Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

2 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



M; Bangor Diocesan Committee. THE next MEETING will lie held at the CHAPTER-ROOM, on WEDNESDAY, the 2d of JUNE. Bangor, May 22, 1813. A CARD. ii. r. EVANS, (Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London,) INDUCED by the solicitations of several respectable Gentlemen mid Families of (lie town and neighbourhood of Beaumaris, has taken a House in Church-Street, where he intends Prac- tising in SURGERY. PHARMACY-,and MID, WIFERY, and hopes that a competent Know- ledge in his Profession, and an invariably strict, an if attentive discharge of its Duties, will entitle him to that share c)r I)ut)iic, ilalr(,nage which it I shall ever be his study and endeavour to maintain and support. CYMDEITIIAS CAERNARFON. Yn lrwch Cwrfiac Is Gwrfai, tu ag atymltfd a chospi I, ladi-ov. NYNI J saw I a tld dasom ein sHenwaii oddi tanodd (yn preswylio tu mewn i un o'r ddau Gwmmwd uchod) a yuirwymasoin mewn Atntiiodau Cyttundeb, i ganlyn ar, a chospi pob math o (idyiiion wnelont mewn unrhyw falho Ladrad, neu Ffeloni ar ein Heidtio ni, iteli un- rhyw o homom, ar ein cyd gostein hunain: A itiu ag at ddwyu i ben yn fwy efFeithiol cill Bwnad, yr ydym yn siccr fwriadau talu y Gwobraucan- lynol i bob rhyw un, yr hwn trwy ei (iystiolaelti a fedro gyhuddo, a allan, y sawl a gaffer yn cuog o unrhyw o'r Trosedd'tadau canlynal. SEF s. d. Torri Ty neu Dan yn y nos, ecu Fyr. glari, neu ladrad Pen-inmkl ar draed neu Geffy I. 3 3 0 Dwyl1 y man h neu lad rati a unrhyw Fa-rch Caseg, Ceffyl, Dispaidd, Buwch, neu unrhvw anifciliairl eraill wedi cwbl dy-fu 2 2 0 Dwyn Lloi, Dynewaid, Defaid, WJo., ftloch, ac ader Dofion 0 10 6 Torri, dryllio, neu ddwyn ymaith un- rhyw Eidiardau, neu rychoedd neu ddwyn i li'ordd Bacls, Y stlysbvst, Ra- cis, neu Gledretinau, neu unrhyw fath o waiih Halarn Ii lJerthynoiddynt 0 10 6 Lladratta, neu ddwyn ymaith Yd, neu Ydau, allan o unrhyw lieu YSlJ- bor, wedt lieu heb ci ddyrnn .2 2'0 Lladratta, neu ddwyn ymait.h unrhyw Laswellt, ac Yd neu Laiur, a Gwatr ar ei droed, neu wedi ei dorri i lawr, neu yn sufyll ynei Faes, neu Stwee, neu Fan-gocciau neu ddwyu ymaith Fail), neu Bytralws; neu ddwyn y- maith. ddryllio, neu niweidio Trol- iau, Erydr, neu unrhyw Ger Hws- monacth arail, a godro Gwarihcg Cymmydogion, a dwyn ymaeth ell Eiaeth 1 1 0 Dirisgiio, torri Coed ieuaingc na hen na dryllio Cloddiau He maent hwy ya tyfu, nae un maith arall oddistryw befh bynoag, em yr Danes a gaiff ohro 22 0 Ac am bob cain-droseddiad, Efaloni neu Farus- veittire(i arall na henwid monynt uchod, y lath M'obr ac a wnelo y Committee neu Gymniasfau o hump o Wyr y Gynuieithas Iwfio neu ganniattau ifitly nr. Ar: ymhellaeh, i.gynnortbwyo'r A-dodau i gospi Drwg-weithrcriwyr. Fed y gost neu draej gacl ei dalu o'r Trysor sycld wedi ei sefy-dlu i'r pwrpas, tu ag at galyn y Goupcdigaetli yna miaen, os gwel y nifer fwyaf o'r Aclodau fod y cyfryw befh yn haeddoi o Gospedigaeth yn ddi- faiais neu ddrwg ewyllys. Enwau Cymdeilhwyr Ceiernarfen a'« C}n/f. jiniau. PI.WY LI.A>"SEBLIG, O. A. Poo'e, "VV. G. Griffith, j William Williams, > Yswain Zac. Joues, | John Ellis J Parchedig Henry Jones .————— Owen Jones ————— David Williams Evan Herbert John Haslem, Yswain Parchedig John Lloyd Robert Roberts ) John Evans 5 Ysvra,U Mr. J. w :ínau r, M. Fleming Mr. Joim Oakes Mr. John Byrne Mr. Richard Prifchard Mr. Robert Humphreys Mr Robert, Jones Tilr. Thomas Rathbone Mr. Robert Parry Cspffsin William Griffith Xvl r. G -iffi.'h Jones Mr. David Hughes Mr. Evan Jones DI I-. G. Ueftiss Edward G. Roberts, Yswain Mr. William Griffith Barker Mr. Robert Beaver LLANEEBUG. Mr. John Hughes Mr. lknry Jones li PLWY LLANDWROG, JSRAVIF. I Tarchedig William Griffith CLYNOG. Hugh Rowlands, Yswain Parchedig John Williams !,LASRYG. Parchedig P. Williams Owen Rowlands LLANDDENIOLEN. Owen Roberts LLANFAIR ISSAER. Mr. Robert Williams Mr. Evan Jones Mr. John Roberts ,The President requests the favor of the Mem- bers company at the annual Meeting, on Tuesday the 1st of June, 1813, to settle business before dinner, ordered at the Goat Ion, in Carnarvon, at two o'clock. THOMAS JONES, President, ■ManBaHWHaBHBBwnaBMnaDBMiHi Nevin, C. Inclusurc. WE. the Undersigned Commissioners,ap- pointed by an Act passed in the 52d year of his present vlajes'y's reign, entitled, "■ An Act for Inclosing Lands in the parish of Nevin all.1 other parishes and places Itierein ujeuiioned, in the county of Carnarvon." Do hereby Request The several proprietors of lauds interested in the commons and waste lands,in the several parishes of Nevin, Pi,%r.ill, C,;ifti,,riwch, Llanaelhaiarn, Clynnog, and Llanlly fui, by the sail. Act direced to be divided,alloit<ed,iind inclosed, forthwith to deliver to us the said Coniuiissioners,or leave the same at the O'Tices of VIr. Ellis, in Pwllheli, or M r, l(>ans, in Caruanon. Plans or Survey s of the respeettve lands and lenemcnls, in respect of which they claim right of common upon the said was e lands respectively, to enable us the said Commissioners to make a valuation of such lands pre\' 10UIt to rt-I'(' s.aid (OIll/llonS tln rli\' iclerl anti allol tell. And such proprietors as have no such plaits or surveys, are lecpiested to have the same done iiiiitteiiiifel), or -ite its file said ('oitiiiiis- sioners directions to do. Given under our hands the 5th day of May, 1813. ROUT/williams,! CO"1- M E R10 N Ern S m R E. A Capital Slate Quarry. TO BE LET, TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, For Ihe term of ten or fourteen years, and may be entered upon immediately, At the Goat llm, in the i.o,n ot Carnarvon, on Saturday, the 3d day of July, 1813, between Hie hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in Ihe alternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then pro- duced, unless let or disposed ot in the mean time by private contract, of which due notice will be given;; rriKAT BLUE SLATE QUARRY., well JL known by file lialile of 'VIA'I'OD QUA ftfty, in ihe conniy of lYlenoueih, about six miles or the Quay near iVlaentwrog, that Turner and Co. ship their slates at, up"1!! which the Proprietors ol this Quarry have an unlimited -rishi to ship slates, and to which Quarry a new ioad was lately made. Thi-i Quarry is openerlupon an extensive com- mOIJ" and is as-large a body of tine Blue Slat as hani tieen hitherto found in any part of the prin- cipality; the meial resembles the Fesiiuiog Sla es, sold by Messrs. Turner and Co. but up ,n strict examination, will be found a li{'1e harder, and a -hade or two nearer to the blue of the Car- narvonshire slates. The rock is solid near the sui iace, and splits remarkably tine and thin, and is ,thon: a most convenient hollow to discharge rubbish, at a small ex pence. Any person or company wishing to emhark upon all extensive scale in the sfiate trade, ennnot ,have a better situation than this Quarry. A Fiiriii, wii hill one mile of the Quarry, which is very convenient for the residence of an agent, will be let with it. Mr. GriffiMj Thomas, of Maentwrog Lodge, will direct a person to shew t'he Quarry, and for further particulars, apply to Mr. ROBERT WIL- liams, Solicitor, Carnarvon. CARS ARV0.NSH J-TFE TO BK SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Goat Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, in the county of Caniaruon, on Saturday, the 7 ih day uly, IS 1:1, between the houis of A a <i 5 o'clock in the lflemoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced, unless diposed of in the mtan time by private contract, oj which due notice icdL be given. 11HAT capital and compact FREEHOLD Ja. ESTATE, consisting of the following eli- gible Farms, viz. Treflan, I'ai-issiiv Graiglwytl, and Ctws and IwL- ing in the township of Treflan, in the parish of Llanbegiig, in the county of Carnarvon, contain- ing about six hundred acres, of good meadow and pasture land, exclusive of a valuable uninel >sed pasture and sheep-walk thereto adjoining, of about seven hundred acres, now in the occupa- tion of tenants at will. This is a most desirable Estate, it lies within a ring fence, at the distance of about four miles and a half from <-hc market town of Carnarvon, close to the puhllc road leading from the town to Beii(igelari-ilie situation is universally ad- mired by travellers—the land is of superior qua- lity, and in a very unproved state It is a most convenient and pleasaiit situation for a gentleman desirous m having a residence in the county ot Carnarvon—there is a delightful spot to build a Mansion-house, with upwards of two hundred acres of good meadow and pdsllHC ground in front, well worth 40s. per acre, most part of which has been set for considerably more; the ground behind the intended honse i wcll wooded: there is a large river, well supplied with a boundary at the bottom of the level ground.— The whole of this extensive property lie,; in.a south aspect, which may be irrigated at a small expeuce, and is a luxuriant, place for the growth of all manner of trees, a great number having heen lately planted,, and are in a very thriving state; it is in a good sporting part of the country, the sheep-walk is well stocked wiili grouse, and several large lakes abundantly supplied with trout, are at a small distance. This property is entitled to nearly one half of the adjoining common, called Waen-fawr, which is to be divided under an lnclosure Act. There is a large body of slate rock upon the sheep walk, and the adjoining common, that the proprietors of this Estate are entitled to by vir- tue of a Grant from the Crown, for a term of years, which if desirable to a purchaser, will be disposed of with ihe Estate. Take this Estate in every point of view, it is the most desirable that is likely to be offered to sale in this neighbourhood for many years to come. Further particulars may be had, by applying to Mr. J. EVANS, Solicitor, Carnarvon, who is authorized to treat with any person desirous of purchasing by private contract, at whose Office a Map and Survey of the premises may be seen. IIIH—iwi HI TII Till—irrnwqw- —*■ TO BE li:t, And Entered upon at .11I-.ai1fll; next, A MOST.eligible FARM in th«*>coimty of Anglesey, with a g.»od HOU^E, BA RN, STABLES, COW-HOUSES, and other conve- nient Buildings, with about 185 acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land, in good condition, with excellent fences and well watered. The said House, Out houses, &c. and from 50 to 60 acres of the Land will be set, and may he enlered IlIJOn imlllerlléllely. A good substantial Tenant may be treated with; none other need apply. Particulars may tie had from Thomas Jones, of Bryntirion, Esq. at the Office of Mr. Ro- berts, Attorney and Notary Public, Rangor, wheie a map of the premises may Iwsi-en and of the Fdit,,r of the Niortli ',Vales CA R NA R F0NSH IRE Regiment of Local Militia. Notice is hereby Given, T s AT hy virtue of an order of a General IL Meeting of the Afieu'enaucy of the county of Carnarvon, heilrla1 the Grand Jury Room, in the town of Carnarvon, on Mor.da), the seven- teenth day-of May, one thousand t'ght hundred and tliirteen, founded <«pon an order from his Roval Highness the Prince Regent, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty. The said Re. giment of Local Militia are to assemble iii the town of Carnarvon aforesaid, on MON 1) AY, the SEVENTH day of J'UN K, one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, at the hour of twelve at noon, for the purpose of being trained and exer- cised for the space of fourteen entire lIays, ex- clusjve ofdavs of arriving at, and departure from, and marching to and from tiie said place of ex- ercise. By O. A. POOLE, Clerk of the General Meetings. I'li -c!) rsic.N vnd PLAN of this Work have been submitted to the inspection of his Royal. Highness the Frince'Regent, who is graciously pleased to authorize its being dedicated,by special permission, to the Princess Charlotte of Wales. The British Constitution, Recommwded to tlie Study of the Ilisillg Generation, BELL'S EDITION OF BLACK.STON E'S COMMENTARIES ON The Laws of England, ;n An elegant. Pocket Edition, to be Published in twenty-six Weekly Numbers, This Edition wii! contain the pure text of Blackstonc, as printed from his last Edition, revised by himself but the subsequent Statutes, as far as thcy vary the in ilic text, will be fuily given in the Notes, and ail other judicial determinations, which alter.or qualify file Aiitlior's will lie coi-iec ily pointed out, and referred -to so that this EOI- TION* will at once remain what, the Author in- tended, a BOOK of ELEMENTS and PRINCIPLES, and yet exhibiting the actual shape and body of the Law, as brought dove a to and existing at the present day, ToSEMiKAfU ES of EDUCATIOM and HEADS of FAMILIES.—The true interest, and the moral an I intellectual improvement of the RISING GS- x EIIATIO; might be most, effectually promoted by adopting this Work as a CLASS, or LECTURE. BOOK, in Pui,lic Seminaries and in the oft Domestic Education. By re-iditsg the Numbers Weekly as IIH) come out, aud as often tifierwards as convenience may suit, as a COUKSH of LEC- TURES on the BRITISH CONSTITUTION—a part of knowledge so essentially requisite to every subject in the realm, ttie minds of youth will lie gradually, and without labour, imbued in the principles of legal and mural rectitude, in as much as it is thecharacteristic excellence of this Work, that it at once expounds, in a most clear and pleasant manner, the LAWS of ihe LAND, and the moral and practical principles ow which they are founded. Ht';(.L'S Edition of BI.ACKSTONE'S COMMEN- TAlliES is piHtieularfy addressed to the Riving Generation, though its utility must be apparent to every class of Readers. As ihe piesumptive Heiress (if (lie British Throne belongs to that sex, by the equal admission of which to the rights of Royal inheritance, the sfJltlIdour of the reigns of Elizabeth and Anile have justified the liberal wisdom of our ancestors, it is worthy of observation, that hoth sexes have an interest in this W,)rk,-of wili(-Ii the purpose is to impart all the KNOWLEDGE, anil therein the LOVE,.of that, HAppv and GLORIOUS CONSTITUTION, un- der which, hy the peculiar blessing of Provi- lIenee, this Coulltry has become what it is. MANNER OF PUBLICATION, &C. I.. This Work will be published in Weekly Numbers, of an elegant Pocket size, printed on a beautifully woven Paper, of all entire new fabric, with a new and clear Type, and hot pressed U. Each Number will contain Four Sheets of Letter-press, or Sixty-four Pages. Each N umber will be charged the moderate price of Eisrhtet n- I'ence. III. The, w hole Work wi II be comprised in twenty six Numbers.—The first Number will ton- tain a fine portrait of Blackstone, and the Idle of the Author, IV. This Work will commence on Saturday, the 29th of vlay, 1813, and a Number will be published every Saturday from that time till the whole is completed. London printed for John Bell, Proprietor of the Weekly Messenger, Sou'bampton-street, Strand and also the original Pi-iii,er and Put)- lisher of Bell's Edition of the Poets of Great Britain, Bell's Shakespeare, Pantheon, Sf British Theatre. Sold also bjt all Booksellers iu the United Kingdom. in nttrirwrTuriniim iTiTiO'i w.< wi^wviwi* m timwn CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. On the last day of May will be published, price 3d. to hecon'inued the la>t day of every month, No. V. for May, of ihe Missionary register containing an interesting and affecting Narrative of the snipwreck »l the. Rev. Le >pold Burscher (Missionary from the Church Missionary s, t- ety), with hi.. Wife, and Seven other Persons at- tached to the Mission, on I he Coast of Africa, on the nisht of the 5th of January last. London: Published by L. B. Seeley, 169, Fleet street; sold also hv John Hatchard, Pic- cadilly; and all Booksellers and Newsmen. Of wíWIH may he had the preceding Numbers, [trice Three-pence each. £ 10,000 For the First Drawn Prize ANOVE NEXT THURSDAY, And the following-is the RICH STJTK OF THE WHEEL. ,L. of j £ -20,00(> are ^40,000 3 2,000 6,000 4 1,000 4 fino 4 500. 2,000 8 300 2,400 6 200 1,200 12 100 1,200 And several Thousand Prizes of £ 50, 4409 &-c. &e. Tickets and Shares are seIling warranted Un- drawn hy T. B ISH, (the Contractor) At his Fortunate Offices, No. 4, Carnfoill, 9, (huring Cross, London, And of the following Agenfs, Agents, T. KAYE, l{r>okseller, Liverpool. R. PARKER, Bookseller, Whitchurch. J. SAN DFORI), Bookseller, Shrewsbury. R. TAYLOR, Music Warehouse, Bridge-st. Chester. CHESHIRE ESTATES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, -By Alft. PL-NSON, At the Bull's Head Inn, in Tarvin, in the c'unty of Chester, 1M Monduy, the, 8th day of June HI ;j, at three o'clock in ike afternoon, in the follow- ing lo's, or slIch others as shall be agreed upon at the time of sale, and subject to to be then produced i rpUB MANOR of MOULDSWOKTH, in B tne county of Chester, together with seve- ral most desirable Usta es, situate ill the several lownshipsof viuuldsworth, farviii, and Barrow, in the said county, the principal part whereof adjoins and surrounds the town of Tarvin, which is distant 5 miles from Chester, 15 from W rex- ham, 6 from Frot-Uham, 19 from Knuisford, 13 from Mi'.ldlewich, 12 fra u Northwich, and 15 from N,ti1twirh. The great road from Chester to f'>lanehrqer, runs along the Esrale for upwards of it mile. Coal, lime, and manute are at a con- venient distance, and anay he procured in the greatest pifeiify, and upon the most reasonable terms. Lois. Totenships. ri,,znzes. Quantity. A, R. P. 1 Tsyviii Thomas Dod 0 1 0 2 Ditio. Ditto .2 3 2 3 Ditto Ditto 8 I 0 4 Ditto Ditto 12 3 0 5 Ditto. Ditto 4330 6 Ditto Thomas Davies 0 2 15 7 Ditto Thomas .))' S 0 0 8 Ditto Thomas Davies 2 2 0 9 Di; o Ditto 2 3 S 10 Ditto Ditto. 31 I 17 11 Ditto James Davies 7i 0 21 12 Ditto Ditto 5.7 3 3 13 Ditto Ditto 13 1 35 ia n-. < Tho. Davies, Tho. ) 14 Dltt0 "• •• Jl)od,amI.IDavies,r78 S 34 15Mouldsworth$| )) a! I 290 0 2fi I burton, and others ) R Ditto William WarhMrtoii 3 8 I7 n .f Ui. Parr, J. Hill, 17 Ditto s 9 3 97 ^Obadiah -\ntrobusJ 13 Ditto J Junes Si iii 7 2 22 19 Barrow Samuel Cheers 30 0 4 20 Ditto Ditto I I 24 at Ditto Ditto 3 y 8 22 Ditto Ditto 1 2 13 23 Ditto. Ditto 28 3 8 24 Ditto Ditto. 0 2 10 25 Ditto Ditto 79 228 N. B. The House and Buildings upon this lot are quite new, and substantially built. Tlwn- 's also a well-accustomed Corn injill, pletitifiillv supplietl with water, &c. all seasons of the year. Also, a very desirable Estate, situate in the township of Manley, iu the parish ot Frodsham, in the said county of Chester, consisting of a good Farm-house and Offices, with suitable Out- buildings, &c. and about 114a. Or. lip of good arable, meadow and pasture land, now held by Mr. VV. Warbui ton and others. The prospects from rious parts of this property are truly beautiful, and thetefore desirable for building upon. There is a fine Plantation most judiciously pla .ed, and in a very thriving state. There is also a fine rock of free sione upon the Estate, of very supe- nor quality. The T}'he of fhy, in respect of the lands in the township of Manley, and also of a consider- able part of the Estate in rhe parish of Tarvin, is covered by a small modus. All the above Ksiaies abound in excellent marl, adjoin sood roads, and are in the midst oi as good markets as any in the kingdom, Preston Brook being distant about 8 miles, and Frod.snam 5, from whence there is a regular communication by-water with Manchester, Liverpool, Warring ton, & Particulars m'y be had at <he Auction Mart, London; Royal Hotel, Chester; Ttie Km-S arms, in Liverpool$tin- B iigewater Arms," Manchester; The G, ;lg,- lnii, ;it Knutsfor I Crown. Naii,wi(-b the Kag-e- Inn, Wrexham"; of Mr. JONF.S, of "iiimoi Wood, near Wrex- ham; 01 Messrs. LEEKK and POTTS, in Chestel; and of Ar. PEN SON, Auctioneer, Wrexham. # "If".8iiIØP" Llyn and EviOuydcl Association, FOR THE PROSECUTION OF FELONS. Pres.denl requests the aUei d 'nee of JI t''e Members at he Red Lion Inn, in Pwll- heli, on Friday, Ihe 4th of June nexi, Dinner on the table at two J. JONES, President. flrynhir, May 24, 1813 LEAD MINIMS, C,4 NORTH WALES, TO BE l/ET. Tof (-,w (lir, i,,i LliAD MIXES on line Estate JL of Gwydir, in the county oF Carnarvon, !ur such term of years as may be agreed upon. The leases of these Mines having lately expir- ed, the Proprietor is disposed to grant-new leases on liberal terms, and the variety and extent of the veins (which have hitherto lieeji only pa tially explored) are such as to render them ;m onject worthy the attention of Miners of capi- 'at andenterpri/e. For particulars apply to JAMES ADAM, Eq. Pilkelony, hy Dunblane, North Britain, or to Captain RICHARD N'ARTIN, Miner, Llanrwst. C A It iS A R VO iV. TO HE OLD BY AUCTION, At the Royal Oak Inn, on '^atirdai!, May Isi :-?, between the hours of and ft in ihe after- noon, unlets disposed of in the mean time y pri- vate contract, of which due notice will be gi r.7, ACiiiler-hiiili ViiSSEL. called he Samitel, A of Carnarvon, burthen per register 27 tons, with all her materials, <tc. &c. nearly new, aud received a thorough repair last year, and itfom- pleat in every respect. She is now employe:! in t'he fishing trade, in Carnarvon Bay. which has commenced with unusual success. The Trawl Beam, &c. will be sold with her. For further particulars, apply to the Captain, JOHN ROWLANDS, at Carnarvon. NORTH WALES.—TO FARMERS. TO BE LET, Iff ONE OR TWO FARMS, An ALLOTMENTS'400 A ens. in Afi!i- A traethSalt Marsh, iu the county of An- glesey, lately embanked and inclosed from 'lie sea. The land is of excellent quality, and can he brought into cultivation at a very trifling expence. It is within three miles of the town and se-i-port of Carnarvon, ahd there is abundance of lime in the vicinity. ALSO TO HE EFT, Another ALLOTMENT, of 180 Acres of lighter quality, bordering on the above. 1 he Landlord will make very liberal allowances towards building and fencing. SOilS tor. ii.tert: ese lands a most desirable object of speculation to a spirited tarmer, possessing skill and capital For further particulars apply to :Vles-rs. Poole, at Carnarvon or at their Office at Peucraig, iu Anglesey.