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:=-==: 70 TrlerckanLs%. Jllav" c-v/vr ^ui ers, and OP • x ;A N Established M. AUi i« K»' «c\ Ci-'y of London, I. • tci. > us are cx- ant, oppoi 'i r.v oi lot every ^•"iptiou of titer b i'! c, salable either h>. a 'H'lMirn market.01 ln» i.c c > m. p' )• o.f.-> *-n u- as agents .or. UUMOI'S, <<* ^V •'■ >nrei", u'ealer,' or other, wtio may ho ve large st(),'es by tticiii, will find a ready amraflrantage- Ai(i 0;ng Waa:e'J, they will advance cash or arcqpt- a,n"es on fair, liberal, and equitable terms.- Ad- (post paid) to G. R. New Yurie Coffee- I !lr>use, Royal Exchange, Loudon. TO I)E SOLD BY AUCTION, At the -pof ,m m Inn, in the Town of Carnar- Von, 1 iay the 19th day of Way,. 1810, j between the of 3 and 5 in the afternoon, | subject to stich conditions as will be pro- duced, and in such Lois as shall beag-reed upon j Zit, the time of the sale-:— f A U Hurt MESSUAGE. TRyEMENT, » I LANDS, sal led'TY D L)YN PENG W> j «<berw:=e TY YN Y ilHOS, situate in tt, I. *,s'1 of Liaownda, in the said comity of (' >Is I. v a 11, and /1017 in the tenure of Will tuns JV? 1 I as tenant at will. Also all that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT :•' J'KOS, called GbANRAV ON, otJ« <>•» ^DoyS B A OH, situate in the parish of Llan- til-e ,n F&E ten lire of R. WILLLIAMS, as tenant at >*Ur> all that or >>'7iJA f ( c C } > 4 lit p n r J1-" V. > ««».», 1 he occup t !■; le sit' J > r.v of I U|X*LL > » to | The fn 11 .till ni »v i f >L !> i,,a > i further articulars may lIe !Jail at the Otfice Mr. H. W'ii.i.1 ASIS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. ■CJ p,8A Rmssiimu. ^YNYDD MYNYTilO, CAR.-IriDEy^ A S O RIIOSDDU iNC-LOSURE. I T' -» .1 «•)'. d, the 'Cflmmi-N!'): -■ j 5 U'limca ov virtue of an Act of sHd >u 1 h v 1 cf the 'reis:» of his pre- *u>f IV, »,'j. e t Au Act" fT Et. <i n E 1 x t i i 'nrishes of -Llanb^dror, s I '■ '■<, I n< i,i >■ i f cf Jio nerebif give a Meetine; will be !»eld at.(He croKn .n» "clior in the town of Pwiilv1), i i ti, [ on Wediiesi'ay, the Nui'» 1 A< ap1,fT5 between the hours of twelve 1' 1 )to >'i tn ,tioon ot that day, for the pi t p< scoi < in >i, said act into execution; and also for the ?Uri)ose of further taking into ,consideration cer- 'ai>1 proposals made by the persons wliohave cottages and other buildings cpon ths !a,(i commons'and waste lands.; and also for the ^'Url>ose of receiving'directions of she propri- w rs in what manner the allotments are to be- 3 'e5 that is, by the land tax, or otherwise,hat_■,'1 proprietor may he directed to sen in his j,*1"! accordingly, and for other special pur- ses. PtollheU, RICHARD ELI,IS. •; "d4pril, 1810. f Anglesey. | TO BE LET READY FURNISHED, And Entered upon immediately. APART of the capita! MANSION HOU5R. called TREGAIJ.AN, in the county of An- tie late in the possessIOn of WM. MEVRICK, yS(l deceased, consisting' in front, of an ha.i-1 17 by 12 v feet—a good dining- parlour and a J^ing-room, each being 17 feet by I t feet—a jPacions and convenient kitchen, pantry, cellars, 3)c'—an excellent breakfast-room over the dining ^r, and two good bed-rooms over the hall ^rawing-rooms; and another bed-ioom Iront- 111!4, the garden, with a garret bed-room over atifi also five other garrets for store-rooms l' servants' use. 'sa a i'hree -stall-s'able and a coach-house; l\nexeel!er,t garden and orchard, hotli containing iij p youug and choice fruit trees pleasure ground j ;jr) ,r°m of (Me house well planted with shrubs. •1>I "i» to TREGALTAN ClfURCH, and al the sides with .good fruit and forest | he above premises are well worth the at fen-. /'to 0/ a Family (hat wish for a comfortable pi ace ''"ice and adnrit of a most beautiful pros- :^t ofthe CARNARVONSHIRE HILLS and sitnate'-WtvJjiii « Tiljles of the villa'. • of Elan- r ni) through which Ihe MAIL and other- i°-\cilVS dailv run to and from liolyhead to and withia 4 of the market town ^anerchymedd. ALSO TO .EE LET, ASP ESTEEED -UPO N .IWHEDI-A.TT.CA other part, of the .above jMANblON- of TREGAiUAN, consisting et a good two dairies, cheese-room, a pailour, j?Ur W-rooms, .md other couveniencies ut Sor a v armev-a good barn, stable, cart-house, cow- &c.togefher with about 35 acres ol hay grass land of the best quality. Also about do of .land under corn and at All-Saints next, are 'enant may be accommodated with about 8i j2es °f grass lasd, making in the whole about 4?, acres of most excellent land, well fenced m Very conveniently laid oat for a Farmer. AKd TO I'.E SOLD BY AUCTION', 'j t ^regauan aforesaid, on Tuesday the 15th day of. May, 1810. (yfreveral HORSES, COWS, ■SHEET', PIGS, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, ( UTENSILS, and some HO-USE- h FURNiTURE-the sale to begin at p o'oelc. Jv*°r further particulars, enquire of Mr, H. x Qiao, Altoniev, Ll Ÿivdrtarl h An- ■=S=3= j TO BE LET, *41 d upt, L> 1 ft <>j J? < I, r 11 ATE.sEME.VT a .1 L1\I^ « .< <» rhyn,' sUnat'c ne it ton' n% toe parisii of Be-ddgelei t coiin.-inniij- a^out ;? r- 1 u.i"- of arable, and .utaden lu I emoankment lately nia.! ui < lies from oii' thi > t 1' t, tia^une o: v.ii, a, ii I Beddgelerf. f? lert, April, 7, 1810. I WANTED TO PUECHASE, On enir part of the Sea Cosst ft Carnarvon- shirt' or iMerivnelkskire, A BATHING LODGE, with SO or 40 acres of Land-adjoining to ii also an Estate of two or three 11 U N DiiO POUN DS per annum to the Lodge, or wi¡hina silOn dig- of i, 1 itiots to be made to the Printer of tlu* 'I'" I'" j:' '¡.l. ¡;; RiCiiAKD URASSEY, DRUGGIST, OIL &S COLOVRM.AN, DALE TZ T LIVERrOOL, BEGS leave to acquaint his'friends and the public, that he has a large and choice s'ock of every article in the above branches, and hop IIY atk.ntion,aní\ a prompt v. xecution of ail orders he may he favoured with, to aierit a continuance of their patronage and s 1. port. N. B. Formerly apprentice to Mr. H. Lloyd, Chester. ¡ ¡ I P"aluable i'reekold Estate in Flintshire. I TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, I The lattcrend 01 May, or the beginning of June 01 à)' 0 V u. I next: INGOTS. J tt J h it. EAC! í.1 :J 61 t I f > v ahtalshr FREEHOLD ESTATE, I j eoufaiiiiiij> upwards oi twelve hundred and pasture land, divided Into several compact furrus,. uith nou- venient h ■ i!d n. ft f to le/wnts, Uable of a: t nnp:ot«' t t: e t r. 1 of 1 he lots, there-are seams- of coat, one of which is now wor;, iHg to great ad \I<fltlage. Also one third of ihe royalty of lead ore ann tler se-veral thousand aercs of land, within v.ihr- de mines ol L" v,^3 pandu and E"ji."c^0' 1:0 i a.d '.Ei.. r (i>,ii k. '1' e«'a'e situate ia the parish ar.uavalf; ol VLd v.. Iii.i liiC-di!„-e i/f i2mih>s of m.- i Chci v.i, and the .< o of \V-res.h,•»! ••«>, I' (rom Ihc town of Re ia, aed 6 fron. (he jx 1 1.1 Flint, a-id the whole x;f the projsei'y he, co veil .em for nne. i a•, i " will he ready for delivery in the I coarse of the month and in the. mean time, any I further information may. be obtained at Mr. I W^TN STJ'S oiffce in 'Mold. I fc, Mvhl, I I March ti, IS 10. ) raluabieFarming Stock, Household Goods, •Furniture, §c. TO -BE SOLD BY AVCTION, I BY Mr. RICHARD JoNKS, I On Monday the 7th day of May, JS10. j- ¥ ill IS LIVE and D.EAD STOCK, upon the J!i. FARM, late in the occupation of Mrs. ROBERTS, late of Pendre, at Cae Maes Lodv/ig, near Bangor, in the < "i'y of Carnarvon; com- .priziog, 4 valuable m 1 1 ■■ an 1 geldings, 7 excel- lent milch cows, 4 betters, J one and two year old ditto., store pigs > t 1 t>, 4 ploughs, 3 har- rows, a roller, and peering for 3 horses, winuovy- ing machine, sieves, riddles, rakes, pitchforks, •ladders, and a general, assortment of farming tmpientenfs, a barrel churn, and all sorts of dairy utensils, and a quantity of My and com. Also on Tuesday, ihe 8lh day of Jlaij, and .until ihe whole are Sold. The valuable household furniture and effects of the said Mrs. ROBERTS, at her late dwelling- house at. Pendre aforesaid: comprizing, maho-. gany double chests of drawers, with -scrutoire, bureaus, chest of drawers, dining, earn, pembroke ani dressing-tables, washhand stands, four post, and tent bedsteads, with chintz, (tOtton, nwreen, and Stlltf furniture; good-Peather beds, blanket's, counterpanes, glass, pier dressing and swing look- ing glasses, aROfa, mahogany and other chairs with chintz and cotton covers, Brussels, Kidder- minsfer, and other carpets, an excellent eight day clock, dressers, with drawers and heilb, a variety of culinary articles in pewter, copper, brass, and tin, and brewing requisites &c. %vitich will be more particularly described tn catalogues, that may be had after the 20th of April, at the Registrar Office, Bangor; Mr. Jackson's Bangor- ferry;Sportsman,Carn&rvon;B<ir.headln!), Beaumaris; and the .Harp Inn, Conway.' The Sale to begin each morning, precisely at ten o'clock. ALSO TO BE LET, and Entered upon on the 12th day of May next. All that Messuage, or Dwelling-house, Gar- den and Premises, bte in the possession of the said Mrs. ROBERTS comprizing* 1 parlour 18, feet by 15 feet, 1 du ty 15 feet by 10| feet, 1 small ditto, and a servants-hail on the ground I 4 excellent lodging rooms, and a large store-room on the first floor, 4 good rooms on the second floor, with a good kitchen, brew- house, cellars, dairy, granary, coach-house, I stables, and other convenient buildings, a most excellent garden, well stocked' with fruit and other trees, with a sit »n» »r*hi ase ft0. -Thosewho may be 11,t .<. to these Pre- mises, may on an early *>i j uiticn be accommo- dated with an farm near Bangor.' For furttier part icuiar-> ap »!y at-tjie O Mr. ROBE-IITS, Attorney aad Notary uui Bangor, :UO;1':="u,1'UI8: :j;Z;=: I BRITISH fVI.N'ES, IN 1 ■ v 11 A v 1 ) fio >; lm \c h t v > (' ') (. !V. I ",r i 1' 'V i J.LL .b!UiiR GINGER FOREIGN SPIRITS. COGNAC BRANDY 1, Old JAMAICA. RUM GENEVA. British spirits. BRANDY and MAIDSTONE GENEVA. Arpt.Y to R. EDWARDS, BRIDGE-STREET, Chester. FOR GOUT, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS COMPLAINTS, INDIGESTION, &c. OxU'^s Concentrated Essence of Jamaica Ginger. f fflHIS useful Medicine is recommended b A several ^niinesit 'Medical men, and is ia constant use with many Persons of the. highest ■ rank It and shortens the'duration of Fits of the Gout, confining them to the extremities and miti-rat n<, the paroxysms; it removes tlyosc tin plea .ant >.3 .nptoms arising from weakness of the viz. Flatulency, indigestion, and Oppression after eating; in Nervous Complaints it warms and invigorates tire Stomach, creates Appetite, and assists Digestion., and thereby strengthens the whole system. Prepared by the Inventor and Proprietor, Samuel Osley, "His Majesty's Clnnvit, and se'd by Hudspn and Company, 21, H .3 London; sold also by SJaaeor, R Lloyd, Beaumaris, and Williams, and others throughout the United Kingdom in bottles, at 10s 6;i*—4,s 6—and 2s 9d each,. Ob- serve each label is signed Sa JJ] disi hsgnisludl Features-of the prose:), A drery are presented to the Public -hi the ui 1. Scheme, which contains Foar i I z c s of Tickctd. ¡ I *»' ^/j2oa,ooo," í t J-hi 1 ihe following ¡ MONEY PRIZES. arc.. 4 W) 11) > 12 >,« 0 20 500 j 20 100 ) 44 AO 36 25 ) 4,860 15 79 fiOQ Four extra Pri'fce-s cif Tickets will be deter- mined in the following maimer:—To the first drawn Prize above .^15, (not falling to either of the under-mentioned Numbers) will be given i'n addition the following G E A N D 13 E N E FT T PR 12 E R If the fortunate. Number is cf t he Letter I A, 100Tickets ccn-npriscd in No. 1,251 to 1,?75 B, 100 ditto comprised in 3,00b to Sdfe C, 100 ditto comprised hr 4,*t51 io Afllh'' D, 100 ditto comprised in 2,501 1 o 2,5-5 he I against them; by which means rme Ticket may gain' M 1.00,000 'I TICKETS A'ND SHARES 1 ¡I Arc selling at all ihe Lottery Offices in this 'I' County. g "<o' II For Families, Merchants, Captains of 81âps, Offteers and G.cnttemen travelling, Tavernsyfye. SPY RING & MARSD-EN's PURE LEMON AC ID., I So MUCH AB.-vI3R.EO FOR PUNCH, LEMON- ADE, NEGUS, SHRUB, JELLIES,, SAUCES I And every Purpose in Cos&ery. { rHIS valuable Acid is ex\c, t.y ccuvetsi- Jt em, as every ti<>. • p«trpose the is is pcrtcctly dry and portübîe; • a ad the ¡ grateful flav/our the Fruit; and remms its vir1- tues in every climate ;—the approbation it has re- ceived front many Eminent Practitioners is a suf- ficient proof of its pure and wholesome'proper- I ties. I For Bills and Assemblies it is particularly de- il Lemouade, Negus, may be made in the lnost easy, pleasant, and expeditious manner. S?YRING & MARSDES beg Purchasers to be particular ;<d observe their names on the I Wrapper and Uottle, or they may be disappoint- ed 'in not obtaining the Genuine as there are some persons about the country selling a« article under the same name, though totally dift'erent, and inferior, and have imitated their Label alid I Directions to deceive the Public. Wholesale Venders may be sopplicd by .Letter, with a reference, or by their Agenis in Prepared by them only, at No. 163, Borough. London; 1 by JONKS, i. •> AW I a r ..rvon, F>• 1 K » X1K, Blvewsbhry, T i i HUGH Pr.ce <is. Oi. per BotGe, err Seven in One, for | 15s.-—to be had at most Druggists aui V'braries. :=-=-: TO BE SOLD t BY PEIV ATE COSTS kCT.. ,|t 11 Ihat CAPITAL FARM, slts-atc. iyins- 1~ml and being in the Parish of Llan1 r » d, in 'be countv of Carnarvon, called by the. uane of i'i «J I .rsrrii* J.onesio v e ..lo^ell, < leiui i, at will. And ail that valuable farm situate lying and being, in the said parish of Llan I lech id, called by 'he .name of Talywas-m, containing about 652 -.res, with one half of Ogwan Pool, which is well supplied with the best Trout in North Wales,now >n the occupation of Owen Evans, as tenant at will. The above Farms lie contiguous to the new post road, leading from Holyhead to Sbrews- bury, and within a few miles of the new inu, at Capei Ccrrig, about twelve miles front the market iown of and nine miles of Llanrwst. The land is capable of great improvement at a small to the great travelling upon the new road, land near Capei Cerrig is very much increased in value these farms are well worth the attention of persons who are inclined to spe- culate in .real property a new-inn may be con- built upon ODe of them: an additional inn near Capei Cerrig will answer well. Further particulars may be had, by applying to Mr. J. EVANS, Attorney, Carnarvon.. HOLYHEAD AND SHREWSBURY FLY WAGGON. THE Public are respectfully laformed'that the above Waggon leaves Holyhead every Tuesday night, by way of Conway and-Llanrwsr, and arrives at the Queen's Head, Mardol, Shrews- hury,every Saturday at two o'clock, and returns from the. Queen's Head every Monday at twelve by way of Llanrwst nd Conway to Ho- lyhead, where it meets the Henrietta, regular trading cutter for Dublin——By this conveyance goods are forwarded to and from all parts of Atiglesea,Carn&wponshi re,an;!aTI part's of Irchifid. Performed by the public's most ohedient. servant, J:liI1ES, vn LLIAMS, HulyheacL AGE ATS. JOHN ELLIOT, Sf), Lower Ahbey-st. Dublin, JOHN O -.VEN. Holyhead, I I OWN- RAS BROOK, Bangor, a I Til OS. CAKTWiHGHT, Queen's Head, Salop ¡ AH goods intended for this conveyance are re- quested to be directed hy Williams, from Gdop, ,.t. B. The i !hester Waggon leaves T' 'Uhead for Cbe-ster es> r>n.ii ,:u-/eaves Chesbv ff"1Îo. ly head every Monday, I ( £ f*.The proprietor of th<j above waggon will not be for any parcels above ilie value of 51. unless entered and paid for adsaroiagiy, — -V, CARNARVONSIIIR r. • -c'fl!M-v- ',7 Morfa Din as -Dinlfs Inclosure, fTIIE tmdersigned theCülnmissioncr ap j pointed to put in Execution, a certain Act of Parliament-, made and passed in-the 46th year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Tliirl eiititle(l, An Act for Inclosing and j Embanking Lands, in (he parishes of Liandw- rog, Llanwnda, and Llanfaglan, in the county "f," DO HEREBY GIVE JVOTIC&, That the next, Public Sitting, fcr putting the said Act into Execution, wiii be held at the house of Mr. GEORGE BETTISS, known by the ,t»amc! of the Sportsman l'nn, in the town of Car- narvoil, in the said oil Thursday the 3rd day ofMay next,, at fhe hour of 12 o'clock at I' noon of the same day. And it provided by the said Act, that the charges..aniLexpfcuces of obtaining and pass- ing ihe same, and all oiher incidental charges and ex peaces whatsoever, for or by reason of, or preparatory to the said, intended division and in- closure, and for carrying the said Act iirtocomplete execution, shall be paid by the sale of any part of I the said lands, so to be divided and inclosed :— the following portions of the said Commons, Marsh Lands, and WasteLands. WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the house of the said M. GEORGE BETTISS, on Thursday the said 3rd day of May next, be- t ween hours of 3 and fj in the after- noon of the day, subject to such conditions itivi-e Acreage, more or less. Lots A. h. p. 1st. A portion of (he said Common, containing.18 0 19 2nd. Do. do 3 1 4 iird. Do. do SO 3 4 4th. Do. do. 34 1 S 5ih. Do. (I. 4 Lot ht. is bounded Southerly hy the toad leading from Glan'rafon to Dinas Diniie, West- ¡ erly by the Common, and Northerly and Laster- ly by Lot 3rd, I Lot and. Is bounded Easterly and Northerly by the said road, leatlili. afore- said to DtttasDinJle, and Southerly and Westerly by the Common. Lot and Embankment, ami extending in a Northerly direction from the. said road leading from Glan- to Dina-s Dhiiie, as far as the Sluice, and I Northerly avrd Wes'erly by Lots 1st. and 2nd. Lot 4th, Commences at the said Sluice, and is bounded Northerly am! Easterly by ¡he main s Embankment, and cross Embankment to Belian las, and SOlllherJvbv the Common and Lot 3ro. Lot 5ih. Is bounded Southerly by an aLot- otent of the said. CounaoD, larelv purchased by I RICUARO PARRV, fan herfy and Easf- 1. by the Common, at v !y by the road I ) sending from Dinas 1" barracks, part I¡ iif which is call. ami >v the name ol Feiston Eithin and LI i ri. Dcd cd the j Till day of A pril, IS 10. j U f ;r partiettlars apply a' flt-e Oiacrs ol 1 le, and Mr. C r >or,, where the pi'.ois «.u ■ ote^ccuvt I ot i It, see'a. zttØ8l\' .->A The LLEV/ENY EST ATE.—North fT'alss. BY AUCTION, BY WIN ST AN" LBV AND SON, At the Auction M. i > > {' I ngland, I London, on Tuc t t. 'he 29:tl I ami SOth May', in in (if • c >sed ? by Prn-ate Coi v? rriBE very extensive and -valuable TTLFE- _g„ HOLD ESTATE, comprizing the noble Mansion of Llewenv Hall, which contains an pie Mansion of Llcweny Hall, which contains an pie accommodation for a family of the ftr«t distinc- tion also a convenient residence called Con a Hall, together with new erected and veiy co m- modious bleach works, water corn mill, and i. a forge (ail welt supplied with water) a oub se house and several improvable Farias, contain- ing in the whole near FOUR Ti-IOUSANi) ACRES of extraordinary rich meadow, pasture and arable land in a high state of cultivation, and lying nearly in a ring-fence. The a vatue whereof is upwards of =67200.—the e is ín- tersected hy the river Clwyd, most beau jfuHy situate in the well known and fertile VGlu of Clwyd in Ihe counties of Denbiyb and Fiinf, North Wales, 3 miles frolll Denbigh, 6 St. ¡A,;aph S from Ru: ilin,IOfrom\lold, 1'2 from Abergele., and 24 from Cllcsrer-tü be viewed by applying to Mr. Ilnxford, at Lleweny HaP- Prrnted particulars with plans annexed may be had or Messrs. Manley, and J. and W. Lowe, Solicitors, Temple, Londonof Mr. S. Lowe, Solicitor, Whitchurch, Shropshire of Mr. Call videy, Surveyor, Staplerord, near Chester; Mr. Thomas Winsfaniay, of Messrs. ICay and Renshaw, and ;>it:ssrs. Duckworth and Chip- pendale, Manchester; of Mr. Wynne, o, Mold of dr. John Jones, Rtl!li;n of Mr. Mugaes, E* a } ci" Messrs. Pemberton and Coupland, ^ioewshur-r and. of Waistanlcy and Son, Pate e.- H" -ilso 1hp principal Inns a Denbigh, S = Asaph, Abercunwa v, Car- narvon, Ruthin, Wrevham, Oswestry. Shrews- hurj, Birmingham, Ftint, ami Che r.