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Presentation to LadyI Nicholas.


Presentation to Lady Nicholas. At the Garth, Trealaw, on Satur- day, a presentation was made to Lady IS icliolas by the Clydach Vale, detachment of V.A.D. nurses who served at the Llwynypia Auxiliary Hospital. Not only was Lady Nicholas pre- sident of the above hospital, which rendered such valuable service to our wounded soldiers during a con- siderable period of the war, but she personally acted as commandant of the above detachment up to the time when the hospital was no longer re- quired. Whilst acting in that capacity, her great solicitation for the comfort and restoration of "the boys" was only equalled by her interest in the wel- fare of her nurses. As an expression of respect for their commandant, and in commem- oration of the happy though strenu- ous period they were privileged to work togetTier, Mrs. (Dr.) Powell, quarter-master (now of Sennybridge) on behalf of the nurses, presented Lady Nicholas with a pair of beauti- ful silyer candlesticks, suitably in- scribed. In doing so Mrs Powell referred to the pride which they felt upon the bestowal of the honour upon Sir Walter and their commandant, and their deep regret at Sir Walter's serious illness, from which they were glad to learn he was now recovering. As a staff they had spent a very pleasant time together, and their duties were made lighter by her con- tinuous kindness and consideration. Lady Nicholas, to whom the pre- sentation came as a surprise, thanked them for that expression of their kind feelings. Of the presents she had received, none would be more valued than theirs, and as the can- dlesticks were intended for her bureau she would have them continu- ally before her, reminding her of their happy association as a detach- ment. Lady Nicholas afterwards enter- tained the nurses and an enjoya ble time was spent in recalling their hospital experienced. The members of the staff, which includes Miss Nora Nicholas, to- gether with several well known ladies in Llwynypia, Tonypandy, Penygraig, and Williamstown, are indebted to Miss Gwladys Griffiths, Brynawel, Clydach Yale (one of their. number), for carrying out the ar- rangements for the meeting.

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