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Sales by Mr Johnson. To HE SOLD BY AUCTION', bv Mr JOHNSON, J. on Thursday, the TENTH of May, 18GO, at Four o'c'ock in the atternn»n, ill (be M.-rket Uuom, at the ¡ Wynnstav Arm, Wrexhum,— Five Stacks cf t-nrellcnt Upland HAY, containiabout 7i) Tons; One S'nek of Barley Straw, and One of Batten, standing cn Croes-v-m*b Furm, Marchwiel, and Gerwyn Fawr, near Cross Lams, II Igor. For particulirs ipply to Mr Birch. Wynnslny Arrca Olfice. WrcxI'siD, May 1. I860. HOLY THURSDAY FAlll DAY, 17rit MAY, IS'W, THE MART, WYNNSTAY ARMS, WREXHAM. TlXR- JOHNSON wil Sell at The Mart, on Holy JtJL Thursday, at Twelve o'clock, 11 Pnme 11, tl Co,n HcitVrs, Hi Barrens and jik-Icoi t.nlvers, and oilier Slock to be panic ularcvd hereafter, the pro- perty of Mr Rolii'rt l'-ary, oi Bjiras II Jl, and Mr Thomas Dudd, of liunon. Other Stuck to be entwd with Mr Lovatt. Wynnstay Anns Office, ;Ilav lst. -SALE OF FUhMtUHH, AT THE TOWN HALL, W R E X II A M. (KF.MOVFD THEEK FOIL CJNVKXIESCE OF SALF.,) The property of Mr Oserlcn, Mr Johnson, and another Gentlemuit, who arc changing their residences TO -BE SOLD BY AUCMUN, by Mr JOHXSO, TOPL Monday, the 14th d?y of May, 1S60,—A selection or elegant and useful FURNlTURK, in Kusewood aod Mahogany, adapted for Drawin; Dilling, and Bed-room purposes, consisiing of Couches, Chaiis, Pembroke, Card. and Dining Tables, Wardrobes, Hall-tester and Irou Bed- steads, Citpets, Diavvers, Wash-stands and Service?, &c., £ c., aud other Effects, as described in Catalogues, to be lad from the Printer pIr Potter) a week beiore the Sale. On view at Twelve, Sale at Half-past One o'clock. Wvnustay Arms Office, Wrexham. MINERA, DENBIGHSHIRE. Victoria Terrace, comprising a Public House, Shop, Fourteen Cottages, and Land. VALUABLE FREEHOLDS, TO BE SOLD BY AUClTON, BY MR JOHNSO, 1 at the Lion Inn, Wrexham, on FRIDAY, the Hth. Jay of May, 1860, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions to be then and there produced, and in the following or aueh other Lota as may be declared by the Vendor at the time of Sale. LOT 1, A Messuage, licensed as a PUBLIC HOUSE, and Icnown by the sign of the Victoria," with the Stable, Piggeries, Yard, and Out-offices belonging thereto; also the CROFT, at tho back, containing nearly an acre and half of Land, now occupied by Mr Ilugh ltoberts, toge- ther with the adjacent Messuage or Cottage,.Piggery and yard, occupied by John Jones, bnd numbered "It" in ahe row or range called Victoria Terrace. LOT 2. 7HREE MESSUAGES or Cottages, in the said row numbered 13, 14, and 15, with the room above the pas- age leading iuto the yards at back, now used as a meet- ing house by the Welsh liaptists also, the large yard, common to all the said messuages, and the Piggeries and other Out offices attached to each. N.B.—This Lot is offered subject to a right of way or passage for the purchaser ot Lot 3 and his tenants LOT 3. TEN COTTAGES, numbered from 3 to 12 (both in clusive) in the said row, with the very spacious yard common to all at the back, and the Piggeries and con- veniences annexed to each, now occupied by John Tur- mer and others. LOT 4. A MESSUAGE and SHOP, with detached Yard, GARDEN, Bakehouse, Warehouse, Sta; le, &c, forming the East end of the said terrace or row, now in the oc- cupation of Mr Thomas Hughes, grocer, and provision dealer. All the above form one row of houses, fronting the TurnpikeRoad from Wrexham to Ruthin, exactly four miles from the former place, and have only been erected a few years. The neighbourhood, owing to the vastly increased operations in the lead mines, collicrics, and fillarrics ot the immediate district, is rapidly thriving, and the ceutral position of this property readers it a first late site fur building and trade. QW The Mineral branch of the Chester and Shrews- bury line of Railway passes within a few yards of the jiremues; and goods are delivered at a siding close by. Mr Thomas Baghes, tlxe occupier of Lot 4, will shew the property; fin;i for tunn.r particulars apply to the Auctiuneer; Messrs Evans, Son, and Sandys, Solicitors, Liverpool; or at the Offices of Mr LEWIS, Solicitor, Wrexham. Yspytty, Wrexham, 14th April, 1860. Sate by Mr Griffiths- WHEXHAI. fro BE SCilLD BY AUCTION, by Mr GRIFFITHS, JL inthe Best Ma kef,>, on Tntnsdav, the 17th day of May, 1&60,—V-iluat.le LIVE STOCK, com- prising Calving H.ifers, Barien Cows, Stirk Hciteis, a number 01 Fat Lambs, &c. Parties desirous of entering Stock for the above Sale, will oblige by sending particulars as early as possible. Sale at Eleven o'clock. Overton, Flintshire, May 4fh, 1860. Sale by Mr T. Roberta. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. THE undermentioned desirftle FltliEHOj.D PRO- PERTY, situate in the several parishes of Bangor, Haamer, Overton, Penley, nnd Worthenbury, all in the county of flint (in 16 or such other number of Lots, as may be acreed upon). BANGOR. LOT. I.-Honse, Garden, and three pieces of Land, at Brvnuoval, in the occupation of Mr W. Prince. LOT 2.-House, Garden, and Land, at Green Lane, in the occupation of Mr Thomas Roberts. HANMER. LOT 3.—House and Garden, at Talwrn Green, in the occupatio of Mr Charles Lloyd. OVERTON. LOT 4,—Two newly erected Houses and premises, at Overton, in the occupation of Mr Thomas Allen, and Edward Ellis. LOT 5.—Three Dwelling houses, Smith's Shop, and gardens, at Cloy, in the occupation of Mr W. Jones, and others. LoT 6.—House, Garden, and Land, at Knolton Bryn, in the occupation of Mr Edward Hughes. LOT 7.—Piece of Land, Knolton Bryn, in the occupa- of Mr Roger Green. PENLEY. LOT 8.—House, Garden, and Land, at Penley Gree n, in the occupation of Ann Reeves. LOT 9.-Cottage and Garden, at Penley Green, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Wilton. WORTHENBURY. LOT 10.-House with Two Gardens, at Wallington Lane, in the occupation of Mr John Humphreys. Lor 11.—House and Garden at Wallington Lane, in the occupation of Mr Thomas Beavan. LoT 12.-Piece of Land, at Wallington Lane, in the occupation of Mr Thomas Hotchkins. LoT 13.—House Garden, and Land, at Wallington Lane, in the occupation of Widow Humphreys. LoT 14.—House and Garden, at Wallington Lane in the occupation of Susan Parker. LOT 15.—House and garden at Wallington Lane, in the oecupation of Mr Daniel Boote. LOT 16.—House and garden at Wallington Lane, in the occupation of Mr James Davies. The whole of the above property adjoins good roads, and is well situated, and the same is now offered for posi- tive sale. The different tenants will show the Lots, and for further particulars, and to treat for the same apply to Mr Timothy Roberts, Auctioneer an valuer, Overton, Flintshire. April, 1860. LEA & PERRINS' CELEBRATED VVORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE JRONOT72TCED BY COOTffOISSETTBS TO DB THB bONLY GOOD SAtJCE" AND APPLICABLE TO EVERY VARIETY OF DISH. I -"I ?ii I,? I  f(}j,¡j';¡ ?.1%??- iw. .%M .!? yfai 1I"? I  EXTRACT of a LETTER from a MEDICAU GEBTLEMAX at Madras to his Brother at Worcester, May, 1851. "Tell LEA&PEBRINS that their SAUCE is hifthly esteemed in India, and is. in my opinion, the most pa. latable as well as the most wholesome Sauce that ia made." The success of this most delicious and. unrivalled cend?ent h.nDg caused -many ?npnnc.pW dealers oapply the n.? toSPuri0ul Compounds, the PUBLIC is respectfully and earnestly requested to Eee ttiat the namefot LEA & PauuKfl are upon the WRAPPER, LABEL, STOPPER, AND HOTlLb. Maaufactured by Liu & PwwMB, Worcester. Sold by Caosat. k. ,;BLA. CJl w.. London; M respectable Druggiafr, Grocers, and Iuliaa wwiwuMnw liwvgiwirt xiwm Sales by Messrs. Baugh & Jones. (Successors to the late Mr Edisbury), WHEXHAJI, DENBIGHSHIRE. L VILLI NO SITES for VILLA E£8ID2:;CES. VERY DESIRABLE FlcliEHOLD PROPERTY, Situate near tie Total of Wrexham, in the County of mo BIO SOLD BY AVCnONi, by J\I::Jr8 BAUGII 1 an.) .K)M?, ?t th' Hi"tk Lion Hotel, }] "iJe. 6!rcet, ,p on  y t '1'1' d street, Wres ham, on Wc. d.,l-ir uf May, I?C?, at Fi.e o'c?c!? m tne ,,¡tconoon, subject to J' I coniii'.ious, unci in the i-iluwing or such other LoU a, may be a^m-A ur>oa at time ot S.;k>: — i.- .iil thut Field, piece or parcel of LAND, called Pen y GwatloJ, cr>atuiui!U by a-iiiieasureinertt, 12 ajres, 2 roods, and 3G pe;ehes, situate m Wrexham Ftcban, ciMe to 'he Iowa of ??xi.?t.u. and adjouun?"- th" n!?f;t:?n a:'? {;t'?unr!s of Mips li. -union. th,, of )Iis.,3 lit ?iii;Oll. a ('c!)?hUuI v?w of thG Welsh, Shtopshire, vrd Cht;?ir? bills. Lots 8 to I 1 111 hat field, piece or parcel of LAND, called C:: Cyt, adjeimafr the lust Lts, ati(I by admeasurciaent, in wLoje, 4 acres and 10 Thew Lots have a frontage to the roa l leading Irom Wrcxhau Fethau to Sotitlcy, and a sli-)I.e wall fence 10 feet high, runs the whoie length of the frontage to the ssid road. Lot 12.—All thnt field, i.iece or parcel of LAND, called Gub Dwr, adjoiniu^ the list raviitiot)e(i Iocs, ami containing by admeasurcmeac 7 acres, 1 rood, ttud 38 perchts. This Lot is well adapted for Building purposes, and commands line views. The above Prr.peity is surrounded by the lands of Miss Ben niun, C K Maiiwariii,r, aiiii T. Edgworth, Esqrs. Particulars may be bud, and any iurther information obtumed, on application to Mr Hughes, Solirzitur, NVicx- ham, or fiotn the Auctioneers. Wrexham, 20th ApIll, ISGO, 11UABON, D E N B I G H S H I B E. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH JL and JONES, at the White Horse Inn, Rhosllaner- olnugog, near liuabon, on Monday, the 21st day of Mav, I860, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions to be then and there produced, in the following or such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale :— Lot I.-All that newly erected MESSUAGE, or Dwclling-hcuse (built in the Gothic style), situate near the Square, in Rliosllanerchrugog afoiesaid, with the Garden ground and appurtenances thereunto belonging now in the occupation of Mr Gomer Jones and Mr J. Lloyd Jones. Lot 2.—All that MESSUAGE, or Dwelling-house, with the appurtenances thereunto belonging, adjoining the last Lot, and now in the occupation of Paul Black- well. Lot 3.-— All that MESSUAGE, or Dwelling-house, with the appurtenances thereto belonging, adjoining Lot 2, and now in the occu[ ation of Edward Jones. Lot 4.—All that MESSUAGE, or Da-elling-house, situate near the White Horse Inu, inRhosllancrchrugog aforesaid, with the appurtenances thereto belonging, and now in the holding of Edward Mitchell, or his under- tenanta. a Lot 5.-Also all those Four MESSUAGES, or Dwel- ling-houses, three of which have been recently erected, and are substantially built of stone, with large Gardens in front thereof, situate at the Ponkey, in the said parish of Ruabon, and now in the respective occupations of Mr Titus Jones and others, their undertenants or assigns. Further information as to Lots 1 to 4 inclusive, may be obtained on application to Mr Hughes, Solicitor, Wresham and as to all the Lots, from the Auctioneers. Wrexham, 3rd May, 1860. SALE AT BRYillBU, DENBIGHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD B1 AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH Tend JO?E?, at tho Q'icca's He? Inn, Brymbo, and on the premises of the Brick and Pot Works, near the Queen's Head aforesaid, on Mouiay, the 7th day of May, 1860, at the respective hours hereinafter named- All that Fieehold BldCK, TILE, AND POT WUllK, situate near the Queen's Head aforesaid, the arca of which contains about halt an acre, and now or late in the hoiding of Messis Griffiths and Company. Also, the Three several newly erected SHEDS and KILX upon the s,id Works, one of which Sheds being 4U feet long aad 22 fiet wiae, aud at a trifling coat might be converted into ttiree tubstantial Cottages; together with the Machinery and other Effects upon the said pre- mises, comprising, lu,, Ahj], pair of Iron Rollers lor grinding Clay, with complete, Driving Snafc with two Lug Wheels, )i"Ke Wheel, Wheel fur Pit Making with frame complete and i.eaily ntw, laige quantity of Blocks lot s< tt;ng Puts in Ki-ii, ilair Sneves, quantity of Flower fms, large Btam a:.d Scales, biick Moulds, Thrishiug Machine, quant ty of flanks and Boards, large B-iio; tout Wi.telujirows, Brick, Tile and I'ot .Maker's I'm L, quanMiy ot old lion, Square Moulus for Chimney loj.s, lub, Pony dart, &c., &c. The clav at iiti, Work is oi very tupeiior quality, being "ell adapted icr Fire Bricks, "1 iiet, Chimney Pots, and all kinds of E irthenwaie, and the Work may be carried on successfully at a trifling tost. Immediate possession may be h4d, but should the Premises not be sold m one lot, the laud will be divided into small Budding Sites, to suit the convenience of purchasers. The bale, of the Machinery and Etlects will take ILee at the Works, at 2 o'clock, and of the Freehold, at the Queen's HeJd, at 5 o'clock. For further informatiun apply at the OSices of the Auctioneers, where a map of the Property may be seen. Temple Place, Wrexham, 20th April, 1860. PRELLllINARY ANNO UN CEMENT. MESSRS BAUGH and JONES lave been instructed .iXJL to ofTei for SALE BY AUCTION, in the mouth of May or June next, a liule compact Fieehold PROPERTY, at Pickhill, near Bangor, Flintshire, comprising a Dwel- ling House, with Outbuildings and about 7 acres of good Land adjoining. The Auctioneers can recommend this Property as bting a most pleasant and desirable spot for a Gentleman's Country Box. Messrs. B. & J. will also at the same time offer for Sale Two of the Spring Gardens, at Rhosddu, Wrexham, and several Shares in the Wrexham Market Hall Company, and Chester Water Works. Further particulars will appear in a future advertisement. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD LAND AND HOUSES, At PENTRE, lllWUGHTON, and BRYMBO, NEAR WltEXHAM, DENBIGHSHIRE. rno BE SOLD BY AUCnON, by Messrs BAUGH _L and JONES, at the White Hart Inn, Broughton, near Wrexbam aforesaid, on Monday, the 14th day of May 1860, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, in the follow- ing or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be then and there produced— Lot 1. All that Plot of BUILDING LAND, situate near the White Hart Inn aforesaid, containing by admea. surement, 372 square yards, or thereabouts, being part of a Crolt, now in the holding of Mr Edward Pugb. Lot 2. Ditto ditto ditto, adjoining the last Lot, and containing 466 square yards, or thereabouts. Square yards, or thereabouts. Lot 3. Ditto do do do 555 Lot 4. Ditto do do do • • Lot 5. Ditto do do do 511 Lot 6. Ditto do do do 444 Lot 7. Ditto do do do 444 Lot 8. Ditto do do do 404 Lot 9. Ditto do do do 361 Lot 10. Ditto do do do MC Lot 11, All that COTTAGE, with the Garden and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate near to the above mentioned lots, and now in the occupation of Mr Edward Rogers, containing 594 Lot 12. All that Croft, or paretl of LAND, adjoining Lot 11, and now held by the said Edward Pugh, containing 1871 Lot 13. Also all that other Croft, adjoining Lot 12, now held by the said Edward Pugh, containing 2654 Lot 14. Also all that MESSUAGE, or Dwel- ling bouse, Cow house, and Garden thereunto belonging, together with the Croft at the back thereof, adjoining Lot 14, and now in the occupa- tion of the said Edward Pugh, containing 4592 Lot 15. Also all that MESSUAGE, or Dwel. ling house, with the Shop, Yard, Garden, and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate near the Church at Brymbo aforesaid, now in the holding of Mr Jones, Grocer, &c. In arranging the first 10 lots* great care has been taken to suit the convfnieDce of purchasers, and lots 12, 13, and 14, having two unobstructed frontages, are most eligible tor Building purposes. For futther particulars and an inspection of a map' of the property, apply at the Offices of the Auctioneers. Temple Place, Wrexham, 27th April, 1860, TURNIP AND MANGOLD SEBES, "HALIN'S celebrated Turnip and Mangold Seèds. 9rUI9:f1 Â9Q¡, WJøa I DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, IN THE BOROUGH AXD PARISH OF HOLT, DENISIGHSIintB. TO BE OLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs PATTGH JIND .T ON r.:S. fit the White I ioti Inn, Holt, on TlIegday, tlie 29tli day of May. I860, at Three o'clock in the altenioon, iu the following or such other Lats as shall be t.iueed upon at the time 01 Sale, and subject to Cjtiaitioris to bo then produced 1 ot i.-All that pi(ce or parcel of LAND, containing '•y udnicasurrniKi't, la. 3r; Up., or thereabouts, leng I i;ait of certain fiihls. called lue tlliall Fields," siltiate ia the Borough of Holt, in the County of Denbigh, and now ia the holding of Mr Jaines Pi ice. Lot 2.—Another piece of LAND, part of the tame Qld-, adjoining Lot 1, containing la. 3r. Op., or there- abouts, and now in the holding of Mr Samuel Ciialoner. L-Jt 3.-Aituther j iocc of LAND, adjoining Lot 2, containing la. 2r. 19p., or thereabouts, also held by the said iSamuei Ciialonei-. Lot 4.—Another piece of LAND, adjoining Lot 3, and tbuLriii., upou the Turnpike Road leaning fioui Holt to Wiexham, I la, 2r. 19p., or thereabouts, u N'T 'iexi'iaLo, (;ont liBiu4 ld. also held by the said Sainuel Chaloner, Lot õ. Another piece of LAND, adjoining Lot 4, also abutting upon the said Turnpike liuu, containing 2a, I., Idp. or thereabouts, and held by the said Samuel Chaioner. Lot 6. Another piece of LAND, adjoining Lot 5, likeI¡W abutting upü the said Turnpike Road, wn'I' t?um? 2a, It, I Jp, vr thetM?bu?ts, aud .1?0 hell by the said Samuci Chaloner. Lot 7, A small Meadow, called Wern-y-Branin, con- taining 2a, ur, lOp, or thereabouts, ssituate in the lown- ship of Dutton-y-Braiu, near Holt aforesaid, also held by the said Samuel Chaioner. Lot 8. Another MEADOW, adjoining Lot 7, con. taining la. or. 14p., or thereabouts, in the holding ot Mr James Williams. Lot 9. All that MESSUAGE, or Dwelling-house, with the Garden and appurtenances thereunto belonging, I situato in the Town aid Borough or n aforesaid, and now in the occupation of the said Mr Samuel Chaloner. The whde of the Land is of excellent quality and in food cf)r.(Ii'o i, and the Meadows arc tine rich Land. Tiic several L ts are in the hands of highly respectable i'enantp, wi.oic )-ents are pHuulually paId. Holt is 10 rifles from Chester, and. -i from Wrexham, through wjiieh tiie far tamed River Dee tiows. '.the ICi,eeti\'c Tenan!s will heW the different Lot?, and particulars with phns annexed may be bad 10 days prior to the Sale from Messrs James and Owen, Solicitors, Wrexuaui; or at the principal Inns in Wrexham, Ches- to-, and iioit; and at tne Oftces of the Auctioneers, 'Temple PLte, Wrexham. BROUGHTOX, XEAU. WREXHAM, DENBIGHSHIRE. mJL o BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Iesm BAUGH ? and JO?i.S, ut the Cross Foxes Inn, Broughton t 10rS:iitJ, on Monday, the 2Sih day of May, 1860, fit 5 o'clock ill the afternoon, subject to conditions to be then and theie produced, and in the following or such other Lois as may be declared at the; time of Sales— Lot 1.11 those Five newly erected and substantially built MESSUAGES, or Dwelling-houses, with Gardens in ircnt thereof, situate at the in the said Town- shift OL Broughton, and now or late itithe respective occupations of Roger Robert-, Samutl. Parry, Sarah Har^reaves, John Parry, and James Johnson, or their urrdertenalits. Lot 2.—A 1 those Three well built COTTAGES, with the Gardens and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate immediately aOovo the Old Wesloyan Chapel, in tho Moss Valley, ia the said Township of Broughton, and now or late in the respective holdings of Charles Shaw, John Catberall, and John Speed, or their under- tenants. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, or at the Offices ot Mr Lewis, Mr Rymer, and Mr Hughes, Solicitois, Wrexham. Wrexham, 20th April, 1860. A GRAND DISPLAY OP gUMMEE JJASHIONS!! T. L. JON E S INTENDS RE-OPENING HIS SHOP AT No. 6, CHURCH GATES, WREXHAM, ON THURSDAY, MAY 10TH, WTITH an entire New Stock of Millinery and Drapery. The Show Room will be complete with the choicest selection of Millinery and Straw Bonnets, Dress Caps, Ribbons, Straw Hats, Flowers, Feathtrc, Cap Fronts, Mantles, &c. SUM MER FASHIONS FOR 186 0. 20 HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. MRS. B U n O U 6 H S, EGS respectfully to inform the Ladies of Wrexham and neighbourhood, that she intends showing her D Summer Fashions on TUESDAY, MAY STH, and followinz days, comprising the Newest styles in MlLLINEUY, FLOWERS, STRAW AND FANCY BONNETS, &c, &c. N B Mourning and WeJùing orders promptly executed. Straw Bonnets, cleaned and altered. SHOW ROOM, 20, HOPE-SKTEET. G OLDEN E AGLE D RAPERY AND MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM. MISS E. EDWARDS BEGS to announce her return from London with the principal NOVELTIES IN MILLINERY, which is now ready for inspection. Mrs. Edwards also begs to call the attention of her friends to her stock of WOOLLEN AND LINEN DRAPERY, which she can confidently recommend. APPRENTICES WANTED TO THE MILLINERY.  J^RAPERY AND J^ILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, 5, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. 1 18 oo. S P R I N G AND S U M M E R FASHION S 186 0. J. S-UDLOW I BEGS respectfully to intimate to his friends and the public in general, that his purchaseil1 the London -D and provincial markets for the present season arc completed. j His SHOW ROOM, is replete with the newest styles in MILLINERY AND F AJ;C"C STRAW BONNETS, CRINOLINE HATS in a variety of shapes, CAPS, DRESSES, SHAWLS, MANTLES, FRENCH AND ENGLISH FLOWERS,&c., which is now ready for inspection. N .B.-Bonnets cleaned and altered to the present fashion. Wedding and Mourning Orders promptly attended to. 5, Hope-street, April 28th, 1860. g P R I N G A N D U 11 M E R F A S H 1 0 N S FOR 1 8 6 0 T.C.JONES, BEGS to announce big return from LONDON, where he h is purchased largelvr. and the following departments JD will be found to c mtain a very CHOICE SELECTION of NEW GOODS tor the 8"1f)n, including the N ENV DEIIGNS, FA,LICY DllESSSS of various T-xtures, *lso FftEXOH and other SILKS, purchased under the NEW TARIFF arrangements, as well as the NEW STYLES in MANTLES, which will be found Novel in Design, tn I well worthy of inspection. The RIBBON, GLOVE and LACE departments are selected with great care, a large variety of the NEW PARASOLS, in plain and fancy colours. T.C.J. would call attention to his purchases in PAISLKY, TISSUE, REP, and other SHAWLS, which he can with confidence recommend. Tha Stock of TRIM MINGS will be found very large and weU assorted, also his stock of IIOSIEITY is of Warran ted Make and finish. Church-st., Wrexham. JJEW gHOP, N o. Jg, QUEEN-STREET, yy REXHAM. E E Y A N S HAS just returned from the nrst markets with a choke setecdon of MILLINERY, STRAW BONNETS, IHATS, TUSCAN AND FANCY CAPS, RIBBONS, FEATHERS, FBENCH and other FLOWERS, &e. which are now ready for inspection. COPLKSTON, OUSEI s IGN, AND JURNITURE PAINTER, No. 2, B A. N K P LAC E, WREXHAM, BEGS most resppctfuDy to announce to the inhabibnts of WREXHAM and its vicinity, tha? he hu commenced J? Business at the above Premises, and trusts by n?t-class workmanship, combined with moderate charges to merit a portion of patronage. Writing and Graining done for the trade. White-washing, Paper Hanging. Country Orders DW-20 tu all y attended to. N.B.-Imrr.ITOP. OP ALL KINDS OF WOOD AND MABBLE, NOTICE OF h. E M O T A 1. MOSES right BEGS to inform his friends and the Public, that he has REMOVED from the Shop in. High-Street, to more JL) commodious Premises in CHURCH STREET, No 4. M. W. begs to return his sincere thanks to those friends who have so liberally supported him for upwards of 21 years, and to assure them that no exertion shall be spared to secure their future favours. M. W. begs to announcs his return from LONDOR where he has purchased largely of I) 11 APERY and MIL. LINERY GOODS, which he now offers to his friends and the Public at very low prices, at the MANCHESTER HousE, Church Street, Wrexham. The Stock consists of Woollen Cloths, Moleskins, Velvets, Tweed Cord, Prints, Coburgs, Alpaccas, New Patterns in Flounced Dresses, Muslie Dresses and Shawls, Cloth Mantles, Children's Jackets, White Skirts, Black Moreens, Ginghams, Flannels, Hollands, Hosiery, Gloves, Straw and Tuscan Bonnets, Satin Bonnets, Silk Bonnets, Crape Bonnets, Straw Hats,'Felt Hats, Cap Fronts, Flowers, Dress Caps Widows' Caps, Hoods, Murlin Sleeves, Muslin Collars, Parasols, Umbrellas, Cloth Cape. tsearfa. Men's Silk Hats, Shirts, Neckties, Braces, Stays, Scarfs, Bed Ticks, Oil Cloth, Crinoline Skirts, &0.. Mantles, Dresses, and Bonnets, mado to oider. Funeraii completely fur nmed. Igg* An early call will oblige. May 4th, 1860. TO PARTIES rUimSHINGr. GREAT CLEARANCE SALE OF FURNlTU RE &c. OLD ESTABLISHED CABINAT AND UPHOLSTERY WAREHOUSE y BRIDGE-STREET, WREXHAM. yf I L L I A M pIE R C E., UEGS to inform the inhabitants of Wrexham, and its vicinity, that he is now SEI jLlNG»off the whole of his D large stock of CABINET FURNITURE, CARPETS, DRUGGETS, HEAR TH RUGS, DOOR MATS, WALL PAPERS, &c.. &c., at cost Prices, in order to make room for EXTENSIVE ALTERATIONS IN THE PREMISES. The FURNITURE is Home-made, and of the best materials and work aaanship. The whole of the WALL PAPERS will be sold in Lots to suit purchasers considerably under cost pne 3. To Builders, Painters, and Paperhangers, this is an opportunity seldom to be me 4 with. e- Mark the address.—The OLD SHOP, BRIDGE STREJ jr, JJ UABON F 0 U N D R Y (ESTABLISHED IN 1817, FORMERLY IN THE OCCUPATION OF MESSRS. B, & W. JONES.) KENRICK & EYAN S, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDERS, A,IUFACTURF,RS of STEAM ENGI. MANUFACTURERS of STEAM ENGINES, Steam Boilers, Pumps (f rom in. to 15in. diam,) Working JVL Barrels, Clack Pieces, T Bobs, Pit Head Pullies (of all aizes,) Crane 1, Winces, Weighing Machines, Blende and Clay Rolls, Water Wheels, Land Rollers, Railway Truck Wheelp Tram-road Rails, Bridge Girders, pl na Ornamental Railings, Entrance Gates, Boilers to contain from 9 60 300 Gallous, and every other description of Castings or Wrought Iron Work. ™ g.—Turning and Boring to order, by a powerful self-acting Lathe. A ifrst-class draftsman in attendance upon the premises. TTbTTu L T U R A L m P L E m e n T S FOR THE WINTER SEASON i. Bentafi's Prize Root Pulpers, Samuelson's Single and Double J lotion Prize Turnip Cutters. • '♦ith!Patent Plates to Cut for Lambs and Calvei Richt nond and Chandkes, ■- Smith and Aahby's, Kodenhurst's Prize Chalf.Cuttr ig Machines and Corn Crushers; Agent for J. and F. How 'ard's Patent Prize Ploughs and Harrows. W. 0 TEUTON, IfcQNMONGBBt WBEXSAM. SPRING MEDICINE. THE Concentrated Fluid Extract of SAESAPAII ;.LA, i combined with DANDELION, and other simili r iie- storitives, to bo obtained at JAMES F. EDISBURY'S, FAMILY AND UISrENSING CHEMIST, No. 2, L; 0; E STKELT, WREXHAM. e- Every Art c'e in domestic use always kept in stock. Patent Medicines and Perfumery" Oils, Paints, and Colours. MILLINERY AND DRESS ROOMS, 40, HIG'.I STI»E>.T. MRS. SCOTT begs respectfully to inform the Ladies i jLL of Wrtxham and its vicinitv, that she will sbow her Stock of MILLINERY, MANTLES, DRESSES, &c., on Tuesday, the 8th instant, and following days. SPRING AND SUMMER FASHIONS, AT R. LLOYD'S BAZAAR, 0 & 7, IIIGH-ST-, WllEXHAM. I H A VF, great pleasure in nnuonaciag thst our first JL Anrual display 01 Millinery and Mantle Fashions wiill be n,ade in our Show Rooms, oa TUESDAY Ntxr, May 1st. Great care his beeu tak^a in selecting the Newest Styles and pattrus ill both departments. Our General Drapery business is now fully s!ored up with all classes of goods suitable to a respcctabie family trade. I beg moat sincerely to thank you for all past business favours, especially in our new branches of FANCY BOOTS & SHOES, still soliciting your continued recom- mendation and support. TESTIMONIAL TO MR. W. BOTT. THE FRIENDS of MR BOTT have resolved to pre- JL sent that Gentleman with a substantial token of their regard for his unwearied efforts in elevating the Working men of Wrexham, and also all a token of sym- pathy in his late discharge by the G.W.R. Co. Subscrip- tions will be thankfully received at the Temperance Hotel, and at Mr Bayley's, Hope-at., in aid of tho above object. Committee Room, April 27th, 18G0, VALE OF CLWYD RAILWAY COMPANY. "VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that an Extraordin- 1.1 ary Geneial Meeting of the Shareholders of the Vale of Clwyd Railway Company, will be held on Mon- day, the Seventri day of May, 1S60, at one o'clock in the afternoon precisely, at the Town Hall, Denbigh, in the county of Denbigh, for the purpose of considering and approving, or otherwise acting upon a Bill now pending in Parliament, entitled A bill for making a railway from the Vale of Clwvd Railway at Denbigh, in the county of Denbigh, to Corwen in the County of Merion- eth, to be called "The Denbigh, Ruthin, and Corwen Railway." By order, ROBERT ROBERTS, Denbigh, 19th April, 1860. Secretary. \V ALL PAPER.  HUGHES AND SON have now icady their R • Books of New Patterns of CHEAP PAPER HANGINGS. I Experienced mea sent to put up the Paper. Genuine COD LIVER OIL PURE AND TASTELESS. In Consumptive cases it speedily removes the night sweats, so weakening to persons in Decline, and though the disease may be so far advanced as to preclude the possibility of cure, yet if the oil is genuine it will give such strength to the invalid as will prolong life, by keeping pace with the ravages of the disease. MESSRS. W. ROTTON AND SON, COD LIVER OIL EXTRACTORS, BIRMINGHAM and SCOTLAND, Kuowins that he fate of the patient is generally dependant upon tll purity of tile Oil, have determined to supply none other than a Good and Genuine Article, the properties of which are. if extracted from tresh Cull Livers, paleness or colour SWeetnt-M of t'\1ie, and efficacy in administration, and tliey especially r«ard the Public against beiusr induced to purchase rank, dark and racy Oils. such, beiug undoubtedly of inferior quality, the products of stale livers, miscellaneous Fisli or the result of over lieating in the extraction, anv of I which would result in deft-,tting the most scientific skill. (Such has been the success attending the Use of Messrs ROTTON's Cod Liver Oil. that they have been favoured with testimonials acknowledging the same, irom the most eminent Physicians, including the names of Wm. Hei-eoatti, Esq., F-C-S-, I ot Hnstol J. B. Melson. M.D. UehFiatchcr.m.D. I D. W. trompton, M.D. William Sands Cox, M.D John Eccies, M.D. K. E. B. lloruiblow, M.D. Alfred baker John Postdate, Birmingham. Together with testimonials from the most scientinc analytical Chemists. AGENTS roil WKEXHAM J. BROUGHTON, CHEMIST, HIGH STREET, JOHN FRANCIS, CHEMIST, HOPE STREET. AGENTS FOR OSWESTRY SMALE & SON, AND J. GRIFFITHS, SURGEON. MORRIS THOMAS TEMPERANCE HOTEL, LONDON ROAD, PORTMADOC. COMBINES the Comforts of home, with the Con- veniences of an llolcl.—Charges moderate. STEAM TO AUSTRALIA UNDER SIXTY DAYS. Passage Money P,14 and Upwards. British and Australian Ex-Royal Mail Packets, and Eagle Line of Packets, In conjunction with the Celebrated Auxiliary Screw Steam Clipper GREAT B R I T A I N Appointed to Sail Punctually, From LIVERPOOL on the 5th and 15th of every MONTH. To the Consignmcat of BRIGHT, BROTHERS, & Co Melbourne. THE ABOVE IN ADDITION TO BEING THE ONLY TINE WITH STEAM OUT OF LIVERPOOL, TS COMPOSED OF THE LARGEST, FINEST, AND FASTEST MERCHANT SHIPS IN THE WORLD. Sbip. Reg. Eur. Capt. Date. Young AMERICA ..1961.. 4500.. CARLISlE 5th April Go?M.?S2..2500..JcNBs.l?hApnl 9AU^)ANHA!]..1",62-3500..Flynn 5th May OcN Chiw.1026..8000.,BROWN To FoUow TO BB SUCCEEDED BY THK FOLLOWING CLIFl'EM AND Sn:A.lE!iS:- GREAT BRITAIN LIGIITNLNO CHAMPION OF THE SEAS Jj DONALD MCKAY GREAT TASMANIA EAGLE I SirtnNHi MARCO POLO OCEAN CHIEP BRITISH TRIDENT GITSY BRIDB MORNING LIGHT COMMODORE PERRY MoKTMOREXCY -v T. HE above celebrated 6tcam and sailing t A ??s. Clippers forming the only line ???hononred by a visit from Her Majesty the ??? Queen and so well known for their rapid Dassa-es punctuality in sailing, and splendid acco. modatfonSnsu. passed by any ships m the world will continue to sail regularly between Liver^l and Mel. I bourne, affording to Passengers and shippers, the I most unrivaUed advantages. The Commanders are men of experience and noted for their kindness and attention to passengers. The Cabin accommodation is most superior, the Saloons being elegantly furnished with every requisite to insure comfort to passengers, and are supplied with Beds, Bedding, &e. Bounty Ticket Passengers forwardod to Launceston and Hobart Town. Annlv to GIBBS, BRIGHT & Co. Merchants, or to JAMES BAINES, & Co., Liverpool. OR TO MR ARTHUR CLAKE. BYNYFFYNNON nOP R TERRACE, WltEXHAM. jjj, L ONEY TO LEND, from £10 to f-400, on personal .JJ or other security, to be repaid by easy Monthly or Quarterly instalments, extending over a period from one to three pars. Loans granted within one week from day of application. Confidence strictly bservad. ADFIV bv letter or personally, to Mr. EDWARD CLOWES, i\in Booth-street East, Oxford Road. Manchester. J Established the year 1843. OOUtiHS AMD COLDS. ROWLMD'S PECTORAL OXYMEL is the best -Tt Medicine tr Coughs, Colds, Asthma and Bron- chial affections; is pleasant, safe, and efficacious, and has afforded relief after numerous other remedies have tailed. in bottles at la I-Id. and 2s. 9d. Prepared only by W. ROWLAND, Dispensing Chemist. High- street, Wrexham. [A CARD]. MR. SAMUEL GRIFFITHS* (FARHKK) AUCTIONEER AND appraiser, 1-' AftQOEJ), QtESTON. V NEW B P TIS, T- C fi A P L, BHOiLLANXROHBVGob. THE Opening of this beautiful Building for Divine X Service, will take place on Sunday and Monduy, the 13th aud 14th instant. Many well known Ministers will ofifciate. The Rev D. Evans, Dudley, (late of Newtown) will ipreiicii in English nn Mondav, at 2 p.m. Also. the Rev.). Roberts, Brynmawr, (late of Tredegar) will deliver a Welsh Lecture on Tuesday Evening, the loth instant,—Subject: WILLIAMS, WKM, AND sis TIJIKS." To commence at Se\ in o'clock. Tickets to be had at the Chapfl door. The proceeds to the OWpel Fund. BOYAL DENBIGH MILITIA BAND. (7f y the kind permission cf the officers of elte R.D.R.) r HHE members of the above Band are now open to engagements for r LC-NIC PARTIES, CLUBS, BOW MEETINGS, and all other feitive gatherings. Tor terms tp >ly tj Mr. J. W. Jocea, Band master, Wrexham. TO S £ UVfi MARS&SEASON, 1660, AT One Sovereign each Mare, and Two Shillings and i JL Sixpence the Groom,—the Groom's fee to be paid at.. the time of serving. That beautiful bay horse YOUNG WINDS Oil, T he property of Mr. H. Jones, Ferm, Lees wood, near Mold. Young Windsor stands 16 hands high, and is rising 6 years old. He was shown as a Hunter Stallion at tbie Exhibition of the Royal Agricultural Society at Ches- t( T, 1858. His dam was got by Petworth g. d. by Pel- q uin; ff. g. d. by Quicksilver; g. g. g. d. by Clothiei. Y ouag Windsor's sire was shown as a Hunter Slalliou a the Exhibition of the Royal Agricultural Society at T findsor Park in 1851, and was pot by Sir Thomas, A .rab bred.. His kran4 site was bought by the Duke of I irnnswick to go abroad. If health jermits he will visit the following places v reekly :—On Monday Morning to the Red Lion, at Hope, f ar one hour thence through Gresford to Llan-y-pwll, t or one hour; thence through Marchwiel to the Buck I nn, Bangor, for the night. On Tuesday to the Bryn-y-pys Lrms in Overton, for one hour; thence to the Swan J rin, Ellesmote, until the market is over; thence to the (. treen Alan Inn,' between Ellesmero and Oswestry, for t be night. On Wednesday to the St. George's Inn, ( )swestry, for the market; thence to the Cross Keys I nn. Chirk, for one hour; thence to the Black Horse, l rroes, for the night. Or. Thursday to the Cross Foxes, Vrexham, for the market, and thence to Caergvrie, for I t he night. 'I he last round of the Horse will be on the I I th of July. The Money to be paid on the last route, or os extra v rill be charged. 1 S 6 0. fTpHE Superior Brown Cart Stallion CONQUERING jL HERO, the property of Mr HAMPSON, Ellesmere, rill Serve Mares this Season, at one Pound each Mare, s nd Is the Groom, Barren Mares half price, no less will betaken. 1 RouTE-Thursday, through Overton to Overton Bridge, thence to the Elephant and Castle, Charles St. Wrexham till 4 o'clock, thence to the Golden, Lion, Marford, all night.—Friday to the Chapel House, Isacoed, and stop I hour, thence through Pickhill to the. Buck im Bangor, all night.—Saturday to the Plough, Worthen- bury, for 1 hour, thence to the Holy Land for one hour, and through Penley home. ALSO, that beautiful bright bay horse SPORTSMAN ALSO, that bermtiful bright bay horse SPORTSMAN r ?u L at 41 5? each Marc, and 2a ?U the Groom. Sports- man is four years old, 16 hands high, was got by Smo. ker, his dam by Talq, grand dam Alexander, great grand- dam Melibaus. ROPIE.—Thursday Overton to Elephant and Castle [nn; Charles Street, Wrexham, thence to Buck, Bangor, al n\sht.-Priday, Wortlienbury to Malpas, for 1 hour, thence Penley home.—Saturday to Dudleaton St Mar- tins, And home, Any Mare Mrved by tither Horse and not holding, may be put to the other, by paying the Groom's Fee. WEM AND BRONYGARTH ROADS, (SECOND DISTRICT). TO ROAD CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. CHIRK, GLYN, AND LLANARMON NEW TURN. PIKE ROAD. PERSONS willing to contract for making the portion JL of the above road, which is between Pontfaen and the New Inn at Glyn Ceirio^, and a Branch Road there- from leading from a point below the Heiber Chapel to Brookside Turnpike, and for widening, levelling, and otherwise improving the road between the New Inn and Llar.armon Dyffryn Ceiriog, may see the Plans and Sections, and Specifications of the works, at the offices of the Surveyor to the trustees, Mr. George Owen, C.E., Oswestry, between Tuesday, the 1st, and Saturday, the 12th days of May, both inclusive, on or before which latter day, TENDERS must be sent in to Mr. Owen, endorsed Tenders for the Glyn New Road." The work will be let ill sections, and there will be two Bridges over the River Ceiriog, for which separate Tenders are required. The Trustees do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any other Tender, and each contractor will have to provide sufficient sureties in one hundred pounds for the completion of his contract, to the satisfaction of the Surveyor, on or before the 15th day of December 1860. Monthly payments will he made on the certificate of the surveyor, to the amount of two-thirds of the value of the work executed. JOHN JONES, Oswestry, 23rd April, 1860. Clerk to the Trustees. ROBERT JONES, (LATE OF JACKSOXS & JONES), COACH MAKER, WREXHAM, BEGS to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants generally of the town of Wrexham and the coun- genera l iy o,' the town oA ties of Denbigh, Flint, Chester and Salop, that the above firm having been dissolvod, he has commenced business on his own account in HOPE STREET, WREXHAM, where he has a SIIOWROOH, and upon the Premises in BANK STREET, lately in the occupation of Mr Richard Davies, Coach Maker. From his long experience of the most practical part of Coach-making, and his determination to execute such orders as may be entrusted to him with skill and despatch, and at the lowest possible prices, he hopes to merit, as he solicits, a share of public patronage. A SUPPLY OF CHEAP WELL-FINISHED BASKET CARRIAGES, IJ 0 G CARTS, I WHITECHAPELS, & LIGHT PHOTONS, ALWAYS ON HAND. Old Carriages taken in exchange, or repaired and renovated. Wrexham, Feb., 1860. MR EDWARD HUMPHREYS, AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER AGKNT FOB. LAND AND HOUSE PROPERTY, LLANGOLLEN. LAMP OILS!! D. JONES IRONIIONGR, 12, TOWN-HILL, BEGS to state that he has just received a fresh supply Bof Parafine, Photogen, Petrolene, and 8elmantine, which he is prepared to sell at 3s. 3d. per gallon. Also, a large assortment of LAMPS adapted to burn the above Oils. FAMOUS ME, LTON MOWDRAY PORKPIES JAMES OLLKRHEAD BEGS to announce to the Public generally, that he jj has now commenced, and will continue to receive his regular supply of the far-famed MELTON MOW- BRAY PORK PIES,and that he will always keep on hand a stock of his own UNEQUALLED "ORIGINAL AND HIGHLY CELEBRATED FINE WREXHAM GINGERBREAD" High-street, Wrexham. KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. AL rii RESTORED and maintained by the use of JJL these Pills, prepared solely by John Kaye, Esq. of Daltcu-Hall, near linddersfield. They are uuequalles in simplicity, safety, and beneficial etfect, and in cased of accute as well at chronic diseases, especially iliose rising from impurity of Blood, Indigestion, and Consti- pation, are he best medicine that can possibly be em- ployed FEMALES, ARTIZSNS, MECHANICS, all persons of Se dentary Habits, and the general public, will find them of the greatest service in correcting and preventing irregu- larities in the performance of the various functions of the human bodl. Buy one Box and rotf en. testimonial enclped* ♦ t Ola'HlIjjr. Ms. HUGHE^, (late of Peuybryu, Wrexham) AfJL tenders her very grateful acknowledgments to her iHiffierotis Frienas for the pitronage bestowed between 20 and 30 years. She feapectfully aunounces that » 1W still receives Pupils to Board and educate, at 143, Poregate Strrtt, Chester. Thoie Parents who may kiudly honour her with the charge of their Children, are assured that all possible care shall be bestoW-d both on moral and mental culture, com- bined with domestic comfort. I i'uivla cofi enter immediately. Chester, 3rd MAJB, 18ûl1. THE. RE V T.-WIDUOW.SON, B.A. (Wronglr, And late scholar of St John's College, Cambridge) is prepared to receive,pupila ili. Mathematics, Classics, atld general uibjccU.'—Aj,ply at S9, Wrexham Fechan. Sfl hI get, ri ■ LET, a CO PTAGE, in the outskirts of Wreshatn, consisting of KiHohsn^ Rack Kitaben,. and two Hw- lOMta, wiih small Yard aftuhad.-Apply to Mr bayley, Stationer. 'A' CO?AGE TO LKt, ..oh?tunj! two Ntting A room% kitcb", and u?-uBicee, foue good bed- loome, garden well-stocked, antl good pasture land, beautifully situated on the banks ortke Dee, three miles Irom Iiuaboa station, close to Overton Biid° ^e. For particulars appJy to -Air. Samuel Griffiths, £ rbis- tock, W res hum. OFIA COTTAGE TO BE LET with immediate possession, furnished or unlurnislied, delightfully situated about 2 and-a-half miles from Wrexham station containing every requisite for a genteel rtsidence, in- cluding a b,oog stable and garden.—Apply to Air. Lester, Pen-y-gel]t, near Wrexham. TO BE LET with immediate possession, that well- accustomed PUBLIC-HOUSK, now known as the Railway lnft;" situajte at the Itossett. near the Railway station. Apply to Mr. John Price, on the premisee. rP0 BE LET with immediate poaseMioD, a HOUSE X and GARDEN, situate at Rhos ddu. The huu? contains four bedrooms, parlour, kitchen, back kitchen, and scullery, and other out-door conveniences. Apply to Mr Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. TO 'BE LET, A Genteel and Convenient House and T o I?entMa?, caiJd B?a-Edw-yn, Regent str*t, late m the occupation 01 Mr H. M. Jones.—For particular apply to Mr Daniel Edwards, on the premises. TO BE LET, OR SOLD, A GENTEEL VILLA RESIDENCE, situate ia AGiLovE PARK, Wiexbam. Apply to blr. RICHARD BUN-N. Stf fa £ oI £ r, rno BE SOLD, the ORGAN now in St Mary's Tcatbolic*(;hurch Wrexham. For partcular. apply to Gray and DaV1on, 9, R<u?!l Sreet; Li?rpool. The Rev. Dr B.owne will kindly allow it to be in- spected, on application beiog made to him at St Mary's Rectory. SUPERIOR STRONG BUILDING BRICKS, at. LJ Twenty-one Shillings the Thousand.—Apply to T. Hanson, Plasitsa Brick Workp, near Ruabon. TO BE SOLD, a very useful two year old DONKEY. Apply to AIr John Blackwell, Gatewen, near Wrexham. TO BE SOLD, a quantitiy of battening and loo MA JL STR?W. Apply to Mr. Btyby, Boo?Mller., W rexham. ON 6AU. I A STACK of Prime well-harvested Upland HAY, of Athe growth 1858.-Apply to the Postmuter, Overton. Overton, 24th April, 1860. LLEWELYN MISE, MINERA, SEVERAL SHARES in this very prosperous Minec for SALK-Apply to Messrs Baugh and Jones, Auctioneers, Wrexham. FIRE WOOD. HMO BE SOLD cheap, at Acton Paik, close to Wrex- X ham, a large quantity of FIRE WOOD. Apply to Mr. Edward Koberis, the Plough Inn, Gresford, or at Acton Park. HAY. A STACK of prime upland HAY to be sold, partie* ?\ are invited to make olfers for the same, at a pric per ton, the purchaser to take it away.—Apply to Mr W. Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. f 110 BE SOLD, tbatsupe<icrThorough.bredSta!Uom .L GOOJEKAT." Goojerat is a bay horse, foaled ia 1849, upwards of 16 hands, he is by Gaiaor, out of Phar- macopii by Physician, dam Underlass, by Muley. Her is own brother to Guicowcr, winner of several races. Any information ubout the horse to be had fiom Mr Whittaker, Turf Tavern, Wrexham. ituatialmt &c„ Skmirir. WANTED, a well educated YOUTH, thoroughly TT conversant with the Welsh Language, as an OUT-DOOR APPRENTICE to the business of Chemist and Druggist.—Apply to James F. Edisbury, Dispensing: Chemist, No. 2, ilope Street, W rexham. TO BUILDER?, &c. TENDERS wanted for the erection of Dwelling- JL lit use, Office, Stables, &c., at the Cambrian Satiety Fuse Works, Brymbo. Particulars may be had by ap- plying at the Works (between tbe hours of tenand threø)¡ or to Mr Manners, 26, Regent-street, Wrexham. FIRST-CLASS INCOME FOIL A BUSINESS MAN. AGENTS Wanted in every district, to conduct th? ?? sale of the Manchester and Liverpool Royal Cattle Food.-Addrc,-s E. A. Acton, 29, Corporation-street* Manchester. W ANTED a SITUATION as Clerk, Warehouseman* W or in a Weighing Machine. The advertiser his just left the army, and can produce the highest testi- monials as to character, capability, &c.-Addreho, J .B.P.. Mr. Horton, ltope-maker, Hope-street, Wrexham. WANTED, to purchase, a Second-hand Copy of ft DR. ADAM CLARKE'S COMMENTARY ON THE BIBLE," Welsh or Euglish.- -Apply to Mr Bisyloy, Bookseller, Wrexham. WANTED, a steady Man, as WAGGONER; he TV must be able to load Timber, and drive wall. A good character troin his late employer is nectasary,- Apply to Mr W. Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham, WANTED in a respectable first-class Ina, near VV Wrexham, a good HOUSEMAID, age from 24 to 26.-Apply to Mr. Bayley, bookseller, Wrexham. WANTED an experienced DAIRY MAID, and one tY capable of attending to House keeping, good char- acter required.—Apply to Mr Wiltiam Bayley, Booksel- ler, Wrexham. MONEY  .9 FLAA TO Lend on Mortgage of Freehold 5E1.?UU Property.—Apply to Mr R. Wil. bawd, Suncitor, 22, Abbot 8treet, Wrexham. IMPORTANT NOTICE, As some unprincipled Parties are uow making aucl offering for Sale an Imitation of the GLENFIELD PATENT STARCH, we hereby caution all our Customers to be careful, when purchasing, to see that the word GLENFIELD ia ou each Packet, to copy which is Felony. eac WO'L'HERSPOON & CO., GLASGOW & LONDON. ROWLAND'S STOMACHIC DIGESTIVE PILLS. THESE PILLS are prepared from the prescription of JL a ?ate eminent physician, and will be found a moot valuable remedy for all disorders of the Stomach^— mpaired digestion, flatulence, acidity, deficient appetite for food, pain in the stomach after meals, head-ache or ner vousness, and for females before and atter confinement* They do not CUI tam a particle of mercury, or any of its preparatioLS, buing composed entirely of vegetable ingredients; and their continued use will not weaken, or in any way injure the system, but from the tonia property whicu they contaia, will have a strengthening and invigorating effect. A more valuable faeilymediem* cannot be obtained. l Sold in boxes at 8, lIljd, and 28 9d br tha proprietor, WK. UOW"NDO Dis?Mtka CMUMT, M"fI\ 8ip 9trect| "-f .,¡ ..f