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?'M.'? -M??5& -?<L*?BBLas -?..??amSNXtN CENTRAL SIGHT-TESTING-Fio MS Hannah Street, PORTH. be lbomil aft «onv»fej*a$y situated for the inhabitant* of the Rhaadda VallQyo. PRINCIPAL: Mp. EDMUND THOMAS, F.S.M.C. ? Fully Qualified Optician by Exam. (London^™ Fully Qualified Optician by Exam. (Lond ?In. OUR QUALIFI NATIONS t— I.-Over 12 Years' experience in Sight Testing and Spectacle Frame Fitting. 2.—In 1915 passed the Spectacle Makers Co. (London) Examination in general fepd practical optic*. S.-In 1916 passed the final examina tion in visual optics and sight testing. DMained the Diploma of the Company and the right to use the letters F.S.M.C. 4.—In 1918 received the Freedom of the City of London. Owing to the absence of Qualified Opticians in the Valleys, many have been in the habit of visiting Cardiff and other centres to obtain the services of a QUALI PTED Optician. This is no longer necessary as EDMUND THOMAS II the holder of the Highest Diploma obtainable for proficiency in Sight Testing. livery case receives the personal attention of the Principal, whose whole time is now jievoted to this particular work. To ensure a consultation it is advisab le to make an appointment about 7 days Iwfore visiting. E EDMUND THOMAS, F.S.M.C., Qualified Optician, Hannah Street (Lower End), P 0 R T H ———————^a Don't think of tke size of the tin-think of what r it contains. A tin of "Ideal" is much RICHER IN CREAM than "Evaporated Milk" made under American Government Standards. If you want the richest unsweetened milk you want IDEAL MILK Sold Everywhere. Cash Price, lid. and 6d. per tin If unobtainable locally, writs to NESTLE'S, 6-8, EASTCHEAP, LONDON, E.C. 3 ?, ._?. ?.?? NF?T WF??OS ?SUF ?  ? The Leader ? wIH be on sale on Friday morning as usual. Extremely Superior and Economical. All the Merits and Varieties of the Best Sauces. Each Kind made Mild, HOT, and Medium. "BOSTON RELISH" Syrup. "BOSTON SAUCE" Verv Thick. "X MALTED SAUCE" X Digestive. 7 £ d., 9d., lO^d., Is., Is. 3d., Is, Gd,, 2s., 2s. 6d., 5s., and 10s., to measure out. "WORCESTER SAUCE," Large Bottles. "WINNER SAUCE," Large Bottles (Thick). fid., 9d., Is., Is. 6d., 2s. 6d., 5s., and 10s., to measure out. "BROWNING," Extremely Fine and Strong. 6d., 9d., Is., Is. 6d., 2s. 6d., 5s., and 10s. SoN everywhere, or Direct R taJ, 6 Is. bottles (1 each kind) for 5s. 9d., 12 for 11s., 24 for 1 guinea. Retailers' Discount under i2. Over .£2, t 5, £ 10, C25, £50, £100 hi £ 3/6. 3/9 4 4 3 5 6, 4V9, 5,- Agents and Merchants extra dis. of 7! per cent. and guantity discount. Ail Nett Cash with order. No Free Samples. Guaranteed Quality. Carriage and Boxes free. Sole Wholesale Cash Buying Agents wanted in all Districts where not repre- sented. Highly Remunerative, other important lines to follow. Write "AVIN," BOSTON. Only Makers AVIN," BOSTON. 1042 I ARE BABIES DEAR? m MOTHER answers "of course," ivi with a strong inflexion .f surprise that the question should even be mentioned. But the word H dear" is used with another meaning, and the question is not ours, 'but that of several writers in the Press Who have been pointing out how much more it costs to keep a, baby to-day. Baby's clothes, baby's pram, baby's xaedioines, and even babya milk are all costing moce. It becomes an ifanwtanit matter then to "o that baby gets fun value for the money spent, especially in the matter of food. There's a great deal can be saved on that alone. Take milk, for instance. It is a fact thit milk food is the best; in fact, is the only food for baby if mother mmt feed baby herself. But what sort of mflk fooA? Ordinary cow's milk either fresh, powdered or oendenaed, isn't a natural food for kuman hateac. A baby tanf a calf. A calf can aattty digest the fcaavy fata and owdi in oowe milk but a baby can't. So nilk has to be dilated or weakened. But that doesn't make the indiges- tible matter is the milk any more dignsttble. It stops baby sending it all back, perhaps, by reducing the weight. But the water that has been added oontaina no nourishment. Something more is needed to bring the cow's milk more in line with mother's own mnk. This something is Mose- loys Food. It is not only very nourish- iag itsetf and supplies ingredients eapeouiHy helpful for baby's bones and teetfu it modifoo the cow's milk and makee it lie lighter on baby's stomaoh. When you 1188 Moseleys Food you make better feed for baby with less milk. And however dear baby is to you in affeoteoa you can have no objections to Earn being loss "dear" to keep. And Maealeys Poed saves doctor's bills II and ottw troubles, for over and over agan it has been the salvation of wwaMr bafcfas, soothing and sustain- | ing tkan wfcen they were actaally un- ahle to baep down the weakest milk and WOAW. Don't hesitate, but be on the Be side. Start baby right with Moaokqa Eaod. And if baby ifmt aU pou iIWak it should be, put it I obsiob* away as ?????M??????????????h????? e -v, Humanises Cow's Milk for Baby. Sold by all good Chemists in 9d., 114 & 31- Tins. A handsomely printed, illustrated Baby Book entitled "Moaalagw Mothers' Kelp." eontaining valuable hints for Mothers, description* eI Baby AaimenAs, will be atat post free to any address on receipt of postoand addreaaed to Nana illios, Meseley Feod Co., Weethoughton. a ^mmmmmmmmmmmmm j

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