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.-=-=- Œ bmafional. COAt. :11 iner.Leæons by (214). Cardig. M6_ Gniversa! "Hnin School (214). Carditf. 536 íft!afíl1n£í 11 aLan!. OOs weekly can be earned addressing envelopes for us [J work to be done at home: senù n.ddreased envelope. -Supply Co.. 2. Kingly.street, London. 230 .usitallnstnmunts. JL any interested person to patchaae until you have AlCettained the extraordjnary va.lue we are ollering. You will save many pounds. be most liber&.lly treated. tndgetthe easiest possible terms by purchasinetrom m. Dud:. Son and Pmker. The Great Piano Merchants. Pnltney Bridge. Ba.tb. a.nd at Bristot. nP.talosme ani! Rook of Advice tree. Name tWs paper. (tamagts. anb Jl'tbídtJ. TTNDERTAKERS' Opportunity.—30 Modem Hearaeft. 'J Washington Cars. Ctarences. LaLndans. Brakes. Ha.nsOlDB £10 some equal new; low Prices and great itarca.uM: easy terms Descriptive priced cat.aJogue.- Marston'a. 24. Bradford-street. Birmingham.526 Sttlrítal Jùnubitl. T-.EAGUEÙNE Herbs.—Wonderrni Medicine for ladT -L gMtion. Constipation. Headache. Backache. Stomach and Kidney Disorders; post free. 1 packet 1011. 3 for 28.- Teague. Station-street, oppostte Theatre. Newport. Man. yet :!talt. SOUTH monthly 0 Refiater of Estates. Hoosec. Lands. &c.. to be Let OJ hold in Wales. Metunomthshhe. West of England. &c. habitants of Wahs and Monmonthshiee. InaaSons :iee.—Copies post free team MeMN Hezn and Pe*t- ?ee, testate Asemts. AnrttoMM)t.<Bc.. 74. St. Maty?tteet. ?'ardiS. IBa F E Á THE R S F BATHERS. FEATHERS FOR BEDS. Why bay common ahoddy woo! beda when yoa can <e<) ?<et ENGLISH FEATHERS at M pet !b. caniaee p?id ? Wanamteddry&ndaweet. Feathm beds madetootdet. ttzd forstmpiM and pnce Met to H. HANDY AND CO.. M61 WEL8HFOOL. NORTH WALES. 114 .isUUant fMPORTANT toMothem.—EverymoMte* valuing 1. hMMi and cieanUaeas m her chUd HBM HMfNoo's Nuraery Pom*de. One appUcation MUs aJt mte and tnaects. beaatiBes and" B&engthena the hais JemOft8 tcnTf and dandnnt. promotes growth. Price 4M and M. gMtaga Id. SoM by Chemists.—Hamson's. ChemMt. lJJaù8i on havmg Ranuon's Pomade. 19828 C'OUTHALL'SSjMntajy ToweNt. P of the age fot women's comfort. Sotd by Ladtes* Ontntters. Chemists. &c. .isullatuns DABBTT Skins wanted/will give la 3d to la 6d per JtA doaen. any quantity: also. Mote Skins, f&t. tttetched. dried. lOe per 100 cash Immediateiy on recetpt ef ektae.—Levey and Co.. Skin Merchants and Mamafae- t<ueN. 41. Paul-etteet. Finabury. London. 19877 ?7EMB China.—Wanted. Swansea and Nantgarw W CmiBa.SwMtsea and CambrianPotteBy. aad MUwyn Etruacam WatB: oniy good specimens re<nihed hJgh prices r1Yen.-Ad<Ùellll Collector. Echo CMBoe. CMdn)f. M .anks. THE CHG ClWSd 'DANK: tEst..1870.( CardMT BMnch—73. Sr. MARY-STRKBT. BMdOfBeea—Za.BedfoBd.sheet. Strand. London. _.C.. amd 39. Bishopsgastreet Within. London.&.C. EJaDcbes-Mancbester. Liverpool. Leed&. Br.adSord.. :Liabiiitias. U2S.871 LOANS ot £30 to &2.000 granted at n few homs* notice !t town or eomtry on personai secunty. jeweUery. treciocs etonea. stock, s'tares. and {nmltate (without Mnoyat). atccks and Shares bousht and sotd. li PER CEKT. aUo*Md on carrentaeeoont bahncea. DEPOSnB of £10 and upwards received aa UDder- t'mbje<tto ?Bionths* notice of withdraoaJ, Sp.c?newan. ? ? r. Special terms fot tongerperiods. Interest paM Q. ?ay rates of mtefest on depoaita that will compam fa?oar- <bJy with ?iTidends paid on almost any ctaas of stock oz 'jtateholding insartng the safety of capital. We have been H)tabUshedt<x3.) yeMt. and our posltifon in the banking IIOrJd io-day testi1lœ to the SUC0J83 of our busiDœs 9!etnodaand',othesat]sfactMnofom! customers. Wrtte w <'aU torptospeetas A. WTMJAMS and H..7. TALL. Joint MMM<eM. .8m1!-# £10 TO £5.000 ADVANCED By Private Lender on simple Promissory Note. tifo biHs of sale t&ken and absolute Mivaey znasMteed Fnst letter of application reoetvef) prompt atteatioa. and tntendtM honowMa Me waäed Mpon by a representative ..ho ia emwwered to COInl)Iete tmnsaction on terms Cint&Uy armnged. no charge beint; made unless buftmeat tctaaUy compteted. apectat <motatte<M tot short !o«cs. Wtttc ht o. M. CLARE-STREET, 396n JBB9_BRISTOL. ?)pHB OBt?BSTABUaZEED MEgVBfCIAL UNION other t few heors'Botica.tetUdMses many pwrtof EB<Jamd Uld Wùe8. æparible by eMy mstaItBenis No zood tpp)w*Mnm iserefretased. AllcM)m(nmioa.MoM stnetly prtnt.e. ModBC*t9 tnitarMt. Spectal mtM tot mort The btnemt. best-known. jM<d mc<AhmMCBabty tded In *be JdDadaa. Thoœ88I8 of our ;eplar øœk8a8 bMe tMtr eattre sMWactJon icrepetted tmxofttnntt wiih oo. If deaùed aœlot our nDciaJa w<N J8IdeDDe ataaeewithcMh. md eMty ottt the adytmce 'FMttMTt 88d THEN. CaUorwrlietm eon<MmM) to the ManMer? Mr STAN- LEY DOWMNG.l. Qteen-aq.aMB. BMtttd.of to Mr WM. 'AMBS MMM?mximt-mttd tt<C of City-nxd). OtzdM. t?ONBY LeBtJE&?am: low?ttes: ta?deaJ?BtL-Coanty <M-Credit 0<k.Kd. AoBat.V.P.ThomM.Abettmety. ste pte- E pared to Adt8œ a<NM ttom SO to £3JJ» .:cticeon aMtowed Note of Haad. peatunat or other <ecur!tles QMfeas betoM ttan«actit)ms are Tompteted. Mc<t<*M) om PMMtty eCected at catKmt 'at<s of tBttKat. Pan-hMod. TBtde BUh 4iBrounted. AnanittM sad Fixed InmaMf) MMnged. .iottey on seeowt dtreet. Mwe have no .U- BafMtnc.The Hayes. 'ES8B8 8. REKt) A: FKRTWXK. Estate Aescta. 74. .LtI. St. Mtfy-etteet. 0IIdJ8: Me txepared to advance tom S100 to QOMQO om Mc<-tc<e of FMehotd or jLezschotd Pioperty. aMi tecurity. 56M 'y STOP ONE MOMENT X OH. DEAR DOCTOR. MUST IfT DABLINO DXE' TK&BE IS VERY LETTLE HOPE, BOT TRY rmoB ?pTLLIAMS' -D A L S A M OF irj 0 N E Y It is an eeaence of the ptaoat aad moet..e1Ðca- n<Mm herbs, gathefed om the WeMi Haia tad VaBeys in the proper seaNon, what their vtttaea M'e in fcN peBteetton, &nd combined Wth Pore Wetah Homey. AU thebagBediemta ue periecüy pure. B WILLIAMS" BALSAM OF -ri- 0 N E Y Oorea agh8, Coida, BMnchitis: Asthma. Whooping CtMagh, Cro<tp. and aB disorders of the Throat, Cheat &nd Lamga. It M invah<&ble Weak-chest.ed Men. Ddic&te Women, a.nd Children. Wonderfol Cure for Children's Alter Measlea aaad Whooping Coagh. It teceeedft wheM aU others f&a. !T BOCTHES WijLULE IT CUBJM. ífb<,usande of peopleba-.e written to ns teattfy- to its marveiloos caMftive properties. Bbr Vocalists- and Public Spe&kera it ia a ReaJ. Blettttog—it preve-nta ho&rseneaa and aore a.nd keeps the voice Mc)eMM&beU. Try it. Yon wiD not regret it. ns HEALING POSTER 18 MARVELLOUS. TUDOR WILLIAMS' PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. No Hooae Should be Without It. See tba.t YO\¡ Geauine 8oM*my FeMdw. SoM by &U Chemiata ajtd Stofea, la, 2a 6d, and 4s 6d botttea. Great saving in purçhaøing the large boWes. Sample bottle sent (poat paid) for la 5d, 3a 9d, and Be, from the InvoMtof, DL Tudor WilliaoM, R.s.D.L. Thia prepM'atton M not .q-aack bu4; ef36 standing, prepaced by aetentMc Chemiata a.nd Droggista. Manllfactarer TUDOR WILLIAM8, M-R.P.8., A.S.,Apth.. London Anatytical and Consulting Chendat and DroggMt by Examination. Medical HaD, AberdaM. 1019 'i.- S -DA8S AND CO.'S -pALE AND ALES, SEASON BREWINGS May now be bad ic Prime Condition, ia.CaIb.or BotMea.of FULTON, DUNLOP, AND Co., CARDIFF. 114d interesting and FM atatMetireBook CM beaad F&&Z deaeribtag aMSe. shnpte, and ScMrnttHC Syatem which hM been ptaetiaeU for over 20 year* with 1lBe%8IDpled tuceeM. ?Kather with over 1,000 Testimonial grvaM absotate BMofthat the severest cases ot KRRVOUS KX- RAUSTION.DJECAY OF VITAL FORCE, WASTING. WJtAJLNltSa.VAiMCOCELE, etc.. have been PER. itANi!.NTLY CURED WITHOUi Stomach MedMine- MeetrMity. CbaB<eof Diet or Habits, LoNof Time of -< tXtapation. A former sutferef writes:—" Itha? made Ufeain worth JiViD:' Apj71y to-day enclosin t.wo stampttor ostage in ptain envetope. and mention thu tjaper.—A.J.LeiKh.aXand M, Ure.. RuMeU-atreet. W.C. 166M }9 ublit J\.mUStttttnts. _CARDIFF_ NEW npHEATRE, CARDIFF. Sote Proprietor.ROBERT REDFOB.D. LAST 2 WEEKS. EVERY EVENING AT 7.15. TMCK WHITTINGTON. The Most Gorgeous Pantomime ever aeer in Walea. Mommg Performances EVERY WEDNESDAY <& SATURDAY. at Two. Children under 12 years of age admitted ta these performances at the foHowing reduced prices :—Dress Circle, 2a Orchestra StaJts, 2s and Is 6d Pit Statia and Bateony, Is Pit, 6d. Box OHice at Theatre, 10 to 5 and during the Fer- fGrmance. Nat. Tei.—Cardiff 376. 'ublit lløtÛts. mANCER HOSPITAL (Free). FuJham. ? road, London, 8.W. PATIENTS SEEN DAILY on their own application at 2 o'clock. Funds urgently needed for genera! expenses and for the Research Department. 19&15 Secretary, 1-red.W.Howeti. nUHERE'S ()NLY ONE WAY After & severe illness from In&uenza, In- nammation, Pleurisy, Kidney troubles, Lumbago, Overwork, Worry and Brain Fag, Loss of Sleep, Weakness, Nervousness, and Indigestion, rp0 GET WELL. Whether it he the young girl or youth ot 16 years and upwarda, or the elderly man or woman who require a. Restorative Tonic for building up the shattered system. GWILYM TpVANS' QUININE I TDITTERS Is a Blood Purifying Tonic which enriches and cleanses the whole system, especially the Liver, and Kidneys, giving renewed life and healthful vigour, in bottles, 2s 9d and 4s 6d each, from all Chemists and Stores. npHE ONLY r_UABANTEE of Genuineness is the name Gwilym Evens on the label, stamp and bottle, without which none are genuine. Sole Proprietors:— Quinine Bitters Manufacturing Company, Limited, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. GWYM IVANS' QUININE TDITTERS. C. BECHSTEIN. BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT TO THEIR MAJESTIES THE KING AND QUEEN, H.M. THE LATE QUEEN VICTORIA, H.M. THE EMPEROR OF GERMANY. H.M. THE CZAR OF RUSSIA, H-M. THE KING OF ITALY, H.M. THE KING OF SPAtN, &c., &c. MY SOLE AGENTS FOR CARDIFF AND DISTRICT ARE R. J. HEATH & SONS, Who are also Sole Agents for BBOADWOOD, BLDTHNER, STECK, SCHIEDMAYER, NEUMEYER, WALDEMAR, THE ORC3ESTRELLE CO.'S PIANOLA-PIANOS AND ORCHES. F?? QUEET?-STREET, CARDIFF 7?TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD: PENARTHandPORTTALBOT. Nat. TeL—CatdtS, 2199 Pontypridd, 21. GRAMOPHONES & ACCESSORIES MM Ie DR. J. COLLIS CHLOBODYNE. Invaluable for COUGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, NEURALGIA .A8d-aIIKmdred AihTM'nt«. TTus otd and tried remedy haB stood the te&t of two gemeratMns. REFUSE to be pot oS with a SUBSTITUTE, Mie Original cam be had of an CHEMISTS you let it be seen that you are not weak enough to accept an inaitatMn. nOLLIS BROWNE, is the Name. Is-licI, 2a 9d, d, Mie.pricea. 1046 THERAPION ioopoJ:: temedy uaed m Continentai HospMats by Ricord, Boatan, Jobert, Voipeau and others, sorpMMs every- thing hitherto emptoyed for tmpurity of btood spots. Notchea, pains and swellings of joints, kidney, btadder, and tiver diseases, gravel, pains mback, atone, gleet, gout, rheumatism, exhaustion, sJeepiess- mess, Ac. Three forms. Xos. 1, 2, and 3, according to diaeaMN for which intended. Price 28 9d. For free advice M to anitaMiity of Therapion write, sending etamped addresaed envelope, to the Le Clerc Medicine Co.. HavMaiock-atreet, HMnpNtead, London 197M WORTH KNownm. ?lEORGENAISH&.SON, 79, GREAT \Tr FREDERICK-STREET, CARDIFF. is the OLDEST ESTABLISHED PUBLIC BILL POSTER, who renta the largest number Mtd best private biU-posting stations in the town and neigh- 1 bourhood. AU work entrusted to him wiU by speedUy and faitMuJJy executed. Js.B.—Bili Posting sent by poet or maU wtii have immediate attention. M67S t bippini ,ftattles. "TRITE STAR LINE-LIVERPOOL. 'f to AUSTRALIA, caHmg a.t Capetown (South Africa. RUNIC.12.482 tons.Feb.12 MEDIC,11,9S4 tons.Mar.19 AFRIC. 11.948 tons ..Aprit ? SUEVIC, 12,531 tons.May 5 The accommodation on these twin-screw steamers comprises smoking, reading, and dining rooms. Fares—To Austraiia, £17 to &30; to Capetown, £15 15s to £24 3< For further pajticutajs apply to Local Agents or to Ismay, Imrie &nd Co., Liverpoot. Southampton, 1, Cockspnr-street, S.W., and 38, LeadechaH-street, E. C., London, 4 n CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS in a physiological meaning is even of more importance to the individual than what is implied by the same expression when used in a. national or political sense. To remove illness and deranged conditions of the bodi)y organs is of supreme importance. To regain, establish and maintain the health is certainly the first duty every cjtizen owes to himself and to society.. In this connection it is as- serted with "confidence, based on the experi- ence of three generations, that Beecham's PiUs are quite invaluable for keeping the genera! health up to the mark. No family, no person of cither sex, ought to be without a box always available, because they fozttfy the constitution against the inroad of disease. The complex nature of modem life CALLS FOR energy, judgment, strength, confidence. These qualities can never be eBBciently exercised by those who are distressed by a number of often neglected ailments which sa.p the vital powers and enervate the system. Indigestion, biliousness, constipation, feeble appetite, ner- vousness, poorness of blood, and disorders of a like nature, if allowed to continue uncured, will end in totally unfitting the suSerer for the work demanded of bim. It should never be forgotten that Beecham's PiDs are a certain remedy for troubles arising from digestive dis- turbances and the grave evils that follow in their wake. Do not, therefore, neglect the symptoms you know so well. and from which, perhaps, you may have long softered. Get to the bottom of the trouble and eradicate it by t&king PILIJS. P I"L L S DEECHAM'S TRILLS. T) UY YOUR SEED A P.O. for Is 6d or 20 stamps secures, poet tree. loz. each IMPERIAL CABBAGE, HOLLOW CROWN PARSNIP, MASTERPIECE ONION. SELECTED CARROT; !oz. each of Savoy, Radish Eariv Tnmip; 2 Packets Broccoli (early and tate); 1 Packet each Lettuce, Marrow, Cucumber 6 Packets Choice Flower Seeds. TN THE CHEAPEST MARKET. An extra Is secares 1 Packet each Moatard Cress Beet, Pickling Cabbage, Brussels Spromts, Leek. Caatinower, Golden Ball Turnip. With everv 2s 6d paree) we send a packet of the New Marrowfat Pea Essex Wonder," prodncing 6 inch pods containing 10 to 12 huge peas, and a packet of Scarlet Emperor Runner Betas, aoma pods attaining 16 inches in tength. Send 2s 6d P.O. or 32 stamps for above Parcels of New, Gamine and Tested Seeds. PROVES AND QON, PIDDdLETRENTBIDE, DORCHESTER. 198M E E SP:O" E E EXPER)EMOt THE POCTOK: AJ. r<titM& <tmd rria". eiv< & Steed- wiU aoo. be tU rigW." StMdmD's Sootmg Powiers ?—t CONTAIN f*? Fr! ? ) yp LL?PoisoN j t.L A!! the moat BetnttfM! ENT'RELV FREE FMOM G"EASE) FOIt PltaVaNTII'" Wrinkles, it i< maetu*U* BLOTCHED. CHAP<. FRECKt.ES, REDMESS. ROUGHMESa, BUMBURM. dtMppear, oB it b_¥magic. MOTORISTS find it mV.ALUABLE Price: 1.?. 2/6 Md < per t'??' 1'"? Us< a/so POODRf ??O?f. Renned, Delightful, Absolutely pare. J SlMOtt.59 F<udMure St-MarUn.PAUM eo<n)«(< HafrdfWHn, t MKTMt,64. Hotbefn Viaduct, E.C.LOMOOM ? I J p HAVE YOlfA BAD LEG WMi woNnds that disohMge or ot)Mrw<ae, perhaps Naroanded witjt i"tnlndion <tmd twoHam, that when you pteat yoar SBger on the Mttmed part it teave* the unpreoion ? M to, andM the skta yoa have poiaon that de<tea ait toe rmmediea yon haft ttied, which, if not extracted, yoa never can re- cover, bnt 10 on mCeriB)! tili dMtth reieaaes yoa. Perhapa yomr kmees are ewoUem. the joints beia< aioerated the sama with the rotind watch the akin may bedmeotoored.orthero maybe woands; the disettae, if allowed to continue, wilt deprive yoa of the power to walk. You iMy h&ve attended varMHMhotpita)a and bad medical advice, Mtd been toid yoar cme N hopetess. of advised to lubmitto.uoputation but do not, fef I CAN CURE YOU. I DONT SAY PERHAPS BUT I WILL. BecMze otnent faHed ts no teM<m I shoaM. Semd at once a P.O. for 2a 6d to C. T. ALBERT,13¡ LONDON. <Mtd yo<t wUi reœin a box of GRASSHOPPER OINTMENT &DctPUla, whteh ta a xme remedy for the core of Bad Lega, Hoaemald's Kaee, U!cemted Jointa. CarbuDeJes, Poieoned Handa, Tamours. Abeeeasea, 8or« Throat. BromchitM Bunions, and Ringworm. (Copyright.] DjmTWZ MTS&M!CE M Na<tt FMt<<ftaeBX- N DANYSZ VMUa. Ld. Box. 109 B a<. Btfeet. Ijettdoa.]E:C.. *n< of an OtemiMa. N CARDIFF ADVERTISING, BILL- ?.J POSTING, & CIRCULAR DISTRIBUTING COMPANY. LIMITED. OFFICES <? WORKS, 1. PARK-STREET. Manager—FRANK H SIMP30N Proprietors of the Principal St<Jaona m Catdia and neiehbouritood. Contjractom for aH deacriptioaaof Advertising, Circniar Distfibutimg, Ac. AU orders promptty attended to. 1005 DAINE'S BILLPOSTING SYNDJ- J CATE For Aberdare, Htrwain, Mountain Ash, and District. Z. ANDREWS, Secretary. Omces— 1015 NEW THEATRE, ABERDARE. SWANSEAOFFICES ? OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," No. 52, HIGH-STREET.
















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