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Aberdare Police Court.


Aberdare Police Court. TUESDAY.—Before Messrs. D. P. Daviee, G. George, D. W. Jones, Dr. Daviee, and Dr. Jones. DOW LAIS DOINGS. Timothy May was fined 10s. and costs for drunkenness in Dowlais, and ■ £ 2 and ccsts for assaulting P.C. Thomas Jones while in the execution of his duty. OFFICER DID NOT PICK UP THE GAUNTLET. Richard John was charged with being drunk.—P.C. South said that John chal- lenged him to a couple of rOllndB.-John's carouse cost him 10s. and the usual costs. STREET FIREWORKS. Wm. George Evans was fined 5s. for letting off fireworks in Duffryn-^treet, G&dreanian.—The Clerk wanted to know what event the youngster was celebrating, but the constable could not inform him.- Sidney Morgan, for a simila.,r offence in Aberdare, was also fined 5s. UNATTENDED. Wm. Butler, for leaving a horse with- out any one in charge of it in Lewis- street, Aberaman, was fined 5s. and costs. —Defendant told P.C. Williams that he could not afford to keep a boy to guard the horse. A CAPCOCH FAMILY AFFRAY. Elizabeth Samuel, represented by Mr. W. R. Morgan, charged Wm. Samuel, her stepson, represented by Mr. W. Kenshole, with stealing 4s. worth of potatoes. L Mrs. Samuel, 46, John-street, Capcoch, said that her husband died, leaving under his will all his personal effects, including potatoes, to her. She had paid for the potato seeds. On September 3rd she missed the potatoes.—By Mr. Kenshole: She did not see William Samuel take the potatoes. Her husband had long been ill. His sons William and Thomas planted the potatoes. When the will was read there was a question raised con- cerning the ownership of the potatoes. The Rev. J. B. Davies, who read the docu- ment, said that the will did not apply to the garden. Since the death of his father in June, William Samuel attended to the disputed portion of the garden. The potatoes had been taken in the twilight. She believed that defendant had not taken them in error. Mr. D. P. Davies said that it was a case for the County Court, and the summons was dismissed. APPLICATIONS. Mr. W. D. Phillips applied for the transfer of the Griffin Inn, Aberaman, from Frank Yemm to W. E. Bradford. Mr. W. T. Howell asked for an occa- sional license for Mr. J. Thomas, Mount Pleasant, Cwmaman, on the occasion of the Sheep Dog Trials. Both granted. DUAL JEALOUSY. I John Thomas, 6, Powell-row, Cwmbach, was charged with assaulting Gwen Thomas, Cwmbach, his wife. Mrs. Thomas, a very young looking woman, related to the Bench a long and sad story of cruel treatment. Defendant said that his father-in-law was jealous of witness' relations with his mother-in-law. One day witness met hia wife in company with a cousin of hers. In a fit of temper he hit her, and said, This is the game you are playing with me." Defendant was fined 20s. and coett. A CWMAMAN THEFT. Wm. Wood charged Sidney Smith with stealing the sum of £ 2 3s. Mrs. Wood, 21, Aman-street, Cwmaman, stated that in May she placed the money in a butter dish with a cover on it. She went out, leaving the door un- locked. When she returned the money had vanished. Defendant, who lived next, door, disappeared about the ame time. Sergt. Evans said that he received prie- oner into custody from the Ferndale police on Monday. Charged with stealing the money he replied, "Yes, I am guilty." Smith was sent to prison for 21 days. DESERTED HIS BETTER HALF. Gwladys Thomas, Wind-street, Aber- dare. charged Thomas Watkin Thomas, her husband, with deserting her. Mr. W. Thomas appeared for the com- plainant. Mrs. Thomas said her husband was collier. She had four children to main- tain. He had agreed to pay 15s. towards her but she had experienced difficulty in obtaining the money. An order of 15f;. a week and coasts was made on the application of Mr. Thomas. DRUNKS. Daniel Duggan. Joseph Hawkins, and Edward Williams, 10s. and costs each. Henry Swain and John Young were charged with over-indulgence in intoxi- cants, which they denied, stating that the quantity they consumed was Insufficient to turn their heads.—Sergt. Angus said that they had made a fearful mess of the cell.—Fined 15s. and costs each. SUNDAY TRADING. A. D. Jones, Andrew Cydole, Elizabeth Davies, and Ellen Hopkins had to pay 5s. for dispensing Sunday refreshments.

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