owen Griffith passed the Medical Preliminary Examination of the Andersonian University, Glasgow. In all 35 of Mr Evans's pupils have passed similar honours. 2428c MR. SIMMS (Organist of the Parish Church, Wrexham, and Professor of Music at the College, Chester) BEGS to inform his-Pupils and Friends that he will t) resume his Organ, Pianoforte, and Singing LESSONS on THURSDAY, the 30th instant. Schools attended. Hope-street, Wrexham, Jan. 23,1873. 158e MR. JJDWIN JJARRISS, (Memb:r of the London College of Organists, Organist of St. Mark's Church, Wrexham, Choir Master of the Wrexham Deanery Choral Association, Professor of Music and Singing at the Wrexham Qrarrtffoar School, Professor of Singing at Grove Park School, Professor of Music and Singing Miss .Burman's Academg, Farndon), • 1. » WILL RESUME hft Professional duties on MON- DAY, February-Ist. Mr HARRISS, in answer to many enquiries, has arranged to visit Ruabon and Oswestry once every week. The-Hermitage, Richmond, Surrey; January 13th, 1873. 7 90c INSrRUCTION ON THB ORGAN, <tc. MRG. F. GREAVES (Private Orjanist and Pianist iTL to Sir W. 'W. Wynn, Bart.) begs to inform his Pupils in Wrexham that he will resume Lessons after the 22nd instant, and that he had; ananged for the use of a large Organ in Wrexham. 62e THE Assistant Organist of St.. Mark's, Wrexham, is Topen to an Engagement as Deputy or otherwise. Disengaged on the first Sunday in February.—Address, T. HOUGHTON, Madeira Hill, Wrettham. 154c Sixpence Monthly, Illustrated. GOOD WORDS.-Conteitts for JANUARY. (Beginning the New Volume.) The Prescotts of Pamphilion, 1—3. By the Author of "Dorolly Fox." Devotional Readings, I. f By the late NORMAN MACLEOD, D.D. Going Away. < By the Author of "John Halifax." The Gulf Stream. Part I. Whftt it does. By Dr. W. B. CARPENTER. Richard Hooker. 1 By DEAN STANLEY. Lady Bell, 1—4. I, By the Author of "Cinne Jacqueline." A Sonnet. r By CHARLES [TENNYSON] TURNER. The Science of Health. By Canon KINGSLEY. PaganinL By the Rev. H. R. HAWEIS. Fairs and Pilgrimages in India ànà Russia. By GEORGE SMITH, LLJ). Lost Lambs,' By Mrs LYNN LINTON. The Faithful Sayings of the Pastoral Epistles. By Dean HOWSON. The Golden Thread. By DORA GREENWELL. Winter in the Rocky Mountains. I.. By Miss KINGSLEY. 56, Ludgate-hill, London, and all Booksellers. 124 I Public and Legal Notices. W K, E X H A"M SAVINGS IBANK. STATEIENT OF ACCOUNT FOR THE YEAR ENDING W= NOVEIBER 1872- STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT FOR THE YEARENDING SOm NOVEMBER 1872. THE TRUSTEES OF THE SAVINGS' BANK ESTABLISHED AT WREXHAM. I DR. £ s. d. To Balance due on the 20th November 1871, including interest 53,76915 2 To sums received from Depositors in money within the year ending 20th November 1872 13,89718 6 To interest on money invested with the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt in the year, ending as above 1,82114 2 To interest on sums transferred to Post Office Savings' Bank within the year 3 1 zC69,489 10 11 CR. £ s. d. By sums actually paid to Depositors within the year ending 20th November 1872. 9,043 14 3 By sums transferred to Post Office Savings' Banks within the said year 21 14 0 By sums paid for management within the -said year 206 0 7 Balance invested with the ComIllissionersof the Na- tional Debt (including interest on) 20th Novem- ber 1872. 59,736 1 9 Cash in the hands of the Treasurer, John James, Fsq. 482 0 4 0,218, -2 1 ———— W.218' a 1 zcbg"]&q 10 11 £ S. (1 The Balance due on 20th November 1872 brought down 60,218 2 i Deduct amount due to Depositors and Societies, viz Deduct amount dae to Depositors and 2,384 Depositors 53,591 9 4 3 Penny Banks 223 1 2 C:J .J.. 25 Charitable Societies 936 14 1 50 Friendly Societies 5307 14 7 60,058 19 2 Surplus £ 159 2 11 { THE RATE OF INTEREST ALLOWED TO DEPOSITORS IS L2 18 4 PER CENT. WE 'do hereby Certify to the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt that the foregoing is a true Account. And we further Certify that a Duplicate of this Statement, accompanied by a List of t?t""L. ?? ?s and Managers of the above Institution is publicly afRxed in the Office or Place where the Deposits of the above Savings' Bank are usually received, far the Information of all Persons making Deposits therein. Witnesd our hagds this Seventeenth day ot January 1873. WM. 0 VERTON, 1 Two Trustees of the said JOSEPH JACKSON, Savings' Bank. rW^rIrTmN^r^EScSc —JOHN BURY, ACTUARY. •• 7 COPY OF THEjjjpERTIFICATE OF GOVERNMENT, INVESTMENT. I do hereby Certify thai-ibe Sum oFNine Hundretf and Thirty-nine-Pounds Seventeen Shillings7and Three Pence has been This Day placed, to the. Credit of the Savings' Bank established at Wrexham as Money received m Account with the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt, being the Amount of Interest due the Half-year ending 20th day of November 1872 inclusive on Fifty-eight Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety- six Pounds Four Shillings and Six Pence, the Balance of Moneys standing on the-Account of the said Savings' Bank in the Books of the said Commissioners, on the day above stated, which said First-mentioned Sum (in pursuance of an Act of the 26th and 27th Victoria, Cap. 87) is chargeable on the Moneys or Funds standing in the Names of the said Commissioners on Account of Savings' Banks, and will carry Interest at the Rate of Three Pounds Five Shillings per Centum per Annum from the Date hereof inclusive. "Witness my hand-this 21st day of November 1872. C. REPINGTON, Assistant Contietttec-GeneraL 0. J. BOTT, Check Officer. COPY OF AUDITOR'S REPORT. WREXHAM, January 16, 1873. GENTLEMEN—I have Audited the Accounts of the Wrexham Savings' Bank for the Year ending 20th November last, and found them correct. "The sum of L59,736 1 9 was at that date invested with the Commissioners for Reduction of the National Debt and a Balance of X482 0 4 was then due from your Treasurer, giving a Total of Sixty Thousand Two Hundred and Eighteen Pounds Two Shillings and One Penny to the Credit of the Institution. The Balance then due to Depositors was Sixty Thousand and Fifty-eight Pounds Nineteen Shillings and Two Pence leaving a surplus of X159 2 11 in favor of the Bank. I feel sure all interested in this valuable Institution must be gratified to notice its steady progress during the last few years notwithstanding-the competi- tion and facilities offered through the several Post Office Savings' Banks established in Wrexham and its neigh- bourhood, thus showing the material prosperity of the District, and the confidence of the Public in the Institu- tion that has been so many years under your management. "During the last three years there is an increase in the invested Capital of your Bank amounting to 9274 2 2, the greater portion of which is the result of last year's business. I have the honor to be, Gentlemen, "To the Trustees and Managers of Your very obedient Servant, Wrexham Savings'Bank." "WM. JONES, AUDITOR. 144 ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ACT, 1870. SECTIONS XL., X^L I. NOTICE U. COUNTY OF DENBIGH.—SCHOOL DISTRICTS OF BERSHAM, ESCLUSHAM ABOVE AND ESCLUSHAM BELOW (EXTRA-MUNICIPAL). ¥*7* HERE AS the Education Department, in pursuance of the Elememmtary Education Act, 1870? have caused T'f inquiry to bo made into h8 e ul ediZ? of uniting the above-named School Districts, and are of. opinion that it is expedient to unite them And whereas it is provided that the said Department shall publish notice of their decision as to the Public School accommodation ? e,laired for the area proposed as the United School District, and shall in such Notice state that they propose to unite such districts as aforesaid Now, therefore, the Lords of the Committee of Council on Education HEREBY GIVE NOTICE A3 FOLLOWS:— I. They propose to unite the aforesaid School Districts, viz. :-the Townships of BERsH.Am and ESCLUSHAM ABOVE, and the Extra-Municipal part of the Township of ESCLUSHAM BELOW. II. The School named in the first Schedule to this Notice is considered to be available for the proposed United District. IIL Additional Public School accommodation of the amount and description mentioned in the second Schedule to this Notice appears to be required for the District. SCHEDULE I. Number of Children accommodated. Name 3ad Description. Situation. Boys. Girls. Infants. TOTAL. I Board School PenygeUi 173 146 — 319 TOTAL 319 SCHEDULE II. ^mmS tioTSS of Situation Particulars. accommodation requIred. For 735 children Penygelli. The required accommodation should be provided at Penygelli by an enlargement of the Penygelli For 300 children In the south-east of Ber- Board School, so as to accommodate 37 more sham Parish. boys, 64 more girls, and 315more infants; in th3 For 25 children At Fron, in the Township south-east of Bersham Parish by an enlargement of Brymbo. of the Bersham (late National) School, so as to For 30 children. At Penkey, in Ruabon, accommodate altogether 165 boys and girls, and bv building, either as an addition to this school or as a separate school, a room for 125 infants: at Fron, in a new school for 200 children, re- specting which a letter was sent on the 19th December, 1872, to the School Board of Brvmbo; and at Penkey, in a new school for 630 children, respecting which a. letter was sent to the School Board of Ruabon on the 23rd July, 1872. t F. R. SANDFORD, Secretary. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, 8th day of January, 1873. Notice No. 4,216. Union of WREXHAM. • 135g Business Announcements-  THE JkW HEXHAM SAUCE. SOLD BY ALL GROCERS AND CHEMISTS, IN BOTTLES, Is. AND 2s. EACH. r THIS most wholesome and Excellent Sauce excels with Cutlets, Chops, Steaks, Fish. Poultry, TH&m and Bacon, Cold Meats, Salads, &c. &c. Prepared only by J. F. ED IS BURY, M.P.S., (Who purchased the original recipe from the late Mr Nokes.) THE DISPENSING ESTABLISHMENT, 47r 3, HIGH STREET, WREXHAtf. JANUARY. jyjESSRS. W. & C. BROWN & CO. Beg to announce that during the month of January the whole of their Winter Stock of MANTLES, JACKETS, db COSTUMES Will be offered at a considerable reduction in price. They rlsorequest attention to a Stock of very cheap BLACK SILKS. These goods have been made by the best French and English makers, and are warranted to wear. PATTERNS SENT FREE BY POST. SILK MERCERS TO THE QUEEN AND H.R.H. THE PRINCESS OF WALBS. Chester January 1,1871. 331g AT JONES' ORIGINAL STAYSHOP, 22, QUEEN STREET, WREXHAM.1 There is always on band a variety of STAYS, CORSETS, &C. also, NURSING and INVALIDS' CORSETS, and STAYS Made to Order. General DRAPERY, DRESSES, GENTLE- MEN'S OUTFITTING, &c., WORKING MEN'S CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, &c., Ac. Two Hundred Mourning BONNETS to select from and made to order, 2/11 to 20/- 2430c Business Announcements* THOMAS M ANLEY WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, MAT.TOT^ AMD BREWER, HIGH-STREAT,, WREXHAM, HAVING taken the more commodious pMriMi ad- JLiL joining his old Vaults, takes this oppmrtaaily of thanking his numerous Friends and the %=- w for their liberal support given him during tho wymm has been in business, and begs to thai Hmwmm Establishment is replete with a 9to* of MMM aE the Choicest Brands, where his wholesale aM fMdIy trade will be carried on as usual, and hopes, bS strifes attention to all orders entrusted to his care, toBMri&» continnance of their support. Si,ile Agent for T. Murphy and Co.'s celebrated 1UBB STOUT, in cask3-9, 18, and 36 gallons, English Mar- sure, and Truman, Haabury, Buxton, and Co.'s UKf- DON STOUT. Ind, Coope, and Co.'s, and Bass and Co/a Bwto Ales. • THOS. MANLEY begs to inform the ftblfc at baa* that he has transferred the business of the 014 Vangs to Messrs. PRICE and Co Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchants, 2, Church-street, Wrexham, and ean coc- titlents recommend them as his successors in the Metail Department. ESSRS. PRICE and Co., Wine and Spirit Her- "jVI chants, having taken the Old Wine VaaJta. W& High-street, Wrexham, successfully conducted tfnifac the last fifteen years by Mr Manley, beg toteferaitte public that they intend to carry on the Retail Depart- ment in it, when they hope to have a share of the a port of their Friends and the Public generally. TU wholesale business will still be carried on at ChuxM- street, Wrexham, as heretofore. Wines and Spirits of the best quality will be supplied; also Bass & Co's., Allsopp & Co's., NVorthingtoa & COIL, Burton Bitter Beers, and Manley's Wrexham fllmr T« don and Dublin Stout, in e*sk# and on draught. Bottled Pale India Ale, aad London aDd Stouts in excellent eoaditimi ip pints^te; and 2aJ pe' .T QVEBTON AND WILLI AMP. TOWN HALL, WREXHAM. BORDEAUX CLARETS An excellent dinner Wine, with araek body and colour. Can be well recommend- ed. 12/- per dozen. St. Julian, St. Emilias, Chateau, Lafitte, ani other growths at equally moderate prices. BURGUNDY: BEAUGOLAIS 18/- per dozen. BEAUNE 24/- per dozen. SHERRY: An excellent Wine, very suitable fer dinner and general purposes. Pure Sherry flavour. 18/- per dozen. BROWN AND PALE COLOUR: Possessing great age, dry or rich, frena. 24/- to 60/- per dozen. A* MARSALA: Finest Imported, 20/- per dozen, or A3 per quarter cask of 23 Gallons. JIOCK: From 36/- to 50/- per dezen. MOSELLE: From 40/- te 60, per dozes. CHAMPAGNE From 36/- to 721- per dozen. These Wines may be viewed at oar office, or a sample case containing one dozen will be forwarded carriage paid to any Railway Station. am. OCTOBER, 1872. THE "ROYAL" WREXHAM STRONG WELSH ALB, PALE AND MALTY. THE high price of the costly and carefully selected White Malt" with which this Wonderittf Ale is Brewed, necessitates an increased price pw Barrel. The Price is now 80s. per Barrel, 40s. per Kilderkin* 20s. per Firkin H. K. ASPINALL, BREWERY, WREXHAM, BIRKSNBSAO Dmp&-JUYXARKIRT. 2I0fe WREXHAM ALES, Celebrated for their PURITY AND FINE FLAVOUR. Note the address: UNION BREWERY, WREXHAM. For particulars, apply to CHARLES JJATE & SOF, BREWERS Sf MALSTERS, WREXHAM, 2398g 3JESSRS If E. B. SIMMS. PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM, & MUSIC DEPOT, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. INSTRUMENTS Lent on Hire on the Three Years JL System. Tuned, Repaired, and Exchanged on liberal, terms. NEW HARMONIUMS FROM FIVE GUINEAS. AMERICAN ORGANS, PA-A NOFORTBS. new and second-hand at all prices. A selection of new Musical Novelties suitable for. presents. CHURCH AND CHAMBER ORGANS, &C., &c. 2230c 19M LAMP SEASON. WILLIAM pEET, 45 & 47, BOLD-STREET, LIVERPOOL. W. PEET, having just received an entirely NEW STOCK ef LAMPS, consisting of Moderator, Petroleum and a variety of others, has every confidence in assertiag that he never had so favourable an opportunity of presenting such a rare selection to his Friends and the Public on any previous occasion. For Beauty of Design, Perfection oj Construction, I High-class Finish, Pe rfect Combustion, „ Freedom from Smoke, Absence of Odour, Simplicity of Management, „ Moderation Mt Price, They cannot be surpassed. W. PEET would direct special attention to ft NEW LAMP WHICH REQUIRES NO CHIMUCO. This Lamp is admitted to be THE BEST EVER INTRODUCED. INSPECTION RESPECTFULLY INVITBD. COLZA AND PETROLEUM OIL OF THE HIGHEST ILLUMINATING POWER: Government Test. NEW LAMPS MADE AND OLD ONES ALTERED To suit special requirements. Lamps Repaired by Practical J: Experienced Workmen. ARRANGEMENTS MADE FOR CONVKVAVRT* TO ALL PARTS, In their improved Metallic Safety Tanks. ) Workmen Sent to all Pvrts r DESIGNS AND ESTIMATES FURNISHED hat. ALL GOODS DELIVERED FREE^WITHIN 6 \T!T »a Prompt execution of Ordea MM, «-o «tt BACKERS YARD.  UGB PICE, o! Bridge-sn., Wrexbut. Skmner (ha.vmg obtamed a liceiise)t begs to in- 13 PrePa'ed to ReeeiYe Horses for ?lg bis Yard, itllate in Bridge cfcraat  or if 'load, to fetch the same from any street, afore ti?eiiate neighbourhood, for which Um best price WUI be given. 2065c