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I Supposed Abduction.


I Supposed Abduction. ALLEGED KIDNAPPING OF A YOUNG LADY. Mr Sullivan, a prominent member of the Battersea Social Democratic Federation, made an extraordinary application on Saturday, at the South-Western Police Court, London. He said he was engaged to be married to a young lady, and the marriage was to take place that day. Her parentis objected to the marriage, because he and she did not intend to conform to the present marriage laws. Mr Cluer Whab I Do you mean to go to a registry offiCt}!- The Applicant: No, air, we don't believe in the marriage laws 11.11 all as at present constituted. Mr Cluer: Parents would naturally raise an objection.—The Applicant Well, this lady- Miss Edith Lamchesber (a well-known Socialist and candidate at the recent School Board election) —is 24 years of age but her parents and her brothers have, I believe, carried her off by violence, and now I am given to understand she is either detained in a madhouse or somewhere else. Mr Cluer It's no use coming to me. You bad better go to the High Couri of Justice. The Applicant; Would it be any use consult, ing a solicitor ? Mr Cluer Certainly, if you can afford it The Applicant I shall get the means, if it cost me my life. The applicant then left the court, accompanied by Mrs Gray, another Socialist and a member of the Wandsworth and Clapham Board of Guardians. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS. A correspondent sends to the St. James's Gazette some remarkable particulars of the case referred to above. It is to the effect that Miss Edith Lanchester, a young lady 24 years of age, who for the past five or six years has been an active member of the Social Democratic Federation, has been kidnapped by her father and brothers, who were desirous of preventing her setting up housekeeping with a young man without going through the marriage ceremony. Miss Lanchester, it appears, was a candidate for the School Board at the last election, standing for West Lambeth as a Social Democratic candidate. Prior to this she had been a school teacher. For the past two years she had been lodging with a Mrs Gray at Battersea. The last-named lady is also a member of the Socinl Democratic Federa- tion and a member of the Battersea Board of Guardians. Preparations for the young couple commencing housekeeping were made, apartments taken, and furniture bought, and on Saturday they were to have taken up their abode together in their new home. On Friday, however, Miss Lanchester was forcibly removed from her home by her father and three brothers, who were accompanied by another gentleman, said to be a doctor. They forcibly prevented Mrs Gray from interfering with their plans, and despite the struggles of the young lady herself, who stoutly resisted and whose clothing was much torn, she was carried to a brougham in waiting, and the party drove off for an unknown destination. Mrs Gray was, however, informed that the driver of the brougham had stated in conversation that he was waiting to take a young girl to a lunatic asylum. A RETICENT BROTHER. A representative of the Press Association called yesterday at Salvador, Liverpool-road, Kingston- hill, where Miss Lancheater's parents reside, and saw one of her brothers with reference to her alleged abduction. The brother, however, declined to give any information whatever as to the whereabouts of the young lady. He stated that Miss Lanchaster's mental condition had been the subject of some concern to the family for some time, and that anexpertiadiseasesof the brain had been commissioned to examine her. Upon a certi- ficate from that gentleman the family feltitistifit-d in removing her to a place of detention. The name and address of the medical gentleman were not disclosed.

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