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ID the Editor of the Carmarthen Weekly J(cj>nrter. gn{)—Evidently the Mydrim Vicar has seen his mistake. If he had any shadow of a chance of substantiating what he blurted out at the parish meeting he would ere this have taken up his defence in the Facts are subbern things" under all circumstances, and even if a Vicar with an air of infallibility calls a fact a lie, it is no less a truth for that. Truth is truth always, and no Vicar can alter it. The rev. gentlemtm called all statements in this case untrue yea, bare untruth He has been offered proof, but he does not want it. He will not repeat his denial; he is afraid of it. If he had any ground to stand on he would not forfeit his opportunity by holding his tongue, for that can easily be used by him, as was shown in your report of the Parish meeting. He is to be congratulated for having seen the error of his folly. Of couts: the Vicar in not wiitirg would have the public believe that his policy is xilent contempt. The gentleman in holy orders is above taking any notice of what is written 1 But has he been silent ? Has he been above ? No far from it. He crowcd the loudest at the parish meeting, and became so low as to try and make a stroke of popularity at the expense of branding other people false. This is the most ungentlemanly hit in the whole affair. The Vicar knew nia birds, as he thought, and counted seemingly upon a good stroke of business and it would have been a grand hit if he had been able to hold out Instead of that, he has made a flat shot. It is not safe for any man to-day to speak unless he can prove his statement.—not even for a Vicar. It is a common gospel preached in Mydrim, and from house to house too, that it is better not to reply to the letters in the Reporter so as to preserve the peace of the paiish. The vicar at any rate dors not seem to have personal faith in this doctrine when delivering himself at the parish meeting. It is also taught in Mydrim that the sole object of those who write on this subject is to create dis- turbance and agitate the parish. This is a nice goody-goody twaddle. Any pretence—any sham— will do when there is no case. It is hard to have the truth told, and whosoever will speak out facts ho can expect no small measure of ili-treatment. It was said of Paul and Silas, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also." It is not known who your correspondents are yet whomsoever suspected—and many a one is sus- pected—is open even in Mydrim to tl e rougheet handling. People who can't write pretend to love peace yet are boiling over with anger. Some bombasts care not whom they insult, and harass and molest on the highway. Certain pomposities think that they can attack anyone on the road and not be brought to justice. It they curb not their rage it will he necessary to appeal for protection under the Magna Charta signed by King John. This Charta has a special provision for the safety of every man's own person. It will be well for those who bluster and bully in thoroughfares to keep t;iis in mind. If they wish to speak, surely, sir, you wiil freely lend them your columns. It appears that Mydrim's affairs are managed more by swagger than system and intelliglice. When this spirit is allowed its own tling, the result will be that even a teacher will be subject to bullying in the streeti and no talk made of an official right to interfere &nd on intelligent investigation. As for boycotting thia has no bounds in Mydiim. The basest raeane are resorted to, and the b t;erest reasark9 are in '.ul^d i-= to) ¡{¡; suspected ofw'ii.iiA profit th,t it is a*on pted tn n."k th it i'; a great wrong to wire on rising school matter;? in Myc:i» .plea" ht ai—is legAided a> t: »;t wov>e than the A?inei;iui butch i p little bumpkir.s have the imp oil Q dees r.nt so-and-so und s"u!- through the Reporter &••• that ->_l lhis is now a-k^d when the actio/ C has proved a failuie. T",e a O HNKCIJ if tne corrrsoor.clpnce WOT J was not utterr d before a leyal oryat. t,(- and hold both tonguf ar. J simply asking why doce the police O offend-r to jusiice, and why the inbcheuous hoy ? Extend this arg will be asked why do the Reporter a: publish Li!;er;\1 u;tide,? Arid w■ y < ] vote for Tories ? Why do Bu ti>t3 r, Mcthodisis sprinl-Ic P G A good sound Tory and tvrraisona ai is, since the ratepayers pleated wit. flj' why should So cod-So wri'.o? Th- I £ Who a;e the w riters. and who are :he It io You, N!rE,cr. e,li g,i!, ;v h,) the 1 avl for aught grssipnns know, they heaviest ratepayers in tho parish. I i c that Mydrim was a part ot a tree com everybody cordd s;.eak on:, his cw Rhydd i bob !)arn ei ilaiar imma H -i w much rates, pray, must one i), for 3 speech r all be ti-ic Y)r.ce ( Nlydrim In this little way of tf < Trelech people tnvel throru-u Myi i no rates in the parish r Why did up Home Rule AsquHh Disesui 1 Lloyd Morgac- the Juro-e' Bill ? T; < in Mydrim, ypt their legisla ioa aH. This is a ».ype ci how Rome aier Lhii I am glad to say all parishioner. ai .1 such darit thou»his and supefHifk, l are fond of tali-ta-k about r ues, ] please btar in rciar] tha^ the ^ioney 1 this parish towards educat;ou i=" com par od with the sum p:rM bv ihe this very school. Come what nay, our Ur.-hetj j determined to ehng as oingii. £ sk.- powers, and it j sexes—are not backward g boast cf their 6lavcjy. c i of ths following remark by Prt.'essor rearthen i —N"o master of u Se^tarift school was able to call his eoul lil;s Liberalism and Nonconformity strain free them from O'.urrh bonds they them and their efforts, and is f-r a; their power (?) ro cruth Dias; ii' may want a pon elsewhere, veiv will be pleated with any euppo: t wa forn.ists may afford. "No.v tv-r d appreciate Nonconformist effort and b .] behalf. In sn adjoining pariah, a ]ic *j a teacher braved -he parson and his l a result, the teacher came m conqueror Now his fame is gc-nj yJ wide [t, a -r. an who doe? not bow the *1 in holy orJers Our pedagogues b I mission, and their obedicnte cannot ■ by the h:guest Church dignitaries, ■ The Vicar, one might "think, wan f teachers, con-miiU-r-, t,nd all parish | tlieir wits into Church submission. T| more emphatic boast made than by th 't he placed himseif h'ad of the endeavour to prove the Church pov.-er' showed himself eren/fhi/i' Wtia^e ( calamity in the cpcech Any one teS>. ih*.t the rev gdUie-inan is sei'ioasly | What a pi-y tha: he leap-d i„ the cui ,)\0 1 19 simply loaded with blunder. It is misfortune for him, but the best s(ro ^o°\ show to the parishioners vhi ru'.es'\A 0 When the Vioar says that he bin* himseif can withdraw charitics,- pronounces himself supreme heatrf „ The parish ought to feel f,V I this error of logic; it will t6> key to the iea1 state cf affairs. Ic is'H gentleman's interest to keep this ib' ground, and for the iear of further a\\$ keeps from wiiu'ia Never could snugly put a rope around bis own nt day it becomes r.r,r-: 8nd more impr < parish' ners to lock into i.he manager- school of whkh the Vicar is head-r his own boasting. lv",N d,) the iLa! » towards a selnol in which they have I of management ? The committee hav tD e by the agitation, and I feel sorry for Qvat who are really desirous of fairplay and justice the control; but to single out so nnd so is impossi :n letters of this kind, The public know to a gr extent who f ivours the Church and who does in I now appeal cooit fairly and openly to the o4 mittee to say for themselves who it is that has gjl them the most pain. Surslv, thc-re can be no^r tuty L.rc uuiuiny anu iu Ihan^to h^r a pa.rson- en"! I for a number of men to take and in their innocence thiijk they have pow-er, at any moment one single individual can UPy them and th. ir odiee It iB an hunour in t committer to have inernh<:i>bip for life, but t honour becomes shame when it has no power, t i will be worth their study to think over this mat, I should also adviso all the parishioners to tbt for themselves. Several, I understand, have h their mind* poisoned and prejudiced by those n don't wish the public to manaz,- their own X and school. Many have not read the letters in 5 Reporter, and have been led to think wrongly the question. I advise all to read for I am, &c,, DnmsyV}J'

---St. Clears Eisteddfod.j

Bankyfelin. ¡