Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Ob, GAMAGEll |<«| For Football Outlts. J|||j|lBjm Caterers to many of the Leading Welsh Clubs, JnHlljlA The WORLD'S BEST & CHEAPEST HOUSE. Thousands of Shirts and Jerseys to select from. wnnmm MBBM Club Colours at a few days' Notice. W PH EVERYTHING FOR FOOTBALL. SES FOOTBALL SHIRTS. 2/1 BMBgaw 1 2 in. Stripes (all colours) -fifc wBBf NEW SPORTS I W^SS^S Flannelette, 2/1 Superior >(|jS LIST I quality, 2/9 Be shrunk H I M POST FREE. J/TTll, Man^l, 9/6 each (to order in I I 1^11 Jjuj l| RUGBY quantities of 1 dozen only).Ill H ll 3 — JERSEYS. Boys' size up to 14 in. neck, URI I IIJ I FOOTBALL Striped or Har- 3^. each less. II I "Sffir lequin, with (New Stripe Top.) dm" Plain Legs 2/- Pair. Plain Coloti Ribbed 2/6 Pair withwhite Linen Special Club Colours to order at a 30 to 3,8 Few Notice. m. chest, men s DON'T GET WET FEET. 3 1 Youths', 3/3 w J Gamkick is Heavier qual- ity, men's, 4/6 Wa t e r pro of. (W hit e). 4/11 de. Navy or Black. ( vllssv great kicking 1/4 H ATONTOTI!: MSM DAMAGE'S SPECIALITIES I Scotch chrome IN FOOTBALLS. I 8/6 Bars or'studs, MmmKk The famous "HOLBORN" BALL H 8/6. Boys'sizes f. M\ 1 (Rugby or Association). Pe, fect shape. « to 5, 7/6 GAMAGE'S FOR- iBf V Stout cowhide cases. A strong, service- ■ WARD" is the "Perfection" ■/uini/cDC able balL Complete with red rubber ■ Boot, for it has specially-bloclced i*Nlwl*tKwi bladder.^ No. 3, 4/6 No. 4, 5/6, No. 5 H toes, is moderately light so as Boys and (match size), 6/3. Postage 4^ « not to detract from the player's Men's Navy GAMAGE S REFEREE, (Regd.) EFL speed. Very firm, and a fine Serge or Match Ball, Association or Rugby. The H shooter. All Scotch Chrome. Swansdown, most perfect ball made. Waterproof cases. HQ Thoroughly Waterproof. Price 24 to 42 in. 10/6, post-free. The 1 Universal (Asso- Bj 8/11, Bars or Studs. The waist, 1/4; ciation) match size, 4/3. The "Defiance" g 41 UNIVERSAL" in Rnssett White lamb- (Association or Rugby), 6/6. The "Army" m leather, 5/11. Boys' sizes, 4/11. skin, 1/10: (Association), 9/6. The "School'(Rugby ■ Post 6d. on all boots under 10/ Boys' sizes, 1/8 or Association), 5/3. Postage, 4d, D A. W. GAMAGE, LTD., HOLBORN, LOWMN, EIC, Send for LISTS of all the LATEST BOOKS — TO Harrisons' (BOOKSELLERS), 45, Pall Mall, s.w. HOTELS, &c. — Marlborough Restaurant, 23, VILLIERS STREET, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. Bed and Breakfast, 4/6 (No Extras). THE BEST DINNERS AND SUPPERS IN LONDON. MODERATE CHARGES. JONES' HOTEL, (ESTABLISHED OVER TOO YEARS), Suffolk Street, Pall fllall, London, f Adjoining Trafalgar Square. (Successor to Mr. Roberts, Thanet Place) Telegraphic Address—" PLEASANT," London. 1 elephone-No. 8889, Central. Proprietor-H. R. JONES RESTAURANT*& HOTEL, 14, Little Newport St. BED & BREAKFAST from 3s. For Gentlemen only. Dinners and Teas at low prices. Parties catered for. Well recom- mended. WELSHMEN invited. TRAFALGAR HOTEL & DINING ROOMS. 4i&BEDFORDNSTREET\EET' j °"oNUON », DUKE STREET, ADELPHI, J LONUUIN, BED AND BREAKFAST, 4s. WELSHMEN ARE CORDIALLY INVITED. Proprietor, C. F. WILLIAMS. "Ro^al Restaurant, 141, NEWINGTON CAUSEWAY, S.E. For Luncheons, Dinners, Teas and Suppers. Open till Midnight. Our special d'Hote Dinner, 1/6, cannot be beaten. FULL LICENCE. A continuance of your patronage is solicited. Visitors from yfries cannot do better than dine with us. IF YOU WANT A GOOD LUNCHEON & TEA, GO TO k"D A 9. BT- NEWPORT ST., r 1 O Charing Cross Road. Well recommended by those who patronize us. „ Hearty Welcome. ^OT OF TEA, COFFEE, CHOCOLATE, freshly made for each person, 2d., with Roil and Butter, 4d. Profine tor— KR A FFT. Hotels, &c. (continued). THE SHIP RESTAURANT 45, CHARING CROSS, WHITEHALL. Newly Decorated. Transformed into an up-to-date Restaurant. 1/6 Luncheons a la Carte. 2/6 and 3/' Dinner. Real Turtle every Thursday and Sunday. A grand 1/6 Supper, consisting of Consomme en Tasse, Sole, Whitebait or Omelette, Grilled Kidney and Bacon, Cutlets, or Viande froid Potatoes. Ice, Cheese and Celery. Open on Sunday from 1 till 3 and 6 to 11. PRIVA TE ROOMS for Large and Small Parties. 'Phone, 274 Victoria. R. PRATTI, Proprietor. WELL RECOMMENDED. Hearty welcome extended to Welshmen up from WALES. CENTRAL FOR all parts. "THE BLACK HORSE," BEDFORDBURY. Wines and Spirits of the Best Quality. Saloon Bar close to Grand Tier and Balcony exits of Coliseum. Luncheons at reasonable Prices. PROPRIETOR—J. JONES. When you are on the Spot visit "THE WELSH HARP," CHANDOS STREET, W. Coliseum). Light Refreshments. Best Wines, Cigars, and Beers of all kinds Hearty Welcome. Propr e'or-C. B. SMITH. The D.O. I. Bishopsgate Distillery DIDA and Wine Co., I ————— DIRTY DICK'S. Established 1745. 48 & 59, Bishopsgate Street Without, E.C. Nearly opp. Suburban Entrance G.E.R. Station. FAMOUS OLD PORT WINE AND SPIRIT HOUSE OF GREAT HISTOR.CAL INTEREST. Noted for Good Value, Purity, and Low Prices. All Wines and Spirits sold by the Glass, Bottle, Dozen, or Gallon. Free Deliveries in Town or Country. Write for History of House, with Full Price List, sent gratis on mentioning this paper. Hotels, &c. (continued). "Marquis of Granbg" BEDFORDBURY. When up West you cannot do better than give us a call for a good Luncheon. All Wines, Spirits and Beer are of the best quality, and well recommended by those using the House. Hearty Welcome. Proprietor—HENRY FITT. If you want a good Dinner go to the CUMBERLAND DINING ROOMS, 12, Brewer St., Regent St. Cut from Joint, Two Vegs., Bread and Cheese, 1/- Supper from 7 to lOp. m. Best quality only. Apartments for Gentlemen. Bed and Breakfast, 3/- PROPRIETOR-F. C. DAVIS GO TO Templeton's Dining Room FOR A GOOD CHEAP DINNER. .11 n Gut Off Joint and fiD. Teas and other Refreshments at TWO Vegetables for equally cheap prices. You are cordially invited to give me a trial. Proprietor. W. TEMPLETON Bedfordbury TBack of Coliseum). IF YOU LIKE A FISH DINNER OR SUPPER GO TO 10% CHICK'S, 120, XiOST6- ..A..CB.E" TKT.CS. Open from 12 noon to 12.30 p.m. Well recommended by all. Charges very moderate. Fish and Potatoes 7d. ADVERTISE IN 'THE LONDON WELSHMAN.' rure- It will Pay You. SITUATIONS VACANT. MANAGERESS Wanted, with good reference, used M to Bacon trade.—Apply, 74, Broadway, London I Fields. WANTED. — A Young Lady, age 15 (Welsh preferred), good reference, 2 in family.—■ Apply by letter, H. D., London Welshman Office, 45, St. Martin's Lane, W.C. WANTED, Lad, strong, willing (Welsh), to assist on Milk round, live in, age 16-18.—Apply, Box 820, London Welshman Office, 45, St Martin's Lane. APARTMENTS. LODGING for One or Two Young Men very con- venient moderate terms.—Apply, JONES, 47, Knatchbull Road, Camberwell. MISCELLANEOUS. TF YOU WISH TO SELL YOUR JL F BUSINESS, send full particulars to Frank Edwards: IF YOU WISH TO BUY A BUSINESS, write or call for the Business List, published monthly, Frank Edwards, 215, Great Dover Street, Borough, London, S.E. (few doors from St. George's Church). Established 1863. The Business List is the recognised medium for buying and selling. A selection of over 500 Businesse sent on application. Telephone, 2061 Hop; Telegrams, Offego London." No connection with any other firm. PROFESSIONAL, &c. MADOC DAVIES, A.R.C.M., Teacher L.C.M., Voice Production and Solo Singing. Telephone 8914 Central. For Terms: Apply, 118, Euston Road. Mr. T. VINCENT DAVIES, (PROF. MUSIC), Gives Lessons in Piano, Organ, Singing, Theory, Harmony and Composition. For terms apply-31, LUCERNE ROAD, HIGHBURY, N. GWILYM ROLANDS, Qives Lessons in PIANO, ORGAN, SINQiNQ AND HARMONY. Accompanist for Concerts, Eisteddfodau, etc. Address-77, TABLEY RD., TUFNELL PARK, N. (Last Term Successes-8 First Class Certificates L.C.M.) Miss JENNIE JONES, A.R.C.M., 168, New Kent Road, S.E., Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin, etc. Accompanist for Eisteddfodau, Concerts, and At Homes. Typewriting, Shorthand, and Translations. All work guaranteed efficient. PUPILS TAKEN. Terms: £ 5 5s. Miss B. HAMER JONES, 59-60, Chancery Lane-