Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. SOI 1 11 WAVES KCIIO. WORDS. ONCE. ™*|» T?^s 20 Words 0 6 1 0 1 6 30 Words 0 9 1 6 2 3 SIX T1MK3 IN IN '•NFIWS' 40 Words 1 0 2 0 3 0 "echo." 50 Words 13 2 6 3 9 20 VVo' ds 2/6 60 Wordsj 1 6 3 0 4 6 39 Words V Q/Q SOUTH WAUS IUII,1 MvUS. WORDS. QSC. I—! 20 Words 0 6 10 16 Kaell Estra 1C Words 30 Words 091623 J 1 40 Words 1 0 2 0 3 0 ) Each extral I 10 Wordsl 0 3 0 6 0 9 These charges apply only to the classes of Adver- tisement specified below, and arc scrictly con'incd io ahose which are ordered (or consecutive in30'tion, thnd paid for previous to insertion: if either oj mese conditions is not complied, with, the Advertise- ment will be charged by the Business Scale:— Apartments, Situations Vacant or I Fan ted, To be Let or Seld, Lost. Found, and Misceilaneous Wants. SPKCIAL. Notice.—Applicants sending replies to Adver- tisements addressed to initials or fictitious names, at this Office, are requested not to send original testimonials with their applications, but to enclose copies of test.imonil" only, PARTNERSHIP WANTED, practical man as partner in Watch and Clock Jobbing Trade, with double-front shop at- tached splendid opportunity for good man with £ 10'—C 365. "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 668 IIATRniOMtl.. BACHEIjOR, aged 27, desires Correspondence with lady, age 22 to 25: strictest secrecy.—Z. 898, "Echo," 8ardiff. 838 JAMES, age 23, Railway Employee, wishescorrespondnnce with you., Lady, with view to matrimony strictly private.— llewlies O. 793. Echo," Cardiff. 793 MATRIMONY.—Spinster, no S,ea)-ly, fre hold property few thousands it bankers resi- dential locality unimportant..—Miss Wood, "Advertiser" Office, Bristol. 6C4 MATRIMONY.—Young Lady (25), lately come into ii&.OOO, besides several freehold cottages, invites over- tures from energetic gentleman with view to marriage.— Miss Chamberlain, 39, Britannia-street, Gray's Inn-road, London. t45 I> ESPECTABLE Young Man wishes to hear from domesticated young lady with view to matrimony.— State icuiars, N 539, Echo Office, Cardiff. 539 State p .r icalars. N 539, Echo Office, Cardiff. 539 STEADY Working 50, orphan, wishes to meet with (., a domesticp.ted young lady, view early marriage.—P 61, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 61 A Smart and Co.'s Commercial Academy (open daily) for J\ Tunion in Writing, Book-keeping, Typewriting, Arithmetic, Sc. No cla5es. Pupils taught separately at l'ower-eh ;,m br. ro, Church-street, Cardiff, Proficiency •uaranteed. Prospectus free. 615 LANGUAGES, Ancient and Modern.—Dr. Berlin, Alma-street, Newport. Terms moderate. 375e ^HOR!TIAND (Pitman's) Evening Jjes.%ot)s.-Ptil)ilt- IO taught and qualified for appointments by an experi- enced tutor, orally or by post individual tuition, every evening from 7. Corresponding and reporting styles, and sneed clas-es.—Apply Principal. 21, De Burgh-street, River- side Cardiff YR wvf y'n barod i roddi Gwersi yu y Gymraeg, drwy y Post, nm 10s y cwarter.—D. F. Davis, Heol-y-'Jud-ser, Maesadda. Caerdudd. 957 M»V|' FOUND, on October 29th, in the River at East TTsk side, Lug Sail, beloneing to small Boat, by Geo. Merchant. LOST, on Saturday, Irish Terrier Bitch answers to Biddy.—Anyone returning same to Barry's Hotel, Tardiff, rewarded. Detainer prosecuted. 72 JOST, oa the 24th October, Welsh Terrier answers to J Jade-Reward by returning same to above, Barry's Hotel, Cardiff. 73 LOST, on Sunday night last, between Railway Inn, Llanvab'ii, and Porth, Rboodda. a ladies Mackintosh Cape, ilark. Yiiall plaid pattern. Any person returning same to 8, High-street, Trelewis, near Treharris, will be rewarded. 13 I OST or Stolen from 48, Quei-n-street, at 8,30 on Sunda" J morning! ost, a Sable and White Collie Dog.—Anyone detaining same after this notice will be prosecuted. 871 I OST on Friday night, between Canton Bridfte, St. Mary- J street, and Canal West Wharf, Lady's Silver Watch, Gold Chain, with American Dollar and Gold Locket at. tached. Return to 40, Ryder-street, or Poiice-st ation BUit ible reward given. 923 J" OST, from Mi Woods. Oefn Carna Farm, Thorn-liil], J Caerphilly, Dapple Grey Korse, 15 hands, burn mark on body finder rewarded. 492 STOLEN or Strayed, from a field at Maindy, on Friday O night, a Brown Cob Mare, two white legs, 14 hands 2 inches high, five years old,—Anyone returning same to Police-station, Maindy, will be rewarded. 998_ e*S_Reward.—Pocket-book lost near Albany-road Not. O 3rd, eontatn: letter and cards.—H. Davies, 4, Neville- place. Riverside, 957 IMI.UKSTH: SS'IRVAV General Servant wtntedirnmcdiately; 18: no washing. -12, Gordon-road, Cardiff. 37 clean, respectable Girl, age about 16, wanted as nurse -i~A sleep out.—Apply 7, Richmond-crescent, Cardiff. 977 good General Serv>nt wanted at once. two in family.- Apply 6, Francis-street, Newport, Mon. 777e A Women's Metropole and Free Registry Office for Ser- vants changing situations, or respectable women em- ployed daily. 12, Moira-terrace (near Infirmary), Cardiff. Good beds, cookiiiq. every convenience 4d pel night, inclu- sive. Ladies apply for charwomen. &c. 539 A Home for Friendless Girls and Free Registry at '2 -t\ The Parade. Cardiff All girls needing a friend and shelter are welcome. 29 ANY Ladies requiring Servant' Servants requiring Situations in Rhondda Valley, apply Servants' Registry, Court-st, Llwyriypia. Stamped envelope. Fee, Is. €<LV:AN and active Girl wanted forCeuerstt Housfwork c ae from 13 to 20.—Apply 26, Llanbleddian-gardens, Cathays, Cardiff. 468 41 ENERAT. Servant Wanted, age about 20 to 2.5.-Apply, vX with reference, 4, Albany-road, Roath, Cardiff. 55 /GENERAL Servant wanted at 74, Partridge-road, Roatb, V* Cardiff. Girl about 18 preferred. 590 GOOD General, 25 to 30, plain cooking small house good wages and comfortable home for reliable person. —Apply, after 7 p m., 15, Despenser-street. Cardiff. 521 RESPECTABLE Girl wanted as General Servant, aped about 17 small family.—Apply 31, Beauchamp-street, Cardiff. 77 EEQUIRED immediately, good General Servant, honest, clean, and tidy in her appearance reference from last ph.ce.-220, Newport-road, Cardiff. 873 STRONG General Servant wanted for business bú u must be honest and industrious.—Apply Collins, 209, Cardiff-road, Aberaman, Aberdare. 845 \\7ANTED immediately, General Servant (16 to 20): » t country able to wash fond of children.—Apnly personally, 104. Cowbridge-rond, Cardiff. 78 WANTED at once. a good Geiit-rat Servant, with good reference, able to do a little washing,—King, 37, w indsor-road, Penarth, 68 WANTED at once, good General Servant.—Apply, at once. 42. Plasturton-avenue, Cardiff. 1 WANTED, good General must be able to work well housemaid kept state age, salary, and reference.— Apply Mrs Williams, Draper, Aberdare. 50 ~7 ANTED, a General Servant, one able to wash and do t plain uookiug.—Apply Mrs Davies, American Stores, Pontypridd. 67 \\J ANTED, clean, respectable General Servant by 12th *v November good references required able to wash nd iroll.-Williams, Hafod Shop, Hafod, Pontypridd. 62 ANTED, (veneral: plain cooking and ironing nurse W and housemaid kept —Apply, stating age, wages, and References. Alrs Braithwaite, Cefnpcnnar, Mountain Asb. ANTED. a respectable Girl as General Servant WANTED, a respectable Girl as General Servant I" (about 13).—Apply, after 6 p.m., 24, Woodville-road, Cardiff, 23 WANTED, at once, good General Servant plain cook- ing; thoroughly reliable.—Mra Pugh, 144 and 146, Castle-road, Roath, Cardiff. 54 WANTED, an experienced General nurse-housemaid kept.—Mrs Fell. 25,Westbourne-road, Penarth 960 WANTED, at once, good strong Girl as General, age 16 to 18: must have good references,—Apply 29, Wood- street, Cardiff, 961 WANTED, clean Girl, about. 15, with good reference.- Apply IS. Bridge-street. Cardiff. 965 WANTED, a good girl a3 General, about 18.—Apply Mrs Kinman, 62, Castle-road, Roath. 967 WANTED, respectable Young Girl, 16, for (ieneral NV Housework no children comfortable home per- manent.—Hutchinson, Music Warehouse, Clareuce-pln.ce, ^ewport. 992 AVANTED at once, clean, trustworthy Girl for house- work, age 15 or 16 food home family two.- 299, ypwhridge-road. Cardiff. 986 WANTED, General Servant able to wash.—Apply Mrs Baker, 11, Splott-road, Cardiff. 978 WANTED, a thoroughly experienced General Servant. -Apply Mrs W. Jesseman, Wesley-chambers, Coin- toercial-street, Newport. 808e WANTED, respectable Girl "S Nurse, about 14 years.— Wells Hotel, Craddock-street, Cardiff. 968 WANTED, good General Servant housemaid kept.— Address, stating age. wages, and references, Mrs Wad», Tydu House, Rogerstone, Newport, Mon. 806e WANTED, a clean, respectable Girl to assist waitress in dining-rooms must live at Docks. —Apply (after ^o'clock) Maskell'f Dining-rooms, 99. Bute Docks. 938 Parlourmaid, 220 Housemaid, 212: Generals, B6 to £ 20.—Write Mrs poster. Registry Office, Gloucester. 944 WANTED,mornings and afternoons ouly.strong respect- able Girl, about 15, for Housework, &c.—Apply, after feo o'clock. 32, Plasturton-avenue. 925 WANTED* a clean respectable Girl as General Ser vant, about 18: three in family.—Apply 5, Howard- iorrace. Roath. 893 WANTED, a good General Servant.-Apply Mrs Enor.. Hermon Villa, Windsor-road. Penarth. 884 WANTED at once, a good General Servart«*rith p0od referenoe, age about 18.—Apply 22, Denton-road, *»nton. 862 WANTED, a General Servant in small family. Apply 29, Hamilton-street, Canton. Cardiff. 860 ANTED. strong, clean young Girl for Housework.-32, Llanfair-road, Canton. 8S5 WANTED immediately, Girls to pack with mould.-X 857, Echo Office, Cardiff. ANTED, strong Girl as General: used to children v* country preferred: aged i6. -Chamberlain, Gains. Mugh House, Windsor-road, Penarth. S48 X\T ANTED, a respectable Girl, about 15, for housework k, to 6leep at home.—Apply 8, Locliaber-street, K'J'ith r&rk. 841 WANTED, a strong Girl as General Servant, age from 20 to 25 no washing.—Mrs Thomas, 6, Crlcllton. t, Cardiff, 854 V\7 ANTED immediately, good General Servant; early riser, good plain cook.—Apply after 6 p.m.. 3, Rich- mond-terrace, Cardiff. ^02 JjVf ANTED, respectable Girl as Nurse, about 14, and to r, assist in household duties.—Apply Mrs Hames, 19, V^stle-Ptreet, Cardiff. 807 VV ANTED, clean, respectable Girl, about 17.—Apply Mrs ipj Williams. 7, Rawden-place, Canton. 809 wJANTED, a strong, active General, also Norse, at ™ once.—Apply 7, Glossop-terrace, Cardiff, §36 ANTED, Nurse, widow preferred, to attend on Lady „ I'ontinement and to do little housework.—Write P 796, Echo/' Cardiff. 796 W^ANTRD, General Servant, with good character.— Apply 9. Plasturton-gardens, Cathedral-road,Cardiff. \V ANTED, good Cook, must be early riser and able to t. Sf,od references indispensable.—Croome. Stow Park, Circus, Newport. 776e VV ANTED immediately, good Plain Cook; also experi- enced Waitress: and smart Youth as Boots, to be generally liseful.-York Hotel, Bridgend. 769e ANTED, a General Servant, about 19: country girl » » preferred able to wash two in family.-Apply 6. Howard-terrace. Cardiff. til l\7 ANTED, good General Servant, able to do plain cook- T ing.—1. Hamilton-street, Canton. 679 \\7A TED immediately, House Parlourmaid small three servants kept.—Apply, after 6 p.m., Mrs Rhys Griffiths, 71, Newport-road, Cardiff. 654 \X[ ANTED at once, for a family of two, a good General Servant; evenings allowed.—39, Romilly-crescent, Canton. 645 WANTKD at once, a._respectable young Girl as General Srvant,-Apply 5. Dumfries-place. Cardiff. 640 ANTKD immediately, respectable strong Girl, iboiit t 17, tor general house work.-Apply 5, Albert-crescent, Penanh. 643 WANTED, a good General Servant; clean, sharp.— Apply 49, Richmond-road. V\7 ANTED, clean, active Girl, 15 or 16, for housework » v sleep home ;not required Sundays.—Apply 3, Queeu- street, Cardiff. (>?6 WANTKD, strong General Servant, asre 20: must be used to children also good character required.— Apply 5a, Conway-road, Canton. 596 WANTED at once, a good General Servant nurse kept. —Apply 133, Severn-road, Canton, Cardiff. 588 WANTED, Two General Servants.—Apply personally, Brand's Restaurant, 219, Bute-road, Cardiff. 613 I'V/'ANTKD, an experienced General Servant no wash- '» ing.—Apply, personally or by letter, to York Villa, 14, Oakfield-Btreet, Roath. 584 ANTED at once, General Servant or Mother's Help vV about 25 good wages.—Mrs Jones, Emlyn House. Taff's Well. 620 WANTED at once; good General Servant, cook and iron well: state wages required and reference.—Mrs Evans, Vietoth Hotel. Aberavon. 6C6 WANTED, experienced General Servant.—Apply, with references, Mrs Joshua S. Williams, 127, Wood-road, Pontypridd. 631 WANTED at once, good General Servant: also clean, active Girl (15), to assist in house.—25, Newport- road, Cardiff. 493 WANTED at once, General Servant, about 16 or 17, for small family.—Apply 51. Talbot-street, Canton. 477 WANTED, a young, strong, active Girl as General Servant small family.—Apply, after 6 o'clock, 25, Pk.sturton-ardens, Cardiff. 486 WANTED at once. for Hotel in Tredegar, Cook, W General, no washing. Disengaged Housekeepers, Waitresses, Groom, Coachnmn -27, Tudor-road, Cardiff. Sli'ilATlOJIS VACANT A respectable, strong Youth required for delivery of goods and warehouse work.—Apply Ralph Green and Co., 136. Bute Docks. Cardiff. 341 A Vacancy for an Apprentice to the Photographic Busi- 5l ness small premium.-Goldie Bros., 66,"Queen-street, Cardiff.. en. 687 —A Big Salary weekly offered for spare time to either sex, everywhere. Work can be done evanings.—Send addressed envelope to "Eclipse" Work3, 75, Playhonse- yard, Queen Victoria-street, London. 544 ,t PPRENTICES.—Boy wanted to the Upholstering Eusi- iri- ness.—Apply 17, Wood-street, Cardiff. S34 A PPRENTICES aud Improvers wanted to the Dress and l\. Mantle Making no premium,—Misses Parsons, 85. Newport-road, Cardiff. 683 BAKERS,—Wanted, good Dough Maker, and make himself generally useful: wages ISs referencefroai bsó employer re_cd.-J.1.2 BAKERS.—Wanted, smart Young .Man to assist in Brkery aud Deliver.—Riverside Bakery, 37, Lower Cathedral-road, Canton. i 814 BRICKLAYERS.—Wanted two good hands. — Apply Lissaman, New Station Buildings, Toadu. 870 BOILKR aud Steam Pipe Coherers.—Wanted, a few good Hands at once.—Morgan, Chapel-street, Treorky. BOOT Trade.—Young Man seeks Situation as good Repairer.—J. M., 8. Crwys Bridge, Cardiff. 897 ¥ >OOT Trade.—Wanted, a good Stitchman and used to .It.) bench; must be steady.—Vincent, Bootmaker, Tylors- town. 890 BOOT Trade.—Wanted, Rounders none but good and steady worlnHfHl need apply. Also Boys.-Poynton ntid Company, Limited, Cardiff. 689 BOOT Tra(le.-Wanted, good General Hand on Stitch- work.—Apply, with reference, Woolacott, Dock-street, Porthcawl. 125 OYS (two) wanted for skittle alley: wages 7s 6d pe Â.P week each,—Apply at oner; Steward, Conservative Club Cathays. n 844 BUTCHER.—Wanted, Young Man to Manage Pork '> Shop must be able to make up small goods.—Apply H. 479, Echo Office, Cardiff. 479 CCOLLIERS are requested to Keep Away from the Caer- J philiy and Llanbradacb District. Dispute pending. DRAPERY.—Wanted, a young Lady as an Apprentice (indoors),—A. O. Miles, 2. Bute-street, Cardiff, 457 DRESSMAKER (Scientific) desires Work at home or at ladies residences.—M., 85, Alexandra-road, Canton.894 DRESSMAKING.—Wanted indoor Improvers aud Apprentices.—Apply 5, Risca-road, Newport, Mon. J"1ROCERY.—Sharp Lad wanted for driving and assist G in ahoy and warehouse state wages: indoors highest references.—Thomas and Evans, Porl b. 970 ("1 ROCERY and Provisions.—Smart Assistant wanted IT immediately personal application preferred accus- tomed to soliciting.—Howe and Co., Abercarn. 745 ROCERY.—Wanted a strong Youth, used to horses, to CW drive out and make himself generally useful.—Thomas, Household Stores, Briton Ferry. 605 HKLVESM AKERS wanted, must be good dressers.— Lewis, Timber Merchant, Pontypridd. 26 HOTEL,—Wanted immediately, steady Young Man for JL-IL cellar and general work good references necessary. Apply J. H., Echo Office, Newport. 803e MASON.—A good all-round Jobbing Hand.-Apply 2 Harold-street, Cardiff. 985 OLASTERER wanted at once best wages for a good J- man.—Apply to Johu Davies, Plasterer, Brynsa drtlor, Pontyclun. 58 PONTYPRIDD.—Masons, before seeking Employment, are requested to wait on the Secretary or Relieving Officer. 773e PRINTERS.—Wanted, a good Jobbing Hand, and Im- prover used to Cropner: none need apply but steady men Welsh preferred,-I. Joti", Printer, Tieherbert. 824 ^jpEA Trade.—Wanted at once, Improver: used to solicit: JL indoors.—Acply 50. Dunraven-street, Tonypandy. 60 rS 'EA Trade.—Married Man with security wanted to X Manage Branch Business speak Welsh, energetic and oblIging; abstainer preferred.—State age, references, salary, and what family. Beehive Tea Company, Porth, Glamorganshire. 600 'jPO Bakers.—Wanted at once, young Man, age 20, well up JL in bread and cake, abstainer, indoors.—Apply, with reference, E. Jones. Grocer and Baker, Pontymister, Mon. rp> Butchers.—Wanted, two first-class Men as Shop A Mauagers"; wages no object.—Apply 194, High-street, Swansea. 797e P' 10 Bakers.—Wanted, a good Hand at or)ce.-Apply Y A 837, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 887 5HO Masons.—Wanted, a competent Man as above, and X accustomed to range fixing if suitable would be per- ey. -Apply D. L. Smith, House and Estate Agent, 10, Queen-street, Cardiff. 527 rilOS,iocru,tkers.-Wazited a good Repairer: oniy good ft. and sober hands need apply.—11, James-street, Kbbw Vale. 472 \,y ANTED, strong Young Man about 20 years must be V » thoroughly used to horses.—Apply 18, Beresford- road, off Newport-road, Cardiff. 69 WANTKD, willingJ-ad for wrapping and packing out- uoors.—Apply T. Davies and Sons, Soap and Candle Works, Trealaw, Pontypridd. 45 VV7 ANTED, good Bread Baker, must be steady, married, v v age between 30 and 40 constant situation reference required.—E 973. Echo," Cardiff 973 WANTED at once, an experienced female Tailor's Machinist no other need apply to Ralph Green and Co., 136, Bute Docks. Cardiff. 910 WANTED, a respectable Boy as Apprentice to the /1' grocery and provision trade.—Apply at once, Royal Stores, JHrphiL 914 WANTED, smart, intelligent Youth, over 16, to make himself generally useful.-Apply Lion Hotel, Bridge- street, Cardiff. 866 ANTED, two good Bricklayers.—Apply Pumping Station, New Timber Pond, Cardiff. 795 ANTED, strong Lad able to mould and make hinT- self useful.—Apply, with particulars, E. Davies, 160, Brithwaydd road, Trealaw. 722 WANTED, reliable Watch and Clock Jobber (single).— Wages and references to B 667 Echo" Office, Cardiff. 667 WANTED, for boot aud shee trade, a Riveter and ♦'1 Finisher.—Apply John Harries and Co., Stepney- street, LiaDelly. 358 ANTED, a Finisher in black and white enlargements. Apply Roberts' Studio, 5 and 7, Royal Arcade. Cardiff. W' ILLIAMS and Co., Commerce House,eath, require an experienced Yonng Lady for Fancy Counter and Show-rooms when requirpd; Welsh. 718 WOOD Turner wanted.-Davies Bros., Western Steam W Joinery, Tudo 4ame. Cardiff 859 WORKERS wanted at the Penarth Steam Laundry.- Apply to the Manageress. YOUNG Lady wanted as Telegraphist (sounder).—Apply, by letter, also stating knowledge of postal duUes, J 739. Echo Office. Cardiff. 739 02 weekly upwards may be realised by either sex, without oW hindering present occupation.—For san.ples (return- able), tc.. enclose addressed envelope to Evans, Watt3, and Co. (P 133), Merchants, Birmingham.—This is genuin^ SITU ATS Oire WANTUIP. BAKERS.—Wanted, Situation as First Hand, accustomed to smalls well recommended.-Address Caiefield, Tintern, Mon. 27 BAKERS.—Wanted by Young Man Situation in Bake- JO house or delivering used to horses.—Apply W. B., 61, Despenser-street, Cardiff. 929 BUTCHER wants Situation as Second in shop, or slaughterhouse knows his work.—A. Harvey. 15, Chancary-lane, Canton. 979 BUTCHERS.—Situation wanted by Young Man in Shop, or Shop and Slaughter-house.—Address 21, Wells- street, Canton. Cardiff. 829 CIOACHMAN or Grcom-Coachman; thoroughly ex- J perienced with hunters and carriage horses single. 28 excellent references.—S., 48, East-street, Here- ford. 727 DRESSMAKING wanted; first olass fit and style at moderate chargcs.—Mrs Stevens, 71, Bedford-street, Castle-road, Roath, Cardiff. 964 ENGAGEMENT as Barman at once by experienced JLj Young Man used to quick counter trade good references distance no object.—Address Barman, 2, Edward-street. Cardiff. 959 GROCERY and Provisions.—Situation wanted as Manager or Assistant; first-class reference low wage. -3, Copper-street, Cardiff. 946 HLJ AIRDREHSKRS.—First-dase gent's Hand and plain IL boardsmain outdoors.—Emery, Laurel Cottage, t .ifton View, Bedminster. Bristol. 816 HAIRDRESSER wants situation, first-class izents' hand, fair knowledge ladies' and boardwork good references.— Apply 60. Angus-street, Roath, Cardiff. 632 IDRINTKRSMachme Minder (22), seeks Situation ex- P perien ced with Wharfedale.Platen, and Gas Engine.- Address Machine, 51, Romilly-crescent, Canton, Cardiff.955 RESPECTABLE Person wishes Sewing at ladies' houses or home children's costumes made: Is per day and food.-A., 136, Strathuairn-atreet, Cardiff. 59 RESPECTABLE Young Man requires Light Employ- n ment for eight weeks late hospital nurse: small re- muneration to pass time.—H 999. "Echo." Cardiff. 999 SMITHS.—Young Man seeks situation ar Improver; country work preferred; four years' experience, with good reference.-Apply Bowen, Ystradowsn, Cowbridge. 82& rpO Grocers.—Wanted, situation as Assistant; age, 26; A 10 years' experience South Wales preferred.—Abbott, care of Mr Coates. Grocer. Llandrindod Wells. 882 XX7 ANTED, by respectable Person. Washing, Ironing, t v and General Housework.—Apply G. 966, Echo Office, Cardiff.. 696 ♦ WANTED, by respectable young person, Situation as Barmaid no objection to assist in light house work.— Apply Miss Tnck, 69. Tynytilla-road, Ystrad. Rh ondda. Valley, Glamorganshire. 32 WANTED, Situation as Working Housekeeper by a respectable person, with Ono ehiUL-Apply C 952, Echo" Office, CanUfl, 952 IATANTET). Situation as Cook or Charwoman, or any t kind of cleai)ing sleep out business house pre- ferred. -0 542, 11 Echo" Office, Cardiff. 542- YOUNG Pereou seeks Situation as Housekeeper or Cook. Disengaged barmaids and generals. Ladies suited, 6a.. Wood-road, PontypridJ. 814e YOUNG Lady wants situation in stationery or other YOUNG Lady wants situation in stationery or other light business no previous experience quick give short time.—Address F 933, "Echj Office, Cardiff. S33 YOUNG woman (19) wants light, Situation in private -t family by November lbth good reference; Canton preferred.—L. 28, Echo Office, Cardiff. 26 YOUNG Man seeks Situation as Manager or Stillman of a Chemical Works.—Apply John Ciaple, Bream Eaves, Lydney. Glos.. 424 "^OUNG Lady (24) desires engagement in busine-s.— _A__A1ddress E 680, Echo Office. Cardiff. 680 CLERKS. MANAGERS. SHARP Youth wanted at ouce for the Office.—Apnly Central Advance Bank, 43, Wood-street. Cardif^^j^ t A GENTS wanted everywhere, Monmouthshire, Glouces- A tershire. Carmarthenshire, Montgomeryshire, Radnor- shire, Jcc. £4 weekly earned, eDergetic men canvas '.ng shops.—Messrs Pamphilon, Conleton, Cheshire. 74- AGENTS Wanted.—Jewellery, Watches, Pipes, Clothing Toys, Hardware, Furniture, Wringer?, Harmoniums. Wholesale Book free.— Henry May, Bi miogham. r RAVELLER wanted for Cardiff district, for house and A other coals exceptional terms to good man.—Write N 43, "Echo Office. Cardiff. 43 V.' ANTED, au Insurance Collector a steady, honest » » man, with experience a good book vacant.Apply W 856. Echo Office, Cardiff. V57 ANTED, Assistant Traveller, Provision Trade: T v Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire.—Write W 778, South Wales Daily News Office, Cardiff. 778e W' ANTED, first-class Men to introduce Publications, by an old-established firm in Sour,h Wales liberal com- mission.—Alph, Echo" Gffice, Swansea. 768e apaktmionts «stc APARTMENTS wanted in Cardiff by two gentlemen one sitting-room and two bedrooms piano, hot and cold bath.—Apply K 17, Echo," Cardiff. 17 APARTMENTS to Let, suit one gentleman; hot and cold Ll.. bath three minutes from T.V.R. St.ation,-4, Edwards-terrace, Cardiff. 877 APARTMENTS, Furnished Sittinf and Bedroom suit two respectable young men or married couple.— Apply 23, King's-road. 801 APARTMENTS or Lodgings to Let, for one or two gentlemen.—Apply 40, Ryder-street, Canton. 774 A PARTMENTS.—Convenient Rooms, furnished, 7s per A. week unfurnished, 4s 6d: Canton 'bus passes; use of range and bathroom.—S. 591, Echo," Cardiff. 591 APARTMENTS, furnished or iiufuniished. married A couple or ladies engaged during day: cheap: bath: tram passing door.-54, Woodville-road, Cathays. 503 CCOMFORTABLE Furnished Apartments or Lodgings for J one ir two gentlemen dining out: terms moderate.— 54, King's-road, Canton, Cardiff. 79 OMFORTABLE Furnished Apartments, two front rooms, g.os, bathroom, every convenience: three minutes' from Queen-street.—Geneva House, Senghcnydd- road, Cardiff. 54 COMFORTABLE Apartments for one or two gentlemen \j front sitting-room and bedroom, or share sitting-room with aiiritber: bath moderate.-28. Llanbleddian-gardens. COMFORTABLE Lodgings for two respectable Men: use of bath.—16, Mackintosh-place, Roath. 997^ COMFORTABLE Lodgings for two respectable young c men hot and cold bath: no children terms mode- rate.—Apply S, Adamsdown-square, Cardiff. H COMFORTABLE Lodgings for one or two Working men c no children.-17, South Church-stteet, Docks. 99o COMFORTABLE liome for Yoiinc; Lady eii,,aged during V the day. Terms, 3s weekly.-Apply 72, Pembroke- rod, Canton. -82- COMFORTABLE Lodgings for one or two you .2 men 4.j quiet and respectable terms moderate.—28, Cradaoek- stree, Riverside. COMFORTABLY-Furnished Apartments, with 8?°" cooking and attendance terms moderate.—112, R'^u- mond-road, Roath. "0° or four CCOMFORTABLE Lodgings for two or four respectable > Young Men. Terms, 4s. No children.—Apply 27, resilli an-terrace, Cardiff. COMFORTABLE Lodgings or Apartments, suit one or two eentlemen; friends or ladies, every convenience terms moderate.—47, King's-road, Canton. 800 COMFORTABLE Lodgings for a respectable Young V Man, to shave bed with another no children terms moderate,-Apply 19, Topaz-street, Roath. 790 /COMFORTABLY Furnished front Sittinp-room and Bed- room suit gentleman or two friends: hot and cold baths; Doeb.-10. Clarence-terrace, Corporation-road. 686 C"COMFORTABLE Lodgings for one or two respectable J Young Men.—Apply 5C, Longcross-st, Roath, Cardiff. COMFORTABLE Apartments for two gentlemen friends; V front sitting and bedroom terms moderate: no chil- dren.-31. Talwortli-street, Castle.road, Roath. 674 & COMFORTABLE Lodgings for one or two respectable Men.—60, Penarth-road, Cardiff. 661 DE BURGT[-Street.—Comfortable Apartments large front bedroom,, use sitting-room: two young ladies; board and lodgings, 12s each, weekly apartments -Is 6d each bath, piano, every home comfort.-Q., 798, Echo," Cardiff 7931 KjCRONT Sitting and Bedroom, comfortably furnished JD good cjoking, attendance, bath town end Albany' road: 10s weekly.—V 834, Echo," Cardiff. 834 FRONT Apartments for one or two steady young Men in Roath. Terms moderate: near cars no children. Teachers or Clerks preferred.r. 803, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 803 FURNISHED Rooms to Let for Young Gentle mau at 29, Rawden-place. ARGE Back Pariour (oven grate) and Two Bedrooms to 11 Let.-Apply 3S, Llandatf-road, Canton. 872 X ODGINGS for respectable Young Men, with or without Jl-J board; use piano and tittitig-room.-Apply Princess Dining Rooms, North-road, Cardiff. 44 LODGINGS or Apartments for young gentlemen or ladies, or use of sitting-room and piauo.—36, Harriet- street, Cathays, Cardiff. 991 LODGINGS for one or two respectable young men, peuliyn-roid, Canton; (ram terminus; terms motlerate no children.— K. 766, Echo," Cardiff. 766 ICELY-furnished and cosy Apartments for gentleman, -Li suit traveller, every convenience bus pass the door. 98, Castle-road, Cardiff. 776 PENARTH. Comfortable, pleasantly-situated Home P offe-ed to one or two gentlemen near station hot and cold w.ter,-6, Clive-road. 534 PENARTH, near Station.-Comfortibly-fur ;shed Bed P and Sitting-room suitable tor oae or two gentlemen. -Nescliffe, Cornerswell-road 535 FITTING and Si*iglo Bedroom, suitable for one gltle. 0 man; good attendance and very moderate terms,-14, Lonpcross-street. Roath. 665 r!PO Let. well-furnished Apartments for two gentlemen X friends.—Apply 14. Craddock-street, Riverside. 993 rgCO Let, comfortable and well-furnishtd Apartments: A bath, gas, piano small family. Every home comfort. Moderate terms.—58, Gleuroy-street. 711" ^JCOLet, 3, Hannah-street, Docks.—Comfortable furnished A Apartments, with or without attendance; term3 moderate. 678 Let, comfortable Bedroom, with use of sitting-room A gentleman or two friends trams pass.—119, Word- ville-road, Cathays, Cardiff. 558 fTVWO Furbished Rooms or Lodgings for one or two A thoroughly respectable young Men no children.—5, South William-street, Docks. 88') r WO or Three Unfurnished Rooms to Let: bath, hot and A cold good locality: suit young couple.-84, Crwys- ro,d, Cardiff. 487 TWO Unfurnished Rooms to Let, with oven grate, iu most respectable locality terms, 3s6d.—18, Beresford-road, off Newport-road. 755 UNFURNISHED Apartments for respectable people U two or three looms.—Apply 41, Christina-street, near Loudoun-square, Cardiff. S90 NFURNISHED Apartments, where there are no U children: every convenience two minutes from tram. 4, New Buildings, Atlas-road, Canton. 528 WANTED by a Young Lady, all day in business, bed- room and u.e of sitting-room and piano; sl ate terms .-M 781. Echo," Cardiff. 731 ANTED to Let Part of House, or Lady to share W home terms moderate.-Apply 17b, King's-road, Canton, Cardiff. 813 TO LET.—HOUSES. <lr. A House to Let, with garden, 16, Byron-street, off Castle- road rent, 6s 6d.—Apply 18, Edward-terrrce. 720 ALEXANDER-street, Cathays.-Ilouse to Let: rent, J-TL 9s weekly.-Apply W. Sanders and Sons, 28. St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 560 CASTLE-road (uear).—Convenient House; rent, 7s per C week — S Hern and Pertwoe, Auctioneers, Cardiff.694 EISTEDDFOD-street, Temperancetown.—House to Let j" painted and papered immediate possession.—Phillips, Jeweller, 24, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 975 ELEANOR-street, Docks.—House to Let suit pilot or engineer rent, 12s weekly.—Apply W. Sanders and Sons, 28. St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 852 I?RONT and Back Parlour and Front Bedroom to Let Unfurnished terms, 58 6d weekly.—Apply 10, Cran- brook-street, Cardiff. 963 ( tJ-AHDEN Ground or Building Land to be Let near VA Roath Park.—Apply S. Hern aud Pertwee. Auc- tioneers, Cardiff. ly 1-1 OUSE to Let, 37, Angelina-street, with stable also ■-A House ana Stable, 4, Madras-street, Grange.— Apply 71, Adam-street, Cardiff. 30 OUSE ill Pontypridd to Let; immediate possession. Two Villas in Pontypridd for Sale: good investment. SPicketts, Solicitors, Pontypridd. 790e HOUSE to Let, Luton-place four bedrooms, two attics; good condition with gas fittings.—Apply 15, Moira- plaoe, Adamsdown. 846 T ARGE Lodging-house to Let, 10, Cardiff-road close to ;7 j."ew dock works, Cadoxton-Barry.—Apply Jones, 9, Cardiff-road. Cado\ton. 921 T LANDAFF, near Station, Villas to be Let or Sold; L every convenience, hot and cold baths, gas, and bells. —James, Builder. 920 1 LANISHEN-street, The Heath, Cardiff 4 bedrooms, L hot watet" aud gas throughout, improved sanitary ar- rangements. Key at No. 7, Llanisher.-street 662 "^JEWPORT. Waterloo-road, House, overlooking new Park, five bedrooms, bath and w.c., with hot and cold water throughout: also Llaiidag-street, off Waterloo-road, House with four bedrooms, bathroom hot and cold water. -Appl) H. Parses. Llandaff-street. Newport. 749a NOTp,.tl'e Parade, Cardiff, close to the University and Railway Stations.—-A pleasant Semi-detached Villa ence to Let; with immediate possession, if required £40 per annum.- Gunn, Auctioneer, Westgate-chamhers, Catdiff. 874 IV 55, Ua,isy street to Let. rent 5s.—S. Hern and XC Pertwee, Cardiff. 595 KOMILLY-crescent, Canton.—Convenient House, hot and cold bath, lavatory; 'bus passing door; rent, 13; 6d week.—faibbs. Partridge-road, Cardiff. 564 SPRING* lELD-place, Canton.-Six-i,oomed Cottages to o Let; repaired throughout: rent, 6s 6d weekly.-Apply W. Sanders and Sons. 28, St. Mary-street. 851 THE South Wales and Monmouthshire Property Register for October free on application or post.—Hern and Pertwee, House Agents. Auctioneers, Valuers, &c., Cardiff. TO Let, in Turberville-place, Canton, good House, newly X papered throughout four bedrooms, hot and cold batb, gas fittings, and every convenience rent, lis 6d ciear.-Apply W. Symonda, 16, Rectory-road, Canton. 70 TO Let, Villas in Alfred-street, Roath Park, ready in about 2 weeks, with hot and cold bath rent, 9s per week inclusive.—Apply A. J. Howell, 5. Queen-street. 895 TICO Let, 8, Llanbleddian-gardens 2 reception rooms, 6 I bedrooms, hot and cold bath.—18, St. Andrew's- crescent, Cardiff, &)4 npiOLet, Houses in Aberystwyth-street aud Milford-street, X rent 6s 6d also, Large Corner Villa in Aberdovey- street, East Moors, rent 10s.-Apply A. J. Howell, 5. Queen-street. 896 TO Let, No. 98, Llandaff-road moderate rent: bath, gas, re-decorated.—Apply 34, Alexandra-road. 658 rpo Let, No. 2, Wells-street, Canton also No. 25, Robert X street, Cathays. Apply A. L. Coles, 258, Cowbridge- road, Canton. 639 O-Let, Strathnairn-street; 116, Cottrell-road; 44. Albany-road: 117, Crwys^road; 15, Dalton-street.— —Apply 138, Castle-road. 579 rpo be Let or Sold, 4 Houses, Ninian-road, Roath Park X 3 receptiou, 7 bedrooms; immediate possession.— Purnell, The Walk. 551 TO Let, 23, Aberdovey-street, East Moors Urge corner house, bath (hot and cold); rent, 10s.—John Williams, Aberystwyth-street. 565 r U Let, 42, Longcross-street, Roath.—Apply 63, Staoey- X road, or 25, System-street, Cardiff. 549 YILLA Residence in Llandaff-road to Let; all modern conveniences; low rent,—Apply 51, Qneen-atreet. 637 WESTON-Super-Mare. — House, with spacious yard (123ft. by 42ft.), three-stali stnble, Ac. Oxford- street possession low rent.-Gunn, Atione!CI!di_ WESTON-Super-Mare.—Semi-detached ViUa Residence, NV charmingly situate near Grove Park 3 reception and 6 bedrooms, offices rent £ 42.—Gunn, Auctioneer, Westgate-chambers, Cardiff, 875 83. Constellation-street, to Let, four bedrooms good repair. —Apply iO, Gordon-road, Roath. 31 X59, 136, Carlisle, 46. Fishguard-streets, 78, Saltmead-road. -Apply next door in each instance, or Fine, Clifton- street. 982 Q 8. Devon-street. S*ltmead, to Let. Back entrance eV reuc, 7s.—Apply between 6 and 7, Ewens, 145, Severn- road. Canton. 9.36 X8, Park-grove.—Three reception room3, six bedrooms dressing-room, bathroom, pantries, tc. Low rental.— Apply, by letter, to Occupier. 868 43, Sophia-street, Docks, to Let rent, lis 6d a week TC clear respectable tenants only.-Apply 50, Cowbridge rc,.td, 656 J24, Olive-street, Grangetown.—To Let, desirable Villa, gas throughout, bathroom stable optional low rental.—Apply Abrahamson, Grangetown, Cardiff. 849 12, Glynrhondda-street.—To Let 2 reception-rooms, 6 bedrooms, hot and cold bath, every convenience.— Apply 56, Cottrell-road. 483 15, Radnor-road —Four bedrooms; bath (hot and cold), and also in scullery rent only 99 per week.—Evans and Hughes, House and Estate Agents, Borough Chambers, Cardiff. 523 HOUSES to Let as under.—Apply Evans and Hughes, House and Estate'Agents, Auctioneers and Valuers, County Fire Office, Borough Chambers, Wharton-street, Cardiff. 464e l»J5, James-street. Penarth. 6s per week. & 464e 43, Hewell-street, Cogan: 5s weekly. 464e 4 Belle Vile-terrace, Cadoxton, • 464e 15, Radnor-road. 9s weekly, hot and cold bath. 464e SHOP, with or without Cellar, Pier-head Chambers. S. Park-terrace, Despenser-street. 2, Glenroy-street; 14s per week. Jj 3, Hewell-street, Grange rent, 7 s. S2, Cow bridge-road bath, hot and cold rent, 13s. 62 and 64, Plasturton-avenue sumptuously finished. Charles-street, Cardiff, and 0, Charles-street, Cardiff, and 46,e OFFICES, Dowlais Chambers, 464e ro LET—KIISIMKSS PltEMISBS DEOADWAY.—Good corner House and Shop to Let, t suit any business, next door to post-office.-13, Tyler; street, Roath. 972 Ar,-DIFP,tat)l,to Let in Johr-stree t. -Apply Res- sions, Limited, Penarth-road, Cardiff. 485 E AS't Wharf, just completed, commodious Warehouses (three floors and cellar), in centre of town,—Lewis, 266. Newport-road. Cardiff. 763 LARGE Mission Hall to Let in Castle-road.—Apply 103* Castle-road, Cardiff. 742 ]Vf EWPORT.—TobeTetT Suite of Offices tour rooms and p ^Tat0*T; centrally situated in Tredegar-place.— wtlcm*rso £ MauaKer, "Daily News" Office, Newport. 38e pbNTYPRIDD.—Large Room, 45 feet long, now used as J- „ 6rl bazaar, to Let, with immediate possession.-Ai)ply 6S, Taff-street. 764e -1 A I IF-2i- SALEROOM to Let for short time best position in S Rhondda Valley.—Apply M. Davies, 57, Llewellyn- t entre. Rhondda Valley. 478 tsir'^ENDID Opportuniiy.—To Let, in the centre of the town, largo Stores, 90 feet deep frontage to Custom House-street. 33 feet frontage to Charlotte-street, 44 feet. long term —Apply Old Brewery. Cardiff. 876 TABLE.and Coach-house to Let.—Apply 42, The Parade, Cardiff- 956 ^JTABIVE to Let: every convenience: water laid 011! room for cart, lie. 3s per week.—74, Neville-street, Riverside. Cardiff. 853 T° ^e* suitable for Hairdresser, in principal J Etreeb Polity pa idd.—Apply Parsley, Hat Maker, 10, Taff-street, Pontypridd. 815e rjjCO Hairdressers.—Room to Let, good position.—Apply at U_ once to H, Davies, opposite Town-liall, Porth, Rhondda v ;1. 825 r\O- La. at Hast Usk-road. a good two-stalled Stable Ji. with room over, suitable for workshop or storing pur- poses room for two cabs or other vehicles, under cover.- Apply20, Last Usk-road, or 100. Duckport-road, Maindee, fu 796e TO Let, Stable or Workshop and Loft, Oyfarthfa-str^et, near Castle-r^d Apply Blake, 31, Llanbleddianl gardens, or 47, Cyfartbfa-sbreet, Cardiff. 772 Fg,O Let, back of 22. Windsor-place, Stables, two loose .1 boxes, coachnouse, harness-room, large 10ft.-22, Windsor-place. 693 rgco Lst, 71, Hopkinstown, PpntypriddTbouble Sbop and A House, good Stabling and Storehouse rapidly-rising district; suitable for any business. Apply at above address. 754e rjOO Let, at Ystrad, Rhondda, a House and Shop, with X immediate possession; excellent opening for a watchmaker and jeweller (not one in the place).—Apply to T. Thomas, Ystrad, Rhondda. 627 TO Let, Rooms as Offices, above Sonth Wales Daily News" Office, St. Mary-street.—Apply "Daily News, Cardiff. lOOe AREHOTJSE and Stables to Let in Trade-lane, Trade ft street (off Penarth-road), within 3 minutes' walk of Great Western Station-Apply D. Da-vics, Trade-street, or 175, Castle-road, Cardiff. 268 WESTON-Super-Mare—Good corner Shop, Oxford- street and James-street: well adapted for provision or any other business rent £ 50.—Gunu, Auctioneer, Car- di ff. 875 76, Wellington-street (near coal sidings).—Excellent 3- a Stall Stable, with large Loft, suit coal and firewood vendor, rent 5s.—Apply Rees, Solicitor, Bank Buildings, Cardiff. 961 Stable to Let; large yard.-Apply 67, Plantagenet- street. Cardiff. 1 582 IFOSt SALE—ISOdSiiS LANa). dt" A House for Sale, No. 31, Howard-gardens (opposite Higher Grade School): possession can be had in a month or six weeks.-Apply D. J. Davies, Builder. 64, Crwys-road, Cathays. 938 I-S.ARGAINH.f.;¡X Villas, Singleton'road. Moreland iLi, Gardens 4 Shops, Portmanmoor-road (baths): Cot- tages, Pontypridd-street, all East Moors.-Rerridge. 179, Broadway. 989 gjCOR Sale, 14, Wellfield-road, corner house, 5 bedrooms: A immediate possession,—Apply O. Purnell, 5, The Walk, Cardiff. 779 HOUSE for Sale in Miskin-street.—Apply 41, The Walk. 571 EWPORT-road.-SDIenclid Houe, six bedrooms, bath room, back and fide entrances, good garden, 2650.- Doggett and Rippon, 63, Keppoch-street. 557 "VTEAR Roath Park, Seven Villas (seyen rooms and bath- X* room) to be Sold, cheap.—Lewis, 266, N ewport-r >ad, Cardiff. 762 ENTRY,, and Ystr,-id, Rloud(la Vallcy.- For Sale several jt. lots of well anointed Cottage Properties on main road, returning a very fair percentage outgoings low- Apply T. R. Evans. Auctioneer, Pentre. 900 "KlfSIA'IiSSES WANTFlt. WANTED to Purchase a Tobacconist and Stationery Business, with living accommodation.—Address full particulars to J.C.M., South Wales Daily News Office," Cardiff KSISIJiKSSES FOSt UtSPOSAU BARGAINverytbilJg. Capital Refreshment 13 House, main 3tree, Bristol; living for two Dersons- James, Duke Cottafe, Duke-street, King-square, Bristol. 902 BAKEHOUSE to Let, with gas stove for pickletts. and JD all other utensils for small goods and bread,-R 562, "Echo,' Cardiff. 562 BOOT Trade — For Disposal at once, through illness, good Repairing Business, near Cardiff takings £ 12 to £ 14 weekly main street; crand position incoming low.— II 714, Echo Office, Cardiff. 714 EXOEr.LENf Business for Sale, including Stock and _£'.J Fixtures, near centre ot town of Cardiff established five years.-Full particulars of C. S. Arthur. Estate Agent, 10, Queen-street, Cardiff. 704 ■JT^OR Disposal at once, a small Grocery Business ill- 8. health cause of leaving.—Write O. 51, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 51 OR Disposal, small Fruit iiid Greengrocery Businesa: F incoming low.-Apply 30, Clare-road, Cardiff. 837 LjCOR Sale, a Sweet and Fruit Business in best position iu Penarth, doiag very good trade long lease.—Particu- lars of William Howt lis, 96, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 471 GROCERY and Provision Business good position GROCERY and Provision Business good position corner shop all cash trade worth seeing a bargaio. —A. W. A., "Echo Office, Newport. 805e SWEET Business for Sale (old-established) at valuation S only, with or without machinery good retail trade.— At.. Echo Office. Swansea. 812e SOUND Grocery and Provision Business for immediate disposal: takings about £35 per week established 30 years, in present hands 6 years ingoing, stock. &c., £ 260.—Apply J. W. Williams. 11, Duke-street, Cardiff. 706 t-1 KMC HOUSED. cARDIFF.-Three genuine Double-licensed Houses J main thoroughfares: particulars only to callers.— Powell, Roach and Co., 8, St. John s-square, Cardiff. 707 CcASH £ 200. —Well-kuown Spirit House, near Cathedral, J Turkish baths, and horse repository present hands many years; present tenant 5 years.—Downing, Hotel Valuer, Bristol. 614 TVfl OUNT Pleasant Hotel, Merthyr ValP, to Let on lease. ItX —Apply Mr Robt. Thomas, Solicitor, 11, Castle- street, Cardiff. 9 AT KAR Abertillery.—To Let. in this rapidly-increasing J-C( coal district and thickly-populated neighbourhood, a handsomely-fitted Double-licensed Public-house.—Apply personally, W. Gill, 119, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 605e NEAR Cardiff.—Handsomely-fitted Double-licensed Public-house stabling and piggeries attached also large Smith's Shop.—Apply personally. Gill, above address. EIAR Abersychan.-To Let, valuation only, one of the -Lcl best double-lieensed Houses in this important dis- trict,—Apply Gill, above address. 605e EAR Cardiff. -One of the best Country Houses ever N offered part purchase money can remain double licensed.—Gill, above address. 605C POWELL, Roach, and Co., St. John's-square, Cardiff, P Auctioneers, have so many Double-licensed Houses for Disposal that it would be impossible to advertise them all in detail particulars on application. 708 C^MALL Country Inn wanted.—Full particulars to F 709, kJ Echo Office, Cardiff. 709 r|CO Let, most thickly-populated part of Cardiff, good X single-licensed Public-house low ingoing.—W. Gill, above address. 605e ICO Valuation.- Free Full-licensed Country Inn, be- a;¡ tween two important towns in Somerset: ample stabling, large garden, beerhouse, 5 acres garden and orchard £45.-Downin¡¡:. 614 Olt8h Issue. 60 columns, post free. Original and largest O list Hotels, Breweries, Spirit Vaults, Beerhouses, Temperance Hotels, Tobacconists',Grocer's,Draper',Bakers', dairymen's Businesses, every description £20 to £loo,OOD. -Dowoiug. Nelson-street, Bristol. Established 1848. 614 0150 (.lash.—Wine, Spirit, Beer Stores great residential cV district: old-established conneotion brewers offer unusually advantageous terms; splendid opening.— Downing, Bristol. 614 .i50.. Furnished, Bath -Sterling old-established Spirit a; House, with capital bowling saloon near post-office Payments to brewers and spirit merchants, £37 monthly- Downing. 614 5IKSICAL A good Harmonium, suitable for mission-room, £ 4 4s, at Kennard's Mart, 88, Castle-road. AMERICAN Organ, 5 stops, £ 7 10s, at Kennard's Mart. 792 AN excellent American Organ, 7 stops, £ 10 10a, at Ken- nard's Mart. AT Kennard's Mart.—An excellent Trichord Iron Frame Piano, nearly new, £ 16 16s. 792 AT Kennard's Mart.-A very fine PIano, all latest im. provements, £18 188. AT Kennard's Mart.—A grand Piano, worth inspection, £ 26 5s. at Kennard's Mart. BANJO Studio, Adamsdown-square.-Thorough tuition by the author, hiehlv popular Danse Bonbon;" 2s, from any Music Stores, or above. 8SO OPYRIGHT.-Music Made Easy.-Wallible, easy, prao.. J tical method for all to play Piano, Harmonium, Is.— Jfcev. W. Hngbes, Conlston, WiltL 499 IjCOR Sale, Circular E flat Bombardon; nearly new; a bar X aain.—Apply A 942. Echo" Office, Cardiff. 942 IT'OR Sale, magnificent Pianoforte: iron frame, over- X strung, check action, full trichord new last vear cost 50 guineas, will take 36 guiueas.-Bishop, 168, Cathays- terrace, Cardiff. 778 TjcOR Sale, Organ, in splendid condition; handsome i walnut case 6ft. high, li stops, knee swell, and octave oupieLs price. £ 11.—Apnly J. If. Hill, 51, Pill- street. Cogan. 577 gT'OR Sale, iron frame, full compass Pianoforte, X £ 36, cash £ 12 12s Harmonium, thoroughly good in- strument, B3 10s.-150, Clare-road, Cardiff. 581 I S AK.MO.VI.UM3, Pianos, Organs, Sc., on tee Hire Pur XX cbase System.—Atlas Furnishing Company, Ltd.- Slave' Cardiff 41e RGAN (10 stops) for Sale, in handsome walnut case, 0 two knee swells, and octave couplers, £12: worth £20. 7, Talbot-street, Cardiff. 736e PIANO for Sale (by Thompson and Shackell), price, £ 13. —Apply 138, Richmond-road, Cardiff. 29 IANOS and Organs for Sale at Kennard's Mart, Castle- road, Cardiff, this week; Collard & Collard Piano in g,oocl condition. ._n. 792 PIANOS.—Magnificent upright Grand Pianoforte, brass tuning plate, trichord throughout, iron frame list, 35 guineas Williams's price, £ 19 12s6d.—14, Kigh-st. 6I2e \\7ANTED, in Cardiff, a respectable Youth, about 16, T T able to play —Apply, by letter, Hutchinson's Music Warehouse. Newport. 832 ANTED, at, once, Pianist, in Cardiff evenings only v » mus be up to date.—Apply, in first instance, W. 783, Echo," Cardiff. 783 WANTED, a Pianist; must have good reference.— fV Apply A. Waite, Colliers' Arms, Abersychan. 729 £ 15 15?.—At Kennard's Mart, very fine Board Piano, £ 15 15s. 792 BICYCLES. TRICYCLES Ac. ABSOLUTE Clearance; 14 solid-tyre Bicycles. Will A take back any time in exchange. Send P.O. 15s, full address, and size required.—Morris Bios., Pontypiidd 27e CCUSHION, bulls oil over. latest improvements cost E15 J this year scarcely soiled no further use cheap.-17, Stacey-roivd, Roath, Cardiff. 926 CCUSHION Tyr, fer Sile, diarnon(I frame, ball v bearings throughout; genuine bargain. 70s.—Sampson, New Villas, Walker-road, Moors. 40 IADIES' Pneumatic Safeiy, latest 1894 pattern, ball head J splendid machine never used 28in. wheels, guards, complete cash £6 10s appi,ival.- Apply Wallace, 5, Resent-street, Weston-super-Mare. 987 REPAIRS, enamelling, plating also tyrea, on shortest notice for the Trade,-Morris Bros.. Pontypridd. F,PAtitS-All go to Morris Bros. Ilcntypndl ï., No job too difficult, no iob too small. Don't forget.27e REPAIRS of any kind to Pneumatic Tyres, or Hepairing I Outfits 14 stamps. Puncture Proof Bands, and how to fix, post free 9s &i.-Marris Bros., Pontypridd. SAFETY, cushion, diaiaond, unscratched, hall head, balls everywhere: nearly new; bargain, £ 5 10s, worth doubie.-57, Davistreet. town, Cardiff. 867 tc AFETY, Lady's Mackintoshdetach'nle pneumatic, balls O throughout, unsailod, £ 9, worth £ 22 —Write Mackin- tosh." Echo," Cardiff. 547 SAFETY, St. George's Engineering Co s. (new rapid) 1894 C) Dunlnp pneumatics, Zil 103, cost £ 26.—Write St. George, Echo," Cardiff. 548 SAFETY, Seddon detachable pneumatic diamond quite S new latest improvement ES 10s worth f £ 20.— Write Seddon, Echo," Cardiff. 546 AFETY.-Gen,iin bar.; ;ain, pneumatic double tube I S tyres, weight 30lbs. very latest pattern listed £21; never used guaranteed cash £6 10s. Approval with pleasure. No use to preseut owner. 5, Regent-street, Weston-super-Mare. 277 '"SCO Racing Men and Tourists.—Write for our illustrated X list of the famous Defiance Cycles, which are the fastest cycles for road and path, as ridden by all the cracks of Wales. Repairs promply attended to at moderate charges. Large quantity of second-hand safeties always in stock. Lists free. Arthur Williams and Company, Defiance Cycle Works. Glan,.mman. 394e i 'A KK A«i Kfs V SiH ICLES. &C. Good working Brougham tor Sale.-Address 58, Splatt- Xi road, Splotlacds, Cardiff. 601 I>ARGAINS.—Carts, suit butchers, bakers, boarding- ]I masters: Flat Cart, Pleasure Trap, suit 15 hands two Pony Gigs several Sets Harness, different classes and sizes, very cheap.-14, Havelock-street, Temperance Town, Cardiff. 490 FOR Sale. Pony Pleasure Trap, suit pony 12 hands, or exchange for business trap, BUll13 hands.—Reed, Baker, Llanbradacb. b7 Kj^OR Sale, cheap, Three Excellent Dog-carte, twolirst- -B? class Tradesmen's Cart, one cheap Pony Cart, 2C Sets of n9W and second-hand Harness, 20 Pairs of Carriage Lamps, good Saddle and Bridle, and light Wagon.—Apply Commission Yard, 2?6, Pearl-street. Roath, Cardiff. 987 FOR Sale, a Flat Spring Cart, nearly new, cheap Clothes- A' line Props, od each.—Blake, Cathays Yatd. 950 I^OR Sale, at Grover's, Wharton-street, Cardiff, new, light, spring Trolley, and one light Hauling Cart, two rpring Trucks. 682 }jX)R Sale, good Second-hand long bed Cart, suit coal trade also several pairs good Second-hand Wheels.— Thompson, Cross-street, "N L'wport. 752e TjCOR Sale, nearly new Surrey Car, psmted blue, cloth X cushions, brass lamps and fittings, foot rest, and indiarubber matg; in capital condition; suit cob 13,2.- Apply Fuller Birtell & Co., Hop»-street, Cardiff. 125e GOOD Long Coal Cart for Sale.—Apply 170, Broadway, Cardiff.. 18 \TEW Hauliers', Builders', and Contractors' Carts, 1. c £ 10 10s light second-hand Grocer's Sprin? Sack Cart, £ 8.—Avery, Dock-street, Newport. 793e 1 "jVTEW Hauling Cart, and a lot of Handtrucks for Sale, ii cheap.—120. Cairn-street. Cardiff. 685 STRONG Spriug Hand Truci: wanted good condition 1o.:J cheap.—Newny, Builder, Moira-place. 847 WrANTED. Bakers' Coburg. to suit cob 13 to 14 hands, in good condition.— E\ilcher, Baker, Tylorstown, near Pontypridd. 512 O Sets of strong Harness siMgood double action Ctaff. ^utte^cheagj^^Elm-etjCar^ff^TES ilOKSES. UVK 81"1. -"(' A Useful Pony, 13 hands, warranted, with long Cart and Harnes; suit lamp-oil man or greengrocer; £]3. Also strong Cob and Harness, L9. Must be sold.—28, Stacey-road, Roath, Cardiff. 74 Strong, useful Mare, 15 hands suit coalman or any A tradesman; sound, and good worker in all harness: warranted; can be tried. Price, £9,-D, Morgans, Ener- glyn Mills, Caerphilly, 75 A Good, strong Cob, 14 hands, warranted sound and good worker, with new long Coal Cart aud Harness. £ 16. Also Cart and Harness, suit haulier, £7 10.93, Clifton- street, Cardiff. 76 A White Maltese Dog for Sale very affectionate with A children.—Apply 2, Eclipse-st., Splotlands, Cardiff. 976 A Bargain.—Must be sold at, once, Black Mare, 13 hands, .k fiat Cart, Harness, and Scales all good condition sell at a great sacrifice.—F, Barber, Fish Merchant, Cwm, Ebbw Vale. 794 A Bargain to Hauliers and others.—Sale, very thick made l\. Cart Mare, 15 hands, 2 inches, 6 years old, warranted good worker in all harness and sound free trial allowed also set of shaft harness; price £18 18i.—Mrs Moore, Caer- leon, near Newport 760e A good, strong Cob for Sale, cheap, to an immediate pur- -ZV chaser.—T. Evans 192. Broadway, Cardiff. 532 A Bargain.—Bay Horse, 7 years, 15 hands sound suit crank-asle or brake price £ 12 seen at work any time saddle and bridle cheap.-14, Havelock-street, Tem- perance Town, Cudiff. 489 A Great Bargain.—Handsome Pony, used to children A quiet to drive: £6: good Spring Trap, suit grocer, £6 10s: saddle, bridle cheap.—25, Tudor-road, Riverside, Cardiff. 488 A Bargain.—Handsome Pony, with good Business Cart A and Harness lot, £13; sell separate.-14, Havelock- street, Temperance Town, Cardiff. 491 BARGAIN.—Bay Horse-Pony, 12.2 hands 6 years very fast. good worker, warranted sound, and quiet for boy to drive, with new Flat Cart and Harness suit greengrocer or fuel hawker, or other tradesman £14.-Hoyce, East Usk-road, Newport. 775e BARGAIN.—Good Horse, Cart, and Harness suit the coal trade warranted £ 15 the lot.—28, Stacey- road, Roath, CarditI. 578 BAY Pony for Sale, 12 hands.—Apply 99, Paget-street. Grangetown, Cardiff. 42 BAY Cob, Light Dog Cart, £ 12 Four Rabbit Baskets, £ 1 and good Piano, £ 5.—Richards, Sbayiug Saloon, New Dock-street, Newport. HICe (CONSEQUENCE of Death.—Two powerful Cart-hors s. J 16'2, six, eight vears; suit coal or timber merchants; 15, 25 guineas; warranted sound, good workers in shafts and chains, back. and draw 2 tons: month's trial given,-2, Jubilee-terrace, Penarth-road, Cardiff. 593 CCOB Pony for Sale, 13.2, strong, good goer.—Cardiff J Steam Laundry Carpet and Window Cleaning Co., Ltd.. Cathay^ 758 jjjCOR gale, Pony, Trap, and Harness, suit milk or green X grocer lot, £ 12 owner no further use.—Herbert, Fish Salesman, Pontypridd. 791e FOR Sale,a good Cob,15 ha' ds will suit a coal merchant. —Apply to W. Bishop, Warrick-st-, Saltmead, Cardiff. ST'OR Sale, cheap, warranted sound Ponies, Flat Cart, L Harnessalso two Business Traps, cheap. —Apply 23, Leckwith-road, Cantou, Cardiff. 861 g/OR Sale, dark grey Horse, 6 years old, 16 bands high X good worker too heavy for owner would suit builder or brewer.—Apply, from 1.30 to 2.30, Devon Villa, EarJe- place, Canton. 583 OR Sale. Pony, Cart, and Harness pony good worker F can be seen any time after 50'clock.-ll, Albany-road, Cardiff. 563 OOD Black Retriever Dog for Sale good watchdog VX or exchange Poultry sell cheap.—Write M 41. Echo Office, Cardiff. 41 MUST be Sold.—Excellent Turnout, Horse, Cl-cart, It Harness, Baskets, &c.: also good Whifcechapel Dog- car. and Harness, and good Hogskin Saddle and Bridle u- Apply 40, Elm-street., Roath, Cardiff. 988 OWNER Changing Busine-s.- Powerful Cart Horse, 5 0 years, 17 handd, suit contractors, brewers, coal, or timber merchants, 31 guineas: one Horse, one Mare, 16 hands, 7 years, suit haulier. farmers, and others, 15 guinens: handsome dapple giey Horse. 5 years. 15 2, suit gentleman's brougham or any tradesman, 20 guineas: Carts and Harnese to suir. cheap: written warranty and 14 days' free trial is given, or would exchange for milkinp beast and milk round.—Ward, 18, Beresford-road, off Newport-roid, Cardiff. Trams pass. 934 SALE.—Pony, Spring Cart, and Harness, suit greengrocer or coalman lot £ il also Spring Tip-cart.-Apply 44, Bedford-street; Roath, Cardiff. 83.5 O ALE, Black Cart Mare. 7 years, 15 hands, warranted O sound in wind; good in shafts or chains with harness to suit: £11, Brown Cob. 14 hands, 6 years: warranted snund in wind good worker £ 11.—Merchant, East U -k Side, Newport. 774e ALE, Bay Cob, 14 hands, warranted quiet and good worker, with a Gig and nearly new Harness lot £]7. Will sell separate 1 also Bay Mare, 14 hands, in foal. war- ranted good worker £ 7.-1, Orchard-street, Maindee. Newport. 761 e SORE Shoulders, Sore Backs. Sc., Quickly Cured by Condy's Fluid. Veteriuary book free from 83, Turnmill- street, E C. Horses suffering from wounds, outs, bruises, broken knees, cracked heels, grease, or thrush cured in a few hours by bathing the parts afiecLed with Condy's Fluid (diluted). It makes the hair grow whers rubbed off. Prices 8oz. Is 20oz. 2s of all chemists. 652e USEFUL Black Horse. 16 handb. Suit cab or other light U work; no reasonable offer refused.-9, Albany-road. No dealers. 700 VE I'KRINARY Book Free, containing fnll directions or Curing Diseases of Horses, Dogs, from Condy's Fluid Workf^3^urnnulKstreet^Loijd!Ui^XCj^ 652p, 1"8Ø:O-'i" 4(' A Quantity of Tumbler Pigeons for Sale good flyers: 3s a pair.—Ware, Christina-street. Docks. 812 (XATOH Birds Alive.—Improved self-acting spring J Traps, Is 3d free. A purchaser writes With your trap I caught 2 goldfinches, 4 linnets before breakfast." Thousands sold.—H. Knights. Yarmouth. 949 C- OPEMAN-g reliable working Homers, 2a 6d pair C packed strong shooting Pigeons 1Gs dozen singing Canaries 63 each.—Copeman, Gharlos-etreet, Newport. 566 FOR Sale, 6 Pairs of long and high-flying Tumbler Pigeons, 3s pair.—42. Elm-street. Cardiff. 784 FOlTsale, good, reliable working Ferrets, 6s 6d.—Apply Ormond, Bird and Aniw»* Preserver, Oross-street, Newport. 787e IjCOR Sale, beautiful singing Hart2 Mountain Canary, 6s.—Ormond, Bird and Animal Preserver, Cross-street, Newport, Mon. 786e FOR Sale, a large quantity of Young and Large Geese also Maroh Pullets,—Apply Neill, 3, Penypeel-road, Canton. 753 GRAND Selection of Norwich Canaries, 8s 6d and 10s 6d pair, cocks in full song, gems. 7s 6d goldfinch mules in song, 7s 6d to 10s 6d each; satisfaction guaranteed.- Lloyd, Bird Dealer, Mountain Ash. 476 HANDSOME Grey Parrot, tame, commenced to talk, ]a whistles. can be taught anything price 236.—A, Rhodes, 15, Moore-street, Derby. 638 MARCH Hatched Cockerels, Black Minorcas, Brahmas, Orpingrons, Leghorns. Black Hamburgs.all from prize birds: few pullet-.—Morris, Underhill House, Pontypridd, SPLENDID Norfolk bred Turkey Cock, 261bs weight, last year's bird also Two Turkey Hens. 35s.—4, Kyvielog- street, Cathedral-road. 51 I ULI,IVAN'S Bird Stores, Millicent-street, Cardiff,- Talking G,ey African Parrot, with indestructible cage, £4, worth £10: Amazon Talking Parrot, with indestructi- ble cage, £ 2: also Amazon Parrot, with indestructible cage come on hand, kiss, talks, £2 15s also a good Rock Talking Parrot, with cage, -02. All kinds cage birds in stock. 865 V*7 ARRANTED Redbreast Cock Linnets, 6d each, pack- Vt ing 3d extra.—Apply Walter Wood, 8, Cecil-street, Broadway, Roath. Cardiff. 927 TELSH Cock Goldfiuches, 2s Cock Linnets, Ie; ff Budgerigars, 6s a pair Muling Hen Canaries, 2s 6d; Birdlime, Ed box free: Trap Cagbs. 2s Goldfinch Cages, Is, Is 3d stamp reply.—Thomas, Bird Dealer. Neath. FIBMUKfc. CCALL and see Harris's latest,.—Substantial Dining-room J Suite, well upholstered, workmanship guaranteed, only S3 3s.—E. E. Harris, The Market, Newport. 768 FURNITURE Bought in Large or Small Lots, cash at F once. on waiting.—Apply Cyril Second-hand Furniture Stores, 12, Broadway, Cardiff. n- 553 jTT'URNITURE Bought or Exchanged immediate pay- £ ment: sales every evening at 29. Bridge-st., Cardiff. 670 3GCUKNITURE ot everv description £ 50"'J0 n value to JL select from, on the Hire System; strictly privaet. The JArgest Premises and Stock out of I^jndoo.—Atlas Furnishing Conipauy, Limited, Hayes, Cardiff. 41" HARRIS.—Massive brass-mounted Bedstead, full-size 23s substantial Dining-room Suite, £ 3 3s magnifi cent solid walnut h-ll-stand, 37s 6d,-E. E. Barns, Whole sale House Furnisher, The Market, main entrance. See name over door. 768 MAYNE k, Co., largest Second-hand Furniture Dealers in Cardiff, are prepared to buy Old and Second-hand Furniture for cash down, £5 to £500: distance no object; send card.—Mayne & Co., 70 and 72, Broadway, Roath, and 11, Miskin-street, Cathays, Cardiff. 994 PARLOUR Suites in Morocco Cloth. £ 2 12s 6d sub- stantial Dining-room Suites, £ 3 3?, wonderful value. See windows. Market, Entrance.—Note address E. Harris, Wholesale House Furnishers, The Market, Newport. See name over door. 76B PEDESTAL Writing Tables, with 9 drawers, for 37s od.— P Williams's, High-street. 612e SECOND-Hand Furniture or Surplus Stock Bought or Sold on Commission. "Baylor's Sale-rooms, Custom House-street. Cardiff. 526 THE Globe Furnishers, 19, Custom House-street, for cash or e-isy paj-ments. 285e THE Globe Furnishers, 19, Custom House-street.—Ex. tensive and varied stock 28be r|CHK Globe Furnishers, 19, Custom House-street. No X rubbish sold. 285e racHE Globe Furnishers, 19, Custom House-street. Call X and inspect. 285e \\7ANTED Second-hand Wardrobe, Dressing Table, T» and WashsLand must be cheap.—Apply O 554, •' Echo Office. Cardiff. 554 \\J HERE to buy artistic, substantial Furniture at lowest nossible prices. -Try E. E. Karris, Wholesale House Furnisher, The Market, Newport. Important caution.—I have no connection with any other firm. See name over door. TiS tjVURNISH on our new hire Hire System. Houses or A artments completely furnished on a new system adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and nquirie- usu ally made by other companies are dispensed with. We have an immense stock of Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. AIlgoods sold ou the "fire System at ready-money prices. We make no extra charge for credit, aud all goods sent homo in a private van free of charge. No sump or agreement charges made no bill oi sale; everything private. Arrangements complete.d vlthout delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarlJtee quality and will undertake to supply furniture, etc., at 10 per cent, less than s»ny price-list issued by any firm in Cardiff. Eleven showrooms. Call and inspect our im- mense stock, and compare prices before purchasing else- where. We will supply £ 6 worth for 2s od weekly £ 10 worth, 4s weekly; £ 15 worth for ctb- weekly: £20 worth, 5s weekly, and so ou .11 proportion. Special terms for Jarger Quantities. Please note the address:—South Wales Furnishing Company 31, Castle-street (opposite the Castlø), Cardiff littWESTIC ARTICLFÆ, MA 1L Cart, uphofstered in fawn leather,hood aud apron newest design splendid condition.—Govett, 6, Plas- newydd-place, Roath. 843 MANG1ES Washing Machines, Sewing Machine* on the Hire System.—Atlas Fur ishing Company Ltd. Hayes Cardiff 41o MANGLES.—A first-class full size warranted Mangle for 35s.—WUhams's, High street. 612e PERAMBULATOR for Sale, double-seated, newest style, nearly new, a bargain to immediate purchaser.— 98, Cascle-road. Cardiff. 775 PERAMBULATORS —Perambulators aud Mail-carts are jL now clearing at less than cost. -Wi Iliams's, High-stryet. OERAMBULATORS Mail Carts on the Hire Srs!.eni. X__AtlasjMJrnisfci»g Company, Ltd. Haves Cardiff. 41 e IEFT-OFF < ASH (fall value) given for Ladies', Gentlemen's, and C Children's Lefi-off Clothing also Miscellaneous Articles. All orders punctually attendedto on receipt of postcard.—Mrs Carter. 45, Broadway. Roath, Cardiff. 314 LADIES and Gentlemen's Left-off Clothing Bought for Cash highest prices: country parcels promptly attended to.-Henry Jones, Coburn-street, Cardiff. 71 LADIES Gentlemen's, Children's Left-off"Clothing Bought.—Mrs Rich, 57, Castle-road, Cardiff. Good prices. Orders punctually attended to. Furniture bought. LADY Wii-hes to Sell parcel Baby's First Clothes, superior quality, never worn very cheap.—L 18, Lancaster-road, Fallowfield, Manchester. 533 FOK S AS/E—SI ISC EI, I, A N E# BS. A Good Article.-E. G. Strong and Ci.'s Half-crown Spectacles or Folders.-18, Castle-road. 38 A Second-hand Silver Lever Watch a good timekeeper! » cost £ 3 soid for £ 110s.—Q. 63, D .iiy News Office. Cardiff. 63 ABOUT Blaiberg's Arcade, near Gas Works.—Money re- turned if goods rre not cheaper than other advertisers. 22cc. Wedding Ring and Gold Earrings, 19s: real gold wide W edding Ring, 5s 6d nearly new Keeper, 3s 6d, solid gold. A LARVt Clocks from 2s 6d Timepieces, Is 6d Strikers. 7s 5d.—Strong and Co2, Castle-road. 38 ARUM Lilies.-One or Two Dozen fine Plants in bloom A for Sale, cheap.—Apply, after six, 61, Wyndham. crescent, Canton. 980 AWAY to the Front.—Fligelstone, The Popular Pawn broker and Clothier, 22, Castle-road, Roath, Cardiff. A WAY to the Front. Flige'stone.—Gent/s Gold Keyless Lever, cost 8 guineas, only 75s; warranted. 46Se AWAY to the Front.—Fligelstone s Gent.'s Solid Gold AL Open Curb Hall-marked Albert, very massive, 50s. A WAY to the Front —Fligelstone's Lady's superior A Gold Watch, 18ct. cases, cost 5 guineas, only 35s. A WAY to the Front.—Flige!stone's Gent's 18ct. single .C-x stone Diamond Rl11g,coI!.I1 bargain 5.inoas. A WAY to the Front,—Fligelstone's Silver English Lever crystal glass (maker, Wright, Coventry), only rvDs new. AWAY to the Front.—Fligelstone's Lady's 18ct. 3-stone Diamond Ring cost 4 guineas, only 39s. A-'VAY-to-t¡; F-ront.-Fligelstone's: Lady's (handsome Gold Brooch, diamond centre. 8s 6d worth treble. WAY to the Front, Fligelstone.—Gent's solid Silver A Watch. 6s immense bargain worth 25s warranted. A WAY to the Front, Fligelstone.-Gent's 18ct. Eoglish 18ct,, E-glish AWAY to the Front, Fligelstone.-Gent's 18ct. Eoglish Gold Lever Hunter 8 guineas warranty 20 years. AWAY to the Front.—Gent's handsome Gold Albert, stamped, only 23s comparison invited. AWAY tn the Front, Fligelstone.—Lady's handsome Gold Watch, cost 4 guineas. only 21s compare prices. AWAY to the Front.—Fligelstone's Lads- handsomeGold Albert, hall-marked, only 21s. A 1 value. AWAY to the Front.—Fligelstone Lady's and Gent's Gold, Diamond and Gem Rings, from 5s to 20 gui- neas. AWAY to the Front.—Fligelstoue's 22ct. Solid Gold Wedding Rings, 3dwt., 15s 4dwt., 20s no present best value. A WAY to the Front.—Fligelstone s beautifully-chased 1-1.. solid Gold Keeper,only 6s 6d Gold Keepers from 2s. AWAY to the Front.—Fligelstone sbeats competition^ Solid Silver Curb Alberts, over 2ozs., 10s. AWAY to the Front —Lady's ISct. Diamond and"Ruby Ring, 30s 15ct. Prarl and Ruby Ring, 12s. AWAY to the Front.— Fligelstone's Webh Drawers, Is 83d Welsh Shirts, 3s lid. Cheapest house in Cardiff. AWAY to the Front.—Fligelstone's Lady's Gold Lever, cost 8 guineas, nearly new, 2 guineas. CCHEAPER and Superior 15ct. Gold Earrings, close to > ear, 7s 4d Marble Clock. 10s 6d Violin, Bow, and Case, 15s Lady's Gold Watch, 20s to 30s, each watch guaranteed 9ct. Gold Collar Stud, 3s 3d. ("CONCERTINA by Lachinal, 30s (superior) Breech- J loader, 70s Optical Lense, offer wanted Feather Bed, Bolster, and 2 Pillows, 39s Mattresses cheap: Rail- way Overcoat, 4s lO^tl and 5s 10^d real Carmarthen Town Welsh Flannel Shirts. 4s 5&d the noted Red Band Shirt, 26 6d the Welsh Flannel Drawers, Is 10id imi- tatiou Welsh, with red band, 2s 6d. CCOAL-S.—Best House (oal at 16s per ton delivered, cash; J 30cwt. lots and over, 155 9d,-Carbon, 37, Goerge-street,, Docks. 966 CCOALS.—For best and cheapest Hcuse, Steam, and Nut J Co ils gc to The British Coal Company, 40, Miskin-street Cardiff. Special terms for large quantities. Price lists on application. 473 fjcXCELLENTLY-Purified Poultry Feathers, ready for J bedding, 7jd per lb., delivered free in Glamorgan.- Apply Matthews, 6, Stockland-street, UpperGrange, Cardiff. 5^11,F.H(X)i>.—Chopped Sticks, 2s percwt. blocks (oak) L for burning. Is 3d per cwt. 5 cwt. for 6s all delivered f, ee.—The Cardiff Firewood Supply, Windbor-road, Adams- down. 735 fJHREWORKS. Anglo-French, wholesale and retail, a Richardson's (late Burndge), Silver Trout, Bridge- street, Cardiff. 7Z FOR Sale, new and second-hand Counters, Hand Trucks, t Ladders. Uteps. Clothes-posts. Sic..—Blake, Cathiyi Yard, Minister-street, or 31, Llanbleddian-gardens. Cardiff, IOl{ Sale, Six 101b Tea Canisters, nearly new aiso some JL Flour Scoops —36. Plantagenet-st., Riverside, Cardiff. ijCOR Sale, at Dorotich's Steam-Sawing Mills."ivSt Dock, tL Cardiff, 7,000 Colliery Sleepers, 38C tons Pitwood, 10e tons Cogwood, 300 Scaffold Poles, 20,000 feet. Dunnage Boards. 15 fathoms Deal Ends. Quan ity Mahogany" in baulk, Pitch Pine Boards and baulks for Uabm4j-laking, &e. 40il Table-Legs, House Doors. Deals SC"Dlings, Mouldings. &o.: 50 tons Firewood, Is 3 dewt. Builder's Ladders, Steps. »c. 712 IL^OR Sale, Steam Launch, 26 feet long fit to carry stores A in dock or river vertical boiler and c gine, in splendid working order.- Api,ly 40. Alexandra-road, Newport 756e iT^O?w Sale, Gardener's Simplex Silent Sausage Machine, nearly new, fitted with tight and loose pulley for steam or hand power cost £ 15 no reasonable offer re- fused.-Apply Summers, Pork Butcher, Pontypridd. 480 |7"EATHERS.—Purified Poultry Feathers^ excel! ent A quality, 8d per lb.- WillIams's, High-street. 612e "JQCUR Boa.—Lady has for immediate private disposal, a A real Russian Tail Fur Boa, very dark brown, 10 feet long, immensely thick, soft: value 75s, sacrifice for 195 9d perfectly new.—Can be seen by writing P. H., Daily News," Cardiff. 144 ^CENT'S Gold Signet Ring, 3s 6d Russell'B Silver vA Lever, 70s, worth double Benson's Ludgate. nearly new, 70s Silver Lever, 30s, 35s Ladies' Silver Watch. 12s 6d Boy's Birthday WTatch, 10s: Gent's superior Gold Lever, £ 12 Diamond Horse-shoe Pin. £ 6 10s 5dwt. 22ct. Wedding Ring, 26b 6d gdwt., 44s: iset. Signet, 9s Al Electro-plate Spoons and Forks, 60 pieces, 39s ditto Tea and Coffee Service. 37s 6d Curlery 6-bottle Oruet í8 6d. /JLASS, Glass.—Received, cargo ot 300,000feet of Win- VAaowGlass. 22s per cas or cut to customers' measure- ments, 12s per 100 feet. Putty, 7s per cwt. Mixed paints, 23s per ewt.-Davis and Son, 11. Queen-street, Cardiff. 108e HEATING A[ft>aratus tor Greenhouse for Sale, cheap.- Apuly 167, Cairns-street. Cathays, Cardiff. 15_ JEWELLERY. Watches, Watch Materials, Cutlery Electro plate. Musical Instruments. Wholesale list post free.—Wright, St. Luke's-road, Birmingham, ^"5 LACE, Hosiery, &c.—Lar^e quantity Job Lots a «- nante, suitable for dealers, shopkeepers, )g bundles.—Deaville & Co., 29, Hounds Gate. Nottingham.. K) ACKINTOSH maker Currie, 21s: Silk Umbrella, 8s lTA 6d Alarm Clock, 2s 5id Ausonia Alarm Clocks, with 12 months' guarantee. 4s: Arisonia Parlour Clock, 34s 8-day Striking Clock, 15s: 15ct. Link Suite, 37s 6d hall-marked Gold Earrings, Is lid Lady's Gold Albert, 35s Gent's 9ct. Solid Gold Albert. 5 s. MAGIC Lanterns,—The only real maker in Wales or the West of England is Allen, 207, The Exchange, Cardiff Prize medal Bristol. 1894. 973 RAILWAY Jackets, from 2s lid. at Follickr's, 692e 1_"> AlhWAY Jackets, from 2b lid, at Foilick's. 692e RAILWAY Jackets, from 2s lid, at Foilick's. 692e RAILWAY Jackets, from 2s lid, at Foilick's, 40, Bridge- streei, Cardiff. Astonishing value. 692e F) AILWAY Jackets, from 2s lid, at Foilick's. I 692e 10 AILWAY Jackets. from 2e lid. at FoUick'e. RAILWAY Jackets, from 2e lid, at Foilick's.692e RAILWAY Jackets, flannel lined, from 2s lid, at Foilick's. 692e "t> AILWAY Jackets, from 2s lid, at Foilick's. XV 692e RAILWAY Jackets, flannel lined, from 2s lid. at Foilick's, 40, Bridge-street, Cardiff. 692e RAILWAY Jackets, from 2s lid, really marvellous value, at Foilick's, 40, Bridge-street, Cardiff. 6S2e SAFE, very strong, 30in. suit je waller or pawnbroker: also one 26in.—Apply Webber and Wilkinson, St. John s-square, Cardiff. 705 STARR-Bowkett Shares sale, First, Second, and Third STARR-Bowkett Shares sale, First, Second, and Third Newport Societies also Appropriation for £ 20.— Taylor and Houghton. Beaufort Chambers, Newport, 7S9e rpENTS.—Government Tents, equal to rew original rpENTS.—Government Tents, equal to rew original X cost, £ 10 selling at 33s a few only left.—Atlas Furnishing Co., Hayes, Cardiff. 41 e nPO Builders.—For Sale, a bargain, quantity of Scaffold X Poles. Planks, and Building Materials.—Apply Hooper, 44, Duckpool-road, Newport. 807e HfCO Builders.—For Sale, Joiners' Benches, with vicse A Hand Mortice Ma-chine (nsw]: Door Cramps Hath Stone Saws set of Blocks, to life 3 tons Scaffold Poles Id lin. foot: quantity Doulting and Box Grindstone, 8d cube foot.—Rodgers, 14, High-street, Cardiff. S39 TO Fish Fryers.— Packages of fresh fi ;li, suitable fcr frv- iog, made up at the following rates:—8 stone, 10s 6d 12 stone, 15s.-Cash, with orders, to Mr Molyneux, Fish Merchant, Milford Haven. 767e TO Hawkers, Auctioneers, and Dealers.—Best house in X the trade for China aud Earthenware Seconds.—Kart- land and Co.. Penkbuil. Stoke-on-Trent. 644 Y-PE-Writer, cost E23: sell, 22 ICs. Talking Parrot X and Brass Cage. Oak Desk and Office Fi-.miture. G 710, "Echo," Cardiff. 710 40,000ft. Dunnage Boards, Deals, Scantling, all sizes and lengths Grain Bags, Dunnage Mats.— (bottom East Dock), Cardiff. 497 100 Tons Firewood.—W. Shapland, 18, Londoon-square, or bottom East Dock, Cardiff. 493 18ct; Gent s Double-headed Snake Ring, diamond eyes, 65s Lady*6 Engagement Ring, ISet. real diamond set- tiolte, 10s bd 18ct. Lady s Half-hoop Engagement Ring, 63s Silver Albert, Gents, 5s 6a Lady's. 4s 6d Silver Seals, 2s 6d. worth double pair Blankets, 13s 6d. 9s lid, 15s 4p Heavy Sheet-, the pair, 5yds, 2s Ild.-Note the Name, Blaibergs Arcade. A BP.AHAMSON, Pawnbroker, Bridge-street, Newport. p AWNBROKEIL.-Solid Gold Curb Bracelet, 30fT AJEWPORT.—Superior ISct. Watch, by Ganz, Swansea, 70s. RAIIAMSON.-Cl&nonet. by Besson, 45s. Approval. pA WNBROKER.-Silver Lever (Kendal and Dent), 45s. N EWPORT.—2C-key New Concertina (Lachenal), 21& A BRAHAMSON.-Magnificent Diamond Spray, £15. p AWNBROKER.-Jadies Gold Watch. 21s, warranted. j^"EWPORT.—B Flat Baritone, new, ES.-Abmhamson. A BRAHAMSON.—Case 12 pair E. P. Fish Eaters, silver ferrule" 37s 6d Pair Carvers, 2s 6d. p AWNEROKER. -Heavy Gold Curb Albert, 485. ix EWPORT.-Fair solid Silver Candlesticks, £ 4. ABRA,HA,IASON-18c, heavy Gold -hronogmph Lever, iOs. p AW-NBROKLR.-Boxing Gloves. 5s and 8s 6d set. J^j"EWPORT.—8-air Musical Box, 25s. A BRAHAMSON.-Brilliant Diamond Ring, 18et., 50s. jpAWNBROKES.—Sapphire and Diamond Pin andStud, I 8:)8. -N EWPORT.-Tion or Tiger Travelling Rugs. 10s 6d. A BRAHAMSON will send any of the above bargains on xA. approval money returned if uusatisfactorj-. UUEJIViUV. FOB Sale, Model Compound Eugme and Boiler.—Apply, after 5 p.m., at 6, Tresiliiau-tenaee. Fenarth-ror.d' t-'artiff. 2Zjj JATHE—Splendid3ft. Engineer's Bench Lathe, gap bed, J hack gear, several chucks, face plate, L2 ICte worth double.—Mitchell, Tatsfield. Surrey. 64 WANTED, a. small steam Engine 2 to 3ii.p. :"inust"be J T good and to Hopkin Morgan, I Pontypridd. 784.. ftS^«XLi.A.M-:«K> « A.NTn. MBRELLAS.-Wanted, a quantity of G,nts' Old Silk u unes.-J, Taylor, Umbrella Maker aud Repairer, 48. Wood-street, Cardiff. 954 VV ANTED, Second-hand Majule or Enamelled Slate »» Mantelpiece, with or without Tiled Grate, cheap.— Apply 61. Wyndham-crescent, Canton, Cardiff. 981 WANTED, 2,600 Baskets, any size fruit empties will I do.—Send particulars A. Lougher. Baeoo Factory LI an da ff. 959 WANTED, Nurse' Child: good home and well-cared for no family.—Apply B 247. Echo Office, Cardiff ASHING Wranted by respectable Person.—For parti- ciJar^applyJ56^Beofoi^ion?et^JRoath^46^^ niSCI23,S,A^EOIJ.>. ASTROLOGY.—" What is before you ? "—Send birth- time, stamped addressed and six stamps, O. Gordon, 19, Lj'.qen Grove, Nunhead, London. 7S3 ALL Pent Dealers should write for our Price List, free, of 51b and 101b Bundles of Remnants in Stuffs. Cali- coes, Prints,, Shirtings, Velvets, Cashmeres, etc.-J. Mitchell and Sons, 44, Well-street, Bradford. 752 G. Strong and Co.'s Improved Club is the best for J. Watches, Clocks. Jewellery, etc., at casb prices,—18, Castle-road, Cardiff. No agents. 38 I Repairs (warranted) at Elliot'ts, Practical Watchmaker and Jeweller, 30, High-street Arcade (St John's-square end, Cardiff. 698 HERBS for Indigestion and Liver Complaints. Herbs for Coughs and Chest Affections. Herbs for Purifying the Blood. Herbs for Kidney Troubles. Instructions sup- ptied-Trimnell, The Herbalist," Moira-terrace, Cardiff. HOMCEOPATHIC Dispensary, 26, Duke-street, Cardiff. Hours, 10 to 11 and 6 to 7. 892 XAUNDRY Glezinz. -Cuffs. Collars, and Fronte like ¡ J white ehiua: nothing used in the starch no polish- ing irons; particulars free.—Laundry, 75, Liscard, Birken- head. OLD Gold or Silver articles exchanged for new or cash Strong and Co., i8. Castie-road, Cardiff. 38 PEARCE. manufacturers of Artificial Legs, Arms, Eyes. Only address, 14. Station-terrrace, opposite T.V.R. Station, Cardiff. Repairs of all description done. 474 PHRENOLOGY, Matrimony, Palmistry.—Right place in life from Is.—Prof. Mayo. Castle-arcade Cardiff. RUPTURE Cured. Crooked ana Weak Spines Jor L«gs Strengthened and Straightened, Artificial Legs weight 5-labs., Ladies Belts. Trusses, ani Leg Irons, made only at Allen Ptarce's, 4, Charles-street. Cardiff. 517 PTCRUSSES aud Belts made and repaired upon the shortest X notice at the manufactory.—Paarce, 14, Station-terrace. Cardiff, opposite Taff Yale Railway Station, Cardiff. t';5" rjCROUKLESOME Watches or Clocks cured: Jewellery X repaired.-E. G. Strong and Co., 18, Castle-road. 38 WATCHES Clocks and Jeweller < on the Hire System Atlas Fnrnishing Company. Ltd .Hares Cardiff 41e .HON El ARIAN ar log £ 3 fynyheb natbraul nathrafferth. Gal- wer neu ysgrifenir at Mr H. LewLS,67,Castie-roaid,Roath, Cardiff. 20 CASH Advances made to any amount promptly, privately and at a fair rate of interest: distance no object.— Apply, by letter only, to Mr C Lloyd, 24, Raglan-street, Newport. 726 MONEY at a fair rate of interest, advanced in any sums, without delay distance no object.—Apply, by letter or personally, to W. Williams, Vine Cottage, 1, Station-terrace, Pontypridd. 67e T OANS of £ 2 and upwards granted to Householders, J-J with fair treatment.—Apply Reed, 56. Railway street Moors, Cardiff. 254 MONEY.—If you want it promptly, privateiy, and a a low rate of interest on your simple promissory notes with or without sureties, apply immediately, enclosing stamped envelope, to Mr W. P. Thomas, 20, Market-street, Abertillery. Special featuresNo inquiry fees reasonable i.,terest,which is quoted beforehand uni er.a.1 promptitude, II days notice being generally sufficient; no oppression of honest and tolvent clients. The Carlton Bank, Ld, for whom Myrhomai is Branch Manager, has been established 10 years, and has a capital of £30,000. eeiisequentiv no genuine and respectable application is ever refused. 673e rrTHE TREDEGAR AND DISTRICT ALVVANCE X BANK, TREDEGAR ADVANCES CASH, FROM 1;2 TO £ 200. To Householders, Farmers, or any responsible persons, on NOTE OF HAND ALONE. Fair Interest. Easy Repayments. Apply personally, or by letter, to the Mauager, 356 29. BRIDGE-STREET, TREDEGAR. ONEY LENT WIT H OUT lilLL OF .SALKCR SURETIES, 011 Note of Hand alone, as follows' — £ 20-24 MONTHLY INSTALMENTS of jBO 18 4 i.50-24 „ „ 4-2 5 10 £100-2 £4 11 8 No Commission or Legal Expenses. A guarantee given of strictest privacy. Apply for piospectus to UNITED KINGDOM DEPOSIT BANK, 35, Craven-street. Strand, London. E840 A. G. WILLIS Manager. MONEV Lent upon Note of Hand, without Bill of Sale or Sureties, as follows :— £ 25, repayable in 24 monthly instalments of £ 1 2 5 £ 50. „ 24 „ „ £2 4 10 24 B4 9 7 Larger sums in proportion. Strict privacy guaranteed. No COUltllissions charged. Distance no object,Apply D. Williams, 15, York-road. Waterloo Bridge. London.S.E. 39211 COMMERCIAl, ADVANCE BANK. J 19, QUAY-STREET. LENDS MONEY DMLY. FROM £5 UPWARDS, to Professional Gentlemen, Tradesmen, Mechanics, and Working Class &,enerallr. WITHOUT BILL OF SALE. Apply personally, or by letter, to Manager. Bills Discounted. 144e JJOW TO O B_T A I N A L O A if". Call or write to R. PHILLIPS, 18, CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF. Mention how much you want and how you can repay it. Terms will be fully explained betore anv business is done, r. „MO £ EY LENT FROM £ 2 TO ANY AMOUNT. /14 Omce hours—10 to 7. Wednesdays. 10 to 2. rpHE DIRECTORS of I ~S F1ELDLNG AND CO A (LIMITED Advance Daily Sums from £ 5 TO £ 1.000. Method of Business: FAIR INTER KST. EASY REPAYMENTS. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY. NO DELAY. NO SURETIES TRADE BILLS DISCOUNTED. Prospectus and Particulars Free. A pply at either Addresses below :— Head Office THE HAYES BUILDINGS. ^ARDIiF. ALBERT-CHAMBERS, STOW-HILU NEWPORl. 4, ST. CATHERINE ST.. PONTYPRIDD (Opposite Police Station). He ||^U1«EVTIUVATELY, PROMPTLY, AND CHEAPLY. THE NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK. BALDWIN-STREET, BRISTOL, Advances casb from rb20 to £ 10,00# on approved promissory notes, on the following terms: 20 payable by 12 monthly instalments of £ 1 15s. £40 h 12 tI » £3 10s. 2100 ft 12 » jS8 15s. 2500 „ 12 £43 15s. Or can be extendVd two or three years. Quarterly and half-yearly inst-almeuta received. Bills discounted, and every class of business entertained. Absolute privacy guaranteed. MrT. C. M1LBUKN, 334e General Mkoacau- >*75,000 to Lend by the Southern Counties Depos t oW Bank, Limited, in sums of £ 10 to £ 500 on Note of Hand without sureties > n Furniture, Farming Stock, aud- without sureties > u Furniture, Farming Stock, and- all other persona' securities, without removal. Easy repay, ments, distance no object. All information given free- Apply, personally or by letter to the Manager, Mr Stanley Dowding, 1. Queen-square Bristol. 713 25 to £ 5,000 Lent Priva.tlv. in any part of town or QiI8¡ country, to respectable people, on a Not- of Hand alone, without Bondsmen or any Security. Exceptionally Low Interest. Apply to H. THOMAS, Manager (Head Office), Victoria Chambers, 25, Bridge-street, Bristol 421 \/ff ONEY advanced to householders, cab jroprietors, &c., i»X on their own security. No fees.—Apply Mr J. P. Thom son, 71, Adam-street, Cardiff. Established 8 years. Office boors :—10 till 7: Wednesdays, 10 till 2 90e f*3 to £ 300 Advanced to Householders without Delay.— ov Apply to WALLACE and CO 98, Queen-street, Cardiff (side entrance). Strict privacy distance no objection with or without securities easy repayments. ADVANCES MADE IN CASH NO CHEQUES GIVEN'. Money Adva.r,ced in Town or Country. 21 ¡ .t.5 and upwards granted daily to bousenolders, without sureties, no delay, no fees, and confidential. Apply, by letter or persotialiy, to F Gould, 88, Pontmoriais. Merthyr Tydfil, 20, Caroline-street, Bridgend, and at 3, Friars Park, Lanimas-st, Carmarthen. 956e IF you are in wantof Money apply to Manager, 2, Carlisle-street, Moors, Cardiff. Loans granted daily from £2 and upwards. 213 M~one y lem at i- i v i; plF"cekt FROM £ 5 to £ 2,000. WHY pay more, when a Private Gentleman is prepared to grant Advances to Male or Female, upon their PRO- MISSORY NOTE ALONE, in any part of England or Wales, without loan oSioe formalities NO BILL OF SALE OR SURETIES REQUIRED. The advance can be paid back by easy instalments, or can remain out from 1 to 15 years by paying the interest only Call or write to the a-ctual Lender, WILFRED WILBERFORCE, ESQ., 11 Stroud Green-road. Finsburv-park, London, N. THE CAS T LEA D V A NeE BANK, J'L 207. CASTLE-ROAD, CARDIFF. MONEY ADVANCED in large or small amounts, on an entirely new system, WI THOUT SURETIES OR BONDSMEN. No enquiry fees charged. Re-payments to suit borrowers' convenience. Prompt attention to all applications. Trans- actions strictly private. Apply personally, or by letter, to THE manager. 344 207, CASTLE-ROAD, CARDIFF. public JUttitstnuitis. CARDIFF. ¡ Theatre ROYAL. Lessee and Manager. Mr ED WD. FLETCHER On Monday, Nov. 5th, 1394, and during the week, MR GEORGE EDWARDES' CCMPAXY. In the phenomenally successful Musical Comedy, entitled A. GAIETY GIRL. Now in the Second Year of its run in Londen, and still dravring crowded houses at Daly's Theatre. Prices, fed to £ 2 2>, Early doors, 6.30 Doors Op!"1J at 7 commence at 7.30. Half-price at Nine. Booking Office at Messrs Thompson & Shackeli's, Limited, Queen-street. Telephone, No. 521. L41 NOV 12TH. MB FRED. G. LATHAM'S COMPANY, In the most successful Piay of Modern Times, THE SECOND MRS TANQUERAY. Box Plan now open. le TIIK -'T"Y'.t -P i It E Manager OSWALD STOLL, I TO-SIGHT. J £ _ATIE A WHENCE, v; j t h her latest successes, "The Best Friends of All," &c. I THE LYDIA CROFTOX CO. in "AHer the Ball," an unequalled Sket-ch Quartette, including the celebrated American Comedian, j. F. Driscoll. THE DESMOND SISTERS, Charming Vocalists and Exceptional Dancers. I The Gay Dsceiver, WINGAED, A most Whimsical Wizard. j Miss FLO I'ENLEY, Serio-Coruedy Songstress and Dancer. BOB VOKES, Comic Character Vocalise, And last but not leist. THE TWO MCNACGHTONS, Who have taken the pl. ee of the Two Macs. NEXT Week—Miss ALICE L' AM AR, 5Se THE KAKNO TROUPE. 2033 GR AND —T H E A T~~R E G WESTGATE-STREET. CARDIFF. Lessee and Manager Mr CLAEKNCii SOUNES. To-night at 7.30, Mr a,nd Mrs STAFFORD GRAFTON and COMPANY in the late Tom Tavlor's great morn! play, the T1CKET-OF- LE A VE MAN. Wednesday and Thursday, Nov 7th and 8th, ) M OTHS. I Friday, Nov. 9th (Beoefic 01 Mr Scnfford Gr&fton), THE LADiT OF LYONS. Saturday. Nov. 10th, THE TICK '-T.OF-LRAV'P, MAN. Monday ext. and darinit the week, UNCLE TOM'8 CABIN. Box plan now open at Messrs Heath s Music Ware- house, Queen-street. Prices, 6d to £ 1 Is. S23a73?7 TOLL'S PAN OPTIC O.N Philharmonic Hall and Buildings, St. Mary- street, CARDIFF, WAXWORK EXHIBITION and NOVELTY PALACE. UNABATED SUCCESS. Hundreds are earning miles to the Gipsies. Their { marvellous powers of divination, as exploited during their former visit here, are hourly being testified to by persons who have now experienced the truth of their predic- tions. These Gipsies-the Royal EPPING FOREST GIPSIES, ARE THE DAUGHTERS; i OF THE GIPSY WHO TOLD THE LATF. DUKR OF CLARENCE THAT HE WOULD NEVER BE MARRIED. They Read the Palm with the cousumma.te art that only real gipsies are mas- ters of. No money is to be given by the public. Patrons receive numbered tickets by which to take their turn. Receptions commence at One o'clock Daily. Stage Performances thrice daily, 3.50, 7.0, and 9 o'clock. IDA WILLIAMS AND BERTHA CAliNIHAN, THE OLD MAID AND THE BABY." The Largest and Smallest Ladie' in the World of Sketch Players. HAPPY ASHBY,' The Globe Trotter. SISTERS L ALLAH, Wonders on the Wire. LAURA LEAVITT, The Lady Wilis tier. Side attractions :— R. ALLabv, Phrenologist and Scientific Palmist holds free receptions. THE MIRROR MAZE. DEVONO'S OPTICAL ILLUSIONS. DEVONO'S OPTICAL ILLUSIONS. THE PHONOGRAPH, With an Unequalled Col- lection of Records. THE SHOOTING JUNGLE, With Maea^ine Rifles. ESTABLISHMENT OPEN ALL DAY. 60e ADMISSION—SIXPENCE. 5610 D'ARC'S GRAND WAXWORKS, VICTORIA ROOMS, ST. MARY-ST., CARDIFF. Unparalelled success and popularity of the talent-pd society Lady Palmist, "Sataneila," who holistworecep- tions in her temple wjce daily, viz., 2 till 3 aud 7 tiil 10, in high-class scientific Palmistry. Seats reserved from 2 till 3 and 7 to 8. The Demon Swing, D'Arc's latest sensational illusion, never exhibited in Cardiff before. Everyone should try it. The Waxworks contains all the leading celebrities of all nations, sacred, classical, historical, dramatical, and criminal. Elaborate and costly costumes. Open daily from 10 till 10. Ad- mission, 3d children 2:d. 8 J0 PONTYPRIDD. Royal clarence theatre, PONTYPRIDD. Proprietors TRENCHARD & JONES. MABON'S MONDAY, November 5th, 1S94, and during the week. Spec al Engagement of SYDNEY VEREKERS Powerful No. 1 Lon ion Company.ii.eluding the Popular Actress, Miss Marie De Burgh, in the Up-to-Date Sensa;ional Melodrama, JACK 0' HEARTS, By Sydney Vereker. The whole of the magnificent scenery specially painted for this production, including the Great Cremation Scene, the most thiilling situation ever pro- duced on any stage. Popular prices, ód, to 3s. Dcors open at 7, perfor- mance at 7.30 Box Offi-e open daily, 11 till 2. Seats may be booked by letter or wire. Early doors 6.30, 6d extra. Next" eek-Messrs Blair and Stewart's Celebrated JACK-IN-THE-BOX COMPANY. 345e IS VV AIS ISJDA. T H E E M F I It 1 Managkh.„ .OSWALD RTOLI, TO-NIGHT THE LIVING DOLL. 81/slbs. in weigbt-19 years old—IP inches high. This one ab-olute wonder of the world is a perfectly-formed human creature, both intellectually ar,d physically. The Sisters Tilley, Harry Champion, Minnie Cunning- hem, Bisters Lena, H. F. Wilson. Louie Chapman, and THE KARNO TROUPE. 61e Next week—KATIE LAWRENCE, &c. 2034 NEWPORT. T H" E EMPIRE. MANAGER OSWALD STOLL. TO-NIGHT D A N "|"i E N 0, 62 2035 E.. pRIEST AND CO" KTNGS-ROAD, CANTON, CARDIFF. QALVAN1ZED WIRE NETTING. TVT F O-50 YARD ROLLS. 3m. Mesh 2rt., 3/ 3ft., 4/6 4ft.. 61- 2m. Mesh 2ft., 4/- 3ft., 6/- 4ft., ai. ftALVANIZED CORRUGATED ROOF- cf. SHEETS, 2ft, 3in. wide. Oft, 1/214 6ft., ljb% 7ft,, 1/8 8ft., 1/11; 9ft., 2/3 10ft., 2/8 "DATENT ROOFING FELT, in 25 Yard Rolls, 4s, 5s 6d, and 7s 6d per RolL (GALVANIZED STEEL TANKS, ALL KINDS. 43e WILD WEST SHOOTING SALOON, 25, CASTLE-STREET. THE ART OF SHOOTING TAUGHT. ONLY THE BEST MAGAZINE RIFLES USED ——— 604e A prize of 5s given every week for the highest score. musintss Abitrissts. GET ONE TO-DAY, and then you can defy the weather. ONE OF MASTERS AND OU. 'S rreivtt BRATED OVERCOATS. i LARGEST SELECTION LOWEST PRICES BEST VALUE I h MASTERS & CO. CLOTHING. BEST AND CHEAPEST ADDRESSES :— 29 and 30. ST. MARY-STREET, 292. BUTB STREET, and 1, QUEEN-STREET (Gornee a ST. JOHN'S SQUARE), CARDIFF. 39 and 40, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT.' 18 and 19. CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. 1, MARKET-SQUARE BUILDINGS, and IV and m, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR. 80, TAFF-STREET, and 24, MARKET. SQUARE, PONTYPRIDD. 11, HIGH-STREET, HEREFORD. 11, CANON-STREET, ABERDARE. GEORGE-STREET, PONTYPOOL. 70, FR O G M O R E S T R E E T, ABERGAVENNY. 727e 17 STEPNEY-STREET, 8001 LLANELLY. public Ourtirts. -U-NITED KI.NGDOM ALLL&NOB PARK-HALL. CARDIFF, MONDAY, NOVEMBEli 12TH, I" SIR WILFRID LAWSON, BART., bLr, J. H. RAPEPw, EsQ. (London). Chairman JOHN CORY, EsQ., J.P. Musical Seiections'by CARDIFF BLUE RIBBON GHOIR, 7-7.30. ADMISSION :-is AND 6b. Tickets of W..Tones, Stationer, Duke-street; Thomp -on and Shackell, Queen-street; Norton, Post- office, Queen-street Roberts Rros., Working-street D. Shepheid, 1, Frederick-street or DistsrictSuperin- tender,t, Mr A Sidney Davies, 52, Albany-road, and at the doors. gifce R- -E\DS-P ROSSER-ûf-Bristol:-a-\ -A A Station-street Cfuipel, Newport, Thursday next 5 p.m. and 7.30 754e; EsI1 GROVE Theological Lecture and » Discussion, 'J'ucsd;y, 8.0. The Passover, aøc! "Christ out Passover," by Rev. George SL Clair, Free. LAST WEEK. SOUTH WALES ART SOCIETY'S r0 EXHIBITION OF PICTURES, QUEEN- STREET ARCADE. j Admission, 6d after 6 p.m. Open till 10 p.m. Closet | Saturday, November 10th. ART UNION. By special permission of her Majesty's Prrry Council. Tickets Is each, or Six Tickets for 5s. LAST THREE DAYS. PrizeDrawing .it Exhibition on Wednesday next M 8 p.m. Don't lose the chance of a. BSO Picture for Is Tile whole of the money subscribed (after deducting the necessary expenses) is divjdi into as many Prizee as possible, ranging in value from S2 to £30. Tht Prize Winners can select any Pietttres they like from these for sale at the Exhibition to the value of theit Prize. 769 QARDIFF MUSICAL SOCIETY. SEASON IBWS& CONDUCTOR. Mr T. E. AYLWARD. The BALLOT for the priority of BOOKING ot SEATS for the Society's series of CONCERTS will take place at the PARK HALL, on SATURDAY Next, November 10th, at 2 o'clock. All applications for Tickets received not later than tie flrnt post on that date will participate in the Ballot. Dates of Concerts, December 5th, 1894. February 2Cth, April 24th 1895. Conversazione and Dance, Park Hall, Friday, Novem- ber 16th. THOMAS EVaNs, Ron, Sec. Mayfieid, Whitchurch. 800e 9101 DEAF PERSONS should be told of the Visit of Mr LEIGH, Inventor of the Most Perfect Device for Restoring Hearing. This Invention consists of a Miniature (; ol(i Ear Trumpet (fitting com- fortably in the ear invisibly), with a stretched Artificial Drum fitted over the inner end, which attaches if by suction to the drum of the ear. The advantages of this device will be seen by al who need it. Interview and all information free. Honrs 2 to 4 6 to 8.—25 Tudor-street, Cardiff. 587 ublir Àppatnlmtnfs. ABERNACLE CC)NGPXGATIONAL TAB ERN ACLE CONGREGATION AI CHURCH. The Officf-rs of the above Church are prepared t< receive APPLICATIONS for the post of ORGANIST. Applications mu t be in the hands of the undersigned giving terms and references, not later than Saturday. the 24th instant. Canvassing prohibited. A. J. PHILLIPS, Hon. Sec. Carew Villa, Caerleon-road, Ne alt5 bp Ruction. CASTLE AUCTION MART (OPPOSITE THE CAST..E) CARDIFF. \| ESSRS BAILEY and GILLER beg to ItJ. announce that the great EXHIBITION and SALE of High-class OIL PAINTINGS AND WATER-COLOUR DRAWINGS, Removed from the International Galleries, London, will be continued for a few days longer. There are still upwards of 400 examples, rich In artistic merit, including many pictures well-known tc the Art World. Those who have not yet paid a visit to the Sale Roouas should do so immediately, before all the pictures are finally disposed of, seeing that rarely, if ever, has such a valuable collection been brought tQ- gether in Cardiff. Sale this day, at 11, 3, and 7 o'clock. 783e GUNS. GUNS. GUNS LOUIS JgARNETT AND SON, 49. BUTE-STREET, AND 6 & 7, CAROLINE-STREET, CARDIFF. FOR ALL KINDS OF GUNS TRY ABOVE. ——— 298c BREECH-LOADERS from 30s MUZZLE DO. from 10 8, C. FQLLICK, PAWNBROKER AND JEWELLER 40 & 41, RIDGE-STREET, c ARDIFF. SPECIAL RATES OF INTEREST ON 6t3# PLEDGES EXCEEDING 40B. POSTAL DELIVERY -L OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. The Proprietors of the South Wales Dajlv New beg; o announce that by a special concession of the Postal Authorities they are enabled to despatch th«ii First Edition each morning by the Mails leaving CardiO at2.30a m. and3.45a.m. Country Subscribers residim within the limits ot GLAMORGANSHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE, PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE. PEB Quartkk, Post-FUEE 0 9 9 PER HALF-YF-A-9 « 0 19 6 pr,R Y,&n 1 19 ol SOUTH "WAXES DAILY NEWS OFFICES, Saint Mary-street, Cardiff.