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All Sorts and Sizes." There's more scope for variety in the dressing' of tin' youngsters than there is in that of tlio;-o Krrivt:d at man's estate. q1 yO':r mind as to the style of "rig out" von wish your boy to wear this time, and then give E. MOHRIS & Co., a call, and have a look over their patterns and designs Morris & Co. makes Boys' Clothing a leading feature, and they are pleased to thiuk that their efforts in this direction have been appreciated by their customers. LAMMAS-STREET, CARMARTHEN. (THE SHOP THE lllti HAT IIANGING OUTSIDE.) or CLOTH HALL, CARMARTHEN. Purchase of Hosiery and Gents' Mercery Stock AT AN ENORMOUS DISCOUNT OF O"b 33.], PEll CENrr OFF COST. SPECIAL STOCK SALE FOR 8 DAYS ONLY Beginning To-day (Friday), August 5th. Enormous Stock of the undermentioned Goods AT & MUCH UNDYP,, original Cost Price :— O GENTLEMEN Overcoats Macintoshes Felt Hats Woollens Hosiery CLOTti ?IA LADIES' Hosiery Elanneliettes Underclothing Woollen Vests Macintoshes Ask for Mens Fawn Chesterfield Waterproof—12/LI worth 23/11. J. DAVIES & SON, CLOTH HALL, CARMARTHEN (Opposite National Provincial Bank of England). :10; .> If you want a First-class Cycle at a Reasonable Price, purchase "THE LEADER," MANUFACTURED BY D. E. JONES & CO., "LEADER" CYCLE WORKS, 61, KING ST. "The Leader" lias led, is leaoliii, ii iid will continue to lead all other Makers, in spite of local hysterical announcements to the contrary. We do not bounce ourselves; AVC give the universal opinion of Riders of the "Leader" in the 3 Counties and further afield. Interrogate them. THE BEST, PRETTIEST, AND CHEAPEST MACHINE IN THE MARKET. Send for Catalogue, containing Ibices, Designs, and Press and Public opinions, or pay the Manufactory ill a visit and select your own mount. A laigc Stock of Ladies and Gentlemen's Machines oiiriew. The Large New Showroom has just beelt opened. D. E. J. lz Co.'s large Riding School for Learners is now open for the use of Patrons. I -_& ESTABLISHED 1821. DAVIES & SONS, f WATCH & CLOCK MAKERS, JEWELLERS, SILVERSMITHS, OPTICIANS, &c, 5, GUILDHALL SQUARE, CAE/MABTHEN". SPLENDID SELECTION of CLOCKS AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. FreDell Marble Clocks, Gilt Shade Clocks, Quarter Clocks, Alarms, and Timepieces, 10 per Cent. Discount for Cash AND SPECIAL DISGOUNT FOR PRESENTATIONS. AUTUMN CROPS. Rye, Treforium, Winter Vetches, Winter Wheat, Winter Oats, Rape Seed, Mustard Seed, Italian Rye Crass, &c. Nitrate of Soda. W. S. MORlUs, 8 EE 1) AND CORN MER CH AN T. BRIDGE-STREET, CARMARTHEN. HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREIIOUND. The most certain and speedy remedy STOPS COLD CURES COUGH! HAYMAN". BALSAM. CASH PRICES JLI- Safe fur Children. 94-1, is, 2 Gd. 4, ST. PETER'S STREET, CARMARTHEN. MRS. MILES EVANS (Lata nj Abort)ivdi) Bcg' I" iniortn her numerous friends and the Public | generally that she has Opened a China & Ware | Shop T AT THE ABOVE ADDRESS, And trusts to be favoured with their kind patruinige. THE "VICTOR" SELF-RAKING REAPER. I. AGENT FOR ABOVE AND ALL OTHER LEADING MAKERS— WILLIAM THOMAS, Ironmonger & Implement Agent, Carmarthen. MOWERS, RAKES, arnd HAYMAKERS to be sold at Reduced Prices to clear Season Stock. Ii i "í,? ,¡; -.L/ MAKE NO MISTAKE! BUT GO TO HERBERT JONES & CO., Where you can have your choice of CYCLES by all the leading Makers:—CENTAURS, OSMONDS, HUMBERS, SINGERS, NEW PREMIERS, COVENTRY CROSS, RAGLANS, ARROWS, FLYING ARROWS, HUDSONS, TOM TITS, LITTLE ENGLAND, &c., &c. CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE KINGDOM. CYCLES RE-ENAMELLED, RE-PLATED, AND REPAIRED AT SHORTEST NOTICE AND LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE. _I .¡. "c Or PLEASE ADDRESS IN FULL HERBERT JONES & CO., 49.. KING Sl IIEET, CARMARTHEN. • WESTGATE HOUSE, TEN BI. 45, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA (WHOLESALE ONLY). IMPORTANT PUBLIC NOTICE. GIGAJS HC CLEARANCE SALE OF Drapery and Clothing AT 14 & 15, GUILDHALL SQUARE, CARMARTHEN, COMMENCING ON SATURDAY NEXT, AUGUST GTH., J. JENKINS having bought of Mr. D. LL. REES (who is retiring ZD from business) the entire Stock-in-Trade, amounting in value to SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF POUNDS. The Valuation now being completed, and the Stock transferred, the immense Stock now standing on the premises will be offered for sale at such AMAZINGLY LOW PRICES never before known in the History of Carmarthen Sales. COUNTRY SHOPKEEPERS WILL DO WELL TO SECURE BIG PARCELS MUCH BELOW ORIGINAL COST. REMKMBEll WHERE— J crEOiTKiiiTS 1 (LATE D. LL. REES), 14 & 15, GUILDHALL-SQUARE, ] 1 BASIC SIjAGr- THE GENUINE ilberts Thomas Phosphate Powder The Stcamor EOSE,'1 with. 0,01)9 BAGS has just arrived. SOLE AGENT HOMAS RICHARDS, The quay Stores, Carmarthen. MACHINES FOR SOWING LENT TO PURCHASERS. j ? H. E. AIREY ACCOUNT AM1 AM) AUDITOR, CARMARTHEN. 1 Tradesmen's Books made up Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts prepared. Rents and Debts collected. Insurances of every description effected. Mortgages arranged. Private Address: 1, ROSE TERRACE, JOHNSTOWN, CARMARTHEN. NOTICES TO QUIT. FROM LANDLORD TO TENANT AND TENANT TO LANDLORD, May be obtained at the RFPORTEI; 'OFFICII, 3, Blue-street, Carmarthen. PRICE ONE PENNY. ( x ONE MOMENT. x "Oh dear, Doctor, what will you recommend for I my Children's Coughs and Cold ?" TRY TUDOR WILUAMS PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. Tho most marvellous Cure for all Disorders of the Chest, Throat, and Lungs. It never fails to give instant relief, and does not contain Laudanum, Opium, or Morphia. ECONOMISE YOUR HEALTH. HEALTH IS THE FIRST WEALTH. All who aro engaged in indoor and outdoor occupa- tion and are especially exposed to the ever-varying climate of Great Britain, BE WlSE IN TIME. Don t tamper with danger but go straight away for TUDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY. IT IS INVALUABLE FOR WEAK-CHESTED MEN, Delicate Women, and Children. It Cures when all other remedies fail. It Cures Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Tightness of the Chest. Ib Cures thousands of Children of Bronchitis and Whooping Coughs. It cures for One Shilling when Pounds have been spent in vain. DO TRY IT If you have a Cough, try it! If you have a Cold, TRY IT If you have Bronchitis, TRY IT! It loosens the Phlegm and promotes expectoration, produces warmth and comfort to the chest), and gives refreshing sleep when you have lost nights of rest, READ ON. NOW COMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. When you are distressed with a miserable cold, nose bunged up, throat sore, limbs aching, with a general feeling of smothering, a few doses of the Balsam of Honey will clear the wretched symptoms away, almost before you know it. There is nothing like it on the market; it is thoroughly up to date; it trickles into all the system. A true friend, prompt and reli- able in its action. JUST ANOTHER WORD. When you ask or send for Tudor Williams's Patent BALSAM OF HONEY do not allow anybody to persuade you to purchase something else. If you do, you simply throw off the genuine aitiole and take on with a falso one. Wonderful Cures daily. Thousands of Testimonials to hand from all parts of the World. READ ON FURTHER. SPONTANEOUS TESTIMONY. WORTHY OF YOUR CONSIDER ATI; >N. Sm,-My wife desires me to say that your Tudor Williams' Balsam # of Honey has proved most valuable medicine in our large family (eight children). As soon as a cough or cold makes its appea. A nee, a dose of ludors Balsam is at once administered, and this treatment is followed up until the cold' dis- appears. Before using the Balsam in cur fannly the children have been prostrate with colds for several weeks, but now, by taking doses as directed, they seem to suffer very little inconvenience. Dai-jag the short time the cold is upon them, the action of tho Balsam is marvellous, and the little ones ake it readily and ask for more.—WALTER J. BRETT, C.M., Headmaster, Severn Tunnel School, March IGth, 1892. READ ON STILL FURTHER. A Cardiff Chemist states I have a larger sale for Tudor Willims Balsam of Honey than any other Cough Cure. That's the opinion of all Chemists. PUBLIC MEN SPEAK HIGHLY OF IT ALL OVER THE WORLD. Sold by all Chemists ana Stores all over the World in ls lld., 2s 9d., and 4s. Gd. bottles. Sample bottle sent (post paid) for Is. 3d., 3s., and 5s. from the inventor, D. TUDOR WILLIAMS, R.D.S.L., Medical Hall, Aberdare. Carmarthen County Schools. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HKADMASTKB E. S. ALLEN, M.A. (CANTAB COUNTY GIRLS' SCHOOL. HEADMISTRESS Miss B. A. HOLME, Late Open Scholar, Girton College, Cambridge; Senior Optime, Mathematical Tripos. Threo Scholarships for boys giving free tuition, and Four House Scholarships for boys from !14 to £ 10 per annum are offered for competition on September 15th and 15th, 1898. Last day for entry September 10th, 1898. All particulars can be had from the Headmaster, The Grammar School, Carmarthen. NEXT TERM BEGINS SEPTEMBER 20. Prospectuses, &c., can be obtained from the Clerk, 13, Richmond-terrace, during the holidays. FEES.—Boys £1 15s. Od. Girls, £1 8s. Od. per term. (Three Terms only in the year). Reduction for brothers or sisters. Boarders received at both Schools. The Headmaster and Headmistress will be pleased to see parents of new pupils September 17th-11 to 1 o'clock and September lfjfh—3 to G. A FEW WORDS TO THE WISE. READ TillS. IT WILL KEPAY YOU r It does not pay to sell your ] Customers an inferior Article when they can get a better at the same price. Try these and you will find J hat Quality and Price are right. j i a i SAMS, Little Beauties, aid. per lb. i COLOMBO TEA, 2s. per lb. G s A Z. D. JONES, J0L0MB0 STOKES, CARMARTHEN, WANTED APARTMENTS (Bedroom and v T Sitti: g Room) by Young Man near Guild. laH-square preferred. — IVrms and full particulars by Utter uuly) to" B," i cporter Office, Carmarthen. WANTED Man fo;, livering and make himself r f genei ahy useful K Morgans, Carmarthen. A GENTS WANTE1 push first-class Machinery 1.1.. Oils. Liberal -mm ion — Box 31, Post Office, Liverpv. FTCRRETC'<—A fine It if Working Ferrets, Young JL and 0!.i, polecat c white, either for ratting or rabbiting. Clear n i wealthy, and quiet to hfe'jdle. Purse Nets, 6s. a dozen.—Apply, W. Whituey, 57, Lammas-street, Carmarthen. HOUSE AND GARDEN TO LET, No. 5, JJL SPILMAN-STREET. Enquire W. E. Williams, 9, Lammas-street. I710K SALE OR TO LET, with immediate possession, convenient STABLES and two COACH-HOUSES, si'.uate in Wood'a-row, Carmar- then, formerly in the occupation of Mr Stephen Morgan.- For further particulars apply to Miss Lewis, Fern Cottage, Johns'ov JJ, Carmarthen. TO LET, good WORKMAN'S COTTAGE, containing thrcJ R > mis, with Garden, situate ir. Priory-street. R nt vary moderate.—Apply 56, Priory-street, Carm, rthen. BLUE >STr™adj°inin" Guildhall- Ulr, square, T!) JL LET, suitable for a Coffee Shop, or Offices.—Apply to E. J,, Fernhill, near Carmarthen. PERFECTION. Is/LIT "owisr FINE OLD SCOTCH WHISKY. It is of the first importance to Invalids who may be ordering Scotch Whisky, or those who may take it to promote and aid digestion, that the Whisky be fully matured by age alone, and not by artificial additions to newly-made Spirits The danger of drinking immature blends, often charged with fusel oil, ia obviated by using [ "MY OWN" Which is a carefully-selected Blend of the Finest Scotch Whiskies and guaranteed Seven Years Old. Recommended by the Medical Faculty for its Purity and Dietetic Properties. To be obtained from all the Leading Licensed Victuallers, or direct from the Proprietors W. S. PHILLIPS & CO., IMPORTERS, CARMARTHEN. OtIices-7, King-street,. TOWY, TAP, AND LOUGHOR FISHERY DISTRICT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at the expiration cf Or;" Month from the date hereof the Board of Conservators of the above Fishery District will apply to the Board of Trade for confir- mation of the following Bye-laws :— '^That,in the Towy, Taf, and Loughor Fishery District the annual close season for Salmon shallc ommence, as to nets on the first day of September, and as to rods on the 15th day of October, both inclusive, and shall end, both as to nets and rods on the First day of April inclusive in each year. Any Person acting in contravention of this Bye-law shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds for each offence." No Seine Net shall be used in that portion of the Towy Fishery District, which lies above an imaginary line drawn across the river Towy frnn PilgJas House to Fronun Farm House, aõHl so Coracle Net shall be used in that portion .A the said district, which lies between the af .r^aid imaginary line and an imaginary line drawn from St. Ishmael's Church to Whatley Point. Any Person acting in contravention this Bye-law, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds for each offence." That in the Towy, Taf, and Loughor Fishery District the we-.kiy close time for Salmon shall commence at fcix o'clock in the forenoon an Satsu'day, anJ dull end at six o'clock in the forenoon on ti o following Monday. Any Person acting contravention of this Bye-law shall be liable t a penalty not exeeeding Five Pounds for each offence." A Copy of the said Bye-laws is kept at the office of the Board, and all persons may, at all reasonable limes, inspect such copy without fee or reward, and the Board will furnish every person who shall apply for the same with a copy thereof, or any part thereof, on payment of One Penny. Dated this 15th day of July, 18U8. By Order of the Board, W MORGAN GRIFFITHS, Of Saint Mary Street, Carmarthen, Solicitor, Clerk to the Board. SAINT ISHMAEL'S HORTICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITIONS WILL BE HELD AT THE NATIONAL SCHOOL ROOMS, FERRYSIDE, On TUESDA Y, AUGUST 0th, 1808. ENTRIES CLOSE FINALLY 30TH JULY. Schedules and Entry Forms can be obtained at One Penny each from the Hon. Secretary— MR. HUGH THOMAS, Trecor, Ferryside. An excellent Brass Band will play selections during the day. UNITED COUNTIES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. GREAT SHOW AT CARMARTHEN AUGUST 26th, 1898. PRIZES NARLY dGSOO. Class 48 in Schedules to read "Hack" not Hackney." cS £ of R IL TH0MAS' Ll (ANDEFEILOG AGRICULTURAL AND HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY'S FOURTH ANNUAL gHOW WILL BE HELD AT LLANDEFEILOG ON WEDNESDAY NEXT. ENORMOUS ENTRIES. Jumping, Driving in Harness, Pony, Galloway, and Donkey Races. A splendid Brass Band will play selections of Music during the day. J. JONES, Cwmburry, Secretary. SHREWSBURY Q. li E A T FLOHAL FETEt WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY, August 17th and 18th, 1898. GREAT NATIONAL FLOWER SHOW The Largest and Grandest Flower Show ever held either in London or the Provinces, NEARLY £1,000 IN PRIZES. Each day the Magnificent BANDS (by kind permission) of H.M. ROYAL HORSE GUARDS (Blue). H.M. COLDSTREAM GUARDS. H.M. SCOTS GUARDS. 105 MAGNIFICENT PERFORMERS, AND OTHER MILITARY BANDS. rbe most MARVELLOUS PERFORMERS IN THE WORLD, who appear AT THIS FETE only. ELLA ZUILA AND LU-LU-THE GREAT IANLON TROUP £ — MDLLE. ANIMATA— FOUR NELSON SISTERS-GREAT ATHOS CROUPE—BALH^ TROUPE OF BICYCLISTS- niE PHOITE PIN AUpS-RAWSON & JUNE -PABLO P* £ £ ~MORRis AND MORRIS— &DLLE. ANGELINA — ELLA ZUILA IN ?IREWO±UYb—and other Marvellous Artistes. WO GRAND BALLOON ASCENTS, at 4 and 7 EACH DAY. HORSE LEAPING COMPETITION, £100 in PRIZES. GORGEOUS ILLUMINATIONS AND FIRE- WORKS. SPECIAL EXCURSION TRAINS FROM CARMARTHEN AND ALL PARTS. ADMISSION -.—Wednesday, One o'clock, 2s. 6d. after Five, ls. Thursday, all day from Eleven, ONE SHILLING ONLY. H. W. ADNITT, i W. W. NAUNTON, j IIon- ^ecs. The Square, Shrewsbury.