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• Fishguard Easter Vestry.

» Fishguard Petty Sessions.

» Fishguard Parish Council.







'»j Good Friday at Vachelich,





ST. DAVIDS NEWS The Councii School will re-open on Mouday next. Much damage has been done on Ramsey Island by the firing of the go. ::e. The Rev. Canon W. William-, B.l>„, vkar < of Jeflreyston, is the canon in residence iof tfie ensuing three months. Duiiog lloiy week he has been giving stirring addiesses oil lie six-fold trial of Christ. # Nearly half of the citizens ran down to Wellheld on Thuisday evening, when it ,a< rumoured the house was on fire. We } ate {{.eased to state no serious damage was done. The wreck of the Christine wa.- sold by aue- tion on Wednesday, April 11th, by Mr. W. H. Jones, Mi. L. R. Owen being unable to be present owing to illness. We arc j-eased to :ay Mr. Owen is recovering, and will be soon at his work again. j ——.—— J During the last week three beehives belong- ing to Mr. T. B, Rhys, Menevia" boarding house, have been wilfully knocked over, and from one of them nearly all the comb was j stolen. Those guilty of the crime deserve a birching. Temperance Meeting.—On Tuesday even Temperance Meeting.—On Tuesday even f ing next the last temperance meeting of the session will be held in the Tabernacle School, when an excellent programme will be gone through. Mr. T. J. Davies, Penberrv, will preside. -¡¡. j Easter Sunday.—The pulpit, lectern, choir seats, altar rail, and altar in the Caihedral were decorated with bur)ct\e$of primroses, ¡ which gave a very picturesque appearance to the building. The Dan, preached a very praciical sermon. The. Lord Bishop of St. Davids was present at the service. Good Fritiay.-A very beautiful musical ser- j vice was held in the Cathedral on Good Fri- | day evening at 7.15, with an address by the Dean. The choir boys sang the anthem, "Turn lhy face from my sins," exceedingly well. Selections from "The Crucifixion" were sung by the Rev. Biggerton ETans and Rev. G. x*. Gabriel, viz, the bass recitative, tenor solo, and tenor and bass duet, "Jesus said f 'ratiier forgive them, etc. Mr. Morris followed with an organ solo, ♦ Ebenezer Chapel.—Last Sunday the pulpit of tins chapel was occupied morn- ing and evening by the Rev. James Johns, Ci wys, near Swansea, who delivered two ex- ¡ ce lie lit sermons to large congregations. On Monday evening ihe same minister occupied the cna.i at a special meeting of the church; tor the purpose of electing an organist and cnoir leader. Mr. E. J. Martin, Xrehenliiw, proposed, and Mr. Thomas Thomas, London nouse, seconded, that Mr. John Owen, Gwryd Hach, be appointed. This was carried unani- mously. i¡. Lectures on Horticulture.- We are pleased to tind that the Education Committee nas ar- ranged tor Mi. J. L. Kickard to pay another visit to our city. The lectures will com- nicii i Monday, Apiil 30th, at 8, in the Council ochool, St. Davids, and continue ior the next tour nights. Programme ^Mon- day, "Vegetables ior all the year"; Tuesday, "management of fruit trees"; Wednesday, "Strawberries and bush fruits"; Thursday, "Roses and Flowers": Friday, Bee-keep ing." The chanr will be taken by different gentlemen in tlae district each evening. ka-riage.-Oxi Easter Monday at the Catlie dial, Mr. David Richards, of terndale, was t united in the bonds of matrimony to Martha Rowlands, daughter of Mr. Thomas Rowlands, gardener. The nuptial knot was tied u3 the Rev. D. J. Jones, vicar. Showers of confetti and rice greeted the wedding party on leaving. The best man was the biidu groom's brother The bride received seveial useful and valuable presents We wish the couple every happiness and prosperity County School.—An ordinary meeting of local governors was held on There were present the Very Rev. Dean Snioi., chairman.; Messrs. J. H. Griffiths, C.(" A. David, S. J. W. Watts Wiliiains, D.C. Mrs. Hicks Davies, Mrs. Owen Williams, Mr. Thomas, Headmaster, and the Clerk. Letters were read from the C. W.B. re grants, and from the Board of Education, enclosing a sealed copy of the new scheme for Beynon's charity; fiom the local, governors of the Fish- guard County School concerning joint action •j as to scheme. It was resolved that the Clerk reply to the latter, approving of the j principle of joint action as suggested as a last resource, hut that at present it was rie- i sirable to defer any action, as it was under stood that something will be done very soon to assist the necessitous schools. The sketch plans submitted by Mr. Hugh J. P. Thomas, architect, Haverfordwest, lor larger accomino- j dation by addition of class-room, and a cook- ery and workshop, were considered, and J appiovcd as far as the local governors were concerned, and it was decided to ask the architect to furnish specifications. Atten j tion was drawn to the irregular attendance of some of the pupils in school; also to some of them being out after eight o'clock. It i was resolved that the Clerk-rvrite to the par- I ents asking their attention to these inegnl.ui- ties, and to those who hare pupils siayiiig 1 j with them in lodging houses. It was also decided that arrangements be made to con- vey candidates for the P.T. examination to •J Haveifordwest in May at a reasonable rate. j The school will re-open on Monday, April 50th. ———— < Bank Holiday Social, Tea, and Concert. A goodly number of the people of St. Davids celebrated the Easter Monday holiday in plea- j sant social fashion at a tea and Band of < Hope entertainment held in the National School. The proceeds of both meetings were devoted to the furtherance of inissionaiy work j among the heathen. Among the guests we 1 j were specially glad to welcome the Bishop, i Dr. Owen, who is taking a short rest heie. i Tea was on the table from 4 to 6.30, so there was no delay or overcrowding. A stall at one end of the room held a variety of use ful and fancy articles, and a fine show of | cinerarias, the sale of which brought in a substantial addition to the fund. At 7.30 the room was jeady for the entertainment given by a section of the Band of Hope, who. to the number of 106, have met week by week regularly throughout the winter under the guidance of the vicar and Mrs. D. J. Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Jones were also entirely respon- sible for the concert, and must feel richly rewarded for the trouble they have taken. Where all did so well, it would be invidious to single out any for special commendation, but a word of praise must be given to the exquisite singing of the choir The tone war uniformly sweet and pure, and what is far more difficult to obtain, the expression was perfect and every word clearly audible. It [ is hardly possible to imagine any better chil dren's singing than that heard in "Father. dear Father." The action songs, viz., "Scarf driu," by pretty little girls, "Stilt song," and Head and heels," by the boys, of course took capitally; the children knew words and i actioh perfectly, seemed to enter into the ¡ spirit of the songs, and to put grace and J, fun iuto voices as well as gestuies. The f dialogues, especially those by boys, and not 1 ably The temperance doctor," have brought J' to light quite unexpected dramatic talent. These, like the action songs, were peremp- j torily redeinanded. The recitations were numerous, but mostly short and unhagkneyed (e.g., "The bell beneath the sea"). Even though some of the little girls could not make their voices travel quite to the end of the room, they looked so charming that the words were not greatly missed. From a similar entertainment last year we knew what a treat was in store for us in Haydn'S "Toy Symphony," sung and performed by some of the Cathedral choir boys. It went capitally, with the sweetness and vigour of spring it- self. Though there was plenty of fun all through, and laughter sounded frequently and heartily, the keynote of the entertain ment was serious, and should act as a power- ful incentive to temperance work. If a word of kindly criticism may be allowed on so excellent a concert, it would be that the programme was rather lengthy for such young performers, and that, in a children's concert, it is just as well to refuse encores.





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