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I TOWN AND COUNTY. T1 1 ■^ere.was published in the "County Times" it ffeek a letter drawing attention to a very ft A feature of the activities of the IP %?r'Can Defence Society, viz., an effort to no less than twenty million signatures to ge never knowingly to buy anything ZJ in Germany. The writer pleaded that ^thing of the kind ought to be attempted | 4^s country and asserted that in Brecon- there are plenty- of people ready to sign a patriotic resolution. This week f ther correspondent points out that there is j h,ady in existence a national organisation j^h has for a principal object a trade boycott Germany, which is another way of reaching same result. One has no special bias (irds any particular form of organisation in s Blatter, but one is strongly of opinion that .^erted action in some form is necessary,, e present temper of the individual members the nation is no doubt against Germany and things German, but with Free Trade » ^che/s already trying to delude the Ctorate-alld especially the women who are Ilt to come on the register—with the old t Jruths about the blessings of cheapness, lch depend upon free imports, there is a 4ger of the nation as a whole slipping back the war into the short-sighted policy Q lch helped the Germans to store up money fight us, their principal trade benefactors: .e are all prone to indulge selfishness, ell the opportunity, and to selfish instincts e long reign of the free imports policy has 11 due. We have all wanted to sell in the rest market and buy in the cheapest, without J^bling our heads as to what was happening .any industry or business except that in ich we happened to be engaged. Herein s the danger of inaction whilst Free Traders d Pacifists and all the other friends of every I1lltrJ' but their own are seeking to gain the J s of the masses of the people with the cry It would be a very effective ^J'of counteracting the mischievous activitiesof people to adopt the plan of the American fence Society. At the moment the temper our people is 'ri,(Ylit, but it needs to be ^tnanently fixed, so that when the war is I el' its lessons shall not be forgotten and if a e '=' part of the nation were banded together I a solemn covenant, the apostles of false irCtfine might safely be left to rave at will. a fair statement of the case there ought .) e lid difficulty in getting the working £ to join a boycott, for to them the e^ion is more important than to any other .ttion of the community. Indeed, it is a 111e against thir best interests to try and 81lade them now, when they are paying war S. that cheapness is the one thing to give 111 prosperity. During the war wages gone up enormously, and to keep them at :1.lgh level will be the main purpose of every union after the war. But it is clear that 5§es cannot be maintained at a high standard our manufactures flourish and the ings which our workmen produce can be sold j t good prices. If we let the German dumper a!^ain to bring down prices to a km lerel, must go down too and in many cases g. ^Pear altogether. A boycott of German w is sound policy for the Bri tish 11.1\, th It is a thousand pities that circnms.ances- j;* hw of libel for one—prevent the pub- k *lou just now of two classified lists of ij denshire farmers, the one containing the "^les of those who have fairly played the tlioir country, during the war and »he containing the names of those who have Ii a.;ed an entirely selfish part. In the latter tht. could it be published, should be included extraordinarily fond parents whose ^Action (?) has somehow managed to shield t\¡'() or three strapping sons, even now the bair- t¡.,lng comb-out is taking place. There is one farm in the county, whether rj^Pied by a patriotic man or a successful t^sfer, where more labour than is aTuikble ,'a^l not be profitably employed. Also Ployed—and there's the rub of it for those know how many farmers' sons were kept e at home 1 >ef ore the food supply became a y^lem—for the benefit of the .nation. ]^r>us schemes are' afoot to supply substitute ^h'J°Ur of women, schoolboys in their teens, men of the new military age. All com- Cd will not fully meet the need, and it is an ^•iswerable proposition that the patriotic t ^ers deserve to be first served. If thete j^ld be published "black"-and white lists, pretty certain that, the '"white" men would their wants attended to as it is, Ave have guarantee that the "black" men will not fare V Vvell as the others. The War Agricultural ^ecutive Committee have one small ^oi'tunity in this respect, however. In ijjVg with applications for the seryites of ell voluntarily enrolling for agricultural lh°l'k, it will rest with them to decide whether ernplon-oi- has shown a genuine "vacancy" s6 they may mete out some justice in a Ration so complicated that full justice is ^ittedly impossible.

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