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The County Observer Forty-sixth Year of Publication. -0- Scale for Advertisements. PER INSERTION. <HneiaJ Announcements. ? Single Column. Parliamentary Addresses.. ? Lega.1 Notices ? 6d. per line. frospectuses of Companies Election Addresses Property and Stock Sales Auction Sales t Municipal and other bodies ) Ordinary Notices. 3s. per inch in depth. Ba.Ia.nce Sheets. Statements of Accounts. Houses Waiitecl Houses to Let J Entertainments "'1 Agriculture Shows. ) 6 d. per in tb. Subscription Lists. Is. 6d. per inch. Wedding Presents ) SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. ") Servants Wanted. 12 words 18 words 24 words Situations Vacant. Apartments Wanted Apartments to Let 6d. 9d. !a. Money ts Lend Articles Lost. Articles Found. Articles for Sale Three weeks for double above charges. Must be paid for when the order is given, or double the above scale charges will be made. Remittances received in Postage Stamps. Printing or \)ery Descriptio" AUCTIONEERS' Particulars. Fosters, & Catalogues. SOM!CMES' Prospectuses, Lithographic Maps, & Plan. TRADESMEN'S Cards, Dill Heads, & Note Headings. All comm unctions to J. H. CLARK, (JaUNTY OBSERVER CBiee, USK, Monmouthshire. yOTING BOYS pt-epstred for PUBLIC SCHOOL ENTRt\NCK and thf, NAVYat their «wQ or (by letter), Tr-fOB, ? ObeervM-" OSce, Usk. irt!rV 7 ASTE PAPER FOR SALE, good and denn 8s. pf-r cwt. Appty at the CovNTT OBSBRVElt CSif'e, U6k. ?PO BE LET, from 2nd FEBRUARY next, about JL 40 ACRES of good MEADOW LAND, well iMippHed with water, at LLANSOV, near Usk.—Apply to TtFPlNS and Sox, Moninonth. County Courts in Circuit 24. .COURTS will be held at the several Court-towns ? on this Circuit, before Hia Honour JuDGB OWEN, the Judge thereof, on the days and at the timohereunder mentioned:— Time, a.m. Nov. Dec. Jan. Chepstow 10 5 3 7 Barrv 10 6 4 8 CardifE 10 7 S H n 10 M 6 10 10 9 7 11 ? 10 10 8 12 Abergavecny 10 10 Btaenavoa 10 12 14 Tredeutr 9.30 13 11 15 Fontypoo! 10 14 12 16 Newport 10.30 15 1K 17 11 16 14 18 „ Monmoatb 10 20 18 22 Roas 9.30 t Crickhowell 11 15 Usk 17 PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Fxecuted at the "CCUNTY OBSERVER' OFFICE. WE G!VE FOR A GUINEA t Pair SuperSneWttneY Blankets, each Blanket bound mnh '71bs. weight; Pair White Twilled Sheets, 2 yds. by 2} yds hemmed ready for use; 1 Pair White Pillow Cases. Ml size. jtuttonedends; 1 White Counterpane, 3 yds.long b¥, 2t yds. twide, woven pattern, good design; 1 Duchesse toilet Set. All settl Carriage Paid on receiPt of P.0.0. <BROOKF<Et-DS, Mafttat Sq., STAFFORD. ESTABLISHED OVER 100 YEARS. ESTABLISHED t85L BiRKBESK B&MK AmthamptMi BIdngs., Chancery LM., London, W.c. CURRENT ACCOUNTS ?? 0 on the minimum monthly balancea, ?? 0? ?? ? whom mot diawn below -ElOO. ? /o 10 DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS ???o ?1 ? MDepcsitB.Mp.y&MeondemaBd. ? 12- ? STOCKS AND SHARES Bteet* and Shares purchased and sold for customera. The BIRKBBOK AIjMANAOK, with Mt panleuW'!lt ptà free. mANCIS RAYENSCROn, Mtxsgef ltlmhom No. & Holborn. ftlegNplKc .d4dr_: "BIBXBHCK, LONDON." CURE FOR SHIQKEF CBI.l'IKErS Get a hatchet, chop up all the ricketty furniture you have had from Inexperienced House Furnishers, who know about as much of the business as the business knows of them, pile the broken rubbish in the grate, and set the same on ure. This will rid you of the sight and annoyance of worthless goods, and coax the most obstinate chimney into a proper performance of its duty. Should the process set the chimney on nre, it will re- move the accumulation of soot, leave the chimney quite clean, and show you conclusively that it shou'd have been swept. You will then re-furnish with goods supplied by BEVAN ANi) COMPANY (LIMITED), And known throughout Wales as "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS" Whose experience of balf-a-century and whose position as the Largest Furnishers in the Principality are sufficient guarantees that none but thoroughly reliable goods will be supplied. HAVE YOU SEEN In their windows the following wonderfully cheap lot? i Leather Cloth Suite, consisting of conch, two easy chairs, and six small chairs. 1 Bevelled-plate Overmantel, in walnut frame. 1 nve-pillar Walnut -tnlaid Loo Table. 1 handsome Bordered Tapestry Carpet. 1 ditto Hearth Rug to match. ] Brass Rod Fender; i Set Fire Brasses, and 1 pair Lace Curtains. THE VVHOL.E LOT ONLY W S9 17 6 4M BE VANS COMPANY IMMENSE SELECTION! MARVELLOUS PRICES! FREE DELIVERY! Clarence Street and Hanbury-Road, PONTYPML ALSO AT SWANSEA, NEWPORT, & CARDIFF. CLOTHING A BIG STOCK OF NEW GOODS FOR THE SEASON AT SIMPSON'S, I PONTYPOOL. Inspection Invited. 0 LLO W A ?? ? ? ? ?? ? Cures Lumbago, Sciatica, Sprains, ????'??? Rheumatism, Stiff Joints and Contracted Muscles. THERE IS MAGIC IN ITS TOUCH ? ? ? When applied to Poisoned Wounds, Sores, Bad Legs, Pites, Fistulas, ???????? and all Ailments of an Innammatory nature. ?/? ? ? ? N\ ?? S?? DISEASES IN ALL FORMS ?y????T?N? IT CANNOT BE EQUALLED. I MMiufactiured only at 78, New Oxford Street, London sold by all Chemists and Medicine Vendors. FRUIT! FRUIT!! FRUIT! CURRANTS—Quality oifered is excellent and Prices LOWER. RAISINS—Great Reduction a Good Line at 4cL Ib, Sultanas, Muscatels, Pulled Figs, Metz Fruits, Dates, etc. PROVISIONS. PROVISIONS. PROVtSiONS' BACON AND HAMS A SPECIALITY. CHOICEST OLD CHEDDAR. A..LES, "{7VI:N"r.;S, A:M'I3 WORTH I NC-x'l'O N'S ALE in Bottle at Is. 9d. per dozen; Half-pints in Rne condition. SPIRITS—GaHons and half-gallons supplied to the trade prices low. Executors ojT the Late Edvvard, CENTRAL SUPPLY STORES, USK. +. -L 'L' R. HERBERT. 1 -r "17V -y- N'" S Q -U- .A.. R.. E, 'u's:ES:. AGENT yep: W. & A. GILBEY'S. WINES & SPIRITS HENNESSY'S THREE STAR BRANDY. JAMESON'S IRISH WHISKEY. Rogers' A.K. Ales and Stout in Quart Flagons, &; 9 &: 18 Gallon Casks. W BASS' ALE AND GUINESS'S STOUT IN BOTTLES. Me "Cfm])tf M-mr" N8WS]W RRq Printin[ COlnuany, L:(!. PUBLISHING OFFICES BRIDGE STREET, USE: ,as been estt-olislied 45 years, and from the advantageous position of the Publishing Offices- IN THE CENTRE OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH .—and its Circulation in the Rural and Agricultural Districts It stands PRE-EMINENT AS AN-ADVERTISING MEDIUM For the Sale by Auction of Farming Stock, Produce, Furniture, and Landed Property for Wants of all kinds, &c within a radius of many miles Special Repords are g,iven of the Meetings o/ the Monmotthshire Oounty couqicii, the Monmouthshire Chambe)- of Agr,icitltui-e, c., With which no other Paper In the Comity attempts to vie. FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS. DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE THE I] GREAT SPECIFIC j TTMt. J. COLLIS BROWNE JLF (!a.te Army Medical StaC) BiSCOVERED A REMEDY, to denote which lie coined the word CHLORODYNE. Dr. Browne is the SOLE INVENTOR. and, M the cpm- position of Chlorodyne cannot possibly be discovered by AIiaIysis (organie- sub- etaaoea defying elimination), and since the fomM]la hM never been published, it is evident that any statement to the eSect that a compound is identical with Dr. Browne'e CMorodyne must &< false- .TT?m. J. O COLLIS BROWTnE'S RODYNE. Vice-Chan- ?!or Sir W. PAGE WOoS staged publicly in Court that Dr. J. COMJS iW8GbRItk£ INVENTOR of CB?ORODYNE.that the whole story of the defendant W tnan was deliberately untrae, and he regretted to say it had been sworn to. —See IV., July 13th, 18M. .Tr?R. J. COMJS BROWKE'S LJL? 'LCHLOITOD X31 is the T&UJB PALLIATIVB !B .TMrBUKALCHA. CtOUT. 'J? CANCBB.TOOTHAOHB, f aBBVJU.;XSK. FOR c HOLERA, DTA nHcEA, DYSENTERY. GENERAL BOARD of HEALTH, London. REPORT that it ACTS M a. CHARM, one dose generaUy sum- cien t. Dr. GIBBON. Army Medical Stag. Calcutta, states: "Z DOSES SCtOaMff, PLETELY CURED ME of DIARRHGEA" The iM-usTRAT.sD LoM)ON Nzva oi Sept. 28,1895, sayB: "H I were š:t' which smBte medicine I should to t e abroad with me, as !&ely to be most generaUymsefn], to the exctnston of all others, I should say CHLORODYNB. I neve)' travel without it, and its Mneral aM)Hoabi!ity to the rebel of a E?uer'?al ?l?er o simple aments forma itacest feoommemda?on." Royal Irish Fmiliers, Cort. Feb. 6th, 1896. DEAR SB:.—I wish to give public testanony to the im&tite vaJae vhieh yptu' remedy for Dysentery and bitHTha'a b It. B&OWNE'a CHItOMDYN?) pNYed ?to ?MYe'ot members of the Special :;el'V1ce o!ptSo in the recent Ashanti Expedition. IbouKhtasmaUbottle just before leaving London for West Atnca.and having used tt myself with beneBciaJ result, treated some of my comrades with equal success (though some of them were very bad). I should be rery glad to recommend it to any- r¡ a1}t tlo travel in a :eJ; climate, where they are 80 much CX- posed to this dangerous malvAY. er&te&Uy yours, &. SMITH:. G. Sd." &1.1'. To J. T. DAVENTORT. ITMt. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S m F CELORODYNE rap outo. short aU aittaeks oi Tr?PH?TS?, BPABMS, J'? COLIC, rAJjTITATIOtr, JETTBTBRIA. ?-MrORT?NT CAPTION. ETh. IMMENSE SW of tMa REMEDY has RiYen rise to many UNSCRJp8šen&"brTIl Be careful to obaerre Trade Mar? Of &H (atemista, la. ltd., ? 9d<t and ?s. Co. ???. SOMMjunnfAonnmt, J. T. DAVENTORT, ,V. GAUT R=" Bwame W.Q!! COAL. BIG REDUCTION IN PRICES. PER TON. First Class Large Coat 18/- Good Coal 16/- NOTE ADDRESS— T. WLLLI¿4.NS 4 SOlV'J Trosprai,it fuharjr, VO.,V-TYPOOZ;. ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS RAILWAY ACCIDENTS, EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY, INSURED AGAINST, AND FIDELITY BOISDS GRANTED BY THE RAILWAY PASSENGERS ASSURANCE COMPANY. Established 1849. Claims paid £4,150,000. 64, CORNRILL, LONDON. A. YIAN, Secretary. Local Agent: Mr. J. p. MAYBBs, G. W. Railway, Pontypool Rottd. ??E Oj? ?? ? "B)" JV" '?T?.T* INSURACE OFFICE. OC, ? gunt insured iu 1899 exceeded :E?L3S,<30C?€3C?. For all particulars apply to ME. THOMAS REES, JuNR., AGENT AT TMK. Sunday Closing for M<m:MOu!hshn'e. The London correspondent of the "Manchester Guardian" says:—Although Mr. Kpicer, who had charge of the Sunday Closing (MonHiOutbfbire) Bill last Session is 'no longer a member of Parliament, arrangementa will he made for the re-introduction of the measure next February; and in order to obtain as favourable a place as possible for it, a syndicate," including Sir William Harcourt, Mr. McKenna. Mr. Lloyd George, and Mr. Herbert Roberta (all "backera" of the late Bill), and most of the Weish Liberat membets ia already iu process of formation. SELF FITTING 'E? ?? tN?' ????.i NS.jEb? ELJEJ?A ? A GUARANTEE WfTH EVERY PAtR. SRE THE KAMK TRADE MARK ON EACH SHIELD. It unable to obtain frc,,n th, ieadine; dr&pery store in the town write to KLEtNERT RDXSER GO 63 Basingh..IlSt. London, N.Q The man who does not advertise is nowhere and 'hat indvidual will soon need advertising for. -The Rev O. H. Spurgeon. or OHMH FBR ME I)ARS WO$RK y Boys and GMs om get a NICKEL- ??n? t A PLATED WATCH. ? & CHAIN aDd ? E ? ?t CHARM for aemnfr H dMen padotges of m.??M F? BLUUtE at FtvepetMe et?eh. Send yonr ?? ?? ?M ?? Ml addMaa. indnding ntune of c.?ty. by return mat!, tmd we W. ,= the l:: ?BB!?? t post paM. and a hu?e premiom Ust- No money ??? t teonhed. BLUIttB Co. (Dtpttrtm?nt F 1) 2?:ucnY B<Mtd, WMt tt?MMed. t?tt?Mh t?. §t