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g>tcam Jlafrigatcoiu THE CARDIFF AND BRISTOL Strant liacftetS PRINCE OF WALES MATTHEW JONES, Commander; LADY charlotte, HENRY JEFFERY, Commander; A IrE INTENDED to SAIL during the month of NOV. A as follows (from the BUTE SHIP DOCK) Prince of Wales— Mondays, ) Ludy Charlotte Monday, Wednesdays, & Fridays.— ( Wednesdays, and Fridays, Lady Charlotte Tuesdays, < Prince of WcÛes-Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. > Thursdays, and Saturdays, From CARDIFF. ) From BRISTOL. Nov., 184"). | Nov., 1845. 3, Monday G morn 3, Monday 7t morn 4, Tuesday. 7 morn ) 4, Tuesdav 8 morn 5, Wednesday morn ( S.Wednesday.. 9mont Ci, Thursday Srpon 6, Thursday.. 10 morn 7, Friday, U morn ( 7, Friday, lOfmorn 8, Saturday. 10^ morn) H, Saturday U| morn Carriages and horses to be alongside One hour previous to Time of Sailing. REDVCET) Fares:—After Cahin, 4S.; Fore Cabin, 2s. Children under Twelve years of age. Half-price; Dogs, Is. cach. A Female Steward aitenfls on Board both Packets. Refreshments may be had on board on moderate terms. Four-wheel Carriage 21\ duto Pliaeion or Gi?, 10s. (id. Two-wheel, drawn by one horse and driver, 1,55.; Horse and Hider, After Cabin, 9s; Horse and Ridn. Fore Cabin, 7s. 6d.; Cattle and Horses, Gs. cach; Sheep, Pigs, and Calves, Is. each. Carriages, Horses, Cattle, and Goods, will be subject to Lauding and Wharfages at the Bute Docks Not Accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the 1'iflNCK OF WALKS, to be sent to No. 12, Quay-street, or to Robert Chaplin,i Cumberland Basin Docks; and for the LADY CHAKLOTTK, to Clare-street Hall, Marsh-street, anil Bull Wharf, Redcliff-street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Newbridge, Aberdare, Cowbridge, Bridgend, Llantrissent, and Caerphilly.—Goods forwarded to these Places in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Cana! Boats im- on arrival, unless ordered by any particular conveyance, in wliicb case they will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.—Freight to be paid on delivery. Gnods, Packages, Parcels, &c., forwarded to all parts of the Kingdom without delay, when scntto either of their Steam Packet Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. Furiher information as to Freight, will be readily obtained by applying to the Agents—Mr. Woodman, Agent at the Pack ct OI lice, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. G. C. GI.ASSON, Agent, No. 12, Quay-street, Bristol, for the PKINCH OF WALKS I'acket, and of Mr. T. JOHN, at the Packet Office, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. W. IL OWEN, 2i), Avon Crescent, llotweils, Bristol, for the LADY CHARI.oVlT, Packet. NO TICK. — The Proprietors of above the Steam Packets give Notice that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Lu^g nj< nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged by Kire, Leakage. or otherwise) unless Booked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value 0f 40s., unless entered at its value, and Carriage in proportion paid for the same, at the time of Booking.—(>oods consigned to order. or not taken away before Six o'clock in the evening of the day of landing, will l»e warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees. Ail Goods to be considered as linns, not only for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all previously unsatisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said tickets. Disputed weights or measurement, claim« for loss or damage, &c., cannot be allowed, unless a written notice of the sniie he sent to the Office on the day of delivery &alC!3 1.11' auction, GLAMORGANSHIRE. Capital Investments in Landed and Mineral Property. MESSRS. ADAM MURRAY & SON ARE IttSTHUCTED TO ¿j fJ/(f) [!) [f CD!i:/ 1) IN LOTS, At the MACKWORTH ARMS INN, in the Borough and Sea- port Town of SWANSEA, on THURSDAY, the 13th day of NOVEMBER, LSiS, at 12 o'clock at noon precisely, (and following Day), CAPITAL FREEHOLD & COPYHOLD ESTATES and FREKHOU) MINERAL PROPERTY, con- 8isting of upwards of 20 FARMS and MESSUAGES, containing nearly 1000 Acres of Arable & Meadow Land, and the COAL and MINERALS under the same and other Lands to the extent of about 2000 Acres, situate in the parishes of Liansarnlet, Swansea, St. John-juxta- Swansea, Llangevelach, Hanguick, Haudiio-Tatybont, Loughor, Ilstone, and Llaurliidiari, in the county of Glamorgan also LEASEHOLD HOUSES&WHARFS at and near Swansea. Some of the Coal is of as good rju.-ility for Steam-packet purposes as any in the Kingdom, and the situation commands an excellent outlet to the sea for exportation. The South Wales, Welsh Midland, and Swansea Vale Railways will pass through parts of the property, and will increase the facilities for bringing the Coal to market. A portion of the Coal in Llangevelach and St. Johns has been leased at Sleeping Rents and lioyalties to most respectable Tenants. The Estates will be Sold subject to such Conditions as shall be pro- duced at the time of Sale. Printed particulars may be had at the Offiees of Messrs. Llewellyn and Randall, Solicitors, Neath Messrs. Row- land, Hacon, and Rowland, Solicitors, 38, Threadneedle- street, London; Messrs. Adam Murray and Son, 35, Craven-Street, Strand at the Inns at Bristol & Swansea, and at the Commercial Rooms at Liverpool, Newcastle- upon-Tyne, Manchester, and Glasgow. In Monmouthshire, near to Usk and Monmouth. THREE CAPITAL FREEHOLD FARMS, Together with 330 Acres ofexcenant LAND, ::t let to responsible Tenants. MR,, GEORGE ROBINS is instructed to announce for PUBLIC SALE, at the AUCTION MART, London, on TUESDAY, Nov. 11, at Twelve o'clock, in Three Lots, A very desirable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, pre- senting a most inviting opportunity for the investment of capital upon solid security; INDEED, IT PRESENTS A REFRESHING CONTRAST, & IS ONE VERY MUCH AT VARIANCE WITH THE OVER- WHELMING, ALTHOUGH PLAUSIBLE SCHEMES, WITH WHICH THIS COUNTRY IS AT PRESENT AFFLICTED. It comprises THREE CAPITAL FREEHOLD FARMS, (ONE A DAIRY FARM), ALTOGETHER 330 ACRES of very superior LAND, close to the MARKET-TOWNS OF USK & MONMOUTH, and let to highly-responsible tenants, at rents producing about FOUR HUNDRED POUNDS A-YEAfl. These Estates have long become a prominent feature in this vicinity. They are situate in the most beautiful county in England, and at the same time the most inde. pendent one, as it possesses within itself the necessary supplies for all human enjoyment. The rivers abound in salmon, trout, and other delicious fish the woods and hills with every variety of game, not forgetting wood- cocks (now just coming in) and grouse and the verdant pastures feed the finest breed of cattle and sheep thus yielding, with the produce of the fertile tillage land, and the luxuriant orchards and gardens seen in every direction in this highly-favoured county, a plentiful supply for the gastronomic wants of the most fastidious gourmand. Then we have every variety of forest-trees-oak, elm, ash, &c., in profusion and an equal variety of native minerals in the bosom of the earth, not forgetting those most useful ones of iron, tin, coal, and limestone, and a little mine of gold for the fortunate purchasers of these ,desirable estates. Again, in no county in England can the native scenery be surpassed in variety and loveliness hill and dale, wood and water, all together form in every point of view an ensemble, in the happy arrange- ment uf which Dame Nature may be truly said to have exhausted her most consummate skill, and, if possible, almost to have surpassed herself. Indeed, the timid hand that directs this unpretending and imperfect panegyric feels at a loss how to describe in sufficiently glowing colours this charming locality and to those who desire duly to appreciate it a personal inspection becomes im- perative, and can alone suffice. To this end it may be added that railway communication will very shortly bring this county within five hours' ride of London thus ena- bling the opulent, but care-worn citizen, to resuscitate Jiis constitution, and breathe a little fresh air, in the lux- uriant valleys and healthy uplands of Monmouthshire. THE LANGEV1EW FARM, OF 2U2 ACRES, is of excellent arable, meadow, and pasture land, within a miie of the town of Usk, with a farm-house, and all necessary buildings, in the occupation of Mrs. Jane Blower, at a clear yearly rent of £244. It is nearly ALL TITHE FREE, THE MESSUAGE, FARM, AND LANDS, CALLED RED HOUSE, together with tenements and lands belonging, called Pwll J pwks, CONTAINING ABOUT 73 ACRES, is situate in the parish of Llangattock-vibon-Avel, within five miles of Monmouth, in the occupation of Mr. John Rose, at the yeaily rent of jE:80 and lastlv, The EXCELLENT DAIRY FARM called LANUSK, ■situate in the parish of Hanbaddock, within one mile of the town of Usk, containing about 56 acres of land of the most useful description, chiefly meadow and pasture, or capable of being laid down into grass with great advan- tage, and possessing some prime orcharding, in the occu- pation of Mr. Thomas Parker. The farms may be viewed on application to the tenants, and printed particulars had, 14 days prior to the sale, at the principal inns at Usk Beaufort Arms, Monmouth King's Head, Gloucester; White Lion, Bristol; of A. Waddington, Esq., Solicitor, at Usk; the Auction Mart; and at Mr. George Robias's Offices, Covent Garden. TO JUDGES OF FINE TEAS. KERRY WSBBSR, CARDIFF & IIERT111R CTHARDUM OFFICE AGENT FOR THE SALE OF THE ASAM TEA COMPANY'S RARE AND PECULIARLY FINE TEAS, REQUESTS the favour of all Order from Connoisseurs, and those desirous of obtaining a really exquisitely R flavoured Tea. After once partaking of the highly exhilarating and aromatic Asam Tea, but few can persuade themselves to use any other, especially as it is found not to be injurious to the nerves; and as the Asam Tea has been proved to produce at least six, and in most cases eight good cups of Tea, where the same quantity of Chinese would produce only four cups of inferior flavour—both luxury and economy combine to recommend the Asam Teas. NAHOOLEAH PEKOE 5 0IMAZENGA GREEN TEA 6 0 CHER1DOR SOUCHONG 6 0 | THOURA GREEN TEA 7 0 These Teas can only be obtained in one pound, half-pound, and quarter-pound sealed packets, with the Company' Address and Arms on the Envelope. Many are selling spurious imitations of the Company's Teas, but none are genuine unless having their Seal and Address, No. 11, CROOKED LANE, KING WILLIAM STREET, on them. SOLE AUTHORISED AGENTS. For SWANSEA Miss Arnold, Confectioner, Cross-Street. For MERTHYR Mrs. Ann Williams, Confectioner, High-Street. For NEWPORT Mr. M. Evans, Bookseller, 35, High-Stieet. AGENTS WANTED FOR SOME OF THE LARGE TOWNS IN ENGLAND AND WALES. GREAT BRITAIN STORES, NEAR THE POST OFFICE, CARDIFF. CpT Lo W -A, LT -ME TAILOR, WOOLLEN DRAPER, HATTER, & GENERAL OUTFITTER, SOLICITS an inspection of his immense STOCK of NEW and FASHIONABLE READY-MADE WINTER CLOTHING, in every style of make and size, suitable to the Gentleman, Farmer, Mechanic, or Seafaring Man, cut from the best materials in the most appropriate style, and all made on the premises with the strictest attention to soundness of workmanship, under the personal care of the proprietor. The Stock of WOOLLEN CLOTHS, DOESKINS, BEAVEltS.aud W AISTCOATIN GS cannot be excelled by any House in Wales for variety of pattern. Gentlemen wishing to combine Elegance with Cheapness, by giving their measure at this Establishment will not only find a saving of one quarter of the usual price, but ensure a good fit, without the risk of having a useless or uncomfortable garment, as no article need be taken unless fully approved of when finished. L. W. earnestly solicits the attention of those persons who hyve not yet favored him with a trial, confident that he result must prove that no gentleman need to order from Bristol or London but those who are obliged to pay for ong credit. Observe !—X»ist of Prices for Gentlemen's Clothing, made to measure. X s. d., £ s. d. fs.d. Shooting Jackets from 0 10 6 Best quality manufactured 2 .r> 0 Albert and Polished Mixed Doe U 14 0 Ditto, seven pockets 18 0 Superfine Frock Coats. 1 10 0 Black or Drab Kerseymere 0 15 0 Tweed Coat 0 Saxony, with silk facings. 2 0 0 Best quality manufactured. 120 Ofllce Coats, handsomely made. 0 16 0 j Best quality manufactured. 2 10 0 WAISTCOATS. Gent,'s Tweed Wrappers 0 17 6 CHILDREN'S DUESSES. Best Moleskin Vests. 0 4 0 Cachmerette, (all shades)•••• •• 1 1 0 Tunic, Vest, and Trousers 140 Ditto, with sleeves 0 5 0 Codrington and Taglioni Coats. 1 3 0 Jacket, Vest, and Trousers 1 (i 0 Handsome Valentia Vests. 060 Plaid Polka, (most l'aslllonahl,e) 1 4 0 BlueJacket from 0 10 0 Elegant Tibert Shawl pattern 0 10 0 Brown ScMixedBeaverChesterfield 1 10 0 Splendid Black Satin 0 14 o Frock Jacket, (particularly Cotton Cord Breeches. 0 8 0 Figured Satin, in elegant style.. 0 12 0 adapted for Farmers .from 0 18 0 Kerseymere 0 !» 0 Black Kerseymere .from 0 7 6 Fine Dress Coats 1 8 -0 Best Moleskin Trousers 0 0 6 ———— Saxony ditto 1 18 0 Fashionable Woollen Trousers.. 0 10 0 Suit of Black, complete. 2 10 0 Men's Suits of Best Moleskin, ready made, 18s.; to measure, 20s. This being the only Establishment in the Town solely devoted to Men's and Boys' Clothing, the Public can be suited most advantageously from an unrivalled Selection of PM9§ (9 iOMDOM EEAWHK HAT09 NAVAL cR YOUTH39 HOSIERY, stocks, CRAVATS SUPERIOR WHITE & COLOURED SHIRTS, SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, UNDER SHIRTS, DRAWERS FLANNELS, &c. &c. $OttCC0. GLAMORGANSHIRE G eneral Agricultural Society. The next ANNUAL MEETING will be held at the BEAR INN, at COWBRIDGE, on TUESDAY, the 11th day of NOVEMBER next, when the Committee are requested to attend at 11 o'clock in the morning, for the purpose of awarding the Premiums for Crops and the Improvement of Land, to Labourers and Servants, and for fixing the Premiums for the ensuing year. D EDW. BUADLLV, Secretary. Cowbridge, 22nd Oct., 1845. 1 CATHAYS MLLSERY GARDENS, CARDIFF. THE whole of the STOCK of these GARDENS, consisting of many Thousands of Forest and Ornamental TREES, including Oak, Ash,Chesnut, Scotch Larch and Spruce Firs, Thorn Quicks, &c.; Apple, Pear, and other Fruit Trees will be sold at very great reduction in price, the Trustees having resolved that the Gardens shall be entirely cleared of all Stock thereon by the first day of MARCH next. Oct. 13, 184.3. SI lQ] I) [S @o J A M E S MILLS, Piano-Porte Maker, Tuner, and Repairer, L-iI R (D \M, IMAPWOOP MB ID) R'J' 2, ftlalttv* to fllafesttg. 21, WILLIAM-STREET, IlAMPSTEAD ROAD, LONDON, BEGS most respectfully to return his grateful thnnks .fr, to the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, Cowbridge, and their Vicinities, for the liberal patronage with which they have honoured him and to inform them that he is now making a tour, and has brought with him a variety of his splendid-tone Patent 61 OCTAVE, CABINET, and COTTAGE PIANO- FORTES, with wrought-iron bolts and ntetalic plates, all of which are manufactured upon the best principles, combining the modern improvements with elegant ap- pearance and substantial construction, and are confidently guaranteed to preserve the tone clear and action free, and stand well iu tune in every climate, which he offers at such exceedingly low prices as to defy competition. N.B.—J. M. has also a large assortment of new and approved MUSIC, by the most eminent Composers. Merchants, Captains, and Exporters, advantageously supplied with new and sound second-hand Piano-Fortes, adapted to all clinjates. Instruments bought, sold, exchanged, or lent on hire. All orders addressed to J. Mills, Guardian-Office, Cardiff, will be carefully attended to, or at Mr. Davis's, Eush Inn, Merthyr, at both of which places the instru- ments may be seen. J. MILLS' usual visits to this County are in February aiid August. References to some of the most,respectable families in the county can be given. Frampton's Pill of Health. THE manifold advantages to the Heads of Families from the possession of a Medicine of known efficacy, that may be resorted to with confidence, and used with suc- celis in casts of temporary sickness, occurring in families more or less every day, are so obvious to all, that no question can be raised of its importance to every householder in the king- dom. From among numerous testimonials, the following is respectfully submitted :— To Mr. Thomas Prout, 229, Strand, London. 5, Cooper-street, Manchestei, March 12,1842. "SIR,—I have much satisfaction in communicating to you the result of my experience after repeated trials of FRAMPTON S PILL OF H KALTH and I feel it but justice to state, that in the course of many years' trial of various Aperient Medicines, 1 have never found results at once so salutary and efficient in the relief of the system from redundant bih-, &c., &r-, with so little inconvenience; I am, therefore, warranted in declaring that they supply to me a means long wanting of being able to recommend to Families, Schools, and especially Mercantile Men, whether at the desk or on the road, a most valuable resource in an occasional medicine. And I shall take credit to myself if, in giving this testimony, 1 am the means of making FRAMPTON's PILLS more generally known and ap- preciated. I am, Sir, respectfully yours. "WILLIAM SMITH." The unprecedented salo of these Pills, arising from the earnest recommendations of the many thousands who have derived benefit from their use, render any lengthened commen- unnecessary they are not put forth as a cure for all diseasct to which mankind is liable, but for Bilious and Liver Coins plaints, with their many well-known attendants, Bilious and Sick Head cche, Pain and Oppression after Meals, Giddiness. Dizziness, Singing Noise in Head and Ears, Drowsiness, Heartburn, Loss of Appetite, VV ind, Spasms, &c. Two or three doses will convince the afflicted of their salu- tary effects. The stomach will speedily regain its strength a healthy action of the Liver, Bowels, and Kidneys, will rapidly take place; and instead of listlessness, heat, pain, and jaun- diced appearance, strength, activity, and renewed health, extending to eooct old age, will be the result of taking this medicine, according to the directions accompanying each box, Sold by T. Prout, 229, Strand, London, Price Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. per box; also by Mr. Thomas Siephen*, druggist. Merthyr Tydvil; Mr. Phillips, Cardiff; Mr. Farror, Mon- mouth; Mr. Williams, Brecon; Mr. Williann and Mr. Phil- lips, Newport; and by the Venderll of Medicine generally throughout the. Kingdom. Ask for FRAMPTON'S PILL OF HEALTH, and observe the Name and address of Thomas Prout, 229, Strand, Londou," on the Uovurument Stomp, Hoticeg. Iron Foundry—Town of Cardiff. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A MOST DESIRABLE IRON FOUNDRY in SAINT MARY-STREUT, in the Town of Cardiff, with a comfortable DWELLING-HOUSE attached, lately built. The Foundry is most conveniently situated, hav- ing the Main Street leading to the Canal on one CMO, ,<1 the itivci- on the other, Illlll is iitied v.un every re.- quisite for carrying on an improving Business. A STEAM ENGINE of about ten-horse power has been lately erected on the Premises, and also a new Limekiln on the Yard adjoining the River. THREE COTTAGES belonging to the property, and fronting the Street, might, if desired, be taken with the Foundry. The Engine Boxes and other Dead Stock to be taken at a valuation. Incomings from to £40U. Any Person accustomed to the Foundry Business, and with a moderate capital, would find this a most advan- tageous opportunity of investment; and from the increas- ing trade of the Port of Cardiff, the proposed Line of the South Wales Railway passing within 100 yards of the Premises, together with the advantages of having Coal and Iron at moderate prices direct from the Works in the neighbourhood, a handsome return must be made. For further Particulars and for Terms, apply ta Mr. THOMAS WILI.IAMS, on the Premises, and to Mr. J. H. LANGLKY, Solicitor, Caul iff. Standard Life Assurance Company. ESTABLISHED 1325. Edinburgh; 3, George-street. London: 82, King William-Street. LONDON BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The Right Honble. Lord Ernest Bruce, M.P. Sir James Eyre, M.D. Matthew Forster, Esq., M.P. James Gadesden, Esq. William Haigh, Esq. Edward Thomas Whittaker, Esq. George Frederick Young, Esq. DIVISION OF PROFITS.—FINAL NOTICE. THIS is the Year in which the Third Division of the Company's Profits falls totbe made. The necessary investigation is now in progress, and all persons assuring before the 15th November next will share in the division PETER EWART, Resident Secretary. 82, King William-Street, Oct. 15th, 1815. AGENTS. Cardiff—George Clinton, Architect, Windsor-plact. Monmouth— James G. George, Solicitor. Newport-E, E. Beckingham, West of England Bank. CAUTION. ALL Persons advertising Succedaneum for Stopping Decayed Teeth, fraudulently attempt to imitate Mr. Clarke's original Succedaneum and if any Succe- daneum than Mr. Clarke's be purchased, it will be discovered useless. Mr. Clarke can say, without the slightest exaggeration, that he has sold 3,000 bottles of Succedaneum within 10 months; and 2,800 individuals have been able to use it successfully and most of the other purchasers have been to Mr. Clarke, at his residence 61, Lower Grosvenor Street, London, to have their teeth stopped, without any further charge than the original cost of the Succedaneum, price 5s. Sold wholesale to all the chemists in town and country; and none is genuine unless had through Messrs. Barclay and Sons, wholesale Medicine Warehouse, 95, Farringdon Street; Edwards and Son, 67, St. Paul's Church Yard Hanney and Co., 63, Oxford Street; Colleck and Mosely, 139, Upper Thames Street, London; and other respectable wholesale Medicine Warehouses; or Mr. Clarke can send it by post to any part of the United Kingdom, on receiving a post-office order. FOR STOPPING DECAYED TEETH, however large the cavity.—Patronised by her Majesty the Queen Dowager, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Gloucester, His Grace the Duke of Wellington, and the principal nobility. Mr. CLARKE'S SUCCEDANEUM for stopping decayed teeth, is far superior to anything ever used before, as it is placed in the tooth without any pressure or pain, becomes as hard as the enamel imme- diately after application, and remains firm in the tooth for life; not only rendering extraction unnecessary, but also making them again useful for mastication. All persons can use Mr. CLARKE'S SUCCEDA- NEUM themselves with ease, as full directions are enclosed—price 5s.—and sold by all respectable Medicine Vendors in Town and Country and can be sent by post on receiving a post-office order. Prepared only by Mr. Clarke, Surgeon-Dentist, 61, Gro3venor-street, Bond- street (removed from 53, Harley-street, Cavendish Square). LOSS OF TEETH—Mr. Clarke still continues to supply the loss of teeth, from one to a complete set, upon his beautiful system of Self-adhesion; which has procured him such universal approbation in some thousands of cases, and recommended by Sir James Clark, Bart., M.U.; and Dr. Locock, Physicians to Her Majesty, and numerous other Members of the Medical Profession, as being the most ingenious system of supplying artificial teeth hitherto invented. They are so contrived as to adapt themselves over the most tender gums, or remain- ing stumps, without causing the least pain, rendering the operation of extraction quite unnecessary; and in order that his system may be within the reach of the moi-t e«0nniT"ia'' confinue the same moderate charges, Mr. Clarke, Surgeon-Dentist, No. 61, Grosvenor-streett Bond-street, Loudyn.—At home from eleyeu till four. Bond-street, Loudyn.—At home from eleyeu till four. lloficgg, [DUTY FREE. WHEREAS a Petition of GEORGE WATSON, of the IIIREE HORSE SHOES, High-street, CARDIFF, in the County of GLAMORGAN, Assistant to a Publican previously of the same place Publican, Farmer, and Hallier; previously Lodging at Mrs. Ward's, Fishmon- ger, in High-street, Cardiff, aforesaid, Farmer and Hallier; and previously of the Three Horse Shoes, in High-street, Cardiff, aforesaid, Publican, Farmer, and Hallier, an Insolvent Debtor, having been filed in the Bristol Dis- trict Court of Bankruptcy, and an Interim Order for Protection from Process having been given to the said GEORGE WATSON, under the provisions of the Statutes in that case made and provided, the said George Watson is hereby required to appear in Court before RICHARD STEVENSON, Esq., the Commissioner acting in the matter of the said Petition, on the 25th day of NOVEMBER instant, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon precisely, at the Bristol District Court of Bankruptcy, at Bristol, for his first examination touching his Debts, Estate, and Effects, and to be further dealt with according to the Provisions of the said Statutes and Notice is hereby given, that the choice of Assignees is to take place at the time so appointed. All persons indebted to the said George Watson, or who have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to ALFRED JOlIN ACRAMAN, Esq., 19, St. Augustine's Place, Bristol, the Official Assignee, nominated in that behalf by tho Commissioner acting n the matter of the said Petition. MOMOUTHSliiRE TONTINE. CAPITAL, £9,000, IN 3GO SHARES OF £ 25 EACH. DEPOSIT, E5 PER SHARE. TRUSTEES. Christopher Shapland, Esq., of Sneed Park, near Bristol; Matthew Fothergill, Esq., Tredegar. BANKERS. The Monmouth and Glamorgan Bank, Newport, and its Branches; Messrs. Stuckey's, Banking-House, Bristol Messrs. Robarts, Curtis, and Co., London. SOLICIToR-Mr. Edward Burges, Bristol. This TONTINE to be founded on the purchase of a valuable Property in the County of Monmouth, producing a Rental of £ 445 a-year. DESCRIPTION OF TROPERTY. FIRST. WOODLAND'S ESTATE, situated at Malpas, two miles from Newport, Monmouthshire, con- sisting of a handsome Mansion House, erected within the last nine years, and Twelve Acres of Laud together with Lawn, Shrubberies, Gardens and Orchard, Coach- Houses, Stables, Harness and Servants' Rooms, Granary, Store-Houses, Cow-Houses, and other suitable outbuild- ings, &c., &c., with every requisite for the residence of a family of the first respectability. This property is well known, as being in one of the most beautiful situations in South Wales. 2nd. THE TREDBGAR ARMS HOTEL, with five other houses adjoining this latter property, the best in the town, has been substantially built within the last eight years, and is well known to the commercial world from the extensive business carried on therein. As a proof of the value of this property, £ 1100 was given about nine years since (in consequence of no beer-houses being allowed in this town) for the site, and a small dilapidated inn, which was obliged to be taken down. Iredegar, and its environs, contain a population of upwards of 25,000 inhabitants. The tenure of the whole property is leasehold and that firstly described is held for a term, of which 42 years are unexpired and that secondly described, for a term of which 37 years are unexpired. PLAN OF THE TONTINE. Capital, £9000; in 360 Shares of £:?5. Each Share- holder shall have the option of naming either himself, or any other person, whose ace, next birthday, shall not be less than 74 years, but shall not be at liberty to appoint any nominee who has been previously named. The Rents to be divided annually, on the 30th of October, among those Shareholders whose nominees were living on the 29th day of September preceding. Each party on taking his or her share or shares, is to pay a deposit of jE:5 to either of the Bankers above named to the credit of the MONMOUTHSHIRE TONTINE and shall, before the expiration of thirty days after'such payment deliver to the Solicitor a written nomination of a life, as his or her nominee in respect of such share or f.are,Wh0Su aIS. °n !he m:^ birthday will be at least subscription, by such calls as the Trustees may make. That if either of the said nominees shall die before the whole of the shares are taken, the party nominating such life may substitute another life, whose age on the next birthday shall not be less than 74 years, as aforesaid. Upon the death of all the nominees save one the Tontine shall be determined, and the whole of the premises shall become the absolute property of the Shareholder owning a shaie or shares (as the case mav be) upon the lite ot the last surviving nominee, unless it shall happen that one person shall at any time be entitled to the whole of the shares, in which case the Trustees shall convey the property absolutely to such person. The formation ot the Tontine is intended to be com- pleted by the 21st December, IS-!5, or sooner, if filled up, when the property shall be vested in the names of Four Trustees; and in case any Shareholder shall either neglect to appoint a nominee, or fail to pay the remainder of his or her subscription money, then his or her share or shares, with the deposit paid thereon, shall be forfeited. The Trustees shall always be four in number; and in case of a vacancy, the majority of the Shareholders shall have the power ot tilting it up. Each Shareholder to have one vote only. The Tontine to be managed by a Committee of Six Proprietors, to be appointed at a General Meeting. The Tontine promises great advantages, and presents more inducement tor investment than any speculation of the kind which has yet been submitted to the public, for the following reasons, viz. The property has cost considerably over the sum of £ 9000, and is 11l excellent repair. The Trustees have received all offer ofJE440 a year for the who e piopei j, or seven years, on a repairing lease, which after deducting Gi-0Und Rentgand Insurance, would give an immediate dividend of four per cent., the Lessee binding himself to do all repairs From the very advanced ages of t*he live8| it may reasonably be expected that m a few yearg the surviving- life will become sole possessor of the property and this not 011 ) oners an immense gain to the Share- holders whose nominee shall be such last survivor, but also very great advantages at each annual division of the rents, to those w lose nominees survive the average of the lives named. The annual dividend to such of the Shareholders nominees as shall survive, will increase in the same ratio as the lives decrease. Thetfollowing may be enumerated as amongst a few of the advantages to be derived from the scheme. An immediate return of a large rate of interest for a small investment. An annual increasing income. -0 The great probability that the Shareholder will in the course of a very short period become the owner of the property. To aged persons inserting their own lives, it offers a continually increasing and certain annuity. To parties expecting property on the decease of aged lives, this investment offers for a small sum a certain return, till the dropping of the life or lives renders the income no longer an object to persons so situated for instance, a party expecting Church preferment on the death of an incumbent, aged 74, or upwards, may by this scheme insure an increasing income, until the death of the incumbent puts him in possession of the living. Applications for Shares niay be made to the Solicitor or Brokers. Applications for Plans, Particulars, and Prospectuses, may be made to Mr. Edward Burges, Solicitor, Bristol Mr. Thos. Whatley Bolton, 4, Elm Court, Temple Mr. R. Waters, Solicitor, Tredegar AVsrs, Wreford, Nicholls, and Wreford, Stockbrokers, Bristol, and Bank Chambers, London Mr. Matthew Wotherspoon, Stockbroker, Liverpool Messrs. Bradley, Ford and Parker, Stockbrokers Manchester Mr. Jos. Barnicot, Effra Villa, Effra Road, Brixton Mr. J. J. Nicholas, Merchant, Newport Mr. F. R. Owen, ditto Mr. Pritchard, Auctioneer, ditto Mr. Gilbert, Draper, Pontypool Mr. John Morgan, Draper, Ahergavenny The Hereford Times" Office, Hereford Mr. T. Davies, Bush Hotel Merthyr The Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian" Office, Cardiff Mr. W. Williams, Draper, Usk Mr. Morgan Price, Spirit Merchant, Swansea Mr. W. T. Morgan, Draper, Neath Mr. W. Harris, Draper, Tenby Mr. Owen Thomas, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Pembroke Mr. W. Williams, Draper, Haverfordwest Mr. Joseph Davis, Chepstow Mr. Morgan Jenkins, Draper, Cardigan Mr. D. Jenkins, Draper, Brecon r FORM OF APPLICATION. To the Trustees of the Monmouthshire Tontine. I request you will allot me Shares of £25 each in the Monmouthshire Tontine, and I will accept the same, or any less number allotted to me, and sign the Deed of Settlement, and pay the Deposit, and further calls thereon, when required. N ame in full Address and description Date Name of Referee .< gott'c?*, GOLUNEIMIS PATENT PRESERVED PROVISIONS. Protected by her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. PRICES OF PROVISIONS IN BOND. Stewed Beef 5d. per lb.' Round of do 01^. Flank of do. 6|d. Ox Cheek 6id. Tripe 6jd. „ -9 List of Prices of Goldner's Patent Preserved Provisions. MILK. s. d. GAME. s. d. Milk per quart 1 4 Guinea Fowls each C 0 Ditto- per pint C 9 Venison, Haunch 1:3 to X5. Ditto- per i pint 0 6 Venison,IIashed,perlb. 2 2 SOUPS. Hare, Roasted each 6 0 Real Turtle per quart 10 6 Hare, Jugged per lb. 2 2 Mock Turtle „ 2 3 Partridges, roasted each 3 6 Ox Tail 2 3Pheasant, Roasted „ C () Ox Cheek 2 2 Grouse, Roasted 1, 3 6 Giblet -2 3 Ptarmigan, do. ,,3 0 Hare- -2 8Black Game, do.- 6 0 Vegetable „ 2 8 Wild Duck, do. 3 0 Carrot „ 2 2 Rabbit, Curried, per lb. 1 8 Mulligatawny „ 2 8 Rabbits, with Onion Concentrated Gravy „ 3 4 Sauce 16 Chicken Broth 3 0 FISH. Veal Broth 2 6Real W. 1. Turtle, Cali. Mutton Broth „ 1 9 pash and Calipee Hotch Potch 2 2 per lb. 10 6 Soup & Bouilli per lb. 0 9 Ditto Steaks 5 q Do. from 6 lbs. upwds. 0 6Salmon 1 6 VEGETABLES. Cod Fish "f ) 6 Green Peas per lb. 1 0 Stewed Eels 2 0 Onions 0 10 Lobsters in Shell 3 g Carrots and Gravy „ 0 10 Fresh Herrings 1 g Carrots, plain 0 6 Yarmouth Bloaters 1 6 Turnips 0 10 Cod Sounds | g Beet Root „ 0 6 SAudBBL' Parsnips „ 0 7 Lobsters for SjflHp' BEEF. pe^Xnt 2 6 Roast Beef per lb. 1 1 Ditto per i pint 1 5 Spiced Beef „ 1 U Oysters per pint 2 0 Rump Steaks Stewed ,,13 Ditto per J pint 1 3 Beef AUmode "U loi l Mushrooms per pint 2 6 Gulyas Beef I IShrimps 2 0 Ox Tongue each G (j Tripe & Onions, per lb. 1 I FRENCH DISHES. Russian Tongues, each 5 0 Beef, a la Flamande MUTTON. per lb. 2 0 Roast Mutton per lb. 1 1 Beef, a la. Royal- ,,2 () Roast Leg of Mutton,, I IOx Palate ,30 Boiled Mutton „ 0 10 4 Ditto Italian 3 3 Boiled Leg of Mutton,, 1 1 Ditto with Peas ,,3 0 Hashed Mutton „ 0 10 i Tendrons of Veal "30 Haricot Mutton I IRagout of Veal 2 0 Irish Stew- ,,0 10i Veal Cutlets Jardiniere 2 0 LAMB. Ditto with Peas 2 6 Roast Lamb per lb. 1 6 Ditto Tomata 6 Itoast Leg of Lamb 1 ti Ditto Italian 0 0 Stewed Lamb and Ve- Sweetbread per case ti 0 getables -14 Minced Veal- per lb. 2 6 Lamb and Green Peas- 1 4 Noix de Veau 2 0 VEAL. Fricaiideau ,"30 Roast Veal per lb. 1 3 Calf's Tongue Sauce Roast Fillet of Veal 1 6Piqtiante 3 0 Knuckle of Veal „ 1 2 Calf's Tongue with Stewed Veal and Vege- Peas 3 0 tables -111 3Ditto Smoked 3 0 Veal and Green Peas 1 4 Mutton Cutlets, Tomata 2 6 Veal Cutlets 1 f> Ditto Italian ,20 Minced Veal ,,1 6 Ditto Jardiniere 2 0 Veal CoUops ,,16 Ditto with Peas 2 6 Calfs Head I I Hag-out of Mutton 2 0 Ditto and Bacon- „ 1 6 Lamb Cutlets, Jardiniere 2 6 Ditto Hashed, with Ba- Ditto Italian ,,26 con and Brains" 1 6 Ditto Tomata ,,2 6 Calf's Brains ,,16 Ditto with Peas ,,2 6 Calf's Feet and Jelly „ 1 1 Leg and Shoulder of Curried Veal ,,14 Lamb braised ,,2 0 PORK. Ragout of Lamb „ 2 0 Pork Cutlets per lb. 1 6 Kidney Saute ,,2 6 Sucking Pig 12s. to 15 0 Pheasant each 8 0 Hams per lb. 1 4 Ditto Truffled t5 0 POULTRY. Partridge 3 0 Turkeys, Roasted or Supreme of Fowl Boiled each 7s. to 15 0 per case 12 0 Geese, Roasted each 9 0 Fricaseed Fowls, per lb, 2 6 Ducks, Roasted, each Duck and Peas each 6 6 4s. to 4 6 Teal en Salmi, per case 6 0 Ditto and Green Peas 5 0 Grouse en Salmi- ,,6 0 Fowls, Roasted or Partridge en Salmi „ (j 0 Boiled, each 3s. 6d. to 5 6 Pheasant en Salmi 8 0 Dorking Capons each 6 6 Green Peas „ 2 0 lJÎlYon. ~.l 1— ..u IF,. 1,1, per couple 2 0 cases on French dishes. Ditto and Green Peas 3 0 Grouse Soup, per quart 3 6 Pigeons, Steak t Gib- Superior Turtle Soup 15 0 lets for Pies, per case 3 0 Clear ditto 21 0 MADE DISHES. Julienne 3 0 ltagMifcof Goose, per lb. 1 6 POTTED ME ATS. DjH|ttTurkey „ 1 6 Potted Beef per lb. 3 0 DSHFOWI „ 2 0 Ditto Veal- „ 3 0 DitigP Mutton- 1 a Ditto Giblets „ 3 0 Ditto oVeal1 4Ditto Tongues <1 0 Ditto of Lamb „ 1 4 Ditto Ham Ditto of Giblets- ,,16 Ditto Shrimps 4 0 Curried Fowls each 7 6 Ditto Lobsters "i 0 The above can be had in Canisters containing from I lb. to 500 lbs. each. One penny extra charged for 1 lb. cases. These provisions are free from the objectionable gaseous flavour so much complained of in those preserved by the old process and the very moderate price at which they are sold, renders them advantageous for Home Consump- tion as well as Sea Stores. Sole Agent at CARDIFF—J. G. BIRD, Ship & Insurance Broker, and General Commission Agent. Most Important Improvements in Dental Surgery, BY MONS. LE DRAY, SURGEON-DENTIST, No.27, PARK-STREET, BRISTOL, One Door from Berkely Square. The Patent Incorrodible Terra Metallic teeth, FIXED OX THE MOST SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES, WITHOUT SPRINGS, WIRES, OR LIGATURES, at MONS. LE Dray and Co.'s usual moderate Paris Charges, commencing at 5i. a single tooth, and thus continuing their scale of prices. Scurvy in the Gums effectually removed, Loose Teeth fas. tened andjiltiftg Decayed Teeth with their Mineral Marmoratum. AT each announcement made to the public by MONS. LE -t*- DRAY and CO., their gratification is highly increased r as they are continually receiving from their extensive connec- tion undeniable assurances of satisfaction and approval. In rendering acknowledgements for the patronage received from their friends among the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and inhabi- tants of Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire, North and South Wales, as well as the adjacent counties, they cannot retrain from expressing their implicit confidence in a continu- ance of the recommendations and favours of their patrons; being fidly determined to continue those facilities, which have hitherto produced so much benefit and comfort to those requiring their professional aid. MONS. LE DilA Y and Co. may be consulted as usual at their Residence, 27, PAttK. STREET, where they continue to restore Decayed Teeth with the Mineral Marmoratum, so highly recommended by the Faculty of England, France, and the Continent, and of which they are theosole inventors. It is introduced into the cavity in an almost liquid state, without the least pain, and in a few seconds hardens into the enamel preventing and curing the Tooth-ache, arresting the prugiess of further decay—thereby obviating the necessity of extrac- tion. The Marmoratum not only converts a mere shell into a sound and useful Tooth, calculated for all its original purposes but by completely stopping up the cavity removes that un- pleasant taint of the breath which invariably arises from decay of the teeth. There is no disease to which the mouth is liable more de- structive than Scurvy in the Gums ■, the loss of Teeth is more to be attributed to it than any other cause, for it is the primary source of decay in them. On its first appearance the Gums bleed on the most trifling occasion. become spongy, and lose that firm texture they have in a healthy state, causing the breath to be offensive and repulsive to every one under its influence, besi ies other evils repugnant to a sensitive and re- lined mind. It must be a source of extreme gratification to those thus afflicted to be assured that Mons. Le Dray can effectually re- move this destructive complaint, by a single application, and without the least pain. Mons. Le Dray and Co's PATENT INCORRODIBLE TERRA METALIC ARTIFICIAL or NATURAL TEETH, of surpassing beauty, can be matched so closely in shape and colour to those left in the mouth, and formed so exactly to nature, that the closest observer cannot detect the difference They are fixed from one to a complete set, without extracting the loots, or causing the least pain, and may be taken out and replaced by the wearer with the greatest facility being incorrodible, they have the superior advantage of never changing colour or decaying they are arranged on the most scientific principles, answering most satisfactorily all the pur- poses of mastication aud articulation, imparting to the coun- tenance a younger and approved appearance, protecting the adjoining teeth, fastening those that arc loose, forming a new gum where the original one has receded, and the teeth re- t e maining perfectly secure in their places. Specimens of these beautifut feeth may be viewed daily at Mons. Le Dray's residence, as well as his other improvements, and his superior mode of sparing the patient from the pain and inconvenience hitherto attending operations of the mouth. Loose Teeth, arising either from age., or any other cause, fastened, and deticiencies of palaie effectually remedied, Artificial Teeth out of repair remodelled to fit the mouth, and restored equal in beauty and durability to their original state. CHILDREN'S TEETH ATTENDED TO AND RliGULATEl). Attendance daily from ten till seven. For the convenience of country patients, Mons. Le Dray and Co. are enabled to fix a partial or a complete set of Teeth at one sitting, without the least pain or inconvenience. Those to whom expense is an object need not be deterr -d from visiting Mons. Le Dray, as he will give every advice and information appertaining to his profession without any remu- neration. N.B. No. 27, Park-street, Oie Door from Berkeley-square, Bristol, &*t'Hnai> fiottrrss. BRIDGEND RAILIVAY. WE the undersigned being each of us entitled to Fire said undprfnkint* rir. k 1 as eac» Me leasi in the SLTSSSS&RF ?<FJCIAL, ™WR"i"V?5'' be Md « «WS £ DHAM A°Eise INN, in the Town of BRinrrv^ ■ Glamorgan, on WEDNESDAY, the Twelfth day of Ro- next, at at Noon, to take into consideration a proposition to be then made on behalf of STAISRS s of the Bridgend Railway, and the Lands and other Pro- pert), of thl Bridgeml 'Mwa, Co2t" determined upon, to enter intn u j- • 1 80 ment accordingly. Ult° SUch conditional agree- M°RGAN PRICE SMITH, WILLIAM LEWIS, wrr HAM HENRY MORGAN, S^LIAM FARLEY, Bridgend, Oct. HIEBERT' The Ogmom & Garw Vales, & Port of Cardiff Union Railway. (PROVISIONALLY REGISTERED.) CAPITAL £360,000, in 18,000 SHARES of L20 each. DEPOSIT, L2 2s. per SHARE. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. Viscount Adare, M.P Dunraven Park, Glamorganshire pXs.S3Slr.' P"k' *"<8^ Park, Staffordshire The Honourable William Gore, Wilton Crescent Richard Price, Esq., M.P., Radnorshire Sir John Osborn, Bart., Fulham Sir George Prescott, Bart., Theobalds, Herts ry \Br"Ce' Duffryn House, Cardiff U illiam Bradley, Esq., Manor Oaks, Sheffield Edward Cotton, Esq., Keppel-street, Russell-square Major Morse Cooper, Henley-on-Thames John Whittock Nicholl Carne, Esq., D.C.L., Dimland's House, Glamorganshire Richard Dutton, Esq., Herne Hill, Camberwell Captain Dawson, R.N., Barnes Rsv. H. R. Fowler. Manchester-square, London Rev. Thomas Gronow, Brompton-square, and Court Herbert, Glamorganshire William Gilbertson, Esq.,Baglan, Neath, Glamorganshire Captain Hewitt, Tyr Mab Ellis, Glamorganshire John James, Esq., Brunswick-square John Ingles Jerdein, Esq., director of the Great Man. chester, Rugby, and Southampton Railway LondonHartley Kennedy' Esq,> Manchester-square, Richard Keilv, Esq., Cleveland-Row, St. James's ^"shire L,ewellyu' Es1" Ba&lau Hall> Neath, Glamorgan- James Morrison, Esq., St. Mary-at-Hill, London F. Meymott, Esq., Inner Temple Evan Prichard, Esq., Collena, Glamorganshire William S. Potter, Esq., Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park John Randall, Esq., Old Castle, Bridgend, Glamorgan- shire Richard Lewis Reece, Esq., Cardiff Major Jelf Sharpe, Twickenham Archibald Spens, Esq., Manor House, Inveresk Philip Vaughan, Esq., Brecon R. C. Nichol Carne, Esq., Dimland House, Glamorgan- shire (With power to add to their number.) MANAGING COMMITTEE. Viscount Ingestrie (Chairman) Capt. Dawson (Vice-Chairman Viscount Adare James Morrison Esq. Richard Dutton, Esq. William Gilbertson, Esq. Griffith Llewellyn, Esq. Dr. Nichol Carne Richard Lewis Reece, Esq. Richard Keily, Esq. John Randall, Esq. W. S. Potter, Esq Major Morse Cooper Richard Hartley Kennedy, R. C. Nichol Carne, Esq. Esq. (With power to add to their number.) STANDING COUNSEL-E. L. Richards, Esq. SOLICITOR. W. B. James, Esq., 5, Basinghall-street, London. BANKERS. Commercial Bank, London; Messrs. Weston and Youngj sea; Messrs. Towgood and Co., Cardiff; National Provincial Bank, Bridgend and Cardiff. CONSULTING ENGINEER- ENGINEER—Charles E. Bernard, Esq. SECRETARY—W. D. Logie, Esq., pro tem. THE Vales of the Ogwr (or Ogmore) Fawr and Ogwr Fach, and of the Garvv, lying near and nearly parallel to each other, abound in minerals of the most valuable description, but owing to their secluded situation, and above all to the want of a cheap and easy communication with the sea, have been hitherto wholly neglected. In order to supply this deficiency, and to open to the various markets the vast resources which these vallies afford, the above connecting Lines of Railway have been projected, and by them communication with the Port of Cardiff, Port Talbot, Porthcawl, and every other Port in the Bristol Channel, will be effected. The length of the main line will be about 18 miles, and the btanches up the three Vallies lawmaking in the whole about 34 miles. The branches will commence from BlaenOgwr, in the vale of Ogwr Fawr; from Blaengarw, in that of the Garw, and from Blaenogwr, in the vale of the Ogwr Fach, and will concentrate near Bryn Cethin; from thence the main line, formed by this junction, will pass by Llanhar- ran, and join the South Wales Railway, near the Port of Cardiff. The whole district of country through which the lines will pass, has already been surveyed by highly competent parties, and affords T gradients and levels of the most favourable kind. No heavy cutting, expensive bridges, or embankments will be required, so that the cheap exe- cution of the proposed lines is perfectly certain. There is, on the spot, abundance of stone and other materials, for the proper execution of the works. The project is supported by powerful local interest, and all the Land- owners who have yet been consulted have given their sanction and approval. The rising town of Bridgend, and its neighbourhood, will be greatly benefitted by the completion of this under- taking, and a cheap and ready market afforded for their manufacturing and agricultural produce. It Is intended to form a junction with the South Wales Railway near this town. The Vales present excellent sites for Iron-works; and the establishment of Collieries on a large scale will imme- diately succeed the formation of the road. Twenty-five miles of the line will pass through property abounding in Coal, Iron-Stone, Black-Band, and Lime-Stone, all which products have not at present the means of transit to any market whatever. It is confidently anticipated that the investment in this undertaking will give a handsome return to the Share- holders. No Subscriber will be answerable beyond the amount of his deposit until the Act is obtained, and then not be- yond the amount of his subscription. Ulbtit an Act of Parliament shall be obtained, the affairs of this Company will be under the control of a Managing Committee, to whom power will be given to allot the Shares, and to apply the funds of the Company in payment of all the expenses incurred in its formation, and in the preparation of the plans and pections to be submitted to Parliament. Power will be applied for in the Act to raise any addi- tional capital, to extend or abandon any part of the line, to make branch lines, or enter into any arrangements, by amalgamation or otherwise, with any other Company or Companies. And power is hereby given to the registered promoters to nominate the Managing Committee of the Company. In the allotment of Shares, a preference will be given to Landowners on the line, and to other parties locally interested. Prospectuses and Maps may be had of, and applications for Shares may be addressed in the form annexed to, W. B. James, Esq., Solicitor, 5, Basinghall-strect, London, the temporary Offices of the Company; and at those of the under-mentioned Brokers but no applications for Shares will receive the attention of the Committee, unless accompanied by a reference to one or more of the Provi- sional Committee, or Solicitor:- London—Messrs. John Shewell and Son, 25, Token- house Yard. Messrs. J. Peppercorne and Co., 2, Old Broad- Street. Liverpool—Messrs. Boultt and Co. Manchester—Messrs. Houghland and Leese. Leeds Messrs. John Young and Co. Bristol-Luke Arnold, Esq.; Messrs. Taite and Nash. Birmingham—Mr. Collis. Sheffield—.Messrs. Bardwell and Sons. Glasgow—Messrs. Cockburn and Co. FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES. To the Provisional Committee of the Ogmores and Garw Vales, and Port of Cardiff Union Railway. GENTLEMEN,—I request that you will allot to me —— Shares of 1;20 each in this Company, and I undertake to accept the same, and to pay the deposit thereon, or upon any less number that may be allotted to me and I hereby undertake to execute the Parliamentary Contract and Subscribers' Agreement when required. Name (in full) Residence Trade or Profession Reference with Address Date of Application

jk v v y ^ Calendar