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HAVERFORDWEST HARRIERS. — This pack was, by inadvertence, last week announced to meet on Christmas Day. We are requested to correct this error, and to state that the Harriers will meet at Walwyn's Castle on Saturday, at 10.33 a.m. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS.—The professional men and tradesmen of this town h;va consented to close their places of business on Saturday next. Public notice to this effect has been given by placards and advertize- ments in the local papers, and as we stated in a former impression, there will be no market on Saturday, the Mayor have announced that the Christmas Market will be held on Thursday, the 24th instant. HAVJBRFORPWEST FREEMEN.—At a recent meeting of the Trustees of this body, the following were appointed members of the committee for ths management of the Portfield Recreation Ground under the -Haverfordwest lkr¡)ugh Rill ;Mr J. W. Phillips, Mr W. V. Jamss, Nr Richard iivans, Mr S. Green, and Mr G. Warlow. PRENDKUGAST CHURCH.—This Church having been completely restored, will be re-opened for Divine Worship on Wednesday, the 23rd instant. The sermon 3n the morning will be preached by the Lard Bishop of Saint David's, and that in the evening by the Rev John Griffiths, M A., rector of Neath. A collection in aid of the building fund will be made after each service. We may also mention that a series of evening services will be held in the Church, cainmenoing: on Christmas Eve and ending, en Wednesday, the 30th instant. The following clergymen will take part iu the service;- Rev Jackson Taylor; Rev F. Foster Rev T. Martyn Hev J. A. Owen Rev J. H. A. Philipps Rev Geo. Huntington Rev Richard Lewis and Rev 0. A Nares. The usual morning service will be held on Christinas Day, and on Sunday the 27th instant. POLICE INTELLIGENCE.—At the Police Station on Monday, before S. Harford, Esq, Mayor, Sophia Jane Garcl was brought up on remand charged with stealing 5s Id, the property of Mrs Phiipott, of the Castle Hotel, where tbe accused had been engaged as barmaid for the last four months. Mr Price appeared for the accused. On the application of Mr Supt. Cecil, the accused was remanded till Thursdav. She was admitted to b"il, herself in the sum of £ 40, and two suretiss in £ 20 each. jnomas Howard, a cloth hawker, was brought up on remand, charged with stealing nine yards of cloth of the value of 29a, the propeity of his employer, Wm. M'C&y, cloth hawker. The prisoner was remanded until Thursday next. Edward Ilore, a tramp, a native of Swansea, and John Lewis, were brought up in custody charged with drunkenness on the Bight 01 Saturday las' The defendants pleaded guilty, and were fined 5s and costs. Eore paid the amount at once, and Lewis was allowed a week to pay the money. HAVERFORDWEST I RTIKMAKT.—It is our duty to notice the HILlHeIH. company of seamen and marines, belonging to H.M.S. Revenge, who, with Clipt Pullin's kind per- mission, gave three very deter entertainments last week, in the Town Hail the proceeds of which, deducting ex- pense,, were intended for tbe benefit of the Infirmary of this town. The ge,-i,.I) of these amateurs, chiefly as Christy's Nlinstrel-, was most perfect. Their acting, singing, recitivg, dancing, &c.. being far superior to that of many professionals that have appeared here. To par- ticularize any would be invidious, where all were such masters ot their assumed professions and parts. It is only to be regretted that the notice of thfÍr appearance was so brief, that many trotn the country were prevented attending, and many in the town had other engagements; Jioded to which was the unfortunate wet and stormy state of the weather. Still, with all these drawbacks, so much tilent, and for such a praiseworthy object, ought to have been better supported than it was, and these ex- cellent amateurs should not have been allowed to return to their ship without effecting their laudable intentions of contributing towards the support o. the Haverford- west Infirmary. CHKI.-JIAS REEF,— From the preparations which the butchers are making to supply the public, wants at the forthcoming Christmas Market, there is good reason to con- clude that the display of beef will be fully equal, if not Superior, to any in former years. Mr Richard Ellis, who is almost the senior butcher in the Haverford- west Market, and whose judgment of stock has been approved, has slaughtered a remarkably fine ox, bred by Mr Codd, of Sodston, and two excellent heifers, fed by Mr Harries, of Lochrney'er. The ox weighs ',v' r 8 cwt., and has on every side been spoken of in the highest terms. Messrs Enoch and Philip White have also pre- pared for the market five very superior animals, which have obtained the w"rm commendations of competent judges. The Messrs Evans, we are informed, will also have a good show of beef at their respective stalls at.d there are many others of the local butchers, who will have on sale auimals of great weight and good quality. THE CORPORATION TOLLS. The letting of thp, tolls, dues, &c, belonging to the Corporation, too!! place at tbe Council Chamber on Wednesday afternoon. The only members of the Cor- poration present were the Mayor, and Mr James Phillips. The auctioneer was Mr S. R. Edmond, who discharged his duties with bis usual ability. Tbe total sum realised exceeded that of last year by £ 4 7> 6,1. The following are the results of the letting:- LOT 1.—The tolls arising from the sale of all wool in the wool fair in the Borough.This lot was let to Mr William Lawrence for £ 5. c LOT 2.—The small toils and dues arising from all articles (except butchers' meat) exposed for saie within the Borough Market Places, and from all standings (except butchers' stalls) therein. LOT. 3.—Tbe tolls on the sale of all swine on all Market D tys in the Borough, not being Fair Days, and the Standing and Pickase Dues (except those arisirg within the Market Places) on all Market and Fair Day- together with the use on such Market and Fair Days of the Sheep Hurdles belonging to the Corporation.—Lets 2 and 3 were put up together, and were, aitera spirited competition, knocked down to Mr John Edwards, for i35 LOT 4, -The Weighing Machine at the Old Quay, r-nd the dues and pro/its arising therefrom, also the Quay Dues arising from all vessels discharging goods on the Qaay.—This lot was let to Mr \V. Skinner, lor £ 28. LOT 5—The Race Course on Porttidld, aud the area Within the same, containing about 88 acres, to be de- pastured by sheep only, and subject to the right of (be public to Qce and enjoy the same as a place ol recreation and exercise.—This lot was let to Mr Thomas Harries, for £ 5. LOT 6 —The tolls arising from the sale of corn in the Corn Market Plac6 on Market Days. —This iot, after a strong competition, was knocked down to Mr John Davies, for £ 75, ROOSE PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Sbire Hall, on Satur- day, before 0. E. Davies, Esq, T. Roberts, Esq, A. B Sturbuck, Esq, and Rev P. Phelps. CHARGE OF BURGLARY. Thomas Stephens and Jllen Dalies were charged with breaking into the house ot Eiizaoeth Ahtwis, at Mil- ford, and stealing a cask of ale, &c, of the value of Xi, On t ie morning of Sunday, the 13th instant. Elizabeth Antwis deposed I am a widow, and keep the "Sloop and Railway Inn" in Dartmouth Street, Milford. When I came down stairs on Sunday morning about half-past seven o'clock I found the cellar door open the window in the back kitchen taken out I and placed outside the door, and a quarter cask of ale removed. The kitchen window looked into the yard, which is surrounded by a wall. The cellar opens into the ba"k kitchen. Everything m as all right about half-past eleven o'clock the night before. The value of the ale was lis, the cask was Wvrth 6s, and the screw 3s. On Sunday morning I saw K otmarks close to the kitchen window. I had drawn one quart out of the cask the night before. Police Sergeant Carroll: I was on duty in Dartmouth Street about half-past twelve o'clock on Saturday night. I saw three men or more go up to the Stoop and Rail- way Inn, and somebody knocked at the door. 1 waited a few minutes but they had no answer, and went away. I passed the Sloop and Railway" about five minutes afterwards, and saw two men crouching in a door way nearly opposite the Sloop and Railway." I turned ▼ lamp on them, and saw two men named William i Banner and David Lewis. I asked what they were doing, and they began to laugh and ran away round the corner. I went to see the way they were going, and met Allen Davies, one of the prisoners, on the corner. I said: "Allen, what is the matter with those young fellows ? what are they up to ? I suppose they are after their sweethearts ?" He said :—" I suppose they are." The next morning I heard of the robbery, and went to the Sloop and Railway." I examined the premises, and foupd a great many tracks in the back way; but they were crossed so many times that I could not get a plain impression. William Banner deposed: I live at Kiln Road, Mil- ford, and am a shipwright. I saw Allen Davies and Thomas Stephens coming out of the Sloop and Railway with the cask of beer on Allen Davies's shoulders they came from the back premises, and (:arried the cask to a house occupied, I believe, by Thomas Jenkins in Robert Street. I followed them in, and to, k part of a glass of the contents of the cask to be certain tfhat it was. It was beer. I afterwards sat down on the stairs and went to sleep. David Lewis and another person called Raffdrty were there. I saw the prisoners before they went into the Sloop and Railway I did not know they were going for the cask. I did not see them get over the wail they might have been five or ten minutes before they returned. I told them to put the cask back or I wes sure there would be a row about it. They said it was too late, and that it was not worth while going hack with it then. I was not keeping guard at the front door. I had met the prisoners at the Rose and Crown Inn before that night: 1 left the Rose and Crown about twelve o'clock. I left Jenkins's house where .the beer was taken about six o'clock in the morning, Ailen Davies was then drunk, and the jug used in drinking the beer had been broken in pieces. I WAS aroused by a fight in the house. Allen Davies carried the cask and the other prisoners walked alongside of him. Th:s was the evidence in support of the charge. The crisoners denied entering the house. 1 be Bench committed the prisoners to take their trial at the Assizes. ASSAULT. James Spearing, a rivetter, employed at the Railway Works at Newton Noyes, was charged with assaulting Charles Lister, on the 17th December. John Spearing and Thomas Spearing, brothers of the first NAMJL defen- dant, were also charged with using threats towards the same complainant. The three defendants denied the charge. The Comp!aindnt deposed that on the 17th instant, he was at, WOIK in the workshop at Newton Noyes, ard picked up a hammer which he had lent to another man, and walked away with it. The defendant, Jaines Spearing, came after him, and said it was like his impudence to take the hammer without, asking him, and wrenched it out of his hand. He fell into a corner, and the defendant seized him by the hair, and struck him several time?. He got away, and the defendant came after him and seized him by the coat, tearing tbe collai off it. The defendant kept tormenting him, and he took up a hammer, and said that if he did not leave him alone, he would strike him down with it. The defendant seizea him by the neck again, and Thomas Spearing ran up, and taking off his coat said "Kill the James Spearing took the hammer out of his hand, and struck him severa: times with his fist, and continued to do until one o* the men told him not to do it again. John Spearing said — "Knock his moustache off." There had been a great deal of ill feeling tc wards him on the part of the defendants: he was foreman over the defendants, and had spoken to his employer about their conduct, and he said that it was difficult to get rivctiers, and that he must try to put up with their conduct. Joseph George corroborated the complainant's state. men!. James Spearing asserted that the complainant first struck him, and that he then gave him a shaking. The other defendants said that they had not threatened the complainant. The Bench dismissed the charge against John Spearing and Thomas Spearing, and fined James Spearing 2tls and costs, amounting altogethor to jEl 17s. ( James Spearing said that lie had stood up in b is own detcnoe, and that proceedings before the Bench would never stop a man doing the thing for which he was fi ,ed. The Bench said that the defendant would find that the law would be too powerful for him, and ordered the amount of the fine and costs to ba paid immediately: and in default the defendant to be committed to prison for one month with hard labour. The defendant, not. being prepared to pay the money, was ordtrsd io stand aside for removal to prison. The complainant asked the Bench to give the defendant time to pay the fine, expressing his readiness to pay half the money, and staging that his sole OBJECT was to obtain protection. He did not wish the defendant sent to prison; and remarked that the defendant had a wife and family, and that his circumstances were not good. The Bench faid that the complainant had shown a very kindly spirit, and gave the defendant a week to pay the fine and costs. WILFUL DAMAGE. Thomas Jones, a little boy, living at Llanstadwell, was charged with wilfully damaging a door, the property of Mr George Parry, solicitor. The charge was proved by a woman, who lived close to the house where the defendant committed the injury. A little girl, aged 13 years, named Reynisb, daughter of John Reynish, of Llanstadwell, was called as A WITNESS on behalf of the defendant. In answer to questions touching her knowledge of the nature of an oath, she said she could not read, and bad not been in a place of worship more than three or four times. She nevir heard the Bible read, and did not go to any school. The Bench said it was a great disgrace to her parents that no effort was made to teach the little girl right from wrong. Rev P. Phelps (addressing the little girl) said: We cannot take your oath when you go home tell your father and mother that we could not take your evidence, because we aon't think you know right from wrong. The Bench fined the defendant Id, and ordered him to pay 6d damage, and costs. HE was allowed a mouth to pay the amount.

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