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——————- it is never too late to renew your l)ea.'th— never too soon to safeguard yourself against never too soon to safeguard yourself against suffering. To every corner of the civilised world a wonderful health-giver has gone fortli. Tluj road to health is open to you. You halve 0nly to take it. 0,7 Z7 lb. D. MA6TLP. 1-11,%Es. "My life was a burden to me," says Mr in August 1912. Seven years Jatcr, in August David Maddison, of 60, Prospect-road, Old 1919. j £ ,.g nines says that her boy has been Whittington, Chcl;tPrfield. "I have suffore-d ciltirely free from kidney trouble' since has since 1911 with kidney and bladder trouble, care. ''Both his father and mvseLf she Many times I was laid up with my complaint. J sav3, "!0ok upon the pills as a perfect god- Ifv urine scalded so that I screamed out, and s&nd to the boy. He would not be alive 1fti* awful bearing-down pains in my body; UOw if we had never heard of them." made mv hfe a burden. This was before 11 started taking your pills. De Witt's Kidney j "atch cut for these symptoms:— and Bladder Pills have now completely cured j Backache, rheumatic pains, swollan me. I feel ten years younger. I shall al- limbs, dropsical swelling under the eyes, ways recommend them to other sufferers with 11 bearing-down pains in body, hips, and loins, the ufcmcst confidence." stiffness of muscles and joints, bladder weak. For Children De Witt's Kidney and ness and discomfort, cloudiness or sediment Bladder Pills are as safe as they are effective I in urine, headache, faintness, specks floating Here is a case in which Bright's Disease was before the eyes, sleeplessness. irritability, and- cured for life. nervous weakness or depression. All these "My Ittle Son, aged 11, suffered for two spell Kidtoey trouble. j years with chronic Bright's diseasa. He Tj cure Kidney trouble of any kind you eeuld not move about, his body was so ter- must positively gat rid of the cause—the riMy swollen. For weeks at a time he had to poisonous Uric Acid. Remember, to do this a be attended day and night. He was twice real remedy must pass through the kidneys in hospital for treatment, and we tried and the bladder, and not through the bowels every remedy we heard of without success, as most kidney pills do. When you see the I was persuaded by a friend to let him try urine change to a muddy bluish colour—a De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills and I feature which distinguishes De Witt's Pills aim delighted to be able to tell you he got firim all others-you know beyond all doubt immediate relief. The swellings began to go that they have put thedr bealin., touch on the down at once and he made wonderful pro- right spcot-the kidnavs and the Madder. A gress. He is now strong and healthy as any wonderful pill-straigiit to the kidneys-tbat boy of his age." is the reason why De Witt's give. such amaz- This statement was made by Mrs M. Hine-?, higlv quick relief—every time. A permanent •f 56, St. Peter's-st-reei, Essex.road, Islington, cure follows in almost every ease. De Witt's vz Kidney Bladder Pills The World's Greatest Remedy for + Rheumatism, ''<, Cystitis Backache. Lumbago. Stone. Tired feeling. Sciatica. GraveL Most forms of Weak Back. Gout. Bladder Trouble Seld by Chomists and Drug Stores everywhere at 2/9 and 5/- per box. Trial box sent free on application to E. C. De Witt and 00., Ltd., (Df'íI)t. 162N). 44-45 Rathborne-plaoe, London, W.l, if you mention your Chemist's name and address. Beware of imitations. Itere are none "Just as good" as De Witt's. c:> ::EJ Br (D. W. TEVIOTDALE). j 1 THE OLD ESTABLISHED Bakery and Confectionery Stores. fwtf\ "That's where Mother gets all Q ) I those nice things from" "She says she can always rely f on the quality of anything she -gets A J fpom Owen's.' \J-\& 1 When I had my Party all the A C I nice thingfs came from Owen's, and we A j. » I I did eiyoy ourselves." \J> nJ 192/iA, BNEORYRTSTH WPYATRHA.DE, Vatch Our Windows, and come to inspect our Millinery Showrooms. We are making a special display of MILLINERY, BLOUSES, etc. of the newest Styles at Stitt! Stitt I Stitt! No. 17, TERRACE ROAD, I ¡¡gs: A GRAND EISTEDDFOD AT ABERYSTWYTH ON New Year's Day, 1920 I LIST OF SUBJECTS, 2\d. From W. H. JONES, Ironmonger Aberystwyth. i 'ifflBii This maD PP is saving Jp,W time and money by using our ftjfgL FLEXIBLE COMPO- ■ iKveESSTX SITION STAMPS cheaper and better th&n Stencils, Warr B for CATA-LQGUB. and you can mark Kley Bros., Ltd., u or Bags in BRANDING STAMP FH. • MANUFACTURERS, ™ you could 118-120, Dale Street, steucn LIVERPOOL. one. ,j UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES ABERYSTWYTH. Joe of the Constituent Colleges of the olversity of Wales). Opened 1872 President SIR JOHN WILLIAMS- Bart. M.D. D.Se G.C.V.O. Principal: JOHN HUMPHREYS DAVIES, M.A. (Oxon). THE SESSION BEGINS in September Lectures commence early in October Entrance, Scholarships and Exhibitions, open ho both male and female candidates above the age of sixteen are offered for competition at- the comraencornent of the session. Students are prepared for Degrees in Art, Science (in eluding the Applied Science of Agricultural law, and Music. Sessional composition fees In Arts, £12, in Science, £16. Sessional regie tration fee. £1. Men students reside in regis tered lodgings in the town, or at the Men's Hostel, Warden H. H. Paine, M.A., B.Sc. Women Students reside in the Alexandra Hall of Residence for Women; Warden, Miss 0. P. Tremain, B.A. For full particulars respecting the GeneraJ Arts and Science Department, the Law Department, the Agricultural Department the Department for the Training of Element- ary and Secondary School Teachers, and the Hostels apply to— THE REGISTRAR. t

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