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SWANSEA. QaKibrianJ\larhie Chimnei/ Pies. CHARLES "flL LIS fttkPKCTFULLY informs h's Pi lends and the Public, taut he still continues to M.dX CTUR E THE ABOVE BEAUTIFUL MAUBLE, ?n?n:? n..v by him a ?r?.tt Quantity, which could be made '?y?n ?;j;. ?..ij.t?f n?tic. ft-otit Five to Tew- Guineas; +r ??.fut?i on reasonable terms to an) dc?i?H. A Sample of the Stone, and Specimen of the Workman- Hp, may be seen at his house, in Wind-street, where unv ?'?rs "Üdró1ied will !?- punctually attended to. Vessels are sailing from Swansea to :?m?'-t. every port in a greater facility of conveyance is ?'dc'dfr?.?tLe?cct.t?.itiiUtnMyutJ[Cr port iu U>e Pria- C¡pnlity. -0.- l-LVs niEYHOLi y GWtr Anrhydeddus IOAN AiiGLif' YDD CAII DOR, DIlDS nOLI, ARGLWYDDIAETH CYDWELY. R HODDlR RhyhLldd trwy'r Ysgrif boa, y iY f. I. S NESAF gael ei ro, ydy- ^leu^ '.G Argl wyddiaet'a, yu Nhy-annedst DAVID EVANS, ]it tnhciUref Llandebve, ar Ddydd AlAwimt, "?'a; O ION AWR uesaf, am 12 o' r slock hauticr dydd He y ??.'K'Ay![rt Erfynwyr y dy?'('df?i!? Lys i ddyfod, i ,«•>! pjrchwj-lion porthvnoi iddo.— linoddw^d o dan iy ,lw y ^iaiu o tiiigfyr, IBM. ROGER EYNON, Prif Wy-uv r y dy wededi$'Arglvvyddiaeth. PO F LJ Ll It n T-;T Î\ {(\) if -;L) (( n. ifr S- C BOOKS in'3SJS!!ED BY C. CRAD?Cir ? W. J?Y.. London; Am] may be kid or D. JERKIN, Printer \>f this Paper, torn J. haiiHM r:, SWANSEA; EV ANS, and ILuwu.s, Carmarthen; WILLIAM?, ^lerthyr-Tydlil; LKS IS, CARDIGAN; GEE, Denbigh; Pifitx.ips, Ruthiu; J ONES, UoigclU'H; SAUNUEHSOM, Bala; LEWIS, Newport; and all other Booksellers, A. ihe SECOND ESHTIOX, with numerous Ctlts, enlarged and much improved, price liú, sewed, C"1 UY'S NEW BRlTiSU PRIMER, for vA_R' ,I?l f,?iri A;;e; intended to precede the f«EVV BRITISH ?rhLLi?U-HOOK, :Md other hifmia! ?cn.mgH.m)ks. 2. I ue Sevrktu F.ornev, on i?'.o paper, cori-ectei and much improved m tuc arrauvcuictu, with Id new Cats J- is -id. homui, ^L'VsNLW BRITISH SPELLING-BOOK, or an tiUrud?tn)tnoS?.U)t?'-t!<t Reading, in Seven Parts, con- • a at vartct? of easy Li-su!? <?x:?ity adapted io '?'?'?s?f y()t.fn,:tnd:u?N?-d.n?H?,c?Y,?nd ?!?-)n.?)r.r)\?t?l\?)),.s?-\y?j?irt-dtv?-daud:t.c- ?i.t?t?-c?idB?t()t!)eHUtc-.tmtid.?ot' pronunciation. 8.. Uu jiae paper, and hainlsomeiy pruMcd; IHi':eb. neatly boned, ?mjY?NE'V ?Hrr:S? READER or SKQ?EL to h? "!?.v HRrrrsu S{'i,:?!N(;- BOOK, containis^ a great variety of aj.y f,essou<, selected from tiie most approved Authors; ^*U •» a yery easv srradatioit, and adapted .r> the junior ,uk"" ot Ladl\"s' aud (eutlemen s khools. 4. 'ite i(fill) EDITION, f-nhu"-?, vcrvcon- sderahly imiH'Jxed, aRd ltandsomeh printed, price h. (id. tOUW¡ 111 re(\,  EULlSH SCHOOL GlL\M\L\H; in which tr::c?;.??.u?r;Ui<)), is, every stiMJ, hlrnrif'd with Theory. I V*L* UJOS, j5ie5] mui i^xercisrs; ucluf>tcd tliruu^hout to ?'L:? ot Scliools and Private Teaehers/ ?- SEGO\O Knrnux, cui?r?'d Hnd math improved, re.yal ■iSino. with seven handsome Alaps, prica bonnd in red, CI Y:s se II 00 L GEOGRA Pii it on a new, easy, and .•dy approved pk»n; comprisicj; net *nly a coniplei/- ?««er.i! Dcocription, but much Topographical 1 nformatioii, ,n ;s well digested order; exhibiting.Uiree distinct Paris, and forming one connected Whole. to and Capacity, atlj to every Class of Learners, in Ladies' and (.icnileKien's Schools. Ihe Maps on a handsome drawing paper, neatlv co- ■ Jov.t-ed, are soid separate for Uio eouteiiieuce of Teaciter. trici^ 2s. sewed. ti. a coinplcls; Set of Sums in the ifrst four fttilcs of Arithmeiie, printed in larue Figures, the Copy- book StZG., having all ins Sums set, and all the Lines ruled *♦0 excellent writing paper, SE»;OX.U LIJITIOX, price &. (id. *io. hulf :>ouud. Also, A K E Y ti8 the above Sams, price Sd. 7. ?'?'? ?"r??i on fine paper, handsomely printed, ,.Wi lu-ar two huwil:"l W'W articl(.s adur'd, lIl!l th," whole carcfiiiY" tlu"■'l' r,rVv articles added, and the whede iii-7 ? ?'<'?'Ot'?-?'?'?'?P???'?)P'??=-?'?"'??' ?-?ybQU?, Y" I I CYCLOP.EDtA; or,M?<-(?an? of ,from the latest and best Authorities, d???d DPVITRN^D F-VR sfi-,irii the iiiii l-,c,?t youn Pcr- sousin SrneKn/e!dc°nt;uni; much useful Information on V-ii''nn V'* ,,ec<?«ary to be known bv .d[ i??ons.? fcli rni t lU bl founc! iu Books of general Ùe in 1>!Ook Bv 11 ot b,? fou,,ii ja ???? of C,,e in r Guy, 1,-ttfGeogi-ap!iy, ,"uya Mi- h"t?? 'yCc-k-?,(!rca<.Marlow. q ?9?Y'? (?fARTof<jNKR.\L II1STORY. Ancicut 'ft1;1 "???' on ??'X''shcf-tofCoh<)ut)!f-rdr?th? p iper, nl. ¡';C<)ND l',[)ITION, ('O;Tlct('d, piiei 7s. coloured; oi< ??m''??.t.ndrui!<-)-.s 10s. (id.; and voi-inslied, price lb. ?" ?yal ito. ?rtcc 18s. nf'.ith it?'?und; or fkll co- lou.i d, 1 l. t' O'-iTPT r > j-»'i t EW Gt'iN It A L ATLAS c?nt?inh)? dis- \i7,; 'p t'ie pri'neipal .States and Kingrloars tiiroa^h- o<it *i, '0l .i.i' *r»!a the latest and host Authorities, iueluvU in"^ ^», :\la.p ot ancient Greece, and of t4o Roman i.?ni?: <? ?' ?'?y??''??'? upon plates, royal 4to. ami ?"?autttut.i, y coioured ontii?.s. ?' h'?? ?'?'?'" ??"?, jil,?t published, with cons:J<-?- bJe ¡U¡¡\¡¡:¡¡,l:i U ?"i"'?'e?cutM, 1price 7s. ?i. !21no. u"?<M!.y boufid, ??..???????K;T!ON to GEO(RA PUY and AS '?!?.?;?Y? b the Use of Globes and Maps; to which '?-?'?) the Construction of Map, and a Table of Lnti- ki 'll'i" and J. BIWCE, of Newer.sile- n°^t. ij('j t1 this pt'-?on the pottui?mm of towns hi ??t  :'on) the Popuiatio') returns or ?1 [. flhtia U taken Ùom the Population Returns of Hn1. ???v?"?'?stpuh!).shed,p!-ic?2.<.6d.s?Y.'< q,\(,}, t. tu BaUCE's GEOGRAPHY; containin- An- !) tlt )t.l) !rJ:" I J\t' l ¡. f "???insint'ieGt-t?raphy.?yJ.HRU!-). 3nst u^ 'SHED, the FIFTH Eorrtox, corrected and much h?tj, .?-d, '.?e F!tT;! E..)!t':oN, corrt'ctMl :mf! nuicij j^'proy a C¡:or¡jfJhkal FrontispH"l'l', pnc;: .b. ??' ?? ?A?Cn'?TMd MODERN GEO Gil ,Jo:l"i :r ?)LL Geographical l?aun)':?'oi)s. By ???''?,,?? ?"?.! '? Maacfecster," Anth»r bf 1Ui!i) dcmen- "'? ?'?? Anthwr bf ?H!y cicmc.n- 13. SECOSO EDITION, illustrated with Copper Pfcitos and Wood Cuts, price &. (id. A TREATISE on the CONS'ERECTING and COPY- ING all Kinds of fiKOGR A PH i CA L MAPS, in Four Parly. Uy THOMAS DIX, Master of North- \V alahftin Aca- demy, and Author of a Treatise on Land Surveying, i&c.— Part 1. Elucidates the Globular, Slereographic, anit'Merca- j tor's Pro_jections the World.-Part j L. On the Projw-tion of Maps of particular parts of the World.— Part ill. A Description of Instruments, by the help of which the Me- ridians and Parallels of Latitude may be drawn with great facility.— Part IV. Directions for inserting places, dra wing' ^rivers, sea-coasts, and other boundaries, and for copying, colouring, mounting, and other ininutire for Mapping. 11. Price 4s. bound,5 the FOURTH EMTIO*, (with consi- derable Improvements), ARITHMETIC; adapted to different Classes of Learn- ers, but more particularly to the Use of large Schools. In Three Parts, arranged in a new manner, and enlivened with numerous original Examples on interesting subjects. Wittl an Appendix, containing Five Classes of Recapitulatory Exercises. By Go of Standard iiill i demy, N ottingnajn. 15. The TmRD EDITION, very much enlarged, price fid. neatly hound, A KEY to GOOD AC RE's ARITHMETIC; confail1- 1 iug Answers tw every Question iu that Work, with the Solu- tions, nearly at full length, of more timu one thousand of the most important Examples, iutersnersed with (?phniDtory Notes "wd Observasions; by the Author of the Arithmetic. 16. An ABRIDGMENT of GOODACRE's ARITii- for the Uue of Ladies' Schools and junior Classes,! pri ce Is. thl. iistif-bound. Also, the necessary TA BLES in ARITHMETIC and MENSURATION, arranged in one page, post ito. o, a small type, and Oil line stout paper, price vid. 17. Duodecimo, priee 4s. luntud, A TREATISE en BOOlv-KEEPl.NG, ?daptod ? t!? 0.t'of Schools; eonlaiaing two Sets of Books by 'SiMKt?! Lain, one hy Double Eniry, and an Outline. Set to oc I ¡;(ll1P )y either method; to which is added, a Familiar | Dissertation OH the various Oil Is and ?otc?u-.<'d in Com- merce ax Substitutes for Ca,h. By ROBERT GOODACUK. EDITION', murhahcredandtmprovcd, just published, priced. Lid. bound, The TUTOR'S ASSISTANT MODERN IZED, or -i regular System of Practical Arithmetic; comprising all the modern Improvements in that Art which are nece.»ary for the Man of Business and the practical S -holar. By the Rev. THOMAS PKACOCK., me4ir Duriiani. 19. The Htscoxiy Eorrto.v, illustrated with Plates, price 4s. (jd. 1'jimo. bound, The PRACTICAL MEASURER; containing the U,-e« of Logaritlnns, (iuntcr's Scale, the Carpenter's Rule, ajid the Sliding Ruie; tie best and most approved Modos of drawing Geometrical Figures; the Doctrine of Plane Tri- gonoiuetry, and its application to Heights and Distances; iiie Mensuration of Superiiees, Solid*, a/Id Artiticer's Work, j and the Methods of Survey tug, Planning, and Dividing Laud. The whole illustrated w ith a great V ariety of Ex- amples and Figures, adapted to the Capacities of young Scholars, aud'stutf-d to real Business. Ry the Rev. THO.UAS PKACOCK. 20. In Bvo. with numerous Wood Cuts by Bewick, and dedi- cated to t!ie Lord tip. of Duriiam, i TIIP PRACTICAL SURVEYOR; being a Treatise on Snrveyiug;, fo17 Ofol By tlw Iev. | Jon\r FUit\Ess, Pontelaud, Northumberland. i. fit a handsome thick 1'21110. volume, with an elegant Frontispiece, price tb. 6J. bound; or oil large paper for Families, forming a large Svo. volume, price 12s. tkl. boards, Tire WORLD DISPLAYED; or the Characteristic Features ofSatnrc awd Art exlribited. On a new plan, jR- tended for Youth in general, as an Outline of tne most striinn? Parts of Human Knowledge, and :M a fieniem- braaccr to those of riper Years; being a concise View of Geography, particularly the British Islp,s! íH:ir History, Law:i, ComtituÜoJls, &c. Of Maps, their V andlcs. Cu- rious Animals, Vegetables, Fossils, &e. Extraordinary litim,,ti Art iii(taitry, Alecliiiii?-.ii various Philosophical 0 'it the Aurora ?or''aus, Thunder, Lightning, Earthquakes, Winds, Spmi?s, SaUncss of U¡ {'a, &c., tile Link. that joiii fit(- all, itia- nynatcd parts of the Creation; Biography, Foreign and Domestic, Lives of the Heroes at the Siege of Tr<)y, &c. By ,'VB\' GRBK;, Private Teacher of Geography; Author o! an Inlroduction to the Use of the Globes, Ladies' Arith- metic, Heavens Displayed, Expeditious Instructor, &c. < 22. The EIKJITM r: DITIOX, price Is. in coloured paper, The C VrECHbSM of NATURE: for the Use of Chil- dren. By Dr. MAKTJNKT, Professor of Philosoj»by at Zut- phen. Translated from the Dutch, by the Rev. Jon.V HAM., of the Englisi) Churcii at Rotterdam. Read nature, nature is a friend to truth." Yottrig. 21 SIXTH EDITION, price &. neatly bound, M. ('ORDER!! COLLOQUlORUiNI CENTURfA S INFECT A or, a Select Century of M. Corderiu»' CoUo- quies: in Four Iboks; the two iirst. accompanied with a Literal Translation. To w hich are added, TH« Vocabula- ries, t-n^ first of which contains the Conjunctions, Preposi- tions, interjections, and the more common Adverbs that oc- clIr in this Selection; the second, the Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Participles, and the less common Adverbs. Abo a Scheme of Latin Nuinlvcrs. By the Rev. JOHN FARRIUJI, formerly Master of Wiltoft-lc-Wear School, in the county of Durham, ajtd late Y^car of Stanw ix, Cumberland. 21. A JSeiv EDITION, (lone up in coloured paper, with a head of the Author, price 'j. fid. sewed, The ARCANA of SHORT HASO; or. Expeditions Writing made Easy. By II. Ewiwrov. To which are now added, Regular Lessons, for want ot wmdl few have gained a perfect know ledge therein.

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