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Life after Death.\


Life after Death. SIR A. COX AN DOYLE AT MAERDY. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the well known scientist and spiritualist, ad- dressed a largtly attended public meeting at the Workmen s Hall, Maerdy, on Wednesday evening. Councillor H. E. Maltby presided, supported by prominent local citi- zens. Sir Arthur, who was accompanied by Lady Doyle, said that spiritual- ists were pushing their way through obstacles and the path they created would be used by the human races. From his contact with people all over the country he knew that their feelings were that they wanted some- thing solid; they had had too much faith. The slaughter of several million lives after 2,000 years of Christianity showed that there was something wrong; they had lost the right road and must go back to iinti it. He proceeded. "1 am asked, 'Are you perfectly sure of the things you tell us.' I am and I know it; and I say with all the conviction I possess that I have spoken to my own dead son, brother and nephew, all of whom died during the war. You may say 1 uai deluded. The first time I met my boy there were six witnesses present and the second time there were twelve. Take the attitude of the churches to-day. What we are trying to do is to try and prove the foundation of Christi- anity- that man survives after death. I have accepted the chal- lenge of a materialist to discuss this question and when I am doing it churchpeopl6 stab me in the back." The speaker proceeded to say that he had been invited by a bishop to address the clergy on the question and he regarded the invitation as a sign that the long night was begin- ning to break. Dealing with the movement of chairs and other manifestations ex-- perienced at. seances, Sir Arthur Arthur said these were merely sig- nals to us to listen to the messages. He Hkened them to the ringing of a telephone bell and the human race had been so foolish as to discuss the bell instead of going to the receiver to listen to the message. Communi- cation with the dead was simply the working of a law which the living did not at present understand. Allud- ing to the state of existence in the after-life he said that they had amongst them in this world people who had no chance of developing their talents, in the other world these persons got their chance and more scope to develop their powers. Religious belief made no difference it did not matter what religion they belonged to as long as it helped them to live unselfish lives. Spiritualism could be made to suit any creed. He knew clergy of every denomination who embraced it. "if you cannot get spiritual good in your religion, you must do something to awaken your soul. The personal re- sponsibility rests upon you. We know that spiritualism is true and we are going straight ahead. It is too big a thing to make a sect out of it. It ought to be common property. I do not want to see another religion; we want to see its influence exercised over the existing ones. I say that here is a ground on which Christi- anity might be re-united. Death has lost to us its sting and the grave its victory." The speaker was thanked on the motion of Mr R. J. Griffiths, sec- onded by Mrs Tilsey, Treforest.

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