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Abergele's Welcome to 1 "Llifon."…


Abergele's Welcome to 1 "Llifon." 1 A MEMORABLE RECEPTION. Following in the footsteps of the Llanddulas Baptists, the brethren in the faith at Abergele gave the Rev. W. G. Owen Llifon ") an official welcome as their new resident minister on Thursday. The day's proceedings commenced in the schoolroom of the Independents (kindly lent for the occasion} with a sumptuous spread of tea. The evening meeting was held in the Baptist Chapel, Mr. Edward Williams, J.P., Moran- nedd, presiding over a crowded gathering. The Chairman said that they had met to- gether to welcome to their midst a man of God. He (the speaker) was fully convinced that Pro- vidence had much to do in the sending of Mr. Owen to Abergele. A slight proof of this was found in the fact that on Sunday morning their new minister had received a cheque for £5° from Mrs. Gwen Jones, Penrhyndeudraeth, towards the new chapel fund. Rev. Benjamin Evans, Rhuddlan, said he was delighted to be present to assist in extending a hearty welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Owen, both of whom he had known for many years. He wished them a long life to do much good for the Master, and he hoped that if Mr. Owen was tempted with another" call to leave Abergele, he would turn a deaf ear to the voice of the tempter. He (Mr. Evans) wis proud of Mrs. Owen, for she was a good woman, and a daughter of a very dear old friend of his-the late Dr. Jones, Llangollen. (Applause.) Rev. T. M. Reid, Rhyl, could not help but notice that the welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Owen was a genuine one. And they deserved it. Let the members of the church not forget that it was their moral duty to assist their new minister to the utmost of their ability. Let them do their utmost to attend all the religious services on week days and Sundays—especially on Sun- day mornings. If they couldn't attend in per- son, then let them send either their hats or um- brellas as substitutes just to show that their thoughts were with those who were worship- ing. (Laughter.) Rev. M. F. Wynne (B.), Prestatyn, congratu- lated the Abergele Baptists on the wise selec- tion they had made in securing Mr. Owen eui their minister. They could have scarcely made a better choice, for in him they would find an ideal pastor and a splendid leader of men-a man in whom they could put implicit trust. At every church where Mr. Owen had ministered in the past, he had endeared himself in the hearts of his people. He had been instrumental in having elected several new chapels in various parts of the country. As for frli. Owen, she was a thorough lady. Let the brotherhood, give her a warm pl/ioe in their hearts. Mr. T. Edwards had travelled all the way from Pandy'r Capel in order to be present on behalf of the Baptist church of that village, to pay the highest tribute possible to their former pastor as, a man, preacher, and Christian. Two months ago at Pandy'r Capel, he was present at Mr. Owen's farewell meeting, and-well, he had not got over it yet, for it was like re-opening an old wound, to sit in that building listening to the splendid tributes, which were being paid to his former friend and co-worker. He had left the Baptist cause there in a more flourishing state, numerically and spiritually, than it was when he first arrived there ten years ago. (Ap- plause.) He (Mr. Edwards) assured his hearers that he almost felt indignant with the Abergele people for commandeering Mr. Owen from Pandy'r Capel. In his capacity as Eistedd- fodwr and pubiic man, Mr. Owen's services were often in request, but no matter how often he was called away, he had never been guilty of neglecting his pastoral duties at home. At this juncture the speaker was almost over- come with emotion. He, concluded by saying Remember that in Mr. Owen you have a con- sistently good preacher, a man of unblemished character, and a born leader of men. Respect him and Mrs. Owen, for in her you will find not only a friend to the church, but to the poor of your town." (Applause.) Mr. William Roberts, Bcdgwilym, Abergele, one of the deacons of the church, said they were, however, under a deep debt of gratitude to the Rev. A. J. Parry, Rhyl, for having put them on the right way to secure his services as their pastor. Mr. Roberts, of Llansannan, said he could only re-echo what had been already said of Llifon as a man and a Christian. Rev. Francis Jones said that he had lived and ministered in Abergele for 2J years, and that fact in itself ought to be of some encouragement to Mr. Owen. He (Mr. Jones) had had opportuni- ties of leaving the place, but he had never desired a change, and that for the simple reason that everybody had been very kind to him. {Ap- plause.) Mr. Owen; of necessity, was a good man. Why? Because he had a brother í" Alafon ") who was a highly respected minis- ter with the Calvinistic Methodists. (Laughter). Rev. T. Roberts, Llaneiian, for many I years, said he was was proud of Llifon as an Eis- teddfod conductor, as a poet, as a lecturer, and as a builder of churches, but more than all, he was proud of him as a man. Both of them had been students together at the Llan- gollen College, and the testimony of everyone in that institution, at the time was, that Llifon above everything else was a man-a man worthy of the name. As Mr. Owen excelled as a man, so did Mrs. Owen excel as a woman. You young men who intend marrying," added Mr. Roberts, be careful that you get hold of a good wife; they are -Il the one price." (Laughter.) Let them make the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Owen worth the living. It was poor policy to save up fragrant and beautiful flowers and work them into wreathes to be placed on any minister's coffin after they had killed him. (Applause.) Rev. S. Valentine, Llanddulas, felt convinced that through the help of God and the instru- mentality of Mr. Owen, they in that village would before long have a new place of worship worthy of the name and the cause. Rev. Morgan Davies said that Abergele was very fortunate in having such a stalwart as Llifon to occupy one of its many pulpits. The Abergele Women's Temperance Association would also find in Mrs. Owen a most valuable acquisition. Rev. Peter Jones, Colwyn Bay, caused much mirth by saying that one of the greatest proofs of Mr. Owen being a pioneer among preachers was the fact that he had in his wisdom turned his back in early youth on the Calvinistic Metho- dists and joined the Baptists. Rev. Pierce Roberts, Llannefydd, hoped Aber- gele would know Llifon, not as a Baptists minis- ter pure and simple, but as a minister of Christ. Rev. J. Henry Davies, Pensarn, the only Englishman to take part in the meeting, said he was sorry he was unable to understand all the good things that had already been said of Mx. and Mrs. Owen. He felt sure, however, that all the churches in the town would derive much benefit as the result of Mr. Owen's advent among them. Rev. David Morris, Abergele, warned the Baptists of Abergele that Mr. Owen did not belong absolutely to themselves. Oh, no; the Welsh nation, from Caerdydd to Caer- gybi, had an undeniable claim upon him. (Ap- plause.) Rev. William Hughes, of the Congo Institute, Colwyn Bay, said that the people of that town always spoke very highly of Abergele for many reasons, one of which was that it was an older town; another thing, they had the County School—(loud laughter and applause) and more than that, the member of Parliament for the district lived there. (Cheers.) Sir Herbert Roberts, M.P., on rising, was re- ceived with loud cheers. Speaking in Welsh, he said he had not come there to make a speech, 1 but to show how glad he was that Mr. Owen I had come to make his home in good old Aber- J I gele. (Applause.) He knew from past exper- ience what rousing receptions the townspeople could give to those whom they respected. He had known Mr. Owen for many jears as an I Eisteddfod conductor, and as a man who stood very high in the literary world of the nation. He was also a man who, like himself, took the deepest interest in temperance matters. More than all, he was unquestionably a man of God. As a Calvinistic Methodist, he (Sir Herbert) felt extremely happy in the realisation that such a tower of moral strength as Llifon had proved himself to be had come to stay in their midst. He sincerely hoped his coming would be the means of bringing many sinners to the feet of Jesus Christ. (Applause.) Dr. Abel J. Parry, Rhyl, also spoke. Rev. W. G. Owen (LI-ifon) said that it was difficult for him to speak on such an occasion. He felt grateful to his friends for their kind words of encouragement and good-will. He felt convinced that the words which had been spoken came from the hearts of those who had uttered them. He felt more than grateful for the kindness that had been shown to him and Mrs. Owen by persons of every denomination in the town. He was much indebted to Mr. Ed. wards for having come all the way from Pandy'r Capel to attend that meeting. Mr. Edwards was one of the best and kindest men in the whole of Wales. (Applause.) And the same remarks applied to Sir Herbert Roberts. He (Mr. Owen) had all his life been on the best terms with persons of every sect and creed. He numbered among his friends the bishops and clergy of the Church of England. (Applause.) Being already on the best of terms with every- one in Abergele, he had no anxiety about the future. He had lived for ten years in Pandy'r Caped without exchanging a harsh word with a single soul. Well, the kind references which had been made that evening were meant for someone more worthy of them than he; but they were eulogiums which he would only be too glad to merit. He would try his best to live up to them. (Loud applause.) Those who assisted at the afternoon tea were:—Mrs. Jones, Pant Idda; Mrs. D. Vaughan, Foxhole; Mrs. W. Roberts, Bod- gwilym; Mrs. and Miss Parry, Chapel-street; Mrs. Jones and Miss Roberts, Rose House; Mrs., Miss and Master Teddy Williams, Moran- nedd; Mrs. Davies, Vale-view; Mrs. R. Wil- liams, 2, Bryntirion; Mrs. Davies, Bryncoch; Miss A. Williams, Pensarn Mrs. R. Williams, Bodacron Miss Vaughan, Ty Mawr; Miss Jones, Boot Warehouse Miss Davies, Ervldon Master Roland P. Jones, Park-villas; Mr. T. LI. Williams, Vale-view; Miss Davies, Chapel street Miss P. Jones, Eirianfa; Mrs. W. Davies, Vale-view, and Miss Williams, Kinmel terrace, Pensarn. SEARCHLIGHT.

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