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Business Announcements. ARCY'S (??leb'aW?DUBLI[ilN STOUT A.NCHOR BREWERY, DUBLIN. (I"rg t Brewery in Ireland but one). Piet's and terms on appheation. TTLTALKER'S CRYSTAL CASE WATCHES are 1?' ?"P<? ?dmg all others. Prize Medals, London, ??t??irom jS3 3s., Gold Horn £ 0 üs, ■ "T'-ii 23" Regent-street, W. & 70 Strand, W.C. ? Ue?c).). v<, Pamphlet fr?e. JL ICON'S DYES. -18 Colorr,, (kL each.—RIBBONS, M W<?OL, SILK, FEATHERS, Completely Dyed in Ten Mint.tes without soiling the hands. Full instructions supplied. 01 all Chemists. TEA.—BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. WEBSTER BROS. 39, Moorgate-street, City, have V T a large stock of well selected Black TEAS, from Is tiu to 2s 4d, and supply Very Fine Strong Rich Congou, at 2s GJ, V try Choice Souchong, 2s lOd. Orders forjE2 vortl. mnt carriage paid to all parts of England; zC4 Wale: Scotiaa:, and Ireland. EA GLE FN SCRANCE COMPANY, J'J Est?bliahed 1807. (FOR LIVES ONLY.) 79, PALL MALL, LONDON. n.. Premiiim L,?,46,!219 Invis .£3199 G99 m\ Hlli'unds £' liitt-it .-t & Dividends (being £ 4 86 Od per cent.) L- 139,049. FLBTUBR SECUULTY-A Subscribed Capital of more than CO—Expenses ef Management under 3 per cent. GEORGE HUMPHREYS, Actuary and Secretary. BRASS, REED, STRING, AND DRUM AND FIFE E'KL'S, PIANOFORTES, AND HARMONIUMS SUPPLIED. AT wholesale prices, at J. MOORE'S Buxton-road' AHudderstield. Patterns and prices post free ilu-i fur any kind of band. Patronised by the Army, Niivv and Rifle Corp;. POXY CARRIAGES and Victoria Broughams. JT Every description of Pony Carriages, 2 and 4 wheels, Waggonettes -Village Carts, Landau's, Broughams ]U,W lifsigus free. The Registered Victoria and Park Broughams form Brougham, Victoria and Driving Phsetou —drawings J. XiiDDLECOMBK, 57, Grect Queen-street' W.C. mid 118. Euston Read, London. ASPHALTE ROOFING FELT, One Penny per square foot. CnOGGON AND CO., MANUFACTURERS C Aalibmi™on WW ? harf, 10, Upper )Thames-street, London. M, George SqMte. Glasgow. 2: Goree Piatza?LiTerpooI. IRON CHURCHES, SCHOOLS, AND ROOFS, Erected by CROGGON AND CO. Albion Wharf, 10, Upper Thames-street, London. 59, George Square, Glasgow. 2, Goree Piazzas, Liverpool. AUTUMN. T HOMPSONIS CRINOLINES. T I-IOMPSON'S OVERSHIRTS. T HOMI"Sozils c ORSETS. rr HOMPSON'S CORSET BUSKS. THE BEST MANUFACTURED ARE The Pagoda, Duplex" or Empress" Crinolines. The Genuine Seamless Batswing" Overskirts. Th" Pique" Seamed "Batswing" Overskirts. The Celebrated Glove-Fitting" Corsets. The I Unbreakable" Corset Busks. n-u1 AAME TliOd SON and Trade Mark a CROWN, The only security for Genuine Goods. HENRY ARCHER AND Co.'s REGISTEREI JM GOLDEN BIRDSEYE. &oid everywhere in 2 or 4 oz. Packets, at 6s per lb. Who), sal onlv at 170 and 172. BOROUGH, London, S.E. B- ;• :> i? -?.? >f.'Y".(iJ In.)j,)I,: 't?:'<; ,t\ ;'l:jj :(; ?ox.-s :3? each. ANY. ) ..?. ;neM.t.. .post lrec f?-??ia s-a'uis ti? ?.x. ?j l:d m Jw.ti.: 1 Giecf.-1'oad, Lencon. MILNE}- .ST'IOX, 1U'<) T," ?,ST ? ? E ?71- IH:sjstijS!V fAK.s ,¿; ln'4F;']'l.N! 1, l>"hT,t'd Tt-?'t.):t'ijt?;T.?-pyp?t. ■' '• L" 'i S Lor-1 Liv.' rpool; 28. Market-sued, ?t????.L.??.; ??e! Wo!?< Macehester. c LEANLINL'SS.-W. G. NIXEY's Refined BLACK LEAD, sold everywhere by all Shopkeepers. C LEANLINF.iS.-W. G. NIXEY's Refined BLACK LEAD for polilshing Stoves, &c., equal tobur- nished steel, without waste or dust. WO- K !XEYS REFINED BLACK LEAD. ?? *h a?nlmesa.-The proprietor begs to CAU- TION the public agam:t being imposed upon by unprin- cxpied trade,men. vhe, with a view of deriving greater V tire matlUfacturing and Tending SPURIOUS IMI- *^A1 T.JOANTb O of the above article.—Ask for W. G. NIXEY'S BLACK LEAD, and see that you have it. 12, Soho Cucare, London, W. BROKEN GLASS of all sorts bought. It may be V forwarded by Railway from any Station in bags or old dry Casks, addressed AIRE and CALDER GLAS,? BOrTLE COMPANY, Castleford, Yorkshire, or to their erder at any of the London terminal Railway Stations. There is employm-nt for Boys in the Glass Works as above. Letters to 83, Upper Thames Street, where Famples of Broken Glass may be sent. DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE, THE GREAT REMEDY of the day for ROUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS and NEURALGIA, a few doses will cure all incipient cases. The extraordin- ary medical reports on the efficacy of Chlorodyne renders it of vital importance that the public should obtain the (genuine, which is now sold under the protection of ggvern- weiit, authorising a stamp bearing the words Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne," without which note is gt'lluine. See decision of Vice-ChaneeUor Sir V race 1;ood, the"," July ?.1864. Sold in bottles Is I?d, 2s Od and 4s (d, by all chemists. Sole manufacturer J T. ]>A\KNPORT, 34, Great Russell-street, Londur, W.C. "'HE TAPER B USK BODICE (Patent) greatly im- JL proves the figure, to which it adds grace and elegance, and is modelled to the newest French Fashions. The J aj er Busk is constructed on an entirely Hove] principle, cannot be broken; for lightness and elasticity »s uneoualled, and can be instantly securely fastened or nnfj.~loncd. THE EIDER DOWN BODICES, PATENT M (WITH TAPER BtiSK), Are a valuable protection against cold, especially guarding the lungs against the dangerous result of sudden chills. Wholesale of the Patentees. W. THOMAS & BROS., 12h and 129 Cheapside, London; and Retail of all i)raT trs and Milliners. 1 L K FUR NIT U R E.-N 0 R R I S & Co., Manufacturers of all kinds of FURNITURE SILK & CURTAIN BORDERS Worted R,.p", Utrecht Velvets, &e. Patterns lent on application. Established-over 100 yea*s. The trade only supplied. 124, WOOD STREET, LONDON, E.C. _& KDGAR, SIL_K MERCERS & GENERAL^ DRAPERS. -Established 60 Years. First-clas end durable goods at the lowest possible cash prices. Patterns free Carriage paid on P,5 parcels. Piccadilly and Regent Street, London, W. HUTTON & Co., 6, Newgate Street, London ?r??y <^DS, TOYS. ?c.-WMes?on?' ?<? hLiI? f<tr Chn?mas Presents & New YMu's Gilts I |RS'S' MANTLE, and Upholstery Trimmings ? Manufa.ctllrers, Haberdashers and Warehouse-  Io< HUT'l'ON &: Co., 6, -???te Street, L.ndun.- 'h"l('alp only. RlBIiON VELVETS, Fringes, Gimps, Braids, and Trimmings of all descriptions. (Wholesale and airport). HUTTON & Co., 6, Newgate Street, E.C., (Established 17BAl fCHRISTMAS PRESENTS AND NEW YEAR'S Y GIFTS. JENNER & KNEWSTUBS -GOLD WATCHES. With latest improvements. lAdies' "£10 10 0 Gentlemen's best English Lever. 12 12 n JENNER AND KNEWSTUBIS SPECIALITIES IN JEWELLERY, including fine Cxold Dracel.,ts from .£10 10 0 Earrings from 1 15 0 Brooches from 2 2 0 22 0 8igne and Gem Rings from .1..3 3 0 Gem Searf Piu-* from 5 5 0 and Hundreds of useful elegancies ?uitaM&fcrP.RESPT?r') JENNER & KNEW STUB'S GOLD CHAINS' 18 carat, Hall Marked. 5 Lruineas p' r oz. CASH DISOOUNT 10 per Cent. JENNER and KNEWSTUB To the QUEEN. Jewellers, Dre?mg Case and Travelling' Bag Mabprs 3J' ST. JAMES'S ST., and 66, JERMYN ST., LONDON? BILLIARD TABJUKS.-THURSTON & Co., Manu- facturers; by Appointment to H.M. The Queen win 11. R. If., the Itinee of Wkiles. Established 1814. 14 ^herme-street, Stand, London, W.C. New and exten- iliv, hí)W R.-ioms. LOANS Granted by the BRITISH WTUAL IN. JU VESTMENT OOMPANY Limited, upon. Real and i ersonalSe ;urity„ with or without Life Assurance re- pa\aiMc bj^ E-ey Instalments. Prospectuseq, F6rms, ke., (II; up liegttioil to J-OSEPH R. JACKSON, Beci etary. VKP JVsew Bridge Street, London, E.C. JJ E A T H E R Y A R N, For Ka* and Crotehet; WOOL DYED, COARSE aad FINE. Sold by all BerUn Wool bealrR, and OtAtrat Dr-apers, in the United Kingdom and Colonies. rt'Jiï-: PETRIFYING StXJ-CAfE?AINTS??M- T ?.tnrcd by the SiUc?t. Pai?t Company, Liv<? Ba?: 7 'o ehemic?] action on Iron or other M?1*-n ?y d?c uf h? ..thout?e?, 1 ^wt Swill do 2  lead Faiuts. See article in Engineering f¡ J"¡¡¡'<œy, 18;2 DAM,P WATC- CHUROHES, kellr-d by the liquid, at a ocosto'f 2cd ?, to 3d per p. yara,-Sef' article in Builder, 9th March, 1872. For ?;;trticul*o% and Testiznou" ?&pply U the &&SB l'A 1 I\' r COMPANY, LIVERPOOL. OTUBBS WKEKLY GAZIMTE^urriiat|^o ^TrTnrrri-i tion indi"pcrunble to aU Tra.deM giving Credit. DKB1 s RECOV^ 1<S 40 T"ders giving Credit, Di"B*1'8 RECOVERED ot a. simple and compKheMive cyCst AlUi?.'flON.-No 08ice connected with this Establish- mew in LoL<ion, cept a¡2, Gceliha.m-stftCt. Pcospectus vn ai I)Iicttion. ? ,IE' YKQUEEVLL5?M?VT QUEEN' KITCHE. the Army and Navy. Fr I'a?try, l'uddmg., ?''?- Cross and Bja?u and all G cers. CU!BI £ D » lu-iMax A DELICAiCt. 1' Prepqred by J, HALFORD, at 12.  ?'???S LANE LONDON. Fomeriy wfth"rP°/GCn^ GonerZ in Indi. Tins -onWning ouL Fowl, 4s, Tins containing two fowls, 7a. 6d. ?" Genuine   ? regi-tered Trade M?k. An or,iers to 1;e prpaid. Trade quDt'Ltiuuh f6rward?d ou applicatio4. Shipping Notices. "WHITE STAR" LINE OCEANIC STEAM NAVIGATION ??k?? COMPANY (LIMITED), ?Y??-?a??j??-?- LIVERPOOL to and from NEW -:> .S? YORK. The new full-powered Steamships— OCEANIC, I BALTIC, I ADRIATIC ATLANTIC, I REPUBLIC, ) ANTARCTIC. These vessels are all uniform, of the highest speed, and replete with modern conveniences in every department. Saloon and Cabin are amidships. Passengers booked through to all parts of United States, British America, China, Japan, India, and Australia. Sail from LIVERPOOL on THURSDAYS, QUEENS- TOWN on FRIDAYS. BALTIC.Thursday, Jan. 30 CELTIC .Thursday, Feb. 6 ATLANTIC.Thursday, Feb. 13. ADRIATIC .Thursday, Jan. 23 Drafts issued on New York free of charge. Saloon passage £18 18s and 21 guineas. Return Tickets, 35 guineas. Steerage, £6 6s. For freight apply at the Company's Office, 19, Broadway, New York in Queenstown, tf) James Scott and Co.; 96, Market Street, Chicago; or to ISMAY, IMRIE, & CO., 10, Water-street, Liverpool; or to 95e 7, East India avenue. London, E.C. Agent for Wrexham: CAPTAIN JAMES GLADSTONE, 9, Temple Row, Wrexham. Agent for Holyhead :—Mr W. W. SMITH. NATIONAL LINE. THE STEAMERS OF THIS LINE ARE THE LARG- EST PASSENGER STEAMSHIPS AFLOAT. ? T\? dTEAM FROM LIVERPOOL TO -.S??l? ? NEW YORK EVERY WEDNES- YM\???DAY AND FROM QUEENSTOWN  EVERY THURSDAY. NATIONAL STEAM SHIP COMPANY (Limited.) The new full-powered British Iron Screw Steam-shins SHIPS TONS EGYPT,Grogan .5064 SPAIN, Grace 4900 ITALY, Thompson 3700 FRANCE, Thomson .3571 CANADA, Webster. 3500 GREECE, Kemp 3500 SHIPS TONS ENGLAND, Andrews.3307 THE QUEEN, Thomas.3517 HOLLAND, Bragg 3530 ERIN, Lawson .3310 HELVETIA, Griggs .3315 DENMARK, Sumner.3118 will De despatched from Liverpool to New York as follows:— EGYPT. WEDNESDAY, 29th Jan. FRANCE .WEDNESDAY, 5th Feb. SPAIN WEDNESDAY, 12th Feb. And from Queenstown the following days. The Saloon accommodation Ðn board these Steamers is unsurpassed, the state rooms being unusually large, and open off the Saloons, which are situated in the poop on deck—the poop being 130 feet long. Rate of Passage 12, 15, & 17 Guineas, ac- cording to accommodation in Stateroom—all having same privilege in Saloon. Return Tickets Twenty-Five Guineas. The Steerage accommodation Is unequalled for space, light, and ventilation. Abundance of Fresh Provisions served up cooked by the Company's Stewards. R ttes of passage on Reduced Terms. Passengers booked through to AspinwaH,-San Fran- cisce,—the inland towns of Canada and of the United States on favourable terms!; also to Australia, New Zea- land, China, and Japan, at low through rates, via New York and San Francisco. For Freight or Passage apply to THE NATIONAL STEAM SHIP COMPANY, (Limited), 21 and 23, Water-street, LIVERPOOL; to Mr JoHv POWELL, 2, Charles-street, WREXHAM or to N. and J. CUMMINS and BROS., Queenstown. WILLIAM BAVIES, draper, Dolgelley; STAPLETON H. DAVIES, Holywell; JOHN CALDECOTT, 19, Pepper-street, Chester. 10 r Passengers are advised to secure their Passages from the Local Agents before leaving home. 1 ALLAN" MAIL LINE. SHORTEST SEA PASSAGE TO VaNMlfr CANADA, AND THE UNITED STATES.—-Shortest Route to the West. The superb Steamships of this Line now run direct every Tuesday and Thursday, from LIVERPOOL to PORTLAND, forwarding Passengers to NEW YORK and BOSTON, and to ALL CITIES ANB TOWNS IN CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES. From LIVERPOOL to PORTLAND. *S.S. Polynesian .Thursday, Jan. 9. S.S. Caspian .Tuesday, 14. *S.S. Prussian .Thursday, „ 16. S.S. Corinthian Tuesday, 21 *S.S. Sarmatian .Thursday, „ 23 S.S. St. David .Tuesday 28. *S.S. Moravian.Thursday, 30. S.S. St. Andrew.Tuesday, Feb. 4. ♦S.S. Austrian .Thursday, 6. S.S. St. Patrick .Tuesday 11. *S.S. Scandinavian Thursday, 13. S.S. Nova Scotian .Tuesday, 18. *S.S. Polynesian .Thursday, „ 20. S.S. Caspian Tuesclay' 25. *S.S. Prussian .Thursday, „ 27. S.S. Corinthian Tuesday, Mar 4 *S.S. Sarmatian .Thursday, ti. S.S. St. David .Tuesday, 11. 'S.S. Moravian Thursday, 13. S.S. St. Andrew .Tuesday ? 18. The Mail Steamships for HALIFAX, NORFOLK, and BALTIMORE, sail as follows:— Forwarding Passengers by Rail to all parts of the Middle Western, South Western and Southern States. Hibernian, Tues., 14 Jan. Hibernian, Tues., 25 Feb. Nestorian, Tues., 28 „ Nestorian, Tues., 11 Mar, Mamtoban, Tues., 11 Feb. Peruvian, Tues., 25 Cabin Passage to Halifax, Portland, Boston, New York Norfolk, Baltimore, or Philadelphia, £ 18 18s, or 4.15 15s according to accommodation, including Provi- sions, but not Wines or Liquors, which can be obtained on board. Return Tickets at reduced rates. A limited number of intermediate passengers are taken in each Steamer at £ 9 9s, including Beds, Bedding, and all necessary utensils, dining apart from steerage. Appli- cations for berths to be made in advance. Steerage passage to St. John, Halifax, Portland, Bos- ton, New York, Norfolk, or Baltimore, jE6 6s including a plentiful supply of cooked Provisions. Intermediate and Steerage Stewardesses are carried by this line to attend to the wants of female passengers and children. Baggage taken from the Ocean Steamships to the Rail- way Cars free of expense. Any information required concerning Canada, can be obtained from Mr Dixon, 11, Adam-street, Adelphi' London, Agent for the Canadian Government. Pamphlets on Canada supplied gratis by our agents. AST SHORTEST ROUTE to San Francisco via the UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD. THROUGH TICKETS issued on the most favourable terms. For Freight or passage apply to ALLAN BROTHERS & Co., Alexandra-buildings, James-street, Liverpool, or to and 85, Foyle-street, Londonderry. EDWARD LOVATT, Auctioneer, Wrexham. GOMPANYS SPECIAL NOTICE TO EMIGRANTS. We advise Passengers to obtain their Tickets from our Agents before leaving home. 874r « ?\?\ TNMAN LINE OF ROYAL MAIL .S  a?  i- STEAMERS, appointed to sail from    LIVERI'OOL via QUEENSTOWN, to NEW FI^ YORK, every TUESDAY and THURSDAY. CITY OF LlHEIU<:l( .Tuesday, Jan. 28 CITY OF PARIS .Thursday Jan. 30 CITY OF BROOKLYN Thursday, Feb. 6 CITY OF WASHINGTON .Thursday, Feb. 11 Cabin Passage-Tuesday Sailings, 12 and 15 Guineas; Thursday Sailings, 15 and 18 Guineas, having e..ual Saloon privileges. Steerage Passage to New York, Six Guineas, with a faR supply of Cooked Provisions. Passengers forwarded to Boston, Baltimore, or Portland, without extra charge. Passengers for all parts of CANADA and the UNITED STATES booked through -on very advantageous terms. For further particulars apply to WILLIAM INMAN, 22, Water-street, Liverpool; or to W. H. TILSTON, Bank-street Chambers, Wiexham. 1903z UNITED STATES AND CANADA. STEAM BETWEEN LIVERPOOL, SS S s' AND PORTLAND. MISSISSIPPI AND DOMINION STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LIMITED. The following and ether first-class full-powered Steamers are intended to form a regular line as above:- UIS VICKSBURG .2,500 MMEFWMPPHmIb <.2,500 TEXAS "2jl50 MISSISSIPPI £ ,200 1 BELGIAN 2'«0 "MISSISSIPPI" LINE. LIVERPOOL TO NEW ORLEANS. MISSOURI .Wedn6sda,y, Feb. 5 "DOMINION" LINE FOR BOSTON AND PORTLAND, U.S. itXAs Wednesday, F. 12. Carrying Goods and Passengers At thiongh rates to all parts of Canada. IMPORTANT TO EMIGRANTS. ASSISTED PASSAGES.—The fiteamefs.of this Line have been appointed by the Government.of the Dominton of Canada for the conveyance of eligible emigrants, to whom passages will be given at reduced rates. Applicants should state occupation and age, and for- ward certificate of character from a minister of religic-n or justice of the peace to local passenger .agents. For rates of freight and cabin passage apply to TAYLOR, TIPPER, and Co., Hargraves Building*, Chapel- Btreet, Liverpool; for cabin and steerage passage apply to the Managing Owners, FI.IKN, MAIN, and MONT- GOMERY, Lancelot's hey, Liverpool; JOHN DAWSON, and Co., Queenstoa-n. 1651c -) CUNARD ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS, FROM LIVERPOOL DIRECT TO NEW YORK & BOSTON. The CUNARD ROYAL MAIL £ TEAMERS sail every TUES- BAY, THURSDAY, and SATU&PAY, and have superior accommodation for Cabin and steerage Passengers. PARTHIA. CALABRIA. TARIFA. SCOTIA. BATAVIA. ABYSSINIA. CUBA. SIBERIA. JAVA. SAMARIA. ALGERIA. HECLA ALEPPO. KUSSIA. MALTA PALMYRA. CHINA, BOTHNIA. For rates of freight or passage apply to D, and C. MAC IVER, 1, Rumford Street, Liverpool; or to Jos. LVANS, 1, Bank-street, Wrexham. 181 £ »a Business Announcements, ESTABLISHED 18.52. F. FRASER, WATCH-MAKER, SILVERSMITH, & JEWELLER, 42, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM, Respectfully invites the attention of his customers, and the public generally, to his Stock of ENGLISH AND FOREIGN CLOCKS, TIME-PIECES, WATCHES, GOLD AND SILVER GUARDS, ALBERTS, JEWELLERY IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, Weather Glasses, Concertinas, Electro-plated Tea and Breakfast Services, Table and Dessert Forks and Spoons, Cruet Stands, Writing Desks, Work Boxes, Carpet Bags, Satchels, Portmonnies, Combs, Brushes, Gentlemen s Travelling Satchels, Spectacles, &c., &c., which he is determined to sell at the lowest possible prices. CLUBS DONE AWAY WITH. MONTHLY PAYMENTS TAKEN. A Reduction of 10 Per Cent. in Wedding Rings. Note the Address: No. 42, HIGH-STREET (Clock over the Door). 2461a FRANCIS'S VOICE LOZENGES, FOR CLEARING AND STRENGTHENING THE VOICE, RELIEVING ALL AFFECTIONS OF THE THROAT HOARSENESS, HUSKINESS, SORE THROAT, RELAXATION OF THE UVULA AND TONSILS TEAZING AND NERVOUS COUGHS, Give power and tone to the Voice in speaking or singing and relieve throat affections arising from any un- usual exertion of the Voice, colds, and other causes. Public Speakers and Singers take them with much benefit as a preventative of Hoarseness, and as a remedy when it exists. Mr Lewis (Llew Llwyvo) I believe that I could not have performed my part (owing to hoarseness) at the concert, had it not been for the efficacy of your Lozenges." Mr Hughes (chorister, Bangor Cathedral N.W.):—"Your Lozenges completely restored my voice," &c. Rev. Mr Roberts, Glanaled :—" They are excellent for disordered voice and hoarseness." A Clergyman (near Wrexham):—"They have a wonderful effect upon my voice." Sold in Boxes, 71d., 9 £ d., Is. ild., 2s. 9d. each; per post, or 8d., 10d., Is. 2d., 3s., from the Maker. tie F R A N c I s 2 CHEMIST, 54, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. Also Wholesale through Messrs EVANS, SONS & Co., CLAY, DOD & CASE, LiverpooL 1319r PRICE & CO. BOTTLER'S OF EAST INDIA & BURTONS A.TH1 BAND LONDON AND DUBLIN STOUT, Have a arge Stock in prime condition. 991j WREXHAM ADVERTISER OFFICE (LATE MUSIC HALL). ALL kinds of Letter Press Printing, executed by hand and Steam Power. CIRCULARS, BILL HEADS, AND CARDS, in the neatest styles. DRAW AND PAY SHEETS AND SETS OF DACCOUNT BOOKS FOR COLLIERIES. COLLIERY RULES IN ENGLISH OR WELSH. BALL PROGRAMMES, MENU CARDS, and J L WINE LISTS. BREWERS] and Merchants' Delivery, Order, aad Receipts Books Printed and Bound. B OTTLE and Cask Labels, Direction Cards. DRAPERS' POSTERS & HAND-BILLS Displayed Din First-rate Style, on the shortest notice, and on very advantageous terms. A UCTIONEERS' SALE BILLS and CATALOGUES *j L with the utmost expedition. QHECK DELIVERY BOOKS, BTC. POST CARDS printed for all purposes at cheap iL rates. KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. The best Remedy for Gout and Rheumatism. Sold by all Chenalt;to.&-c., at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6 per box. 17j. SELF CURE FOR INVALIDS. (MEDICINE SUPERSEDED). NATURE'S CURATIVE. ELHCTRICITY AND MAGNETISM. HEALTH AND MANHOOD RESTORED (Without Medicine.) CURE YOURSELF BY THE ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC SELF-ADJUSTING CURATIVE. Q UEKS from Nervous Debility, Painful Dreams, KJ mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation or the heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Im- vaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, ?a?MtM<?, D?fe?eM of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Lassitude Pains in the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Self- Distrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, d:c., &:1:. CAN NOW CURE THEMSELVES By the only Guaranteed Remedy" in Europe, protected and sanctioned by the faculty. Details free for One Stamp by WALTER JENNER, Esq., Medical Electrician (to the London Hospitals), PERCY HOUSE, BEDFORD SQUARE, LONDON, W.C. N.B.—Medicine and Fees superseded. In proof of the WONDROUS CURES effected, Inva- lids can have the ELECTRIC MAGNETIC CURATIVE on Trial, with references to the leading Physicians of the day. day. Established 1840 as Surgical Mechanician, &c. A Test Gratis. Send for Details. CA UTION.-N.B.-This is the only acknowledged Scientific Appliance in use in the various Hospitafs and recognised by the Medical Faculty of Great Britain, and none are genuine unless had direct from Mr WALTER JENNER, Who cautions the public against selj styled Doctors imitating his discoveries, and copying jportions of this advertisement. Vide Prize Medal and Hospital reports. 270 Just Published for Two Stamps. TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. READ the New Publication, by Dr. J. A. BARNES, JY< M.D. (U. S.), entitled" NERVOUS DEBILITY, or Words of Warning." A treatise on the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Nervousness, and Ex- hausted Vitality. The Author has for years given his exclusive attention to the treatment of Nervous Debility, Mental and Physi- cal Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Self-Distrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, and many other ailments, which, if neglected, bring the sufferers to an early Death. This Valuable Work, which has been truly called WORDS OF WARNING, is illustrated with numerous cases -and testimonials, and not only gives the cause but the means of cure. Hundreds of cases which had been thought hopeless have been restored to perfect health and vigour after all other means had failed. TO THE MARRIED AND SINGLE this book is invaluable. Sent post free, on receipt of two stamps (or by letter post, three stamps). Address, Dr. BA&KES, 1, Lonsdale Square, Barnsbury, London, N. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY PATIENTS. DR. BARNES may be consulted personally or by Dletter, in all private and confidential cases; and, for the benefit of Nervous sufferers who cannot visit him, he will, on receiving a description of their case, enclosing a stamped envelope for reply, be ready to give his opinion upon the nature of the case, and the prin- ciples of treatment necesaaay to eSect a perfect cure. CSr Address, Dr. BARNES, 1, Lonsdale Square, Barnsbury, London. N. 2251e -+ RELIEF FROM COUGH IN TEN MINUTES. HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND is the J[iL most certainand speedy Remedy for .all disorders of the Chest and Lungs. In Asthma and Consumption, Bronchitis, Coughs, Influenza, Difficulty of Breathing, Spitting of Blood, Hooping Cough, Hoarseness, Loss of Voice, &c., this Balsam gives instantaneous relief, and, if properly persevered witi4 scarcely ever fails to effect a rapid Cure. It has now been tried for many years, has an estab- lished reputation, and. many thausajsds have been benefited by its use. IT HAS A MOST PLEASANT TASTE. IMPORTANT TESTIMONIALS, -R- BRONCHITIS. LADY EUSSELL has found the Balsam.a most effective remedy i fof Bronchitis, and always keeps it ready for use.— R?HARD GOWER, CwmafoB, suffers much from i Bronchitis, always finds relief from first teasnoonful. and keeps it in the house readv for an emergency.— ASTHMA. MARY JENKINS, Pontmarlais, Merthyr, afflicted with Asthma, cured with taking three bottles, permanently.—WILLIAM DAVJES, Ystalyfera, bad for seyeu years with Asthma, bought a bottle of Mr Weir, ehemist; able to go to work after taking one bottle. Prepared only by A. HAYMAN, Chemist, Neath sold in bottles at Is lid and 2s 9d each, by all respectable chemists in North and South Wales. Agents For Wrexham Mr JAS. F. EDISBURY," High- treat, and Mr FRANCIS, Chemist, Hope-street. 1717 NE BOX of CLARKE'S B 41 PiUs is warranted te ?? cure all discharges from the Urinary Organs, in either sex, acquired or constitutional, Gravel and Pains n the Back.—Sold in boxes, 4s 6d each, by all Chemist and Patent Medicine Vendors or sent to any address or 60 Stamps by the Maker, F. J, CLARKE, Consulting Chemist, High Street, Lincoln.—Wholesale Agents, Barclay and SOBS, London and a.4 the Wholesale Houses. 665r Business Announcements, THE GUINEA NMFXHAM- jv *———_ <- ?' PALE INDIA ALE, A Delightful Tonic, of a delicate Straw Colour and Fine Flavour. Brewed expressly for Family Use, at i, THE BREWERY, WREXHAM. ■- THE CELEBRATED PALE INDIA ALE, THE GUINEA, WREXHAM 18 Gallons for 21s., 9 Gallons, 10s 6d. DELIVERED CARRIAGE PAID. H. K. ASPINALL, BREWER and MALTSTER, 2107c WREXHAM. PRICE & £ JO., SHAREBROKERS, GENERAL COMMISSION AGENTS. 8886 WREXHAM. THE OLD SWAN BREWERY, -L ABBOT-STREET, WREXHAM (FOR PRIVATE FAMILIES ONLY), EDWARD LOVATT, PROPRIETOR, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, Agent for the pmdneial ?MMf<tM< Company, r?ert C<t(? .F?d, ? t?-ea?M Tent CompAny. 993j JOHN H. KIDD & CO., Manufacturers of RAILWAY WAGGON COVERS BOAT, RICK, AND TENT CLOTHS, CART COVBRS, LIME SHEETS, All sizes kept in Stock. BRATTICE CLOTH, TUBING, HORSE COVERS, WATERPROOF Ruos, INDIA-RUBBER GOODS, Roofing, Dry Hair, and Boiler Felt, SACKS, COTTON WASTE, LAMP WICKS, Ropes, Twines, Net &c. OFFICES PUBLIC HALL, WREXHAM. 2137 "For the BLOOD is the LIFE."—See Deuteronomy, chap. xii., verse 23. CLARKE'S WORLD FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND RESTORER, FOR CLEANSING and CLEARING the BLOOD Ffrom ALL IMPURITIES, cannot )e too highly recommended. It CURES OLD SORES, CURES ULCERATED SORES in the NECK, CURES ULCERATED SORE LEGS, CURES BLACKHEADS, or PIMPLES on FACE, CURES SCURVEY SORES, CURES CANCEROUS ULCERS, CURES BLOOD and SKIN DISEASES, CURES GLANDULAR SWELLINGS, CLEARS THE BLOOD FROM ALL IMPURE MATTER, FROM WHATEVER CAUSE ARISING. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from mercury-which all pills and most medicines free from anything injurious to the most delicate con- stitution of either sex, the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. Thousands of Testimonials from all parts. Sold in Bottles 2s 3d each, and in Cases, containing six Bottles, lis each, sufficient to effect a permanent cure in long-standing cases, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors or sent to any address on receipt of 27 or 132 stamps, by F. J. Clarke, Chemist, High-street, LINCOLN. Wholesale Agents: BARCLAY and SONS, LONDON, and all the whole- sale Houses. 1844c CHARLE.S QLARKE, BILL POSTER FOR TOWN & COUNTP.Y, TOWN CRIER AND NEWS AGENT, FLINT. Agent for the sale of the WREXHAM ADVERTISER at Flint. Bagillt, Northop, and surrounding districts. AMILY BIBLES, COMMENTARIES, and RE- FLIGIOUS BOOKS, in great variety, at C. G BAYLEY S, The Cross, Osw. ESTABLISHED 17 89. WILLIAM PIERCE, CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER. AND GENERAL UNDERTAKER, ■ BRIDGE STREET, WREXHAM. AGENT TO THE PATENT METALLIC AIR- TIGHT COFFIN COMPANY, LIMITED. THESE coffias are covered with white, Tblack, and crimson cloth or velvet, and and every design of coloured and metal furniture is used. They are only i the weight of lead coffins and are more durable. The expense is so small that they can be used for all funerals except those of the very poorest class. Various sizes kept in stock. 2383y PUBLIC NOTICE. THOMAS LEWIS, general bill poster and advertising ?. agent rents all the posting stations in and around Oswestry; bill poster to the Cambrian and Great West- ern Railway Companies. Office: Oswald Row, Beatrice- street, Oswestry, where all orders must be addressed. THE NEW L'ANCASHIRE STEEL PEN, -i J AND ALL OTHER PENS, Manufactured by EDWARD VOORSANQER, SOLD BY CHARLES G. BAYLEY, THE CROSS AND CHURCH-STREET, One of the Agents for Oswestry. EORGE JgLOOR, Member of the United Kingdom Bill Posters' Association, GENERAL BILL POSTER AND DEAD WALL DECORATOR, 8, CHAPEL SQ UARE, PENTREFELIN, WREXHAM Lessee of Special Posting Stations. Town and Country orders punctually attended to. TERMS MODERATE. THE GEOLOGY OF WREXHAM AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD. COPIES can still be had of the lecture on "The Geology of Wrexham and its Neighbourhood" by HENRY BECKETT, Esq., F.G.S., (Reprinted from the Wrexham Advertiser of February 11th, 186SJ. PRICE THREEPENCE. WREXHAM: Bayley and Bradley, "Advertiser" Office. OSW £ 8TRY: Mr C. G. Bayley, Bookseller, The Cross e INEXPENSIVE HAIR RESTORER.—LOCKYER'S I. SULPHUR HAIR RESTORER is guaranteed to restore Grey or Faded Hair to its original colour in ten daya. Precisely BimilaF t& more costly preparations of its kind. Large bottles, Is 6d each, of the Agents, Mr EDI^BURY, High-street, and Mr FRANCIS, Hope-street, and all Chemists. HEALTH, STRENGTH,andENERGY?— .d PEPPERS QUININE and IRON TONIC strengthens the nerves, increases the quantity of the blood, and thoroughly recruits the health. Most agreeable to take. Bottles (32 doses), 4s 6d; next size, lls. Carriage free 66 stamps of I. PEPPER, 237, Totten- ham Court Road, London. Agents: Mr EDISBURY. High-street, and Mr FRANCIS, Hope-street, and all Chemists. DEAFNESS, NOISES IN THE EARS AND .Lf HEAD.—DELLAR'S ESSENCE for Deafness is an extraordinary remedy; it always relieves, and generally cures. It is quite harmless. Sold in bottles at Is lid and 2s 9d each, by the Agents, Mr EDISBURY, High-street, and Mr FRANCIS, Hope-street, and all Chemists. Post free, 18 stamps, of I. PEPPER, 237, Tottenham Court Road, London. THE ENAMEL OF THE TEETH. By using CRACROFTS ARECA NUT TOOTH PASTE, this delicate eoating becomes sound, white, and polished as the finest ivory. It is delightfully fragrant. Sold in Branded JTots, Is and 2s 6d each, by the Agents, Mr EDISBURY, High-street, and Mr FRANCIS. Hope- street. By post, 14 stamps. C ORNS, BUNIONS, and ENLARGED TOE JOINTS. —The Pain is instantly relieved and complete cure effected by a few applications of DELLAR'S PLAISTERS.-Sold by all Chemists, and Mr EpiSBURY, High-street, and Mr FRANCIS, Hope-street. 18 lid and 2s yd per box; by post, 14 stamps, of I. PEPPER, Zfl, Tottenham Court Road, London. 229c  G. BAYLEY calls attention to his excellent Is C o Packet of 5 Quires of NOTE PAPER, in wrapper, having a well-executed view ef Oswestry Old Church. Sold only by C. G. BAYLEY, Bookseller, The Cross and Church-street, Oswestry, g KAYE'S W'ORSDELL'S PILLS. The best Renwdy for Female Complaints. igold by all Chemists, &o., at Is, lid.. gs, pd., ana 4s. 6d. per box. J73 ? "f •■ Business Announcements. SPRING SEED WHEAT. TRUE TALAVARIA. STRACHAN, Seed Merchant, Wrexham, has now JL # in stock a splendid sample of the above true valuable Spring Wheat. Samples and prices on application. 129g THE ALBUM PORTRAIT STUDIO, 26, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM (Opposite Mr. Kennedy's). MR B. J. EDWARDS Begs to announce that he has made great alterations in his Studio both for the comfort of visitors and the pro- duction of FIRST-CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY, equal in every respect to the best yet produced in London or Paris Mr. B. J. E. also returns many thanks to the nobility, gentry, and tradesmen for their liberal support, and gentrys, till to merit a share of their patronage, by his desire to please and the production of good and Artistic Photography. Mr EDWARDS invites special attention to his superior styles of "CARTE DE VISITE," "CABINET," and other PORTRAITS; also his "NEW HALF-GUINEA TINTED PORTRAIT," which is universally admired. PORTRAITS FROM CARTE TO LIFE SIZE bighly finished in Oil & Water. Miniatures on Ivory, &c. CARTE DE VISITES from 7s. M. per Doz. Views of Country Residences, Interiors, Wedding Parties, Landscapes, Machinery, Animals, &c., &c. Terms on application, at the Studio. 26, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM, OPPOSITE MR. KENANEDYS. 641 GALVANIZED IRON ROOFS AND BUILDINGS, CISTERNS, CABLE STRAND FENCING, HURDLES, GATES, CONTINOUS IRON BAR FENCING, ASPHALTE ROOFING FELT Laos than ONE PENNY per SqtuiYB Foot Liberal discount for quantity.; S. SOTHERN, 1349f 24, and 25, Henblas-Street, Wrexham. A. jtoulkes, AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER, Land and Mining Surveyor and Valuer, RHOSYMEDRE, RUABON. 2090 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS of all kinds, — by the best makers, new and second-hand, on Hire, with option of purchase, at all prices. c. Instruments supplied on the THREE YEAR.T SYSTEM whereby they become the property of the ?hi- rer at the end of that period, without further payment. Instruments of all kinds Tuned, Repaired, and taken in Exchange.. Newest Music at half-price, and post free. BOUCHER & CO., CIRCULATING MUSIC LIBRARY, 145, BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER. 577 CASSELL'S pURE TEAS & COFFEES. AT THE REDUCED DUTY.- CASSELL'S ORIENTAL COFFEE consists of a selection of the finest growths of East India. In the process of roasting and grinding, the full strength and fine aroma are preserved, rendering it equal to the Coffee so much prized in Oriental Countries, the Perfec- tion of Coffee. Reduced price Is. lOd. per lb. CASSELL'S COFFEES are also supplied under the Reduced Duty at 10d., Ie., Is. 2d., Is. 4d., Is. 6d., and Is. 8d. per lb., in Canisters and air-tight Packages from one ounce to one pennd, by Agents, Grocers, Chemists, ConfectioRers, &c., throughout the kingdom. CASSELL'S PURE TEAS. The purity and genuine qualities of these Teas are guaranteed. Their true excellence has secured for them the continued approval of consumers during nearly a generation. Families not already using these Teas are recommended to try them, as Teas, the reputation of which has been fully established. By their use, real purity and uniform good quality are at all times secured. CASSELL'S PURE TEA, 2/ 2/4 and 2/8 per lb. j CASSELL'S PURE TEA, finest qualities, 3/ 3/6 and 4/- per lb., in Packets of 2 oz. to 3 lb. Sold by Agents, Grocers, Chemists, Confectioners, etc., throughout the kingdom. 996 SAVE YOUR BACON. Important to Owners and Breeders of Pigs. CALVERT'S pIG pOWDERS, Fos. PIGS WHKN IN HEALTH OK DISEASE, Are an invaluable preparation for Inflammation, Distemper, Coughs and Colds, Wheezing, Difficulty of Breathing, Fevers of all kinds, Measles, Eruptions of the skin, Itchings, Rheumatism in the Limbs, Costive- ness in the Bowels, Loss of Appetite and Condition, will improve their general health, and make them thrive andatpte-s better. Price Is. 9d. per dozen. PIGS TAKE THEM FREELY IN THEIR FOOD. Read the following, selected from hundreds of Yorkshire Testimonials;- Hutton Cranswick, Nov. 9th, 1871. Dear Sir,—I have used many medicines for pigs, but never found any to answer so well as Calvert's Pig Powders. They feed quicker when taking them, and I had one that took the Second Prize at Driffield Show, which took the Powders for a fortnight before and I now have one seven weeks old, weighing Five Stones. I can confidently recommend them. F.C. (Signed) JOHN PARKER. To L. B. Ross, Esq., F.C.S., Wholesale Agent. Lower Union Street, Hull, July 17th, 1871. Mr Calvert,-Sir,-I have great pleasure in sending a testimonial for your valuable Pig Powders. I had a pig so bad of inflammation that we covered it up and left it for dead. A friend dropped in, saw it, and immedi- ately ran te your shop and bought some of your Pig Powders; he gave it one, and, strange to say, shortly aftei it showed signs of life, and gradually improved. After giving it a second Powder it was able to take its food, and continued to improve until restored to perfect health. You are at liberty to make this known, for I consider your Powders were worth ten pounds to me at that time, as they saved my pig when we all thought it dead.-Yours, JOHN HOOKEM. 51, Cumberland Street, Hull, July 29th, 1871. Mr Calvert,—Sir,—Please send me a further supply of your Pig Powders at once. I have great pleasure in sending you a very remarkable cure by the sole use of your Pig Powders. A gentleman named Mr Hopper had a pig weighing about twelve stones, bad in dis- temper or typhus fever. It came out in large spots, and was soon of a deep purple all over. All who saw it advised him to kill it at once, but I recommended him to try your Pig Powders. He took three, and to the surprise of himself, and every one who had seen it, the pig recovered, is now thriving, and doing well. I have never known them fail to cure, and many who have used them say they are the best preparation in the world. R. E. WHITESIDES, Dispensing Chemist. Prepared only by J. H. CALVERT, Chemist, Hull, and sold by most Chemists and Village Shopkeepers in Wales. 1078e PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY. 62, Ludgate Hill, London, E. C. THE extraordinary rapid progress of this Company JL is shown by the total premium Income as being zC348 975 15s 6d, showing the very remarkable increase of X6,267 9s 2d, and being the largest accession of in- crease during any year of the company's operations. The amount of claims paid during the year amounts to X125 229 7a 5d on 15,128 policies, raising the whole sum paid to X.797,110 17s. These have as usual been paid with undeviating regularity. t", A report and balance sheet may be obtained on ap- plication to A. NIXON, Superintendent, 831c 29, George-street, Chester. PARSONS, FLETCHER & Co's INDIAN STARCH. TRADE MARK-AN ELEPHANT. PARSONS, Fletcher, & Co's INDIAN STARCH, for JT Purity, and Beauty of Colour. ARSONS, Fletcher, & Co's INDIAN STARCH, for JL Laces, Muslins, Ac., Ac. PARSONS, Fletcher, and Co's INDIAN STARCH J. will not adhere to the Iron. P ARSONS, Fletcher, and Co's INDIAN STARCH JL will Retain its Stiffness in the Dampest weather. P ARSONS, Fletcher, and Co's INDIAN STARCH is JL Highly Recommended to Laundresses. P ARSONS, Fletcher, and Co's INDIANSTARCH. J. The Increased Demand is Proof of its Excel- lence. PARSONS, Fletcher, & Co's INDIAN STARCH is J. Packed 1, J, and lib. Packets, also in Boxes and ia 51b. Papers. Works-Gravel Lane, Southwark, London. MAY BE HAD EVERYWHERE. 137z ELECTRICITY IS LIFE.. PULVERMACHER'S Improved Patent GALVANIC JL?AIN BANDS, BELTS, BA1TERIES and ACCESSORIES. Price from 2s. and upwards. Reliable evidence in proof of the un- rivalled efficacy of these appliances in RheumatIsm, Gout, Neuralgia, Deafness, Head & Tooth Ache, Paralysis, Liver Com- plaints, Cramps, Spasms. Nervous Debility Functional Disorders, &c., is given in the Pamphlet. "NATURE'S CHIEF RESTORER OF IMPAIRED VITAL ENERGY." Apply at PULVERMACHER'S Galvanic istablishiuent, 186 Regent Street London W. were PamphJet jind full Price List can be obtained, pest free. 530d Business Announcements. NATURE'S PERFECT REMEDY FOR ALL KINDS OF WORMS. WILLIAM'S (PONTARDAWE) WORM VT LOZENGES. (Prepared from the original reipe). Are hailed by every parent as oae of the greatest bless- ings ever sent by him who pours His blessings upon man- kind, They are purely vegetable, and innocent to the most delicate child, and yet so enective to the Worms, that they are soon cleared from the human body, and they have gained for themselves the name of "THE PERFECT REMEDY" for all kinds of Worms. Sold at 9id! Ij?d., and 2s. 9d. per box, by most Chemists, by post 9id. ii or 34 stamps, from the sole manufacturer, JOHN DAVIES, CHEMIST, SWANSEA. We can never speak too well of the inventor of Wil- liams's (Pontardawe) Worm Lozenges," for he read the best books of the most eminent medical authors, but could find nothing there to answer his purpose; he studied while others slept, and searched and analysed the ex- tracts and other productions of the vegetable kingdom, especially those connected with the diseases of Children, while others spent their time in idle talk, and at last he discovered his coveted prize, a remedy purely vegetable, and innocent to the child, that would destroy the greatest cause of the diseases of children but, alas it cost him his life; he did not live long to enjoy the reputation of his great remedy, but died and left his discovery to the benefit of succeeding generations. [TESTIMONIAL.]—HAFOD, SWANSEA, JUNE 18, 1872.- SIR,-It is a pity that Williams's (Pontaidawe) Worm Lozenges are not better known. When I lived in Church- lane, Wolverhampton, I tried all sorts of powders for my children, who suffered from worms, but never in my life did I see anything like your Worm Lozenges. I gave them to my children, and my eldest child got rid of, I should think, one hundred worms of various sizes; and the other children got rid of a great number. I am sure the Staffordshire people would be very thankful if the Lozenges were made known to them. My eldest child had been unable to eat scarcely anything for days before I gave the Lozenges, but now she seems quite a different child.—Yours truly, MRS. CLARKE. MR. DAVIES. Any of the following symptoms indicate worms:- Variable appetite, fceted breath, acid eructation, pains in the stomach and head, grinding of teeth during sleep, picking of the nose, paleness of the countenance, hard- ness and fullness of the belly, slimy stool, with occasional griping pains, more particularly about the naval, short dry cough, and emaciation of the body, often mistaken for decline, slow fever, and irregular pulse, sometimes cenvulsive fits-often causing sudden death, and heat and itching about the anus, which often causes them to be mistaken for piles. CAUTION.—None are Genuine unless they bear the Inventor's Signature on the Wrapper around each box J. H. WILLIAMS. And the words "Williams' Worm Lozenges" on the Government stamp. Full directions with each box. 1538b TIMBER SLATES BRICKS TILES CEMENTS LATHS SEWERAGE PIPES And all other Building Materials at E. JUEREDITH JONES'S, TIMBER YARD and STEAM SAW MILL, CHARLES-STREET, 1816 WREXHAM. JOHN GOSNELL ct CO., Wholesale and Export PERFUMERS, SOAP AND BRUSH MANU- FACTURERS, BEG to recommend the following choice and fashionable articles JOHN GOSNELL and Co.'s Queen Victoria Bouquet. Prince of Wales' Perfume, Princess Alexandra's Per- fume, La Noblesse Perfume, the Bride's Bouquet, Jockey Club Perfume, Ess Bouquet, Frangipanni, &c., &c. JOHN GOSNELL and Co.'s Celebrated Fountain Perfumes. JOHN GOSNELL and Co.'s Finest Aromatic Eau de Cologne. JOHN GOSNELL and Co.'s CHERRY TOOTH PASTE, an elegant and most efficient preparation for cleansing and beautifying the teeth. JOHN GOSNELL and Co.'s TOILET and NURSERY POWDER-Celebrated for its parity. JOHN GOSNELL aud Co.'s LA NOBLESSE PO- MADE, GOLDEN OIL, MOELLINE, MACASSAR OIL, &c., for the Hair. JOHN GOSNELL and Co.'s LA NOBLESSE, LET- TUCE, ALMOND, GLYCERINE, and all other de- scriptions of fine Soaps. JOHN GOSNELL and Co.'s "AGUA AMARELLA," restores the Human Hair to its pristine hue, no matter at what age. In bottles at 3s. each. Sold by all respectable Chemists and Perfumers. Agent for Wrexham: J. F. EDISBURY, M.P.S., Wholesale, Angel Passage, 93, Upper Thames-street, 1-Y Ion. 2130g IT Is well-known that the Chinese face tea with JL mineral poioder, to hide the defects of worthless brown leaves, this enables them to pass of inferior sorts as the best. HORNIMAN'S TEA has for 30 years, been supplied free from the usual facing dowder, consequently it is truly cheap, uniform in strength, and delicious in flavour. Sold only in packets, genuine are signed WdtfffldicrmmibamffiHr LONDON, Original Importers of the Pure Tea. Sold by Chemists and Confectioners in every town. Agents for this District: WREXHAM Potter, Bookseller. OSWESTRY Roberts, Bookseller. LLANGOLLEN Thomas, Bridge-street. WHITCHURCH Jones, Chemist. SHREWSBURY. Payne, Chemist. RUABON G. Powell, Grocer. CHESTER Marcham, Chemist. MOLD. Hughes, 22, New-st. WELSHPOOL. Williams tl: Son. WKll Lee, Chemist. 205f HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. CURE FOR ALL." IMPURITIES OF THE BLOOD. THESE wonderful Pills are valued at the humblest JL hearths as well as in the houses of comfort and wealth They work a thorough purification throughout the whole system, without disordering the natural action of any organ, and eradicate those germs of com- plaint; which consign tens of thousands to an early grave. INDIGESTION, BILIOUS COMPLAINTS AND SICK HEADACHE. No organ in the human body is so liable to disorder as the liver, and none is more apt, when neglected, to become seriously diseased. Remember when nausea, flatulency, or acidity on the stomach warns us that digestion is not proceeding properly, that Holloway's Pills regulate every function, give strength to every organ, speedily remove all causes of indigestion, bile, and sick headache, and effect a permanent cure. WEAKNESS AND DEBILITY. In cases of debility, langour and nervousness, generated by excess of any kind, whether mental or physical, the effects of these Pills is in the highest degree bracing, renovating, and restorative. They drive from the system the morbid causes of disease, re- establish the digestion, regulate all the secretions, strengthen the nervous system, raise the patient's spirits, and bring back the frame to its pristine health and vigour. TURN OF LIFE AND DROPSICAL SWELLINGS The turn of life is the most distressing period in wo man's existence it destroys thousands. The whole of the gross humours collect together, and like a tide" sweep away health and life itself, if not timely and powerfully checked. The most certain antidote for all these dangers is Holloway's Pills. Armed with them the fiery ordeal is passed through, aud the sufferer is once more restored to the possession of unimpaired health. It -is but little known that at the so-called "turn of life," man also, when verging on forty 01 forty- five, discovers that his health is considerably deranged and knows not the canse-. critical period in hia life. All perils to Dotn sexes are at once removed by recourse to these Pills. THE KIDNEYS THEIR DERANGEMENT AND CURE. If these Pills be used according to the printed direc- tions, and the Ointment rubbed over the region of the kidneys for at least half an hour at bed-time, as salt is forced into meat, it will penetrate the kidneys and correct any derangement. Should the affliction be stone or gravel, it is particularly recommended that the Oint- ment, in such cases, be used night and morning, as by its judicious application the most astounding cures may be performed. Holloway's Pills are the best remedy known in the world for the following diseases:- Ague. I Asthma. Bilious Complaints. Blotches on the Skin. I Bowel Complaints. Debility. Dropsy. Female Irregularites. Fevers of all kinds- Gout Headache. Indigestion. Liver Complaints. 1 Lumbago. I Piles. Rheumatism Retention of Urine. I Scrofula, or King's Evil Sore Throats Stone and Gravel. Secondary Symptoms. Tic Doloureux Ulcers. Veneral Affections. Worms of all kinds. Weakness, from whatever causes &c. &c. The Pills and Ointment are sold at Professor HOLLO- WAY'S Establishment, 533, Oxford-street, London also by nearly every respectable Vendor of Medicine through- out the Civilised World, in Boxes and Pots, at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis., 22s., and 33s. each. The 2s. 9d. size contains three, the 4s. 6d. size six, the lis. siae sixteen, the 22s. size thirty-three, and the 33s. siae tifty-two times the quantity of a Is. lid. Box or Pot. The smallest Box of Pills contains four dozen and the smallest Pot of Ointment one ounce. Full printed directions are affixed to each Box and Pot, and can be had in any language, even in Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, Persian, or Chinese. loeg KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS, The best Remedy for Bilious Disorders. gold by all (,)iemaists, &c., at ls. licl, 2a. In and 4s. tjd. per box. Business Announcem.ents.I ^^PIERs'and,WpoND^Winr^inT^V^Vs' 1' 5^ Central Dpôt, 38 Ne RHHo ? Merchant. j ?- where theJ c?pr'<.S Wt",iF, Lutl8ate E.O., where their comprthensire W !ne f1t?-f P may ? obtained, post free, on application bl TSPIERS & Z'^Le j* b, i or bmall quantities, full «1 fcttgj] QUANTITY and QUALITY in proport- tr price be assured by this sy^e^Th^'011 tf- each bottle being ad]u;,ted to tbe value 01 J f FOR a SHILLaIdNjG ?tedMtot? he?u?T' ?? ?'??  SPIRlTs r ?dLIQUKURS of yaE.?"?? S?"t? excellence are supplied on the Pro Rata Pn g, BACHELORS, Tr?eUera, Cony?esc Band Consumers of either large and ?? ?'i'ui??? Utts, will find this system most Mefu? (luaa! FOR the PRESENT SEASON wrv FSPIRITS of the best quality ma? ?elfcted by Customers from 8, & ?.'„ epii„; ,a* ono tnl?rge or small quantities. t?  r FOR GENERAL FAMILY USE, SPlE*S m FPONDirecommend- SHERRY, Letter C in the List. <>•«,a PORT, Letter C in the List CLARET, Letter B in the list  BUKGUNDY, Letter Bin the List' iI1o t8' » ■» Ii CHAMPAGNE ($. & P.Is Carte d'Or) »» BRANDY, Letter B in the List. «fl' » 11 WHISKEY. Scotch or Irish. Letter A 1 WHISKEY. Sc.jtch or Irish. Letter A. '? ?tTTLf H). j ?<- v IHo' 'l ) Facking Cases, Is. a dozen. Ñ'hï bot;" 1',1 Packing Cases, Is. a dozen. No charge for bottle s'??" ? ??"' ?!' CASE (A; bottle fach, Fort SbQrry   Gin, and Whiskq, l5s. ,r<indy, RUt¡¡ LARGE CASE (A) two bottles each d"tt •>„ CASE (C) bottle each, selected Port S 0,0,. R G' Wh' ,erry B Rum, Gin, Whiakej, of Superior qualitV%r, Large CASE V, two bottles each ?tt? ? ?* .nd bottles inctuded. Orders to 'be ac?' Ca and bottles included. Orders to be mom* remittances, and u eanite instruction' 't mplIld by shall be s upphed when it wiilbp? 0 .whlh ca!e warded free to any Metropolitan Rail edJte.y fQr. ¡ to any addrcls within the four mile ra.wdY tatloD,1I1 SPIERS AND POND, Wine and spirit 4-^rRC,Hh ANTS, CENTRAL DEPOT erchants, NEW BRIDGE-STREET. LUDGATE, LOXD? OUIS RENOUF'S *CHAMP?7? ij CARTE BLANCHE, EXTRA ^OLIAAIUWTY VDftj} is the best value in the world. DRY, LOUIS RENOUFS CHAMP WvE JU CARTE BLANCHE, EXTRA QUALlTY'D:\ E ?and 368. per doz. quarts. ItY. LOUIS R E N 0 U F'S CHA?fA?? ?! CARTE BLANCHE, EXTRA QUALITY? *?' to be had from Wine Merchants in Londen I:Y DRY, LOUIS RENOUF'S CHAMPAf?. ? tj CARTE BLANCHE, EXTRA QUALITY D? to be haa from Wine Merchants in the country. DRY, LOUIS RENOUF'S CHAMPAftS i JtJ Wine Merchants' Orders to London Ùd;e B'. Savage-garden?, London, E,C. 58,4, 1 €*A A The "PRIMA DONNA'' 3b4:,4:, SEWING MACHINES, to work ? h?- &o! .Lock-stitcb, Knotted Elastic Stih. r'i? ?? SsK.waIGHI & JJrook Street, E.C. atd ONE HUNDRED POUNDS, not an in?nj? ?? addition to one'a income. ?I?y be obtM?dh, øellin TEAS in pACKMs a?d CADDIES, furni,hd BV th Free Trade Tea Company, Limited, 108, .CitYl!.ùad, LvII. j don, E.C. 'I THE NEW ADULTERATTON~ACTI I J. Any person now selling Adulterated Articles is liable to a Penalty of £51) for the nrst oifence, and m months' imprisonment, with haid Ubor for the scond BORWICK'S BAKING POWDER is warranted pur d free from alum and other injurious ingredients t'vucd ia most cheap Baking Powders, therefore may be sold withut fear by all Dealers. p ) No MORE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS.-HUNIi^ SOLUTION OF CHLORAL. t reduces certain and He freshing leep; sure, safe and. speedy. Pain from whatever cause in-tantly alleviated, and no unpleasant after effects. Prepared only by Joha Hunter, Chemist to the Royal Family, Kensington. Ofaij Chemists, with full directions Is l., 211 911, and Is tid, or sent by proprietor free for 3 stamps extra. AKER AND CRISP'S SILK MOLESKS VELVETEENS, are unequalled in beauty were and price, viz.— l58 6d to 50s full dre-s also the newest fabrics in dresses from 6s 9d. SILKS of any description from 1 Guinea HIll dress. Patterns free, 198, Regent Street, London. W. ARM DRESSING GOWNS, 21s.—Mrs YOUXC. TT the originator of the Guinea" Dressing Gown is now prepared with all th« NEW PAl'TEUSS for the Season. Patterns and illustrations post frte.—128,129, Oxford-street, London. Accurate performance guaranteed. In Silver from 3 Guineas. In Guld from 5 Guinea;. WITH KEYLESS ACTION. In Silver 6 Guineas. In Gold from 10 Guineas. Keyless Half-Chronometers, Compensated for Variations of Temperature, adjusted in Positions. Winding and setting Hands without a Key for Gentlemen, In Gold 30 to 40 Guineas; ditto in Silver IS to ? Guiueas. 65, and 64, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON, E.C. JOHN MITCHELL'S STEE L PEXS ? Patronized by the QUEEN during the last 27 Years. Sold by all Stationers. Works—Newbuil Street, Birmingham. PENS! PJ!:NS!! 1177 NEWSPAPERS Recommend them. "0:1. II 4 < ford University Herald" 0010 the PHÆ1QX P K S is the Wonder of the age." They come as a boon and a blessing to men, The Pickwick, the Owl, and the Waverley lea." SolJ everywhere. Sample by post, Box Is ld, MACMVES & CAMERON, 23 to 33. Blair-street, Edinburgh. (Es lisbed 1770). THE HIGH PRICE OF MEAT.- JL Great economj effected by using LIEBIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT OF MEAT.- N J Read carefully the Printed Instruction*. CAUTION.—None genuine without Baron L.cfcg's (the Inventor'*) Signature. Beware of all Imitation BI. tract, OLID pEA S 0 1." P.- Only ONE PENNY per Packet. Used by Army all Navy. Prize Medal, 1872, Moscow. Sold by all Grocers. Wholesale lrom and Co., 17, liurp Late, London. O^MARKABLE VERY REMARKABLE IS- JH< DEED" are the effects of ?am??<?/< .< ?'?<t? Saline in Preventing and Curing Small Pox, Fevers mid Skin Diseases. Specially Ktfie-liicg and the Constitution. It is Sold by Chemists, and the iUiti, 113, Hulborn Hill, London. j DULL EVENINGS MADE MERRY. BAGATELLE BOARDS of the Best Make, 'MB m 30s complete. Illustrated Catalogues of I'M?t Games post iree. ASSER & SHRWIN, 81, :r'Ld, London, WO. (^HIGNON (Truehtt's) is formed of all long b" ?? without tufts, in 3 sizea? 26, 30, or3ti inches <? easily drestd aud very light in weight. hv 1V.K .*? Combs 36 inches long. Ordinary Colours in stou.  can only be seen at WALTER TBU?ITS i, Xf?Bd Street, London, W. ARREN'S PATENT COOKERS & BKU1LEK& TT Invaluable to all who atudy ec«NoMtt? w .1' kitchen. BRADFORD'S "VOWEL" A WASHt??' J.) CHINE with a 44s extu strong Wringer iudulÍfd. tor £6 Is 6d.—Free Trial allowed-thedeligbt vI cVvrj ;ux- chaser and repaystt,e outlay directly.—See by post. Thoma-i Bradford and Co., 63, Fieet-suu-f, LOIIr don and Manchester. OODHALL, SPA, Horncastle, WmuTK^w tT Most powerful Bromo-Iodine Water, in l WOIld. Tumours, Rheumatism, Scrofula, Sim Analysis and Cases free. Beard 6s a day Water tio a dQ., Indoor Bath 266d.-Addre:!s, Manager. YEATMAN'S YEAST POW D RJ J)L For delicious home made BREAD, PUDi)??? PASTRY, supersedes Baking Powder. YEATMAN'S YEAST P8WDEBi, I J. Is adopted by the Government for the AiU)  Navy, Bread made for 36.000 men at Autumn Manw vres, 1872. YEATMAN'S YEAST POWDB? jL is used in Her Majesty'» kitcheD, _.——« -EATMAN^ YEAST Y and the new Adulteration Act. J cert<«Mt by tb« acTM*uttc?t Chemise, en? 1. and Dr Hassall. YEATMAN'S YEAST rOWDE R J)L SOLD EVERYWHERE in Id. and 3d. pacha??, Family Tins at 2s. tid., as., and 11.1>1.; small lIDS, and is. DEPOT 119, NEW BOND STREET, WSDO* Wholesale and Retail Agents—A. T. ASHFOKD, «fic., High-street, Denbigh. THE CROSS, OSWESTRY- ,1 DAILY and WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS,  by the Cambrian Railway Co., on the l tOt lication, by the first Train after receipt. Ait M*s promptly attended to by C. G. B Å Y LEY, BOOKSELLER, The Cross, Osweetry. DR. HUNTER'S Special Lectors t\Y():: JL? Men, on HEALTH, ITS RESTORATION ? HAPPY MARRIAGES -\Vhen to marry, L a" to thoae who  marriage, P  out ,?im) to those who contemplate marriage, pOlltl11. ami impediments which render married Me '?' ;j M direction for their speedy removal. Sliouiu u wij all who value health, strength, and manhood, ?u w? to attain a happy oM age. Post free on rece P t#0 stampa.—A*LdieM, Secretary, Institute 0 A'' t0iuy, Birmingham. —-— RAYES WORSDF.LL'S PILLS. TM 6<« Remedy for D?<?' Of the *•<«- Chemists, &c., at Is. 1?. ? -M"j 4s. tid. per box. THE L o N D o N JL • dO' Published every Saturday, ??'' A! The object o» this Journal is to set forth th6 claims Of the this ?umal is to ..t forth ?? c!.??. of ? th?? Religious, Educational, Benevolent, &lul PrUd\ltl:ll stitutions of the United Kingdom aud week b) "'tek report their proceedings, whether ? N'eeÜDgs, .eI'Ul: Anmversanes or ElectiMS, ?  to pre lit L National iMtitutiona to the ?voui of the public. Office, No. 59, Scu?mptoB B?. R?"? ? tore Office, No. 59, ioutbanPtou Uow, ?omdo", W,C, 8.