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Established 1851. ] MESSRS. Wm. Dew & Son and — R. ARTHUR JONES, AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, and SURVEYORS Cuton Buildings, BANGOR, Telephone: 13. The Estate Office, CONWAY, Telephone: 29. The Estate Office, LLANRWST, Telephone 9. Telegrams: DEWSON." Proprietors of CONWAY CATTLE MART (Carnarvonshire). LLANRWST SMITHFIELD (Denbighshire), LLANERCHYMEDD SMITHFIELD (Central Anglesey), GAERWEN SMITHFIELD (South Anglesey). TL1~BSSRS- WM. DEW and SON and R. jjfl. ARTHUR JONES, F.A.I., undertake the Sate of Country Estates, Town and Country Properties, Ground Rents, Contents of Mansions and Private Residences. Trade Stocks and Plant, Live and Dead Farming Stock, Probate, Tenant Right and Trade Valuations. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. COUNTY OF ANGLESEY. Parishes of LLANEUGRAD. LLANFAIR M.E., and LLANDDYFNAN. Portions of Parciau Estate, comprising an area of about 1,000 ACRES T^TESSRS. WM. DEW AND SON AND R. JTJL \RTT?{rR .TONES have received instruc- tions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, during thfo. Summer, the following:— CAPITAL FARMS. ACCOMMODATION LANDS, SMALL HOLDINGS, BUILDING SITES, DWELLING-HOUSES and COTTAGE PROPERTY, Forming the Outlying Portions of this Estate, and including:— NANT TSAF, NANT UCHAF. NANT NEW. YDD, TVDDYN PHILIP, PWLL MELYN, øroDLAN FAWR GARNEDD RHOS. f \D HOUSE, TY COCH, CHWARELAU, PEN Y GRAIG, YNYS, TY GWYN, BODY- NWCH. PANT GLAS, TY'N Y CAE, PEN- HI? ->0, aad FRON HAUL. For all further particulars, apply to Messrs 8. R. Dew and Co., Solicitors, Bangor, or to the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Bangor and Oaawaf. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. COUNTY OF DENBIGH About eight miles from Denbigh and Abergele. IMPORTANT SALE OF THE GRAND FREE- HOLD RESIDENTIAL, SPORTING. AND AGRICULTURAL PROPERTY known as lffryn A!ed Estate, having an area of 4,400 ACRES, or thereabouts. TfcJTESSRS. WM. DEW AND SON AND R. .1"" ARTHUR JONES will shortly offcr the abtfvB Estate for Sa e. For ftrrther Particulars apply, R- M. Thomas, .<i07 Twining. Ruabon; Harold Edwards. Esq., A gam. Gw-ych Castle Estate Office, Abergele; or Tt the Auctioneers at their Offices, Bangor and Conway. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. CARNARVONSHIRE AND MERIONETH- SHIRE. FORFION- OF rHE HAFOD GARREGOG ESTATE. MESSRS. WM. DEW AND SON AND R. ARTHUR JONES, F.A.T., will Sell by Public Auction, at an early date, the VALUABLE Farms, Small Holdings, Dwelling Houses, Etc., b and around Beddgelert, Penrhvndeudraeth, Nantmor, Lanfrothen, Garn Dolbenmaen, v Tllsarnau. aDd Tydwciliog, Nevin Plans and Particulars in due course of— Messrs. Carter, ViBcent, and Co., Solicitors, Bangor; or at the Offices of the Auctioneers, Begor and Conway. BY DIRECTION OF LORD HARLECH. COUNTY OF CARNARVON. PARISH OF DOLBENMAEN. Realisation of very desirable FREEHOLD FARMS, about 5 Mies from Criccieth 3 MiLea from Portmadoc, and within conveni- ent distance of the County and Market Town 01 Carnarvon. TTfESSRS. WM, DEW AND SON AND R. J..1 ARTHUR JONES have been favoured with instructions to Sell by Public Auction, at Portmadoc, at an early date, THE VALUABLE Freehold Farms & Lands, known as CWRT ISAF and UCHAF, and HAFOD GAR- REGOG, the whole extending to an area of 900 ACRES (or thereabouts). For all further particulars to W. E. Btamer. Esq., Brogyntyn Estate Office, Oswes- iry; or to the Auctioneers, at their Offices, J Bangor and Conway. G- 9db& R- s MINISTRY OF MUNITIONS. KINGSBRIDGE CAMP, BEAUMARIS. 9RS. WM. DEW and SON and R- J.J.J.. ARTHUR JONES have been instructed to*'Sell by Public Auction, at the Camp, as above, AT AN EARLY DATE, A Large Quantty of Valuable Camp Equipment and Furniture, Novf lying at th s Camp, and including:—1,000 Blankets, 330 Pillow and Bolster Cases, 169 Sheets, 55 Combination Bedsteads, 56 Mat- tresses, 456 F.S. Bedsteads, 100 Fire Buckets, 84 yards of Leather Cloth, 75 square yards of Linoleum, 42 Camp Lockers. 29 Hanging Mirrors, 131 Towels, 134 Iron Trestles. 13C Forms (6 feet), 30 Galvanised Cans, Scrubbing Brushes, Mops, Brooms, Arm Chairs, Wcker Chairs, 6ft. and 4ft. Tables, Lamps, Sieves, Baking This and Dishes, and a large assort- ment of Culinary Utensils, etc., etc. TO BE OFFERED IN LOTS TO SUIT SMALL BUYERS. On view day prior to Sale. Catalogues may be obtained from the Auctioneers, at their Oihces, Bangor and Conwa#. Further particulars may be obtained from the Controller, Funrtnire Section. Ministry of Inanitions, Disposal Board, 18, Queen Anne's <Czat<s, Wsstarnstc-, S.W. x Established 1863 JOHN PRITCHARD & CO, (PARKER MACKENZIE, F,A.I.) Auctioneers, Surveyors, and Estate Agents. Head Office: BANGOR. Branch Office LLANGEFNI. Sales by Auction of Landed Estates, Town and Country Properties, the Equipment of Mansions and Private Residences in any part of North Wales. Tel. 47. BANGOR. Telegrams: PRITCHARD, AUCTIONEER, BANGOR. S. fl Coohc, 3ltb. HIGH CLASS Christmas Presents- Table Centres, Cushions, Cosies. New Blouses, Gloves and Scarves, I Dressing Gowns, Games and Toys. .tI' 12, Pier Street, ABERYSTWYTH. Also at Ireland's Mansions, 20, New Street, City Arcades, Shrewsbury. Great Western Arcade, Birmingham. I If Is what ycu are sure to get 8 /%llluO I <33 C Jif you give your order for || Cakes and Confectionery TO OWEN (D, W. TEVIOTDALE). HIOH-CLAS BAKERS, Confectioners and Caterers, 15-21, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. Xmas Cakes improve by keeping- Let us have your E Z5 order now, and your cake I will be just right for Xmas. I Come to us for any Xmas Confectionery you require— g Chocolates, Fancy Pastries Novelties Scotch Shortbread etc. etc. I We supply only the best. I MOBTOKT'S -JSL BOOT MAKERS, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. TOWN and COUNTRY SHOULD WEAR THE FAMOUS "ORYFÐÐT" Bwm%;l-q'tfr 'Aq" NP- Nuled snd Wi hout Fails. ——{.—.———————————————————-————— As a CHRISTMAS PRESENT just a nice pair of SLIPPERS or GAITERS. The largest selection ever seen. THAT BOOT SHOP IN TERRACE ROAD. REP AlflS. WE ARE NOW ABLE to devote every Monday to Repairs for customers from the Country, so that they may take their Boots home on the same day. ALL OUR REPAIRS are done on the premises. WORKMANSHIP AND ENGLISH LEATHER-THE BEST. -EVERY JOB GUARANTEED. > ALWAYS GOING AHEAD. Season's Goods. %I%n s For the Newest Styles in Boots and Shoes, The Best Quality & the Lowest Prices, go to DICKS' I Shops in the following towns in this district: DICKS, 12, Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth. DICKS, Penrallt Street, Machynlleth. DICKS, Victoria Buildings, Dolgelley. DICKS, Sycamore Street, Newcastle Emlyn. DICKS, Leicester House, Llandyssul. DICKS, Bank Place Portmadoc. DICKS 53, King Street, Carmarthen. DICKS, High Street, Pwllheli DICKS. High Street, Barmouth. DICKS, High Street, Lampeter. DICKS. High Street, Festiniog. DICKS, High Street. Cardigan fhe things tnat men and women look for in choosmg their Boots are excellence of design and fitting, good wearing quality, and reasonable- ness in price. Dicks meet these demands so completely that it will pay anv man or woman to visit any of their Establishments. Along with their own well-known.' make, they are agents for the K' Boots., Lotus and Delta Boots, Hold Fast and Dryfoot Brands. Try Dicks lor Boots and Shoes Boys, Girls and Children. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. WINTER TRAIN SERVICE FEATURES. A.M. A.M. Aberystwyth dep. 10-0 London dep. 10-15 P.M. Paddtngton) I P.M. London arr. 5-25 Aberystwyth arr. 5-15 (Paddington) Via the Upper Severn Valley & Welshpool. CORRIDOR TRAIN. TEA SERVICE. Oswestry, Dec, 1919. S. WILLIAMSON, General Xanager. I t NORTH WALES MAN | WINS £100.. For NINE CORRECT RESULTS IN A SIMPLE FOOTBALL COMPETITION. SEE THIS WEEK'S "LIVERPOOL WEEKLY POST" £100 Given Away Each Week It Costs Nothing to Enter. .1 Have a Try This Week. "LIVERPOOL WtEKlV POST" &$rct THE FORD One Ton Truck is serving busi- ness just as faithfully and economically as does the economically as does the I! Ford Touring Car. The Ford I ( 1 I' Truck is a necessity to the II grocer both in delivering I goods and in bringing goods from the stations, docks and from the country. It I! is an ideal motor vehicle because there isn't a want of the farmer or business man that it doesn't supply in the way of quick transport- ation at a minimum expense. ABERYSTWYTH MOTOR COY., Queen's Road, n ABERYSTWYTH. .111 CL ) This is the Mode! T One Ton Truck just as we deliver to the purchaser, j I without body. The equipment includes hood fo»- motor, front fenders. I stepping Loards. two side lights, two head lights, one tail lisht, horn and H set of tools. Price, £ 200 (at Works, Manchester), (subject to refund of E import duty). |jl ■—MU—Mw—iw—in« »wiw——nafnk irnww—nm-Mnrim -r^wTi w—n—R————n——L"I—iiwiw ——- — t ——— f- | The Wrong Way- and the Right! ( There isn't a deal of fun in motor-cycling when you're > riding on tyres you can't trust. /jr* When you fit"CLINCHERS" y°u feci safe—something tells you not to worry any more about tyres. And that's the feeling that makes motor-cycling a real pleasure. ) filll Fit" CLINCHERS feel safe. lrl \lw Play "SUPER-CHICK "and "CLINCHER- j BALLS' 2/°* 1 .J l\1 CJI The North British Rubber Xdinbvrgh^London & Brauckts. 158, Great Charles Street. "MotDT-CvcleTyBBS BIRMINGHAM. Jvioior ^ycie a J GREAT SHOW of CHRISTMAS TOYS SEE SHOWROOMS sND WINDOW J. G. STYLES, "^kn^KK. 10, Terrace Road (N'ear Station), Aberystwyth. > _jg Table (Aberystwvth) for Dee-, 1919. t t Date Time ft. in. Date Time ft- 1— 1 13 12 4 17- 3 85 12 7 2- 2 23 12 5 18- 4 57 13 1 3- 3 33 13 8 19- 5 48 t4 1 4- 4 35 14 11 20- 6 30 15 0 5— 5 31 16 6 21- 7 8 15 8 6— 6 23 17 11 22—N7 45 16 2 7—K7 15 18 10 23— 8 22 17 0 8— 8 7 19 5 24— 8 57 17 5 9— 8 59 "19 8 25- 9 29 17 4 10- 9 46 19 0 26-10 4 17 0 11-1033 18 2 27-10 43 16 7 12:-11 24 17 0 28-11 25 16 2 13-12 13 p.m. 15 fi 29-12 9 p.m. 15 ti 14-12 39 am. 14 2 :-10-12 35 a.)11. 14 1 15- 1 40 12 11 31- 1 36 13 4 16- 2 49 12 5 F—Full Moon N-New Moon Time of first high tide (a.m. daily Unless otherwiaestated JDepth of tide on Ofd Dock Sill. Liverpool. Highest rises of Spring tides -L.. Goods Stored, Cash Advanced or Goods Bought Outright. JOHN GIBSON, Auctioneer, 9, BAKER STREET, i ABERYSTWYTH, Is fixing his Dates of Sale for the coming reason, and will be glad to call on clients to suit their convenience. Prompt Caretuj Attention to all Business. Immediate Settlements.








-------CHRISTMAS, 1919.