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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

5 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



/:L.I..t::i.U..M.AS TO W JN ±3±&±^J±L. VV IMPORTANT TO BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, AND OTHEKS. \TMMEjfSE saving by the use of BRICK as a material for Building, in preference to Stone—effecting' a saving A/ of 25 per cent, at the present reduced prices, whieh are as follows:— Good Building Brisks 20s. per 1000. | Fire, prime quality, ditto 30s. per 1000. The above prices, for Cash only, and a considerable per centage allowed on large quantities. Merthyr, May 26th, 1860. j. OIEATLELA^ EXCURSION" „ vJ O ERife YR, ^ABEENANT (FOB ABERDARE), TO ILFEACOMBE.E Qn the far-famed Coast of Devon, BY the South tfales and Yale of Jfeath Railways to Swansea, thence by the regular Passenger Steamers Priaoe of Walw," commanded by William Pockett, and Lord Beresford," commanded by Henry Pockett, on SATTJKDAT, ATTGXTS* 18th, 1860 (wind and weather permitting), giving Excursionists about Five Hours at Hfracombe! The Traia will leave Merthyr at 6.0 a.m., and Abernant (for Aberdare) at 6.15 a.m., and will arrive in Swansea about 7.30 a.m. The Prince of Wales" and "Lord Beresford" Steamers will leave the Half-Tide Basin, South Docks, Swan- see, at 8.0 a.m., or immediately after the arrival of the Train from Merthyr and Abernant, and they will return Aom Hfracombe at 3.30 p.m., arriving in Swansea in time for Passengers to return by Special Train for Merthyr •Vapd Abernant (for Aberdare.) i FARES From Merthyr to Hfracombe AAD back.: 5s. 0d. /From Abernant (for Aberdare JloJlfracomfceand back 5s. Od. Tickets may be had of the Vale of Neath Railwffj^Stetion Masters at Merthyr and Abernant (for Aberdare.) Aa early application is neeessary, as the number of Passfcsgers is limited. The Royal Glamorgan Militia ArtiUesy Bjyid will be in attendance. r VS^LE or NEATH AN1) SOUTH WALES RAILWAYS. /TEC^D CHEAP ^BXCUBSIQIT. A SATURDAY, WlGUST 11th, 1860, a TRAIN will leave MERTHYR at 6.15 p.m., calling at Abernant L j v and Hirwain, for Swansea, Uanelly, Pembrey, Ferry Side, Carmarthen Junction, St. Clears, Wfhitland, j .rttfrerth Road, Clarbeston Road, Haverfordwest, and New Milford (Milford Haven), returning from New • /Milord at 3.0 p.m., on Monday, August 13th. F°r Fares and other particulars, see handbills. .L TWELFTH 0-IJA2WC0E/C3-A.LNR V. J*,L*.Ct a- I\ OR XERTHYR TYDFIL YOLPNTEER EIFLE CORPS. GRAND OPEN MB, FETE IN THE PARK, NEAR THE LAMB & FLAG INN, GLYN NEATH, ON THURSDAY, AUGUST 16TH, 1860. THE 12th Glamorgan Volunteer Rifle Corps will hold a GRAND FETE, as above, under the Patronage of several of the VOLUNTEER RIFLE CORPS of the COUNTIES of GLAMORGAN and MONMOUTH, whq will appear in their FULL DRESS UNI FORM, attended by their respective BANDS. Arrangements are made with the South Wales and Vale of Neath Railway Companies for CHEAP SPECIAL TRAINS on the occasion. Tickets of Admission to the Park, 2s. each, including Railway Fare to-and-from Swansea, Llansamlet, Por lialbot, and Briton Ferry, on the South Wales line, and all Stations on the Vale of Neath line. n- For full particulars, see future announcements. By order of the Committee. H. H. MALLETT, Hon. Sec. WELSH RATIONAL MUSICAL CONTEST & PEOPLES FESTIVAL, Open to all the Brass Bands, Harpists, and Choirs in the Principality, including Moumouthihb■ e. Under the Presidency 0} DAVID WILLIAMS, Esq. (A law Goch.J THE Managing Coinfittee beg most respectfully to inform the Musical Public that arrangements have been, completed ior holding dbd celebrating a GRAND VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL MUSICAL .CONTEST FESTIVAE. on a scale of magnitude totally unprecedented, at NEATII, on MUINDAY and TUESDAY, the 24th ami 25m of SEPTEMBER next, where a spacious Marquee will be erected capable of accom- modating upwards of Three Thousand persons, when the following Prizes of Money and Medals will (subject to the regulations) be awarded to the successful competing Bands, Harpists, and Choirs. FIRST DAY.—MONDAY, SEPT. 21TH, 1860. BRASS BANDS.-First Prize, jE12, with Silver Medal for Bandmaster. Second Prize, Y,7 7s. PS.-First Prize, X2 2s., with Silver Medal. Second Prize, JEI Is. SECOND DAY.—TUESDAY, SEPT. 25TH. I 1 (Open to all the unsuccessful Bands of First Day.) (\u )r BRASS BANDS.—First Prize, £ 10, with Silver Medal for Bandmaster. A A Second Prize, £ 5 5s. CHOIRS.—First Prize, £ 10, with Silver Medal for Leader. Second Prize, £ 5 5s. All Bands, Flirpists, and Choirs desirous of competing, must be entered not later than the 3rd of September. No Entrance F^charged. All entries Wbaaddressed, and all particulars obtained, by enclosing a stamped envelope to Mr. D. JONES Briton Ferry, Neatl* The contests will coftBiej^e each day at 11 a.m. Admission by Tickets only, each day, Is. each; Reserveln Seats, 2s. each. >, N Tickets to be obtained oi,Mrs. Whittington, Post Office, Mr. Hayman, and Miss Coates, Stationers Neath- and of Mr. D. Jones, Mr. Thomas Williams, Mr. Oram, and Mr. Tasker, Stationer, Briton Ferry. Early appifS cation for Tickets is requested, to prevent trouble and confusion on entering the Marquee. 1 Concerts will be given at the Town Hall in the Evening of each day, for particulars of which see future announcements. Arrangements will be made with the different Railway Companies for issuing Excursion Tickets on those days at reduced fares. LOOK TO THE CONDITION OF YOUR HORSES AND CATTLE. VERY owner of oms and Cattle should use E. B, AY'S CONDIT 10 POW1)ERS in ill ses of loss 04appe i ital energg, i n e.-?toon, proves the di- ive fu ti im s new vigour to o deb* si H or" and ena them 0 nBrfonnyiouble the t 0 1. t. labour without being distressed. Want of€onditiou 11 a Horsei/genwally indicated by the roughness of the cont which the above Powders will speedilyfmedy. Xki^rial wif he finousJi to prove that it is the best preparation to- increasing the appetite, punfymp the Mood \imng qfi9m cyaY and-yreventing all diseases incidental to Horses and tattle at Spring andrtall. File Po»der Ufiing an aidum produce, is prepared from the recipe of one of the principal Veterinary .Burgeons in QiglakdyOidN^s been ustftNor many years in several of the largest livery stables in Lmftlpn. mf y Prepared only\V E. R. GAT, Dispensing Cheadst, 55, High-stfeet; Merthyr Tydfil, in packets at Is 6d each with full directions r use. „ AGBNTSV-ABCRFAFE: Mr. W. J. Thomas, Chemist, Commercial-street; Pontvpridd, Mr. R. Smvth Chemist er Agents in cours&^LMpointment throughout South Wales, who will be announced in future advertisements Carfipfe^id to all parts of bouth Wales on Orders for 12s, and upwards. CLEANL ESS, IIGI ELEGAN AND URA ITY. I R.0 BEDSTEADS GREAT VA-RIETY. T • T. TTH. OalsvMo nAivS iteLs eiftns spte' o ctaiaonn s nwoof uilnhl cids e eStfy htoacct k ohmoe pf heFtaois otitno, onHw ihpr, aevRaidency g linfroienr ggai, rnd Sslpitpeo pceqtriuo, n aalnia td yl.aSrhgoe wSer toBcak thas, t asnud ch Lopyrsieclle's s Patent Hydrostatic Coffee ariti Tea Urns, in Tin and Bronze, at exceedingly low prices. ObSerlHt the Address :—Opposite the Bush Iligh StreetyMerthyr. MK IMPORTANT JJYO M|)|GB<OTS. 01.D FOX INN, Cambrian, Australia^fand AmericamHouse, JM^KALE STREET, DALE-STRKET (within two ninutes' walk of the Exchange Railway Station, and jb/Cose pSj^imitv to all the Docks) LIVEKVOOL.— THOMAS LLOYD, Proprietor. V x Parties reqwiring correct information relative to Time of Saiting, Provisions required-in short, anything con nected with Emigrating to Australia, America, or other parts, and who 00 not wish to be detained in Liverpool are tespectfull requested to communicate with THOMAS LLOYD, as above.-Well-Aired Beds on Reasonable Terms -Dry and desirable Storage for Passengers' Luggage, free of Charge. (iVo Connection with Mr. Lloyd, of Union Street. References may be made to Messrs. Davies, and Phillips, Grocers, Victoria-street; Mr. Wta. Gould, Tydfil's 'Well; Mr. Thoma Harries, Globe Inn; Mr. Morgan Williams, Eegistrar of Marriages, Merthyr R. Thomas, Esq., the Wern liev. Thomas Pric Base Cottage, Abardare; Mr. Thomas Havard, and Mr. Daniel Davies, Auctioneer, Dowlais. 7 — COMJPoftT IN WHITKCfG! cj^\inp/u THE great superiority oHb/" TiaK^AP^I^EN T sold at the TELEGarfrfM^OthCE. Itij^dapted for every hand, is an amiflgamJtwk oi tb t metals, end being anti-corro-^ive, will lfe/ twlcfl^s long, and' write immeasurably superior to any ofjjne Pens usually sold. A trial invited. Sold at 3 e dozen, or 2s. par gross box. IMPORTANT NOT GLENPIELD A T STARpH, Is the only Starchjmed in aie Is Jj0rundry,J\ r jr AND as some iu«principl«<iV;arKes au^iow making and ofFerina/for SALFWIN anitwioff of the GLEN- PI R LI) STAKCII, we lierewy cAitialr all our customers to be careful, when pureMsingvfo* see that the word (Jlerifield is on each packet, trafpy wlikh i« felony. WOTUEKBPOON and Co./ylasgow and London, Just Published, price S^pen^\ THE COMMERCIAL anflthe WfTTLE, by JOHN BURNS, EXIn^Plal*rawKler. "The one happy nightJ^h^CWfcerciffl\Room, is fully equal to anything iff'Charl^ flk^Vlaifey,' or Our Mess.—Cambrian.T yr Published by HORSELL & CAT* T^LL, 335, Strand, W.C., and may be had by ordepof all Booksellers. M G E f} t A A ND^otlier- Sums, to be U yjy/Xj H-nf f\/k D VANCED on FREEHOUt) or LE^EHQiTD SECURITY.—Apply to Mr. W. P. PROTHERO^colicitor, Merthyr Tydfil. WHEN You K OR G L E N FIE L &T A R CH SE^-fHAT -^pU 113' As inferior KJIT^s are of^*su ISTIAROD.—WOTHERSPOON and Co., G^sgo p^fld London. JIM MYERS' M45!MOTH EODEBTRHS TROUPE WILL visit ABERDARE onf.Fn^f!y^August 24th: MERTHYR, Saturdav and^fonday, August 25th and 27th Wednesday, August 29th; Brynmawj^rhursffetfl August 30tif; with his Troupe of Ma^nd FemplelJtistes, and^ith the largest Stud of Horses aiyk Ji«iS«/trav:lliB^- also with the celebratejKBull the o^Lal', and GEE AT STEAM OTS'tCAL/ALLIOPE, Acknowledged to beWie greyest Wonder of the Da Prices of Admission FirsjrfSeats, 2s Second Seats, Is.; Third Seats, 6d. Performances to commence at Two and half-past Two. Charity Schools admitted free by applying to J. W MYERS. W. B. WARD, Agent. Licensed Agent for America and Aus- tralia. rjys- DAVID DA VIES, jKk 20, UNION STRBETy^TVEItPOOL Five minutes' wpHifrom Birken- HEAJI^TANDINFF.- Good acceynmodation for J^mvetter^/kqjMor withpdt < Board, on^Kasonable fyrms. ^EE^E 8Ll POG^ hmZGAGp: TH E ahov^^p to infOT» tho e M'WM'ish to Ilmi- grate KRderhis auspice^, tl it if is necessary for their protection.that they sfiould ^fite to him previous to leaving their homes, stating rtif time of their depar- ture and the route of their tjpvel, in order that he may meet them on their arrival in Liverpool, to conduct them to his Establishment, as many are led astray and taken to other houses by designing and interested par- ties, where they are imposed upon to the greatest extent. PAINLESS TOOTH EXTEACTIO^HJ E R. GAY, DENTIST, bejrs mimate that he • has perfected an ELE<0TlRICAL APPA- RATUS for the above punjdSe, and may be onsult d daily at 55, High-street^Jiferthyr (oppqflteifie Mmket- square.) IS Decayed TeotlL/fmd Stumpy.exacted wiifhout the least pain.—Se^Jmg and Clajningl 5* Stojppmg, 2s. 6d.; Artificial Teedi supplied. TjLese Ixcelkm Mineral Teeth are perfect in their resemlMneejtf/Tiaturc, and are of everlasting wear. E. R. Gay's Tooth Esssme} for the IMMEDIATE RELIEF of Tooth-ache.—In Bottles, 6d., and Is. each. E. R. Gay's Quinine Dentifrice, for Beautifying and Preserving "the Teeth, Strengthening the Gums, &c.— n B oxes Is. each. r THE SrVf&FERERS OF MERTHYR .1 AND TH"EIB CVUT. By WULYEKMACHEE'S PATENT GALVANIC ANTI-RHEUMATIC CHAIN BANDS. MR. PULVERMACHER informs those invalids whose maladies are considered beyond the aid ot medical skill, that he has appointed Mr. T. LOVE- RIDGE, Chemist, Merthyr Tydfil, to bjfespccial Agent for the sale of these singular VOUfAJC CHAINS, Mr. LOVKRTDGE will give ii^pliprats every informa- tion respecting their curative n^wers, and the proper method of a so ffc to ensure iir>ure- rliate and certain success. M&rly evlry form of djurcase is permanently and magically cured eariiig c over the part affected. In jfll those s wher or ordinary appliances rove fatilk: the Cliajas act like a For miles roun^frnany gjifSerefs harf already been narvellously l-^ved—t!ie m|ladie^Tured, principally onsist of paralysis, epM)sy, .SIJ.STJ^; rheumatism, gout, lumbago, sdatica, rigidirt, stiyfoints, urethral disor- ders, hysteria, loss ol gfoice-^iypochoudria, deafness, debility, constipation, and jfclsy. And the alleviation of neuralgia^ tic doloreiy?f head, ear, face, and tooth ache, is so astonishing, ami effected GO instantaneously, th^t sufferers may teslfThe iniiuence ol the Chain before- hand at the depot. After seeing and feeling the phenomena produced, the sufferer may still further be astonished and convinced by perusing the extracts taken from upwards of 100 medical, scientific, clerical, and philosophical works, referring to the efficacy of this new discovery.—Price 5s., 10s. 6d., 15s., 18s., 22s.—Visit the depdt and read the documents from parties cured.—J. L Pulvermacher and Co., 73, Oxford-street, London. Agent for CARDIFF, Mr. Joy, Chemist, &c., Duke- street; BRIDGEND, Mr. JOHN FKICK, Chemist, &c.; NEATH, Mr. HUTCIIINS, Chemist, &e. MERTHYR: "• MR. T. LOYEEIDGE, CHEMIST, &O. lw A V PATENT CORN E>LOHR. A Delicious preparation for Pftmlingsl Cu^fards Blanc-Mange, Cp^s, &c., praterred ap Ufe best Arrowroot, and whejr simply bc^ed«vit!i riJifK, is the most light and wh^Cfesome cjict f(V enildi^^and inva- lids; and served/with jellyimd ntik o^TCi-eam, is the most "wholesome and inexpemive Aespfft for dinner or supper.' J \f ^ITBAKED tin DING, (From reolpes on packages.)— »t^>y four Nile spoonfuls oijfic Flour, or three and a hj^lf rfunces fo^tne quart o^milk; boil three minutes, stirring it bcjsMy^^llow it t^ool, and then thoroughly mix it with two well beaten with three table spoontjtls at sugar. Flavour to taste, and bake for half an hour in an oven. FRUIT PIE.—Bake or stew the lruit with sugar, put it into a pie dish, then pour over it Corn Flour boiled with milk, in the proportion of four ounces of the Flour to one quart of milk, then brown it before the fire, or in the oven. The Lancet states:—" This is superior to anything of the kind known." Obtain it where inferior articles are not substituted. Sold in 4, 8, and 16 oz. packets, at 2d., 4d., and 8d each. PAISLEY; 77a, Market-street, Manchester; 11, Temple-lane, Dublin, 23, Ironmonger-lane, London. THOMAS LOVEEIDGE, Sole Wholesale and Retail Agent for Merthyr and the ¥^;gfiboavi<oud. MR. TITUS JONES'S NOTICES. CEFNCOEDYCYMMEE, NEAR MEBTHYB TO BE LET, with immediate possession, THAT well-known HOUSE, call^tlie "CEFN HOTEL, near the Cemetery. JPfie House, which, is recently built, possesses every convenience for a large trade. There are Stable ancl^pratli-haTise^ witji^the necessary outhouses, and thj^ris altamejj^a varylarge well-fenced Garden, withjrellised suplmer liaj#^es, orna- mental plants and ej^xreens^Vm^F the^vliole well adapted for an exten^e oor umltrade. The Stock ani^firniture wtty bt tahM at a valuation. The cause for letting theVious^fs in consequence of the death of the late Mrs. Aspreyr For particulars, apply to Jmr. D. ASPREY, China Warehouse, High-street Merthyr; or to blr. TITUS JONES, Auctioneer. No. 1, Castle-street, Merthyr. 34, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. TITUS JONES, On SATURDAY, the 18th day of AUGUST; 1860, on the premises, Jr THE whole of the HOUSEHOLOFURNITURE, STOCK-IN-TRADE, and JPFFECFC, the pro- perty of Mr. A. ROMBACIH, well is out declining business, in conseoiiPnce oillliteaTth. The Furniture comprise*^ir-sepwd3ofa, iwmogany chest of drawers, mahogany PeBrtrWllftd otffei' tables, square and round kitdjign tab] wa tan tables and ware, mahogany another eb jlourdpost and tent bedsteads, beds a bed clothing, i -d pier glasses, fenders and fire-irons, with sundrj^tHer articles too numerous to enumerate. /[ w The Stock consists of clocks c& every description, gold and silver watches, silver and plated goods, toge- ther wich the usual articles of a respectable Jeweller's Stock. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock. No reserve. The Auctioneer invites punctual attendance, fs the lots are very numerous, and will be disposed of in one day. No. 1, Castle-street, August 8, 1860. MR. DANIEL DAVIES'S NOTICES Mr. DANIEL D^TES, X Auctioneer, Appraiser, and Gwwralb&onimissio'H. Agent j"-A yft '« RESPECTFULLY returns his Ji ™I?re Ifnk his numerous Friends and Sun^orter. -fol the fatron- age he has received for the j^t Ni4e»^%sy»jhd begs to solicit a continuance ot tlrar simpol^ MONEY ADVAXCEDIFO FRBEEHOLB^; LEASE- HOLD ^^P^ERTY,y«y the et Investment, Land and Building Society,^Lpndoi^^o be repaid by instalments within 15 for advances to be made to the Local Agen*fT>^)AViEs, either per- sonally, or by letter, pre-paid. Fire IJfe Policies e^Coteu on advantageous terms. Rents anU Book Debts follecf^L Offices, l^sTvor-straet, DowlaiV August, I860, j "v „ TO PAETIES^AS^OUT T^^SIQSHF TO BE SOLD BY PRI^NlfeAf^by Mr. DANIEL DAVIES,— K^T-DAVCLOCKS, in mahogany cases, qunelvLanl Wranted good time-keepers. Price 0 X4 t 19, Ivor street, Iai I June^8p»^1860. MR. T. H. EVANS'S NOTICE. THOMAS H. s Auctioneer &s,valuer, 9, BUTE STRJI^T, AFR^RWABEL>R Agent for the Consojir InsjMtinceVAssoc^\)n in con- nection wjm Government Secunty. "VTEARLY halfllie Premium^paid^om year to year Xl are entirely at the will of tWTnsured, and can be withdrawn at any moment.—JP€r further particulars, apply to T. 11. EVANS. SELLI ]NT OR O 34, HIGH STREET, WERTIIY MR. A. ROMBA.CH begs to r^furn his veincen/' thanks to his Friends and the^mblitrfe liijaf al support he has received, and jtpishes tf intern inein s that he is now about giving u^businiiasj^i mnst/fucnc c, of ill health, and that the smole of llig vJuablj/ETOHK 'L of CLOCKS, WATCHJJ^ and »LFvifELLl^aY, will be SOLD at a tremendpGs sacrificl\bi de. o clear out as soon as possible J M jf |Do not for§ft^0. 34^ I^fhrstreet. TO CLOCK AND W^TOHMA^ES. TO BE DISPOSED Ot^at Bhymney, A Thriving BUSINESS in theJjf^velbeins^/tlie only one in the town (wher^i pop*Uit.iJi of VkOOO exist.) It has been carried ojrfor yS* c**si(fera^le time with success by the preset proptidtoi"/ who is now about leaving, in conseadenee IH SraUmsjitoces which will be satisiactorily^ftjjiained tn ;iuy a(ne desirous of taking it. Stock hj/l Fixtures bejrfken at a valua- tion.—Apply to C. HUG, Watchmaker, Rhyfoney. SAML., CHAS., & FRET^Y^K^ TAILORS & WOOLLEN 48, Park-street/^) JOH^ GTBETT y Builder, Contractor, Architect, Appraiser, Valuer, Sfc., jf THOMAS TOWN, MERT^R. A *5 Y IM Plans, Specifications, and Estimates, on t eortest *K Xf Experienced Workmen in evwy branclpofiwuildins- Trade constantly ejilplove( g DTET JONES, ~A Practical Clock & Wat Near the Savings' BanhfDgfiflQs^r Watclws and Clocks, and Jewellery) oWevery des- cription, repaired to the ptfitnfys. Tailor by Appointment to the 12th Glamorganshire or Merthyr Tydjil Rifle Volu/iteers. RHYS T~~ TAILOIL & WOOJ^Jj^miSpW^, Shlp-strjm, Brecon. 1/ Orders by Posfgr otherwise promptly attended to. J O LLII P ULCX^ Auctioneer, Ajrpraiser\xiid Jwcvuniant, IMuse, Estate, and G-eiwal y' FIRE AND LIFK POLT^RES EFFETTTO^ACCOUNTS iND EWTS COLLECTE^C 4, Polar-place,^Predegar, Api'jj) ISIv- iuiymney, IE1 LA .A. 1ST IC T, T MT JDXJ^TA^T, (Zute of Plymouth Surgery, BEGS to inform the inhabiiaiitji/of Rhymney and surrounding neighbourhood tfcrat he hfccoinmegfced business as a CHEMIST and I/KU(XiJSA initfepve- mises near the Church (latelv^ccudfiiYy J^^rVVTill am Davies, Grocer), with an esfensiv<K^*ocl«ftjnjrugs and Chemicals of superior (Walit.f^antlV bof^ hy strict attention and moderate/iliarges, TJ m^artXeir patronage and support. Physicians' Prescriptions and Ramify Recipes accu- rately dispensed. ✓ Oils, Paints, Colours, and Varnishes: Tooth, Hair, Nail, and Paint Brushes; Patent Medicines and Per- fumery, &e., &c. Teeth carefully extracted. TO BUILDING CONTEA/TOES. TENDERS are required for tha^7<RE^TrnN 1/1 a BAPTIST CHAPEL at Brj/ton FVZry. Mans and specifications nmy be seeD,jjntl aliiatlW part|CiiIais obtained, at the Office ot Mr^'iT.uik «n xyprrHs, Architect, &c., Aberdare. ojror afpt "Je 8tjFiustaut. Endorsed Tenders to the ifecre<«>Wli.r. Jf. JONES, Near,h-road, Briton Forr/ not laT* tM-j"22uti inst. The Committee do not/wind theBraivcimo accept the lowest or either Teadcr, •" f WANTED,—A few APPRENJif^E^o and Mantle Making, w>6re tjwy will haye an opportunity of thorough! v^rfpiirin^ (a^n^wMlg'e of the business.—Apply to Miss W^nj,^#M#C Robin- son's, 66, High-street^Merthyr. A GLEBE LAND STRJG^< TO BE LfrfTr1 1 V A HOUSE and SH01\vtfoT 43, ekb|land>?freet, Mertliyr.—Apply toTMr. JftjLN it/ Ev^fNs, 55, Castle-street, Merthyjr A TO LET, "WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSJETFF, A DWELLING HOUSE, No^afSome^lt-place^ Thomas Town, Merthyr, adapttjd fol a res- pectable family. A good su™rfy of water ion lhe<pre- mises.—For particulars, AJJFFTY to MB/JOH]I KJFAI'TON, No. 1, Somerset-place. h < hr Merthyr, June 27jtk71860. h 1/1 TO BE L T, And may be entered upoq, immediately, A PUBLIC HOUSE calledllw^iWBflL,' situate in Horse street, DasnSia. adapted for business, and a suitrj>fe peraSh.Md s^n command in it an extensive aj^^ottaW^aTSTxCoiri- ing-in trifling.—Apply ttfiVTr. Ffeiii Ar JrHim AS, Pantyscallog, DowlaiSy^ ■- Lr TO SCHOOLMASTEES 0 11 TO BE LET, and may be entered onAmnwcfyitelu/ ASCHOOL-EOOM, in Merthyr.—Apply to M^NI^IKKVANS, Timber Merchant, Merthyr^^ y' CEFNCOEDYMMER. TO BE LET, and entered upon the is Sep- tember next, AN excellent and NEW eighi-roowfed HOUSE at the top of the Cefn, on the Bl^con^rihd. L(<is well adapted for business, and && a"!Dwel5Bg J#ouse unsurpassed for family conveni ce t There is a superior Garden and Copra-homp^ttacludL It has been lately, and is now h/'the Wcci%jiAtiot^A the Rev. Owen Evans, who is abpot to rembve taJns own house. Rent moderate.—Fopmirtlier p icu s, apply to JOHN JONES, Penmoelart, the owner. r to the Rev. 0. EVANS, Cefn. f MOUNTAIN ASH, NEAR ABERDARE. TO LET, A SHOP, suitable for Draperc^ntnaWr, or Druggist, in the above iinp^yiijDto'MrThe Shop is to Let owing to the Bresenl^jSiaHf retiring from business. It is situate im*(rlyloWposit^lhe I?g^lge, the best situation in the plaice.—FoifpaiJIcTilars, apply to Mr. THOMAS WiMnAMs, Wojiffbine Cottage, Mountain Ash, Aberdare. TsT O T I O E! TO NEWS AGENTS AND BOOKSELLERS OF J-DR ANOTHER R CTION AT THE WELL-KNOWN EGFAB^LSIIMENT OP J O S E P H^.IQORIN^ Wholp^le ]VoYB.3Lgliit, „ 15, St. Map/Mireet, oppjsifajthe (JftemjG.Hotel, All London Daily and eekl ewspapers, and tu 11 Periodicals, forwarded punetuall n the day of publi- cation, on the lowest terms. N.B.—Carriage free to Merthyr, Aberdare, and all the Stations on the Taff Vale line, of daily papers.



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