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MERTHYR TYDFIL UNION. CONTRACT FOR SUPPLIES FOR THE WORK. HOUSE, MERTHYR, AND THE ABERDARE INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL. THE Guardians desire TENDERS for the JL Supply of Sides of Beef, and Legs cut close tothe romp. Mutton, Pork. Bacon (Stretford and Cumberland cut, and Bellies.) Bread, Flour (plain tie), Oa^neal (Irish). Potatoes. Coal, (in truck loads at the railway stations), Coke, Small Coal, and Firewood. Butter, and Cheese. Out-door Supplies, at Mertfryr, Dowlais, Hirwain, Aberdare, and Afountain Ash. Beef, and Mutton—Best quality. The Tenders, to be fWThree Months only, viz., June 26th, 1885, to September 29th, 1885, both inclusive. All goods to be delivered at the Workhouse, or at the Aberdare Industrial School, at the Option of the Guardians. Payments quarterly, but Bakers, Butchers, and Grocers may drawy'on account once in the middle of the quarter. Tenders to be sent in on ot before FRIDAY, Jun/ 19tb, 1885, in the Forms to be had on/application to the Master at the W orkhoaseyor at the Aberdare Industrial School, who will furnish all other particulars. Goods not in the above list can be seen in the forms of Tender. The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Tenders, unless received on FRIDAT, June 19th, at Six p.m., will not be opened. By order, FRANK JAMES, Clerk. High-street, Mertbyr, 1st June, 1885* No goods to be supplied, or work done for the Workhouse or Industrial School without a written Order, signed by the Clerk. All account for the June quarter to be made up 'to Jane 22nd, and sent in to the Master by that day. WANTED, LADIES and YOUNG MEN, v T j to take pleasant Work at their own homes!; 2s. to 5s. a day easily made: work sent by Patcel Poet; no canvassing.—Lorraine and Forresiton, Hastings. I W. WOODWARD & sop, Bill Posters, Town Criers, &c., No. 23, HIGH STREET, ABERDARE, DEO to inform the Public And Tradesmen T> in general that they^Rent the Largest POBTING STATIONS br^the District, and are ready to receive Orders for Posting, &c., in Aberdare, Aberamaj*, Hirwain, Cwmdare, Uwm- M, and other-parts of the District. -P N.B.—Contracts made per Quarter or Yearly. A (VENTS WANTED tQ^-pctsti first-class x\ ^Machinery Oils^Xberal Commission. —Bos ^PostOjfic^Tliiverpool. "FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE7 I I -CJD WORLD-FAMED I The Great Blood Purifier and Restorer. r SKIN DISEASES Eruptions, Blotches Ulcerated 1 Sore Legs, Old Sores, Glandular Swelling Cancerous Ulcers, Sports. Pimgfles, Pustules Boils, Carbuncles, Ringworms, Scald Heads, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discoler- actions of the Skin, Humours and Diseases of the Skin of hatever name or nature, ara literally carried out of the system in a short time by the use of this world famed Medi- cine. IMPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL. — Cleanse the vitiated Blood whenever ^ou find it impuri- ties bursting through pie akiri in pimles, eruptions, or sores, cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is foul, and your feelings will tell you when., Keep the blood pure and the health of thfi system will follow. As this Mixture is pleasant to the tastes and warranted free from anything injuriour to the most delicate constitution of eithes st t, the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give i, a trial to test its talue. North-street, Andinshaw (near Manchester), It affords me great pleasure to add my testimony to the wonderful effects of your Slood Mixture, which has cured me f a very bad ulcerated Oot and ancle. I bad four wound* which prevented me folUjvins my occupation for four years, urinj; which time I have been in five different infirmarien tand under fifteen diilerent doctors. I wa« at la«t induced to try your Blood Mixture, and after taking three small bottles I was able to go to worjt, and by the time I had taken nine or ten bottles I was completely cured. Mace whatever use you like of this, for the benefit of other sufferers. I am, yours respectfully, JOHW WILLIAMS. Sold in Bottler, 2s. 9d. each, and in cases. con-, taining six timflfs the quantity, lis each—sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long-standin cases,-by all Chemists and Patent \Medicine Vendors throughout the world, or sens tfc receipt of 33 or 132 stamps by Tbe-iiticoln & Midland Counties' Drug Company Lincoln. Trade Mark—Blood Mixtura CRYSTAL PALACE.—HANDEL'S BICENTENARY-' FESTIVAL Friday, June 19th GHE4T FULL REHE\R3A £ Monday „ 22nd MESSIAH. Wednesday „ 21th SELECTION. Friday, 26th ISRAEL IN EGYPT. SOLO VOCALISTS MADAME ALBANI. MISS ANNIE MUUtlor, MADAME 'CLARA SULEB, and MADAME yALLERI* MAOAME PATEY and MADAME TRjfBELLI. ¡ MR. EDWARD LLOYD and MR. JOSE0H (It A A MR. SANTLEY, MR. HARRINGTON /FOOTE, an t MR. F. KING. MR BRIDSON and SlGNOR^ToLI. Solo Organist: MR. W T.yHEST. Band and Chorus of the usual gigantic proportions, Solo Organist: MR. W T. EST. Band and Chorus of the usual gigantic proportions, numbering 4000 executants. Organist to Festival; MB/A. J. EYRK. Conductor •' • MR. nCOUST MAN^S. Organist to Festival: MB/A. J. EYRK. Conductor MR. nCOUST MAN^S. Tickets in Sets'of Numbered jSdfats for the Three Days o the Festival, and also for Single JJayi now ou iale at (Jrysta Palate, and 18, Pall Mall, §.AV. Prices of Sets, Three Guineas, Two-aud-a-half Gummas, and Two Guineas. Prices of Single Seata, Twenty-fiv»15hillings, One Guinea, and Fif- teen Shillings Rehearsal "Sfckets also .on sale. Cheques to b» made payable to Cjj^stal Palace Company, and to be cussed Consolidated B&k." Post-otlice outers to be made payable at the G.P.O^Jfcradon, to Mr Henshaw Russell, As- sistant Manager, Crystal Palace. Handel Festival Pamph- let A with Plan and Jfill particulars of Seats, Prices, &r., to be had Vratis on application at either Crystal Palace or 43 Pall H ALLAN LINE WKT^/1 SUOKTEST OCtAN PASSAGE TO AMERICA, Composed of Twenty First-class RoyaiMM Steamers. SAILING DAys-From Liverpool, every TueÍduy and Thursday, to Canada, and every alternate Tuesday to Halifax and Baltimore, forwarding passengers on easy terms to aHparta/of Canada and the United States. Surgeon and Stewardesses provided free for a classes of Passengers. I Passengers who secure their/Tickets before- leaving heme are nut at the Railway Station in Liverpool by an appointed Agrnt ot theCompay,n whfc takes charge of them until they go on borda ♦helSti amer. Ilie Canadian Governufent grants ASSISTED PASSAGES by the ALLAN LINE" to Mairied Farm Labourers and Female Domeatc, Servants. FoV Hates of freight or Passage, apply to 3'0 ALL". BROTlJl: & Co., Alexandra Buildings, Jameg. treet iverpool; or to JONES & Sja* 'S- Ar.ERDAKfir^iMEj Office, Aberdare. I.A A Large and Carefully-Sheeted ¡ SIOCK OF SCRAPS, Suitable for SCHJEENS, SOliAP AL UMS, now on Sale at the Aberc^e Times" Office, 31, ercial Place, Aberdare. A NEW WKLSH AUTHORESS." ihe Wreckers of Lavernock. I By ANNIE JBNKTNS. n vo., Cloth, Price Five Shilling. published by Fisher Unwin, Paternoster Square, j!.C. May be obtained at the ABEHDARE IIMEs Office, Commercial Place, Aberdare. j NOTICE. FOUND,-A Black GREYHOUND, on the — roali leading from A^rdare to Merthyr. If not claimed withja, three days, it will be sold to defrajL expanses. Apply to Lewis Morgan, 13, Mount-Hill-street, Aberaman.



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