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SPRING AND SUMMER SHOW OF PARIS MODELS. Misses LEWIS & CLARE HIGH-CLASS MILLINBES, HAVE PLEASURE IN ANNOUNCING THAT THEIR SHOWROOMS ARE NOW OPEN AND BEGS TO BE HONOUIIED WITH A VISIT OF INSPECTION. Ike Latest Creations in Mats tS* Bonnets will be on view. W WE DO NOT SHOW OUH BEST MODES IN THIS WiNDOW.f C^L"VE1>TIDIBT3: HOTJBB 10. King- Street, Oarmartlien, ulle-11, ————————— EXTENSIVE ALTERATION OF PREMISES. E. MORRIS & CO., THE C .A. S ZEE CLOTHIERS, „ Beg to announce that, having made extensive Additions to their Premises, THEY HAVE NOW OPENED WITH AN ENTIRELY NEW STOCK OF READY-MADE CLOTHING, HATS, A.ND GENT.'S MERCERY. LAMMAS-STREET, CARMARTHEN. (THE SHOP WITH THE BIG HIT HAXGIXG OUTSIDE.) Fresh ] Eish I Fresh Fish! a CHARLES FINCH BEGS TO ANNOUNCE THAT HE HAS OPENED BUSINESS AT 18, NOTT'S SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. A Large Supply of Fresli and Dried Fisli Daily. ALL OUDEES PROMPTLY EXECUTED. "-0' ESTABLIGilwii ™ I W(i^Xrry\ y Fi:. ,1# n «/ I f-j f jkis f 1 af Oi •• WATCH & CLOCK MAKERS, JEWELLERS, I SILVERSMITHS, OPTICIANS, lc., 5, GUILDHALL SQUARE, SPLENDID SELECTION of CLOCKS AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. French Marble Clocks, Gilt Shade Clocks, Quarter Clocks, Alarms, and Timepieces, 10 per Cent. Discount for Cash AND SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR PRESENTATIONS. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Clearance Sale before Disposing of the Business. A LARGE STOCK OF FURNISHING & GENERAL IRONMONGERY TO BE SOLD At Greatly Reduced Prices. ALSO, A LARGE STOCK OF BAR, SHEET, AND HOOP IRON, AND NAIL RODS, A. T VEBY LOW PRICES, ACCORDING TO QUANTITIES. NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED FOR SPECIAL LOTS COME AND SEE. BUSINESS FOR DISPOSAL. NOTE THE ADDRESS- FREIDER-ICIC J03STES, 16, GUILDHALL-SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. NOTICES TO QUIT. ITHE CAEM^TJFI^YBILLP0STINA FROM LANDLORD TO TENANT A DIG, BRIDGE-STREET, CARMARTHEN. TENANT TO LANDLORD, ———— 1L OILLPOSTING and ADVERTISING, in all its May be obtained at the KEVORTKU Ota ICE, 8? Branches, throughout the Counties of Carmar Blue-street, Carmarthen. then, Pembroke and Cardigan, PRICE ONE PENNY. R. M. JAMES, Maaag-ar. .4- ..ø c 1A: \V 'V%3 <' /] /r s •. "'■*»>> -^$■■■ "=/}/> "MM 'V .'r MAKE NO MISTAKE! BUT GO TO HERBERT JONES & CO., Where you can have your choice of CYCIJES by an the leading Makers :-CENTA -eRS, OSMONDS, EAGLANS, AEEOWS, FLYING ARROWS, HUDSONS, TOM TITS, LITTLE ENGLAND, to, &c. CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE KINGDOM. YCLE* ED, RE-PLATED, AND REPAIRED ] AT SHORTEST NOl TUE AND LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE. > V I F PLEASE ADDRESS IN FULL [ IJ HERBERT JONES & CO., ] I 19, KING STREET, CARMARTHEN. i YVESTGATE LLOUSE, TENBY. 45, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. (WHOLESALE ONLY). i I DAVIES, TOWY WORKS, Continues to carry on business at his large Premises near CARMARTHEN STATION. .r !;■*«' H" THE GUILDHALL MUSIC WAREHOUSE CARMARTHEN. E. OOLBY- ZEV-A-IfcTS lJEG8 TO ANNOUNCE A Great Sale of Pianofortes, American Organs, and Harmoniums, AT A GREAT REDUCTION FOR CASH. Also, a number of PIANOSjust returned from hire and several Second- hand Instruments. Great Bargains. A LARGE QUANTITY of SHEET MUSIC-the accumulation of years- VERY (,'IlEkP, to Clear. TERMS-CASH. Carmarthen County Schools. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEADMASTER E. S. ALLEN, M.A. (CANTAB). COUNTY GIRLS' SCHOOL. HEADMISTRESS Miss B. A. HOLME, Late Open Scholar, Girton College, Cambridge; Senior Optime, Mathematical Tripos. Two Internal Scholarships for Boys and three for Girls are offered for award on the result of the July Examinations. The Head Master will be pleased to see Parents of new Pupils Thursday, May 5th, from 3 to (j. the Head-Mistress, Monday, April 25th, from 3 to Ii. FEKS.—Boys £1 15s. Od. Girls, 1:1 8s, Od. per term. (Three Terms only in the year). Reduction for brothers ur sisters. Boarders received at both Schools. Next term begins for Boys, May 6th for Girls, April 26th. Old College School, Carmarthen. Co-Masters Mr. W. ROBERTS, Undergraduate of London University, and late Berman Scholar, Presbyterian College. Mr. T. WEDROS JONES, M.A., late Dr. Williams' Scholar, Glasgow University. llev. J. HARRY, Undergraduate of Victoria and London Universities Certificated Science Master, late Technical Scholar, Cardiff University College. ASSISTED BY Mr. EVAN ANTHONY, Queen's Scholar. The number of Students at the end of the last Term was 86 and the number of Successes at various Public Examinations during the last 18 months, 3J, besides many Science and Art Certificates. For Terms apply to either of the Co-Masters. NITRATE OF SODA. Pilkington's and Goulding's Manures. Kainit. Thomas Phosphate Powder. Basic Slag. Black and White Seed Oats, Seed Barley, Spring Wheat, Spring Vetches, Seed Potatoes, Grass Seeds, Clovers, &c., at very Low Prices. Maize, Barley, Maltdust, Feeding Cakes, And all kinds of Feeding Stuffs, AT LOWEST PRICE. W. S. MORRIS, CORN AND SEED MERCHANT, BRIDGE-STREET & POTHOUSE STORES, CARMARTHEN. EMIGRATION TO CANADA. FREE GRANTS OF LAND IN MANITOBA. FREE GRANTS OF LAND OR CROWN GRANT AT LOW PRICES IN OTHER PROVINCES. ALSO CHEAP IMPROVED FARMS. Classes Wanted.—Capitalists, persons with moderate incomes, Farmers, Married Couples, and Single Man willing to engage as Farm Labourers, and young men dosiring to learn farming. Special arrangements for Domestic Servants. Canada has gold and other minerals in abundance also immense forests, productive fisheries, important manu- facturing industries, the largest area of fortilo land available for settlement in the world, and a growing import and export trade in all commodities. Pamphlets, Maps, reliable information and advice on all matters of interest to intending settlers, and as to the trade and eommerco of the dominion, may bo obtiiued gratis and post freoon application to the Canadian Government Agent in Wales, 10, The Walk, Cardiff, or to ;my of the Agents of the Canadian Government in the United Kingdom Correspondence and personal interviews invited. JP&SSS jii If z- S CHILDREN'S HAIR.# Hagon's Ci-EAMSIiiV. Destroys Nits, &c., and makes re IlairsJrovv Keau tiiul, Curly, Softg rid Strong, A latly writer," J have usrd HAGON o Cleanser tor t t 10 yearn for my girls, and tb» y now hava lieautiful Golden Hair ill great abundance." Sold bv most Chemises, and any Chemist tcillo'tf'iin it if (iskrd, tvt in HAOON'S^; notf^ivq willtio the work; ONE MOMENT. ■ Oh dear, Doctor, what will you recommend for my Children's Coughs and Cold ? TRY TUDOR WtLHAMS PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. The most marvellous Cure for all Disorders of the Chest, Throat, and Lungs. Ib never faita to give instant relief, and does not contain, 1 Laudanum, Opium, or Morphia. ECONOMISE YOUR HEALTH. HEALTH IS THK FIRST WEALTH. All who are engaged in indoor and outdoor occupa- tion and are especially exposed to the ever-varying climate of Great Britain, BE WISE IN TIME. Don't tamper with danger Mit go straight away for TUDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY. IT IS INVALUABLE FOR WEAK-CHESTED MEN, Delicate Women, and Children. It Cures when all other remedies fail. Ib Cures Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Tightness of the Chest. It Cures thousands of Children of Bronchitis and Whooping Coughs. It cures for One Shilling when Pounds hive been spent in vain. DO TRY IT If you have a Cough, try it! If you have a Cold, 1hY IT If you have Bronchitis, TRY IT It loosens the Phlegm and promotes expectoration, produces warmth and comfort to the chest, and gives refreshing sleep when you have lost nights of rest, READ ON. NOW COMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. When you are distressed with a miserable cold, nose bunged up, throat sore, limbs aching, with a general feeling of smothering, a few doses of the Balsam of Honey will clear the wretched symptoms away, almost before you know it. There is nothing like it on the market; it is thoroughly up to date; it trickles into all the system. A true friend, prompt and reli- able in its action. JUST ANOTHER WORD. When you ask or send for Tudor Williams's Patent BALSAM OF HONEY do not allow anybody to persuade you to purchaso something else. If you do, you simply throw off the genuine article and take on with a false one. Wonderful Cures daily. Thousands of Testimonials to hand from all parts of the World. READ ON FURTHER. SPONTANEOUS TESTIMONY. WORTHY OF YOUR CONSIDERATION. SIR,—My wife desires me to say that your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey has proved a most valuable medicine in our large family (eight children). As soon as a cough or cold makes its appearance, a dose of Tudor's Balsam is at once administered, and this treatment is followed up until the cold dis- appears. Before using the Balsam in our family the children have been prostrate with colds for several weeks, but now, by taking doses as directed, they seem to suffer very little inconvenience. During the short time the cold is upon them, the action of the Balsam is marvellous, and the little ones take it readily and ask for more.—WALTER J. BRETT, C.M., Headmaster, Severn Tunnel School, March 16th, 1892." READ ON STILL FURTHER. A Cardiff Chemist states :-1 have a larger sale for Tudor Willims' Balsam of Honey than any other Cough Cure. That's the opinion of all Chemists. PUBLIC MEN SPEAK HIGHLY OF IT ALL OVER THE WORLD. Sold by all Chemists and Stores all over the World in ls lid., 2s 9d., and 4s. Gd. bottles. I Sample bottle sent (post paid) for Is. 3d., 3s., and 5s. from the inventor, D. TUDOR WILLIAMS, R.D.S.L,, Medical Hall, Aberdare. IS Where did you I Buy that Bicycle ? It's a Beauty." At P. E. JONES & Go's, of course it's one of their famous LEADERS Nobody who understands Cycles would dream of going anywhere else. They're simply ridiculously cheap, too, which is another great act i:1 1). E. JGNK8 & CO., THE LEADER" CYCLE WORKS, EING-STBEET, CARMARTHEN. The LEADER I I WON!) JUBILEE RIDING SCHOOL for LADIliS and (JENTLKMEN has been a thorough suo.:o*s, and is NOW OPEN for the convenience of tho ir Patrons. A THOROUGHLY PRACTICAL TE \CIlER always in attendance. OTHERS TALK BUT WE ACT (" It's never the Hen which cackles the most that lays the largest Egg.") AND DO ACTUALLY GIVE UNQUESTIONABLE VALUE. Tea that cannot be beaten at 1/6 per lb. New Raisons—2d, 3d, and 4d. per lb. Currants—3d and 4d. Sultan-as-4-ld and 5d. Fine Clusters Muscatels—6d per b. 200 Hams. 5id. per lb. z. D. J ONES, COLOMBO STORES, CARMARTHEN. QUIBELL8 SHEEP DIPS For Curing SCAB. For Killing TICKS. For Improving WOOL. At tlio recent SYDNEY WOOL SALES, QUIBELL DIPPED WOOL secured the RECORD PRICE for GREASY Wool. I since 1891. I TO BE HAD OF CIJtiMISTS, 4'c„ l.Y ALL PARTS. I ew Spring Oarpets. APRIL, 1898. Chi lei TRY E. R. EVANS for CARPETS. GRAND SELECTION OF PATTERNS. BEST VALUE IN THE TRADE. NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR MAKING AND LAYING. Thorough Satisfaction Guaranteed. E. R. EVANS, ANCHOR HOUSE, CARMARTHEN. ASK FOR & SEE THAT YOU GET W. S. PHILLIPS & Co.'s BOTTLED ALES, STOUT, &C. They only bottle the BEST matured by AGE alone. Per Doz. Pints. A-Pints. s. d. s. d. Bass and Co.'s India Pale Ale 4 0 2 0 Guinneas's Stout (under their own !abel) 4 0 2 0 Light Dinner Ale 2 6. Jacobs'Lager Beer — 2 0 Wheatley's Hop Bitters. — 1 3 Cider 2 0 Y O'WN SPECIAL SCOTCH .1"L WHISKY. NO BETTER IN THE MARKET. Recommended by Connoisseurs, Physicians, and Analysts. Guaranteed Pure and 7 YEARS OLD. To be obtained from the Leading Licensed Victuallers. Delivered daily free by our own Cart within One Mile, and at certain times within 30 Miles of Carmarthen. Priccs or Winex, Spirits, Ca8k Ales, ftc., on application. 11", S. PHILLIPS & CO., IMPORTERS, CARMARTHEN. Ottices-7, King-street. Stores-Qneen-street and Spilman-street. BASIO SLAG. THE GENUINE Alberts Thomas Phosphate Powder The Steamer ROSE," with 0,000 BAGS has just arrived. SOLE AGENT TIIOJIAS RICHARDS, The ftnay Stores, Carmarthen. MACHINES FOR SOWING LENT TO PURCHASERS. BOOK-KEEPING. W- BOWEF, HAVING had many years' experience as Book- keeper in all its branches is prepared to under- take tho POSTING and BALANCING of TRADESMEN'S BOOKS, &c. Rents collected. WILLIAM BOWEN, 69, Lammas-street, Carmarthen. H. E. AIREY, CARMARTHEN. Tradesmen's Books made up Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts prepared. Rents and Debts collected. Insurances of every description effected. Mortgages arranged. Private Address: 1, ROSE TERRACE, JOHNSTOWN, CARMARTHEN. WIllIE MILL CHAIR EISTEDDFOD THURSDAY, MAY 10th, 1898. CHIEF CHORAL COMI'EUTION "BYDD MELUS COFll) Y CYFAMOD," £ 20, And an Oak Chair to the Conductor. MALE VOICE PARTY, £11, and a Silver M' d:d to the COlid uctor, LADIES' CHOIR, and a Silver Mrdai to the Conductor, For Programmes apply to the Secretaries— WILLIAM PHILLIPS. DAVID J. HARRIES. RE ELEANOR WILLIAM ? (DECEASED). NOTICI IS >! Kl\ EBY GIVEN that all j31 Persons haviug a:,y < l.iims or demands against tlip est-jite of the lato Ili, William*, of No. 1, Piiory-stieet, Carumllieii, who died on the 21st of March last, must send in the ssme to mo, th., ur.deisigned, on or before the 2ist of .May next; and all debts duo to the said deceased must be in my hands before the same date after which date the Execi.tor will procecd to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to those Debts, Claims, or Demands, of which he shall then have had notice. Dated this 27th day of April, 1898. DAVID DAVIES, Emporium, King-street, Carmarthen, Executor. HOUSE TO LET, 15, UNION-STREET. A CONVENIENT House, large Rooms, and fitted with Gas. Newly decorated throughout. Immediate possession can be had.-Apply 2, Queen- street, Carmarthen. WANTED a good COOK who understands Soups, Fish, Game, &c. exceptionally good character required. Good wages to a suitable person. —Apply, Miss Herbert, Landore, South Wales. HOUSE TO LET, No. 2, Southern-terrace, t t Pensarn, Carmarthen. — Apply to G. J. Hodges, 26, Francis-terrace, Carmarthen. TO BE LET, tho PENYBONT INN, Llanginning, near St. Clears.—Apply, Buckley's Brewery, Limited, Llanelly. FOR SALE OR TO LET, with immediate possession, convenient STABLES and two COACH-HOUSES, situate in Wood's-row, Carmar- then, formerly in the occupation of Mr Stephen Morgan. For further particulirs apply to Miss Lewis, Fern Cottage, Johnstown, Carmarthen. CLIFTON, BRISTOL, and WESTON-SUPER. MARE.—Houses (Furnished and Unfurnished), Businesses, Shops. Printed lists free from Lalonde Bros. and Parham, House Agents and Removal Contractors, Clifton and Weston-super-Mare. WANTED SOLE AGENT in Carmarthen and District to sell speciality in Engine Packing. —Address E 4, care of W. II. Smith & Son, —Address E 4, care of W. II, Smith & Son, Advertising Agents, Manchester.

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