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E. mm$<1 DEBEIIISi, G-roeors, Bakers, & Newsagents, GHass and China Merchants. Groceries of the very beat at reasonable prices. Newspapers etc., 'ielivered daily to any part of the Town. TRIAL ORDERS RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. AèN55- POST OFFICE, NORTH ROAD, j MILFORD HAVEIT. ) lUN DA VIES, i' 1: L \f: !l .8.Ai :J AUCTIONEER AND V ALUEB. Sales conducted and Valuations made on the best possible terms. j OFFICES .— ] OHIELTON TERRACE, PEMBROKE j i This Space is Reserved for ) W. McKENZIE, PiWFGijTE mUSIC UifliiEHflBSE, VICTORIA PLACE, HAVERFORDWEST. THE DEW ST. BOOT STORES AND General Repairing Depot, HAVERFORDWEST. BESPOKE BOOTS Made, on the Premises by skilled Workmen. REPAIRS A SPECIALITY! promptly Executed. Neatly Finished — Prices Moderate DON'T FORGET THE NAME— THOMAS & Co. (Late Thomas & Griffiths). TO Restore THE sigla.ti. The Greatest Discovery of MBBEwif W. 1 ^10 ^or Cure of Eye W, J Affection of every kind and at &ilS^a^6S* ^°r*' ^a" Vision, Inflamed Watery Eyes made clear and strong. Eye-Exerciser (Patented in Great Britain ani on the Continent). Invented by .¡fJ: WOODLANDS, Birkenhead. Treatment absolutely safe and Dainio™ ▼' <• ,Xspendo,,oc OJC;I)SØ "-srssSnS velope. resse D- BOOTS ? BOOTS Boolre ff~ iave nearly 50 °/0 k by buying direct from Factory. J y AGENTS WANTED C\$end Slal7!jos. 2d., for large Illustrated v 5lL> > Lz"oJ.t ,'Illd partzädars BrItish Boot Co.,(Dep.B) Zf, jtoitrTTg^ Portland Sq.. Bristol "W"« 6 VICTORIA ROAD, MILFORD HAVEN. W^^I^JSlsr 5 D.AYIES DEGS to iiKorni his numerous Friends and Customers that he has removed from Priory Road to the above Address. He is now showing a large and varied assortment of Suitings, prices varying irorn 30/ to 60/ Overcoatings, special Ranges of ,Rain proof, Harris' Tweeds, and Cheviots at Marvellous prices. BREECHES MAKING 7% S p F- C I Fi, Ll- I -rv. A Large assortment of Cloths and Cords to choose from. Inspection of aU my goods is most cordially invited where you can select from the Rolls. FIT AND STYLE GUARANTEED. N.B.—Being a holder of a First Class Loudon Certificate in Catling, all Garments are Personally cut under viy supervision and made by experienced workmen on the Premises. A Post Card will secure a visit from our Rspreaarstaiiyd to any Address in the County. 7 WHY Do the crowd always go to J'JI U NT'S in greater numbers each succeeding YEAR? BECAUSE 4 They can always rely on getting RELIABLE ARTI- CLES at the RIGHT PRICE, Knowing that a present with B.H.M.'s well-known name adds considerably to its value by the recipient. -£'- "IIIU'- BISLEY H. MUNT, j OPTICIAN, SILVERSMITH and JEWELLER, HAVERFORDWEST AND .MILFORD HAVEN A TEMPTING OFFER. n < A NEW POPULAR 0 VIP 8-10 h.p. two Cylinder, DARIRvAGQ;, Fitted with high-tension magnets ignition; of Darrack quality throughout. One of the best and cheapest little runabouts on the 1909 Market. £ 17 5. A few 1908 Models left at greatly reduced prices. For Sale a 10-12 h.p. Tony Huber; 4-seater, in grand order— £ 165. Trial run any time Have your tyre repaired now, we vulcanize outer Covers and Tubes. POWERFUL HEADLIGHTS FROM 23. AGENT-ROBERT E. WHITE, THE GARAGE, MILFORD HAVEN W PHILLIPS NORTH BREWERY STREET, ZFIEIVEBIE^aiSZIfct! DOCK. —1 .y r- (i-Jv-rr -gggQBaHBggS* P Tfl PRICE LIST OF COAL. Present Prices, and until Further Notice: BEST LYDNEY LARGE GOAL per ton delivered, £1 4s. Ditto, 5 ewt. Lots in Bags, 6s 3d. To suit weekly Customers, Waggons go round with Bags, and deliver 1 cwt. for Is 4d. ANTHRICITE COAL, per ton PA 2s. Ditto, 5 cwt. Lots in Bags, 6s. Ditto, 1 cwt. Lots in Bags, Is 4d. ROUGH CULM, per ton delivered, 13s 6d. FINE ditto, per ton delivered, 12s. CULM, mixed ready f jr use, 13s 6d. Ditto, 5 cwt. Lots, 3s 9d. Ditto, 1 cwt. Lots, lâd. 8021-8 JAMES WEMYSS, R.P.C. (Registered Plumbers Company), West Street, Fishguard, PLUMBER, HOT WATER & SANITARY ENGINEER. Sheet lead cut to size. Galvanised Iron Fittings and Pipes always in stock. Estimates Free. Your patronage solicited. I NOTE ADDRESS:— WEST STREET, FISHGUARD. OPENING ANNOUNCEMENT. NT DAYIES, < CENERAL DRAPER & OUTFITTER, BRADFORD HOUSE, WEST STREET, FISHGUARD, Has opened premises lately occupied by Mr. Job Herbert with a large stock of NEW GOODS in all departments, at prices that defy competition. I especially invite a visit of inspection. Whether your purchase be large or small, I shall be equally pleased to serve you. Personal attention to orders by post, all goods carriage paid, Terms Cash and good value in return _& ESTABLISH^ F> 1822. GEORGE BENNETT Co., FISHGUARD. The Oldesi Wholesale Wine a id Spirit Business (in succession of above title) in the County. Age in Whiskey alone determines the quality and flavour. When the whiskey has been matured by age alone the richness and fulness of flavour certain signs of excellence—possess a certain refinement which is bound to be fully appreciated by every connoisseur. These are characteristics of BENXETT'S OLD IRISH WHISKEY, Supplied at 18s per gallon, or 3s per bottle. Hall's Wine, Is 9d and os per bottle. Keystone Burgundy, Quart Flagon i; 9 2s 2d, Half Flagon Is Id. Liebig's Lemco, Is 9d. and 3s per bottle. GEORGE BENNETT & Co., S Fishguard. j CQRS, BUTTER, St.ED, Si) MANURE i. rK/Eiri^oXiJDS ift° *r^0Ka° Public that ha has tohen aver She business carried on suco&sSfr^ t>y Mr Josepa Thomas at Bwsn Square, Haverfordwest, for nearly half a aectury, "Bad will continue the j< [ CORN, BUTTER, SEED, AND MAMUES TRADE f as heretofore. ALSO GROCERY AND SACK HIRING. A. Large Stock of perfectly new Sacks always kept. Usual Charges ADDRESS }. Swan Square, Haverfordwest. GEORGE ACE, Ltd., 16, High Street, HAVERFORDWEST, BEG to notify their Motor Clientele of the appointment of a CERTIFICATED MOTOR ENGINEER, who is now in permanent residence at their Haverfordwest Depot, No. 16, High Street, and who will give personal attention to all repairs to Cars. EVERY MOTOR REQUISITE KEPT IN STOCK n MOTOR CARS FOR HIRE. Dunlop, Michelin Continental, Palmer Tyres. Large Stock of Humber, Raleigh, Rover, Swift, Dursley Pedersen,Centaur, and special "Ace" Cycles on view. Largest Stock of Fishing, Golf and Shooting Requisites, Tents, Mail Carts, Gramaphones, etc., etc., in Wales. ALSO AT 64' Wind stpeet> Swansea, ( and Warren Street, Tenby. ENCLISH AND AMERICAN ARTIFICIAL TEETH. Messrs. EDWARD ENGLAND, Ltd., Can be interviewed DAILY at Chester House, 8 Picton Place, Haver- ford west, also at Mr Johns, Bookseller and Stationer, New Bridge, Haverfordwest, Every alternate Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., next visit, JAN. 23, and will attend at Mr Meyler, Chemist, Charles Street, Milford Haven, Every Tuesday. At Mr Meyler, Chemist, Main Street, Fishguard, every other Thursday, next visit JAN. 28 also 2e Dimond Street, Pembroke Dock, and every other Thursday at Mr Appleby, Chemist, High Street, Neyland. ESTIMATES FREE.. Teeth supplied from One Tooth to complete Set. Single tooth from 5s., Sets, upper or lower, 50s. Oar charges for artificial teeth include extracting, and all materials are guaranteed and kept in order free of charge. We believe that the success which has attended us in the past is due to the fact that we have always studied the comfort of ? clients, together with keeping our fees as moderate as possible, and we guarantee the best materials obtainable. Teeth extracted with Nitrus Oxide Gas, and also extraction by Hypodermic injection [ESTABLISHED OVER 50 YEABS.] W. H. REYNOLDS, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer Decorator, and Undertaken 18 HAVERFORDWEST. GOOD HOME-MADE FURNITURE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, 8EDBTEAD&¡ BEDDING, JR4l]|JJw CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, I WINDOW BLINDS, &< A GOOD ABSOBTUEKS O. WALL PAPERS «•" >3- ALWAYS IN STOCK. I ) 'I I I ¡ A GRAND Selection of CJjoice Silver-mount- ed "W aiking Sricks at lowest Prices. A Choice and First class Variety of Cigar and Cigarettes Cases, from 6d upwards. Silver & Electro Plated Vestas In all th3 Newest Designs. SIDNEY D. PUGH, HAIRDRESSER, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TOBACCONIST, (Next to Post Offioe), v HIGH STREET. HAVERFORDWEST Now Ready. Best on Record. m