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Dandruff is Serious. ESI It is a Disase Ca- r. J by Living 'ic-o b es Unless Hair- siroying less Cheeked Baldness folicws. Do you and easily contracted ? O.mdruff s causcd by living microlcs which inc: ease and increase until the hair be.i :s to fall. If not presented, baldness is sure to result. D, ??t risk baldness with its unp!c?ant .:onsi qut .Hi >• in t' c daily use o £ ,R .sail E c "93 Hair Tonic v.-u can quickly restore your h:?rto??:?yccn.i?i:n,H..trid of dandruff, and make vour hair soft and Iosy.. q3 The Dector who invented Rexall 93 Hjir T?ntC. t::c 1. !?-?.' C- ?ho manufacture ;iJ v. o <-ursc ves, all hone st !v br'-o e t u> :c I he nv st s icntilic and cfiicient remedy f'.r all and liair troubles. 2s. and 4s. a h ttle. Rexall "93" li: ir Tome is one of the famous L(-\a!t Reined its <-f wh ch there is cnc for each -;f the human ills. li■> ei y 1-. sC«.:r including Rexaii Tome, is sjld upon this unqualified guar..nrec The L'nited Co., and ?te Rl AV >-iirp y. N::s h rcf ?;<T!C?, gii.imntee :i to gn\- yon •- suit.clicn; )/' it does not, ?'?.' .? <? snc it-licre yott bought :t and r.ct your money. It bei<,ny,s (o and ue want you to have it." Rexall "9;C Ha:r Tonic c: R only lie obtained from tlic Rcxail— there is one in almost every community. The Rexaii Chemist in Pwllheli is F. O, GfllFi'-ITH. 60, HIGH STREET, PWLLHELI.


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