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CORWEN. LECTURES.—On Monday evening, Feb. 3rd, Mr. Wil- liams (Plenydd), Four Crosses, Festiniog, Grfnd Worthy Chief Templar of Wales, delivered an excellent lecture to a very large audience at Ucheldre chapel, the subject being" The Young Man." On Tuesday night, at the Methodist chapel, Corwen, the same gentleman delivered a very effective lecture on "Good Templarism," after which a lodge of Good Templars was re-formed and several joined that evening. RAILWAY ACCIDENT.—On Thursday night, January 30, the 9'55 p.m. train from Ruabon had a very narrow escape of meeting with an accident which might have resulted in very serious consequences. It appears that the train left Ruabon at the usual time, and travelled safely to within about four miles this side of Llangollen, when an axle of one of the waggon-, laden with bricks, (which was placed next to the engine) broke, causing it to run off the rails for a distance of about 300 yards. The engine driver (Mr. D. Jones) after ascertaining what was the matter, immediately blew the break whistle for the guard, (Mr. J. W. Jones) to apply his break which was done at once, and leaving his engine to run unchecked, thus saving the train from certain disaster. The waggon was unloaded and thrown to the side of the line. Every credit is due to the driver for his prefenc i of mind. The train arrived at Corwen about 2'30 a.m., the following morning. Fortunately then, was only one passenger in the train. DARING ROBBERY.—On Friday night, January 31st, a most daring robbery was committed at the house of Mr. Thomas Griffiths, tailor, London-road. Mr. Griffiths placed five pounds in a drawer in the front bed- room, and on examining the house the next morning he found the money gone and the parlour window wide open. The burglar must have entered the house early in the evening, concealed himself and waited until the family were asleep, and then decamped with his booty. No clue has been received as to the offender. POPULAR ENTERTAINMENTS.—The second of the series of these entertainments was held on Thursday evening, January 30, in the British Schoolroom, and was by far the most successful ever held here, the rooms being crowded to excess. The entertainment consisted of two parts, the first consisting of musical items, the remainder of the meeting being taken up by the performance of Walker's well-known "Trial of Ignorance." Mr. Evan Jones occupied the chair. The following was the pro- gramme: Part I.—Harmonium solo, "Hallelujah," Mr. John Roberts address by the Chairman; Anerchiadau Barddonol by Anthropos and Ab Alwen song, The Lost Sheep," Mr. Ellis Edwards; duet, "Larboard Watch," Messrs. W. M. Jones and J. Roberts song, cadach gwyn," Miss A. J. Williams; song, "Gwlad y Gan," Mr. B. F. Jones; duet, Y Ddau L6wr," Messrs. W. F. Jones and E. Roberts song, cofio'r lloer yn codi," Mr. O. Roberts (Eos Meirion); recitation, Y Milwr," Mr. John Roberts; song, Oh! give me back my Arab steed," Mr. W. M. Jones. A trio was to have been snng by Messrs. O. Roberts, R. LI. Jones, and J. Roberts, entitled, When shall we three meet again," but as the trio has been fixed for competition by the com- mittee of the forthcoming Eisteddfod, they were not al- lowed to sing it at this entertainment. Part II.—Per- formance of the Trial. The various characters were ap- portioned as follows :—Sam Dunce (the prisoner), Master R. E. Humphreys; Baron Legality (the judge), Mr. G. Humphreys Mr. Puzzle (counsel for the prosecution), Mr. R. R. Roberts; Mr. Grip (counsel for the prisoner), Mr. John Roberts Mr. Snap (schoolmaster), Mr. E. Morris; Mr. Pen (schoolmaster), Mr. Robert Williams Mr. Press (printer), Mr. R. J. JonfS Mr. Fig (grocer), Mr. Robert Jones John Dunce (prisoner's father), Mr. Richard Williams; twelve jurymen of whom Anthropos was foreman, Usher (Mr. H. Rees). The trial throughout was conducted excellently. Mr. Richard Williams acted finely the part allotted to him, and created roars of laughter. It is satisfactory to find that these entertain- ments are well patronized by the public; the school was crowded to excess each time. LITERARY MEETING AT CYNWYD.—A literary meeting was held at the National Schools, Cynwyd, on Friday evening, Jaa. 31st. Rev. J. Pritchard was in the chair. Rev. if. '■ Williams, conductor. The adjudicators! were x'oi. y Rev. R. D. Rowlands (Anthropos), Corwen, and Rhuddfryn. Music Mr. W. C. Williams and Mr. Hugh Davies, Glandyfrdwy. Handwriting: Mr. T. Davies, Factory, Cynwyd. A very interesting programme was gone through in the following manner :— Address by the Chairman glee by the Bethania choir reciting Boreu olaf," Mr. R. Edwards; competition in singing" Toriad y dydd," best, Mr. David Davies, Cyn- wyd; Best five minutes' speech on "Time," four com- peted, best, Mr. John Jones, Carchardy, Llansantffraid; song, "Y Gadlef," Mr. W. C. Williams; a spelling bee followed, for boys under fifteen; Asthropos next gave his adjudication on the verses on Wisdom," twelve came to hand, best, Mr. David Jones, Llansantffraid a competi- tion next followed in singing duet "Y glowr a'r chwarelwr, best, party from Cynwyd Mr. T. Davies next gave his adjudication on the handwriting, best, Master David Jones, Carchardy, Llansantffraid,' glee, "Awn tua'r cadfaes," Mr. D. Davies and party; Anthropos next gave his adjudication on the epigram to the Evening star," best, Mr. John Jones, Trewyn, Corwen; Eos vleirion next sang" Ar lan Iorddonen ddofn;" Com- petition in singiog bass solo Yr hwn a ferchyg ar nef y nefoedd (Teyrnasoedd y ddaear), best, Mr. W. Roberts, Cynwyd; song, Chwifio'r cadach gwyn," Miss C. Hughes; Master J. Owen, Cynwyd received the prize for reciting a piece of the most exciting poetry; glee, Mr. R. Davies and party; Eos Meirion next sang Wyt ti'n cofio'r lloer yn codi;" Mr. R. H. Davies, Druid, and party received the prize for singing at sight; competition in singing Y gadair wag," Miss Hughes only competed and the adjudicator said she deserved the prize competition in singing Dim ond cludydd arfau (Swn y Jubilee), three parties competed, best, Mr. Davies and party. The usual votes of thanks having been given and acknowledged the meeting was brought to a close by singing the national anthem. PETTY SESSIONS, FRIDAY, JANUARY 31.—Before Captain Taylor, the Hon. C. H. Wynn, and J. R. Walker, Esq. Charge of Poaching.—Joseph Davies was charged by Good- fellow, gamekeeper, Gwyddelwern, with hanngin his possession two rabbit nets, and with being in pursuit of game. It ap- peared that Davies, accompanied by Joseph Roberts, Maerdy went to the mountain for the purpose of attending sheep being afraid that some might be under the snow, because it had been drifting furiously. When on their way home a hare got up, and their dog ran after her, but as is often the case with sheep dogs, was not fast enough to catch her. However the gamekeeper followed the young men. By Siamborwen the two separated for their respective homes, and the keeper followed after Davies until he overtook him, and asked him if he had any game in his pocket. Davies passed his coat to the keeper for inspection, and he found two rabbit nets in the pockets, which nets Davies had found on the ground the previous day. The gamekeeper left with out further words, taking with him the nets.—The Prosecutor (Goodfellow) now asked for an adjournment, hut the application was refused, and the case was at once dismissed, the gamekeeper having no grounds to accuse Davies of poaching. The game- keeper was admonished by Captain Taylor to be very careful in future not to bring such grmmdless cases before the Court. SPECIAL SESSIONS, before J. R. Walker, Esq. Vagrancy.—Samuel Johnson and J. Roberts were charged by Sergeant Williams with this offence. Johnson was sentenced to one month, and Roberts to fourteen days imprisonment.