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.t f ILonfcon, J SATURDAY, AUGUST G. 1VB do not know whether it is owing to the heat of the weather, the paucity of business, or from whitt other citise it may arise, hut many learned members of the Bar appear to have left town this summer, more than usually, out of humour with each other and some of the Circuits have ex- hibited specimens of personal contest not very creditable to the learning or liberality of this most learned and liberal profession. On t(v<? northern circuit this quarrelling has been carried on so far, that one of the Judges is represented (we know not with what truth) to have made it his personal request to the Bar to abstain, at least for a season, from these unseemly broils, declar- ing that he would never go to that circuit again. If the learned gentlemen were thus to fall out merely from an excess of zeal on behalf of their clients, however one might f lament the spectacle such things exhibit, j* one could not but appreciate the motives; but we fear they are, for the most part, not entitled even to this apology. The late Lord Erskiueaod Sir Samuel Romilly, by far the most warm and energetic advocates of our time, and who adopted their clients' interest with an intense zeal, never for a moment gave way to intemperance of this kind, Lord Erskine, in particular, was all kindness to his associates. Towards those of his own rank and standing at the Bar, nothing like jealousy or ill-will ever escap- Í1¡ ed him; while to the younger aspirant for honour and distinction, he was all mildness and courtesy, and anxious to afford oppor- ¡ tunities for the display of rising talent.— ;!1 One otUiis opponents (the late Sir Vicary u Gibbs) had that fault of temper which f seems to characterize so many of our modern pleaders but no sourness or Oil ever moved' Erskine from the two great- points he had in view—the honour of his profession, and the interest of those whose cause \va j intrusted to his care to the race for the emoluments, it would be as well, we think, if the present liar were rather more mindful of its honour. r .I'kG.fiMtvs&qi&e modo rem may do very 1vell for a huckster—for the man on whose mind neither the truths of philosophy nor the blandishments of society have ever dawned but to see men of liberal educa- tion and enlightened views descending to the arena of Billingsgate and St. Giles s, is a spectacle which must strike every looker on with disgust, and is calculated to de- n grade both the law and its practitioners in the eye of all mankind, -*t- The Greek Chronicle announces the raising of the siege of IVlissolonghi, the C, 0 enemy's army, composed of upper Albani- >* tins., had been attacked and beaten at Vra- 1 chori, and at the passage of the Achelaus. I It is affirmed that lledschid Pacha is dead, "r but it was not known whether it was in conse- nt (juence of a wound or of sickness. On the !n 28th of June the Greek fleet had gained, as it was said, a decisive advantage over the Ottoman fleet off Cape Matapan, The Captain Pacha arrived at Milos on the 8th of July with six ships of war, the 80 ves- ? eels which he commanded having been dis- persed. This article from the Greek .uí is announced in the Journal des rí Debate as part of a very long letter from Xante, giving an account of the affairs of the Morea, and of the turn they have taken in favour of the Greeks, PARIS, AUGUST 3.—The four Rothschilds brothers, at present at Paris, are said to Irave had an audience of the president of the Council, which lasted six hours. They bad afterwards an audience of the Syndicat of Receivers General, which they call here the Grand Sanhedrim of Finance. MEXICO.—Advices from the capital of theMcvican Republic, are to the 31st ot May inclusive. The Mexican (:ff™ss had adjourned, after having ratified the treaty with England, and received Mr. Ward, the Charge des affaires, with much ceremony. Mr. Wilcocks, the American Consul, had given a splendid ball in honour of the arrival of Mr. Poinsett. General Wilkinson is mentioned as attending it.- Mr. Poinsett was to be formally received by the Government on the 1st of June. Every part of the new political system was in regular and successful operation in Mexico. pE,tL,The latest advices from South America state that the reports which we liqive had of the surrender of the Royalist General Olaneta, in upper Peru, were in- correct, But he had been compelled to re- tire further into the interior, and on the 10th of March was at Potosi with about 2 000 men. The country which he left, immediately declared against him, and he contemplates a further retreat to the fron- tiers of Salta, Province of Buenos Ayres.