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COLWYN BAY. I \COME I AX A\D LAND I'AX RETURNS prepared cLilll fW overpaid i come tiiX carried through disputed accounts adjusted accounts prepared, balanced and audited. — I U. Koberts, A'/C'iUiiiaiir, Li.r-ize hid and Eiste luiod Office. 706 NO MORK INKY FINGERS. SELF-FILLING FOUNTAIN PEN. Fills in a flash. Fitted with 14ct. gold nib Iridium Tipped, and single feed. A real bargain sent per post for 5s. 7d. Obtain- able at R. E. Jones and Bros., "Weekly News" Office, Colwyn Bay. NOW ON SALE, in all bindings, Book of Common Prayer with Prayers amended for King (Drge V. and Royal Family.-R. E. Jones and Bros., Weekly News Office, Col- wyn Bay. XMAS CARDS, XMAS CARDS.—Private gieeting cards. Samples now ready, from 2s. per dozen. Book sent out to any address on receipt of a Postcard.—R. E. Jones and Bros., Weekly News Office, 8, Station-road, Colwyn Day. GUIDE TO WELSH. Part 1. For use at the evening classes. Price is. 3d.—R. L. Jones and Bros., Weekly News Office, Colwyn a Bay. REMARKABLE EISTEDDFOD INCIDENT. —A remakable and totally unprecedented inci- dent occurred in connection with the recent Col- wyn Bay National Eisteddfod. By a clerical eiror, a composition intended for competition as a libretto cor a Welsh opera was sent to the official adiudicators on the Crown poem, and actually adjudicated upon by them, being placed very low in that competition. On the competi- tor making representations after, the Eisteddfod Committee forwarded the composition to the libretto adiudicators, who have now awarded the full prize of [10 to the composition con- demned as a Crown poem. The librettist is Mr. Isgaer Lewis, Carnarvon. THE C.B. CELTS.—On Saturday, a visit will be paid the Colwyn Bay Celts by the Llandudno Reserves i na second division match. It is hoped that the supporters of the club will turn up in good numbers to cheer their favourites on to victory. DISTRICT NURSING ASSOCIATIO.-The annual meeting of the above association will be held at the Hotel Metropole, on Monday next, at 4 p.m. All interested in this charitable work are cordially invited to attend. WELSH AMATEUR CUP.—In consequence of the draw between the Colwyn Bay and Llan- rwst Football Clubs at Colwyn on Saturday, the match will be played at Llanrwst on Saturday next. The Gulls, it is hoped, will take a good number of supporters with them. HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICES.— A united service of the members of the Colwyn Bay Welsh Free Churches for harvest thanks- giving was held on Tuesday evening at the Horeb Chapel. Yesterday (Wednesday) special services were held in all the chapels, consisting of prayer and praise. LEGAL DEBATING SOCIETY.—A legal de- bating society is to be formed for the district, comprising Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, and Ban- gor. It is proposed to hold the meetings fort- nightly at each town in rotation. A business meeting is to be held on Monday at the Oak- lands, Conway-road, at eight o'clock. A debate will be held afterwards upon a given legal sub- ject. The hon. secretaries pro tern are Messrs. Roger Lewis and Ivan A. E. Evans. The de- bate will be opened by Messrs. A. Mills and A. Hughes. THE MIKADO."—On Tuesday and Wed- nesday next the third annual operatic perform- ance will be given by Miss Lena Thomas and Colwyn Bay friends at the Pier Pavilion., This time Gilbert and Sullivan's charming Japanese opera, The Mikado," will be presented with full chorus and orchestra. Mr. E. Thornley- Dodge, who produces the opera, plays the ,)f Ko-Ko, and the musical conductor and di- rector is again Mr. 11. Lyell-Tayler. A treat is in store for the people of Colwyn Bay. The rehearsals are going splendidly, and Mr. Lyell- Tavler and Mr. Thornjey-Dodge anticipate giv- ing a reallv fine performance. Mr. Dodge, in the part of Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner, is perfectly splendid, and the part brings out his qualities as humourist to perfection. The production is a brilliant one, and the special secenery is particularly beautiful. Miss Lena Thomas has already made arrangements for the profits to be handed to a local charity. THE HON. MRS. LAURENCE BROD- RICK'S ENTERTAINMENT.—Last night (Wednesday) the Pier Pavilion was filled with a distinguished company to enjoy the musical and dramatic entertainment provided by the Hon. Mrs. Laurence Brodrick in aid of the St. Paul's Church Tower Fund and St. Andrew's Church Land Account. Owing to pressure on our space, the report is held over until our next issue. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SO(-.IAL,-On Wednesday evening the Rev. J. and Mrs. Ed- wards invited the members of the church and congregation to a social gathering in the school- room, which had been tastefully decorated with flowers and evergreens for the occasion. A large number responded. The following con- tributed to an excellent programme --Recita- tions, Miss Sal lie Collins and Miss rJsie Wal- ter; songs, duets, &c., Miss Jones (Irefgarn), Mrs Glvnne Jones, Mrs. Burrell, Mr. 11. Berth Jones, and Mr. Macklin. The refreshments were provided by Miss Ellwood. A very enjoy- able evening'was spent. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Harvest thanksgiving services were held at the English Presbyterian Church, Colwyn Bay, last Sunday. The paste, <•• moSr'and "O pra"» "he Lord (Hopkins), wire rendered ky the choir. The church which was decorated for the first time, looked beauti- ful, and the services were much enjoyed. TO ALL BOOK-LOVERS.—A branch of the Modern Circulating Library is now open. The only Central Libiary, Wlth t T vfv BOOKS EVERY MONTH. ALWAYS SOME- THING FRESH TO READ by the best Authors.-R. E. Jones & Bros, Weekly News" Office, 8, Station-road, Colwyn Bay. BETHLEHEM LITERARY SOCIETY.- The opening meeting of ihe above Society was held on Monday Mr. FA D. Ellis, Cynlas, the annointed president, addressed the members, and was supported with addresses by the Rev. T. M. Tones (pastor), Mr. E. Owen, and Mr. F. L. Owen, London. Songs were rendered by Messrs. D. Ll. Davies and J O. Davies, whilst a recitation was given by Miss Ceri Ellis. Mr. J. Hughes, Apollo, opened the meeting with an organ recital, and acted as accompanist. The competitions were as bllows :Readin an un- punctuated piece in Welsh, Mr. John Davies short speech upon the Welsh National Eistedd- fod at Colwyn Bay, Miss Amelia Ellis. Mr. D. LI Davies concluded the meeting with a song, Gweno Fwvn." Miss Annie Roberts, Wrern Villa, and Mr. T. O. Griffiths, Hazlewood, have been appointed treisurer and secretary respect- ively for the coming winter cession. L, UNITED TEMPERANCE MISSION -Our readers' attention is called to the United Tem- perance Mission which is to take place on No- vember th and continued un4il the nth in this town. The missioner will be Mrs. Jennie Walker. Further particulars will appear in our next issue. REVOLUTION IN PORTUGAL —Every night this week, at the Public Hall, Mr Harry Reynolds is showing 1 series of pictures taken during the Revolution, giving a typical repre- sentation of the change that has taken place at Lisbon We see the 11U: crowds in the public squares, the barricades, the soldiers, the hortes, the wounded, and also the very non- descript crowds rushing hither and thither, anxious for the latest information The Repub- lic Flag is to be seen in many directions, and among the buildings that have suffered from the shells there are excellent pictures of the Royal Palace, with huge holes in the windows. The whole film is brimming with interest, and should ceitainly be seen by everyone. This subject is in addition to the ordinary programme, whch I includes several ercedent films. A Vein of Gold is a big Western picture full of heart interest. The Princess and Peasant was enacted amidst the beautiful sce' pry ot the Isle of Cuba, and :s remarkable for the magnificent scenic effects It is an exceedingly strong dra- matic subject, whi;h holds the attention of the audience from the beginning to the end. The travel film fn the Spreewald, Prussia," in- cludes some magnificent photography of charm- ing river scenery. In "A Daring Performance" there are no bars on the lion's cage to obstruct the \iew of this lemarkable performance of Alired Schneider, a famous Continental lion tamer, as he puts his troupe of 12 kings and queens of the forest through some extraordinary peaces. The Mascot is a fairy tale introduc- ing comical trick effects. The comic items are Messenger Boy Magician." "Airship Gaze," "A Fall in Tar," &c. SUCCESS OF AN OLD RVDAl-I.AN.-The following appeared in the columns of the Liverpool Post and Mercury of Saturday, concerning the success of an old Rydal Mount schoolboy:—"A recital, as clever as it was in- teresting and novel was given in the Rushworth Hall, Islington, yesterday afternoon by Mr. John Astley. It is no light achievement for one ar- tiste to attempt to interpret no fewer than seven characters in a play it calls for powers of a high Iyder All the more, then, is Mr. Astley to be congratulated on the way he surmounted the difficulties which presented themselves in Mr. Charles Rann Kennedy's play, The ser- vant of the house," which has established itself as one of the great successes of the American dramatic stage. By subtle touches of voice and gesture, Mr. Astley conveyed in a remarkably in- telligent manner the meaning and pupose of the well-drawn characters, which were differentiated with consummate art. In another respect, it was an astonishing feat of memory. Between the acts Miss Barbara Berwick, a clever voung pianist, displayed her powers as an inteipreter of Chopin." PROPERTY SALE.—Mr. ( has. P. Sheffield, of Rhyl and Mold, conducted a sale or proper- ties at the Hotel Metropole, Colwyn Bay, 1 n Monday. There was a good company present at 3 o'clock, when Mr. Sheffield submitted the first lot, Clough House, Rhiw Bank-avf lire. Although several substantial bids were mude, both this lot and the two following were with- drawn. Lots 4 and 5, the tlnee cottages, i, 1, and 3, Albert Place, and the piece of land at reai, were put in one lot. and for these there was spirited competition before Mr. Wr. Roberts, Avondale. secured the property at "613, The solicitor acting was Mr. T. Amos Jones, I'.hyl. Y.M.C.A. LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY.—The session was inaugurated on Friday with a debate, in which Mr. J. W. Adam- son and Mr. C. E. Elcock led The next meet- ing will be held to-morrow (Friday), when Mr. A. H. Summers and Mr. D. E. Greenfield will speok, the subject being Monarchy versus Re- public." AMATEUR OPERATIC AND DRAMATIC SOCIETY.—This Society has now commenced rehearsals for the next opera. The choice of the committee is a happy one, as in Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe there is good scope for showing off our local talent to advantage. The chorus is being rapidly filled, and any ladies or gentlemen desirous of joining should give in their names vitholit delay. It is pleasing to note that the Society is depending entirely on amateur talent. The dramatic section is now rehearsing ''My Soldier Boy," a comedy in three acts, which is to be produced at the Pier Pa- vilion on December 7th. The operatic rehearsals are held st the Pier on Tuesday evnings, at 7-45- l- G COMPANY, 5th BATT., R.W.F.— Parades for week ending Saturday, 5th Novem- ber :-Monday, lecruits' training, 7.30 p.m., at the Armoury dress optional. Tuesday, N.C.O.'s lecture. 8 p.m., at the Armourv dress optional. Wednesday, recruits' training, 7.30 p.m., at the Armoury; dress optional. Friday, recruits' training, 7.30 p.m.. at the Armoury; dress optional.—Notice: Ail N.C.O.'s and men ittendmg the Company concert on the 9th No- vember will do so in W.O. dre^s.—By order, F. It. BuRTHWICK, Lieutenant Commanding.








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