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CURRENT SPORT. I In a golf match for £ 100 on the links of the 'Sunningdale (Berks) Club on Saturday T. Var- -don, of Sandwich, defeated J. White, of Sun- ningdale, after a close game, by 2 up-and 1 to play. J'. Butler, of the Polytechnic, concluded on Saturday a walking race from London to Brighton and back, covering the distance—104J ,piles--in 21h. 36min. 27sec. The long-talked-of match between picked "crews of the American cruisers Chicago and Illinois was rowed in twelve-oared barges on ;Saturday at Villefranche. Over Y.1,200 had been .raised as stakes, and the rivalry among the man was very keen. At half-past two the Illinois sent -off her champion with a round of cheers, and after some delay the Chicago's boat also cleared away, both being taken in tow by steam launches to the start, which was about three miles out to sea. Both were magnificently steered in the Choppy sea, and the rowing was regular, but somewhat short, being over forty to the minute. As calmer water was reached the Chicago's men Gorged gradually ahead, and although the Illinois' ,crew kept doggedly on to the end, they were clearly overmatched. The Chicago's boat passed the winning flag 16sec. before that of the Illinois, amid deafening cheers. The competition for the Association Football First League Championship on Saturday pos- sessed its old nature of inconsistency—that is, speaking generally. There was an upset of that idea about the advantage of playing at home, for Sheffield Wednesday, Everton, and West Bromwich Albion all gained substantial victories on their opponents' grounds, and in two instances there were drawn games. But the feature of Saturday's football was the heavy scoring, that is, heavy for these modern days of superlative defence. Perhaps the most remarkable game was that at Liverpool, in which the home club beat Middlesbrough by no less than five goals to none. Middlesbrough since their admission to First Division honours have done so well and have earned such a good position in the com- .petition that to have five goals scored against them was matter of much surprise. West Bromwich Albion, with their clever win over Aston Villa, strengthened their position at the head of the list. They have shown very good form this season, but few suspected them of this capacity to beat their old rivals, particularly a the game was on the Aston Park ground. The Villa are certainly a disappointing side this year, and the end of two months finds them far removed down the list. The Bolton Wanderers are still waiting for their first victory in the competition, for on Saturday they were beaten for the eighth time this season out of nine matches. Derby County's win over Sunderland was one of the biggest things of the afternoon, and their success was again marked by the wonderful strength of attack, in which Steve Bloomer and Goodall played a very prominent part. Sheffield Wednes- day's win over Notts Forest gave them third place in ihe table of results, for they beat Notts County's position on the goal average. The Blackburn Rovers have still only a solitary win to their account, the Wolverhampton Wanderers -are going strongly, and Notts County are not playing with the consistency which maiked their early play in September, being only able to draw with Grimsby. Woolwich Arsenal beat Manchester City in a very hard game at Plumstead in the Second Jueague by one goal to none, a result that greatly delighted the large crowd. Gooing scored the goal early in the second half. Bristol City and Small Heath played a drawn game at Bristol, each scoring once. These results leave Bristol City at the head of the competition, a point in Iront of both Manchester City and Lincoln City, while a point further behind come Woolwich Arsenal and Small Heath. The results of the most important ties in the third round of the qualifying competition for the Association Cup played oil Saturday, were is follows :—New Brompton beat Clapton at New Brompton by two to hone. Luton beat Queen's Park Rangers at Kensal-rise by three to none. Watford and Fulham drew at Watford, one all. Oxford City and Brentford drew at Oxford, two -all. Swindon beat Yeovil Casuals at Yeovil by -four to none. Ilford beat Hastings and St. Leonards at Ilford by four to none. Chesterfield Beat Newark, six to none. Gainsborough Trinity beat Doncaster Rovers, one to none. Burslem Port Vale beat Stalybridge Rovers, two to one. Glossop beat Crewe Alexandra, three to none. Burton United beat Northampton, two to none. 'Wellingborough beat Whitmore White Cross, three to none. Kettering beat Gresley Rovers, one to none. Leicester Fosse beat Irthling- borough, one to none. Manchester United beat Slccrington Stanley, seven to none, Oswald- twistle Rovers beat Rochdale, two to none. Barnsley beat Belper Town, four to one. Bristol East and Poole drew, one all. Lowestoft Town beat West Croydon, three to one. Luton Amateurs beat West Norwood, five to none. Shepherd's Bush and Maidenhead Norfolkians flrew, two all. Southall beat Aylesbury United, three to two. Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United played a drawn game at Tottenham in the ^Southern League, both sides scoring once. Bris- tol Rovers beat Millwall at Millwall by two goals to none. Reading and Southampton drew their game at Reading-one goal all. In the Scottish League Glasgow Rangers beat "!t'bird Lanark, two to none Celtic beat Kilmar- nock, three to one Heart of Midlothian beat Queen's Park, five to two; Hibernians and Partick Thistle drew, two all; St. Mirren and Crreenock Morton drew, one all; Port Glasgow and Dundee drew, nil. In the second round of the qualifying competi- tlon for the Amateur Cup, the following were the principal results among the Southern Divisions: Upton Park beat Crouch End Vam- Plres' three to two; Civil Service beat Leighton Cee Springs, one to none Eversleigh beat Lee, two to none; Tunbridge Wells and Horsham drew, two all; Shoreham beat Hove, four to three Slough beat Maidenhead, four to none Chelmsford beat Halesworth, six to three Little- hampton beat Eastbourne, one to none; New- haven beat St. Leonards, three to one; Old St. Mark's beat Croydon Wanderers, ten to two; Norsemen beat Luton Clarence, two to one. Though not at full strength, the Corinthians played a good game with Portsmouth, the « °^ +i,ern Lea§ue champions at the Queen's Club, ana the result was a draw—two goals all. B. O. orbett, who all along played capitally at out- «de left, scored the first goal for the amateurs, £ if alu° beat Reilly before half-time. The visitors showed very good com- bination at times, but were met by a very strong defence, in which Mr. Morgan-Owen and O. T. tNorris were prominent. At length, however, Cunliffe scored from a long pass by Smith, and corner resulted in Brown heading a goal that equalised matters. The Corinthians had more the game after this, but Ball, of East Sheen, wi+v. WttS in tlle centre, missed some chances, and wJvT ■ Morgan-Owen also at fault the score "remained level until the end. Pniversity won a curious game at six ffoai?SL/t0m the London Caledonians by tiLs C™J°U £ ^hey began by scoring five Ifellin ]?arn1S;' ^arnfield, Booker, and thpTi onf ,sho> Sims and Drum- after chane<?nf Caledonians, and produSTw „en?s tshoh3 by Ross and Wade «ver, cLSfLf aJSi°F the home team. How- play, and Mellin the subsequent V 7' and Mellm obtained the last goal for them. three^ima? County championship there were ^vislontd^in ? &e nort= 41. +, aa ™e in the south-western. Of these t i _one that aroused most interest was that between Durham and Yorkshire. It wm played at West Hartlepool. Yorkshire turned out a pretty good side, and their defeat by two tries to one goal—a mere margin of one point—points to a steady progress in the Rugby game in York- shire after the defection of the Northern Union Clubs. Durham were very good in the scrum- mage, and their halves just turned the game for the champions. Lancashire went to Birkenhead and beat Cheshire very cleverly by two tries to a goal, while in the south-western group Glouces- tershire and Cornwall drew at one try ea'ch. The match was at Bristol, and was rather disappoint- ing to the home county's friends. It was a good hard match. London Scottish v. Blackheath.-This was a match worthy of the best traditions of the old clubs. Before several thousand people Black- heath won by one try to nothing. The scrum- mages were well fought in the best Rugby style, but the thing that turned the game was the fine work put in for Blackheath at three-quarters by Skrimshire and Forrest. The running, kicking, and passing of both men were wonderful. Skrimshire is by far the best three-quarter tnat we have in London just now, but in playing for Blackheath instead of the London Welsh the Welsh Union ignore his claims to an inter- national cap. Skrimshire is an excellent captain, and commands all that splendid judgment w^^u reminds one of the genius of Arthur Gould. Blackheath had the better of the first half on Saturday, but the Scottish tackling was tremendously good, and there was no scoring before half-time. In the second period things were more even, and the Scotsmen had several shots at goal from free kicks. Eventually Hill got through for Blackheath, who won by this tr" to nothing. Cambridge University v. Old Leysians.—The University beat the Oid Leysians both forward and behind at Cambridge, and won by five goals (two dropped by Sisterton) and one try to three tries. Norman Spicer placed three goals. Oxford University v. Old Merchant Taylors.— The old Merchant Taylors were in great form at Oxford, and won by three goals (two from penalty kicks), and a try to a goal and a try. The scrummage work of the Merchant Taylors turned the game. Richmond beat Guy's Hospital at Richmond Athletic Ground by three goals and three tries to nothing. Harlequins beat London Irish at Stamford- bridge by a goal and a try to one goal. Kensington beat Croydon at Wood-lane by one goal and two tries to one goal. Marlborough Nomads beat St. Bartholomew's Hospital at Winchmore-hill by two goals and four tries to nothing. Lennox beat Rosslyn Park at Richmond by two goals and four tries to nothing. R.M.C., Sandhurst beat Berkshire Wanderers by three goals and three tries to one goal. Cardiff beat Llanelly by two goals to nothing at Cardiff. Newport beat Leicester by two tries to nothing at Leicester. Swansea beat Aberavon by three goals and two tries to one goal at Aberavon. Rugby beat Bedford by two goals and three tries to one try at Rugby. Northampton beat Moseley by two goals and two tries to one try at Moseley. Gloucester beat Stroud by one goal and two tries to nothing at Gloucester. Devonport Albion beat Exeter by one try to nothing at Exeter. Coventry beat Old Edwardians by one try to nothing at Birmingham. Two matches were played in the Wester League Competition on Monday. At Millwall the home team beat Portsmouth after a good game by a goal, scored by Morren, to love. Tottenham Hotspur defeated Queen's Park Rangers at Tottenham by three to none. Barlow scored two of the go tis and J. Jones the third. Aston Villa beat Stoke by five goals to none at Aston-park in the Birmingham Cup. In the Lancashire Cup Preston North End beat Black- pool by five goals to none at Preston. Llanelly beat Leicester at Llanelly under Rugby rules on Monday by two goals and three tries to one try.







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