Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

4 erthygl ar y dudalen hon





A NEW REFLECTION.—Three things are needed to make a cheerful preside happy faces, a joyous blaze, and last not least, a brilliant grate which reflects all these as in a mirror. This last never looks so bright as when polished with the DIAMOND BLACK LEAD."—Kcckiit$Sons, London Briage, E.C., Hull. HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT AND PILLS.—Quinsy, Sore Throat and Diptheria.—With the fog,-y, damp winter evenings the human throat becomes subject to many diseases, particularly inflammation and ulceration. In quinsy or inflamed throat Holloway's Ointment well rubbed npon the top of the chest and round the throat, after these parts have been bathed in warm salt and water and dried, has a wonderful power in checking tie inflammation and removing all the unpleasantness and dangers caused by quinsy. Holloway's Pills should be taken at the same time as they relieve the general fever. LADIES' SCHOOL. I HE MISSES WARD, Hill Street, Haverfordwest, j beg to announce that the Duties of their Establish- ment will be resumed on Monday, the 20th instant. VACANCIES FOR BOARDERS. July 7th, 1863. GENERAL REGISTERING OFFICE FOR SERVANTS. 11" CLARKE begs to inform the Gelltlf aud Inha- • bit an is generally of Pembrokeshire (hat, inconse- quence of the death of PAiss Gibbon, she has com- menced in the above business at Dark-street, Haver- fordwest.. HA.OSRFORDWEST. S. R. E D M. 0 N D & THOMAS REES EG to inform their Friends, and the Public generally, J) that they have commenced Business, in partnership, as AUCTIONEERS, APPRAISERS, ACCOUNTANTS, &c and trust, by strict attention to all matters entrusted to their care and the prompt discharge ^of their engage- ments, to merit and receive a share of Public Patronage. Offices—Dark-street (near the Mariners Square), H»- Jan., 1862. •>. J ■-

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