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RHONDDA IEducation Committee.

Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

RHONDDA Education Committee. MARRIED WOMEN TEACHERS. Mr James James presided at the monthly meeting of the Rhondda Education Committte held at the Council Chamber, Pentre, on Wed- nesday. SIR WATER NICHOLAS. A letter was received from Lady Nicholas stating that Sir Walter Nicholas, who has been indisposed for some time, having undergone an operation, was progressing favotir- » ably, but it would be some little, time, added Lady Nicholas, before he would be able to resume his duties. Satisfaction was expressed by the members upon the progress made by their chief official, and they wished him a speedy and complete recovery. SCHOOL DENTAL SURGEON. I The School Management Commit- tee reported that they had recom- mended Captain W. R. Davies, L. D. S., of Aldershot, for one of the vacant posts of school dental surgeon at a salary commencing at E400 per annum, rising by annual increments of £25 to a maximum of £500. The recommendation was con- firmed. CHARGE OF MARDY SCHOOL. The Director's action in appoint- ing Miss Peggy Price, C.A., at Ton Girls' School, to take temporary charge of Mardy Girls' School, in place of Miss C. E. Davies, head teacher, now deceased, was con- firmed. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. I The Christmas vacation will com- mence on December 23rd, and re- commence on January 5th. TEACHERS AND PUNCTU- ALITY. The Committee considered the question of unpunfctuality of certain teachers in their attendance at school and it was decided that a communi- cation be sent to all the teachers in the service of the Authority calling attention to the regulations and to the great importance of being punc- tual in their attendance and that in future all cases of unpunctuality coming to the know ledge of the Dir- ector (Mr T. W. Berry) be reported to the Education Committee to deal with. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE. I The Director reported that the School attendance returns for the four weeks ended 31st October, total percentage 86.9 as compared with 86.2 for the previous, and 85 per cent. for the corresponding period last year. INTER-SCHOOL SPORTS. I A letter was received from Mr J. R. Richards, form master at the Pen- tre Secondary School, stating that at a meeting of representatives of the heads and staffs of the Autho- rity's Higher Schools, it was decided to institute an annual inter-school sports meeting for those schools on some day in the month of May, and asking for the Committee's, support and co-operation in the movement. It was decided that the principle of an inter-schools sports day be approved of. MARRIED WOMEN TEACHERS. MEMBERS WALK OUT IN I PROTEST. A question of great importance to the teaching profession involving the status of the i married tachers, was raised by a deferred notice of motion in the name of Councillor Tlios. J. Cook. Councillor Cook's motion proposed that the whole of the married female teachers be retained in the Authority's employ until such time as they qualified for the minimum superannuation, when they should automatically be dismissed, and that married teachers already qualified for superannuation should be called upon to resign at once. At the present time, said Mr Cook, the Council had by no means a surplus staff of teach- ers, and it .jjjould be quite unfair to cut the whole of the married teach- ers off straightaway. Mr John Kane, M. E., seconded. The Chairman explained that in 1914 the Committee passed a resolu- tion calling on all married teachers to terminate their training within five years from that date with, how- ever, the proviso that those who had not completed the minimum number of years necessary to claim a pension under the 1898 Act should he allowed to remain on until such time as they did so qualify. The original resolu- • tion of the Council of 1909 that mar- riage shall terminate all appoint- ments still held good. Mrs Williams, Gelli, opposed the motion as being un fa ir. Councillor Mark Harcombe ob- served l-hat there were twenty mar- ried teachers already qualified for superannuation who should be imme- diately dispensed with. Councillor Edgar Morgan moved a direct negative to the motion, to the effect that the Education Committee do away with all married teachers at once. He contended they should be placed upon the same basis as the female teachers who had to leave dir- ectly they got married. If the motion was passed it was going to take some of the married teachers twenty years to qualify for superannuation. At the present time, the following table would show the number of married teachers in the Council's employ and the period it would take them to qualify 21 teachers, 5 years. 48 teachers, 10 years. 58 teachers, 15 years. 20 teachers, 20 years. Councillor Abel Jacob wished to second the amendment, though not as a direct negative because Coun- cillor Cook's resolution was to do away with all married teachers. Dr. W. E. Thomas did not think it fair that teachers who had served a number of years towards qualifying for a pension should be suddenly knocked off and deprived of what they had partly earned simply be- cause they married. Other members claimed that the motion was out of order inasmuch as the resolution moved in 1914 had be- come operative the previous month. The Committee being divided a vote was taken as to whether the motion should be put to the meeting. and the affirmative carried by 11 votes to i. As the Chairman was preparing to take the vote on the motion the fol- lowing members instantly rose to their feet in protest and subsequently retired from the Chamber, refusing to vote: Councillor Dl. Davies, T. Thomas, Abel Jacob, Jno. Williams, W. D. Morgan, T. R. Davies, Edgar Morgan and E. T. Wood, and t-Le two ladv members, Mrs Williams (Gelli), aiid Mrs Williams (Ponty- gwaitli). The remaining members voted en bloc for Councillor Cook's motion, and considerable amusement was caused by Dr. Thomas remarking, "N ow let us take the vote as a unani- mous one." All hands at once went up, the whole of the members rock- ing with laughter. The reappearance of Councillor Abel Jacob, heading the protestants back to the Chamber, provoked a further bout of mirth and merriment, Mr. Jacob dolefully consoling him- self with the remark, "We had the courage of our convictions at least, and refused to vote on principle." On the proposition of Councillor Mark Harcombe the Committee de- cided that the 18 or 20 married teachers already qualified for a pen- sion should be permitted to retain in the Council's employ until the end of the present school year, in July next.

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