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a Thousands -,if people bave learat how to reduce their expenditure on 9 dress without saerifieia« appearances. The secret lies in the fact that JP jy they have —*d the value of the Johnson Patent Process of Dry Cleaning S> They have thev- various articles of attire cleaned agaia and again— S C every time they return looking like new. # # Cotl at our local branch and see the specimens of garments which have been S « dry cleaned. We avoid shrinkage or alteration of shape, whilst reviving the & S1 colour and smartness, so that you experience afresh the felicity of wearing ft 9 new clothes. C X We clean BLOUSES from 1/3, DRESSES ti COSTUMES from 4/9. « J GLOVES from 2d. GENTLKMEN 8 SUITS. 4/6. TROUSERS. 1/- wT l.'ttl0hllS0n Brothers Gleaners, C » JOFF B. 1-FILJLJ.V^JL SF BRANCHES EVERYWHERE. f 101a, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR 8b. TAFF STRICT, PONWPRTDD; » » 49b, COMMERCIAL ST., ABERDARE; 12, ANGEL ST., I^EATH. J -AA. 14 0% Ooq-ft- &&AbAt il t* "SANITAS FLUID" The great Home Purifier, rapidly destroys H all disease germs. Ward off infection by B daily spraying all dwelling rooms with I "SANITAS FLUID." I Is pint bots. & 5s. gall. "Sanitas Sprays." H 2s. 6d. each. OF ALL CHEMISTS. | LADIES! LADIES! Irs, E. SHAFFER-BEN YON, the Eminent Lady Specialist, has much pleasure in an- nouncing that her REMEDY WITHOUT MEDICINE is the only Positive. Safe. Cer- tain, and Speedy one> known. It acts almost immediately. and does not interfere with household duties. Send at once stamped-ad- dressed envelope for full particulars and most convincing Testimonials (guaranteed genuine under a ocnaltv of £ 1,000) to- Mrs. E. Shaffer-Benyon, Catford, London. S. E. (Established 10 vears in Holborn,) H00 FING GODGH CKOUP | The Celebrated Effectual Cure without H Internal Medicine. SB ROCHE'S I HERBAL EMBROCATION. 1 Will also be found very efficacious in B cases of B BRONCHITIS, LUMBAGO, and RHEUMATISM. f Price 4s. per Bottle, of all Chemists. g W. EDWARDS & SON, 157, Queen VictoriaH Street. London, ng, 9 the self-binding WATER P AI N1 I FOR DECORATING WALLS. PETRALINE gives the most beautiful decoratiol obtainable. In 24 magnificent art shades. PETRALINE dries hard as a rock in less than an hour, and will stand any amount of dry rubbing without injury. 14ffRALINE is the CHEAPEST decoration possible, for from a 3% lb. packet costing only 1/- from I to 10 lb. of splendid distemper paint can be made by the addition of water alone. KTftAUNE is SIMPLEST to use and can be applied by man, woman or child. PETRALINE covers up the under surface better, and goes further than white lead oil paint. PETRALINE is clean, wholesome and sanitary. It is I obtainable from Colormen, Ironmongers and large Stores. Wholesale only from the Manufacturer JAMES RUDMAN Cambrian Color Works BRISTOL.



A Merthyr Compensation.

Theatre Royal, Merthyr.




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