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AUCTION DIARY. Bal88 by XFMM. CIIUJI ON. FLPHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARDSON. Feb. 9-At the Auction Mart, Foregate-street- Consignment of Carpets and Rugs Feb. 12 13—At the Auction Mart, Foregat, e-st, reet, > -Household Furniture and Effects Feb. 16-At the Grosvenor Hotel-Freehold Pro- perties at Boughton and Tarvin-road Feb. 20 & 21-At Brook House, Huxley—Furni.- ture, China, Pictures, Books, &c. Mar. 12 & 13-At the Auction Mart. Foregate- street-Houøehold Furniture and Effects By MESSRS. CUNNAH A ROBERTS. Feb. 12-At the Chester Smithfield-Fat and Store Cattle Feb. 13 At the Smithfield, • Hooton Store Cattle Feb. 16-At the Blossoms Hotel, Cheater-Free- hold Residential Property at Rhyl and Chester Feb. 16-At the Blossoms Hotel. Chester-Free- hold Residence and Building Land Feb. 16—At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester—Pen-y- Bryn Lead Mine and Sett Feb. 18-At Stone House Farm, Mouldsworth- Live and Dead Farming Stock Feb. 22-At Oliver House Farm, Great Sutton- Farming Stock, Household Furniture, Ac. Feb. 27-At Tattenball-road Auction Mart-Fat Cattle. Sheep. Pigs, and Calves Mar 6-At the Hawarden Castle Hotel, Queen's Ferry- Building Land, at Flintshire. Mar. 8—At the Middle Beachin, Coddington- Farming Stock, &c. By MESSRS. PICKERING A NIGHTINGALE. Feb. 11—At the Mart, Flint-Cattle Feb. 12—At Ermine Cattle Mart—Stock Feb. 12-At the Ermina Cattle Mart-Turnips, Mangolds, Cheese Vat, & Milk Separator Feb. 13 and 14-At Dunham Hall Farm, Dunham Hill—Farming Stock and Effects Feb. 21-At the Shrewsbury Arms Inn, Trafford- Farming Stock, Furniture, &c. By MR. J. P. CARTER. Feb. 11—At No. 43, Boughton, Chester-Butchers' Trade Utensils and Shop Fittings Feb. 11—At 10, Victoria Pathway, Queen's Park, Chester—Household Furniture and Effects Feb. 13-At Hooton Smithfield-Stock By MESSRS. CHALLINOR, ROWSON & CHALLINOR. Feb. 9-At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester—Freehold Property in Chester and a Life Policy Feb. 18 and 19-At 17, City Walla—Furniture, Bedding, Linen, &c. By MR. J. A. LYON. Feb. 13-At the Angel Hotel, Brook-street— Household Furniture and Effects By MESSRS. ASTON & SON. Feb. 12-At the City Auction Rooms—Household Furniture, Drapery, and Boots By HENRY MANLEY & SONS LIMITED. Feb 14 & 15—At the Crewe Horse Repository— Light and Heavy Horses By MESSRS. FRANK LLOYD & SONS. March 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 & 22-At Wrexham-Light Horses, Show Cobs and Ponies, &c. SALES BY AUCTION. This Day (Saturday). AUCTION MART, FOREGATE-STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. will J.J SELL BY AUCTION on SATURDAY, 9th February, at 11 and 2 o'clock, a large assortment of Valuable CARPETS, RUGS, &c. Goods on view on morning of Sale. On Tuesday and Wednesday Next. AUCTION MART, FORE GATE-STREET, CHESTER. Al ESSRS. CIIURTON, ELPHICK & CO. will SELL BY AUCTION, on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, 12th and 13th February, 1901, commencing each day at Eleven o'clock a.m. punctually, an assortment of valuable HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS (removed to the above premises for convenience of sale), com- prising mahogany hat and umbrella stand, mahogany bookcases, dining, card, Pembroke, writing and occasional tables, chests of drawers, walnut, oak and mahogany bedroom and dining-room suites, Couches, handsome inlaid mahogany bureau, oak corner cupboards, walnut sideboard, lounging and occasional chairs, four excellent cottage piano- fortes, iron, brass and mahogany bedsteads, feather and wool beds, antique openwork brass lenders, gaa stoves, glass, china, pictures, books, plated goods, timber and other effects. N.B.—Catalogues may be had from Messrs. CHURTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARDSON, Auctioneers, Chester. BOUGHTON & TARVIN ROAD, CHESTER. Sale of valuable Shops and Dwelling-houses. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Gros- venor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, February 16th, 1901, at Three o'clock p.m. punctually, in lots, and subject to Conditions, the undermentioned valuable Freehold PROPERTIES. Lot. 1.—All those two very desirable SHOPS and DWELLING-HOUSES, being Nos. 10 and 12, Boughton, with the warehouse, yards and out- offices at the rear, in the respective occupations of Mr. John Rowland, potato merchant, &c., and Miss Mary Kirkham, grocer. These premises are situate on the south side of the main street in Boughton, having a frontage of 241 feet thereto, and running back in depth about 60 feet. LOT 2.—Unless previously disposed of by private treaty. DWELLING-HOUSE, SHOP, and BAKEHOUSE, No. 17, Boughton, with w.c. and use of yard, in the occupation of Mr. Prescott, baker and grocer. There is a right of way appurtenant to this Lot and Lot 3 over a portion of Sharp's Court and the passage leading therefrom into the main street, and it is offered subject to the right of way mentioned in the particulars of Lot 3. A door to be made by the purchaser of this Lot. LOT 3.-Unless previously disposed of by private treaty. DWELLING-HOUSE and SHOP, No. 19, Boughton, with w.c. and use of yard, in the occu- pation of Mr. R. P. Edwards, hosier and small- ware dealer. The purchaser of this Lot to have a right of way over the portion of the passage by the w.c. included in Lot 2, abutting on Sharp's Court. LOT 4.—A very desirable DWELLING-HOUSE, being No. 68, Tarvin-road, with convenient out- offices, small front garden, and good kitchen garden in the rear, in the occupation of Mr. Stockton. To View apply upon the Premises. Any further information as to Lot 1 may be had from W. H. CHURTON, Esq., Solicitor; as to Lots 2 to 4 from Messrs. JOLLIFFE & JOLLIFFE, Solicitors; and as to the whole from Messrs. CHURTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARDSON, all of Chester. Sale of excellent Household Furniture, Glass, Antique China, Books, Pictures, Ornaments, Wooden Loose Box, Amateur's Greenhouse, and other Effects, at BROOK HOUSE, HUXLEY, near CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. will SELL BY AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, the 20th & 21st days of February, 1901, commencing each day at Twelve o'clock noon, punctually, the above-mentioned EFFECTS Catalogues may be bad from the AUCTIONEERS AUCTION MART, FOREGATE-STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO will hold a Sale of HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE and EFFECTS on Maroh 12th and 13th, 1901. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will hold Jt_ their next SALE at the MART, FLINT, on MONDAY NEXT, February llth, 1901. On TUESDAY NEXT, Feb. 12th, 1901. ERMINE CATTLE MART, CHESTER. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will SELL J. BY AUCTION 750 Head of STOCK, includ- ing 6 prime fat Heifers and Bullocks from Mr. Hassall, Trafford. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE wttl SELL M BY AUCTION at the ERMINE on TUEs- DAY NEXT, February 12th, at 12.30, 10 tons of Swede TURNIPS, 10 tons of MANGOLDS, Clewett's Patent Cheese Vat for 60 cows, and Milk Separator. On WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY NEXT, Feb. 13th and 14th, 1901. Sale of 56 Head of Cattle, 69 Sheep, 6 Horses, 1 Colt, 60 Tons of Clover Hay, Potatoes, Mangolds, Turnips, Poultry, Dairy Vessels, Harness, Implements, and Household Furniture, at DUNHAM HALL FARM, DUNHAM HILL, seven minutes' walk from Dunham Station, and six miles from Chester. PICKERING A NIGHTINGALE have received J, instructions from the Exors. of the late Mr Gilbert Littler to SELL BY AUCTION the whole of the Live and Dead FARMING STOCK and EFFECTS on the above premises. Lunch. First Day, at 11 o'clock; Sale to com- mence at 12 o'clock prompt. gale. Second Day, will commence at 1 o'clock prompt. Order of Sale-First Day Implements, harness, produce, sheep, horses, cattle, and poultry. Second Day Dairy vesuls and household furniture. ON THURSDAY, February 21st, 1901. Sale of 13 Cattle, Cob, Poultry, Potatoes, Imple- 880118, and Household Furniture, at the SHREWSBURY ARMS INN, TRAFFORD, 4 miles from Cheater. PICKERING A NIGHTINGALE have received JJL instructions from S(r. Hassan, to SELL BY AUCTION the whole of Live and. Dead FARMING STOCK, FURNITURE, Ac. Sale at one o'clock. Full particulars in catalogues. HORSES. 550 HORSES. CREWE HORSE REPOSITORY. Opening Sales for 1901. HENRY MANLEY & SONS, LTD. J[JL THURSDAY, February 14th. 300 High-ei"a HARNESS HORSES, Show ?'?? Cobs and Ponies, including 80 valuable Hunters up to weight, and 25 Match Pairs of Harness Horses. FRIDAY, February 15th. OX A Powerful Draught HORSES, Lurry Horses, Parcel Carters and COLTS. All Catalogue descriptions guaranteed, and ample trial allowed. Catalogues 3d. each from the AUCTIONEERS, Crewe. SALES BY AUCTION. On TUESDAY NEXT, at Eleven o'clock, at the SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT and I STORE CATi'LE, Sheep, Pigs and CALVES. Entries axe respectfully solicited. On WEDNESDAY NEXT, at One o'clock. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold JJU_ their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT and SFUAE CATTLE, Sheep, Pigs and CALVES at HOOTON SMITHFIELD, entries for which are respectfully solicited. On Saturday Next. RHYL, NORTH WALES; AND CITY OF CHESTER. Two Valuable Freehold Residential Properties. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the JVM Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 16th day of February, 1901, at Three o'clock punctually, subject to conditions, and in the following Iota LOT I.-The Valuable Freehold RESIDENCE, known as KINMOKE," Russell-road (East), Rhyl, now in the occupation of Mr. H. A. Steer, con- taining in the whole 2,055 square yards, and having a frontage of 89i feet to Russell-road. Also the adjoining Piece of Valuable BUILDING LAND, containing 9T7 square yards, with the stables, coach-house and shippon erected thereon. Early possession can be had if desired. LOT 2.—All that Freehold Detached MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, standing in its own grounds, with the gardens and premises thereto belonging, known as "STONE VILLA," Cheyney- road. situate at the junction of Cheyney-road and Garden-lane, in the City of Chester, coutaining in the whole 1,113 square yards or thereabouts. The House contains large entrance hall, dining and drawing rooms, breakfast room, kitchen, pantry, five large bedrooms, bath-room, hot and cold water, two w.c's, good cellar, conservatory, wash-house, &c., and extensive garden back and front. Vacant possession can be had on completion. For further particulars and orders to view, apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester; or to MR. E. BRASSEY, Solicitor, 9, St. John-street, Chester. On Saturday Next. Sale of Valuable Freehold RESIDENCE at SEA- LAND, and BUILDING LAND at SEALAND- ROAD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will SELL BY AUCTION at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 16th day of February, 1901, at Three p.m. punctually, in the following lots, aud subject to conditions to be then pro- duced- LOT I.-The Freehold RESIDENCE, known as bealand House," together with large orchard and garden and six valuable fields, now used aa market garden and pasture land, containing in the whole 34 acres, 2 roods, 33 perches or thereabouts. The House is commodious and well built, is approached by a lodge and carriage drive, and contains three entertaining rooms, butler's pantry, kitchen, back kitchen, dairy, cellar, wine cellar, two larders, 10 bedrooms, bath room, linen room, wash-house, coal-house, boiler-house with room above, and the out- buildings comprise three-stall stable, loose- box, coach-house, saddle room, shippon for eight cows, barn and poultry house, and cottage in yard. This lot has frontages of about 1,099 feet to Bumper's Lane and the River Dee Cop, and forms very valuable Building Sites the whole standing in a ring fence. LOT 2.—A very Desirable Freehold BUILDING SITE, having frontages of 79 feet and 74 feet to Sealand-road, and also of 108 feet and 97 feet to an intended new street between Sealand-road and Whipcord-iane, and containing 895 square yards or thereabouts. For further particulars and orders to view, apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester; or to MESSRS. COLLINS, ROBINSON & DRIFFIELD, Solicitors, 34, Castle-street, Liverpool. On Saturday Next. By Order of the Trustees for the Debenture Holders. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION BY MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS at the I-vi- Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 16th day of February, 1901, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions of Sale to be then and there produced— The PEN-Y-BRYN LEAD MINE and SETT, situate in the Parish of Halkyn in the County of Flint, with the Winding Engine, Dressing Plant, and other Machinery belonging thereto. The Pen-y-Bryn faett extends under lands in the Parish of Halsyn, which contain by computation 102 acres. The Blende and Calamine under 85 acres will be included in the sale. The Mine is leasehold for 21 years from the 29th September, 1896. The Mine is of a very promising character, and is well equipped, and the Machinery is in going order. The Property will be offered subject to the Lessees' covenants and conditions, and to the royalties, rents, and rights reserved to the Lessors. The Mine may be inspected on application to Capt. Harper, Pant-y-go, Halkya. further particulars may be obtained from the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester; or from the undernamed, at whose offices the con- ditions of sale may be inspected seven days prior to the sale, and where a plan of the property may be seen, be seen, SHUTTLEWORTH & DALLAS, Solicitors, 1, Chapel-street, Preston. On MONDAY, February 18th, 1901. Important Sale at STONE HOUSE, MOULDS- WuKTH, three-quarters of a mile from Mouldsworth Station. M/TESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are 1 v I favoured with instructions from the Exors. ot the late Mr. Samuel Wright to SELL BY AUC- TION, the valuable FARMING STOCK, including 54 head of grand young dairy cows and heifers, three prime fat cows and heifers, pedigree short- horn stock bull, six well bred two-year-old heifers (in-calf), and eight choice yearling heifers. Horses: Black cart mare, brown cart mare, black gelding, all good workers and quiet; chesnut pony, quiet in saddle and harness and strong brown two- year-old cart gelding. Poultry Two geese and gander, 30 couples of fowls. Produce 75 tons of mangolds, 16 tons of swedes, 300 boxes of sets, hogs of eating potatoes, 250 measures of white wheat, and 160 measures of Garton's Abundance oats. Gears Three seta of harness. Strong lurry, two 41 inch wheel carts, strong shandry, light float, pony trap. Implements, tools. &c. Dairy Utensils: Refrigerator and fittings, 14 railway milk tankards, and the HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE. Sale to commence with the Farming Stock at Eleven o'clock, and Household Furniture at Two o'clock. Full particulars in catalogues, which may be obtained at the AUCTIONEERS' Offices, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. On FRIDAY, February 22nd, 1901. At OLIVER HOUSE FARM, GREAT SUTTON MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are ?JL favoured with instructions from the Exors. of the late Mr. Wm. Manifold to SELL BY AUCTION the whole of the FARMING STOCK, Horses, Cattle, Dairy Utensils, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS. On WEDNESDAY, February 27th, at TATTEN- HALL ROAD AUCTION MART. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold HLM- a SALE of Fat and Store CATTLE, SHEEP. PIGS, and CALVES. Entries respectfully solicited. Sale to commence at One o'clock prompt. FLINTSHIRE. Sale of Valuable Freehold Building Land situate at Queen's Ferry, Hawarden and Ewloe Town. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will SELL I BY AUCTION, at the Hawarden Castle Hotel, Queen's Ferry, on WEDNESDAY, the 6th March, 1901, at 3.30 o'clock p.m. punctually, the above Valuable Freehold PROPERTY in the following or such other Lots as may be decided upon at the time of sale and subject to conditions to be then produced- LOTS 1 to 23 inclusive. Valuable Freehold BUILDING LAND situate at Queen's Ferry, ad- joining and on the North-easterly side of the main road from Chester to Connah's Quay, and divided into 23 very desirable plots. LOTS 24 to 52 inclusive.—A very Valuable Piece of BUILDING LAND, situate close to Hawarden Village, fronting the Main Road to Northop, occupied by Mr. Thomas Bailey, containing 2a. lr. 21p. and divided into 29 desirable plots. LOTS b3 to 58 inclusive.—Six most desirable BUILDING PLOTS of a quarter of an acre each, situate at Ewloe Town, near the Stag's Head Inn, with good frontage to the Road to Northop. Particulars with plans and any further informa- tion may be obtained on application from HENRY S. WHALLEY, F.S.I., Surveyor, and the Auc. TIONEERS, Chester; or from WALKER, SMITH & WAY, Solicitors, Cheater. On FRIDAY, March 8th, 1901. Preliminary Notice of Highly Important Sale of 70 Head of DAIRY CATTLE, and the Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, at the MIDDLE BEACHIN, CODDINGTON. MESSRS. CUNNAH A ROBERTS are IwN favoured with instructions from Mr. Jas. Sandbach (who is giving up farming) to conduct the above Sale. On WEDNESDAY NEXT, Feb. 13. Sale of Household Furniture, Two Bicycles, Double-barrel Breech-loading Gun, and mis- cellaneous effects, at the ANGEL HOTKT BROOK STREET, CHESTER. MR. JOHN A. LYON has been favoured Vyith JLXjL instructions from Mr. Geo, Grqgg, who is retiring from boaiaeas, to SELL BY AUCTION the undermentioned HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Ac., viz., sets of iron. and brass bedsteads, palliasses, flock beds and bedding, toilet tables, washstands, fenders and fireirons, pictures, carpets and linoleums, pier glasses, hair-seated chairs, couches, mahogany dining table, with five extra leaves, clocks, symphonion organ, deal kitchen tables, Windsor chairs, cutlery, crockery, culinary utensils, wringing and mangling machine, L2-bore breech-loading double gun, lady's bicycle, sjent's bicycle, two mail carts, and other effects. Sale at Two in the Afternoon. Offices 9, St. Werburgh-street and Linen Hall, Chester. SALES BY AUCTION. On MONDAY NEXT, February 11th,. 1901. Sale of Butchers' Utensils, Shop Counter, Fire- proof Safe, 26 by 18 by 18, by W. & T. Avery Horn-Beam Butchers' Block and Stand, Sausage Machine and Filler by Swift, Sheffield; Set of Box Scales and Weights, to weigh 201b., by Avery Sail Cloth Sun Blind and Fittings, Large Signboard, Cleavers, Cutting and Boning Knives, Saws, Gas Fittings, and other Effects, at No. 43, BOUGHTON, CHESTER. MR. J. P. CARTER has received instructions from Mr. Geo. Hy. Ward (who is leaving to SELL BY AUCTION the whole of the BUTCHERS' TRADE UTENSILS and SHOP FITTINGS. Sale at 11.30 prompt. Auction Offices, 2, Newgate-street,Chestef Tele- phone 323. On MONDAY NEXT, Feb. 11th, 1901. Sale of fine-toned Cottage Pianoforte, in handsome walnut case, by H. Ellis, Chester," Walnut Dining-room Suite, upholstered in leather, Handsome Walnut Loo Table, Turkey and Brussels Carpets, Valuable Oil Paintings, Prints and Engravings, Walnut Overmantel, with plate glass mirror back, 4-tier Whatnot, Ornaments, and the contents of three Bedrooms, Kitchen and Pantry, at No. 10, VICTORIA PATH- WAY (West), QUEEN'S PARK, CHESTER. MR. J. P. CARTER has received instructions ULL from Mr. G. H. Ward (who is leaving) to SELL BY AUCTION the whole of the Excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS. No catalogues. Particulars on posters. Sale at 2.30 prompt. Offices, 2, Newgate-street, Chester. Telephone 323. On WEDNESDAY NEXT, at One o'clock. MR. J. P. CARTER'S HOOTON STOCK 1M. SALE. Entries respectfully solicited. This Day (Saturday). Freehold Property, Chester, and a Life Policy. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by MESSRS. CHALLINOR, ROWSON and CHALLINOR, at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, February 9th (not 2nd, as previously advertised), 1901, at 3 p.m., ubject to conditions,— LOT l.-All those Two Valuable FREEHOLD SHOPS, Nos. 53 and 53A, in Frodsham-street, in the City of Chester, with the Workroom at the back of No. 53, and the DWELLING-HOUSE over, and the Cellar under both Shops, and the Yard at the rear. The hop and Workroom No. 53 are occupied by Mr. Thomas Hutchinson. The Shop and Dwelling-house, No. 53A, with the cellar and yard, are let to Mr. Sydney Jones, aa yearly tenant. The Dwelling-house con- tains sitting-room, five bedrooms, box room, kitchen, scullery and w.c. LOT 2.—A POLICY OF ASSURANCE effected in the year 1898 in the Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society, at the semi-annual premium of E2 4, 10d., for 1200, payable at the death of a person over 34 years of age. For further particulars apply to the AUCTION- EERS, St. Werburgh-street, Chester; or to MESSRS. DICKSON, BARNES & DICKSON, Solicitors, Chester. Telephone 0627. 17, CITY WALLS, CHESTER (opposite Floating Baths). ivi ESSRS. CHALLINOR, ROWSON and CHALLINOR are favoured with instruc- tions from the Exors. of the late Mrs. T. Davies, to SELL BY AUCTION on MONDAY and TUES- DAY, February 18th and 19th, at the above address, the whole of the FURNITURE, BEDDING, LINEN, etc., comprising contents of 4 reception- rooms, kitchen, scullery, and 8 bedrooms. Catalogues at Auctioneers' Offices, St. Werburgh- street. Q ASTON & SON, CITY AUCTION ROOMS, 14, WATERGATE STREET, CHESTER. These Rooms are always open to receive FURNITURE and other GOODS for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION. Terms moderate. Prompt settlement. Sales conducted in town or country. S. ASTON & SON, Auctioneers, &c.. Regent-street, Wrexham; Watergate-street, Chedter. SALE FIXTURE. Tues., Feb. 12. Furniture, Ac.. Entries invited TUESDAY, February 12th, 1901. CITY AUCTION ROOMS. MESSRS. ASTON & SON will SELL BY AUCTION, in the above rooms, a large collection of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, DRAPERY, and BOOTS, comprising :—Mahogany telescope dining table with extra leaf, satin walnut bedroom suite, walnut cabinet with bevelled plates, gentleman's wardrobe with sliding trays, chiffonnier and bookcase, chests of drawers, round mahogany table, linen press, bedsteads, spring mattress, feather beds, sofa and couch in leather, easy chairs, glass cupboard, remnants of linoleum, six massive mahogany chairs in hair seating, kitchen dresser, chairs, fenders, fireirons, &c.; and the usual sundries. Sale to commence at 1.30 prompt. MESSRS. ASTON & SON will Sell a large quantity of BOOTS and DRAPERY same evening at Six o'clock. Auctioneers' Offices :-14, Watergate-street. Telephone No. 59. 1,000 HORSES. £ 80 PRIZES. FRANK LLOYD & SONS' GREAT NORTH WALES HORSE SALES at WREXHAM. March 13th. 14th & 15th, Light Horses. Great Sale of Show Cobs and PONIES. March 20, 21 & 22, HEAVY HORSES, Stallions, Shires and YOUNG HORSES. Prize Lists and Entry Forms ready. Entries close March 2nd. PUBLIC NOTICE. COUNTY OF CHESTER. WILD BIRDS PROTECTION ACTS, 1880, 1894, and 1896. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that by an Order made by the Secretary of State, pursuant to the above Acts, it is provided inter alia as follows, viz.:— 2. The time during which the killing and taking of wild birds, or any of them, is prohibited by the Wild Birds Protection Act, 1880 (43 and 44 Vic., cap 35), shall be extended in the County of Chester so as to be from the 1st day of March to the 12th day of August in each year. 3. The Act of 1880, as extended by Section 2 of this Order, shall apply within the whole of the County of Chester to the Kestrel and Heron as if those species were included in the Schedule of that Act. 4. The taking or killing of the following species of birds, namely:-King Fisher, Great Crested Grebe, Heron, Goldfinch, and Owl, shall be pro- hibited within the whole of the County of Chester during the whole of that period of the year to which the protection of wild birds under the Act of 1880 (as extended by Section 2 of this Order) does not extend. 5. The taking or destroying of the Eggs of the Owl. the Bittern, the King lfisher. the Kestrel, the Heron, the Sheldrake, the Dunlin, the Blackheaded Gull, the Common Tern, and the Oyster Catcher, shall be prohibited in the whole of the County of Chester. 9. The taking or killing of the Gull and the Tern is prohibited within the following parishes in the Administrative County of Chester during the whole of that period of the year to which the protection of wild birds under the Wild Birds Protection Act, 1880 (as extended by Section 2 of this Order), does not extend, viz. PUDDINGTON BURTON NESS NESTON-CUM-P ARK- GATE HOOTON NETHERPOOL WHITBY STANLOW GAYTON HESWALL-CUM- OLDFIELD THURSTASTON CALDY ¡ HO YLAKE-CUM- WEST KIRBY WALLASEY LOWER BEBINGTON BROMBOROUGH EASTHAM INCE GREAT STANNEY FRODSHAM LORD- SHIP WESTON RUNCORN HALTON NORTON MOORE ACTON GRANGE WALTON INFERIOR including therein so much of the estuaries of the I Rivers Dee and Mersey as lies within the Adminis- .1 trative County of Chester. PENALTIES. Any person acting in contravention of the above-mentioned Order renders himself liable to the Penalties mentioned in the said Acts. REGINALD POTTS, Clerk of the Cheshire County Council. Chester, 4th February, 1901. LOW. T OST, Small, Long-haired YELLOW CAT, 11 about a year old. Finder bringing same to 5, Hunter-street, will be rewarded. 8862 A CCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS. A. RAILWAY ACCIDENTS, EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY, INSURED AGAINST. THEFT INSURANCE & FIDELITY BONDS GRANTED BY THE RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSUR- ANCE COMPANY. Established 1849. Claims paid £ 4,300,000. 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. A. VIAN, Secretary. AGENTS Chester. Mr. J. J. CUNNAH, Grosvenor Buildings. „ Mr. J. E. HASWELL, Corn Merchant. THE BEST LINIMENT OF THE AGE IS GRATTON'S V EMBOIICATION 4 4 BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST EMBROCATION EMBROCATION EMBROCATION EMBROCATION EMBROCATION EMBROCATION OF OF OF OF OF OF THE THE THE THE THE THE AGE AGE AGE AGE AGE AGE USED BY ALL THE LEADING FOOTBALL CLUBS. Cures Sprains. Cures Bruises. Cures Stiff Joints. Cures Cramp. Cures Cold on the Chest. Cures Rheumatism. Cures Sore Throat. The following testimonials speak for themselves:— Mr. G. B. RAMSAY, See. retary of the ASTON VILLA P.C., writes:— "We used Gratton's Em- brocation nearly all last season, and found it most effectual and beneficial in cases of bruises, spmius, &c., &C." NOTTS FOREST F.C. Dear Sirs, For several weeks past we have been using Gratton's Oils for our players, and I think it only right to you to let you know how valuable we found them in all cases of sprains, bruises, Ac. They are undoubtedly the best Embrocation we have ever had. Yours faithfully, H. S. RADFORD. See, SHEFFIELD UNITED CRICKET A FOOTBALL CLUB. May 22nd, 1896. Gentlemen, It gives me great pleasure to testify to the excellence of your Embrocation. Yours faithfully, H. H. STONES, Asst. Secy. Mr. W. HARRISON, of the Willows, Walkeringham, Gainsboro', writes:— "Having been troubled with Rheumatism for 37 years I am happy to tell you that by constant use of Gratton's Embrocation I have not one quarter the pain I liad, in fact it has done me more good than all the other remedies I have tried during the 37 years put together." IS IS IS IS IS IS GRATTON'S GRATTON'S GRATTON'S GRATTON'S GRATTON'S GRATTON'S FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR RHEUMATISM RHEUMATISM RHEUMATISM RHEUMATISM RHEUMATISM RHEUMATISM SPRAINS SPRAINS SPRAINS SPRAINS SPRAINS SPRAINS BRUISES BRUISES BRUISES BRUISES BRUISES BRUISES COLDS COLDS COLDS COLDS COLDS COLDS STIFF JOINTS STIFF JOINTS STIFF JOINTS STIFF JOINTS STIFF JOINTS STIFF JOINTS r Gratton's Embroca- tion keeps the limbs supple & strengthens the muscles. Mr. H. HA YW ARD. of Brownhills, Near Walsall, writes to us- That he had the misfor- tune to fall down while carrying a piece of tim- ber. The timber fell across his leg and bruised and sprained the guider of his knee, and he was hardly able to walk. He tried all sorts of oils but none seemed to do it any good, but one day he was reading the" Wall- sail Advertiser" and found that Boots, Cash Chemists, were adver- tising Gratton's Embro- cation. He decided to bny a bottle, and now he is pleased to say that after the second dress- ing he had relief of pain. and before he had used the whole of the bottle his knee was sound again. He speaks so highly of it that he thinks every working man ought to have a bottle of this Embroco- tion ready to hand. Mr. C. SHAW, Lough. borough :—" I wish to inform you of the great good your Embrocation has done me. I had to walk with two sticks but two bottles quite cured my rheumatism. I have recommended it to several of my friends, who have all found great benefit from it." Mr. W. DAVIES, a Miner, of Treeton, Nr. Bother- ham, says- He had very painful swellings in his knee, and that after several rubbings with Gratton's Embrocation he was able to follow his work as usual. The Embroca- tion, he avers, is worth a guinea a bottle. In fact, it has done him so much good that he recom- mends it to everybody he comes in coutact with. To Messrs. Anderson Gratton,- "I have used your Embro- cation for a capped knee, and I found relief in three applications; one bottle set it right. I have also used it for sprains and bruises, rheumatic affections, and have had no other to equal it. At the present time I am using it for a crushed elbow and find great relief from it, and my friends, that 1 have recommended it to, speak highly of it. "W. G. HUTCHINSON, Carl ton.on- Tren t ,N ewar k." "Mr. Anderson Gratton, I used your Embrocation during my training for the 50 miles Lincoln- shire Road Record, which I covered in 2 hours 14 minutes. At the finish I was well rubbed down with your Embrocation, and I felt no strains upon the muscles whatever. I shall for the future al- ways use it during my long rides and path racing. A. E. BUCKLE." Mr. J. HARDING, Walsall. Having tried every avail- able remedy for rheuma- tism with little or no relief, I tried Gratton's Embrocation, and have known more relief from it than everything else I have ever used. I am very thankful you intro- duced it into Walsall." ALBERT CRAWFORD says SORE r1 I'HUrDvA UAA Rl P "Having been troubled SORE THROAT with great pains in all A T my limbs. I resolved to SORE THROAT try a bottle of your Em- i ?? brocation with the re- OoO/T»-n m1HirnKOA A1 suit that a few applica- „ tions had a wonderful SORE THROAT effect, giving me almost immediate relief. I SORE THROAT derived such great bene- fit (I never felt worse in SORE THROAT my life) I feel compelled to congratulate you upon having been the medium of putting with- A in the reach of the pubhc CRAMP such a val"ble pro CRAMP CRAMP "I have suffered severely CRAMP with neuralgia and was recomir ended to try CRAMP Gratton's Embrocation. I did so and it acted like CRAMP magic, giving me instant I relief. CRAMP Yours sincerely. "THOMAS BARKER, Derby. PRICE lIli FOR JOID. AT (, # BOOTS, ,'l -6 CASH CHEM I ST S, SOLE LOCAL AGENTS, 28, EASTGATE ROW, AND 30, EASTGATE STREET, CHESTER. = PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS -t OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSES I- HOUSES TO BE LET APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS VACANT, LOST OR FOUND, ARTICLES TO BE SOLD, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS, are now inserted in The Cheshire Observer at the following rates:- Not Exceeding Twenty Words- ONE INSERTION 1/- Two INSERTIONS 1/6 THREE INSERTIONS 2/- Not Exceeding Thirty-Five Words- ONE INSERTION 1/6 Two INSERTIONS 2/6 THREE INSERTIONS 3/- '¡' WANTED. 1V&AW FOR OSMONDE CYCLE POST- JL? PONED until 22nd February. 8901 WANTED, a strong YOUTH as PACKER.- VT MINSHULL & MEESON, Eastgate Bow. ESPECTABLE young GIRL WANTED, 15 W or 16, at once.-37, Egerton-street. 8839 intrT'ANTEb, clean, respectable Young GIRL, W to sleep out.-A pply 21, Bold-square. 8896 WANTED, two young GIRLS to learn W laundry work.-Apply Sealand Laundry, Sealand-road, Chester. 8874 STABLEMAN WANTED; one used to sale 8 horses. Good wages given.-H. WHITE, 404, Park-road, Liverpool. 8835 WANTED, a Gentleman as PAYING GUEST, w to live with Family. (No children).- Address P 52, Observer Office. 8798 LADY, residing in healthy resort of Cheshire, L desires Lady to share in household expenses, rent E20; servant kept.—B 36, Observer Office. WANTED, respectable Woman as COOK for  business house.-Apply 31, Bridge-street Row. 8867 WANTED, GIRL, respectable, as General; 15 W or 16 sleep in or out.—Address L 30, Observer Office, Chester. 8836 DEESSMAKING—WANTED, at once, good D experienced SKIRT and BODICE HANDS also APPELENTICES.-Apply 17, White Friars. COWMAN WANTED good house and garden C found. — Apply T. DA VIES, Crabwall, Mollington. 8830 APARTMENTS WANTED by two young men, sitting and double-bedded rooms. State lowest terms to A 40, Observer Office. 8853 WANTED, COOK; family of six, no washing; V V three servants kept. Wages ;E20.-Boux- PHREY, Portland House, Lymm, nr. Warrington. WANTED, a strong GIRL for farmhouse.— TT Apply Mrs. WRIGHT, Church House, Alvanley, Helsby. 8873 WANTED, by Young Gentleman, two UN- VV FURNISHED ROOMS, within 10 minutes of Eastgate. -State terms with attendance to K 45, Observer Office. 8872 WANTED, Smart, Active YOUTH as Billiard tw Marker, and to make himself generally useful. Apply personally, GEORGE HOTEL, Chester. 8892 GOOD GENERAL DISENGAGED (19), g?od Greference, all work, wash if required.-Mrs. BOWDEN, 66, Bridge-street (opposite Fountain), Chester. 8890 W ANTED to BORROW 94,000 or £ 5,030 at VV not more than Four per cent. on good freehold security, being Licensed Hotel with License insured.—Address BORROWER," Observer Office. 8880 WANTED, COACHMAN, married, age 30' V V Wage XI Is. weekly. No cottage. Doctor's house. Two horses.—Apply Mrs. LITTLER, Trinity Registry, off Watergate-street. 8858 REQUIRED, SITUATION by experienced NURSE, English Church. First baby or otherwise. Four years' reference. Chester preferred.—J. BROWN'S Registry, Cuppin-street. RIDGE HOUSE CLUB, CHESTEE.— WANTED, a STEWARD (married) for the Oddfellows' Hall.—For particulars as to wages and duties apply by letter to the SECRETARY. 8824 W ANTED, to rent HOUSE, containing three Vv entertaining, six bedrooms, bath-room, and usual domestic offices, in or near Chester. Rent moderate.—Address S 48, Observer Office. 8846 JOSEPH BECKETT & CO. have a vacancy for a YOUNG LADY as APPRENTICE in their Fancy Needlework Department. Eastgate-row, Chester. WANTED, immediately, intelligent YOUNG W MAN for Publishing Department. Good character indispensable.—Apply Echo Office, Chester. 8899 TWO Young Ladies are Desirous to meet with TYoung Lady in business to SHARE com- fortable HOME. Terms moderate. Central.— Address W 58, Observer Office. 8898 YOUNG Gentleman REQUIRES Furnished JL SITTING-ROOM & BEDROOM in Chester. Moderate terms. Bathroom desired.—Address L 29, Observer Office. 8800 W ANTED, SITUATION as Working FARM W BAILIFF, on a small farm; or to look after a few Cows and Garden. Address C 14, Observer Office. 8861 APPRENTICE to the PRINTING TRADE, AL about 14 years of age. Must have had good education. Apply personally Observer Office, Chester. YOUTH WANTED for Office, with one or two JL years' experience. Apply, in own hand- writing, stating age and salary required, to C 15, Observer Office. 8855 DENSONS have VACANCIES for a smart DYouth as Apprentice to the Drapery; Young Lady Apprentice to the Showroom; also Young I' Lady Cashier.-9, 11 and 13, Nortbgate Row. 8859 WANTED, to PURCHASE, a small Freehold W HOUSE (southerly aspect), with about two acres of LAND.—SHAW, "Ardingly," Halkyn- road, Chester. 8828 A LADY highly recommends a foreign resident 'k GOVERNESS of great experience. Teaches good music, thorough English; French and German acquired abroad. Highest testimonials. Address FRAULEIN, Pontfadog Rectory, Ruabon. WANTED, good MIXED SHOOTING of not TV more than 1,000 acres, within one hour rail of Liverpool. Must be plenty of ground game.—State full particulars to P 38, care Charles Birchall, Ltd., Liverpool. 8833 WANTED, to PURCHASE Two HOUSES, V v in the neighbourhood of Bouverie or Lome- street, Ermine-road or Grosvenor-terrace, Hoole three bedrooms.—Address Box 0 27, Observer Office. 8845 TEINITY REGISTRY, Chester.-Mrs. LITTLER TREQUIRES Cooks (?16 to X30), Kitchen- maids (£10 to X14), Upper and Under-Housemaids, Waitresses, Children's Sewing-maid (German, French, or English) for Dublin, Generals, Coach- men, Farm Servants and others. No charge until suited. 8887 MAIL CARTS FOR THE MILLION.-We JJjL are now showing a grand assortment of MAIL CARTS, Perambulators and Bassinettes for the forthcoming season. From 30 to 40 different patterns to select from at extremely low figures. An inspection cordially invited before you pur- chase elsewhere. Repairs of all kinds. Mail Carts and Bath Chairs for hire.—A. WENTWORTH, Cow-lane Bridge, Chester. MRS. RED'S Registry, Abbey Buildings, jUJL Chester.—WANTED, Cooks (Xl4 to X40), 50 Generals, Kitchen and Soullerymaids, Nurse, first baby( £ 22 to j625), Children's-maid,good needle- woman (218 to E20), Hotel Servants, Handy man (10s. per week), Butler, boy kept, two in family ( £ 45 to L50), Footmen, Under-Butler (220 to 428), Waitresses (zC 18 to C26), Help for-one lady, House- maid-waitresses, Laundrymaid ( £ 20K-rStable Lad (17s. per week), Vessel Cleaners, and Housemaids, Servants for Hydro, Dairymaid Help, cheese, &c. TO BE LET. v'" JOHN ROGERS, ACCOUNTANT, HOUSE, ESTATE, & INSURANCE AGENT, 84, NORTHGATE-ST., CHESTER. TO BE LET: Rent. 11, Lorne-street, South; three entertain- ing, six bedrooms, bath, &c. 8, Lumley-road (off Liverpool-road) £30 Chichester-street (Furnished) House and Shop, Garden-lane £25 10, Lorne-street, South; two entertain- ing, four bedrooms, bath, Ac. Recently decorated. Key at No. 12. 3, Pearl Villas, Pearl-lane, Tarvin-road..6/6,r. wk. Office, 84, Northgate-street (now Church of England Temperance Society) £ 12 Central Office. The Bars 4, Ash Grove, Wrexham-road; two enter- taining, five bedrooms, bath, stable, garden (to be Let or Sold; key at No. 6) 26, Middle Crane-street. Tarvin-road, Chester £18 Christleton-road. Chester £ 20 TO LET, No. 99, George-street (Brook-street end).! Apply 67, Foregate-street, Chester. SITTING-ROOM and BEDROOM TO LET, Furnished, sunny aspect, healthy situation, open and airy. Garden back and front. Good attendance. References given and required.— Apply G. H.M., Obsert-er Office. 8838 TO BE LET, desirable HOUSE, in Raymond- street, most pleasantly situated overlooking the Welsh Hills. In excellent order. Immediate possession.—For particulars apply to WAKEFIELD, JACKSON A DODD, Accountants, 16, Corn Exchange Chambers, Cheater. TO LET in March, Dyreham," Wrexham-road. JL SEMI-DETACHED VILLA, containing large hall, 2 entertaining and 5 bedrooms, bath, w.c., and other offices, good garden back and front, stabling for two horses, coach-house.-Apply W. C. WRIGHT, Hosier. Bridge-street Row. To BE LET, High class BUSINESS PREMISES, situate in Bridge-street Row, close to the Cross. Possession on Lady Day. For rent and particulars apply to Messrs. W AKHFIELD, JACKSON and DODD, Accountants, 16, Corn Exchange Chambers, Chester. TO BE LET. HOUSES TO LET. T.AMONT & SON, -? UPHOLSTERERS, kS ONg FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS. LIST SENT ON APPLICATION. SHOW ROOMS: EASTGATE STREET. WAREHOUSE FOB STORING FOREST HOUSE (in separate rooms i. W ILL I A M E. BROWN, WW LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, SURVEYOR, ft VALUER, 39, PEPPER STREET, CHESTER. TO BE LET:- 82, Tarvin-road. Rent £26. 40, Bridge-street Row (West). £ 27. 7, Hamilton-street, Hoole. X28. 31, Chichester-street. 925. 11, King-street. je35. Several offices, 84, Northgate-street. Mara Villa, Dee Banks; two sitting and four bedrooms, garden and stable. 27, Garden-lane, House and Shop. Rent E19. Union Hall, Foregate-street, Rooms for Storage and Workshops, &c. TO BE SOLD:- Valuable Building Land at Hoole, and Dwell- ing-houses in various parts of the city. HOUSE, TO LET, 33, Louise-street, Garden JH. Lane. 7s. 6d. per week.—Apply CLARK, Cutler, Bridge-street. 8807 TO BE LET, ROYAL OAK HOTEL, Flint.— JL Apply CHESTER NORTHGATE BREWERY Co., LTD., Chester. 37 EGERTON-STREET.— SITTING and <??. BEDROOMS TO LET, for business gentlemen. Moderate terms. 884J To LET, No. 12, Gladstone-road, Cambrian- JL view.—Apply HENRY H. WHALLEY, F.S.I., 3, Hunter-street. TO LET convenient HOUSE, 31, Catherine- M street, Sealand-road. 6s. and water rate.— Inquire No. 73. TO LET, No. 5, Hunter-street, containing three reception-rooms, five bedrooms, bath, h. & c., &c. Possession March 25th.—Apply as above. 8863 O LET, NORTHGATE LODGE," 5, Upper Northgate-street. Possession in March.- Apply as above. 8796 To LET, 17, Black Friars, containing one sitting- room, three bedrooms.—Apply 13, Black Friars. 8866 fTIO LET, good spacious OFFICES, Eastgate. JL street; immediate possession. Apply GEORGE DAY & Co. ADVERTISING SPACES in prominent position TO LET.—Apply A. WENTWORTH, Cow-lane Bridge, Chester. APARTMENTS.-SITTING and One or Two BEDROOMS; bath, hot and cold; con- venient.—5, Chichester-street. 8871 HOOLE ROAD. Comfortable APART- JLJL MENTS, dining, drawing, and one or two bedrooms, TO LET; bath, &c. Moderate terms. —Address C 14, Observer Office. 8870 TO BE LET, HOUSE and large SHOP, 69A., TBrook-street, Chester recently erected.- Apply to Messrs. GAMON, FARMER & Co., Solicitors, Chester. 8753 APARTMENTS.—A Register of Vacant AApartments (Furnished and Unfurnished) is kept by JOHN ROGERS, 84, Northgate-street, Chester. 8894 SITTING and Two BEDROOMS TO LET. S Good cooking and attendance. Moderate terms.—Apply after Sunday, at 7, Burges-street, Hoole, Chester. 8856 APARTMENTS TO LET, comfortable sitting- room, with one or two bedrooms; bath, h. and c.; two minutes from station. Terms moderate good locality. Mrs. YORK, 13, Halkyn-road, Chester. 8849 TARVIN SANDS.-A Country HOUSE, beauti' Tfully situated, 5? miles from Cheater; entrance hall, two reception-rooms, four bedrooms, two kitchens, larder, cellar, good yard, and out-offices. Garden back and front.—Apply ARTHUR DUTTON, Mount Pleasant, Tarvin Sands. 8742 TO BE LET, "STO N E V I L L A," Cheyney road, Chester, containing three entertaining-rooms, five bedrooms, kitchen, hot and cold water, w.c., wash-house, greenhouse, large garden. Rent £ 40.—Apply F. TURNER, Solicitor, 9, St. John-street, Chester. r 110 LET, Unfurnished, GUILDEN LODGE, JL Guilden Sutton, 2? miles from Chester, and li miles from Mickle Trafford hailway Station. House contains three entertaining and five bed- rooms, w.c., and the usual domestic offices. Coach-house, stabling for three horses, shippon, &c. Nine acres of grass land. Immediate possession. —Apply Mr. LATHAM, 24, Liverpool-road, Chester. TO BE SOLD. TO BE SOLD, a good SHANDRY, with loose oover.—Apply S. WEDGWOOD, Boughton. PURE BRED WHITE LEGHORN EGGS FOR JL SALE, 3s. 6d. per dozen. Cash with order. J. A. HARRISON, New Pile, Manley, Warrington. TTIOR SALE, several HORSES; can be seen any JL1 morning before 11 o'clock.—Apply TRAM, WAYS COMPANY, Chester. TTIOlTSALE, a small FANCY BUSINESS in FChester; stock cheap. Rent £ 40.—Address FANCY," office of this paper. 8869 FOR SALE, a good lot of Ladies' and Gents' FSecond-hand MACHINES; to be sold cheap. —38, Bridge-street, Chester. BEST ENGLISH PEAT MOSS. Four tons Bdelivered any station.-ERRINGTON, George- street, Chester. 8544 FOR DISPOSAL, a Quantity of old WASTE FPAPER and BOOKS.-Address A 42, Office of this Paper. 8877 OUR Fox Terrier PUPPIES. Nine weeks Fold. Nicely marked.—Apply PRICE, Oak Bank, Hoole. 8900 SEED OATS, Barley, and Beans.-Ai)ply JOSEPH HOLMES, Corn Factor, Cow-lane Bridge, Chester. 8889 FOR SALE, to release a Trust, two TYNE f COMMISSIONERS BONDS (3 per cent.) at par.—Address TYNE," Observer Offibe. 8879 OR SALE, Perpetual FIRST CHIEF RENT, Chester; secured on freehold property £20 per annum at X560. Another, iEl5 at £ 420.— Buyers only address to CHIEF," Observer Office. ERAMBULATORS AND MAIL CARTS.— JL. Several left over from last season to be sold cheap.—J. E. NEWMAN, Ironmonger, 12, Bridge- street, Chester. FOR SALE, Fully-Licensed HOTEL on Welsh A2 coast, including Furniture, etc. Principals only.—Address at once HOTEL," Observer Office. FOR SALE, BUSINESS of Mineral Water Manufacturers, Chester; with lurry, float, two horses, bottles, etc. Must be disposed of soon; owner going abroad.—Address MINERAL," Observer Office. 8878 FOE SALE, owner going abroad, TURN-OUT, Foonsistirig of brown Welsh Pony Mare, 12? hands Governess Car, in excellent condition and Set of Brown Harness, almost new; R30. Also an old Set of Harness, cheap, El.-Apply Lieut.-Col. PARKINSON, Netherleigh Cottage, Chester. 8832 UILDING LAND.-TO BE SOLD by Private BTreaty, a very eligible piece of Building Land, containing about 1,118 square yards, situate at Cambrian-view, and having an extensive frontage to Saughall-road and Granville-road.— For particulars apply to Messrs. LOCKWOOD ard SONS, Architects, or to Messrs. SHARPE, DAVISON and SHARPE, Solicitors, all of Chester. UNDEE A DEED OF ASSIGNMENT.—TO BE SOLD by Private Treaty, the STOCK- IN-TRADE and FURNITURE TIMBER of an antique furniture dealer and cabinetmaker. Inven- tory and all particulars may be obtained from the Trustee, to whom offers must be sent not later than Wednesday, the 13th day of February. 1901. -J. R. SIMM, Trustee, 56, Hamilton-square, Birkenhead. MISCELLANEOUS. SMART Tailor-made COSTUMES to measure at 359.-EATON & Co's Great Sale, 26 and 28, Brook-street, Chester. IF you want any SEED POTATOES, Garden JL Seeds, Flower Seeds, Seed Wheat, Oats, Barley, Turnip and Mangel Seeds, Clover and Grasses, go to ERRINGTON, George-street, Chester. O POULTRY KEEPERS.—Oyster SHELLS, JL ready ground, may be had at the Grosvenor Oyster Bar, 42, Eastgate street, Chester. Price on application. 8601 SPAR GRAVEL, for garden walks. Buxton and Welsh LIME, for Building, Plastering, &e. ROBT. W. KILLON, Al, Coal Exchange, Chester. Telephone 70. 8803 RICHARDSON, TAILOR. GENTLEMEN'S IV CLOTHING CLEANED, Altered, Repaired, Turned. Own Materials Made-up.-RICHARD80N'B, 33, Grosvenor-street. Wonderful Trousers made to Measure. 6/11. 8790 PULLIN, Undertaker and Furniture Dealer, JL 77 and 79, Brook-street, .Chester, has for Sale fine-tone American Organ, 7 stops Side- board, Chest of Drawers, Clocks, Sewing Machine, and other Furniture. Bargains. 8890 WRINGING MACHINES, new and second. W hand. Rollers Turned Up. All kinds of Bepaira to MaUgleg.-HASZLDXN Wood Turner and Mangle Roller Maker, Delamere-stroet, Cheater..88M Cheater.. 8604 WANTED, the Public to know that FicANr, vV CRANE (13 years with Messrs. Lamont and Son), has COMMENCED BUSINESS as Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, Pioture Framer, Furniture Remover, Ao., at 49, WATERGATE ROW, CHESTER. AGNIFICENT CYCLE RIDING SCHOOL. JL?LjL Please note our School is Open all the year round for Pupils. Particulars and reasonable terms on application.—A. WENTWORTH, Central Cycle Works and Riding School, Cow-lane Bridge, Chester. EATON & CO.'S Great Sale now proceeding. EBoyfj' Suits and Overcoats at half-price, 3-garment Norfolk Suits at 3s. 9d., Overcoats from 2s. 6d., Sailor Suits at ls. 91d., in Black, Navy and Tweeds. Men's Suits to measure, 25s. and 30s. during the sale.—26 and 28, Brook-street, Chester. i"f' -f: L MISCELLANEOUS. CHOICE CUT FLOWERS, per box 2/6 upwards. Artistic Wreaths made while you wait, or delivered free, at from 3/6 ea.oh.-FRANK DOBIE, Chester. 8854 TO BE SOLD, Ladies' Handsome Black Alpaca Tand Cashmere DRESS LENGTHS, smart designs, 3/11, carriage paid. Velvet, Cashmeres, Poplins, Satins, Cords, Armures in the new color- ings, art and pastel shades. Black materials a speciality. Spring patterns post free.—BRADFORD DRESs WAREHOUSE, Shipley, Bradford. 8797 RAT POISON.—Amongst the many prepara- t tions now offered for the Destruction of Rats, Mice, Moles, etc., Sanford's original "Found Dead specialities are admitted by users to be the best, and are ahead of all competitors.—In boxes, 1/2, 2/ and 3/ post free. SANFORD A SON, Sandy. Sold by Chemists. 8194 FARMERS. FARMERS. FOR CATTLE MEDICINES — GO TO G  NEW G. H. MOSS, CHEMIST, 68, BROOK STREET, CHESTER. BEST HORsE BALLS, 3/6 DOZ. SHEEP DIP, 9/6 DOZ. "MAYPOLE" TEA, BY MERIT CONTINUES TO INCREASE IN POPULARITY. THE VERY BEST ONLY Is. 6D. PER LB. WHY PAY MORE? RELIABLE BLENDS AT 1/4 AND 1/2 PER LB. NOTE THE ADDRESS- MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., LIMITED, 8, WATERGATE STREET, CHESTER. BRANCHES EVERYWHERE. GEORGE DAY & CO., EASTGATE STREET, CHESTER, Are the Sole Manufacturers of the following popular Brands of Tobaccos:— "BLENDED lIb. Tin 6/8 .Post Free 7/- SMOKING i „ 3/4 „ 3/7 MIXTURE" (Mild) „ 1/8. „ 1/11 "BEST SMOKING 1 II 6/8 II 7/- MIXTURE „ 3/4 II 3/7 (Medium) „ 1/11 "SPECIAL MILD 1 II 7/4. „ 7/8 SMOKING II 3/11 MIXTURE" „ 1/10. „ 2/1 A.D.C. SMOKING 1 „ 8/- „ 814 MIXTURE „ 4/- „ 4/3 (Extra Special) „ 2/- 2/3 L. & CO.'S PIPES.  't" 111' SUN k? ?t! LJ i\?)? .o:; ,/i 1"" INSURANCE OFFICE. OED Sum insured in 1899 exceeclecIX435,000,000 For all particulars apply to the following Agents:- CHESTER. MESSRS. CHEERS & HOPLEY, 6, Northgate-street. „ MESSRS. W. DENSON & SON, Northgate. MALPAS MR. THOMAS MULLOCK, Cud- dington Heath.


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