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WEST OF ENGLAND FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 10, SMITH-STREET, CARDIFF.. WILLIAM LEWIS, TAILOR and DRAPER, begs most respectfully to inform his numerous Friends and Supporters, as well t y as the Public generally, that he has just received A large Assortment of New and Fashionable Goods suitable to the forthcoming Season. An early inspection will greatly oblige. All orders executed on the shortest notice. W. L. begs also to add, that he has a large stock of WOOLLEN GOODS of every description and price for sale. N.B.—BEST LONDON AND PARIS HATS. 10, S.nith-street, Cardiff, April 19, 1819. PAPER HANGING. A. BEVAN, PAINTER, PAPER HANGER, &c., PATENT PLATE AND CROWN GLASS WAREHOUSE, No. 5, CASTLE-STREET, CARDIFF, BEGS to announce to the Gentry, Clergy, Tradesmen, and other Inhabitants of this Town and its Neighbourhood, that he has just received SEVERAL THOUSAND PIECES of PAPER, of the NEWEST AND MOST EXPENSIVE DESIGNS, from the London iud Birmingham Houses; and that he has made his purchases upon such terms as enable him to supply the Public at very Reduced Prices. Patterns forwarded on Application. Experienced Workmen sent to any Distance. April 18th, 1849. I/UYK HUNDRED and SEVENTY PERSONS made beau- X; tiful and finished writers in the town of SWANSEA within fie short period of six MONTHS by Mr. GOODMANE, who honoured with the last Prize granted by the National Conven- tion uf Schoolmasters, held in Loudon, June 3ru, 1813. WRITING. THE EXAMPLE OF WISH MEN IS VISIBLE PHILOSOPHY." Upon that data I call the attention to the advantages derived by both sexes, old and young, from my instruction. Thus a beautiful, free, expeditious, and permanent style of writing, applicable to every purpose of life and business, is taught to every person who comes forward, even to the meanest capacity, in eight lessons of Sue hour each. BANK OF ENGLAND.—The clerks in the Bank of England Were instructed by Mr. Goodmane; the governor and company have often expressed their high approbation of the system pursued by Mr. G. BOOK-KEEPING taught upon sound and indisputable prin- ciples. Academy in those spacious Rooms at Mr. Strawson's, near the Corner of Duke and Smith streets. Cardiff to and from Worcester daily. "HERO" li COACH. ON and after MONDAY next, May 28lh, 1849, the HERO" COACH with run every day (Sundays excepted) instead of three times a-wcek, leaving Cardiff at a quarter past Seven in the -^lovniug, and arriving at Worcester at Five in the Evening, in time for the Express Trains from Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool. Further particulars will appear next week. BLAND. LLOYD, and CO., Proprietors. TAFF V A L ITAILWAY. WHITSUNTIDE HOLIDAYS. OX WHITMONDAY next, the TIMES of DEPARTURE of the PASSENGER TRAINS will be as follows: FROM MERTHYR TO ABERDARE AND CARDIFF. At 6h. Om. and 9h. Om., Morning; lb. 10m. and 5h.10m., Aft. FROM ABERDARE TO CARDIFF AND MERTHYR. At 6h. Om. and 9h. Om., Morning; Ih. 5m. and oh. 10m., Afternoon. FROM CARDIFF TO MERTHYR AND ABERDARE. At 9h. 30m., Morn.; Ih. Om. and 5h. 0m., Aftern.; 8h. m., Even. J, To and fro Tickets for Whitmouday only will be issued at all the Nations at the rate of Fare and Half Fare for the to and fro jour- }It>y to Llandaff only. Single Tickets to all Stations at the usual fares. Passengers having to and fro Tickets will deliver them to the Hards upon demand, who will give them a Return Ticket in lieu it. v further particulars may be obtained by applying at any of the Stations.. By order, I; GEORGE FISHER, Cardiff, May 17th, 1849. General Superintendent. DENTAL SURGERY. FOURTEENTH YEAR OF ATTENDANCE. l ATTENDANCE AT CARDIFF ON THURSDAYS. ■ 1:tr. L. Mosely, Surgeon Dentist, of 30, Berners- street, Oxford-street, London, BAS the honour to announce to his Patients, the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and the residents generally of Cardiff and j^mty, that he is now making his usual periodical visit to the I'mcipality, and that he may be consulted on all relating to his j^cfession, at his private apartments, the Cardiff Arms. Attend- ee from one to five. Mr. L. M. would wish most particularly to call attention to his j^uliar and economical method of Fixiug Artificial Teeth, whereby ,(„ffeat saving is effected. They are fixed from one to a complete t i they never change colour, and assimilate so closely to the remaining in the head, as to defy detection. They arc gua- filt¡teed toaiisivrr every purpose of mastication and articulation, 1\d are fixed without extracting the stumps, and are worn upon t4, most tender gums with ease and comfort. Mr, L. M. would V most particularly to call the attention of the clergy, and public | leakers generally, to this his own peculiar and economical method t Xing teeth, as he can promise a full and perfect restoration of le voice, and complete pronunciation. h utural and artificial teeth fixed, from one to a complete set, at I "ices to suit ail parties. ecayed Teeth restored (first removing the cause of decay, with- I rUVTlllcil 110 stopping will answer) with a perfect and white com- l r°sition, which will always retain its colour, and entirely supersed- V "19 the necessity of extraction. k Scaling, Extracting, aud every operation pertaining to dental *>rgery. k ^hikl ren's teeth regulated. ■ 0 Constant attendance at town residence, No. 30, Berners-street, I ^ford-street, where patients can always be attended, and letters p ''dressed will meet with immediate attention. ce ■ 0 Constant attendance at town residence, No. 30, Berners-street, I ^ford-street, where patients can always be attended, and letters p ''dressed will meet with immediate attention. I Cardiff, May 23, 1849. EMIGRATION. t l THE STATE OF GEORGIA—UNITED STATES OF I I AMERICA.—For Sale, 120,000 Acres of FREEHOLD LANDS, Ij^WIN COUNTY; in Lots of 120 Acres and upwards, at Five V^Uags per Acre. The Lands lie between thirty-one and thirty- O degrees north distant from the Atlantic Ocean one hundred Vl tweuty m^es> and at an elevation of four hundred feet above free from swamps, climate salubrious and healthy, distant England eighteen or tweuty days' sail. They are bounded by f c Navigable Rivers, the Flint, and the Ocnudgee. A railroad, u-t.hird,¡ finished, passes through the lands, which will connect f tu « these rivers,—-Vessels sail nearly every Week from Liverpool If 'uufta or Charleston, Passage to either City from £ 3 to £ i, B iy head;—From Charleston and Savanna, the Lands are reached t Coach, Waggon, or Steam-boat.—Every information may ( J^^tainod relative to the above, &e., from RICHARD K.E1LY, | No. 1, Royal Exchange Building, London, ABERDARE. To be Sold by Auction, by Mr. John Jenkins, ON THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 1849, AT THE BOOT INN, ABERDARE, AT ONE FOR TWO O'CLOCK, Subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, THREE MESSUAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES, with ex- tensive Gardens, having abundant supply of spring water, situate at MOUNTAIN ASH, in the parish ot Aberdare, within 100 yards of the Railway Station, contiguous to the Aberdare turn- pike-road, and bounded on the high road from thence to Lanwonno. The property is held under a lease from J. Bruce Pryce, Esq., for 99 years, of which about 96 are unexpired. These premises are very advantageously situated, being surrounded by extensive collieries, in work, and others now preparing for working, with those about sinking for coals, being within an easy, distance to the whole con- sequently, are in demand by the better class of workmen, who are certain rent-payers. The premises arc built in a substantial manner, and the ground-rent very moderate, with most liberal clauses in the landlord's lease, a duplicate of which may be seen at the Auc- tioneer's offices, Wind-street, Aberdare, with all further particu- lars necessary. PONTYPRIDD. To be Sold by Auction, by Mr. John Jenkins, Unless previously sold by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given, AT THE NEW INN, PONTYPRIDD, ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6, 1849, AT ONE FOR TWO O'CLOCK, Subject to Conditions which will be then produced, OEVERAL ALLOTMENTS of BUILDING-GROUNDS, S with a substantial Public-house erected on one, with conve- nient appurtenances attached, situate near to the Newbridge Chain Cable Works, and bounded by the Glamorganshire Canal, and the high road from Cardiff to Pontypridd. The supply of water is abundant, and its position very advantageous. The woole of the allotments may be liad together if desirable the site being an ex- cellent one for the erection of a Foundry, Brewery, Chemical Worlf-o, or nny utlxci tuanuihctory. A plan ot the wiiuae may seen at the Auctioneer's Offices, Wind-street, Aberdare, and a tracing will be forwarded on application. The premises are held under a lease from the Glamorganshire Canal Company, the original term being 99 years, of which about 62 are unexpired. The counterpart of lease may be seen with the Auctioneer, with every other particulars required. ABERDARE. To be Sold by Private Contract, by Mr. J. Jenkins, QEVEN GOOD TENEMENTS, or DWELLING-HOUSES, and GARDENS, situate at Penwainfawr, in the Parish of Aberdare, held under a lease from the late Thomas Rees, Esq., of Gamlyn, of which about 70 years are unexpired, and the ground- rent exceedingly low. A portion of the purchase-money may be reserved on the premises, at 5 per cent. interest. For further particulars, apply at the Auctioneer's Offices, Wind- street, Aberdare. ABERDARE. To be Sold by Private Contract, by Mr. J. Jenkins, SEVERAL COTTAGES, built in a most substantial manner, s situate about midway between the following collieries :—The Cwm Bach Colliery, Letty Shenkin, Abernantygroes Isaf, Duffryn, Abergwawr, and the Yniscynon Collieries. The site being thus so exceedingly convenient, it is not required to dilate upon the ad- vantages thereof, it being so conspicuous to those who are acquainted with the locality. The rents are certain while either of the above collieries are in work. The unexpired term of the lease is about 90 years, and the ground-rent one penny per yard. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, Wind-street, Aberdare. AIONEY WANTED. THE SEVERAL SUMS of £ -500, £ 300, £ 200, and £ 150, for the several terms ot three, five, and ten years, at 5 per cent. Most satisfactory securities will be given. For further particulars, apply to Mr. John Jenkins, Land and Mineral Surveyor, Auctioneer, &c., Wind-street, Aberdare. For Sale by Private Contract A WELL-BUILT SHOP and FOUR DWELLING-HOUSES, -It situated in Wellington-street, Merthyr Tydfil, now in the occupation of Mr. James Kernck, and others. Annual rent about £ 45. Ground rent low. Further particulars, apply to J. H. Langley, Esq., Cardiff. Postponed from May 19th, to June 2nd. LLANCARVAN. FREEHOLD LANII) FOR SAIJE. To be Sold by: Auction, by Mr. Mark Marks, ON SATURDAY, JUNE 2ND, 1849, at Two o'clock in the after- noon, at the CROSS KEYS, CARDIFF (subject to such con- ditions of sale as shall be then produced), ALL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, with Stable, Garden, and Orchard attached and also all that piece or parcel of PRIME LAND adjoining, con- taining together, by estimation, nearly sixteen acres, situate in the Village of Moulton, in the parish of Llancarvan, in the County of Glamorgan, and late ill the occupation of Mr. William Jenldns, the Proprietor, unless previously disposed of by private contract, on application to Mr. G; S STKAWSON, Surveyor, Cardiff. The Orchard is walled round, and well stocked with fruit-troes. The land-tax on three acres adjoining the house, aud including it, the Garden, and Orchard, is redeemed. CARDIFF. —— To be Let, with Immediate Possession, AN OLD-ESTABLISHED WINE and SPIRIT TRADE, where a profitable, extensive Ready-Money Business has bet-n carried on for a number of years. Incoming moderate. For particulars, apply to Mr. JOHN THOMAS, Spii-ic Vaults, Duke-street, Cardiff. £40,000 IS ready to be ADVANCED upon FREEHOLD and long LEASEHOLD SECURITIES, at a tow rate of Interest, in England, Scotland, and Wales, in sums of no less than £ 1,000. Apply to Messrs. liaillie, Gale, aud Co., Surveyors, 2J, Golemau- street, Moorgate-street, London. None but principals need apply. GREAT BRITAIN STORES, NEAR THE POST-OFFICE, CARDIFF. L. WALTER, TAILOR, WOOLLEN DRAPER, HATTER, AND GENERAL OUTFITTER, RETURNS his sincere and unfeigned acknowledgments to his numerous Patrons and Friends, for their valuable custom, and the RETURNS his sincere and unfeigned acknowledgments to his numerous Patrons and Friends, for their valuable custom, and the extreme liberality evinced by them in the recommendation of their Friends; and begs to assure them that no exertion vyill he spared on his part, as far as capital, industry, human exertion, and practical experience, may enable him to ensure a continuance of their Patronage. The that has marked his progress in the bespoke department, proves that such an Establishment was wanted in Cardiff: and it is scarcely necessary that he should remind the Public that the great governing principle upon which his Business is conducted, i* that of furnishing, at its original Wholesale Price, and for the lowest remunerating profit, the most necessary article that enters into the expenditure of every family, and every individual in the Kingdom; therefore, it is as much the interest of the Public as th- Proprietor to recognise and encourage the justness and fairness of this system of Business. Having completed a New and Fashionable Stock of Clothing for the ensuing Season, comprising such an assortment a, for of material, excellence of style, and lowness of pvicc^ by.far exceeds any ever before ottered to the public of Cardiff, L. W. solicits an early infection, confident that the result nuM be* the general approbation and support of all persons who rightly appreciate the advan- tages w». Fashion able Dress. The Proprietor of this Establishment, while he courts the custom of the wealthy, and renders it worthy their patronage by furnish- ing the very best material, and making up the same in thq first style of the art, places the most elegant articles within the reach of al to whom economy is an object, with the additional advantage (not to be obtained elsewhere) of returning any article ordered which does not meet with their approbation either as regards Cut, Quality, Colour, or Make, though previously seen, chosen, and approved. In nothing is public opinion so unsettled as in Dress; and the Proprietor trusts, that by thus liberally meeting the difficulty of public taste and choice to the extreme, to merit and increase the extensive Trade, Patronage, and Confidence with which he has hitherto been honoured. ° 2,000 Summer Coats from 3s. 6d. SUIT of BLACK, COMPLETE, f2 10s. 6d. MEN'S SUITS of BEST MOLESKIN, Ready-made, 18s.; to Measure, 20s. L. W. having now commenced the manufacturing of CLOTH CAPS, will be able to supply the Public in that branch 20 per cent" cheaper than any other House, and the advantage of selecting from an immense Stock, or having them made to order. Paris and London Beaver Hats, from 2s. to 20s. White and Black Felt Hats, 5s. 6d. Hosiery, Stocks, Cravats, Gloves, superior White and Coloured Shirts, Silk Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Drawers, Shirts, Flannel-. Shoes, Oil-Coats, &c., &c. Sole Agent for the Patent Black Waterproof Imlia-Rubber Coats, Overalls, &c., Of which a general assortment is kept, and sold at the Mmwfacturer's List of Prices. NEW TEA AND GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 11, IIIGILSTREET, CAHDIFF. d OPPOSITE THE BRANCH BANK OF ENGLAND. RICHARD CALDICOTT TT| ESPECTFULLY apprises the Gentry, Clergy, and Families of Cardiff and its neighbourhood, that having now completed his 1\ arrangements, he will open the above premises on SATURDAY, MAY 12th, with an entire new STOCK of TEAS COFFEES and GENERAL GROCERIES, and respectMly invites a trial, assuring all who may so favour him that their orders shall have the most prompt attention, and the quality of his articles such as cannot fail to give entire satisfaction. BLACK TEAS. s. d. Good Congou Tea. 3 6 Strong Rough ditto 4 0 Full-flavoured Souchong. 4 8 The Very Finest. o 0 GREEN TEAS. s. d. Twankay 3 6 GREEN TEAS. s. d. Twankay 3 6 Young llyson 4 0 Yery Fine Wiry Leaf 5 0 Fine Pearl Gunpowder. 6 0 I The Very Finest 7 0 COFFEES. s. d. Good Coffee ] Q Fine Plantation 1 4 Rich Mountain, Mellow Flavour I 8 Real Old Mocha i 0 FRY'S FANCY AND PLAIN CHOCOLATES AND COCOAS. BISCUITS, MANUFACTURED BY J. W. MACKIE, PURVEYOR TO THE QUKEX.—This beautiful article is made by madli-, nery, without handling, and pronounced to be superior to all others. "RICH SAUCES ailcl PICKLES, by the best Makers; SMOKED GLOUCESTER BACOX, very mild- WILTSHIRE CHEDDAR, and AMERICAN CHEESE; YORK HAMS; &c.. Cardiff, May 12, 1849. TEAS AT WHOLESALE PRICES, No. 2, BUCKLERSBURY, CHEAPSIDE. TH5 KKf ithe of °" *•> *••« "■« <>. „ This announcement may appear somewhat presuming; and the question may naturally arise-How one party can sell at WhoI*s«Je Prices, while another requires a Ketail 1 ront ? ilie answer is simply this Opr nrvnr—ui. me W!W. (lcale- 0u'r Warehouse, situate in a bye thoroughfare, is one ofriie most spa^U'iis J,n London, and afiords tl^e Greatest Facilities for the most Extensive Transactions, and is entirely unencumbered wi'h those merciless expenses inseparable from the show of a Retail bliop, and for -which indirectly the purchaser is taxed Our busing the parent of many branches, extending throughout the United of such magnitude, that our purchases "are neceS■ v I-'ri and we thus derive every advantage the market affords." It will thorpfow C!> ntccssa.lij i.ogt, the best and most economical terms-in fact,to supply at first hand by which all arc 7 1>UbliC <m In quoting a partial selection 01 our prices, we have appended a few recommendatory r understood as holding ourselves responsible for each character so appended. We mention this, in consequence of the too frequent '7 practice of late-—particular ly m the Tea hade of gulling the public witn false alluring titles-and while some are distributing their rubbish at half a crown a pound others adopt the ingenious appellation of best Black Tea, which, for quality, is 011 a par with Best Ha-s, 4s. 9d.; Best Boots, 8s. 6d.; and Best Coats, a Guinea. It is, in point of fact, pretty candid confession that they do not keep the finer deseriptions of Tea. The following List is composed from the Latestand most Favourable Qiiota/tions in the Market, BLACK TEAS. s, d. Goon ORPINARY CONGOU ( a very fair common Tea) .2 8 GOOD USEFUL CONGOU (a useful Tea, decidedly cheap) 3 0 STRONG CONGOU TEA (a very good Tea for domestic use) 3 4 FINE STRONG CONGOU, PEKOE FLAVOUR (This is an excellent Tea, and deservedly in repute).3 8 FINE PEKOE SOUCHONG 4 0 (We might here refrain from publishing a higher price, for positively a higher price is unnecessary but we keep the higher prices for Connoisseurs.) SUPERIOR PKROB SOUCHONG (from the Kongshmg estate, rich LAPSA.NO SOUCHONG •.• • • • • -O Y (This is the acme of perfection m lea, and bears comparison in repute to old Beeswing Port.) T GREEN TEAS. ,ç. ¡I, GOOD USEFUL GREEN (this will mix with Black at 2s. 8d).3 0 j *.INE 1 wank AY (this with the Black at 3s.) 3 4 YOUNG HYSON (a very good Tea, and with the 3s. 4d. Black. makes an excellent mixture) S FINE YOUNG IIlSON (a little Oil the Cowslip flavour) ..4 9 GUNPOWDER IEA (very strongly recommended) 4 4 SUPERIOR YOUNG HYSON is is a most excellent Tea, and is really the most useful of all our Green Teas; it pos- sesses great strength and a fine aromatic i 0 FINEST HYSON (This is a choice Tea, possessing all those rich and delicate qualities fine Hysons are celebrated for) .6 0 FIXEST GUNPOWDUIL 7 0 (This is The Gunpowder, and is quite a treat: nut many years .since it was sold at 16s. per lb.) COFFEE. We wish to direct particular attention to Coffee, from the fact of our having, alter great trouble and expense, succeeded in perfecting he machinery for roasting, wluch has novel before been discovered. Letters patent are already taken out for the invention whifH preserves the aroma, and removes that acidity, so frequently complained of by delicate persons. s. (t. GOOD CEYLON COFFEE (Good sound Coffee) 0 10 FINE CEYI,QN COFFER (a very good Coffee) 1 0 FI:<E PLANTATION (recommended) 1 2 v- f,7 FIX7:ST JAVA COFFEE (much and deservedly in request) 1 4 TIIE FINEST CUBA COFFEE (strongly recommended) 1 ti FINEST MOCHA COFFEE ] G It will be naturally inferred from the above that it is a favourable time to lay in a stock, as prices never were so low nor can .1. greater fall reasonably be anticipated until the excessive duty of 2s. 2¡d. is reduced. For example, we are now selling Good sound Congou at 3s.per lb., which, after deducting the duty, leaves but 9]d, to remunerate the merchants and pav all expenses of I'trour' vUn— a price by which the importers must be great losers. 1 Referring to the above list we venture to solicit a continuance of that support hitherto so liberally bestowed. Having now established one of the Largest litis messes in the kingdom, we refer with pride to the progressive increase during the last twenty years, proving that our System of Business, based on liberal principles of commercial enterprise and holding out unprecedented advantages, is fully appreciated.^ > ■ o All orders are expected to be accompanied r>y a remittance or Post Office order; or if a reference in London be made, p, t reccipt and approval of the goods will bo sufficient. Our Terms are Cash, and we seek remuneration only by magnitude of busmen Our motto isSmall profits and quick returns," NOTE.—Teas are delivered carriage free to any part of England when the quantity ordered exceeds six pounds, bet the carriage of CoSee is not paid unless accompanied by Tea. o 2, Bucklersbury, Cheapside MAN SELL AND CO Delivered Carriage Free to any Part of the Kingdom, p UTTA PERCHA TUBING beieg \T unaffected by moisture, acids, af kalies, grease, &c., is useful for the con- veyance of Cas, "Water, Oil, Chemicals, L'quid Manure, &c. It is peculiarly va- luable for Drain and Soil Pipes.—lu case of any stoppage, an incision can be made in the tubing with a sharp knife, and readily closed again by means of a warm irou. Its strength is extraordi- nary; the small half-inch diameter tub- iug, having resisted a pressure of 250 Ibs. on the square inch without bursting, GUTTA PERCHA is totally imper- or bnfxeA In damp ot marshy gronnd for yeirs without undergoing any material change; it is not so liable peculiar property as a non-conductor, is not affected so soon by the frost of winfer or the drought of summer TO ,r '*• The smaller" sizes of the Tubing may be had in lengths of 100 feet, and the larger sizes of 50 feet each ,w* GuttaTeicha Tubing being so extraordinary a conductor of sound, is now being extensively used" a<? *rw«i>inovttjWs in i-iVr manufactories, hotels, warehouses, ice L his tubing may also be applied in Churches and Chapels, for the punto.e.J ornblhn"^ poison* to listen to the sermoa, &c. b or conveying messages from one room to another, or 'V o-n the nu> I, twv n v 'i is invaluable., h is also an excolient nieUium lo*- miuw. 1 aet 4 MILL BANDS.—The increasing d.-raand for the Gutta Percha strarjpius for drivin™ r., e.,v ■ -•<> strong recommendations they have everywhere received ap«, jusn&es i.»e GUTTA PERCHA PUMP BUOXLiTS, CLACKS, &c.— Few applications of Gu'h Perrh* vi 4 v. <• use to manufacturers, engineers, &c., as the substitution of it for h'tube*- in -uvno bin-1- .ts* i- ,iA>r' Ti fiy 0 S.3C^ e*t2°rave size or thickness, without seam or joint, and as cold water vViil nov, th-v'^id^^r-d Vr, Dc had ofa»y Pi:KUUA „ £ t!l8 of cabiact- wet, l'¡;I¡'¡J¡I '¡'i' "¡, T°s)'"re"°r™by,hcs™s bc)wev,(-Z- aiid G UTT. £ pi I1 Si1 JLOTIIEa"'LIN'ES —^ h ~t ■ r injury.. ■ •> T-i. I'.av JO ;t out m tnc open air without sustaining: (.TI; I I A PSRCHA li ALSAM.—Valuable for st-opning'the frnm cut", GUTTA PI a A v WINDOW BLIND CORD is casH' ■i" ifv" f ,• ordinary Cord. It may b* A'ad-of vaHowcoknt. 9. a *ot expand luce tae con1,>^d^\Jp;^ bowrs:t?a5a5fe £ window-blind aiaautaCtHrwi «the Company'. Works. Wharf-road, Citj-r^d, London; and may be W oKheir ^lesaJe'd