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'T;- IT BUSINESS ADDRESSES. "'v"r- ¥ -rv" "IMPORTANT! If you Want Good Boots, If you Want Cheap Boots, If you Want Strong Boots, I f you Want Light Boots, If you "yyant Summer Boots, I f you "yyant Fashionable Boots, If you Want White Boots, If you Want Bronze Boots, I f you Want Men's Boots, If you vVant Women's Boots, If you Want Boys' Boots, If you Want Girls' Boots, If you Want Children's Boots, If you "yyant Guttapercha Bottomed Boots, If you Want Solid Leather Boots, Jf you vVant Boots that will Wear, If you Want Boots that will give satisfaction, If you Want Boots to keep the Feet dry, I f you "yyant Boots you can recommend, If you Want Boots repaired with Leather; If you "yyant Boots repaired with Guttapercha, If you yy ant Boots repairedNeatly and Cheap, If you Want VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY, GO TO DICK'S, 16, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH DICK'S, MAENGWYN-STREET, MACHYNLLETH DICK'S, HIGH-STREET, LAMPETER; DICK'S, CHURCH-STREET, BARMOUTH DICK'S, VICTORIA BUILDINGS, DOLGELLEY. SHOPS IN NEARLY EVERY TOWN OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, IRELAND, AND THE CHANNEL ISLES. SECOND HAND MACHINERY DEPOT. NOTICE To Mine and Quarry Proprietors, Agents, &c. McILQUHAM, MACHINE BROKER, ABERYST- WYTH, HAS always Mine and Quarry Plant and Machinery for sale, and is open at all times either to purchase or sell the ( same on commission. Wanted wrought scrap J iron, condemned hemp and Manilla ropes, metal, &c. Now on sale- Waterwheels, 2, 30ft. x 3ft. breast; price, £70 each, where they stand in Carnarvon- s shire. 1, 00ft. x 3ft. breast; price, £ 150. 1, 18ft. x3ft. breast; quite new, price £ 40, as it stands in Carnarvonshire. A large quan- tity of good second hand India Rubber Strapping. 50 tons new Bridge Kails from 14 up to ::3 lbs, at i:6 10s. per ton, in not less than 2 ton lots, nett cash, in truck at Aber- ystwyth. A quantity of air pipes, steel borers, miners' tools,, &c., ifcc. Several good second hand Steam Engines, Boilers, &c., &c. Draining Machine. FURNITURE. FURNITURE. FURNITURE. AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. MR. R. HAMMOND WELL COMMENCE SELLING OUT HIS EXTENSIVE STOCK ON THE 25TH MARCH, 1878, t Preparatory to removing to the new Furniture Emporium wlikii he is building in High-street, Towyn. • THE STOCK comprises an immense variety of all descriptions of Pitch Pine, Mahogany, and Birch HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Also, Wooden and Iron Bedsteads (ornamental and plain), Feather and Flock Beds. Mattresses, and almost every other article, both Fancy and Useful, required for complete Fur- nishing. NOTE.—The whole of the Stock must be Sold before the 12th of May next, as these premises are let, and the new ones will not be ready. Towyn, Match 20th, 1878. JUST PUBLISHED. PORTRAITS OF THE LATE MYNYDDOG." CARTES-DE-VISITE 6d. and Is. each. CABINETS 2s. IMPERIALS 4s. „ Free by post for one extra stamp. N.B.—THE TRADE SUPPLIED. J. OWEN, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. TO CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS. NOW Landing, an excellent cargo of PITCH r PINE, ex "Glanalvon," from Darien. -Carefully selected June, 1877. A Cargo of FLOOR BOARDS, planed and square- iointed. Very clean and well manufactured. Worthy of inspection.—Juae, 1877. Per "Martha": SQUARE TIMBER, RED DEALS. AND BAT- TENS. Very long lengths: the usual widths, 4, 3, apd 2& inches thick. A choice cargo.—Juiy, 1877. SEVERAL CARGOES EXPECTED TO ARRIVE. WINDOWS, DOORS, all sorts of MOULDINGS, Angle Beads, &c., manufactured on the premises. JONES AND GRIFFITHS, ABERDOVEY, YNYSLAS, AND MACHYNLLETH, 11ff" Orders b be sent to Aberdovey. Saw Mills at Ynyslas. October, 1877. Ipsvnch hmg be described as the birthplace, of Chemical Manures. 1 QUANTITY.1 "I 1 JOSEPH FISON & Co., IPSWICH, MANUFACTURERS OF SULPHURIC ACID AND CHEMICAL MANURES. (One of the Oldest Firms in the Trade.) (J L Messrs. JOSEPH FISON & Co., having established a Depot at Swansea, are now prepared to deliver their Manures free by Railway at any Station in South Wales, and the neighbouring counties. .To Farmt-s These Manures have been found not only to produce a large yield, but also to improve the quality of the crops for wich they are applied, to strengthen the soil, and to benefit succeeding crol S. Full particulars may be obtained Of on application to any of the Agents of the Firm, or to the Head Offices. To Merchants, large Farmers, and others having a connection with Farmers Messrs. Joseph Fison & Co. are prepared to appoint Agents for their Manures in districts in which they are not already represented, and gentlemen of position and influence, who may wish for such agencies, are requested to apply by letter to the Head Offices. Early application is particularly requested, as many agencies have already been fixed in the Principality, and it s likely that the whole district will soon be fully occupied. WORKS: IPSWICH AND BRAMFORD. HEAD OFFICES: EASTERN UNION MILLS, IPSWICH. N.R-NO SUB-Agents are appointed, but all Agents being in direct communication with the Firm, order received throughthern will have the same attention as if handed to theprincipals. ) 2, LITTLE DARK-GATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, APRIL 20TH, 1878: HUGH R. PUGHE, BEGS to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Aberystwyth and its vicinity, -D that he has opened the above old established premises (lately in the occupation of Mr. J. P. Jones, deceased) with a CHOICE SELECTION OF DRAPERY GOODS, THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN MOONSHINE, RAINBOW, AND SILK TRIMMINGS, FRINGES, RIBBONS, AND EVERY ARTICLE IN THE DRAPERY TRADE. RESPECTFULLY SOLICITING YOUR KIND SUPPORT AND PATRONAGE. ALL GOODS MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES. I y.——— — IMPORTANT TO HOUSEHOLDERS, HOTEL PROPRIETORS, &c. &c. GREAT SAVING EFFECTED BY OBTAINING FURNITURE, BEDDING, &C., DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURERS. SUBSTANTIAL HOME-MADE FURNITURE. HOUSES FURNISHED FROM £10 UPWARDS. '>' ANY of the following SPECIAL LOTS of BEDDING and BEDSTEADS sent CARRIAGE FREE to Railway Stations within Fifty Miles of Oswestry, on receipt of remittance :-A Full-sized Iron French Bed- stead, Straw Palliasses, and Wool Mattress, or Bed and Bolster, for 32s. the lot; better qualities at prices in propor- ;ion. Iron Folding Bedstead and Wool Mattress, or Bed and Bolster, in stripe tick eover, for lis. 9d. Iron Folding Jhair Bedstead, with cushions complete, from 15s. 6d. Upholstered Spring Mattress, covered in fancy check or stripe ;ick, with Wool Top Mattress, in cover to match, complete for 42s. better qualities at prices in proportion. Full- size Straw Palliasses, and Wool Mattress, or Bed and Bolster, 20s. Full-size Iron Bedsteads, 12s. 6d. each. Household Furniture of Every Description at equally Low Prices. A Trial Order respectfully solicited. JAMES VAUGHAN, CABINET, FURNITURE AND BEDDING MANUFACTURER, OSWESTRY. "ABSOLUTELY PURE." SEE ANALYSESSent Post Free on Application. ELLIS'S CRYSTAL SPRINGS. Soda, Potass, Seltzer, 54, 0 I- RYAM BYTtl REGISTERED. RUTHIN Lemonade, also water f without Alkali. For GOUT, Lithia Water, and Lithia and Potass Water. WATERS. CORKS BRANDED 'R- ELLIS 4 SON, RUTHIN,' and every label bears their Trade Mark. Soi l everywhere, and wholesale of R. ELLIS & SON, RUTHIN, NORTH WALES. CROSSE & BLACKWELL'S MALT VINEGAR, PURE PICKLES, SAUCES, POTTED MEAT AND FISH, PREPARED SOUPS, CALVES' FEET JELLY, JAMS AND ORANGE MARMALADE, ALWAYS BEAR THEIR NAMES AND ADDRESS ON THE LABELS, And may he obtained of Grocers and Italian Warehousemen throughout the WorlJ. CROSSETBLACKWELL, PURVEYORS TO THE QUEEN. eOHO SQUABE, T-i (:) I"T ID The most popular and widely circulated of Welsh Guides. == beyond comparison the B&sit Tourists' Handbook to Wales. "-Chestei, Chronicle. GOSSIPING GUIDE TO WALES, TWENTY-FOURTH AND SUCCEEDING THOUSANDS. Crown Edition, 5/ Half-crown Edition, 2/6; Popular Edition, 1/6. Published by HODDER and STOUGHTON, London; and WOODALL and VENABLES, Oswegtry. THE sale of the Gossiping Guide in England and Wales last season -L was far larger than the very large circulation which it had before obtained, and the Publishers are now about to issue the Twenty-fourth and succeeding thousands. Two London Houses last year took over Two Thousand Copies between them, and a bookseller in a Welsh watering place, Five Hundred Copies. As the Guide has to be circulated in the English towns, to be sold to intending tourists, before the season commences, Advertisements for the 1878 Edition should be sent AT ONCE to ensure classification. Seventy Hotels, including most of the principal inns in North Wales and the Borders, were advertised in last year's Edition. An index to them and the other advertisements is given, The fact that last year's Edition contained about sixty pages of advertise- ments of various kinds shows that advertisers recognize the admirable medium supplied by the Gossiping Guide for announcement* of hotels in Wales and the English towns, travelling requisites, and all advertisements which it is desired to bring before a large and important portion of the public. Advertisements, which are inserted in all the tin ee < diiions atone charge- should be sent by May 4, at latest, to WOOPALL AND VENAIJLES, Caxton Works, Oswe»try. ohould be Indispensable to every Tourist (ft Wiles.Fiyaro, PUBLIC NOTICES -r- LLANBRYNMAIR. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. rnENDERS are invited for the Erection of a Villa X at Brynaera, the property of Mr. Francis, near Llan- brynmair, where plans and specifications may be seen. Tenders to be sent in on or before Wednesday, the 1st of May. The lowest or any other tender will not necessarily be accepted. Tenders to be addressed to DAVID OWEN, Architect. Machynlleth, April 16th, 1878. Machynlleth. Pursuant to a judgment of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice made in the matter of the Estate ot .0aniel Williams, Deceased, and in an action, John Jones, against Her Majesty's Attorney General, 1877, W., 230. THE Creditors of DANIEL WILLIAMS, late of Pwllhobi, in the parish of Llanbadarnfawr, in the county of Cardigan, a retired Bookseller, Deceased, who died in or about the month of January, 1877, are, on'or be- r fore the 20th day of May, 1878, to send by post, prepaid, to Mr. Arthur Johnson Hughes (of the firm of Hugh Hughes and Sons), of Aberystwyth, in the County of Cardigan, the Solicitors of the plaintiff, their Christian and Surnames, addresses and descriptions the full particulars of their Claims; a statement of their Accounts and the nature of the Securities (if any) held by them or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said Judgment. Every Creditor holding any security is to produce the same before the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Richard Malins, at his Chambers, situated No. 3, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, on Monday, the 3rd day of June, 1878, at 12 o'clock at noon, being the time appointed for adjudi- cating on the Claims. 11 Dated this-Eleventh day of April, 1878. A EDWARD SHEARME, Chief Clerk. CROSSE SONS AND RILEY, 7, Lancaster Place, Strand, Agents for HUGH HUGHES & SONS, Aberystwyth, Plaintiff's Solicitors. TO CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS. THE Trustees of the New Welsh Wesleyan Chapel, Aberystwyth, are prepared to receive Tenders for the erection of their new Chapel in Church-street. The Plans, Detail Drawings, and Specification, can be seen with Mr. Richard Evans, 18, Great Dark Gate-street, Aberystwyth, on and after Monday, the 29th April inst. Tenders, endorsed" New Welsh Wesleyan Chapel," to be sent to the Rev. David Evans, 38, North Parade, Aberystwyth, not later than Saturday, the 11th of May. The Trustees do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. WALTER W. THOMAS, Architect and Surveyor, 53, Foxhill-street, Liverpool. GREAT FIRE AT THE SPRING MILLS, LLANIDLOES. SALVAGE STOCK, £ 5,000. THOMAS AND JONES BEG respectfully to inform the Public at large that they have purchased by Private Contract, at a Great Discount, the whole of the above SALVAGE STOCK from Messrs. THOMAS JONES & Co., and shall be prepared to OFFER THE SAME FOR SALE AT THE PUBLIC ROOMS, LLANIDLOES, ON SATURDAY, APRIL 27, AND THURSDAY AND SATURDAY, MAY 2 AXD 11, 1878 (The first and last being Fair Days at Llanidloes), And on the Intermediate Days. THE STOCK CONSISTS OF 2,550 yds. Real Welsh Woollen Cloths, Plain and Fancy Suitings. 16,059 yds. do. White Flannels, low, medium, and Super 2,093 yds. do. Coloured ditto, Scarlet, Pink, and Blue 14,431 yds. do. Fancy Shirtings in Great Variety and Patterns 5,766 yds. do. South Wales Shirtings well known for their Durability 1,935 yds. do. Home-made or Caerphilly, well known for their Durability 2,018 Real Welsh Ready-made Shirts, in various Qualities 867 yds. do. Aproning, in various widths 1,858 yds. do. Grey Flannel (Charity Flannel) 514 yds. do. Webbs and Serges, in various qualities 759 yds. do. Blanketing, in Single and Double Widths 163 Pairs Real Welsh Stockings, Plain and Ribbed. 673 lbs. do. Stocking Yarns in various shades and qualities. 129 do. White Severn Valley Shawls. '< 207 do. Coloured do. 514 do. Fancy do. 89 do. do. Shawlets. 1,775 do. 5-4 handkerchiefs in various designs. 1 l 4,850 do. 4-4 do. do. (great variety). 527 Remnants, plain and fancy Flannels. We have every confidence in recommending the above stock to the notice of the public, as the goods manufac- tured by Messrs. Thos. Jones and Co. are celebrated throughout Wales for quality and durability. ThÙ; Stock is not in any way damaged by fire, and only a small portion of it is slightly soiled. We therefore anticipate a speedy clearance owing to the extraordinary and unprecedented low prices at which we shall offer the goods. All goods marked in plain figures. Parties unable to attend the sale may have samples post-free on application. TERMS CASH ONLY. NO SYSTEM OF CREDIT RECOGNISED. SUMMER NOVELTIES.—Our Mr. Jones has, within the last few days, visited the London Market, where we have made extensive purchases of the leading novelties of the season in all the different departments, which we shall be prepared to submit for the inspection of the public at our premises in Long Bridge-street, Llanidloes. NOTE.—On the above dates (intermediate days ex- cepted) the Cambrian Railways Co. will issue cheap tickets from Machynlleth, Oswestry, and intermediate stations to Llanidloes by ordinary trains available to re- turn on day of issue by ordinary trains, and by a special leaving Moat Lane for Machynlleth and intermediate stations at 8'15 p.m. in connection with the 7'35 ordinary train. Midwales Railway Cheap tickets from Brecon and stations between to Llanidloes. May 2, single fare. THOMAS & JONES, Wholesale and Retail Drapers, LLANIDLOES.. FESTINIOG SCHOOL BOARD. WANTED, an Ex-Pupil Teacher (Art. 78) as an ASSISTANT MASTER for the Festiniog Board School. Apply, stating salary required, with testimonials, on or before the 30th April, 1878, to JNO. CADWALADR, Clerk to the Board. Four Crosses, Festiniog. HISTORY OF THE GWYDIR FAMILY, with LJL numerous valuable Notes from the Brogyntyn, Wynnstay, and Peuiarth MSS., never before published. The work will be printed in 4to, on very thick hand-made paper, and readable type—for which see specimen—and will be issued to subscribers at 12s. 6d. per copy. Follow- ing the precedent of the editor of 1827, the names and addresses of subscribers will be published at the com- mencement of the volume. A very few copies over and above those supplied to subscribers, will be offered for sale the price of which will be 16s. Subscribers' names received by Mr. ASKEW ROBERTS, Croeswylan, Oswestry.