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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

10 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



YSTRADGYNLAIS NOTES An old resident of the place passed away on Saturday last in the person of Ah .John Griffith. Commercial- street, generally knoa-ii in the locality as "John Griffiths, Penllwynteg." De- ceased was 72 years of age, and was predeceased by his wife Vight or nine years ago. He had been ailing for some iinic, and had a seizure at the home of his son in Station-road, to whom he was paying a visit. He was conveyed home, and died sta stated, on Saturday. Mr. Griffiths leaves three *ons, of whom are in Canada, the other being Parish Councillor Phillip Griffiths, who is at present working at Crumlin. Deceased was also a, deacon at Tabernacle, and held in high es- teem in the district. The funeral took tplaoe on Wednesday at Cwmgiedd, and was a very large one. The Rev. J. Emlyn Jones (pastor) was the offi- ciating minister, supported by Revs. W. lveyshon Griffiths, D. J. Davies, R. M. Rhys. D. J. Jones, and Edward Vaughan. The mourners were Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Griffitiis (son and daugh- ter-in-law),- Mrs. Dannie Griffiths (daughter-in-law). Messrs. Tom, Rhys, Johnnie Griffiths. Annie, Sal, Gwenny and Dilys Griffiths (gr.'i'iidehildron) Deocased fellow-der.coiis liear- ♦■•ES. A beautiful wren ill was by the G1 an cam las family. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. Edgar O. Morgan. Master Thomas Glyn Jones, Anril House, who is a pupil of Mr. E. H. Hughson, won the eec-ond prize at the Pant tog Eisteddfod on Saturday of L-tat week in the solo competition for ohild- ren under 1G. Much interest was taken in a billiard tournament held at the Temperance on Tuesday evening, when Phillip George of Yst:dyf(Ta. played Morgan Grif- fiths, TrItraelgyDlllis, in a game of 400. Griffiths won by 67. his highest break icing 62, whilst P.G.J.'s highest was 42. ilir. Barney Collins acted as Marker. The I.L.P. Institute was well filled an Monday evenin g when Mrs. Des- pard, the well-known Socialist propa- gandist, sister of General French, gare an inspiring lecture on "Peace." She was supported by Rev. Llew. Bowyer, Alltwen. who also spoke. Tho meeting was an enthusiastic one. Mr. J. E. Williams was the audio,i- eer at the mart held at .stradgynlais this week, when Dye cattle and twelve iheep were sold to local butchers. A resolution was passed asking that Ys- tradgyulais should be made one of the food distributing centres under the new scheme. •Councillor I<ewi.s Thomas. J.P., pre- sided over a meeting on Thursday evening. when Mr. Skirro attended and lectured on the "Taxation of Land Talues." The address was thoroughly enjoyeo. and it is a matter for regret that the attendance was not better. Mr. Skirro said the land should be for the people and not for the landowners, and advocated tax of 20s. in the £ Miss Davies, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Davies, Cross-street, visited th place last week from a Red Cross I hospital near London, where she is new stationed. Miss Davies, despite thf" L: l't tha t sho has been through & number of air raids, looked well, and returned with the best wishes of a large circle of friends. The Ystradgynbis United Choir, (.opam'?'d by Mr. E. H. Hughson, E. 14,. ?l-iii,baon, for the holing of a gr?Md eisteddfod .» Good Friday. Tho choir is ?Io busy retoenrsmg "St. Paul," a?d judging by the excellent progress made it is QJI- ticipated that the performance will take place early in May. The enterprise of Messrs. Edwards Mid Pa«-e in bringing such an expen- sive film as "The Fall of It Nation" to TstVad^vnlais is worthy of recom penee in the form of enthusiastic support. This masterpiece, which is screened this week-end is a vivid portrayal of what would undoubtedly have hap- pened had the Hun invaded America. A full orchestra will give music during the performances. The collieries have again been work- ing irregularly this week, and the prospects in the trade do not seem to be encouraging. The difficulty of ob- taining tonnage is responsible for the bad time now experienced. The Ystradgynlais Council, together with the officials of the Allotment Society visited plots in the district on Thursday and decided upon the por- tions of ground for cultivation. The clerk of the council has accordingly been iif-trueted to put in notice of The new season of the Tawe Allgl- | Association was commenced on Tuesday, and some good fishing has already been indulged in. It is the society's intention to stock the river with brown trout, and there is no doubt that the waters will become very popular. The balance sheet for the past year has been published, and shows the society to be in a very floiir- ishing condition. Much credit for the successful running of the association j is due to the secretary, Mr. James Evans. The G.P.L. nii the Swansea Valley Province of the R.A.O.B., which has been held at the Masons' Arms, Ys- j tradgynlais for matw years, has been transferred to the Old Swan Hotel, j Ystalyfera. Sec.-Lieut. Cyril Do la Haye, son of Mr. and Mrs. De La Haye, station- master, has come home on leave. He has scon much active- service with the Roval Engineers in France, and joined up in the early days. Don't forget the performances »of "Rhys Lewis" at the Coliseum, Ystal- yfera, next week. It's topping.

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