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FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. 4_ THE INVASION OF SCHLESWIG. SCHLESWIG, Feb 7 (Night). The Austrians are pursuing the enemy in a northerly ThCtioD' andt*10 Prussian Guards in a westerly direction. Td t 8evere engagement which took place yesterday near between the Austrian and Prussian troops and the resulted in a victory of the former. iae King has set out for Copenhagen. fch the engagement near Oversee and the road to Flensburg ere were many killed and wounded. ■» |he Austrian regiment of the King of the Belgians alone st 17 officers and 500 rank and file. Feb. 8. H was the intention of the Danish Commander, before n evacuating Schleswig, to blow up the Castle of Gottorp and fire to the magazines. Having received orders to spare King's birthplace, neither was carried into execution. ihe number of guns in position left behind by the Danes « stated to be 120. RENDSBUHG, Feb. 4. About noon to-day the Amtmann Blauenfeld, of i leckbye, was brought in between two Austrian dragoons, with h arms wed to the saddle. He led a Prussian detachment against a ^oiumn of Austrians, upon pretext that they were Danes, in consequence of which they fired into one another with fatal reguit43. A eomplete plan of the Austro-Prussian position Waa ?un<l Upon him, which led to the supposition that he iirf ln Communication with a regular company of spies, eld will be shot as a traitor to-morrow. Feb. 8, p.m. The Austrians have attacked the Danish positions before flensburg, while the Prussians are cutting off the enemj uPon the right. The Dams are retreating. Large quantities of booty and many prisoners have fallei mto the hands of the allies. lighting has taken place in the streets of North Flens- {lUrK, and a desperate struggle is now going on at Bau ana ■^Upfermuhle. COPENHAGEN, Feb. 7, 2 p m. Notwithstanding its being Sunday, both Chambers of the £ ?da« held a public sitting to-day. „ The President of the Council said that the King was not !nstrumental in the retreat, of the army, that the proceed- of the Commander-in-Chief were inexplicable, and that e had therefore been recalled. HambpeG, Feb. 8, 7 p.m. Officers report that the Prussians have marched upon -Lmppel from Holnis They are said to have carried the in- trenchments before Duppel, held by a small Danish force, and to have thrown forward their main body to Apenrade, in order to cut off the retreat of the Danes into Jutland. The roads were blocked with cannon, which the exhausted horses were unable to drag further. The Danish army is reported to be in a state of complete dissolution. RENDSBUBO, Feb. 9. Holstelners who have deserted from the Danish army IItate :-uTke Danes have evacuated Flensburg. The Prus- 8ianl and Austrians are north of Flensburg. The greater Portion of the Danish troops have escaped to Alsen Island. In consequence ef the hasty movements of the troops yester- day, many dead were left on the different battle-fields. In the northern part of Flensburg the inhabitants favourable to the Danes erected barricades and fired on the Austrians, who lost in and before the town 1,100 men In killed and wounded." COPENHAGBN, Feb. 8, 5 p.m. After the communication made yesterday by Bishop Manrad, the President of the Council, the following re- solution was proposed in both houses of the Rigsdag :— ■Ihe Rigsdag, fully recognising the gravity of the time, fleets that the nation will perceive the necessity of up- holding tranquillity and order. The people may rely upon Jhe Rigsdag maintaining the honour and independence of wJe country by all the legal means at its command, and on jM calling upon the government to take all measures for «ie most energetic defence for this purpose." This resolu- tion was paaaed by both Houses, together with a second, authorising the preparation of an address to be presented to the King. Advices from Stockholm state that popular demonstrations had taken place in that city, in front of the residence of the Danish ambassador, in favour of Denmark. COPENHAGEN, Feb. 8, 9 p.m. .A report of the War Minister has been published to-day, which says The Danish outposts are now from one mile and a halt to three miles outside Alasund (?) No attack has taken place. During the retreat, after the engagement near Oversee, the 1st Copenhagen Regiment of Infantry made a splendid and heroic bayonet charge upon a battery ■Prussian guns. The regiment was nearly destroyed, rru thereby saved." The Faedrelandet publishes a telegram from Stockholm, Mating that extreme consternation and grief prevailed in that city upon the receipt of the news from Denmark. Large numbers of people collected in the streets.





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