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DOES YOUR PIANO, ORGAN OR HARMONIUM requne TUNING, TONING OR RESTRINGING? -If to, consult 2ft. C. B. MILLS, Pianoforte Tunac, Maesycwmm ;r REPAIRING A GENERAL OVERHAUL- ING A SPECIALITY. PROFESSIONAL WORKMANSHIP. TERMÐ; MODERATE. All Parti of Rbcnadda Vitited. A Post Card will receipt prompt attention. 976:1 MADAME CHRA ESWELL M.B.I.M.S., CERTIFICATED PHRENOLOGIST, CHARACTER READER, PALMIST, Etc. Office Hours—11 a.m. till 9 p.m. Address-29 PONTYPRIDD ROAD, PORTH. PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. PIANOS. Before purchasing;write to DUSK, SON 0 I*il ff E INn, & mm, LTP., The Gre-it Music Stores, BATH AND BRISTOL The CHEAPEST A BEST Houac IN THE TRAOE, BRANCH AT SWANSEA .tuner3 ViJIIi resfularly all parta of Went ot iSaxland Sd douch %vale d. Evans's Auction Mart. OppoiiU HIPPODROME, TONYPANDY. O. S EVANS Bega to announce that the above Mart is open for the reception of Furniture and Good. of any description for Sale by Public Auction. Cash advanced if desired on Gooda sent for Absolute Sale, or Auctioneer will purohase Goods and take own risk of Auotieo. BALES CONDUCTED AT RESIDENCES. Olhoois- NO DUNRAVEN STREET, TONYPANDY, Where all communications should be addressed. 611 fgONEY. A GENUINE STRICTLY PRIVATE LOAN.; In can Borrow Aoy Suru from Z5 to 41,000 upon yoi r note oi* Hand. A i.piyable by Easy Instaimeata or for a fixed long or short period. Lo meet Interest Charged. No Fees or Fines Oharged. Know with wtiomyou arj doing business. Call, write or ", with avory confidence that you will be honourably dealt with, direct to the actual gm raonal lender, trading in his own name.— PHILIP MORRIS, Market Chambers. Church Stress, PONTYPitIE)D (Phone 217.) PHILIP MOftRIS, 15 Chtries St., CARDIFF (Phone avo.) Oaah alio lent upja Stocks, Shares. Lite Insnranc Policies, and any Artiolob of Value. Inquire P. MORRlS aoove address. 181 Private Loans. Private Lenderal £10 to 950001 If you wiah to borrow money at reasonable rates of in- teretit, be wise and apply to an Out established firm with a sound reputation for !a-.r dealing. We do not ask for security or sureties, and all that is asked for is a written promise to repay. No fixed charges or repayments terms arranged for clients benefit: urgent loans cam. pleted same day no feea, lines or fuss. 2nd irortgageg entertained. CHARLES Stevkns, Ltd., (Tel. 467). Hayes Buildings, Cardiff. ispecial-L.)in iirranged at per cent: per annum for those entit.ou to money or property, income under wills legacies, &ci 62 WHY PAY INCOME TAX When you are not liable to do so? Many persons do I We can assist you to prepare your Income Tax Returns. We also under- take the preparation of Claims for Recovery of Income Tax at a charge oom- mensurate with the work involved, but not exceeding 2a. in the i. on the Tax Repaid or Adjusted. Tradesmen's Books made up and Audited. Arrangements made with Creditors. Valuations of all descriptions. Iasorances, Life, Fire, Ac. SALES OF FURNITURE, PROPERTY, TRADE, and Other Stock conducted. G. E. SVULLWARD (Messrs. Howard A Evans), Auctioneers, Valuers, and Accountant, ARCADE CHAMBERS, Tel. 117. PONTYPRIDD. THIS SPACE IS RESERVED | '0. g The '?/??/?' Ointment ?. jj (TfadsMarh.l $*I* Prep?!etors, Fishg%4,,r <?Mth I <?Ato I Should 'AHi'li/ TO-u i i <iuo.osia^ Id. stamp for VALUABLE ?!!Ül1¡d \\?H.¡TL T?J-I) l' P1l'?¡o?in? ld. Fltarnp for VALUABLD H* >OKi.ET. TK^T'MON'i\f,S .and J' S-\M!*LK of BLANCHARDS PILLS They are unrivalled for ail r.TGguhritie>l, &c and speedily afford relief ind never fail to alledate all mIffering. T,,?y -p(?-4ede Pennyroyal, Pil Cochi%, Bitter Apple, &0. "3tAN0HARs):S araihe belt of all Pills for Women," Soli in boxes i/li by all Chemists, n-Y post free, LfSLlr SASTYH. Lii 34, njLSTSf L$1{¡ ilW The Premier Dancing School of the Rhondda- GARAGE HALL, TONYPANDY, Near the Station. Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 7.30 to 10 p.m. Firat Glass Music. Grand Floor Nice Company. All the Latest Dances. Membership Cards obtained at Carage Studio. Bridge Street, Tonypandy. Workmen s Hall, Ttiq Pentrti 8-30 TWICE NIGHTLY g 30 Monday, Deo, 15tli, and tlii iii, f the wepk. MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, I WANT 10 FORGET. Willi m Fox presents Evelyn Nesbit iu the great spy masterpiece. Ev.lyn N'esbit as V'arda lAeriiig: Russell i ll w as the Gardener's bon lleury Clive as Lient. Long, .Smiling Bill Parsons in a two-reel Capito! Comedy. THE SILENT MYSTERY. Kpisode J1 -\ellt>w Sli.idows. 'I'lie Godi; are clamouring for vengeance. FATHER GAZETTE. THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, THE BIRD OF PREY. drama, of a beautiful uuLcaL who luuyht Lei way back to self-respect. THE PAY ROLL EXPRESS. (>amno;u:s presenL Helen Liib-on in the railw; y daniR. STINGAREE. 11—\r.-ayed wifh tfie enemy, Sliugaree io caught and b. nnd to a tiee. PETTICOATS. The woild s best funny single reei films. LOOK OUT for the GO-AS-YOUt PLEASE COMPETITION for adult com- petitors only held on Wednesday, Dec. 31st, 1919. One House only. First prize 24; second, R2 10s. third, i: I 10,. For this Night Only Ons H use. Ml Karnes t. be sent to the Manager not later than Tuesday, December 30th. Please Notice the Alteration of Prices: Pit 6d; Balcony 9d. Half-price: Pit 3d; Balcony 5d. Inclusive Government Enter- tainment Tax. _-?-?_ -??- MOTORS, Ac, mOi?'' 4 puirs of Hind Wheels for F Konl (,;?r fxceilent (ondirion, no ?yre", Oners to B )\ 1056. 1064 A Quantity of Old Kubber Tyres fur Sale, xj bjth so id and pneumatic tyre co- eis, oilers to Box i056. 1056 PUBLIC NOTICES. DEAR eggs are a regular little gold- -D mine to users of Karswood Spice, containing ground insects, which DOUBLES egg output. 2 £ d., 7 £ d., 1/3,—Davies, 14 Dunraven-street, Tonypandy, HENS which don't lay don't pay. Kars- iLl wood (Harmless) Poultry Spice, con- taining ground insects, ensures eggs. Try it and watch results. 2 £ d., 7^d, 1/3.— Boon, 82 Mill-street, Tonyrefail, PIANOS. A remarkable offer. High- JL class piano (4 ft. high), in new con- dition. Usually £ 75; 45 guineas.—33 Clare Street. Cardiff. PIANOS AND VIOLINS. Highest JL quality; lowest cash prices you can possibly obtain. Usually from zCl5 to zC85 in stock. Inspection invited. Violins from 37s. 6d. 20 to choose from. Bows, strings, cases, etc. Any violin played on by request.—Whitaker, 33 Clare Street, Riverside, Cardiff. ALE. Pianos. Several second-hand. IO lieen cash prices. Repairs; re- polishing. Violins, bows, cases. Big selection, Call between 9 and 7 any day. —Whitaker, 33 Clare Street, Itive-side, Cardiff. AVE YOUR MILK. Lactifer Thor- Jo1 ley's Cooked Calf Meal .res-rs strong, hewlthy Calves. 1051 17^ OR PIGS there is nothing to equal ?- Thorley's Food as a conditioner. 1051 fl AIRDRESSERS.-Discliargei Soldier, 22, would like to go as Learned. State full particulars.—Apply Box F," "Rhondda Leader." ?- IVE-ROOMED HOUSE FOR SALE. p Oak Street, Clydach Vale.—Apply, 60 Brynhyfryd, Blaenclydach. 1052 aOUSE FOR SALE in Sherwood, Llwynypia.—Apply Box 48, "Itioii.- dda Leader." 1048 WANTED Someone to Teach Disabled Young Man how to work the "Griswold" Stocking Knitter. All ex- pcnses paid.—R. Moore, 5 Gynor Avenue, Ynyshir, Rhondda. 1047-1 ?- -?- NO night watching with ( No sows which get Karswood Pig Powd- ers three times weekiy beforehand. Hun- dreds of testimonials. Penny each, twelve for Is.—Boon, 82 Mill St., Tonyrefail. PIGS eat three times as well after I Karswood Pig Powders. Makes them rest better and thrive better. Penny each, twelve Is.-Griffiths, 3 New Hipperdrome Buildings, Tonypandy. '? 0 get OUT of ben food all the eggs T there are IN it, just add) a little Karswood Harmless Poultry Spice, con- taining ground insects. Results usually double when Karswood is added. Packets 2id., 7 £ d., Is. 3d. Strongly recommended by Griffiths, 3 New Hipperdrome Build- ings, Tonypandy. A MERICAN Mandolin-Harp, 41 strings, "— moveable keyboard, quite n w; only wants tuning, cost jE4 4s., sell 35s.— Clark, Penoyre Gardens, Brecon. 17' OR SALE, Mandolin Harp, quiee new, F cost £ 4 4s., sell 35s.; also Mul'er'a I Auto Ha-p, 50s. Bargains. Clark, Penoyre Gardens, Brecon. Rhondda Urban District. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a 1?) Special Meeting of the Rhondda Urban District; Council called in pursuance of the Borough Funds Acts, 1872 and iyQ3, duly convened and held on Wednesday, the 31ci day of December, 1919, the following resolu- tions were passed by an absolute majority of the whole nnmber of the said Council (ti,iiiiely) (1) That the Council do make application in the next se-sion of Parliament for an Act to empower the Council to constiuct new waterworks to extend the time for the purchase of landfl, and the construction of the tramways, new roads aud street works authorised by the Rhondda Urban District Council (tramways Extensions, &c.) Act, 1915; aud for other purposes (2) 3 hat the costs chaiges and expenses of or in relation to the said application be charged on the District Fund and General Distiict Rate or other public funds or rates under the control of the Council. Dated this Stir day of December, 1919. WALTER NICHOLAS, 1057 Cleik of the Council. OEOOND HAND Piano wanted, any con- dition if 7 octave?. Pic?eatate price, maker and condition, also if iron frame. About 1:25 offered. Write to Box 1063. VINEGAR! VINEGAR 1 In Bottles and in Casks. Special Quotations to Wholesalers Send for Trice List. EMANUEL THOMAS & SON, Niftgara Vinegar and Pickle Works,J gWANBEA. 1054 THE BUYERS' CU DE Post Flee, Weekly. Latest Market Reports in Fruit, Potatoes, Groceries, Provisions Pickles, Sauces, Fruit Cordials, etc- WTiite Now Emanuel Thomas & Son, Manufacturers and Importers, S W AN SEA. 1055 NOTICE. At a General Meeting of the Rhondda Fawr Midwives' Union it was decided that the fees on and after Dec. 8tb, be 25/ 1061 WING SING, 105 Dunraven Street, TONYPANDY. FIRST CLASS LAUNDRY Under i\ew Management. Every care taken of ladies' and gentlemen s Laundry. No Lost Articles. aW Delivery in f hres Days. 1060 :DOLLS I Short Notice of Sale 29 Yu-Lraci Koacf, Centre (Next to Post Office). To be Sold by Auction Tuesday and Wednesday Next. Dec. 18 and 17, a Manufacturers S ock of aolls Teady Bsars, Games, Engines, Maccanust t oys, &c iso, a quantity of China, Tea Sets, Dimici OLts, Vases, &c. Numerous lots suitable foi XMAS PRESENTS Sale each day at 11.30, 3 and 5 30 prompt. 1U62 ACKN OWLEDGMENT. Mr John Davies (Co.-op.), Tony- pandy, and family, beg to acknow- ledge with much gratitude the num- erous letters of sympathy they have received from friends in the district condoling with them on their sad bereavement—the death of wife and mother. They also acknowledge with deep feeling, the numerous floral tributes presented on the day of funeral. She has left a void which none can fill except a mother.. 1059

Ch istmas Day Pr parations.


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