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UNION 1 IMr fertile smjTTT AFKICAW GOLD ^WrFniuiv' FIELDS. THE ROYAL MAIL K* ST1,A.MJ-S Bail from Southampton at 'or South and East African P^rts. CalJj E*4Jb; £ **< and Tenerife. Apply to XiCE UOTOM OOMPAiTV (Eimlteii). Can ota Koad, ^tWittS: ^P4 South African House, MtoW, Bi&hopagftt* ilEW La E.O. •ltw YHDl/ Fast Steamers "STATE OF NBB3ASKA" i?*" I (JKIf and "STATE OP CALIFORNIA" Bail ig8l!Jy:_j fortnightly irom Glasgow. ALLAN. 85, BothweU Street, Glasgow. GUARANTEED PURE. ask fe^YEAST: iJflM. "<d Trade ilnrk.) EST YEAST IN THE WORLD. be ,s vJjVOEES AND WHITER. lrI lh^Q_dvtr:et S hours aftar Manufacture, lTl:"nr T » 1-KArn-KU sol !^T~ V w LEA. VALI^IT DISTIt-JVEEY CO.. LTD., s .STilA.TFGK'l). 1.UXDOX, K !VS&'Jv?eRora' Aw>>t« X-'aitod Ki-icrdom:— & co- LT»., HULL, a ■'■' :ivti<-as n:n<t be made. IWO., UL & co- LT»., HULL, a ■'■' :ivti<-as n:n<t be made. Y&I^UAHDS &. BAGATELLE. J*. BTiOS., LM, *JiIlurd Tabl* Make* ~T" t'orusr'of Ift-.v O vfcra St.}, London, W.O. ^*1 b" ,:o']se for re;-n.s and all kinds of reuuieitw. — £ £ jCe^Us(aand 8am,>io»^ree. Eat. 1BO. bIn ESTABLISHED 1851. ^JJgKBECK BANK jjJW'o.«jr~laniPtoii Buildings, Chancery Lane, London. ^OsM^A-HALF par CENT. INTEREST allowed on kfJV'O l>ay&ble on demand. on CURRENT ACCOUNTS. ot> the mini- 2?0Cjrc Glances, when not drawn below &100. tJ>> SHAKES purchased and sold. ALMANACK, with full particulars, post FRAN 013 RAVEN SCROFT,' Manager. They Wash.. They Soon.. j^§L f| Co £ *ru 'w (g?M5 r, nV D Q FoU°d As them. A& (fe.vUlvtt directions, ud Jf Hiirh ih''7b^u ti fTl Holbor'n, Low- Wl colour? T h "y j»o»V» V^.>, 'ft lift 20 years or 'J1'" k. more, like thou- Bold Street, ntB CIW L—l- Ajrc^ek J?' fALS of every description purchased fOl BARNARD & SONS, ST BLOOD-fORMING TONIC. BatEarrrBTC ORGANIC SPECIFIC. .g;4V& eà and Recommended by the Medical Profession. tor: Anaemia, Chlorosis. Poorness I h 1 ° £ Blood, General Debility (either con- ■ W MM stitutlonal or the effect of severe illness), | jr"5s8 of Appetite, Nervous Disorders, &c. psanasii assimilated, even bv Children anil R^^ireot;^1 Cbemiftts, 1/9 (50 Pills), 2/9 (1V0 KfevSk.'0m with every bottle. Manufactured by VHV ^LE O-ft ^rmaceuticftl Chemists, COLOGNK. utiles* hearing this Trade Mark (r*qdj Ki2^.T?>^Sn ho** Ut lhe Kriti.-h Wholesale IH»p6t(37, \Va!- for l>KsciiirrivR vitu ♦pflfcbiiof MARRIED WOS11AN J8 OpSr aPPJy to WTTS.SB G-A'aKIEL for ILIAJSTEATKD AVor GTrA'- Ai'i' r,u:Io>e two penny stamps Us K.U-DREH o.. >iof;,K"W^O^r JIE £ M. PICCAIIILLY. P&EST FAMILY MEDICINE; ||^fc^a £ £ 2S:EVEN YEARS' REPUTATION. BE ;Y COMPOSITION I^^I!tS8:5.D FOR ALL LIVER AND BILIOUS REMEDY FOR FEVER St. »?Ea rvS^- ENSURE SLEEP. ABSOLUTELY NO •^DnSS. COLD SO COMMON WITH MERCURY S|KB MINERAL DRUGS. SAFE AND A||t.JS £ ]pICACIOUS IN ALL CLIMATES. ^SStlRKL SUFFICES TO COMVIHCE. »nd Medicine Vendors in Boxes, ISid. and 119. TggPot. o,8 POWDERS, 1SW. per Box; OINTMENT, ISid. and 4/8 »T fiRlTT?!? esale "ou,e*. or from Mefltrs. MOBISON ft CO., COLLEGE OF HEALTH, 38, Euston Rd., London. Qjlil, I*i™4 «r» alto prepared with a Petri Coatinff which mubri t-ele. but does not inter/ere with their prompt action. RHEUMATISM CURED." • 16, Brunswick' London,W.C, has heen thoroughly i^heuniatism aÎ"l' mui h suffering, will gladly sAd any suHei'or on receipt of application to hA. .t.JD):T B^s¥FixmTI)-K('e. LILLY'S hani-.u^s 5yi;KALT, la-jCWM";positiTfiand K|'■ ai' tli- i< ,V K«!EI. Jvover fail- ^'J-'vwH"l"i **it This W"e wu remedy for BtMnp the name of Dr. J. Collis Browne. 1; T -i, js AC K F- NZ#Etl R S E N I CA S'vfttc^ a LOVELY COMPLEXION, anJ ciires Spots, IN lli"pl a. Freckles.—Perfectly HarmloBs. SFFTURF-II^WTANT NEW 1mm IOM, i'ATKXT PNKCMATIC Ti;l'.vSKS." Vv A-ee. F.T.SuftflVons^ Rathbone J. ,n 1 II.W, II.J""OLAS HUNG.ERFORD,&WILLIAXS. i2, <18 0FIT1,S PAID DURING 1895. j?,,CtoUv,i'eb- 1. ^6; March 1, £ S; April 1, £ 8; a"e 7 JUly 1, £ 9; Aug. 1, £ 9; Sept. 2, £ 8; for 1. £ 3 .Nov. 1. £ 7 Dec. 2, £ 7. > x»oOI1i:ls» ^92 per cent., an average of nearly Wh Vw Per Cent. PER MONTH. K ? ..01?L £ S PAIS DUEINS 1896. a •• Per cent. Apr. 1 £ 6 per cent. H '• F^1 •• •• £ e » » 5MU]OUi» x~ £ 3 •• „ June 1 £ 5 „ tr?„ .^EVv ILLUSTRATED MANUAL, ^IHOIT^S11't- sh"wl, ''>,w these profits may be SPECULATION. Cheques for profits yj'-t h'J'°ri ' VA,.1''?1 <'i each month, and for withdrawals of "'Oir^'airls T,^ I 1 ot eacJl month. Trial investments of £ 5 UR-T, a t> Le made. We have not a dissatisfied Client. «fr' HUNGERFORD, St WILLIAMS, ^o^thall Avenue, London, E.C* and de la Bourse, Pari&, THE PERFECTION r81, system OF INVESTMENT ^6 onlv Registered and Protected) lm^^tpod by which an income is regularly and to 0 ^tkout risk of failure. W° CaK secures a Weekly Profit of £ 2 to £ 3, t^Ci-o secures a Weekly Profit of £ 20 to £ 30, V^tion 3 the rules being so founded upon caution and Jho^ PossiKi s that success is assured. This system is the v,.e aPProach to infallibility. ^Ja V'S ^en »° l^ses. J'oiit to clients in all parts. s PniZ-ES^MENTS of £ 5 or A;iO MAY BE MADE. ^W^Ptitp. eTYerv Morulity- ('apitai withdrawable at ten If&l't ot „ particulars will be sent FREE OF CHARGE "H. ^¥jLh'ess- Send at once to ttENBY MILLER, 14, Holborn, !l/rr> E.G. \43§?^TECUfton'fl1»stOECILIA,S COLLEGE > £ V^S^fls fni-The finest house and position in Margate. rJ> *Y>=s-=SS?P8 sea. Lawn Tennis Grounds. Moderate terms. Spli BICYCLE MAY BE WON BY ^ith tv„ anybody who can best connect a number of VW^BI Si ■SlB2rtTaife of the authors, both of which appear h!^Wdmra^?llY CIRCLE" of June 16th (13, Fleet one 7.V i?ne Penny). It is exceedingly simple. The ^.CnC^tur^i \Lthe most modern and highest class machines well-known manufacturers Starleyiiroa., LnlAjhi^ d" wr*tVer» *° 016 Q°g«a- 5g?P CONSERVATOIRE of MUSIC ^h?rVGToSection °f PHOFESSOR DR. FRANZ WI7LLNER, the MUSICAL CHAPEL of COLOGNE, vklot^heorv ire c°nsists of an Instrumental, a Singing and ^0UnOrt*-t<>n' and an Opei-a School; also of a Seminary for t)?,ftafiCeUo5f ,Frs- I' possesses Preparatory Classes for Piano, 2? CV-1?* »'i SilSolq^ingiug, playing from score, Italian, De- S«o (vft*-Sin.f' 7 a'"i ^Esthetics of Music, and admits Pupils to S^iJtSi0- C'onflsV°1'h(-stral^-Rehearsals, and Classes for Harp; OnQr^ and Wind Instruments if desired. 40 In- S? OK) ^iU tat m'>er "jth, at 9 a.m., the Examination for Ad- ^CiV^torco pla°e. The fee for one principal branch and oH bran branches is M300 £ 15) per ann.; if the ^^?ho0^h.taken up is Solo-Singing, M400 ( £ 20), and if the W?o» V^'arv ^included, M450 £ 22 10s.) per ann. For joining olUrther^.°i2l's P^, once and for all, M50 ( £ 210s.). '^S.'fa »7erhaliE^ Jc,u'a'ra, school-regulations, &c., apply by "iXl-Sw. 3) A V the SECBETABIAT ot THE CONSERVATOIRE X>ACgT\^jgg5g' July. 1896. THE COMMITTEE. tiattable wor S S FOR PROFIT. This full details of a System by which any- s may make money. Post free lid. (or by C*RA2Eb & SON, 4, Adelaide St., London, W.C. "SANS CHAINE, SANS GENE." Jt THE BANTAM. WB SATE, SPEEDY, COMPACT, XalGHT. DURABLE, UPRIGHT iWV, POSITION, NO STEP NEEDED. Highly recommended by Field. Iiist Post Tree. CRYPTO WORKS CO., LIMITED, nifrrrr Olarkenwell Road, London. M.Q. TO LADIES. t-o I)OW of the celebrated Dr. Foster obsSpW is *las a remedy which was discovered 18 guaranteed to remove the rf0a^°T"EeS °r °t>8truotion in 18 hours. Ijj. 6^t Post*S2?^,a liad on application. The under 00ver at 4s. 9d. Address- I 5 FORBES, Aood ktoad, Fulham. London, S.W. 4ticni SuP^^v^egularities and obstractfons. A ^•rs fr„c Remedy irT^n'- tried every advertised to a! 1 ullti1' discovered a Simple Cure, rv—^4Q 0 to W, X?IRCL stamped envelope at once SlOTr^^S^ham^ B" G- ST. CLAIR, yT^>Q^r~- £ ^5^BuildinKs. London, W.C. cS^PALACE HOTEL, Birkdale TtiriHS. ^^jide resort in own grounds. II ^iS^is arvSn Birkdale Palace Station :w £ E3AURE*U OE CHANGE S^C°T^ A?LL el'rv lrand' London, W.C., V ftvyt^Tttoney at fL^^Ptio'i of .Stocks and Shares and ^OwSTl Ac. T.TV!;0'^ Rates. 6 yv&t. xs opcned in stocks and Sharcs at J,, a \r< :KVr c^t. 0n aPPi"oved Stocks and Shares at !1 ( Pl:R AVflL1 um. f^SiUtu^tice ^.].nv;"od on DePosits> snbject t0 i't oTH RJMAXARM: JKpKD.-Mde. LILLY'S 1 it. a AO BOON TO LADIES, FO to thcM who wiih to know T A T^TT? Q i \J o It. £ +.. and «p«edy remedy UiZ\.XJx3ui O t-»r rvtl irrejrii!a.ritle» ana dbstr'.ctio*)*, -|- -p\T'I"^ T1 j 4 B ii re»r<- iy 'ohichnnder tho lacsc trying I j A j )| HiS *ud in tiiemoat diflicul: TO LADIES OBSTINATE CASKS J KXYXB FAILS TO A*yOBD -Ui> L/111) O ro OLIn, LADIlS TO #==.&Y IIIf A IZW movac LADLE S ,Tj 1/ *q ax 1b dm^r T A CJ yJ 0.1 Mr*. 3tiovr,of Bnamark x.LJk/'XJli O wrlteg: T k Tx' m LU 7our ucatment my |.JA IJ KJ wxw; a,>1 rm**ry w*» over wittaln spA boa;-», ftlthr.mjh fo»- over T A T^T \? Q jl KJ chf c ;(ioiria I ViA>i been daily tafciug J-iJxxJli/X i_J O w, pJT'x other thta^n ia twj. Rau -y •r\T"f (>i*min^l:Ty«a I iA hi j; t") •Y» UTJ I-OV wsd FURV%MTO ro A sn7«rB ru^rwitr^ with LAD liS S •& 'A-afcimo^tiaio and •ttcdiciasi. vhteh ft j a iycr.r»B»>Yo « one at 4> SI T h\ !>•' i hf-i N J- v IB umaUJ aaflLQiamx -W. *—• ro "'Y'!l"!li"" me) b. l!.adl, t". LAJp) IE S -mxAoA w> a»r )*dy on ^•cs^S ei -r-v rv ro LAI)FEB TO 1frlMpr!YIot8I, LAIIES "Pf") Mr». B. y 1 o tUt BTOOTWELIj 194D, TO LOSOOK. ».W. LA.DS I'.B IRSPLANADE HOTEL, P0RTHCAWL, fec- ing Sea. lOO rooms, Electric light, moderate terms, good water & drainage. Mean temperature same as Bournemouth but climate pee t: iiarl> invigorating. Dry sandy soil, Muthem aspect, safe bathing. Sea fishing, extensive Downs, splenuid golf links full course; funiifihed# M)fTi,'7'i''K^d houses. Apply Manageress. /XARDEN SEATS AND CHAIRS of "Man-o'-War" Teakwood. Send for particulars to H. Castle & Sons (Ltd.), Ship Breakers,Millbank, London, S.W. (Manufacturers of (iardea Seats by appointment to Her Majesty) LADIES THDISPENSABLE TO LADIES! Xgafe and reliable remedyiorall obstructions and irregu- larities, a medicine which cures (usually in a few hours) cases which have baffled the skill of the best medical men. No lady need despair as the most obstinate Ahopeiess cases boy* been immediately relieved by this remedy. Mrs. Wil-.on, of Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill, says: "Your ini lial.,14 remedy took immediate effect; in less than 12 hours I was all right, after 14 weeks of misery and hopeless. ness." A properly certified guarantee is encloseà with ali testi. monials and rne.iicine. One package at 4s. 6d. is uBuülJl sufficient for any case. Ladies send at once fully fli rccted en- velope for particulars anJ proofs. I wiil forfeit £ 1&20 for every testimonial that is not genuine. Thousands of tes:timoidal8 fc«vi.. b':èll received. Established over 100 yeaiM. Do >n he tr.is1c(-t bv showy advertisements and other F()-Ca led rctnr_lii;\H wliic'i are utterly worthies?. Write, privately, p.t once, to— j*. ws E: if i-? n K 3Mr, ICKiJtOAL INSTITUTE. KAClIKEV (_Cj)5oaite ShOltt)rllt(.; Church ¡'(lnl: N.D. CO STEAM USERS ANT EMPLOYERS OF LABOUR. If you wish to avoid BOILER EXPLOSIONScs 8REAKEM OF [EGiiiiS IXStTEE WITH THE 14 OILER SMSyiSlOE AND STEAM POWER CO., LD. HEAD OFFICES 67, KING STREET, MANCHESTER. THE FIRST A-ND LARGEST COMPANY OF THE KIND IN THE KINGDOM. Also apply to this Company for Terms for EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY AND GENERAL ACCIDENT SMS'J FIANCE. APPLICATIONS FOR AOENCISS IKVITSD. .1111% r_ T T-1 2 JUNO CYCLES^? SIR. RACING, ts, YOUTHS' V.J4S ZjL^C yiI B | SI MILITARY, AND i! i. J I N] w-JS!:e3:i=\« OTH*K SAFETIKS. P/ EASY TSKMS^rii'JM -fT 1 \i 1 LARGE DISCOUNT. & ih If A nsl^fS^k 1 CARRIAGE PAID. I I Send at once for Kete | Sl\ 0 J7^-W*B31B H Season's Large lllusfra- B *iTjvy POST I f JUNO List -Va- iiij? a Machines Exe.hangod. METaOPOLlTAirMACHINISTS' CO., LTD. 'METROPOLITAN Sewing Machines. 5/- Monthly. •r fo' '■i* 7b & 76, Bishopsgate Street Witnout, London, E.C. Mention iliw Papef, YCLINC" UGAEUNG ItbUSr • -TFCATID 1YCPAPIW1 ^B^rVKY VCfcDAY r I Thn fiTf'l IT For reducing Stouueu m» WAKD'S FUCUS VXSI^ J 5 |J Q | y|J I CULOSUS PILLS. HarvltMMdflMUattotaka. S/9k u„». ObtU..blc,.»lyfromLONp,Cla-i.t,|TtlrpM|;ffhfW»ffX. "RALEIGHS" UNEQUALLED %DESIGN, jr^-RALEIGH Cycler, nrj liui It under the supeiimendenen of Messrs. l7rf\±> BASSETT & MILLS, until recently mana- tth, I'l fter and c hief liesicner, respe-rtively, at the v Meejton Hurribcr WoL'kfc. The past work future, und neilher onerirv nor v^nen^e b Gl!g TH1 BALSiaH OYCXJS CO., JLTD., BEJHX.I3NT IftDUSTRlALEXHIBITIOH in the Municipal Park at Trepttw on the Upper Spree. U!<DIIIt TH19 YATROlfAG. 0.: H.R.H. PRINCE FREDERIC LEOPOLD OF PRUSSIA. BARON VON BEB.LEPSCH, Prmian Minuter of Commerce and Industry, Honorary Pretidtnt. MAY 1st TO OCTOBER 15th. 1896. Upen daily until towards Midnight. THIS EXHIBITION is of larger dimensions than any Inter- national Exhibition hitherto held in Europe. It covers an area of more than a million square yards, the principal exhibition building occupying a space of over 55,000 square yards. The Exhibition is divided into sections for fishing, sport, alimen- tary products, sanitary and hygienic arraagemeats, education, chemistry, scientific instruments, and photography. There is also a department for astronomy, with a giant telescope. A larce hall is »et aj>art for building and engineering. THE EXHIBITION presents a Complete Picture of the Industry and Art of the German Capltad, aim comprise* 88 groups, representing all branches of trade. THABL ALSO COHIFBCTID wirm IT 1. The GERMAN FISHERIES EXHIBITION. PZXXS HATMi.D.TRAC)tMt*M t President Hilkwis. Hon. President*. 2. The GERMAN COLONIAL EXHIBITION. Organized mth the Cooperation ttf the Imperial Oovernnient. Pmixi vox ASCNLIBA and D«. KATSIB, hetf at the Colonial Depart- ment of the German Foreign OAca, Honorary President*. 5. The magnifloent and highly attrnctive displays OLD BERLIN, • living picture of the History and Development of the Capital. Spooial Exhimtidn: "CAIRO." OOFCKBTS. XIEFLTIVRAITTS. In the PLEASURE PARK the most Varied Attractions THE ZOOLOGICAL SOOIUTY'S GARDENS, JL Regent's-park, are OPEN daily (except Sundays), from 9 a.m. till sunset. Admission, Is.; on Mondays, 8d. Children always 6d. FEEDING TIKES OS1 THE ANIMALS PELICANS 2.30 p.m. I LIONS AND TIGERS 4.0 p.m. OTTERS 3.0^ p.m. SKA-LIOITS 4.30 p.m. EAGLES (except • Drvuro BEBDS IN J 12.0 p.m. Wednesdays) 3.3Q p.m. THB FIGH-HOPSB ( &6.Qp.m. LADY & 6ENTLEMEN CIKVASSERS WANTEt, in all dUtricts. AS AGENTS for a patent article required in evety home, selling at 1/6 each. Send 2/- postal order for Sampla (carrlaf* free, with instructions) to THE BOURNE MANUFACXUKING CO., 55. CHANCERY LA" LQWDOW. W.C. YOUNG MEN gttfferft from Nervons Exhaustion, General Debility, Ac., 4ue to youthful ignorance, should send for new Treatment, free. ST. LOUIS MEDICINE CQ., 42, Gray's Inn Road, London. r:" /\{:>:)T\ rJ,f l N -N FITTIi'J TO UKA)A«.lShS (r/ are REPAIRED FR&ZL TL-( TY«» &;J DURING SEASON 3896, vf DAMAGED FRCRS A8Y CAUSE. MAKBKS:— THE HYDE IMPERIAL RUBBER CO., LD., WOODLEY #'CINDERELLA' BOOTS & SHOES Tar LADIUS* & CHILDREN'S WKAB, Of all leading retailers. genuine, stamped CINDERBLIIA. MANUFACTORY, WORCESTER. Name of nearest Agent Mnt on receipt A BSRDEEN GRANITE MONUMENTS, from £ 5, carnage paid. Inscriptions accuru-tr IO. l» N.u- tii'u). Plans & prices from J. LlEQ< £ 1 £ » Sculptor, A ^2.'<le<3n« TH WnMrW Irregularities, Obstrnction|, I V' V i Sri- reiMovml bv an ABSOLUTELY C)C |,T, > .VI n, WITHOUT MEDICINE No Pills. Mix- >.i imi». if /lisvimrro ■>* Modern Medical V, ,■ ;if:>rparfir,iihir?,Tr.s{.inionials,&0.t to ii; ,ui. Asus llt,. iroji,$.% Hijrh llolbfjrii, London, W.O. THE INFANT'S BENEFACTOR. THE MOTHER'S BEST FRIEND. MOTIERS, Tftr ITI SCIENCE TRIUMPHANT. He greatest boon to Infants is the New Sciontifio Discovery, EDWARDS' HUMANIZED CONDENSED MILK." It is prepared from the very purest Cow's Milk, and when diluted-with water, according to the instructions on eaoh tin, is absolutely identical in composition with Mother's Milk. Can be obtained of all Chemists and Grocers at 6d. per tin, or direct from the manufacturers, H. & T. C. EDWARDS, LTD., 29, CAJIEPONTAN ROAD, IVINC'S CROSS, LONDON. SANATORIUM and INHALING ESTAB- O LISHMENT, KARLSBAD, on the SCHLOSSBERG, O LISHMENT, KARLSBAD on the SCHLOSSBERG, situated in the prettiest and healthiest part-the English- American AVest-erd "-and supplied with every modern comfort. All kinds of invalids received, excepting only m- fectious and mental cases. DIRECTORS: Of the Sanatorium, Inhaling Establishment, Dr. S. BUXBAUM, Dr. J. MULLER, Cln. Asst., Wr. University. EIGHT POUNDS delicious pea-fed STREAKY BACON or Boneless Ham, Smoked or Pale, postal order o/- carr. paid, lib Fresh Dairy Butter, 1/- Hifrh class luabty guar- anteed; tnt a sample.—DANISH DAIRY, Dudley, Worcestershire; CYCLE'S, LADIES' or GENTLEMEN'S. FIRST CLASS MAKE; direct from the manufact^Uers. ^BULL&Vff1^ Wolykkhampto^ r^AST-OFP CLOTHES, UNIPOEMS, ARTI- V> fioial Teeth, Antiques, Jewelleiy. for the above. ^.O. per return for parcels and boxM stM. Ladies waited upon. Bankers, London & Coun^. Mr. & Mrs- GORDON ttAwirTTffflr 168. Great PortJ^"<i Street. London. WEYMOUTH. ROY AL MARINE ▼ ▼ FAMILY HOTEL.. d Facing Alexandra Gardens and Sea, 15«ernsev pao'kets. adjoining the departure stage ot Jersey and centrally Also GOLDEN LION HOTEL.for Gen«emen, centrauy Situated. Apply for Tariffs, Proprietor, -EN. L/iiA^ In" Canton Tessin. ENGLISH-THE BEST! BENSON'S MS WATCHES. Guaranteed for Accuracy, Durability, Strength, and Value. Thousands of Testimonials have been received. BENSON S BENSON'S English Lever Keyless English Lever "LUDGATE" WATCH "BANK" WATCH. In Silver Cases. In 18-ct. X) R 1 R t\ 4 if* 4 SUrer Casss- Mim Silver Cases £ ^™ £ 5 OLD WATCHES AND JEWEL- Selections LERY of TAKEN IN Witches or EX- Je-elle% CHANGE. fr. AU Goods receipt of Not reference. ol Approved will be Ex- Cheapest, Stronsrest and most Durable London good Knockabout Watch for rough wear at a made THREE-QUARTER PLATE ever sold. Iow Prioe- Best London made, Three-Quarter Plate An English Lever, Jewelled with 13 Rabies, Chrono- English Lever, Large, Chronometer Balance, Jewelled meter Balance, Patent L-iree Barr el, and Damp and 'n Rubies, Strong Keyless Action. Dust Proof Ring Band. Price £ 5 5s. An Exact TimekeeDer. and better value than any Keeps better time than, and is double the Strength Keyless Watch sold for £ 10. sflver Cas^s^witfcTS^^n^Crvsta?Ghfssf" In SterliDB P«ce £ 5 in Extra Strength, Sterling Silver, Crystal Made in Four Sizes at one Price, £ 5 5s.No. 1, Gentlemen & Youths No. 2, Working Men; No. 3, BENSON S ENGAGEMENT RINGS, in Half- Railway Men and Miners (as illustrated): No. 4, Ladies. Hoop, Marquise, Gipsey and all other designs. In massive 18-ct. Gold Cases, with Crystal Glass, set with Brilliants, Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls, Sap- Gentlemen s size, £ 12 12s. Lady's size. BtOtOs. phires, Opals, Turquoise, &c., &c., or in plain gold. ALL WATCHES AND JEWELLERY sent post free, and at my risk, to all parts of the World on receipt of Draft, Cash, or P.O.O., payable at G.P O. CEND FOR BENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES from £ 2 2s. to £ 500. CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT RINGS, BROOCHES. PLATE. :%c., &c. Sent post free on application to JW WATCHMAKER and JEWELLER TO • MM. • MJMiAlSI0WJ389 H.M. THE QUEEN and ROYAL FAMILY. Steam Factory: 62 ez 64, LUDGATE HILL, And 28, ROYAL EXHANGE, E.G., and 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. WATCH, &c., CLUBS.-Applications for agencies invited. Easy system, no risk. BLINDS BLINDS BLINDS VENETIAN WINDOW BLINDS. MADE ALL COMPLETE, ANY COLOUR, 4Jd. and 5d. per ft. WARRANTED. SUN, WIRE, CANE, SPRING, & OTHER ROLLER BLINDS. Before ordering elsewhere send for Samples and Estimates, Free of Charge, to W. PAYNE & CO., Office: 114, QUEENS ROAD, PECKHAM, LONDON, S. E. N.B.—SPECIAL PRICES TO THE TRADE AKD BUILDERS. Old Blinds Re-painted, Taped and corded equal to new, 2d. & 3d. per foot. Shop Sun Blinds fixed complete.—Send for Estimates Free of Charge. ESTABLISHED 30 YEARS. BANKERS E. & S. W. BANK.






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