Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

14 erthygl ar y dudalen hon


Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

.d-11 Llangefni Horse and Dog Show. From small beginnings tse annual horse, cog, and! poultry show promoted by the town I of Llangefni and district has developed in a. remarkably satisfactory maimer, as was evi- denced by the entries and general success of the fifth exhibition, which was held on Friday. Owing to the ideal weather pre- vailing, there was plso a large *ttend^f of spectators. Mr Lawrence W llliams (J^las Uanddvfnan) was the president, Mr ugn Jones (Llangristiolus) vice-president and chairman, of the committee, Mr Richard Jones (Llangefni) treasurer, and Mr J. *■ William? (Llangefni) secretary. There were in all the sections some 600 entries, the horses appearing in the agricultural class being specially commended by the judges. In connection with the show a vexy procession of animals took p ace the town, Mr R. W. Parry leading with a very smart four-in-hand. The awards were as follows: Cynhaliwyd yr uchod wecidaf. Y llywydd, Mr L WiUiams Plaa Jilanddyfnan; is-lywydd, Mr Hugh Jones, Brvngors, Llangristiolus; trysorydd, Mr K. Jones (ieu.), Llangefni; ysgrifenyad, Mr J. A. Williams, Llangefni. Arolygwyr:—- viri O. J. Lloyd, 0. Trevor Williams, J. Thomas, H. J. Lewis, Lewis R. Jones, J. R. Parry, J. Roberts, 0. Parry, S. H. D. Dew, J,. Williams, — Prytherch, J. R. \Vdliams> J. E. Jones, a J. Jones, Cadben Weston, Major Thomas, etc. Dyma enwau'r budd- ngwyr vn y gwahanol adranau:- Tradesmen's exhibiting the best light turnout suitable for his trade: 1, R. W. t'airy, Mineral Water Works, Llanerchy- melld 2, Messrs Thomas and Edwards, Mineral Works, Llangefni. Tradesman exhibiting the best heavy horse and cart, or spring cart for heavy work: 1 and h.c., Messrs Thomas Lewis and Co., Bangor; 2, — Garland, Britannia Stores, Llangefni. tenant farmer exhibiting the best horse and cart, or waggon: 1, W. Hughes Jones, Iron, Llangefni; 2, Messrs Thomas Lewis and Co., Bangor; h.c., Laurence Williams, Plas, Llanddyfnan. Special prize by the President, culver Cup, with inscription. Team of cart horses, not over six years cid 1, Thomas Jones, coal merchant, Car- narvan; 2, Messrs Hughes Bros., Pias Bach, Llanbedrgoch; h.c., W. Lewis,' Talyllyn, Ty Croes, R.S.O. Cart mare with foal at foot, or to foal the 31st July, following: 1, G. Rice Hughes, Cefn Du, Gaerwen; 2, D. Jones, Caerglau, Gwalchmai; h,c., William Thomas, Gellinofo Mlly orUgeSg'for agricultural purposes, loaled after January, 1896, and before Janu- ary, .897: 1, Thomas Jones, Lleimog Wen, Thvyran; 2 and h.c., John Edwards, Farm- yard, Trescawen. Filly or gelding for agricultural purposes, roaled after January, 1897, and before Janu- ■i<T 1898 1, 0. P. Jones, Plas Llechylched, iiryngwran; 2, J. Williams, Cerrig Barcat, Brynsiencyn; h.c., Evan Evans, Sarn Fraint, Penmynydd. Filly or colt for agricultural purposes, toaled after January, 1898: 1, O. P. Jones, iryngwran; 2, R. Parry, Trefnant Wen, Janddanielfub; h.c., Mrs M. Parry, 03rrig Inean, Aberffraw. Hackney mare, with foal at foot, or t ial before the 31st July following: Maur" i e E. Jones, Voel Ferry; 2, John Thomas, ilpel Mawr, Bodcrgan. Gelding or mare, 15 hands high and up- v ards, and shown under the saùClfe: 1, y. x orris, Bodorgan; 2, John Jones, Gv'alch- Gelding or mare, 14 hands and under 15, jown under the saddle 1, D. R. Evans, Udowyr Isaf, Llangaffo, 2, J. R. Thomas, todello, Llangefni. Cob, gelding, or mare, 13 hands and under v t hands, and shown under saddle 1, u. P. „ ;.nes, Bryngwran; 2, Henry J. Lews, ^Pony' gelding, or mare^under 13 hands, shown in hand: 1, Maurice ontb, oel Ferry; 2, Richard W llnams, i la '^Filf^or' gelding, suitabel for saddlejrr hirness, foaled after January, IS -A More January, 1897, and shown in hand under the saddle: 1, L. R. Evans, Llaa- iffo • 2, W. "Williams, Hafod, Llan^vvllc^. Filly or gelding, suitable for sad e or irness, foaled fore January, io»8. 1, ATe> ims M.R.C..V.S., Llangefni, 2, Jon ripe CletH'rdv Fawr, Llangefni. Colt or filly., suitable for saddle or *r" ,ss, foaled after January, 1898. lomas, Capel Mawr, Bodorgan; 2, Thoma. dwards butcliar, Llanerchymedd.. & stylf. and £ £ Llanerchj'- Gentle'.nen's tur[HjUr. harness aands and upwards, tne caf i o. t„ be take,, mto consuleraton Morris, Bodorgan ,2, under Pony tanner, Uan- Bryngwran Farm, Valley. r i j. Crewdson, Hull Hotel, Llangefni; 2, John Owen, kS £ MiSSW■<— UrS hurdles): 1, Arthur W. Jones, Plas ju,d hurdle^) q Knight, Anglesey Arms Hotel Meuai Bridge; 3, J. Griffith, A er. ~iJl nrize offered by Messrs Crone and Savior Sutton Oak, Silver Teapot, r £ l+ fillv gelding, or mare, most suit- ? Kddle or harness: O. Trevor uUeM; 2, Dr. William Green Hill, bT Mr J. Jone6, Special ?%r%al-k. N. P. Bank. For the best colt, foaled after January, 1898 by "Duke of Clarenoe" (Col. Platt's iSS): 1, R- Parry, Trefn^t Wen, Gaer- "Trimmed horse and c^rt: 1, Thomas Lewis and Co., Bangor. t, DOGS. Special prize offered by R. H. Lord., Esq. collie dog 1, John Hughes, Wood- vdle Grove, Llandudno; 2, David Roberts, Aelydon, Penmachno. Rough collie bitcli: 1,W. Piei^e \V il- liams, Forester Charity, Llandudno; 2, J. Bughes, Woodville Grove, Llandudno. Rough collie puppy, dog or bitch: 1, W Pierce Williams, Forester Cnarity, Llan- "tudnospecial prize offered. bv Mr John Hughes, plumber, Llandudno. Rough collie dog, confined to Anglesey: 1 »nd 2, S. H. D. Dew, Llanfair P.G. Rough collie bitch, confined to Anglesey 1, Rev O. Kyffin Wuiiams, Tynllan, Llan- givyllog; 2, O. Griffith, Bone, Tiegaian. Smooth coated sheep dog or bitch: 1? D. Roberts, A el y don, Penmachno; 2, J. T. Ro- bpras, Penllyn, Cwmyglo. ist|iuoin x-Vun 'sdnd oilloo 3° jaql!rj ''■ay of how: 1, R. Arnold Gray, Llandud- no 2. J. Hughes, Woodville Grove, Llan- dndrj. fAtter of pups of any breed, ccllies ex- c-oted: 1, 0. Jones, Mount leasant Hotel, Lianwnda; 2, J. R. Williams, ironmonger, Llangefni. III' .A'! Fox terrier dog or bitch: 1, W. P. Wil- liams, Llandudno; 2, J. B. Nixon, Bank place, Bangor. Welsli terrier dog or bitch 1, Miss E. A. Savage, Bangor; 2, Ed. Ashton, Llanfair- fechan. Retriever, dog or bitch: E. White, Clyn- noe, Fawr, Carnarvon; 2, Miss R. M. BJ- water, Bettwsycoed. Harrier hound out at walk: 1, R. Hughes, Gaei'wen; 2, L. Williams, Plasddyfnan. Harrier bitch out at walk 1,0. Griffith, Ty Croes. Setter or pointer, dog or bitch: 1, Dr T. E. Jones, Amlwch; 2, W .Jones, Tynygongl. Dog or bitch of any other breed, over 25 pounds in weight: 1, Miss E. H. Davies, TVeborth; 2, Roberts, tanner, Llangefni. Bull terrier dog or bitch: I, Captain Bradley, Llangefni; 2, L. Thomas, Llan- gefni. For the best cock and hen (Andalusians, POULTRY, &c. Minorcas, or Spanish): 1, D. M. Pritchard, Cwmyglo; 2, R. Roberts, Llanberis. Cock and hen (cochins or bramahs): 1, W. Davies, Pwllheli; 2, Llew. Roberts, Llan- gefni. Cock and hen (bantams): 1 and 2, W. Pierce Williams, Llandudno. Cock and hen (dorkins): 1, W. Evans, Plas Uchaf, Llangefni; 2, J. Thomas, Erw Gron Farm, Llanfairfechan. Cock and hen (Plymouth rock): 1, 0. Jones, Llanwnda; 2, O. Parry, Tygwyn, Llangefni. For the best cock and hen (Leghorns): 1, E. Lloyd, lynlon. Waenfawr; 2, John Lewis,' 'Rallt Goch', Cwmyglo. Cock and hen (Oprington's): 1, W. Price, Williams; 2, G. A. Osborne, Bangor. Cock and hen (Hamburg): J.'Williams, Vaynol Park; 2, 0. Jones, Llanwnda. Cock and hen (of any other breed) 1, J. Jones, Bodffordd; 2, W. Roberts, Gwaen- fangor, Llangefni. Drake and duck (of any breed): 1, H. Williams, Llangefni; 2, H. E. Davies, do. Turkey cock: 1, Miss Jenny Lewis, Tre- gaian; 2, E. Eames, Trescawen Lodge, Llan- gwyllog. Gander: 0. Parry, Ty gwvn 2, W. Wil- liams, Llangwyllog. 12 hen eggs: 1, Mrs Lloyd, Plas Trega- ian; 2, Llew Roberts. 12 Duck eggs: 1, Messrs Elliott and Co., Llangefni; 2, Henry Thomas, Tregaian. Show Homer pigeon 1, O. E. Jones, Llan- gefni; 2, Bob Williams, Waenfawr. Fantail pigeon: 1 and 2, D. M. Pritchard, Cwmyglo. Best carrier or dragon pigeon: 1, J. W. Jones, Llanrug; 2, R. Roberts, Llanberis. Pigeon (any other breed not before men- tioned): 1, H. Hughes, Chester; 2, M. G. Moss, Vaynol Park. Special prize offered by Mr R. Roberts, Ogwen terrace, Llnnberis. Rabbit: 1, E. Jones, Llangwyilog; 2, J. Owen, Llangefni. Cat: 1, J. E. Jones, Llangefni; 2, Mrs Vaughan, Bangor. BICYCLES. Bicycle race (open to all comers): 1, R. Williams, Waenfawr; 2, Ted Parry, Carnar- von. Bicycle race (previous winners excluded, confined to Anglesey): 1, John Eames. Llangefni; 2, W. F. Hughes, do. Special prize offered by Mr D. Jones, watch- maker, &c., Llangefni. Bicycle race (local, confined to Llangefni), 1, J. Eames, Llangefni; 2, W. F. Hughes.


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