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———""——— —————— CURRENT SPORT.


——— ——— —————— CURRENT SPORT. Considering the admirable indifference with which Mr. Jephson, the Surrey captain, treated the out- break of bad manners on the part of the crowd at Sheffield last week (remarks a writer in the Morning Post) it would be unwise not to follow his example in referring to a discreditable, if somewhat trivial, occurrence. At the same time, without wishing to labour the poir t, one feels bound to protest against what appears to be a growing delusion on the part of many people, namely, that the first and last duty of the players generally and severally is simply to please the noisier and mure ignorant section of those who have paid their money to watch the match. Mr. Jephson, in full accord with the umpires, whose duty it is to decide points of the sort, found the murky atmosphere at Brat-tiall-lane so abominable as to render cricket impossible for a time. The crowd, conceiving doubtless, that they were being robbed of a fraction of their sixpences, howled disapproval, not only when the teams were waiting in the pavilion for the light to improve, but f also while Mr. Jephson, under very trying condi- tions, was continuing his most admirable innings. So loud was the clamour that Mr. Ernest Smith, the Yorkshire captain, chivalrously offered to withdraw his team from the field until the shouting roughs around the ropes should have quieted down. Mr. Jephson, however, had no wish to punish the crowd; he preferred to punish the bowling to the tune of 109 and meantime the uproar had ceased I At the Oval again, on Saturday after- noon, it was necessary for Mr. Alcock and other officials, supported by police officers, to visit a certain part of the ground and warn a few loud-lunged sportsmen who were guying Mr. E. JR. Wilson, as he played a steady, stonewall game, which enabled his side to turn almost certain defeat into a draw. Utter ignorance of all but the most obvious points in the game is probably at the root of these occasional exhibitions of larrikinism." Several first-class cricket matches were brought to a definite issue on Saturday. At Hull, Yorkshire inflicted a crushing defeat upon Hampshire by an in- nings and 271 runs, Rhodes having the fine record for the match of 14 wickets for 66 runs. Middlesex sustained their fifth reverse of the season at Ton- bridge, where the all-round form of Mr. J. R. Mason had a deal to do with Kent's victory by 152 tuns while at Worcester the home team beat Leicestershire, after an exciting finish, by 10 runs ,only. Thanks to a fine contribution of 120 by Mr. r. L. Taylor, Cambridge University just escaped defeat by Surrey at Kennington Oval, the home side having nine wickets in hand, and requiring but 29 runs. A capital all-round display enabled Lan- cashire to beat Somerset at Taunton by an innings and 17 runs, but the match at Eastbourne between Sussex and Essex was left drawn, the latter, with five wickets in hand, requiring 38 runs. Meadagainbowled with great success for the visiting side. No play was possible at Glossop, the Derbyshire and Warwick- shire macch having to be abandoned as a draw. At .Lord's the West Indians provided some exciting cricket. Not only did they avert the expected innings defeat from the Gentlemen of the M.O.C., but they put the latter in a. second rime to obtain 107 runs, five wickets going down in the process. This was due to a remarkable ninth wicket stand from the Colonials by W. L. Constantine and Burton, no fewer than 162 being added in 65 minutes, the amateur compiling 113. The Scottish A. A. Championships were decided at Powderhal Grounds, Edinburgh, on Saturday in fine weather. The features of the day were the triple win by W. H. Welsh and the dual honours secured by J. Paterson. Details: 100 Yards-Final heat: W. H. Welsh, Edinburgh University, 1; J. McLean, Black- heath H., 2; and R. L. Watson, Longport H., 3. Won by half a yard, a yard between second andthird. Time,10-35sec. Two Hundred and Twenty Yards: W. H. Welsh, Edinburgh University, 1; J. McLean, Blackheath H., 2; and R. L. Watson, Longport, 3. Seven ran. W(yn by two yards. Time, 23sec. Quarter Mile: W.H.Welsh, Edinburgh University, 1; R. L. Watson, Longport, 2; and R. Halkett, Bedford A.C., 3. Won by six yards. Time, 51 3-5sec. Half-Mile J. Paterson, Watsonians, 1; R. A. Hay, Edinburgh, 2; and H. C. D. Paton, Edinburgh Harriers, 3. Won easily. Time, Imin. 59 3-5sec. One Mile: J. Paterson, Watsonians, 1; J. C. Macdonald, Edin- burgh H., 2; and G. Stevenson, Ayr F.C., 3. Won by two yards. Time 4min. 37 2-5sec. 120 Yards Hurdles R. S. Stronach, Glasgow Academicals, I; and G. C. Anderson, Edinburgh University, 2. Won by a yard. Time, 16 4-5sec. High Jump: J. B. Milne, Dundee, 5ft. 9in., 1; and 1-t. G. Murray, Clydesdale EL, 5ft,. Sin. 2. Broad Jump: H. Barr, Clydesdale II., 21ft. 10in., 1 and G. C. Anderson, Edinburgh University, 20ft. Sin. 2. Throwing the Hammer: M. N. Mclnnes, Edinburgh University, 108ft. lOin., 1 and D. J. Macrae, Aberdeen University, 106ft. 4in. 2. Putting the Weight: D. J. Macrae, Aberdeen University, 38ft. lOin., 1; and M. N. Mclnnes, Edinburgh Uni- vesity, 38ft. nin., 2. Four Miles Race: A. R. Gibb, Watsonians, 1 D. W. Mill, Clydesdale H., 2; and J. Ranker, Bedford A.C., 3. Won by six yards; eight yards between second and third. Time, 20min. olsec. The annual Naval and Military Athletic gathering was brought to a conclusion at Portsmouth on Saturday. Lieut. E. Grace, R.N. (son of Dr. W. G. Grace) won the 100 yards and quarter mile races for officers; Sub.-Lieut. Forbes, R.N., was success- ful in a two mile bicycle races for officers; Lieut. Macdonald, R.A,, took the obstacle race; and Royal Marine Artillery were easy winners of the tug-of-war. In the Five Mile Bicycle Race Championship Army and Mavy, Southern District, Corporal Waterman, R.M.A., beat Sub.-Lieut. Stone, R.N. (2) and Engine- ;room Artificer Charnock (3) after a smart race; and the Half-Mile Championship Flat Race was won by Able-seaman Cotton, H.M.S. Duke of Wellington. On the Grangetawn track near Middlesbrough, on Saturday, before a large attendance, the first batch of this year's N.C.U, Championships were decided in fine weather, with the following results: One Mile Professional: Final heat: F. W. Chinn, Midland A.C., 1; J. Platt-Betts, Crystal Palace, 2; and H. Howard, Putney, 3. Won by two lengths. Time, 2min. 28 4-5sec. An objection against Chinn for running out at the corners was dismissed. Quarter Mile Amateur: Final heat: A. S. Ingram, Polytechnic C.C., 1 J. W. Long- staff, Sunderland, 2; S. Holloway, Midland C. and A. C. finished first, but was disqualified for boring. Time, 33sec. One Mile Amateur, final heat: W. Edmunds, Bristol, 1; T. Childs, Sunder- land, 2 and E. Smith, Sunderland, 3. Won on the post, a bad third. Time, 2min. 43 4-5sec. Quarter- mile Professional, final heat: J. Camp, London, 1; and H. Reynolds, Dublin, 2. Won by 2ft. Time. 32'3-5sec. Five Miles Professional: H.B.Howard Putney, 1; J. Platt-Betts, Crystal Palace, 2 and H Reynolds, Dublin, 3. Seven started. Won easily Time, 13min. 31 l-5sec. The northern lawn tennis championship meeting was successfully concluded at Aigburth, Liverpool, em Saturday, when the challenge rounds were decided flfore a record crowd. E. R. Allen made a big to wrest the Singles Championship from Smith, the Stroud player only retaining the title aftel a long 8trrnggle. In the Ladies' Championship another good contest was witnessed, Miss Martin, who had but to win on this occasion to become abs& lute possessor of the cup, succumbing to Mrs. Hill- yard. The Doubles challenge round was also keenh fought and resulted in a win for the brothers Doherty, Hillyard and Cazalet playing up well against the champions. The only tame match ol the day was that for the All-England Mixed Doubles Championship, Cazalet and Miss Robb beirl<' verv 'beaten by H. L. Doherty and Miss C. Cooper. ° On Saturday Mr. Quy Crosland, of Huddersfield. and Mr. E. A. Lassen, of Ravenscliffe, Bradford, met in the final of 36 holes for the amateur golf championship of Yorkshire. It was soon seen that the two players were very evenly matched, and a cloae and interesting contest was witnessed by a targe gathering of onlookers. Mr. Lassen had the «etter start in the first round, and won the first hole, with a brilliant two at the short third hole Crosland squared, and at the eighth he was 2 up, Lassen being fclrfi lTi aPPr°aching and putting. Crosland failed oaaiy at the ninth, and the match turned 1 up in hia w^i r,etriainder of the round was very even, Out at the finish Lassen was 1 up. The second round was an even closer match, Lassen finishing in 81. There was never more than a hole between the player* until Lassen won both the 13th and 14th. Hisoppo- nent, howevor, got tl'Etll back by winning the 15th and 16th, &nd the 17th being halved in 5 the match was all square with the 18th to play. A sensational 2 by Lassen ended the game in his favour, he win- ning by 1 up. The score fairly represented the cha- racter of the play. Lassen drove a long ball, but Crosland approached very accurately. Rainy weather again interfered with cricket on Monday. The matches at Lord's between M.C.C. and Ground and London County, at Kennington Oval, between Surrey and Oxford University, and at Bir- mingham, between Warwickshire and Gloucester- shire, could not be begun at all. At Derby, Derby- shire took first innings against Yorkshire, but, on a soft pitch, could do little, and were all out for 69. The visitors also found run-getting difficult, and at the close of the first day's play had lost seven wickets for 101. At Nottingham, Notts on Monday opened a match with Lancashire, and com- piled the moderate score of 135, while Lancashire, when play ceased for the day, had got 93 at the cost of two wickets. Middlesex visited Leicester to play Leicestershire, who batted first, and, in the time available for play on Monday, obtained 154 for six wickets. At Brighton no beginning could be made in the match between Sussex and Cambridge Uni- versity until late on Monday afternoon, when the home team went in and hit up 122 at the cost of two wickets. Cricket all over the country was free from rain 011 Tuesday. At Lord's, Alec Hearne, in scoring 142 for the M.C.C. against London County, compiled his first century of the season. Batting first on a soft wicket, Marylebone ran up a total of 353, but the visitors collapsed badly before the bowling of Alec Hearne and Young, all being out for 55. Sussex gained a big advantage over Cambridge University, at Brigh- ton, as after scoring 345, they closed their innings, and then dismissed the Light Blues for 132, Bland's bowling proving very deadly. Yorkshire, thanks to a timely stand by Tunnicliffe and Rhodes, led Derbyshire on the first innings by 126. The Derby wicket was by no means difficult, but the home batsmen could do little with the destructive deliveries of Rhodes and Haigh, and had to acknowledge de- feat by an innings and 24 runs. At Birmingham, Warwickshire scored 285 against Gloucestershire, the batting of the brothers Quaife being the feature of the innings. The visitors lost two wickets in com- piling 94. At Kennington Oval, V. F. S. Crawford hit up 121 for Surrey against Oxford University, this being his first century of the season for the county. Surrey declared at 361, and then dis- missed two of the Universitv batsmen for 92.











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