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*■ -*■ d>^i *AS± T#|A. j Revolution in the Furniture Trade 1 SPECIAL SALES by Public Auction < By Mr. LEWIS FINE at the COLISEUM AUCTION MART, Tonypandy < i ivip. IjEWIS xmw 1 < Has received a consignment of I Household Furniture *i CONSISTING OF 50 Bedroom Suites in Oak, Walnut, Black and Satin Walnut and Mahogany. i 100 Black and Brass Bedsteads, Feather Beds and Millpuff Beds, Spring and other Mattresses, Straw PaJiasses in all sizes. Dining Room Suites in Leather, Saddlebag and Velvet. 4 feet and 5 feet Sideboards. Solid Oak and Walnut Extending Diningroom J Tables in 5, 6 & 8 feet. Handsome Drawingroom Suites. Black Chippendale and other Cabinets, Chippendale and other Over- mantles. Black & Brass Kerbs, Fenders, Brasses and Fireirons. 12 Pianos by well-known makers, Hall Stands, Kitchen Tables, 1 Chairs, Arm Chairs, Leather Couches and Sofas, Large Chests of Drawers, Carpets and Rugs. Other Goods too numerous to mention, making the Largest and most Complete < Stock of Furniture in the Valley. 4 ] YOU MAY VIEW THE GOODS DAILY FROM 9 a.m. 1 1 i Note the Address-The COLISEUM AUCTION MART (back of Cross Keys), Old Brewery Buildings, Eleanor Street, TONYPANDY. J Sales to commence on SATURDAYS at 7 p.m. MONDAYS, 2.30 and 7 p.m. Private Sales all the Week. I m COAL! COAL! Best Steam Coal delivered to any address 91 per ton. Half Ton, 10/6. Charles Roderick, 5, Victoria Street, TREALAW. COAL YARD-Behind Hopkin Morgan's Bake- house, Trealaw. 4665 Dr. Barker's Pills FOB FEMALES. The best remedy for Aenemia, Giddiness, Nervousness, Depression, Hysteria, and all similar disorders peculiar to ladies. Full directions with each box, 113 and 2/9 post free. A better medicine cannot be obtained. 0- THE BARKER MEDICINE Co. WHOESALE AGENT W. JENKINS, M.P.S. Dispensing Chemist, 92, Llewellyn St., PENTRE, Glam FERNDALE GENERAL JJOSPITAL AND EYE INFIRMARY Patients admitted free on recommendation of the Governors. 2094 Son. Sec.—HENRY DA VIES IF YOU SUFFER 1 It Ffom aay Skii «r Blood Disease, swfc ffl ■ I as Jl ■1 Eczema, Scrofula, Scurvy, /■ HI Glandular Swellings, Bad IB HI Legs, Ulcers, Abscesses, JH HI Tumours, Boils, Sores, /■ HI Eruptions,Blood Poison, /■ ■1 Rheumatism, Gout, Ac., IH I DON'T HESITATE I I ^■1 but at once start a coane of KJ Clarke's Blood Mixture, and the ^H B experience of thousands whom ^H H it has cored, and cared par* H B manently, will soon be yours. The Editor of the "Fumf HBS DOCTOR" writes: We hare seen hosts of letter* bear- ing testimony to the truly wonderful cures effected by Clarke's Blood Mix- U ture. It is the finest Blood Purifier that H Science and Medical Skill have brought BB to light, and we can with the utmost SO confidence recommend it to our subacri- MM bars and the public generally." I CLARKE'S I ) BLOOD MIXTURE I H [ Can be obtained of all Chemists and H M) Stores, 2/9 per bottle, and in eases II ■ l containing' six times the quantity. w-; III ■ f or post free on receipt of price, direct IH ■ I from the Proprietors, THE LINCOLN IH ■ AND MIDLAND COUNTIES DRUG ll ■ I CO., Lincoln. IB II REFUSE SUBSTITUTE*. i "WW—■ww rr—WW WW—■ww—WW WW—WW -ww—iw ww ww "ww—WW ww WW—ww ww llake a Jj y Jt tfort to see W W § AM Bea the hundreds of m J Jm W spaclbl offers-absolutely JL a sensational bargatna-in M J IF MA F* WATCHES, CLOCKS, I RINGS, JEWELS, SILVER GOODS, ■S|HSi^ PLATE, CUTLERY, Etc« Note the astoundingly low Holice how every single article is marked in plain easily-read figures. Make sure not to miss this grand Bargain-getting opportunity. t !f CALL IN TO-DAY! TO-DAY!! ~T A OCA AAA Better value in WATCHES, CLOCKS, RINGS, ft 250,000 JEWELS, PLATE, CUTLERY, etc., at lower prices testimontails than any other firm of its kind In the world. kSji received 25/ T"g Marv^ll0Lls Startiing value. I'hc -2 /12 .4 famous NKR C., T, 4 %ft %P ACME' jpf promptly' executea. Keyless same price.' ly i 4B6L ssfft *s??rH'a '"™ il\ i WE* A be ter B ■ n ■ BI I BBI ■ I purchased an jf/lHl be bought at eyen t H. SAMUEL, j§pi||§ a times the 7, ST. MAHY STREET, CARDIFF. FOR HARNESS, COLLARS, AND SADDLES Pony, from jE3 10s. Cob,,24 10s. Heavy Van, E5 10s. Pipe Collar, Hned wool, from 10s. each Heavy Cart, with straps and side pads, 16s. 50 pairs of Lamps from 7s. 6d, with Patent Socket, from 14s. to clear. 100 pairs of Leggings, seam back, from 3s. 6d.; Blocked, 6s. 6d. to clear. Trunks, Portmanteau Kit, Brief Bags, and Japanese Hampers. English Bends, Is. 4d. Best, Is. 6d., to clear. Brass Rivets, 8d. in 7-lb. bags. Grindery at Wholesale Prices. Sullivan's Rubbers and Revolving Heels kept in stock. Y"> TT1 WT T /^V !VT I? O NEXT DOOR TO THE & JUL LM \> VY K\ JCi O 5 POLICE STATION, 4793 DUNRAVEN STREET, TONYPANDY. PIANOFORTES. The Sole Agency for Cardiff and district for The World's Greatest Makers. BECHSTEIN. BROADWOOD, BLUTHNER, SCHIEDMAYER, STECK. NEUMEYER, WALDEMAR, PIANOLA-PIANOS, &EOLIANS, IS HELD BY JR. J. HEATH & SONS, Cardiff, Pontypridd, Penarth., and Port Talbot. Who also Stock Pianos by BRINSMEAD,COLLARD,KIRKMAN, STEINW AY,ERARD IBACH, &c:, from 15 Guineas Cash, or 10/6 monthly. .< ORGANS by MASON & HAMLIN, BELL, DOMINION, &c., &c. Reduted Instalments, Special Discounts. Nat. Tel. Cardiff 01199. Pontyprida

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