Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

8 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



PONTYPRIDD LITERARY INSTITUTE. DISTRIBUTION OF VALUABLE PRIZSS IN AID OF THE LIBRARY. ruHE Committee of the above Institution direct public attention to the following list of Valuable Articles which, with many others, amount:? together to upwards of TWO HUNDRED PRIZES, from 40 Guineas to not less than Five Shilling*, will be publiclv DraWn for in the presence of several influential Gentle- men, at the ASSEMBLY ROOMS, NEW INN HOTEL, on TUESDAY, the .9th of October, 1866. It is intended •lao to exhibit the Prizes on the Monday previous to the Drawinir. LIST OF PRINCIPAL P R I Z E S:- FIBST PFizz-A HANDSOME FINE-TONED NEW ROSE-WOOD PIANOFORTE, VALUE FORTY GUINEAS. VALUE. VALUE. VALUE. TT • GCINEAS* PRIZE GUINEAS. P*IZK GUINEAS. 2nd—A full sized Harmonium by 7th—Good Silver Lever Watch 5 15th -Good Pair of Blankets 14 Alexandre 20 8th-Saddle and Bridle 5 16th—Elegant Gold Pin 1 3ra~ Valuable Gold Watch 15 9th -Case of superior Wine 4 17th Time-piece 1 4th—Musical Box in handsome 10th—Handsome Paisley Shawl 4 18th—Moderater Lamp 1 inljud case 5 I Ilth-Good Silk Dress 4 19th-Setof Vases. 1 5ih-Mahogany Chest of Draw- 12th-Rich Lace Shawl. 3 20th-Stereoscope with set of era 5 13th-A Lady's Work Table. 2 Slides 1 6th-Elegant 8-day Clock 5 14th-Easy Chair. 2 The Committee guarantee the articles stated above, and all the other Prizes to be of the full value. 'LIST OF AGENTS. PONTYPRIDD From any of the Tractfesfigople. Ystrad—Mj^flgfBT^hoinas, Chemist. Treforest Mr. J. Richards, Grocer and DraperT* Trehtrfpvt^-mx. David Jenkins, Chemist. m V Txr „M^John G«>cer and Draper, L-^T Mr. Richard Thomas, Post Office. Tag's Well- Mr. E. Mountjoy, Junction Shop. „ Mr. Evan Cule, Grocer. Duncan, Cardiff Times Office. Cffwliridge —Mr. Ebenezer Davies, Bookseller. Brvigcnd Mr. Wrigley, Hairdresser. Tondu^Mr. Thomas Williams, Grocer. Mountain Ash-Mr. Abel James, C^emffit. Gy/ci^on-^MtRichard Evans, Post Office. A^|2*nof Mr. H. Bould, Agent- Ebbw Fa/e—MrNt^nkin Jenkins, The Shop. fTroedyrhiw (MerthyrGrogan, Station Master. Tonyrefail-Ur. Thotona Morgan, Grocer. If IMerthyr Tydnl Williams, TELEGRAPH Office. LIantrisant-Mr. JohnT^&arne Draper Mfterdare—Mft-^vans, Draper, Cloth Hall. Rhymney Mr. Franklyn Dix^Qiemist. I „ "Tttr. J. W. Thomas, Chemist. And at all the Railway Stations. J The List of the successful members will be published in the MERTHYR TELEGRAPH, Cardiff Times, and Gwlad- I gtmor, of the 13th of October. 63T TICKETS, SIXPENCE EACH. Appointed Agents in every Town and District. G. GRIFFITHS, R. C. HUNTER. I „ c J. GRIFFITHS, rHon- Secretaries. S511! J. COOMBES, ) RHYMNEY ART UNION PRIZE DRAWING, In aid of Funds to be raised for Educational Purposes, and for improvement of School Buildings at Rhymney. rpHE DKAWING will take place at TWTNCARITO SCHOOL ROOM, the Third Week ip Sep- tember, in the presence^ of S. Buchan, R. Bedlington, J. Matthews, H. Trump, J. Prosser (Chemist), and T. Pntchard, Esqrs. The following valuable Prizes will be drawn for :— FIBST PMM.—A MAGNIFICENT GOLD WATCH AND CHAIN, VALUE FORTY GUINEAS. VAICE. VALUE. VALUE. PB1ZK GUINEAS. PRIZE GUINEAS. JRIZE GUINEAS 2nd.—- Handsome Fine-toned 10th.—Handsome Mahogany 18th —Good Iron Bedstead 1J Pianoforte in Wa'nut.25 Conch 4 19th.—Pair of Good Blankets IS Srd.—Ladys Gold Watch and 11th.-Gold Albert Chain 3 20th.—Telescope li "A, "i_* 12th. We-Jther Glass 2 £ 21st.—Flannel Dress 1J 4th.~Eight-day Clock 6 13th.—Silver Watch 2 £ 22nd.—Perambulator ..11 Sth.—DoubIe-barreHed Gun 5 14th.—Galvanic Battery 2 23rd — Silk Umbrella 1 6th —Silver Lever Watch 5 15th—Gentlemen's Elegant Dres- 24th —Spring Balance, to weigh 7th.—Chest of Drawers (ma- sing Case 2 3001bs.7. 1 hogany) 5 16th —Lady's Elegant Dressing 25th.—Electro Plated Cruet Sth.—Rich Black Silk Dress 4 Case 2 Stand. 1 9th.—Rich Paisley Shawl 4 17th.-Doz. Ivory Handled Table Knives and Forks 2 26,27, Concertina, 15s. each 28, 29, Workbox, 15s. each 30, 31. Microscope, 14s eaeh; 32, 33, Portmanteau, 14s. each; 34, Case of Mathematical Instruments, 10s.; 35, Gold Scarf Pin, 10s. Also a Choice Selection of other Articles of the value of not less than 5s. each, making the total number ot Prizes upwards of TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY.-All Prizes to be delivered Carriage Free. Ri" TICKETS, SIXPENCE EACH. The Drawing will be on the principle of the Art Union, and the successful members will be published in the Cambria Daily Leader, MERTHYR TELEGRAPH, The Byd Cymreig, and Banner Cymreig. A list of Winning Numbers will be forwarded to any person who will send a Stamped Addressed Envelope for the same. Treasurers—JOHN HAVARD, Esq., and DAVID P. MORGAN, Esq. Hon Secretaries—Messrs. J. GRIFFITHS, Albion House, D. B. JONES, Upper Shop; D. B. OWEN, Twyncarno E. DAVIES, Vulcan Cottage; D. Lewis, British School, Twyncarno. Auditors—Messrs WM. EVANS, Draper JAS. EVANS, Grocer D. MORGAN, Draper, Pontlotyn. [ 5510 NEATH ART UNION. THREE HUNDRED PRIZES! NO PRIZE UNDER FIVE SHILLINGS -¡r- POSTPONEMENT *0 F DRAWING. IN consequence of the Town Hall, Neath, in r,e d for the County Court on the 5th and 6th July. the DRAWING is necessarily POSTPO D. Th Drawing will therefore commence at the TOWN HALL, on MONDAY NEXT, the 9th July. 7 TICKETS, SIXPENCE each, may be obtained at e Offic of this Paper, and of their Local Agents. W Applications for Books of Ticketsto be made. either of the Hon. Secretaries, Mr. WALTER JONES, 1 Neath, 2nd, July, 1866. „ B H. THOMAS, VNeath. 5444] „ ED. WM. JONES, J TABERNACLE, MERTHYR. THE SECOND ANNUAL GREAT EISTEDDFOD Will be held at the above Chapel on CHRISTMAS-DAY, December 25th, 1866, WHEN there will be awarded a large number of Prizes, including the following:- C) To the Choir, not under 40 in number, that will sing best-" Mor fawr ydyw dyfnder," from Mendelssohn.- See Cerddor Cymreig, Nos. 33, 34, and 35 JE15 To the Choir of one congregation, not under 30 in number, that will sing best the congregational tune Aberdare." —See Ieuan Gwyllt's Tune Book £2 To the Band of Hope Choir, each singer under 15 years of age, not under 30 in number, that will sing best— Gweddi'r Publican."—See Owain Alaw's "Sunday School Tune Book," X.2 P.S.—A conductor and two bass singers will be allowed with the Band of Hope Choirs. PRESIDENT REV. J. EMLYN JONES, M.A., LL.D., (Pencerdd). ADJUDICATOR REV. W. HARRIS, Trecynon. TREASURER Mr. D. DAVIES, Grocer, Glebeland. For further particulars, &c., see Programmes, which may be bad of the Treasurer, or of the Secretary, Mr. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, 6, Pleasant View, Grawen Terrace. Merthyr Tydfil. July 3rd, 1866. [5535 J. D. WILLIAMS, WATCH MANUFACTURER, RESPECTFULLY invites the attention of intending Purchasers to his Stock of LEVER WATCHES. Having devoted much time and attention to this important branch of his business, he flatters himself that for quality and elegance of style, his Watches cannot be excelled, every Watch being carefully examined on tne Premises under his own supervision, he leels the greatest confidence in recommending them. A warranty and a trial of two years allowed with each Watch. Silver Levers in Strong Cases, from X4 4s. Od. to £10 10s. Od. Gold do. Ladies' Size from SS 8s. Od to JE16 16s. Od. Golfi do. Gentlemen's Size from Xl 0 1 Os. Od. to X31 10s. Od. GENEVA WATCHES. Silver Cases from £1 Is. Od. to 13 10s. Od. Gold do. from X3 3s. Od. to £10 10s. Od. A Choice Assortment of Gold Guards and Alberts of the Newest Designs, always in stock. 129, High Street, Merthyr. [5513 FUNERALS COMPLETELY FURNISHED, And every article of Family Mourning, at THOMAS P GENERAL DRAPERY MERTHVKS^ A NEW Stock of the following Goods just arrived, viz., Black French Merinos, Coburgs, Alpaccas, French Twills, Baratheas, French De Laines, Black Shawls and Jackets, Crapes, Mourning Bonnets, &c., &c. [5519 I- PERAMBULATORS PERAMBULATORS A lARGE STOCK OF CHILDREN'S SUMMER CARRIAGES HAVE JUST ARRIVED AT THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY DEPOT, High Street, Merthyr, which can be had at prices varying from 7s. 6d. to 50s. each. [5514 SELLING OFF! AT S. B. WITCHELL'S Home-made Wholesale and Retail Fashionable BOOT AND SHOE ESTABLISHMENT, VICTORIA STREET, ABERDARE. SB. "WITCHELL respectfully invites public attention to his Superior Stock of BOOTS and • SHOES, suitable for the present season. Ladies' Elastic Side Boots at 3s. 6d. Ladies' Elastic Side Stout Bottoms, 4s. Ladies' Elastic Side Fine Kid, 4s. 9d. Babies' Slippers, 5Ad. Babies' Patent Boots, lOd. Gentlemen's Cossacks, 5s. 6d. Gentlemen's Elastic-Side Boots at 7s. 9d., only |to be had at Witchell's. Children's Elastic-Side Boots from Is. lOd. 0* Observe the AddressS. B, WITCHELL, Cheap Boot Establishment, opposite the Queen's Hotel, ABERDARE. ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. REPAIRS DONE ON THE PREMISES. [5512 A GRAND FORESTERS' FETE AT ABEMAYEMT. ARRANGEMENTS have been made with the London and North Western Railway Company A for a MONSTER EXCURSION to ABERGAVENNY, on MONDAY, July 9th, 1866, for which occasion jreat preparations are being effected to make the above Fete one of grea4^itraction and interest to all classes, and duly authorised persons will be appointed to attend to the comfort and dpnv^ience of the Excursionists, as well as to the residents 01 Abergavenny and ifs adjoining localities, who desire to W £ tic aate in the festivities of the day. The Grounds selected for the Grand Fete are pleasantly situated, being on Wi iffiftrd Road, and about five minutes' walk from the Railway Station. Three spacious MARQUEES will be erected, and REFRESHMEJi TS pAvided at moderate Charges. The Fete-Champ^tre will consist of the following Sports, &c.: Croquet, Archay, and Cricketing; Donkey, Foot, Hurdle, and Wheel-barrow Racing Quoits, Aunt Sally, Jumping in Sacks, qd otler Popular Amusements. Robin Hood, Little John, and William Stutley, will ta^e/i art in this Great FestivaL A PROCESSION will start from Brecon-road Station, Abergavennyy at 11 4.m., headed by the 9th Monmouth- shire Volunteer Band. The Tredegar Brass Band, a Drum and Fife Band, and two String Bands are also engaged for 4hc occasion. FARES to-and-fro (including Admission into the Field):— Covered Carriages. First-Class. Tredegar (Nantybwch Station), Trevil, and Beaufort Is. 6d. 2s. Od. Btynmawr Is. 2d. Is. 6d. Children under Twelve Years of Age, Half-price. The Proceeds will be devoted towards the Establishment of a Widow and Orphans' Fund in connection with the above Society. Full particulars will bg given in future announcements, and any further information may be had on application to P.C.R. RICHARD BELL, or P.G.R. DANISL MORGAN, Church Street, Tredegar. Court Room, June 18th, 1866. [5456 BED COW INN, GLEBELAND-STREET, MEBTHYB TYDFIL. WILLIAM CHIRM RESPECTFULLY informs the public that he has just opened the above old-established INN, and begs to intimate that all Ales and Spirits sup- plied are of the very best quality, he being determined to merit a. trade by the excellency of his goods, Every accommodation is given to Commercial Gentlemen and Visitors, the stabling room being of the most ample <character. The patronage of his friends and the public will be W> ..teewód a favour,' [5408